Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hopefully, this is fiction only -- a possible scenario


I wrote the following material 4 years ago as a fictional introduction to a book I was developing on European Union events. Any resemblance to any European character, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Or is it? Hopefully, I have misread the situation. I fear greatly I have not.

"The Plan is," said the little European leader, "to use NATO assets with European control of those assets". The game was hegemony in the world resource department. Since Jacques DeLors' tenure in the European Union hierarchy, Europe had long been plotting resource wars against the USA. Sometimes it was whispered. Sometimes it was shouted. Most Europeans knew of it. Their purpose would be to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the scramble to control strategic necessities. Those resource wars were about to begin. The little man was organizing them. His self-conscious revival of the old Roman empire had officially begun at Barcelona in the late fall of 1995, Now it was rapidly coming to a head. The lions in the local arenas were hungrily awaiting their next meal of Christians.

That harmless looking little man was heading his growing European bureaucracy with the assistance of an even smaller, more harmless looking littler Frenchman. He was allowing many more powerful in personal appearance and charisma such as Tony Blair to take center stage and appear at "photo ops", While this was hapening, he, the little man himself, was running the show. His time for more public attention would come. One must be patient. It is bad to be too well known too soon.

His influence had spread among upper level echelons worldwide since those initial 10 days in November of 1995 when he quietly entered center world stage. All was not done through personal charisma. Most was not. After all, however, one could do a lot given a sufficient pile of Euro's as "foreign aid" combined with sufficient American stupidity. His forebears in the European Movement would be most proud of him. It's hard to keep a low profile while heading a super-powered NATO on steroids job. It's even harder when one is the acknowledged tsar of all European military and foreign policy. But with either the cooperation, avarice, apathy and/or stupidity of American media, he had managed to do just that. His name recognition among Americans was nearly nil. Ditto among Canadians. Strange, considering that it was he alone who had ordered Spanish warships against their country in 1995 in what were termed "The Great Fishing Wars" of that year.

He had long suppressed any personal outward expressions of rage against the USA. Its officials once had, after all, stupidly put him on their "subversive list" when he was a student activist there in the 1960s. They had blindly supported the Spanish Franco regime which had foiled his older comrades' earlier attempts to permanently install an anticlerical government During the glorious, but too short days of "The Republic", it had been cheap and convenient to gain a building for revolutionary causes. Republic government allies easily did this by confiscating convents and monasteries. Former churches made dandy meeting halls. Revenge with Franco for ending this revolutionary resource was accomplished by bandying about the word "Fascist." Nevermind that the pan-European movement of which our protagonist's family had a long part, had clearly traceable fascistic antecedents and goals of its own. Never mind that Generalissimo Franco had sheltered many more Jews than the United States and Canada combined. He, Franco,would be marginalized in history as a fascist. End of story. Those sacking convents and monastries, raping the nuns and murdering the ministers, deacons, and priests would be henceforth enshrined as "freedom fighters." Amen and shall it ever be.

The little man had learned that one could go far with smiles and hugs. An earlier attempt to install European "Unity" by one of his predecessors termed by others "a disciple" had failed. Part of that failure was due to one of the great unsolved mysteries of World War II -- Hitler had failed to reduce the Balkans before tackling the USA and Russa. This little man would not make the same mistake. He would use the USA and Russia to reduce the Balkans for him. He would set precedents in the Balkans useful for his aspirations. Controlling Jerusalem, as well as reducing the Vatican, was necessary to his future plans. Therefore, the precedent would be set by warring against and thereafter controlling Kosovo. What was sacred ground to the Serbian Orthodoxies would be surendered to the international commununity. This would be useful precedent for coercing a surrender of Jerusalem to his European interests cum 'international community," later.

Besides, he had Ian Paisley on the sidelines, obviously innocent of the man's anticlericalism, calling him "a devout Catholic." So, who would ever suspect his true agenda? These were necessary measures. After all, this little man with the obvious Napoleonic complex but tea party manners might well be later controlling the world.

But before that time, the USA needed to be dealt with. Our little man had the keys to the kingdom. Since his NATO tenure, he had lovely aerial photographs of the USA with its great military and industrial installations. He had toured the Pentagon with an honor guard, alighting from a stretch limousine bringing him there for that purpose. That was when the stupid Americans had returned his "subversive file" to him with comments on how foolish they had been to believe they couldn't trust him!

Now as the overseer of Europe's remilitarization, he had exhaustive knowledge of the NATO arsenal. He plotted his course from his "Sitcen". His Rapid Reaction Force was ready. There were 60,000 troops, 400 carriers and many planes at his immediate disposal. They could surround the arsenal. The NATO weaponry would then be exclusively theirs!

When the very missiles designed to protect America from foreign threats began to rain down upon it on that black day, America was taken by greater surprise than on September 11, 2001. The little man's time for action had come. Today it was the USA, tomorrow, Jerusalem, the Vatican and then the world. He had promised Europe he was working on a "permanent solution" for the Middle East problems. As they were with an earlier pan-Europeanist, a largely unaware Jewish community little realized that "permanent solution" was more likely merely a renamed "final solution."

In his New World Order, national sovereignty had disappeared. He was implementing his new international law of "humanitarian intervention", also originally suggested by him. He and he alone defined what was humanitarian and what was not.

The nations, including those stupid Americans, had been speaking through him "with one voice" The SHIRBRIG force he had helped the UN design and implement was ready. His "peacekeepers" were ready. They would globally, including in the Americas, implement his ominously named CIMIC structure. There would be "civilian military cooperation." The message to all would be clear -- "you will cooperate, you will enjoy!"

The little man's obvious plans had become fait accompli.

Part of the above scenario is so far fictional. The vast majority of it, unfortunately, is not. Will America, as well as the rest of the world, wake up in time? Is it already too late? This book is about those dangers -- and the possibilities."

Since I first wrote most of these words in late 2001, Javier Solana has been handed exclusive control of the Galileo Project (Europe's Space Surveillance Agency) and the remilitarization of Europe has proceeded rapidly. The Simon Weisenthal Institute's massive tome on the Holocaust has acknowleged the large contribution General Franco made to saving European Jewry when most others were reluctant to act. Solana is now actively working for the potential remilitarization of China with European weaponry. When, if ever will the USA wake up!?

I am most interested in your comments. Thank you and good night!


SqueakBox said...

For the real truth about Solana look here:

Jimmy K. said...

The last paragraph gave me a jolt, I hadn't thought of Spain as helping the Jews. I know this doesn't have much to do with your subject, but I checked with a google search and was amazed that Franco helped the Jews. These two hits were interesting:But more significantly, while quoting anti-Jewish passages in Franco's
speeches (clearly designed to ingratiate himself with Hitler), Mr. Preston
omits to mention that Franco offered Spanish citizenship to Sephardic Jews
and allowed as many as 40,000 Jews to cross Spain to safety in Spanish North
Words, it would appear, are more important than deed then liberal diatribes
against Franco ignore one of the most noble deeds in modern history. Franco,
dictator of Spain, saved more Jewish lives during the Holocaust than anyone
else. He saved Jews when it looked like Germany would win the war. He saved
Jews without demanding bribes in return. He saved Jews when it not only
placed his own life in danger, but also the lives of his family and the
people of Spain.s.

SqueakBox said...

To read all about the giant Javier Solana look here:

SqueakBox said...

Spain saved more Jewish lives during the Holocaust than anyone
else. Spain saved Jews when it looked like Germany would win the war. Spain saved
Jews without demanding bribes in return. Spain saved Jews when it not only
placed their nation in danger. All this in spite of the dictator Franco's anti-Jewish passages in his

Anonymous said...

Do not miss the link at the beginning of the article. The European Union is not a friend of the US.

Reproduced by permission of Current History (September 2004).

One of the most important, yet least appreciated developments in world affairs in recent years has been the dramatic growth in ties between China and Europe. Not only are all European nations individually deepening their links with China, but the European Union is itself collectively engaging the People's Republic. The EU has taken the lead in conceptualizing and implementing a broadbased strategy to further ties and cooperate in a wide range of areas. The breadth and depth of Europe- China relations are impressive, and the global importance of the relationship ranks it as an emerging axis in world affairs. While this is appreciated in Asia and Europe, the United States has been slow to recognize what is transpiring in the EU-China relationship and its significance in the emerging global order

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance - a bit OT, but if you haven't read this ananlysis of Galileo I found it quite interesting!

By the way squeakbox, you said "Spain saved more Jewish lives during the Holocaust than anyone
else. Spain saved Jews when it looked like Germany would win the war. Spain saved Jews without demanding bribes in return. Spain saved Jews when it not only placed their nation in danger. All this in spite of the dictator Franco's anti-Jewish passages in his speeches"
Uh, if Franco was such a help to the Jews - and I do believe he was - then I find it interesting that Solana opposed him so vehemently. Solana's sure got a bee in his bonnet about the Jews!

Anonymous said...

Constance, Thanks for your fantastic insight and continuing efforts to unmask the anti-christ! The details of how the puzzle fits togeather is daunting. Maybe some of the people that are so adamant about stopping you from your commentary know about darker sides of Javier, details that endear him to satanic forces.

Anonymous said...

As always I enjoy your articles. I don't think that the USA will ever wake up. We are so self consumed and prideful. The fact that we could no longer be #1 is laughable in most circles.

SqueakBox said...

I said it was Franco the anti semite, not the Spanish people or Solana. The reality is that when the USA was (rightly in my opinion) opposing dictators in Eastern Europe that it was also supporting them in the Iberian peninsula (Portugal and Spain). The reason the Spanish were so outraged at Aznar's support for Bush in Iraq is because the US did not support the anti dictatorship movement for freedom in Spain, supporting the dictatorship instead. i.e. the USA was no friend of Spain. Are you really trying to justify the murderous and entirely fascistic Franco regime in Spain?

J-Black said...

Thank you for this publishing this blog. I've been reading for a couple weeks now, since I found the link on I must say, what a VERY interesting entry this is. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

There are people who muddy the water so as to protect the object of their wonder. These people have nothing but evil in their heart. Take a look... a long look at predictions and the agreement that exists in the Bible, open your eyes, come soon Dear Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Squeakbox said "Are you really trying to justify the murderous and entirely fascistic Franco regime in Spain?"
Nope! Are you REALLY trying to imply that the anti-Franco Spanish "revolutionaries", of which Solana was one, weren't just as bad?

SqueakBox said...

Absolutely. Solana in Spain was no different from the Pope in Poland. They opposed the regime but didn't use or justify violence in doing so. it was ETA who used violence against the Franco regime and I do not support them (or ETA now). Franco used the violence apparatus of the Spanish state to keep himself in power; Solana and the PSOE did nothing of the kind as an illegal organisation. Are you implying that the Pope, Lech Walesa, etc, were any different from Solana and Felipe González? I think they were the same.

Constance Cumbey said...

Well, SqueakBox and other Wikipedia comrades in arms, as it has been said, "history is old men remembering with advantage." You did a great job marginalizing Franco for a very long time. I myself bought into it until I started researching Solana and discovered the truth both about the anti-clerical persecutions in Mexico from 1926 to 1935 and in Mexico from 1936 to 1940.

Constance Cumbey said...

Correction -- it was the anticlerical persecutions in Mexico from 1926 to 1935 and those of Spain from 1936 to 1939.

Anonymous said...

So SqueakBox, how many Jews did Solana save? How many people did the organizations he was connected with save?

All anyone has to do is put "PSOE occult Spain" into Google to find the Freemasonry link to that Socialist group. Then again Foster Bailey of Lucis Trust did write a book called The Spirit of Masonry and the Masons had a publication called New Age.

Both the Masons and Lucis Trust have antisemitism in their bones. Wouldn't surprise me that is the reason Solana didn't save any Jews.

Santificarnos - So the Masons are behind Spanish Socialist platform?
... since the election last March of the Spanish Socialist Labor Party (PSOE).
... when groups of individuals attracted by occult gnosis founded meeting ... english/2005/01/31/so_the_masons_are_behind_spanish_sociali - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

Anonymous said...

Very interesting article Constance! Thank you for putting a confusing political quagmire into a logical sequence of events.

As far as when the USA will wake up I don't think we need to worry too much about how we are going to play into all of this. Remember God is the one in the driver's seat and as long as we don't try to wrench the wheel away from Him everything will happen the way it is supposed to. As Herb said on FP "Keep your eye on the ball." For those of you out there who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God and as your Savior now would be a good time to start "looking into it". If you have any questions please contact your local Church and ask to speak with the pastor on how to accept His gift of salvation. I'm sure they would be more than happy to help you.

May God bless you!!

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Jimmy:

A most excellent comment. Thank you! This history of Franco was also unknown to me for many years.


Anonymous said...

Cry for Israel whose children are the Jews and Christians. The evil one and his minyons have tempted the greedy ones with gift after gift, making them even greedier. To the children of Israel he offers only to take away the threat against their lives. The leaders of the children of Israel have been weakened by their own lack of trust in the fruits of the moral life of the soul.

How far will God let all become degraded before he relents?

Anonymous said...

Those reading this blog should know that the entire post for today dealing with New Age and the new pope's stand against it, as well as the comments, has disappeared from this blogsite. If you came looking for it, I presume you will have to wait until Constance Cumbey works with the system to find out why it disappeared and when it might appear again. This is not supposed to happen, but as blogspot is now a subsidiary of Google and the new owners, we will have to see who is monitoring what. Based on comments at, Google tilts politically to the left.

Constance Cumbey said...

To the last writer -- No conspiracy to me today and Google so far has been very good to me -- I took the story down for further editing! Then I put it back up. Sorry for the confusion.