Sunday, April 24, 2005

Of Catholic Bashing and of Protestant Bashing - What Constance Thinks!

This is a very short post, but something on my mind given the vehemence of some of the anti-Ratzinger posts. I wrote it to reply to a reader, but since it was an anonymous comment, I could not answer. So here is what I think for everybody and I will duck while the flak flies!

I believe personally that there are two enormous heresies floating about out there:

1. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the ABC Church and thou shalt be saved.
2. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the NBC Church and thou shalt be saved.

The first heresy is a Protestant one.
The second heresy is a Catholic one.


Oh, and what do the acronyms ABC and NBC mean?



Let's bear in mind at all times the New Age strategy -- to pit Old Agers against Old Agers! The test of anti-Christ was a denial that Jesus was the Christ and that Jesus Christ had come in the flesh. It was not an alleged overemphasis on Jesus mother or anything else. Some Catholics meet those tests, some don't. Some Protestants meet those tests, some don't. And certainly, we grafted in branches, whether Catholic or Protestant, were not to 'boast against the branches' (the Jews). Don't blame me. St. Paul wrote it in Romans Chapter 2; John wrote it in his epistles. At least for now, that's what Constance thinks. You are certainly entitled to your own opinions, although I think I agree with the former Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI -- there are not multiple truths. Seeing through glass darkly as we do, we may not know perfect truth -- probably none of us do, but to paraphrase the Apostle Paul, "if we all bite and devour one another" won't the New Agers and SqueakBoxes of this world have a field day!


Ok, so you have been so busy playing pin the tail on the antichrist with Solana that you haven't taken the time to think about who or what the false prophet may be? Ratzinger may or may not be the false prophet. The false prophet is going to come out of the vatican. The catholic church does not teach the truth and never has. I think that is a problem, a huge problem especially considering they have 1.1 billion followers. There are some people who attend catholic churches who are saved in spite of it. At least some of the protestant denominations actually teach that you have to be born again. That does not mean that every person who attends those churches is saved. You are right there is not one denomination that is going to save on its own. Salvation is through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ alone and it is an individual thing. Why don't you do some research on the false prophet, figure out who it is and get back to us. If Solana is the antichrist and he very well may be, then the false prophet is alive and well at this time too. I don't mean to be snippy, but I was really surprised about what you said about Ratzinger. I didn't expect it from you. You want some truth about the catholic church I suggest you contact Eric John Phelps he has done a lot of research regarding the goings ons of the catholic church. The end, I have nothing more to say.
Anon, there is no laid groundwork yet to believe that Ratzinger is the false prophet. He seems to be towing the doctrine line of the Catholic Church, but even he himself has said that his reign shall be short. Some of the newsites are calling him an interim pope. Time will tell whether he will be the false prophet, but keep in mind his age and health. He just may be the bridge to the false prophet.
I had planned to say something half way intelligent regarding a post here but upon reading the first anonymous comment on this post, all intellect momentarily left me when I realized who wrote it.
Well there is always tomorrow.
It never ceases to astound me the blatant disrespect people are capable of expressing behind the anonymity of a keyboard.
Reply to Anonymous #1: False prophet? For now, my favorite candidate remains Pat Robertson and company -- he says that when the Bible says 'every eye shall behold him" it means on television and moreover, he has been CHOSEN by God to usher in the coming of his son. I figure that if he had the nerve to say it, I had the nerve to quote him. As far as the reference you cite, somebody sentit to me. I was amazed to see how many New Age references it employed as virtual gospel, including: Lady Jane Queensborough's Occult Theocrasy (in that book, Queensborough, besides her usual Jew Baiting, says, "For we know the god of the Jews is not the God of the Christians -- why the Jehovah of the Jews is not even worthy to be compared to Ahura Mazda of the Zoroastrians or Brahma of the Hindus"); Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's admittedly (heck, she was bragging, "I am writing Isis, rather Isis is writing me), etc., ad nauseum. That book, a large tome, is OBVIOUSLY, a New Age book itself! I think many of the purveyors of these theories uncritically accepted assumptions that the AntiChrist and False Prophet are necessarily Catholic -- I'm not so sure anymore that this is the case!
Constance, I believe you're right about the false prophet not coming from the Catholic Church. I'm not pointing anyone out right now, but it makes sense that it would be another from some other denomination. Coming from the Catholic Church would be too obvious.
More regards the Eric Jon Phelps book which I regret to say friends such as Barry Chamish have endorsed -- you'd all better read the fine print. Phelps expresses his anti-Semitism as an attack on "Zionism" -- same old, same old! His the Jesuits were behind the Assassination of Lincoln, JFK, and the airplane crash death of JFK Jr and Caroline Bessette is too much. This is an UGLY book and if there is documented truth in it from legitimate sources, I have yet to find it. The Tupper Saussy's and Eustace Mullins of this world love it. I, for one, DON'T!
Constance, that was a refreshing point of view (quite similar to my own). I went through a period where I was one of those that felt the Catholic Church as a whole was wrong. But God opened my eyes to see that is not the case. Some Protestants and some Catholics will be saved. Others won't. The truth is in their hearts and what they believe, not in the label on their church.

To the anonymous poster who said "the Catholic Church does not teach the truth and never has." I wonder if this person has ever really learned what the Catholic Church does teach. While there are certainly doctrinal things I do not agree with, the Catholic Church teaches, among other things, there is only one God who created all things, he sent his only Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins, Jesus rose from the dead, and it fact that we have salvation. Furthermore, they teach that salvation is by faith, not works, that works are a proof of our faith, and the the Bible is the infallible Word of God. So, mr. anonymous poster, if the you say the Catholic Church does not teach the truth, then are you saying these things are not true? You'd better remove the beam from your own eye before your try to remove the splinter from the eye of your brother. (If you want to know what the Catholics teach/believe, get a copy of 1. The Bible, and 2. the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Any reasonable Protestant that actually takes the time to study, rather than just repeat what they've been told elsewhere, will understand that while there are fundamental doctrinal differences, there are some very serious and solid similarities. And what those similarities are may surprise you.)

Anyway Constance, thanks for your post, and your blog, and keep up the good work!
To Cbutler? A most refreshing comment of your own! Thanks!


P.S., I was born a "Butler."
Bashing is a good way to ignore the Great Commission.
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