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Javier Solana's Strange Condolences to the Catholic Church

Javier Solana's Strange Condolences to the Catholic Church

by Constance Cumbey

April 9, 2005:

Despite Ian Paisley's claims that Javier Solana is a devout Catholic, the truth is that he is instead more likely staunchly anti-clerical. His late grandfather, Spanish writer/Diplomat/Oxford professor Salvador de Madariaga was amused by claims that he, Madariaga, was Catholic. Salvador de Madariaga recounts in his memoirs, Morning without Noon (UK: Saxon House, 1973, See page 198), that he was so very amused to find himself on a list of Catholics teaching at Oxford. Madariaga wrote that he was so pleased that the author of the list was able to determine what he had never been able to determine for himself -- his religion, if any. Salvador de Madariaga was so determinedly anti-clerical that he never permitted the baptism of either of his two daughters, Nieves and Isabel.

In 1983 when I was busy lecturing on the anti-clerical/anti-Semitic aspects of the New Age Movement, Javier Solana was at meetings giving Marxist salutes:

What increased the strangeness of this political gesture was that by his accounts, Javier Solana had resigned his Marxist causes effective September 29, 1979.

Nevertheless, even I was unprepared for his very strange statement issued April 3, 2005, the day after the pope's death. It gave 'condolences to the Catholic Church for the disappearance' of Pope John Paul II. "DISAPPEARANCE"?!

"I wish to express my deep sorrow and heartfelt condolences to the Catholic Church, and to the Holy See, for the disappearance of His Holiness, John Paul II. "The world - not just people of catholic faith - has lost an unforgettable spiritual leader, an enlightenedchampion of peace and solidarity for all. We will sorely miss a great European spirit of our times.”

That brought back some troubling memories from my earliest days of researching the New Age Movement. David Spangler had written in his book, REVELATION: THE BIRTH OF A NEW AGE that those who did not receive their New Age 'messiah' would disappear. They would be released from 'physical incarnation' to go to another dimension. Hopefully, this was not Solana's interpretation. However, considering that his mother was into Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cum "Osho" and his grandfather appeared on the same letterhead as with David Spangler as endorser's of Donald Key's (a former Lucis Trust administrator who worked with New Age pioneers Alice and Foster Bailey) Planetary Citizens, who knows?

Considering that Solana has flown his Club of Rome flags so openly on his official bios is another hint that he might have leanings sympathetic to this world of occult interpretation. Solana is a capable linguist and writer, employing equally capable linguists and writers. I am certain that he would not have given casual thought to a public statement issued on the death of what he called such a "great European" as the Pope? So, why did Solana choose the word "disappear"? I for one would like to know. Maybe there is an innocent explanation. Maybe not.

I for one would like to know. What does Solana say about it?
The term "disappear" used by Solana is very interesting indeed and if it is in line with the new age movement then could it be this idea that is used to describe the rapture of the church?
I just bookmarked your blog. I remember a saying that I heard while taking Mass Communications: "Nothing you see in the media is there by accident". I think he means what he said. I look forward to many more interesting posts! Cheers!
Following has kept me intrigued and nothing that Javier Solana does would surprise me. I think there is an agenda that certainly relates to the "The New Aeon" as Alestair Crowley wrote about over a hundred years ago.
Or Solana might think the Pope was playing Hide and Go Seek. Or it may be that Solana so loved the Pope that he can't face the fact that he is dead. Nah, he probably was telegraphing a message to others with his choice of words, saying that his belief is that when a person dies they disappear off the earthly plane and move into some other one to await reincarnation. It's why New Age establishment doesn't worry too much about ending the lives of humans as in the Terry Schiavo case.
The first anonymous poster may have nailed it. This could be the best cover up story yet. All the narrow minded, intolerant,"Jesus is the only way" nut jobs would never accept the true Messiah so he made them disappear so heaven could come to earth. coupled with the strong delusion God sends upon them this could work in a panicked world.
I was not shocked at all at his term "disappeared". If you believe in a RRE and thus a new Caesar/"god" Emperor rising as described in Rev.13. You must realize how the Romans explained the disappearance of a "god" Emperor and how they replaced them with a new "god" emperor.
You must also realize that there was a position in the Roman system that would be used to "anoint" the new "god" Emperor. He was an elected Pontifix Maximus, High Priest, that dates back to the early kings of Rome, 700BC. That position took on a major significance at the time of the Republic, 512BC. It still exists to this day. The Pope still has this official title. This would make the Pope's position the very position of the False Prophet. His two horns represent both Political and Religious Power. Because that's exactly the power of the Pontifix Maximus under the Romans.
A short review of Roman History makes Revelations symbolism's crystal clear.
The first anonymous poster may have nailed it. This could be the best cover up story yet. All the narrow minded, intolerant,"Jesus is the only way" nut jobs would never accept the true Messiah so he made them disappear so heaven could come to earth. coupled with the strong delusion God sends upon them this could work in a panicked world.

True Messiah?
Made who disappear?
If they(?) disappeared who would be panicked?
Heaven could come to earth?
Cover up of what?

Your post looks like an uncompleted crossword puzzle!
Solana uses NO words by mistake. And he many soon again use "disappear" because, maybe, he's expecting the "Big One."

"Disappearence" that is.
What gives? Since there are so many clear indicators that the EU is driven by an anti-christ spirit or anti-christian movement, should this surprise us at all? I think Solana is just a puppet, a small moving gear in the grander scheme of things.
While I will admit that the writing of the word "disappearance" is curious, I won't go as far to say that Solana is an occultist. I continue to defend him until I see him beginning the build on the Temple in the Holy Land. Consider this: perhaps the word disappearance is the closest word that whatever word he used in his language could be translated into? What if he meant the disappearance of the Pope's soul from the earth? I'm personally partial to my second suggestion as it is true. The Pope's soul HAS disappeared from this earth and is either in heaven or hell at this point.
With Solana, I just don't see him as the man "666"-- maybe he's just setting the stage for the "real" one--I don't see women being attracted to him, or Jews considering him to be the Messiah...With all the news coverage on the pope's funeral, it is easy to see how the world would be able to witness the anti-christ's recovery from his mortal wound....
Truly stupefying
can we have a pic
Ooh yes please
Is this a HATE GROUP towards Javier Solana
I heard you have dogs. can you write about why god is dog spelt backwards, and why dogs don't go to heaven
Will my rabbit go to heaven
Only if we can save the world from the clutches of Solana. Jesus is in danger from this man. Can you not all see it? from an utterly desperate fan
I think Constance fraudently used Wikipedia to promote her own ideas
I'm so glad your still doing the work. I want to say thank you.
Could the use of the word "disappearance" be setting the ground work for explaining away the rapture and what has happened to many at that time?
Interesting article and comments, some silly but most deeply interested in prophecy. My husband is Spanish and he found Javier Solana's name interesting to say the least. A rough translation is 'savior of/from the sun'. Javier is equivalent to Josuha in Hebrew (Ishua)...or Jesus in Greek. This is a seperate name from Jesus in Spanish (Hesus). Like I said 'interesting'
Would someone explain the whole Wikipedia thing to me. I have asked before and everyone freezes up. It's hard to take what it states as fact when anyone can change it. My understanding is that the average joe can go in and make changes to what is posted. Is this correct?

Constance, you do a top notch job. I am just asking this question about Wikipedia because I do not understand it. :)
With Solana, I just don't see him as the man "666"-- maybe he's just setting the stage for the "real" one--I don't see women being attracted to him...

Where does it say that women would be attracted to the AC? I thought it said, "I will put enmity between your seed and her seed..."
You know, after reading through your archives, I have found that everything you put here is based on Solana, you know the EU is not the only government entity that has the AC spirit. Just look at our President. He is trying to take over the world in the name of democracy and is against God's own chosen people. He has stated on more than one occasion he is for a one world government. He also bowed to the Pope but no one wants to talk about that. hmmmmm sometimes you go looking for something and it ends up being in your own backyard. Just food for thought.
I think it is time we as believers wake up and start discerning the fruits and spirit of those in our government.
I believe tha Solana has correctly identified the Catholic Church for what is; let me explain. In the "great" Roman Empire, each emporer was believed to be a god. However, each emperor died at some point and a new one was elected. The problem with this was if each one was god, why and how could they die? The easy resolution to this was to proclaim that the emperor who had died, had not really died but "disappeared" He had gone off to be with the other "gods" Each one of the popes has "powers" of infallibility and is the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth. These resemble godlike properties. The fact that people were proclaiming that they were openly "worshipping" John Paul, also shows he was and is held to the level of a diety. I agree with some of what constance says, however, she is missing a major piece of the puzzle that is right in fron of her. The Catholic church is rooted in the occult, the mass itself is a practice of white magic witchcraft. I know this is hard for some to grasp, as I was raised catholic, and have since come to see the truth in Jesus Christ and learned what the catholic church really is; a tool of satan to deter people from Jesus Christ. Please see the following link for further evidence on the catholic church.
I agree that Solana never wastes words. I also agree that he is NOT the ac we know is coming. I believe he is the prelim. He is having the time of his life ruling but in the big scheme of things, he is not really that big. Now, in looking at our President...I have to agree that his actions truly contradict his words. I am a Republican but I had a very hard time voting this election. there is something about him that is foul. I have always thought so.
Hi Blogger, I just dropped in on my way back to my Muslim site. I liked what I
found and thought that I would leave you a note for your efforts in creating Javier Solana's Strange Condolences to the Catholic Church.
Hi Blogger,
I was just passing looking for Muslim links on the blogger site and found your Javier Solana's Strange Condolences to the Catholic Church blog. Your blog was not quite what I was looking for, but I enjoyed my visit all the same.
The new age movement is begining to infiltrate (absolutely incredible) evangelical circles. In fact, Thomas Nelson Publishers is joining the Emerging Church Movement or Emergent conversation with Donald Miller and Brian McLaren. The emerging church is ecumenism or New Age, if you will.
So yes, I believe the rapture of the church is very near. Maranatha.

Thanks for your research on Solana. My opinion on why he wrote the "condolences" to the Vatican: it has two meanings--on the surface, its a respectful, heartfelt and perfectly acceptable comment on the Pope's death. On a deeper level, he is trying to snub the Church's nose by "revealing" to them what his critics suspect about him is indeed true, IMHO.
My native language is Portuguese, which is very similar to Spanish. It's not so unusual to say "disappearance" as an euphemism for "death" in Portuguese, so it may be the case in Spanish too. It's sort of equivalent to your "pass away".
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