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New Age Morals -- Unborn Animal life vs Unborn Human life

New Age Morals

Animal life vs. Human Life -- HOW THE NEW AGERS ARE SEEING IT

Monday, April 11, 2005

My husband, Barry, and I are unashamed animal lovers. We are currently down to two dogs. Our remaining cat was one week shy of 20 when he died on Easter Sunday. We have had quite an assortment of cats and dogs over the 31 years of our marriage. We gained the confidence of two feral cats and tamed them to the extent that nobody might have guessed they were once totally and dangerously wild.

With that having been said, I am also an unapologetic pro-life Christian. The Dr. Kevorkians’ and George Felos’ (Mr. Schiavo’s death advocating attorney) of this world trouble me. So do the abortionists.

St. Augustine once wrote that before he became a Christian, he had more pity for the peach than for man for whom God had created the peach. There is an ideology I have been keeping up with for the past 24 years. It has collectively called itself by many names, depending on the flak it receives from its various successor identities: You may have heard it (or some of its prominent components) called any of the following names:

-- New Age Movement
-- New Religious Movements
-- New Consciousness Movement
-- New Wave
-- New Consciousness
-- The Green Movement
-- Radical Center
-- Radical Middle
-- Third Wave
-- Third Force
-- Holistic Movement
-- Wellness Movement
-- Transcendental Movement
-- Sustainability Movement
-- One World Movement
-- Planetary Citizenship
-- World Citizens

Those in these various movements share a popular slogan of “we are all one,” that is until somebody comes and points out their connectedness, at which point the slogan instead becomes “that’s them, not us” and alternatively, “we are all separate.” One popular agenda among the more intense of their number, including but not limited to Jeremy Rifkin and George Monbiot is advocacy of compelled vegetarianism.

Well, I was so pleased to see that some of the popular commentators in this movement have suddenly developed a sensitivity to intrauterine animal pain – pregnant animals being slaughtered and what pain might be felt by the unborn offspring of these hapless, helpless creatures. Maybe the anti-vivisectionist movement was developing a sensitivity for life that might translate soon to sensitivity for unborn human life!

Concerned analysts have reported that New Age influences are steering the medical profession in the opposite direction from that projected for the animal kingdom, in which in the New Age worldview, pre-born animals have feelings, whereas pre-born people aren’t (people) until birth! You can read one such thoughtful analysis here:

The occultic, i.e. New Age, roots of Nazism are hard to deny. The Nazis, including but certainly not limited to Hitler himself, had enormous pity for animal life. Hitler himself was said to be a vegetarian. Animal experimentation was self-righteously condemned and banned. So what was left? So they wouldn’t be guilty of ‘speciesism” they had to experiment on something. So what was left? People!

Our New Agers of today have a similar mindset. Read one such site by linking here:

With the New Age world view of life gaining such power and ascendancy can a reborn Dr. Mengele be far behind? The New Agers are for more than vegetarianism and anti-vivesectionism. They also believe that for the good of the planet, humans must reduce their numbers. An excellent discussion of the population reduction agenda of the very same New Age cum 'planetary perspective' crowd I have been personally studying since 1981 can be found below for those of you with more reading time than I enjoy tonight:

What do you think?
Are you in charge of a HATE GROUP. I heard you were. We mustn't hurt the little animals. i would die for my little pussy as she is the only company I have.
HATE GROUP? What is that. Come on Constance has never hated anyone in her life let alone been the source of deep inspiration and longing (articulating their very ideas) to these HATE GROUPS.
Who is Javier Solana? I heard he might be the new Christ?
Nice list of titles for basically the same movement. Everyone of them opens doorways that define the new culture.

I wondered how the Nazis could profess a love of animals and destroy people at the same time. Savitri Devi, Hitler's Priestess (book title) wrote that animals didn't interbreed, but the human race had destroyed itself by interbreeding. It also worked for the Nazis because they could shift their compassion to animals while disregarding human life.
I think Constance fraudently used Wikipedia to promote her own ideas
Dear Constance,

Thank you for sharing your writings.

I consider myself a New Ager. Christian fundamentalism like your own flummoxes me - all that poisonous hate and bigotry; the type that is leading the world head-on into destruction (mind you, you guys might like that as it would fulfil the Armageddon prophecy). But we are not like that! You obviously don't understand our priorities very well.

I wonder what you know about Jesus' life or the history of the Bible. Do you know that the "real" Jesus was supposed to have been an Essene (i.e esotericist - what you would call a New Ager of his time)whose most likely birth date was 88BC, and that your gospels were simply 4 of the most expedient selected out of hundreds of (better and more accurate?) similar texts.....for the pagan Emperor Constantine's political reasons?

You seem to know a lot about Javier S, though - suggest you stick to politics until you've done a little more homework,

Cumbey know about politics? She knows nothing about politics except how to assault people's minds with lies. She should stick to poisonous hate and bigotry.
Tiffy, people who are attracted to the New Age movement generally are not attracted for intellectual reasons. Generally they are lacking something emotional in their lives and they look to something to fill the void, running from theory to therapy with lightning speed. What they don't realize is that they have been picking up a old worldview that was publicized on a large scale by Helena Blavatsky before 1900. At that time the occult thinkers joined with the political thinkers. The New Age movement has a long documented history. The leadership is more devious that you seem to understand while the followers are nice people who are overly trusting. Regarding the book you mention, I would suggest you research the sources for the information.
As regards Tiffy and her comments, I notice that the Alice Bailey books are among her favorites. If so, I wonder if she has read them closely enough to notice the following:

1. Lucifer is deified in those books -- in fact they were published originally as "Lucifer Publishing Company." I have 3 original editions from when they were published as "Lucifer Publishing".

2. Externalisation of the Hierarchy, pages 548-549 talk calmly about using the bomb to keep groups such as "the Roman Church" in line. Evidently, "no nukes until they're our nukes."

3. The books are full of blatant anti-Semitism, with index references to: "Judaism, evils of"; "Jewish faith, orthodox, dissolution"; "Jewish problem," and heavy praise for Aryan mentalities!

4. The books ESOTERIC HEALING and A TREATISE ON WHITE MAGIC were Dr. Kevorkian's inspiration for the euthanasia work he is now imprisoned for. I have, believe it or not, the Kevorkina hand annotated photostatic pages from those books.

5. Alice Bailey's husband, Foster Bailey, wrote in his 1970 RUNNING GOD'S PLAN, p. 14 that "one of the goals of the hierarchy was to have a unified Europe." He went on to say that it had been tried in the past by "a disciple," using the Rhine River and the inhabitants of that valley as "a binding factor." Bailey went on to say, "that attempt was unsuccessful, but now another attempt is in full swing, namely the six nation European Common Market . . ."

One hardly needs a doctorate in history to know who that disciple, ardent Theosophist cum Thule Gesellschaft member, Adolfus Hitler.

There is so much more, but I am praying I can inspire your own more critical reading of this material. One of my best friends was unbeknownst to me into it and the David Spangler books. She confessed to me that the altered state of consciousness encouraged by the movement, "tripping around the edges of the universe with David Spangler" kept her from seeing the material as it really was.

Try using your ANALYTICAL left brain to read these books rather than your FREE FLOATING RIGHT BRAIN, to put it in New Age jargon. I say this not to be abusive, but to let you know that there is a God and his name is not Lucifer and that he did love you enough to send his only begotten son "that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. . ." (John 3:16 in the much maligned Bible.) There is a real contest afloat between God and Satan (Lucifer); good and evil and it is vitally important that you and your friends who I am sure are seekers of truth, even if you are looking in what I consider to be the wrong places, get caught up in it. Personally, I am going home to watch the NBC series on Revelations tonight. I liked the quote from the nun shown on the TODAY show promo this morning: "All of the signs and symbols are in place . . ." That may so well be more truth than fiction -- consider it well. The stakes are personally so high for you and yours!
Dear Tiffy,

I noticed in rereading my rather lengthy message to you that I wrote that it was vitally important that you and your friends "get caught up in it." I meant rather to say, NOT get caught up in it." There were stern warnings for choosing the wrong side in this final conflict. Read Revelation 14:7-8 which reads (as my paraphrased memory recalls it) "FEAR GOD AND GIVE GLORY TO HIM FOR THE HOUR OF HIS JUDGMENT HAS COME. WORSHIP GOD WHO CREATED THE HEAVEN, THE EARTH, THE SEAS, AND THE FOUNTAINS OF WATERS." It strikes me that so many in the New Age Movement are worshipping everybody BUT the good Lord who created it. Earth Day is coming. I choose NOT to honor and worship the Earth/Gaia, but the good Lord who created all and gave us a clear way to escape the evil to come! I am praying for you and all similar deceived as well as me, for that old spiritual goes, "not my brother, not my sister, no it's me O' Lord, Standing in the need of prayer." In this final conflict, may the Lord help us all! If you wish to communicate privately and discreetly with me, you may do by writing me at As a lawyer, I am well used to keeping confidences!

Constance E. Cumbey
If someone says, I am for humans, you would expect them to be willing to put humans first, if someone says I am for animals, you would expect them to put animals first, but if someone says I am for ending violence, I am for peace, I am for "unconditional love"....even for ones enemy, the logical conclusion would be that humans and animals are equally endowed with rights to be free from exploitation. Because love, like sunlight does not discriminate. So you cannot say that you follow Jesus and still not do charity for animals for instance, because this "higher love" is the only trait that separates Jesus from every other person who lived. Jesus had that level of love that is love taken to it's logical extreme, a perfect level, a level that anyone anywhere can agree--that is love. All encompassing, non-restrictive.

All are his children, all are his animals, because in comparison to the level of understanding he had, we are all on the level of children.
As human beings, we have the invitation to become like angles by acting like Jesus.
But even if we do not take this invitation, he will love us anyway.
Even those who cannot take his invitation because of the limits of the mind are loved by Jesus.
Jesus loves each on their level, he is an example to all, for those with wisdom, and those without, he loves each and forgives them their sins.
Animals respond to human kindness because it is for them a luxury, to be stroked by a human is their greatest pleasure.
Animals have a perfect mental view, like the originals, they do not know of good or evil, they are incapable of it, but they can feel pain, fear, and the effects of human exploitation, therefor, from a Christian point of view they should be protected from anything that would make their stay in a physical body anything less than ecstatic, that is their right as animals.
Also animals are very capable of affection, companionship, and many other traits that you would associate with a well bred human.
Humans are capable of love and hate, they can love they're own families but bomb people of another country, even when they are not defending themselves they are capable of horrible things.
Jesus takes it to a new level, a higher level, he says you cannot even kill when defending yourself, so obviously violence that is not provoked would be illegal to a follower of Jesus. Yet Christians have killed people who did nothing to them.
Jesus does not tell people to change, he presents a example that most can try to follow to the best of their ability, or at least when it is possible for them.
So most love for most people consists of choosing something they love, and fighting anything that threatens it. All encompassing love loves all.
Those who are capable and those who are incapable, those who know and those who don't those who have wisdom, and those who do not, since love is the most important thing, they are all loved equally by Jesus.
So it can't be "animal life vs human life", but from a Christian perspective, it must be uncompromisingly "human and animal life"......most feel the love of Christ, and since even atoms can respond to love, as a baby in the womb, animals also can feel love. As Christians, our job is to be able to give love and receive it to all at all times.
Never forget, be as wise as a serpent and as pure as a dove.
Hating evil is the result of knowing that it exists.
Christians are prone to jealousy. Jealousy for Jews on account of their glaring intelligence and lack of need for someone to love them no matter what...."just leave me alone, don't threaten me or my family, and you can call me a Christ killer all day", that's what most Jews say.
Jews are far more mature than Christians.
Christians also tend to have a racial jealousy of angles for their exalted statues in creation.
Jesus taught against racial hatred, and never said that God loves humans more than angles, or animals, the message of Jesus is that God's love is for all, even for those incapable of knowing right from wrong in the eyes of God.
Jealous of the animals for their bliss, beauty, and lack of "moral choice"....such a hangup for most people!
Most people wish they could live like animals, free from the obligation of right and wrong, because animals are incapable of moral choice, humans envy them, and the idea that God loves them anyway, angers them the same way they claim fallen angles are angered for God's uncompromising love for humans!
It is the same type of envy at it's lowest.
Angles, all angles, even the fallen ones, understand right and wrong on God's level, that is far above humans, they understand the "perfect love" that is in heaven, a love that earth humans could not imagine if they tried.

So to me, a Nazi like Savitri Devi who would save the life of an animal while supporting the sending of humans to concentration camps and a Christian who would protest an abortion while having no problem with slaughterhouses are the same.

The only difference is that Savitri Devi did not claim to be love incarnate, nor did other Nazis, they loved certain things, and hated other things, but Christians cannot follow their own religous leader, what does that say for them?
They can't even have love for all humans, let alone expand it for animals, and yet, they are supposed to be disciples of Jesus who was love incarnate!
It is not like Christians have had compassion for humans, whilst exploiting animals, no, they have not even had compassion for humans. Yet they are supposed to love all humans.
Nazi's were for animal rights because they were against human rights, so animals were their natural allies. Christians are not even for human rights, let alone animal rights.
Christians are supposed to be for human and animal rights, a true Christian that is.
True peace must not be confused by Christians and Nazis.
Animal and human rights should be understood as a given.
Is it not uniquely human to have compassion for other races and other species?
Ancient people would not have understood human rights any more than they would animal rights.
For what reason? They would ask, why should I care about someone of another tribe? Why should I care for animals?
Jesus's love taken to it's logical extreme would include animals in it's scope.
If laws of civilizations were modeled on James the Just, and not Saul of Tarsus, vegetarianism would be the law of the land and charity would be a Christian duty.
Slavery would have been impossible, now what rulers would want to model a state on that? Intelligent ones in my opinion.
But no, in the world power is everything and power is control and control is the strongest man wins, so the hunter knocks out the vegetarian. Until that vegetarian grows some balls, and realizes that it is St. Paul who empowered idiots to pose as pious.
Actually Nazi's being animal lovers is against a law of physics!
Vegetarians with power? This is unheard of, everyone knows that vegetarians are weak sentimental things, well apparently we can be much worse than you.
Jews and vegetarians are the same and nazis and jews really should have been friends and united against their common Christian enemy! Jews get picked on just like vegetarians and new ager's, we have the same enemy. Our enemy is not people who follow jesus as a rabbi, our eternal enemy is people who believe the dogma that was taught by Paul.

But Paul, he lied to you, and it was nice for a while, it was a get together thing like the coffeehouse but where did it led the world?.....right into the hell that was pagan Rome right when St. Paul decided to target the Gentiles.
The cure is for the best among humanity to be examples of Christ's love, these are the saints as described by Jude, and the rest only need to follow the righteous teachings of James the Just and the world will clean up mighty fast.
Okay, you had your fun with Paul, he got you off drugs, now lets get serious.
Jesus represented the love that is eternal, that is for all. He represented the destiny of all souls--to return to God.
He was from the beginning, and he is what is at the end, that is the meaning of Jesus. Therefor when people conversed with him they did not know that they were in a dream.
He knew what they were gonna do, and he knew they would pay for it, but in the meantime he wanted to show them what love was.
James the Just had a different mission, that was to gather the people who were zealous for the law, and he represented the father in heaven and his judgment was from on high and according to the love of Christ. He only understood works, and for those who had bad works he was given the authority to have them killed, in order to erect a new law, the law of Christ, and he would judge anyone who broke it even to one point.
James plays the role of Satan, doing his job of judgment on those who break the law of is a universal law, and when it is broken hell follows, not even Jesus can stop that.
Yes Jesus loves all, but he can save no one from judgment and anyone who told you he could lied.
He can forgive, but it is up to the person to turn away from their sins, when they do that Jesus forgivness follows, that is how it works.
The law of the Father of the Hebrews was thou shalt not kill, and when you do, death follows you. killing animals does have penalty, it is not some rule made up by a mortal, it is the law of love, and when it is broken hell will follow.
Savitri Devi showed her loyalty to Christ by judging humanity for they're crimes against animals, she maintained her Judaism by not letting one offender go free.
Jesus had a job, and it was to love but other peoples job is to hate injustice, and the negation of the precepts of Christ, thank God my job is to follow Jesus, I would not want the job of judge!
Reality is a sad thing y'know? To know that millions of beautiful children of light were sent to death camps under the direct order of their very own God. Creatures like Savitri Devi are not be confused with the New Age Movement, the NAM is about making people feel good, Savitri Devi was giving people exactly what was coming to them so she was no liar. Humans kill animals, they break the law of God, so they must die.
Savitri Devi and Adolf Hitler, the Adam and Eve of national socialism
were angles sent by God to judge humanity for it's crimes against nature, the animal kingdom, each other and all of creation.
Mankind has offended, and it is because of the falsification of the original Hebrew religon!
This is why the Jews paid the heaviest price, not because they did not believe in Jesus but because they broke with the perfect law given to them by their heavenly father, a law he entrusted them with, instead they worshiped the Demiurge and orchistrated animal sacrifices for him, when they did this, they now ere his property, and he does not like Jews.
Adolf Hitler and Savitri Devi were on auto-pilot, they were to fight the Jews and the corrupted Genitles who had received a falsified law.
Let's just hope we can all follow Jesus, because he is all that is left, the real world as anyone ever knew it is gone for ever!
A real Christian loves animals.
Love for animals is a higher human trait, your average human is dealing from a primitive state, in that state they are always at war with the elements, this is why ancient people were pagans, because the elements gave them life and could take it away, therefor it was all powerful, they feared it and depended on it, so they worshiped it. The idea of all human beings being equal was new to them, and loving animals was taking it to a new level.
Loving animals is seen as a deep love, it is that, it is also true that some can love that deeply, but still hate their enemies.
Advanced humans can conceive of egalitarianism, for primitive humans it is inconceivable.
Ascetics do not need to be taught to love animals, it comes natural to them, average people on the other hand need to be taught to have compassion for animals.
Some Essenes although vegetarian were also genocidal against "the sons of darkness" but Jesus was the highest final level, he personified love perfected.
Someone like Savitri Devi had the highest level of love, but when she saw someone attack it, she reacted in a genocidal manner.
Jesus had the highest level of love, and took it to a higher level still by loving his enemies.
But he knew that everyone who breaks the law will one day be judged. Even those with the highest love, if they do not forgive their enemies will be judged as well.
In Eden humans had a much different relationship with animals, those who remember that paradise see what came after as inferior, and they will either forgive the ones who know not what they do, or they will hate them.
On earth, each tribe was loyal to their own, the idea of loving all peoples did not cross their mind, and treating animals as they were treated in Eden was not the way they were created, in order to reach that level, they have to really open their hearts, and when they do they tend to lose their minds. People from Eden naturally see animals as their friends.
Thus, vegetarianism is from a higher plan of creation, it is the world where angles came from, it is the level of love they were used to, and the level of love practiced by primitive humans seems like hell in comparison.
So Nazi's were aware of this higher level of love, a level of love most Christians could not conceive of, and chose to with hold it from humans and give it to animals. It was a aspect of Jesus's love that humans cannot comprehend, but Nazis could, to show Christians that the love Jesus had for them could be transffered to animals, they were alerting humans to the errors of their way. Because Jesus did love animals, infact you are not a true Christian if you don't love animals, that does not mean that Nazis were followers of Jesus, it just means they chose a part of his nature they liked and disregarded the rest, as most Christians do, they just happened to love the one thing that most Christians don't practice, and they were basically saying: if you do not have compassion on animals, you cannot have that "love" that Jesus provides, because it is a more than human love, just as love for animals is more than human.
Also justice in human society does not work unless it applies to everyone, and if judged by Christ's standard, than those who kill animals must be judged for the point they violated.
Jesus was love, James was justice, and John the Baptist was purity.
Jesus's love was eternal, it is for all at all times, James was representative of never ending judgment, as long as time exists James will do his job of establishing justice, John represents the purification that you must undergo in order to see Jesus clearly, it is never ending purification.
To find the true teachings of the great jewish movement that was written out of history.....pick up
"The Gospel of the Nazirenes" and then "The Acts of The Nazirenes".
There was a great movement happening in Judea 2000 years ago, and no one had the right to erase it from the historical record. It was the biggest dis-service to mankind.
Imagine how different history could have been if James the Just was followed, and Jesus kept in the hearts of all who live.

This is my conclusion in regards the topic of this forum:

That as far as awareness, babies and animals have the same spirit, therefor, from a "New Age", Jewish, Christian, and Islamic point of view point of view, abortion and slaughterhouses must be done away with together. They are selfish practices, one for the "taste" and the other for the "freedom" to be able to have sex without the responsibility of raising a child.
It is also a fact that lies always lead to death in some form, and it was "false Christians" who made people go to other religons, when the representative of God turn people away where do they go?
Men made it about power, almost never about love, actually we were just following "nature", it is cruel and only the strong survive, so how could we possibly have time for feelings, because we could not feel, we could not allow our wives or children to "get out of line", so we drove our kids to the hippie movement and drove our wives to commit abortions, something which in their natural state would not even consider doing. We told them when they could have a child, so they said we will tell you when we want a child! And in defiance we will murder them, not to kill a baby, but to out power the man!
Truth is that females actually do have the power to give and take life, and it is the males who are the subjects, just life all of life is a subject to the earth, whether it created itself or was created by God, all the same what God has created has the power to take us out, the females have the power, and it is time for us men to sit down, calm down, wind down, and recognize that women, like Jesus have been waiting for us all along.....look up and wake up!
A baby in the womb, not fully formed, certainly CAN feel pain, and for that reason abortion should become a thing of the past right along with the slaughterhouses, war, oppression of children, oppression of women, and oppression of gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.
Support for gay, bisexual, and transgenders does not mean the promotion of "homosexuality", it means acceptance of that which you cannot understand.
For instance, no heterosexual man can understand how women can.....yknow and still walk and talk and think! This is because the idea of a brain that can do that is incomprehensible to the male mind. This is why women have suffered so much. Gay men.....a straight guy looks at them and thinks they must be utterly depressed, but then they look back at you and say.....I'm fine, and so we look back at them and say, well if your okay, then I'm okay.
But seriously, your okay?
And the gay man responds....yes I'm fine.
Now honesty will always get us farther then "good lies", but this honesty must be united with understanding or it will do no good.
Tolerance means that you understand how you feel, at the same time you can see that the other does not feel the same.
So you live and let live.
Now back to babies:
People often say that animals should not have the same rights as humans because they are incapable of moral choice, but I ask isn't it true that babies are incapable of moral choice? But we still love them, adore them, not just because they will one day grow up and be a responsible adult, but.....we just do. We as humans have woken up, although we would sometimes like to return to the dream, we are awake and there is no going back to bed.
When I say that animals and humans have the same spirit, I mean that all life has the same essence, it is our earthly mother, but it longs to be united with it's heavenly father, and we as humans can bring the father who lived in Jesus who lives in us to ourselves, each other, and all of creation......"go preach the gospel to all of creation" a unborn baby we are all waiting to be born....well...not you Constance Cumbey, as I can tell you are very mature, but most of us, especially "pagans" are very immature little brats!


But you Cumbey are special, when I called you yesterday you were so nice, as I knew you would be!
You have the maturity of my grandmother, something I can depend on to give it to me straight, although I did not bring up the topics you lecture on, I know the dangers you speak of, this is why I am telling everyone I know to do what they know is right no matter what, and always keep the human conscience alive and let no one persuade you otherwise whether it be preacher or a teacher. We know what is right so do it, live it, love it!

I love you Constance, you are a very special soul, and you were chosen to expose "the dark side" and I applaud you.
You are a true Christian, if more Christians were like you there would be no new age movement!

You are so nice, when I spoke to you for the first time you sounded exactly like I thought you would, exactly like my Catholic-true Christian grandmother.
So the earth is our mother, but is is also our baby. It is up to God to define right from wrong, good from bad....but even children know
"nice" from "not nice" is so simple even children know it.
When we know how to be nice, right
and wrong will fall into place.
Reality is that the Earth is a powerful being, created by God, and also endowed with laws, laws which up until Civilization spread across the globe were incapable of being broken because humans were hunter gather's and literally belonged to the earth.
When Civilization spread to Europe
and the whole world, it did put the earth under pressure, and we are now experiencing the effects of disrespecting the earth.
Humans can be a positive force, but we must honor the earth and it's laws, we must love it as you would a baby because as God knows, it is good. So as humans we need to be nice all the time, that is our duty, and love the earth, animals, and each other.

Now everyone is not designed to be or do the same things, some people
specialize in human affairs, others in animals, and others the earth, plants, trees.
They all need our help...trees, animals, plants, the earth NEEDS our love, because like a baby if we give it bad vibes and trash it, like the hippie generation trashed their parents, the earth will trash us! BUT!
Many human beings are also in dire need of love, and you Constance provide that, I know how well I felt after speaking with you, I could feel angles around me, I listened to ONLY CHRISTIAN MUSIC FOR A WHOLE DAY! I could not look at anything pagan, I could not even watch music video's which I love, I would not smoke because I honestly felt so good. This lasted all day and almost all night, until finally I gave in and had a smoke.
We need to work together.
You are very special, and I love you so much.

Your friend

Aaron Wauters
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