Saturday, April 30, 2005

Javier Solana will be in Washington, D.C. May 2-3

Our 'very good friend' to be in Washington Monday and Tuesday!

Javier Solana will be in Washington on Monday. He will be meeting with Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and her predecessor in her old job as National Security Advisor, Stephen Hadley. Additionally, he will be speaking to a House of Representatives Committee.

This will be an opportunity for Javier Solana, always the charmer, to make new American friends. He has lots of friends in the United States Senate, so this time he is concentrating on an important segment of the House of Representatives. I hope in listening that they don't get lulled to sleep over the most important item on his agenda -- that the EU is about to start allowing sale of arms to China.

Javier Solana has these ways about him. He sort of seems like:

Nevertheless, there are incredible things that come both from Solana's pen (or is it word processor?) and from his mouth. In 1999 he came to the United States to accept a Christian Herter Foreign Policy Award. In that speech he mocked George Washington's advice to the USA to "avoid entangling foreign alliances." "Why those entangling foreign alliances are good for you," said Solana. It takes a lot of cheek to come to a country and mock its national items. It appears that Solana has that type of cheek, but he says it with such good natured charm, that the audacity of what was just uttered appears to have escaped the usual scathing criticisms of the press corps -- it usually is not reported -- one has to read the speech to catch it.

At any rate, I wish I could be an invisible fly on a Washington wall next week! I hope our Congressmen, Secretary of State, our National Security Advisor and the person the latter two report to don't give away too much of the store in the give and take of next week's 'diplomacy.'

I will, as always, appreciate your comments. Enjoy your Saturday night!


April 30, 2005

Cumbey, it's scary how few people understand the political end of the New Age movement. It's a reverse of the Nazi period when finally people realized the Nazis had a political agenda, but never caught on to the occult part. Now there are some who see the one world religion part but don't see the political part of New Age.

Many more people are needed to watch what is happening and share their information with others.

Where are the people who should be saying "Solana represents a threat to the US politically and to monotheists because of his connections." "Yes, I checked out his credentials and they are strange." "Why is he trying to get the US to become second to his power grab?" "Where does he take his stand with regard to Christians and Jews?"

Instead we, in this land of freedom of information, stand in the background and say "Duh".
Why are is Solana and the EU and its rise to power so scarcely spoken of in American mainstream media?
Instead we, in this land of freedom of information, stand in the background and say "Duh".
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