Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Merry Christmas, Offered Radio Opportunity, What a year it has been - health, events, and otherwise!

Update:  The FINAL REPORT of the January 6 Congressional Committee has been released and is available for free download.  Click here to obtain a copy.

 It's hard for me to believe that Christmas is almost here again.  The last year has gone so fast for me.  When you are one, a year is the totality of your life and a year seems like a very, very long time.  When you are my age, it seems like a relatively small percentage of same.  I'm not into Einstein, but it does seem to illustrate one of his maxims -- everything is relative!

This year was very eventful for my health.  I was diagnosed with a severe colon-stomach infection and also with an atrial fibrillation heart condition.  I am doing much better now, but I'm still not fully out of the woods on the colon issues.  Neither tubes through my middle nor colon resectioning are acceptable alternatives for me.  The heart condition is being treated with moderate medications.

I have started many writing projects for this blog as obvious BIG events occurred.  Often, I just had to retire for the night before I could finish.  Our Rich of Medford (Rich Peterson) has been a big help.  He too had obstacles in the form of an attempted ransom attack on the firm where he manages the IT functions.  Needless to say, this and weather emergencies that have struck his part of the country have also consumed his writing time.


As most of you probably know, I have done literally thousands of radio and TV interviews  over the past full nearly 42 years (since early 1981) after discovering and starting to warn and report of the New Age Movement and related developments.  After returning to the full tine practice of law and less travel, I did a 13 year radio program for WMUZ-FM radio in Detroit - Southeastern Michigan area.  I had some wonderful opportunities to do exceptional interviews including Demond Wilson (the actor turned minister who had played Lamont Sanford in the long running Sanford and Son series).  Coming from representing a client in the Mt. Pleasant, Michigan area, I spotted a book in the New Age section of a Little Professor Bookstore.  The book was entitled "NEW AGE MILLENNIUM".  Browsing the book, I went to myself -- "this doesn't look like a New Age book -- it looks like an anti-New Age book."  Then I noticed that I was extensively quoted in the book.  I'm human, too.  I went to myself, "obviously the author must be a person of great wisdom and intelligence."  I bought the hard cover book, far more expensive than Hidden Dangers then sold for.  I then stopped in Midland, Michigan to eat dinner and started more extensively perusing the book and its inside jackets.  Then I noticed that it was the famed Sanford and Son actor.  When I arrived home, I sent an email to his publisher and said I would love to talk with him.

Demond Wilson honored me with a 2 hour call the very next day -- his nickel.  He said at the outset, "Constance Cumbey, you've been my hero for years."  We then scheduled the interview he did with LAW TALK, my radio program.

I also interviewed Malachi Martin, Cliff Kincaid, many, many important Detroit political and media figures including United States Senators, State Senators, State Representatives, United States House of Representatives members.  My intention was to expose people to the facts on the New Age Movement and to acquaint prominent Detroiters with the Christian community.  Both attempts were then wildly successful,

In 2007, I undertook an internet radio which lasted for 11 years through 2018.  I noticed looking at theoir website the other day that they still have me listed as a talk show host.  I had some serious disagreements with one of their other hosts -- Mark Koernke who pursued a path of anti-Semitism and militia violence that I could never support.  Neverthless, that also was a fine venue for many years.  

Today I was contacted by Alex Schild of VoiceAmerica networks -- an internet radio network.  He said they were interested in having me do a regular program.  Production costs were about $20,000 a year.  I told him I had always loved doing radio and would probably love it again, but I am now a mostly-retired widow living primarily on Social Security and a small pension from my dear departed husband, Barry MacIntosh, who left this earth a little more than two years ago.

I told him that if he could find sponsorship, I would be happy to try doing the show.  They claim global reach.  I will confess I knew little about it, but his offer seemed sincere and genuine.  He suggested he would try and he also suggested I reach out to my blogspot audience to see if there might be potential sponsors there.  So, I'm doing it here.

Certainly, if I had the program, there is MUCH to report to and educate his audiences.  The World Economic Forum is playing a major role in propagating a "cashless society" and social monitoring programs.  The world has been turned upside down in terms of sexual morality and gender identity.  The New Agers are very much on the march again.  The John Fetxer Institute is one of many major players,.  Lucis Trust reported on their websites (World Goodwill) that the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, its founder, are a major focus of their meditation groups and the great hope of achieving the agenda laid out in the Alice Bailey books.

Many prominent New Agers have repented of their former involvement and are working to win people to their only true hope -- Jesus Christ.  Such a radio program would give me opportunities to interview them.  Also, I am disturbed about the Qanon cult which has obvious New Age  and Psyop roots that too many Evangelicals seem to be oblivious to.  All of these items and many more need public discussion.

At any rate, pray about it as Rich Peterson and I are also doing.

Merry Christmas to all and STAY TUNED,



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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to read a new post from you this morning, Ms. Cumbey. Your new possibilities sound exciting! I'm praying for wisdom, better health, and the best direction for you in 2023. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

You are an old washed up 'HAS BEEN'. You yourself are a nut job! You strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel! You support 'WAR MONGERS'. How many members of your privileged family would be fighting in Ukraine under U.S. "direct intervention". Direct intervention that one of your foolish and evil 'cult heroes' called for, when he met NAZI Zelenko in Ukraine.

Your irrational fear of Qanon, and Trump, while failing miserably at exposing massive evil, and darkness, proves you are psychotic.

You are of no use whatsoever to the church of Christ. Your 'woke jesus' won't save you.


Anonymous said...

'Serial liar' Joe Biden called out for telling 'ridiculous tall tale'

Is this puppet dictator the worst, most dangerous, most evil, critter, to ever serve as president in U.S. history?

Anonymous said...

Tucker Carlson: Where does Zelensky get off talking to us like this?

J said...

This is very exciting news, Constance. May I suggest you have Rich Peterson help you set up a GoFundMe page? If you do, I will contribute a small sum to it. If you are still on Twitter, you could notify your Twitter followers of your GoFundMe page there. If you are FaceBook, likewise. Rich Peterson would likely be able to help with more social media promotion for fund raising.

You've been interviewed before by TruNews. Maybe a contact there would be interested in having you back on to talk about proposed new radio program and notify the viewers of your GoFundMe page. TruNews should have a lot of reach.

$20,000 is not an unreasonable goal for a GoFundMe page.

Merry Christmas, Constance. I'll pray this works out for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope Constance gets her health issues behind her and enjoys better health in the New Year.

What I just read in her post today is about her glory days. Otherwise, nothing sounds new since she's fallen way behind in current events.
Would a radio program change that?

Anonymous said...

"A large scandal has been created, as well as discouragement, upon learning the news of the gala event hosted by President Donald J. Trump for openly homosexual supporters of the Republican Party. This endorsement of LGBT ideology is even more serious if one considers that, only two days previously, Joe Biden signed the “Respect for Marriage Act” which recognizes the legal validity of so-called homosexual marriages in the United States, in violation of the Natural Law and also the Law of God.

The Democratic Party is totally anti-Christian and obstinately determined to implement the globalist agenda of the New World Order. On the other hand, the Republican Party is recklessly pursuing a minority of voters who are indulging in lifestyles that are contrary to the Commandments and to the common good. American Catholics find themselves today in the impossible situation of being represented by a political class that is revealing itself to be completely incapable of representing and expressing Catholic convictions in moral and religious matters. This causes voters to become disaffected, which is added to electoral fraud and scandals that are emerging about media censorship and the manipulation of electoral consensus."

Constance Cumbey said...

Those who talk to me regularly know that I have clearly stayed current on developments. Those espousing Qanon are Exhibit A of why more exposure is needed!


Constance Cumbey said...

For those of you claiming "glory days are behind her" -- I have news for you -- I had no "glory days" but instead much undeserved persecution from some segments of the Evangelical world who were in bed with Paul N. Temple and Doug Coe. Do someo internet research and read my articles about Gold Lake. NewswithViews has much up as well.

I will wear your scorn like a badge of honor.


Constance Cumbey said...

The FINAL REPORT of the January 6 Committee has been released and may be downloaded for free from the internet. Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Constance has an exceptional gift of discernment and a good mind. She isn't out of touch, on the wrong path or beguiled. I believe she would benefit listeners if she has the stamina.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance, I am so glad that you are recovering!
If your health condition allows, I find it an excellent idea to reach more people by radio broadcasts and start discussions.
In these times discussions to find out the truth are highly needed! Many issues are not discussed within the mainstream media. The danger of the Qanon movement is, in my opinion, not the most important subject. And, by the way, the Democrats will take advantage of the self-destruction by splitting of the Republicans. And I think this government needs a powerful opposition!

There are other even more important topics at least to think about! I miss within your point of view the impact of the by you rightly exposed goals of the world economic forum on geopolitics! One can not separate the issues. It`s not only about how these goals affect our private lifes. It`s about how these goals and their reach have impact on each ones life on the whole planet! For example see how the food prices have risen for nearly all people on the planet! Droughts are occuring, strange weather phenomenons all over. And what about geoengineering! It is now introduced as promising solution to climate change to the public by scientists! What about the negative impacts!

Please see

Nowbody who can be taken seriously is talking about...


Anonymous said...

religions for peace

seems to be New Age philosophie to me


J said...

I would like to hear much more about Lucis Trust seeing Klaus Schwab as being the one to possibly finally realize The Plan of Alice Bailey's writings.

I understood from Constance's current blog post, and her follow up comments, that she has been starting to write about topics like this, and she has been discussing them with other people verbally.

But she doesn't manage to finish a blog article about it.

I can't imagine why somebody struggling with health wouldn't do her utmost to stay up late at night struggling with vision problems to finish a blog article, all so that most of the commenters would either ignore her to continue right on with copying and pasting links, or worse - to sh*t post back at her.

I think Constance would have an easier time talking than writing and would likely have more to say if she had a more appreciative audience.

J said...

Questions that occurred to me last night:

If Donald Trump and the MAGA movement - including the QAnon subset of it - are the lesser evil ...

What if it overcame the globalists? Would it have then become the greater evil?

Or would it have just magically stopped being evil after winning?

At what point would you have stopped supporting Donald Trump and MAGA and stopped ignoring QAnon if this whole side had prevailed?

Do you think maybe your soul is better for having supported a lesser evil that never turned into a great evil? Or does it not matter since you were never tested to that extent?

Do you think you were ever morally tested to a lesser extent? Or do you think you could never possibly be morally tested not to support an evil, so long as it is a lesser evil?

Do you also think that way about your own individual evil? After all there is always somebody in the world who is more evil. So does that mean a sin doesn't matter as long as it's a lesser sin? So as long as you're not Jeffrey Dahmer, then, you couldn't possibly help but feel justified in self-righteousness?

If you don't think that way individually, why would it be okay to think that way collectively?

Anonymous said...

Q is discredited and Trump is a FORMER President. Small fish comparatively. Many more things have moved on since then and those, especially now, are the wrong battlefield. The battlefield is international and America's putrid politics helped bring it on.

Woke Government and Woke Capitialism are making, actually are, the news.

Schwab and Soros (a vast network here and overseas whose names used to be written about here years ago) own politicians on both sides of the aisle who do not answer to the people of this country, populist or not.
This blog has been distracted rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
While the big fish swim away.
There is no lesser evil now. Just evil.

J said...

The spark for those thoughts in my last comment was that I did some reading about the special counsel Jack Smith's background dealing with war crimes committed in Kosovo.

I was thinking that the people who supported the war criminals had credible reasons to regard them as the lesser evil.

But then they won and became the greater evil.

The winners were actually NATO backed, so don't be too quick to put this in a box and on a shelf and think you already know Jack Smith was working for the globalists while the war criminals must have been anti-globalists.

The true story is a little bit more complicated than that.

To me, it's an interesting story about good and evil.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

“Now, there are 435 members of the House of Representatives, and they’re Republicans and Democrats and famously they don’t get along. They don’t agree on anything. They can’t even pass a budget because they disagree on everything. Very bitterly,” Carlson continued. “And yet when a foreign leader shows up in cargo pants to tell them lies and give them orders, they all applaud. That’s pretty weird behavior in a democracy, if you think about it. The fractious debate we hear so much about doesn’t exist.”

How true.

J said...

11:49 AM,

When Constance and Rich have written about big fish in the past, I haven't noticed a whole lot of comments focused on the big fish. Some, but not many.

When I peruse the archives sometimes, I notice the quality of comments here seems to have been better before the Trump years.

Anonymous said...

J @ 12:33 PM

Constance set the tone for that as much as anyone else!


J said...

1:30 PM,

What interests you more to discuss? What Gateway Pundit last wrote about Joe Biden? Or what Constance last read about Lucis Trust comments regarding Klaus Schwab?

If it's the former, why are you here instead of over in the Gateway Pundit comments section?

If it's the latter, why no encouragement to Constance to speak about it on a potential new radio show?

This is the type of thing that I don't understand, and it leads me to suspect trollery rather than constructive criticism.

Anonymous said...

I don't read Gateway Pundit. Even here in the comments section. I skip right over those (others too).

Over time I have posted many links from all over International news about world governance and our Left and Right politicians lockstep to it and it goes nowhere compared to Naner Naner Trump Trump Trump.

Like all news everywhere and every minute is him? He isn't God.
American politics is an idol to many with all the over emphasis.

Anonymous said...

British woman arrested for silently praying

Constance Cumbey said...

Qanon is in 70 plus countries and horrible violence has sometimes been associated with it. It is Qanon taking in most Evangelicals, not obvious left wing problems. (Unless you are connected with the various "Christian Environmentalists" and/or Sojourners / Jim Wallis). See article on how Qanon went global.

It's lots of fun to talk about what is deceiving THEM, but what about what is deceiving US?

Qanon believers for the most part believe that Donald Trump is God's chosen instrument to rule the whole world. Check out LOVE JOY TRUMP that I have written about in the past. Trump they believe is ushering in the Millennial Reign of Christ on Earth, the Age of Aquarius, etc., etc. Most of the Capitol rioters on January 6, 2021 were Qanon influenced. There is much more to say about this!


Constance Cumbey said...

For what I said in 8:10 posting check out "GOD'S CHAOS CODE" by Lance Wallnau; LOVE JOY TRUMP by Bethanon (foreword by Mike Lindell); QANON AND 1000 YEARS OF PEACE 2d edition by 'Red Pill'; CALM BEFORE THE STORM by David Hayes, and too many others -- not to mention the utterly blasphemous books by Helgard Muller proclaiming Trump as equal too and/or greater than Jesus Christ!


Anonymous said...

Bellingcat has created a database of more than 35 million posts archived from approximately 2,200 European social media channels associated with QAnon and adjacent conspiracy theories. 1,209 of these channels have made posts that contain QAnon-related terms such as “great awakening” or “WWG1WGA”, while 989 have made posts that contain GESARA-related terms such as “revaluation” or “global currency reset”.

Anonymous said...

Attorney David Clements Rebuts Recent Reuters Hit Piece - They're Terrified-Americans Will Learn the Truth About Elections

Anonymous said...

What the heck is really going on? This explains it all, Tierney real news network.

Anonymous said...

Police: Thousands Witness Demonic Portal Opening Above White House

Anonymous said...

Radio Hosts Leave After Soros-Backed Takeover Of Hispanic Radio Stations - "They Want To Silence And Censor Hispanic Conservative Voices"

Anonymous said...

18 Republicans Vote to Give $11.3 Billion to FBI to Target Domestic Extremists and Build the FBI a New Multi-Million Dollar Facility

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bird Dog J,

Your 11:22 AM + 10:33 AM comments show your zeal to prop up your tottering Idol Constance.

The Globalists hate Trump, as He is a relic of Nationalist hopes.

Besides, Melania has positive influence over her husband.

Melania is actually a very decent person. One of the best First Ladies ever.

See video link @12:08 PM

Anonymous said...


Comparing the gnat sized threats to humanity from Trump, and his supporters, to the CAMEL sized threats from Trump's enemies, shows staggering BLINDNESS on your part!

When obviously demonic Obama was President, now President again through the blatantly soul-less Biden sock-puppet. "some concern"!!!

Please explain your demonic level of hatred toward Trump, while you continue to swallow a camel????

The degree of criminality from the Bush crime family, the Clinton crime family, and Obama, compared to anything Trump may, or may not have done, is like comparing a guppy, to a WHALE SHARK!

Please explain your inability to understand normal thinking?

To me, you are of the same evil spirit as those who gnawed on Steven before stoning him to death. And don't twist that! Trump is no apostle, or saint.

Maybe you need an exorcism?

Anonymous said...

The fact that Trump, and especially Melania, are not 'sold out' to Satan, is why the Deep State is rabidly trying to destroy them, and others that cling to hope.

I think you Constance, are on a path that is 180 degrees from a wholesome normal reality. Just like X, whom you "don't always agree with"!

Largely what you offer here is psychotic blather.


Anonymous said...


If I recall correctly?, about three years ago you said you believed your calling was to witness to Islamics. You said you would probably not post very often, as you were going to study to fulfill this calling. Not verbatim, but the gist of what you were saying.

How is that ministry going? Is it through a bricks and mortar church, or an online outreach?

I hope that it is bearing fruit.

Anonymous said...

Constance @ 8:10 PM,

"Qanon is in 70 plus countries and horrible violence has sometimes been associated with it"

Perhaps this "sometimes violence" is a result of eyes being opened in the citizenry of other nations that have suffered under U.S., largely Democrat/RINO/CIA sponsored machinations. The "sometimes violence", is from the crack down from their repressive U.S. controlled governments? Your so far left Constance, that everything to the right is blurry to you. You epitomize the "strong delusion" that has taken over the earth.

Qanon is not, "taking in most Evangelicals". Qanon does not exist in the fore of the vast majority of Christians minds. It is at best a white noise, that is inconsequential.

When Hillary/Obama and the Deep State were overthrowing the heads of nations(Arab Spring), "some violence" on steroids! MUCH blood, raping, pillaging, and these nations are in a much worse state now than before! Did you even comment?

Gnats vs Camels again.

Anonymous said...

Where is the outcry from a lawyer against the free speech abuses of all of our people by our Uniparty government and by it's corrupt departments with coordinated help from Big Tech and Big Media etc??????????

Here's the threat to our "democracy" (a Republic thank you) by the powers that be, not the few wannabes of the novelty Q. Somebody reads liberal rags instead of facts.

Anonymous said...

The Twitter Files: Clandestine Government Agency Edition

Constance Cumbey said...

Another thing that profitably needs discussion is a subtly powerful New Age networker named David C. Korten. He wants us to have "a new story", have "a global turning", belief in earth worship and universe worship. He has made many serious inroads. I have his book, THE GREAT TURNING. You need to check him out.


Constance Cumbey said...

Qanon's GREAT AWAKENING and David C. Korten's THE GREAT TURNING are pretty much the same thing!


Constance Cumbey said...

To 10:43 - If you use the Gateway Pundit as a reliable source, that pretty much tells me what I need to know about you -- consider the source!


Constance Cumbey said...

To 2:02 - The exorcist could far more profitably go to YOUR house! You are deceived -- BIG TIME!


Constance Cumbey said...


For the record, he is also a member of the Club of Rome.


Constance Cumbey said...

About Jim Hoft the founder and publisher of Gateway Pundit:
James (Jim) Hoft and Jezreel Morano are thrilled to share the news of their engagement. The couple met in 2016 while on a Christmas vacation. Since then, the two have traveled together throughout Southeast Asia, from Hong Kong to Bali to Phuket. In 2017, Jezreel chose to move from the Philippines, where Filipino law does not yet recognize same-sex marriage, to the United States so the two can be wed.

Jim, of Ladue, is an influential American conservative writer and publisher who founded The Gateway Pundit, a staple online news outlet among conservative readers, in 2004. He has won several media awards, including the 2013 Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award from Accuracy in Media and the 2015 Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Journalism.

Jezreel, a Filipino native, earned his marketing degree from Cebu Institute of Technology – University in Cebu, Philippines. He boasts experience in business process outsourcing and has a large social media presence in his home country. Among his interests are photography and interior design.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

QANON'S biggest problem is treatng Trump as divine. also getting people to be less active as voters. active on the street.But the content of conspiracy they present is mostly not their invention, but they hijacked stuff that had been of concern for.

i don't use gateway pundit, I often use Steve Quayle's collection of headlines from many sources, almost never does he use gatewaypundit.

Quayle has problems but not the same kind.

I think the evangelicals being taken over by Qanon are the NAR type. trump is surrounded by their kind, so I don't want him as prez asgain, deSantis would be better but then maybe he has the same crew advising himi don't know.

Craig said...

Merry Christmas!

God Came to Abide with Us

Anonymous said...

True, NAR and Q go hand in hand.
(But there are still a lot of Evangelicals who are not NAR so Constance is wrong to lump people like that).

And the set up for GAIA worship, etc has already taken root over a long period now. Climate change (plus Covid/Vaxx) is a fixture to finish up the final details since the NWO has it's machine basically operational now. Readied for those who want to worship what is of this world.

The world is dividing along the lines of who will take the bait to sign on for the global "fix".

Persecution of real Christian believers will make the choice very stark for those, at this moment, still on the sidelines - to have to choose that either Christ is Lord or their god is the god of this world. Either, or.

What Constance loudly bangs on her drum now is moot. It was good information leading up to today, but won't move the needle now. Good old fashioned persecution as the Bible has always portrayed, will.

For me, regardless, JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.

Anonymous said...

If you want a visualization of the almost-unthinkable illegal drug crisis flooding the United States, this is it

Right now, we have quite likely the most vile, evil, corrupt, God hating, unelected 'president' in U.S. history in the Biden/Obama 'presidency'.

Everything they can do to destroy innocence and decency, and subvert, pervert, destroy, rape, murder, plunder, and undermine any remaining crumb of liberty, not only here in the U.S., but globally, is their religion.

If you serve Lucifer, as they do, then ignore the magnitude of their criminality, and focus on the imminent danger of the 'Orange Man'.

Anonymous said...

Secret Back Channel Between FTX and White House Closed the Day After FTX Filed for Bankruptcy

Anonymous said...

Constance @ 12:05 AM

I don't use Gateway Pundit for any other reason than I like their format, and I use several other alt-media sites, that I post links from. I do not always agree with what Gateway Pundit posts, anymore than you "don't always agree with X". And that casts a much much darker shadow on you, than on me.

Constance @ 12:07 AM

I suppose anyone can be deceived by varying degrees. However, I believe in the Jesus of the bible. You however serve your woke, palatable, leftist, lukewarm 'jesus'. You must learn Constance, that the mainstream cess-trough you 'feed' from is regulated by the Intelligence Agencies, which are NWO, NA, and Globalist goal serving.

You Constance are the gold standard for deceived.

You outed yourself as a confused liberal, when you stated "Muslims worship the same God as Christians." You had some good contributors back then, that left your blog at that time. Good on them, bad on you!

Anonymous said...

You have said a number of times that you think that the one world government will use an image of the planet earth as their logo.
Good call.
Have you seen Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum logo? Can you see the clear 666 in it?

Constance Cumbey said...

To 2:06 pm

You, SIR, Are the REAL "Gold Standard" of Deception. Maybe you should go back and carefully read your Bible, studying intently the passages on the Godly King Josiah who walked neither to the left nor to the right but strictly in the path of the Lord.

If's something like bowling: If you throw your ball too far to the left, what do you get? A GUTTERBALL! If you throw your ball too far to the right, what do you get, A GUTTERBALL? And, the balls land in exactly the same place. And so will you if you don't repent of slavish following of Qanon, Trump cultism, and other forms. The path is narrow -- not a broad path on either side of the aisle! Too many Evangelicals have too often compromised by making common cause with Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, Qanon, and other forms of occultism!


Constance Cumbey said...

To 11:45 AM - No, what Constance is saying is clearly NOT MOOT. Deviation on either side of the political aisle can lead to destruction. You cannot tell me with a straight face that the climate agenda people and other New Agers are not seeking the same goals of a New World Order. They may have some disputes over who will control it. Tim LaHaye clearly compromised big time with the Alvin Toffler and Sun Myung Moon side of the New Age fence. Doug Coe and the Fellowship Foundation clearly compromised with the worst of the political and New World Religion New Agers -- Paul N. Temple and his Three Swallows Foundation. The very same Paul N. Temple was also the co-founder and CEO of IONS -- the Institute of Noetic Sciences. If there was a bigger proponent of the "new Christ", New World Religion, and New World Order, I'm not aware of it. IONS was one and is one of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential New Age Movement now cum THE GREAT TURNING that there was and is.

You think this is moot? Then either you have closed to your eyes and neglected to check the evidence or you have an agenda that is clearly anti-Christian at its core!


Constance Cumbey said...

AND for the record, as bad as NAR is, it is not the entire picture. Tim LaHaye often crossed the line -- almost certainly for the lure of money from the groups. Doug Coe and the Fellowship probably for the same reasons. And it is unfortunately clear to me that Brannon Howse has done so, likewise. Probably for the sake of money from Mike Lindell who clearly is aligned with Qanon. If you don't believe me, look at the book LOVE JOY TRUMP for which Lindell wrote the enthusiastic foreword and sold on his website. I suspect he also paid for the publication of that book which is LOADED with New Age goals, ideas and "spirituality"!

It is time to make Jesus and not Donald John Trump and money your saviors!


Constance Cumbey said...

Qanon's "Trust the Plan", the New Agers "The Plan", the "Great Awakening" all refer to the same plan from the same source!


Anonymous said...

Ms Cumbey 3:35 PM

Moot now.
And you have said all this before. The bad seeds of what you saw and said back then is fruit on those very trees today.
Has gone on now, and too far, and all will converge (and I would think you would be all over that but you aren't).

Anonymous said...

It wasn't, but now is, because the low hanging fruit of it all is everywhere.
Our times, in this country, and the entire world, are evidence of everything going to seed now.
Anyone that wants to see it does already. Some are yet to find out but it is all out there for anyone to discover. There is nothing hidden anymore. If it is "hidden" it is literally hidden in plain sight. You covered a whole lot for a long time. For that I have thanked you. And many times.

But, if people don't see all this, it is because they don't want to. You and I can't change that.
So you can fast forward now Constance! The global world has arrived. Check out the "spiritual advisor" of Klaus Schwab. Yuval Noah Harari. He is a lot a summation of a whole lot of what you were seeing on the horizon. The stuff he "teaches" (and multiple world leaders follow him) is very much part of bringing it all to a head. This is happening now. Time is of the essence, I think you agree.

Anonymous said...

Did The FBI Violate The First Amendment When It Colluded With Twitter?

“Twitter is a private company, so the First Amendment doesn’t apply to its independent content moderation decisions. But the First Amendment bars the government from coercing a private actor like Twitter to censor speech,” he explained."

"The Twitter Files, a series of revelations by several journalists based on internal Twitter communications, revealed that FBI agents colluded with Twitter executives to censor users and suppress information, while the agency paid Twitter $3.5 million to compensate them for their time processing the FBI’s requests. This partnership raises questions as to whether the FBI may have violated user’s constitutional rights"

“The government cannot outsource unconstitutional actions to the private sector to evade the Constitution. This is likely much more pervasive than Twitter, too. Just imagine what the FBI is doing with Facebook and Google, which are 10 times and 25 times bigger than Twitter,” he said."

Anonymous said...

I've been out of the loop for a while. Glad to see you back, Constance. You're sounding like your old glorious self again. I've missed that.


J said...

I see your blog commenters were filled with Christmas spirit yesterday, Constance.

A lot of good people comment here. Don't be fooled by the trolls into thinking you have no supporters left on this blog.

But the problem is that sometimes this comments section needs a bouncer. Only somebody crazy like Patrick Swayze's character in Roadhouse would take on that responsibility in their free time for free.

Good commenters get driven away, and it's not all because of the commenter who tags himself as X, as some would like to have you believe.

Have you ever considered Rich's suggestions about changing a setting so that anonymous comments are no longer allowed?

That would at least allow some semblance of a bare minimum of commenter accountability.

Right now any troll can pose as a former supporter - or even pose as multiple former supporters of yours - who became disappointed in you for focusing on QAnon.

Craig said...

From 3 years ago. I offer this preface as my only comment:

The comedian who could be president - BBC News

BBC News

Polls suggest Volodymyr Zelenskiy, a comedian with no previous political experience, has become one of the frontrunners in Ukraine's presidential election.

His campaign is blurring the line between fact and fiction, as he stars in a hit TV series in which he plays a teacher who unexpectedly becomes president.

Some recent polls even put Mr Zelenskiy ahead of current President Petro Poroshenko, as well as opposition leader and former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, for the vote scheduled to begin with a first round on 31 March.

However, there are some important differences between Mr Zelenskiy and the TV character he plays, as BBC Ukraine Correspondent Jonah Fisher reports.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so simple. It is about a lot more than Q Anon.

Anonymous said...

Mike Lindell’s ties to and manipulation by The Family

J said...

11:39 AM,

Read it again, and tell me if you see mention of anything besides QAnon:

"Certainly, if I had the program, there is MUCH to report to and educate his audiences. The World Economic Forum is playing a major role in propagating a "cashless society" and social monitoring programs. The world has been turned upside down in terms of sexual morality and gender identity. The New Agers are very much on the march again. The John Fetxer Institute is one of many major players,. Lucis Trust reported on their websites (World Goodwill) that the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, its founder, are a major focus of their meditation groups and the great hope of achieving the agenda laid out in the Alice Bailey books.

Many prominent New Agers have repented of their former involvement and are working to win people to their only true hope -- Jesus Christ. Such a radio program would give me opportunities to interview them. Also, I am disturbed about the Qanon cult which has obvious New Age and Psyop roots that too many Evangelicals seem to be oblivious to. All of these items and many more need public discussion."

J said...

2:30 PM,

You are almost making me blush. Charity begins at home, and I've had my hands full right here. But I financially support a ministry that helps persecuted Christian converts in Muslim lands and distributes Bibles and coordinates volunteers to assist with Bible study. I hope some day to do more than just give this ministry financial support.

Constance Cumbey said...

On February 24, the day of the Russia Ukraine invasion, Donald Trump praised Putin as a "genius." I believe he has hatred for Ukraine because of events during his Presidency that led to first impeachment. I could not help but notice the obvious anti-Ukraine bias on Gateway Pundit. Zelenskyy may have been a comedian -- he is also a lawyer and obviously a very brave man. I cannot help but think that Trump thinks he could benefit by a Ukraine fall and a Russian takeover of that land. Fortunately, this is not true of all Trump supporters.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Linda,

THANKS! I needed that!


Constance Cumbey said...

The agenda of the World Economic Forum is very, very clear to me and I have probably kept up with it closer than anybody else. I even maintain at no small expense a virtual membership in it so I have fuller access to their materials. In 2021 Lucis Trust/World Goodwill said that it was a major focus of its meditational exercises. BUT, you must remember that the New Agers work both sides against the middle to the benefit of their so-called "Radical Center) [term Mark Satin used to describe New Age politics.] WEF is full of powerful and wealthy; David Korten an eminently powerful figure in New Age Movement cum "The Great Turning" says he is playing to an anti-corporate audience. The Qanon people are pushing a one world government under Donald John Trump. Many of their lead books proudly invoke New Age / Gaia worship / Hindu and other favorite New Age themes.


Constance Cumbey said...

To 8:42 - I checked out all of that long ago and have saved all videos to my large download library. I tried telling people about the dangers of this long ago -- maybe you need to go back and review early postings I made earlier this year. I have all books by Klaus Schwab and his daughter Nicole in my personal library and yes, I have read them. Their agenda lines up parallel to Revelation warnings -- cashless society and all. From my detailed ongoing research, the WEF has been an architect of much of the Social Control programs ("Social Credit and ESG) going on in China today. Klaus Schwab is a favored advisor to Xi Jinping.

Had I a radio outlet, I could have informed on this long ago. However, I notice that when I put a new article up on this blogspot, much of what I said on the last is forgotten or ignored when all is perfectly accessible to you through a simple search. Unfortunately, too many commenting ignore the topic to which I posted -- and a substantial part of it was about the WEF and went on to call each other names, do extreme Catholic bashing, anti-Semitic ranting, and even racisst comments.


Anonymous said...

Ms Cumbey 3:36 PM

They are very sparse compared to the dump exclusively on Trump posts you posted. And your context was always extremely lacking as you did so. By the way, why are you so fixated on him?
Never mind.

I found much more on my own (and shared it here) about WEF than you ever posted. And anybody could find what you posted. There is more than you delved into while you were "Keystone Cop" busy chasing Q.

x is your Catholic basher here. Some freak rants antisemitism and horrible racism in poetry form and you called people racist who took exception to excessively woke liberal KBJ (Paul Ryan approved for you).
This place is defunct. Maybe you will do better on radio?
Hope you have a Happy New Year, anyway.

Constance Cumbey said...

So, you think you know so much about WEF. So tell us what ESG is all about and how it fits into their global plans?


Constance Cumbey said...

And tell us, what do you know about WEF's Global Center for Urban Transformation? Where is it located and what is its expressed mission?


Constance Cumbey said...

Tell us what are the differences between the Occupy Movement(s) and WEF? What is the role of David Korten in each, if any?


J said...

You weren't supposed to make anybody in your comments section mad by challenging them regarding QAnon or Trump, Constance.

Many people are used to a steady diet of right wing media that carefully courts its target audience. There is a strong vibe of the passive, demanding and complaining consumer about some of the commenters here.

"Sell to me, give me customer service, do marketing research about what I want to hear and tell it to me, get my page views, get my clicks, get my votes, stroke my ego, don't make me work, don't disturb my self-image, don't expect anything of me -- or else I'll complain and criticize."

Anonymous said...

Seattle-Based Magazine Warns Of 'Anti-Chippers' Who Are 'Awful People'. Says 'We'll Convince Your Children To Get Microchip Implants'

Anonymous said...

Buffalo plunged into chaos after massive storm

Anonymous said...

J @ 9:11 AM

J doing the 'X Special' by twisting reality 180 degrees. Satan requires that 'full turn', nothing less!

Anonymous said...

Constance @ 3:22 PM

You make a complete assumption about my, "need to repent of slavish following of Qanon, Trump cultism". But you are a lawyer, you're practising your dishonest CRAFT! Good job!

No one on this site is a "follower" of Trump, or Qanon! I voted for Trump because he was hugely better than Hillary Clinton. PERIOD. But you always dismiss that 'UNFAIRLY' concerning other posters here who only state the same. Why do you hate Conservative Christians here, who are deeply concerned about the horrific machinations of democrats? Which of course you fail miserably to cover. The fact that you are so zealous to strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel, makes you a very good friend of the devil, and a very real enemy of Christ. You are the exact same blind Phareese that Y'shua harshly rebuked!

No one should take you Constance, or your sycophants here, seriously!

The only cultists here, are the Cumbey Cult worshipers.

Anonymous said...

On The Precipice of World War 3?

J said...

10:38 AM,

Read Matthew 23 again.

Anonymous said...

This level of hypocrisy is actually evil...Rachel Levine is thankful she didn't transition at an early age because she wouldn't have been able to have kids...yet she wants state sponsored gender reassignment surgery for all children!

Anonymous said...

Bird Dog J,

Yes J, BUT, we are not to do as they do!

J said...

12:07 PM,

The Pharisees were the religious leaders of Jerusalem during Jesus' ministry. Rachel Levine is a deluded person who is in a position of power and influence and who can do harm. But is not a religious leader. Rachel Levine is a cabinet member in the Biden administration.

Donald Trump encourages people to view him through a pseudo religous lens. On TruthSocial on Christmas day, he called himself "clairvoyant" in that literal language.

For some reason you don't spend time on his TruthSocial so you must be unaware. Constance is terrible and Trump is great, but you're here, not there.

I don't know where to begin. Sigh.

J said...

What Constance said about ESGs and the WEF applies to the LGBTQ+ agenda, of which Rachel Levine is a symptom and a terrible one, but just a symptom of a whole systemic problem.

A clear opportunity exists to come together in agreement and support. But do you really want that? It doesn't seem so.

Anonymous said...


You and Cult Leader Cumbey like to proclaim moral superiority here, all while you search everywhere for gnats.

Just this fact alone, that President Satan/Biden has appointed demonically subversive tools to his cabinet(see post @ 12:07 PM), is likely much much worse than anything Trump has done in his whole life! Just think about what Christ said about those who harm children J!!!! You go read that J.

The fact that Constance IDOLIZES Neocon and pro war RINOS, who have gone so far as calling for U.S. direct intervention speaks volumes about Pharisaical madness! Constance has a lot of blood on her hands. Does she have any family in the military?
She roots for the most vile scum, while she condemns their opposition. She is NOT deserving of the ridiculous level of Cult Worship she has enjoyed for far too long!


Gnats, Camels and Psychosis

J said...

When the ancient Israelites fell into idol worship, were some idols okay, because they were lesser idols and a lesser evil?

If Satan backed the WEF, but a lesser demon backed Trump, then what?

Actually, it's interesting hypothetically, but in reality absurd. Jesus told us that Satan's house is not divided against itself. That's why he proved his power to cast out demons is not of the devil.

Where is the spiritual discernment? It's lost in political theology.

Anonymous said...

J @ 12:18 PM

There you go again being dishonest through hyper exaggeration, and spin! Plus laser like focus on gnats.

You didn't answer my question about your stated calling/ministry to Muslims. That you spoke of roughly 3 years ago.

As good Pharisees do, they like to craft, and control the narrative, lest the reality of their corrupt religionism shines on them.

J said...

Trump is only the lesser evil because he was too dumb to become the greater evil. He tried hard to be as evil as he thought he could get away with.

You're lucky he didn't win at being the most evil.

It would make you the supporter of the greater evil. Then you would become even more evil.

You have been spared that. I'm not sure you deserve any credit for it, though.

J said...

I answered your question about reaching out to help Muslim potential converts do Bible study. And it's not your business. It's you that asked it. I thought maybe a nicer person, a real Christian, asked. I'm glad I gave a relatively reticent answer. I will certainly not elaborate further. I don't care to share personally or spiritually with people who hate me.

Anonymous said...

J @ 12:49 PM

There you go again playing stupid.

Elections are ALWAYS the lesser evil, against a possibly greater evil.

The kingdoms of this world are not currently the Kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ!

You and Constance strain, swallow, rinse and repeat!

Your vain religious repetitions.

But it is less uncomfortable than an actual Christ following.

The end results are the tough part of it though.

Anonymous said...

So is the world a better place now that the Deep State rid themselves of Trump? Is it on the right path since Biden was installed?

Trump is cringy to say the least, but his narcissism, and his self interests alone kept this nation on a much less dangerous, and subversive path.

But that reality is too painful for the tres amigos here. Quatro counting L.

J said...

Nice try. Even though you voted for the lesser evil, you could still have held his feet to the fire for his evils. The prophet Nathan did so with King David. Nathan is your role model here.

You have been nothing but enabling.

We are not to enable sin.

Do you think being a Christian is all about voting for the lesser evil?

Take a break from the news. Read the Bible.

J said...

What about the eternal souls of the supporters of QAnon? All I hear is political theology and Kingdom Now.

Our kingdom is in heaven. We are pilgrims passing through this life. We have an eternal home waiting for us.

If you allow Jesus to do His will through you by helping Him to save the soul of just one follower of QAnon, that is worthwhile!

Or do you only care that the QAnon voter would have been one more vote for Donald Trump and against the Deep State?

J said...

All that moral compromise, and not even a good strategy to show for it. Nothing but blind lashing out to desperately seek the feelings of emotional satisfaction in self-righteousness - not as an individual - but as a member of a group that is the lesser evil.

You like the moral cover this group belonging gives you to feel like whatever you want must be right. Whenever you win it must be right. Whenever you lose it must be wrong. Somebody else is always worse than you. Maybe it's a rapist immigrant. Maybe it's Rachel Levine.

Whatever the case, your own individual sin is never a problem. Nor is the individual sin of anybody in your group a problem.

You had that emotional satisfaction before with Trump. He gave you crack hit after crack hit of it. And ever since he lost you've been going through withdrawal.

Now you're just a desperate junkie lashing out at everybody who denies you another fix.

Anonymous said...

Good posts J,

Evil is evil regardless of regardless of the anon poster's thoughts that it is "lesser". What they argue is Biden's support of homosexuality is really, really bad. Trump's is negligible.

"Rinse and repeat", how many times have we read that from the same poster? She is like a dog chasing its tail.

Anonymous said...

X @ 1:59 PM

I would expect nothing less than false accusations from you.

Anonymous said...

J @1:24 pm

Hip hip Hurray!

Millions of Christians have removed themselves from the Trump/GOP hypocrisy train.

It’s easier for decent Christian people to move the Democratic Party towards being the lesser evil than the GOP that mistakenly thinks they are already there.

I’d be fine with not participating at all if the GOP got off this heretical doninionism & ecumenical partnership with Rome.


Ps. I don’t bash individual Catholics, who represent a mission field, just Rome and it’s global reformation conspiring one-world religion organizations.

Anonymous said...

2:20 pm. - sorry, but that wasn’t me.


P.s. - I think you’re a Russian troll. No Christian I know has continued to swallow the Maga hooks as much as you. How many more indictments does trump and his cronies need before u realize the score is quite out of whack for anyone claiming Obama or Biden are the real “criminals” here.

Anonymous said...


X is A$$uming his head is screwed on right! LOL

Anonymous said...

Gosh X, your last paragraph @ 2:38 PM, is completely nuts!

You always give me a good laugh X, and for that only, I thank you!

J said...

Thanks for the support, X. I wish it were so simple as to support the Democrats. Unfortunately it is not.

I hope you will consider seriously what Constance wrote about New Agers playing both sides against the middle - the radical middle, that is.

I think it's another way of saying what Rich said. It's about a dialectic that will eventually merge once both sides eliminate the middle.

The Democrats are very much a part of this dialectic.

Constance was just writing about Klaus Schwab and the WEF. Many Democrats, including Kamala Harris, have been groomed to be leaders by the WEF.

Anonymous said...

to Constance: "The agenda of the World Economic Forum is very, very clear to me and I have probably kept up with it closer than anybody else. I even maintain at no small expense a virtual membership in it so I have fuller access to their materials. In 2021 Lucis Trust/World Goodwill said that it was a major focus of its meditational exercises. BUT, you must remember that the New Agers work both sides against the middle to the benefit of their so-called "Radical Center) [term Mark Satin used to describe New Age politics.] WEF is full of powerful and wealthy; David Korten an eminently powerful figure in New Age Movement cum "The Great Turning" says he is playing to an anti-corporate audience. The Qanon people are pushing a one world government under Donald John Trump. Many of their lead books proudly invoke New Age / Gaia worship / Hindu and other favorite New Age themes.


I totally agree with you! The New Age of Qanon is the same New Age of the leftist and even all others! But maybe it is worth the fight to get this out of the Republican party- if that is your goal then I am fully with you. But I am writing from Europe so...over here all mainstream media kiss Bidens ass and condemn Trump- so I started myself asking why...and DeSantis, might he be a Democratic within a Republican costume? I am too far away to figure this out...we had your book at home when I was a little child.. so I know you for a long time and now I am reading your blog.. I want to say thank you for all your fire and effort you did put in for all the years. Keep going ...and finally I want to say that I do not like the way people are commenting here..

Anonymous said...

WARNING - They Have A "New Plan" That Will Make You Poor

WEF is worse than people have thought previously.
I hope it gets a lot more investigation around here.

"The New Age of Qanon is the same New Age of the leftist and even all others!"
Are people just now figuring that out?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Constance! Here comes the link to "the radical centrism" Mark Satin


Anonymous said...

4:01 PM

Maybe dissenters here need to be canceled, or worse, T?

Just keep asking why, not only European media kiss Bidens, ass and condemn Trump. Maybe you will eventually figure it out? But you sound confused for now. You're in the left place, so you won't get help here.

There is no political solution. God is allowing all this to happen to fulfill prophecy. Just keep the faith, and don't be fooled by the Pharisees. They have no part in the Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

5:15 PM

The WEF has been covered continuously here just like the satanic shots, and everything else you can possibly imagine.

Don't fret, just know that this will all pass away quite soon. Those who die in Christ, and those who will be raptured are the faithful. Be willing to lose your life! If you love this world more than Christ, then you lose.

Anonymous said...

T @ 4:01 PM

Are you Catholic?

Anonymous said...

Also T @ 4:01 PM

Here is an excellent article that explains why the Biden A$$ kissing, and the Trump condemnation.

What the heck is really going on? This Explains it all.

Anonymous said...

Please check this too, because I think this explains very well what is going on with politics...

from Wikipedia the "radical center" -movement:

"For example, futurist Marilyn Ferguson added a holistic dimension to the concept when she said: "[The] Radical Center ... is not neutral, not middle-of-the-road, but a view of the whole road".[28][nb 5]"
you guys remember .. Ferguson


"In an interview, Satin contrasts the old radical slogan "Dare to struggle, dare to win"[nb 1] with his radical-middle version, "Dare to synthesize, dare to take it all in".[9]"


J said...

"Dare to synthesize" seems kind of vaguely dialectical. The dialectic is simply thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

Even RayB shared the news that at Mar a Lago there was a celebration of the act protecting gay marriage. An example of synthesis.

If you were to look you could find examples of synthesis everywhere.

Gay marriage is smack dab in the radical middle, I'd say. It has arrived there.

Constance Cumbey said...

The Cumbey cult? If that were true (and it is not), I am the stupidest cult leader out there. Everybody else raised huge money. As Moses complained to God about those complaining about him, "I have not so much as taken an ass fom them."Numbers 16:15


Anonymous said...

Biden Admin Advisor/Doctor admitting the truth.

Anonymous said...

LOL Constance. It's the flavor you add to the Kool Aid that keeps the Cumbey Cult together.


J said...

Linda's detractor and impersonator, and Constance's critic and troll, proving how Christian he really is.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Cahn's Prophetic Message to Joe Biden (The White House Apostasy)

Anonymous said...

Watch Jonathan Cahn's Prophetic Message to Joe Biden.

Obviously Pastor Cahn is a Jew who gets it! His mother, thankfully, didn't raise him to be a dummy! I'm sure he doesn't waste his time obsessing over Trump! Like some gnat straining Pharisees here do.

Pastor Cahn knows full well that Joe Biden is the greatest threat to this country, and the world, who has ever held the office of U.S. President. And he knows full well that the Biden(and his handlers) reign, is the most wicked.

J said...

Don't say this is written by somebody who had TDS. It was written in 2012! This blog - - is a discernment ministry blog. Discern or not. As you wish. If you don't wish, YOU will be the one who pays the ultimate price.


J said...

From the article: "Scripture tells us that we should we present to individual sinners the Gospel of forgiveness through the perfect work and atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So should we seek to outwardly whitewash a nation? Or should we desire to see individual hearts changed with repentance, regeneration and faith?"


When will people figure out that the world wasn't turned upside down by the true Apostles of the first century AD by waging culture wars and psy ops?

Matthew 6:33
King James Version

33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

When, oh when, will people figure this out?

J said...

"Now, while his comparison of America to Israel is greatly stretched, some of what Cahn stated above is true. If the Church was behaving as the salt and light it is called to be and had been loudly and boldly sharing the Gospel of Christ, perhaps morality would not have plunged into such darkness in this country. We must remember, however, that it is not the job of the Church to save America from her immorality. The purpose of the Church is to proclaim repentance and faith in Christ alone for salvation. Whether we do that in a Romans 1 country or not is completely irrelevant. A whitewashed America will not do anyone any good on Judgment Day."

AMEN to this quote, too.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mystic Jonathan Cahn and the pointing out of Pharisees on this blog space, none fits the bill of Pharasee so much as 9:29 AM’s endorsement of Jonathan Cahn. This poster becomes unhinged, defensive, and downright ugly whenever anything negative is said of Trump. Some self-reflection on idolatry would be appropriate for this poster.

WARNING! Eastern Mystic Jonathan Cahn Exposed: Star of Remphan | Yoga | Magic | Mysticism

Anonymous said...

J 9:16 AM I was joking about Constance' comment that she hadn't taken anything from anyone. Now that I re-read it, I see that it did sound like I was being critical. I sure don't need any detractors. I do a pretty good job myself.


Anonymous said...


I never really agreed with the comparison of the U.S. and Israel. The U.S. is Babylon, that is easy to see. This nation will fall soon, and it will fulfill prophecy. The End.

I posted the video of Cahn's message to Biden, because it is true. I knew when I posted it that you would comment on it. Couldn't you just have received the message without, at least throwing some dust on the messenger? Of course not.

Isn't it possible that Biden is indeed the most evil, and dangerous President in U.S. history? The Biden 'presidency' is the laughing stock of the whole world! How can Constance only express "some concern", and that was all! While myopically dwelling in her psychotic bliss of the past, and hugely less relevant obsessive TDS blather?

By the way J, how is your 3 year old ministry to Muslims going?

Anonymous said...

10:36 AM

That goes both ways, but try not to think about what is relevant now!

J said...

10:41 AM,

I can see why a Russian troll would like the psy op to discourage Americans in the belief that America is Babylon and will soon fall.

It looks like Putin is much more likely to soon fall.

Too bad he didn't get his kleptocracy under control. Maybe then his soldiers would have more money for training and equipment.

I still pray for those poor young Russian men who are Putin's cannon fodder. I may even be related to some of them. Many of my Ukrainian relatives married Russians and moved to Russia.

How many of their lives is Putin's ego worth?

How many of their lives is Putin narcissism by proxy worth?

Apparently the Russian trolls must think their brothers in arms lives to be of very little worth indeed.

How sad for you and for them.

J said...

P.S. Mystery Babylon is the same as Jerusalem in Revelation.

The whore of Babylon is apostate Jerusalem.

It's about spiritual adultery.

America as a nation can't commit spiritual adultery.

The church anywhere in the world CAN commit spiritual adultery.

In BOTH Russia and in America, many churches ARE committing spiritual adultery.


Don't be the bastard son or bastard daughter of a daughter of a harlot.

Be adopted into the family of Jesus Christ. Be the prince or a princess, the son or daughter of the one true King.

Anonymous said...

Jonathan Cahn is a wolf and false prophet. There is nothing Christian about him. He teaches mystery religion based on Kaballah and Zohar. Only a person lacking discernment and knowledge of scripture would view anything he says as truth.


J said...

Focusing on Biden is a distraction from his puppet masters, given that he is implementing as much of the WEF agenda as he can, including the Green New Deal. Did Biden invent all of this? Was it all his idea? Hardly.

By all means focus all you want on Biden. You will not find many people suffering narcissistic injury by proxy if you criticize Biden.

But it's far more helpful to point out the ways in which Biden is a part of a whole network and a whole agenda.

Trump was unique, and he was literally the savior within the stories of a pseudo religious cult.

This cult posed and still poses a SPIRITUAL danger to people. That should be ENOUGH to justify exposing it.

Blog commenters here don't HAVE TO be QAnon followers in order for Constance to justifiably write about QAnon.

Blog commenters here are not members of the WEF. Yet Constance exposes the WEF. And nobody minds.

We can walk and chew gum at the same time. Comment away about Biden. Nobody is upset by it, or almost nobody. But it will be more effective to point out Biden's part in the whole network.

Unless you think this is just about convincing people to vote for the lesser evil and that's all we should ever be spending our time on? LOL

Anonymous said...

Good post J. I have yet to read anyone get upset (other than X) when Biden is criticized. But criticize Trump and there is a complete meltdown in here with whining that equal time be spent on Biden. And if you don’t then you are a “woke” Christian, a Pharisee, etc.

Anonymous said...

You're a liar 2:59 PM, J always lies, and deflects, exaggerates etc.

There has never been "a complete meltdown here" when Trump was criticized. That is nonsense. There is some very serious criticism toward the Luciferian Cumbey Cult here, as it ignores blatant subversion against common decency,and basic human rights, but rages against a tiny fraction of the gross evil that is growing daily! Stupidity, and hypocrisy of the magnitude of The Idolatrous Cumbey Cult must be addressed. Pharisees gotta Pharisee! But they need to be exposed as the fools they display themselves as.

J, no one with any discernment should take you seriously. You're as mentally stable as a sand castle at high tide. You're just X's tag team partner, and Constance's lap dog. There is no reasonable dialogue here, because in reality, the viciousness is on the left here. Just as it is in the world. The left viciously controls the narrative, and the world continues its slide left, down hill, and into the pit. You X, and Cumbey are probably proud of yourselves furthering Satan's agenda, like you indeed do. The reason you won't answer my question about your stated calling/ministry, is because it was just another afflatus ricocheting around your diseased mind!

Leftism is a mental illness!

And Linda, regardless of your opinion on Cahn's belief system, do you think what he spoke toward Biden is untrue? Isn't that the importance of the message?

Anonymous said...

The comment from Karen at 3:40 makes my case at 2:59. Karen is foaming at the mouth now and comes across a bit like Nikita Khrushchev.

Anonymous said...

The reason J should not answer your question, Karen, is because you clearly are attempting to use it for attack. YOU are the Pharisee here. Pharisee gots to Pharisee!

Anonymous said...

3:40 now she's a putin propagandist using aichat bot throwing around ai generated comments using words like "afflatus"... lol

So transparent.

J really hit a nerve criticizing pedophile Putin.

Anonymous said...

Why 'liberals' don't care about the Twitter Files

Anonymous said...


J said...

3:40 PM,

You seem frustrated. Maybe a good Christian wife would be able to help you with that.

Anonymous said...


3:40 PM

Honestly? Don't you think that if God had something to say to Joe Biden, it would be delivered personally? Rather than "hope" he gets the message on YouTube? The NAR Cahn-man is apparently unconcerned that one day he, too, will appear before the judgment seat of Christ. When he claims to have prophesied in His name, the Lord will declare "Depart from me, you worker of iniquity. I never knew you."


J said...

World Economic Forum to accelerate push for global 'Metaverse' surveillance network at Davos 2023

J said...

I feel like I should put into a better context my criticism of Jonathan Cahn. I think the Herescope discernment research group blog article does an excellent job of articulating what I have more vaguely perceived. I'll quote a couple of paragraphs that I think are highly relevant in providing a larger context for people like Jonathan Cahn.


Part 7 of Fake Prophets
Part A: The ReAwaken America Tour:
Invoking Dead Fal$e Prophet$ to Ca$h in on Patrioti$m
During A Cri$i$

Ed. Note: This research report is a multi-part series which will be published in a rapid succession beginning with today's Part A. Our writing focus is on the spiritual concerns, not the political issues. For those who want to do a deeper dive into the background, follow the many hyperlinks and footnotes in this post. 


Over the past two years, citizens around the planet have been thrust into a veritable dystopian dark world that rivals any best-selling suspense novel or block-buster movie. Panic, fear, and hysteria have swept every nation on Earth as the media seers incessantly project a looming threat of disease, death, and prolonged isolation. They have transmitted their fear porn on every news report, propaganda special, and social media alert. The real peril of universal lockdowns, shutdowns, and tyrannical mandates has squashed personal autonomy and individual freedoms for earthlings of every walk of life worldwide. Perhaps most frightening of all, is the ubiquitous information censorship for those who question the mainline narratives, and legitimately fear the massive overreach of Big Tech, Big Government, and Big Business, who demonize, cancel or muzzle dissenters. 
The culture had shifted, sometimes forcibly, and Christians have been feeling the brunt of it. These ominous trends create a burgeoning pursuit for truth, direction, freedom and hope—which is ultimately only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, these crushing developments also give rise to false prophet$ and prophete$$e$, con$piracy theorist$, and prophecy mongerer$. Christian believers are being deceived, manipulated, and exploited. Simultaneously many believers are also being persecuted—the assaults are coming from all sides. It is a time that calls for believers to pray for discernment and wisdom, and to stand fast on God's Word. 

J said...

This isn't straining at a gnat. There's a camel here.

I'm going to broaden the context a little bit more to include the NAR teaching that the new prophets and apostles will be the government for the "New Order" church. Jonathan Cahn is very NAR plug and play compatible. He speaks at events that are NAR sponsored.

Think again about the dialectic.

Think again about the radical middle.

Thesis: New World Order, One World Religion

Antithesis: New Order church

Synthesis and Radical Middle: Read the book False Dawn by Lee Penn if it is hard to imagine what the synthesis and radical middle would look like and how it would happen.

Think again about Alice Bailey writing about New Agers infiltrating the Christian church.

Why wouldn't it happen in the future? In just two decades, BOTH the Democrat and the Republican parties came together with bipartisan support for an act to protect gay marriage.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden Is NOT The Lesser Evil & If You Think He Is You're A Chump

Anonymous said...

J Thanks for posting the informative articles. The Reawaken America tour in Nashville is coming up in a few days. I've read that Eric Trump is scheduled to speak on the difference between the great awakening and the great reset. As Constance has said, the great awakening and the new age Gesara/Nesara are the same. I'm looking forward to what Eric has to say and wondering about his expertise on the subject.

Sean Feucht is also on the program for the event in Nashville. At past events he has led a worship service followed by baptisms. That's interesting since new agers say that baptism will be required in order to enter into the new order and have cancellation of debt. The plan is moving forward to get people subconsciously accepting of a future baptism ritual. There's so much more to be watching for with these events. I plan to stay tuned.

I have to stop and think as I'm reading - WEF is World Economic Forum and WOF is Word of Faith movement. What a coincidence that they're both on the radar at the same time!


Anonymous said...

I downloaded the Final Report of the Jan 6th Committee. I read the first two pages, and then my computer crashed. At this point, i'm not sure if it's fixable. I won't be reading 486 pages on my phone. I hope those who do read the report will post comments here. I'm hoping to hear more from Constance on this, too.


J said...

Linda 12:21 AM,

These are difficult times not to be suckered, and discernment takes more than becoming addicted to favorite and easy alternative right wing news sources.

If anybody is feeling defensive and about to reply, but that's not ME in the audience. That's not anybody I KNOW PERSONALLY.

Reflect that you probably never took a Luciferian initiation, either, and you probably don't personally know anybody who did. Yet you wouldn't think of telling Constance she should never have written about it. You wouldn't think of discouraging a blog commenter from focusing on it, because regular commenters right here do not need to be warned about it.

You would implicitly understand Constance is on a mission to expose it for the sake of anybody she can possibly reach, here or elsewhere, immediately or in the future. You would implicitly understand the commenter is on that same team.

Hopefully you wouldn't think she's only supposed to be making Democrats look bad. Hopefully you would care about the potential impact on the ETERNAL SOULS of deceived people who can learn better discernment.


J said...

Further thoughts, in the context of a history of discussion in this comments section, with memories of many commenters many times saying not to focus on the lesser evil.

Why focus on people if they are the lesser evil? Maybe to give them water instead of poison! The audience of the Reawaken American tour is full of people who are sheep in need of a good shepherd, not a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Why not tell the same things to all of the Democrats, because they are like the dogs that will turn on you and bite you!

You are not seeing with spiritual eyes!

People are being suckered spiritually, and they are people who think they want God! Many of the Democrats have already adamantly rejected God!

Why won't you pull the mask of the wolves for their sake? Why won't you point the way to the living water when they are being peddled Kool Aid?

Is hating Democrat voters just more fun than loving Republican voters?


J said...

I should probably amend something I said. Many Democrats have adamantly rejected God. But some of them don't know who God is. They see how the loudest Christians publicly represent God, but even though they think they are rejecting Christianity, they are actually reacting negatively to a false gospel - Christian nationalism - not the true gospel. Some of them may only accept a "woke Jesus" or a "cosmic Christ" or the "godhead within" - but some may actually like the real Jesus if they got to know Him through better witnesses for Him in the public square.

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance:

I am so happy to hear you sounding so much better... and sharing your plans with us.

I can relate to you health issues. In 2018, i had colon surgery (a small malignant tumor removed from my colon)... and a heart procedure (TAVR valve replacement)... plus a C-Diff infection plus blood transfusions in between. By the grace of God... I am still here.

Love your story on Demond Wilson, the actor from "Sanford & Son" (I always liked him). They say that the eyes are the window to the soul, and that is definitely true about him.

J said...

12:49 PM said:

J @ 12:18 PM

There you go again being dishonest through hyper exaggeration, and spin! Plus laser like focus on gnats.

You didn't answer my question about your stated calling/ministry to Muslims. That you spoke of roughly 3 years ago.

As good Pharisees do, they like to craft, and control the narrative, lest the reality of their corrupt religionism shines on them.

12:49 PM


Copying and pasting my answer from 3:11 PM a day or two ago:

J said...

2:30 PM,

You are almost making me blush. Charity begins at home, and I've had my hands full right here. But I financially support a ministry that helps persecuted Christian converts in Muslim lands and distributes Bibles and coordinates volunteers to assist with Bible study. I hope some day to do more than just give this ministry financial support.

3:11 PM


I actually don't feel studied enough yet. It's true that I backslide in my zeal to study the Bible. It's true I spend too much time here and make resolutions to go away and focus on Bible study.

Mostly, though, I feel like I should stay away when the comments section is filled with fear porn. The Bible says over and over again not to fear, equating it with lack of faith. Fear of people will make us conform and make us ashamed of living and speaking the gospel.

I like this place to the extent that Constance is able to expose iniquity in a more sober way that doesn't consist of hopping on the bandwagon of fear porn.

So I don't feel bad participating here if I can encourage her in that calling.

Part of why Christians are supposed to fellowship with each other is to help each other to have courage rather than fear.

J said...

P.S. If it was three years ago that I expressed my intention to assist with Bible study outreach to interested Muslims, it was before the pandemic.

My son was in public school. I was not yet homeschooling him.

I had not been back in the same state with my parents very long and hadn't yet moved them both to live closer to me. I hadn't yet assumed responsibility for them.

One of them hadn't yet died, leaving me to coordinate his funeral and then to be the executor of his will - with no financial remuneration expected or received.

And with his church friends immediately descending upon me to get their hands on his intellectual property, both paper and electronic - and with viruses and malware on all seven of his laptops and computers.

All my family responsibilities have been my honor to take care of, but if you've never been through it, you wouldn't know what it's like. If you've never been through it while you and your parents and the estate attorney and the funeral attendees are isolating during a pandemic, you still wouldn't know what it's like.

You are no Christian to discourage me. If you think I need to be called back from self-righteousness, go for it - but to save me, not damn me. Saving me is of God. Damning me is of the devil, who is the accuser of the brethren.

Anonymous said...

After DECADES of denial, corporate media admits chemtrail terraforming is happening right now to "fight climate change"

Anonymous said...

11:17 AM J

Not Damning you at all. Not my job.

If you spent as much time on your ministry, as you do here serving the Idolatrous Cumbey Death Cult, you could be bearing good fruit, instead of bad.

Anonymous said...

If 11:43 spent more time in the word, she wouldn’t be spewing bile, false accusations, and promoting the word of mystics. I see Karen is going to suffer another meltdown in here today.

Anonymous said...

The gargantuan hypocrisy of the Cumbey Death Cult dear leader.

Constance accuses me of being "deceived", even though she took the globalist population control New Age death shot willy nilly, off to the doctors. Bowing to the same New Age Globalists she claims to oppose?

I never took the unclean "Beast System" shot, well, because it is unclean, and I'm very happy I did not! I would rather die of COVID than bend the knee to the devil. But according to Constance, the death shot has nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast.

And there is the hypocrisy of scolding posters here for using "incorrect" news sources! All the while the Death Cult here are using see i yay regulated mainstream sources. Like that isn't blind ignorance.

Not only that, but the bullying, and slanderous accusations towards readers here for supporting Trump. NO, not worshiping Trump, just voting for him to keep Hillary out! If you even mention the name Trump here you're condemned! You really don't have to do much wrong to be condemned by the Death Cult here!

Not just that, but the Hubble Telescope is always directed to Trump for his high crimes, when the O'biden regime is bulldozing this country, and the rest of the world into the pit of hell. Again, it's the Gnats over the Camels.

I suppose to get into Cumbey's Death Cult here, One needs to support the war in Ukraine, and the RINO Death Cult as well! It is always complicated, and maddening trying to figure out Pharisaical 'reasoning'!

Anonymous said...

Karen at 12:18 PM in full meltdown mode now. Vaccines are the mark of the beast! So accordingly we should be nearing the half way point of the tribulation. I feel piety for this poster. Karen is of unsound mind.

J said...

12:18 PM,

Constance voted for Trump twice. She is pro-life and worked for the more old-school pro-life Michigan Democrats in her political career of her youth.

Don't you search? Don't you read?

And what is the criteria for being a RINO? Please tell me that qualifying to become a RINO can consist of something else besides disloyalty to Orange Man Good / Orange Man God.

Anonymous said...

What J6 subpoena?


J said...

I had a feeling this was coming. I deleted a line I typed suggesting the name of the "Orange Party" because I realized I wouldn't be laughing about the consequences of this if it really happens. I don't want things such as the Green New Deal and the Great Reset to continue apace, unchecked.

Trump promotes article encouraging him to run as third-party candidate if GOP doesn't nominate him

Constance Cumbey said...

To 12:18 - I campaigned and voted for Donald Trump twice. I believe God allowed him to be there long enough to seat the present new Supreme Court members. BUT, January 6, 2021 changed everything. I would never vote for him again. Moreover, he DID lose the election - mostly by his own fault for failing to keep a civil tongue in his mouth, alienating many long time stalwart Republicans and Independents. The spectacle of so many Christians repeating his obvious lies such as "he won" and "the Capitol riots were BLM and Antifa followers dressed up in MAGA clothing is disgusting and a convenient excuse for our enemies to come down against us.


Anonymous said...

I was glad to read your post today Constance! Hope your health continues to improve. I would certainly love to see you do a radio show! You have been the best reporter on the New Age Movement that I have ever heard or read! Stay safe!

Constance Cumbey said...

Again, let me commend to all the downloading of the January 6 Committee Final Report.


Craig said...

January 6 committee drops Trump subpoena as it winds down

CNN -- The House January 6 committee is withdrawing its subpoena of former President Donald Trump as it concludes its work.

“In light of the imminent end of our investigation, the Select Committee can no longer pursue the specific information covered by the subpoena,” Chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, wrote in a letter to Trump’s attorney Wednesday obtained by CNN.

“Therefore, through this letter, I hereby formally withdraw the subpoena issued to former President Trump, and notify you that he is no longer obligated to comply or produce records in response to said subpoena,” Thompson added.

The committee subpoenaed Trump in October for documents and testimony related to its investigation into the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol. Trump responded by suing the committee to block the subpoena.

The committee had already dropped a number of subpoenas related to other witnesses as it winds down its work. Still, Trump seized on the subpoena withdrawal on his social media platform, claiming: “They probably did so because they knew I did nothing wrong, or they were about to lose in Court.”

The committee wrapped up its investigation by referring Trump to the Justice Department for potential criminal prosecution on four separate charges. The panel’s referrals, however, hold no legal weight. And the Justice Department has already been scrutinizing Trump as part of its probe into January 6 and efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

A spokesperson for the House committee declined to comment.

Craig said...


You wrote: Qanon believers for the most part believe that Donald Trump is God's chosen instrument to rule the whole world.

I confess right up front that I’ve not followed this ‘Q’ movement, so my knowledge of it is very limited. Yet I find it difficult to believe QAnon followers actually imagine Trump as “God's chosen instrument to rule the whole world.” That is, unless they think being US President is tantamount to ‘leader of the free world’ in the sense that US Presidents are typically conceived. If the latter is not the understanding, can you provide a direct quote (or quotes) for this statement?

Now, if this is something found in Müller's book, I’d not be surprised; however, I’d be very surprised if he has many adherents—even as a percentage of the whole ‘Q’ phenomenon.

Craig said...


Earlier, at 1:17 AM you cited a bio of Jim Hoft the founder and publisher of Gateway Pundit, thereby implying this source is tainted. I fail to see how his personal life renders any or all of his published works invalid. To believe he and the GP are automatically disqualified because of his homosexual lifestyle is to fall prey to the genetic fallacy. It is also unnecessarily ad hominem.

Any argument, statement, or published report should be evaluated on its own merits—regardless of source. To categorically dismiss based on such ‘genetics’ is unfair and an impediment to open discourse.

But by the grace of God go I.

Now, none of the above should be understood to imply that I think the Gateway Pundit is not without bias and not sometimes in error. I’m just asking for fair play. Even CNN, MSNBC and other ‘legacy media’ sometimes post correct information.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Scientific" American: Telling Black Women To Lose Weight Is Racist

Anonymous said...

BREAKING: Corrupt Pelosi and House Drop Trump's Tax Returns Resulting in One Big Nothing Burger

Anonymous said...

Joe Rogan Slams Jimmy Kimmel For Being In 'Leftist Bubble' Of Hollywood (VIDEO)

Anonymous said...


I was visiting my brother-in-law over the holidays and my nieces put on a "performance" where they sort of danced and attempted to Karaoke pop music. They issued me and my wife tickets and set up rows of seating for us, my children that were there and their parents and we paid a $1 a seat for the "show".

They were wonderful. We gave them a standing ovation.

That said...we did not mistake the "performance" as any kind of professionally staged and choreographed real performance and it's not a fallacy to disregard it as child's play.

Likewise, Pedophile'ish Jim Hoft (Age 54 in 2016) when he met and started dating his now-husband, Jezreel Morano (age 24 in 2016) is just pretending to be a journalist. It's child's play in the theatre of fear clickbait.

So again...I maintain your defense of Hoft and Gateway Pundit suffers from the fallacy fallacy...whereby you incorrectly present that a fallacy has been made, that the claim itself must be wrong.

Jim Hoft's "publications" are not journalism. His website is simply click bait childishly designed to get conservatives to read and applaud his karaoke show and make Jim Hoft money to fund his parties and orgies.

Bias is different than fabrication for profit.

Sources CAN and DO matter. Some can be dismissed entirely.


Anonymous said...

Yes X, I fully agree with you that sources CAN and DO matter. That is why I write you off 99% of the time you spew here.

Anonymous said...

Maybe X, J, and C.C. should store up some ramen and canned meats? Get a flashlight, some 'prepper'(my funny), spray, a portable water purifier, and a survival blanket etc.???

JD Rucker: Leftists and RINOs Won't Survive Economic Collapse

J said...

Thanks for your concern, 12:09 PM. But please don't worry your blessed heart about me. My husband just purchased a back-up generator before the bomb cyclone. During the pandemic when we had supply chain issues, I put away some rice and oatmeal and other items in mylar bags. Actually, now that my husband has been diagnosed with diabetes, we may never eat it. But I guess having high blood sugar is still not as bad as starving to death. And intermittent fasting is supposed to be very good for diabetes. So there is that.

As for flashlights, I recommend getting some lanterns that have USB ports for recharging cell phones. So handy if the power goes out and your cell phone battery is getting low! That way when power goes out and internet goes down, you may still be able to have internet access on your cell phone. Then you can look at the power outage map and see the status of all the outages everywhere, too!

Just let me know if you want any other helpful tips.

Anonymous said...

No, I have got it covered J, thanks.

It is difficult to get my liberal New England neighbors to even consider any sort of prepping. They think everything is going to be just fine. So, for the better part, the article is true.

Too many preppers think they can survive with the same lifestyle they have now. That isn't going to happen! Luxury 'bunkers' won't do it. You can stack precious metals all you want, but one wise gunman can carry off your metals in minutes. Bye Bye!

One thing preppers ignore is modesty. People living in expensive homes will be the first to get hit. I tell my kids to practise some degree of austerity. Store some food, and make sure you have a hand pump for your well, and a water purifier. Have a quality, efficient wood stove and keep plenty of wood. That is just the basics, and that list can expand. My kids think I'm nuts, and they are completely unprepared. They are Independent Separatist Fundamentalist Baptists, so they are waiting for the pre-trib rapture.

I'm not even that much of a prepper myself. I rent a tiny house, and do not own much of anything. No big ticket items. Plus I have a backup water supply as I live walking distance to a National Forest, with lots of live water. It is a healthy lifestyle even if you never need it.

J said...

1:07 PM,

Prepping is all well and good, but I lived in Alaska for a few years, including during the 7.0 earthquake that hit the Anchorage area, the Mat-Su Valley (Wasilla - Sarah Palin) area, and surrounding locations.

Guess who made out the best during that earthquake? Hint. It wasn't any of the preppers. It was the lady who had the most friends. She had a baby and a preschooler, and lots of help from friends. Somebody brought her pizza, somebody else brought her wine, somebody else let her stay the night with her kids, somebody played with her preschooler, somebody inspected her house for damage ... by the time I offered her help, she said she had plenty already!

Don't forget that God made us relational beings. Community and love are part of survival, too.

Even on the Naked and Afraid shows, it's hard for people to go the whole 21 days all alone. It's not even always about getting the extra help. Sometimes it's just the sheer difficulty of keeping up morale all alone with no company.

So prep, sure; Noah did. But remember what God said of Adam. It is not good for the man to be alone.

Anonymous said...

Billionaire Co-Founder of Home Depot Says Biden Is The Worst President Ever

He forgot to include the most evil as well.

Anonymous said...

J @ 1:26PM

Those are two different scenarios. That may have been a tough time for many, but the great tribulation will make it look like a bad hair day comparatively. The bible states that even members of your immediate family will be your enemies.

I'm sure there will be some people at that time that will behave in a Christ like manner.

Anonymous said...

Celestial Signs of the End Times

J said...

1:45 PM,

Everything in its context. Consider this, too. Prepare to a reasonable extent, but don't worry.

Matthew 6:28-32
King James Version

28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?

31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?

32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.

Anonymous said...

This is teaching foundation faith for daily living. It is true, but most of us, myself included, fail to truly rest on that foundation.

Wisdom for those with eyes to see what is shortly coming upon the earth are provided as well.

J said...

1:45 PM,

Nobody died on earthquake day in Alaska that time. I didn't know anybody in my immediate circle who had extensive damage to their home.

One house was turned around on its foundation, but its inhabitants survived, two gay married me. The community reached out to them and helped them.

I always wondered why the houses all around them were spared. They were in a suburb. They weren't killed, but the houses next door to them on either side, and across the street, etc. were undamaged. It was pretty weird the way their house got knocked off its foundation and turned all around and yet they still lived.

It made me wonder. Maybe coincidence or maybe not. I'm not sure.

Constance Cumbey said...

To 1:57 pm = The EndTimesForecaster site is interesting and I'm reviewing it -- I am cautious however, about some parts of that it, perhaps innocently, that appear to border on astrology and the forbidden occult practices outlined in Deuteronomy 18:

9 When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.

10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12 For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord: and because of these abominations the Lord thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

13 Thou shalt be perfect with the Lord thy God.

14 For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the Lord thy God hath not suffered thee so to do.


Craig said...


Your ‘reasoning’ in supposed support of the fallacy fallacy is itself fallacious—it’s your opinion sans facts—so, like a boomerang, your argument itself is baseless and exhibits the fallacy fallacy. Therefore, my position stands: To categorically dismiss GP and Jim Hoft on the basis of his homosexuality evidences the genetic fallacy—and ad hominem.

Specifically, from here,

“Strictly speaking, the Fallacy Fallacy is committed only when a conclusion is rejected as false because an argument for it is fallacious, that is, commits a logical fallacy. Since a logical fallacy is a mistake in reasoning that is common enough to be named, not just any bad argument will do. If an argument for a conclusion does not commit a fallacy, but is invalid or uncogent for some other reason, then rejecting the conclusion as false commits the more general Bad Reasons Fallacy, rather than the Fallacy Fallacy.

“It is reasonable to, at least provisionally, reject an improbable proposition for which no adequate evidence has been presented. So, if you can show that all of the common arguments for a certain proposition are fallacious, and the burden of proof is on the proposition's proponents, then you do not commit this fallacy by rejecting that proposition. Rather, the fallacy is committed when you jump to the conclusion that just because one argument for it is fallacious, no cogent argument for it can exist. See the Bad Reasons Fallacy, for more on this point.”

Anonymous said...

Craig What?????

Craig said...

Anon 4:15 PM,

Though I'm not sure to what you refer, I'm thinking it could be a misunderstanding of the genetic fallacy:

Despite its name, the Genetic Fallacy has nothing to do with genes or heredity; rather, it refers to a type of logical fallacy in which an argument is evaluated on the basis of where it comes from. Generally, arguments stand or fall on their own merits and not on those of their sources.

Anonymous said...


Craig's just committing the fallacy fallacy fallacy fallacy.


p.s. - There's also the false dilemma fallacy wherein Craig is attempting to pigeonhole or limit Mrs. Cumbey's rejection of Jim Hoft and GP to only his proclivity for very young Asian boys as if that is the only argument she's ever made or discerned about the website. I'm sure Mrs. Cumbey, like myself, has read some of the articles linked here and/or others over on his fake publication and discerned Jim Hoft and his collection of faux writers to be liars and Luciferians.

If I were like Rayb I'd be asking you why you are defending pedophile'ish Jim Hoft and accusing you of being a homosexual too. But I'm not like Rayb and don't argue using that kind of fallacy (false association or whatever).

Here's just a small list of some of Jim Hoft's deliberate lies and misrepresentations:

Craig said...


Now you're being ridiculous.

Read 12:05 PM and the bio posted @ 1:17 AM. There's no "false dilemma". If the content of any article is fallacious, then certainly it is fair game to illustrate how it is indeed fallacious. If one just doesn't care for the content for other reasons, then it's also fair to state why one believes it to be objectionable.

But to reject any source en toto is not right, as any article should stand or fall on its own merits. Period. And to use biographical info to categorically reject any source because one finds said info to be distasteful is wrong. Of course, it's NOT wrong to point out that you disagree with said lifestyle. That's a completely different issue.

And, X, let's stop implicitly casting aspersions. That's quite un-Christian.

And perhaps you should reconsider throwing stones in your very tiny glass house.

Anonymous said...


It's ridiculous to point out fallacies as your only argument.

to's akin to pointing out spelling (or felling) errors and thinking that wins the debate.

Mrs. Cumbey didn't reject EVERY homosexual source. I can't speak for her but like I said, it's not the only thing she's based her opinion upon regarding G.P.. G.P. can be rejected en toto because it is not a legitimate publication designed to relay truth in anyway. It's just obvious clickbait playing on the fears of Maga white nationalists for profit. Do you have evidence GP is in any way a legitimate publication?

Interestingly, there are many people on the fringe extreme right who think Jim Hoft is controlled opposition (see white nationalist rapper, Stew Peters).

Aspersions? I didn't even call you an asphalt.


p.s.- the fallacy fallacy is endless

Craig said...


Stop trying to move goalposts. Do you have any proof of your assertion? Specifically, can you defend your position that GP can be rejected en toto? For your assertion to be valid you must assess each and every GP article and illustrate how they are all completely devoid of truth. We'll be waiting for your evidence en toto--not piecemeal.

And if you cannot speak for her, then maybe--just maybe--you can let her speak for herself on this?

p.s.- Yes, you commit the fallacy fallacy endlessly.

J said...

When I was trained by a newspaper editor, she told me, "Trust is a journalist's currency. Nobody wants to read your stupid article if they don't trust you."

Very few of them deserve trust, really - in the mainstream or alternative media.

The irony is that the local papers can often be trusted more to adhere to basic Journalism 101 standards, but the problem is that they mainly write about car crashes and high school football. They are left alone because nobody cares about manipulating the news about those local events.


J said...

P.S. I don't mean to say that the genetic fallacy does not apply to evaluating specific article content. If it did, I wouldn't be able to trust Constance, since she has been mentioned by Alex Jones. And I don't trust him. Yet I do trust Constance.

Anonymous said...


If I'm sitting on a jury and the prosecutor demonstrates that the witness is a unrepentant and prolific liar, I'll disregard his/her testimony entirely even though there could be many accurate facts and non-lies therein.

Check out adfontesmedia bias chart and input "The Gateway Pundit" (link below). You'll see a scatterplot of articles they have independently assessed for accuracy and bias and see that a few articles made it to accuarate and reliable while many others (far more) made it down in the "misleading" and/or "fabricated" areas. If a source of information is SHOWN to be a unrepentant and prolific liar why would you or anyone give them the benefit of doubt and nuetrality on every piece of content they provide. It's not like any NEW article is going to have the warning or highlight WHERE Jim is lying, fabricating or misrepresenting and it's not like the G.P. offers retractions, apologies or even updates their articles of accuracy (like legitimate sources of information).

Fabrications and deliberate deception isn't media or evidence of's theatre...entertainment. It's OBJECTIVELY not news and such "bias" is not comparable to skewing left or moderate right or the occasional mistakes made by mainstream news. It's silly and ridiculous to conflate the two ideas.


Craig said...


While you completely miss my point in one aspect, you make it another. My overarching point was/is not to categorically dismiss GP (or any source), for that exhibits the genetic fallacy. At the same time, I advocated for individually assessing articles. And that, to me, means no matter the source.

Your charge that GP is "OBJECTIVELY not news" is your opinion. And you are entitled to have it. But that doesn't make your position/opinion fact, no matter how many times or how many ways you express it.

Craig said...

And what if the site rating the bias of media outlets is itself biased?

Accuracy In Media

Latest ‘Media Bias Chart’ pushes left-wing outlets into classrooms as credible

by Ella Carroll-Smith on September 14, 2021

A new media bias chart released by Ad Fontes Media is making some dubious claims about which news sources are the most biased. The chart scatters a wide array of web, podcast, and TV sources across two dimensions: news and reliability on the vertical axis and bias on the horizontal axis. A wide variety of outlets and personalities are accounted for, everything from Pod Save America to BBC to the Wall Street Journal and beyond.

Despite claims by Ad Fontes Media that its analysts are “balanced with right, left, and center self-reported political viewpoints” some of the chart’s findings are dubious at best. For instance, it lists Reuters as a centrist, fact-reporting outlet. However, just this past summer, Reuters displayed a blatant double-standard about what types of protests were at risk of spreading Covid-19. Reuters claimed that Black Lives Matter protests would not lead to spikes in Covid-19 cases but that protests in favor of Cuban liberation risked exacerbating the Covid-19 spike. How is an outlet that acts as a lobbyist for the socialist dictatorship of Cuba a “centrist, fact-reporting” source?

In addition to Reuters, other outlets such as NowThis, Teen Vogue, and Vice are categorized as only “skews left” and are a mix of fact reporting and analysis when in reality, these outlets put out extremist content frequently. Just recently, NowThis put out climate propaganda on behalf of the Biden administration. Vice insisted that Marines were actually neo-nazis while also advocating for controversial vaccine passports and downplaying valid arguments against them.

Teen Vogue mocked the pledge of allegiance and pushed for Marxist messaging in the classroom. These are the outlets Ad Fontes believes are unbiased.

When it comes to right-wing media sources, the chart plays fast and loose in terms of who they list as “extreme.” According to Ad Fontes Media, conservative outlets and personalities such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro and Fox News as a whole are all borderline propaganda sources that are nearly on par with Alex Jones of InfoWars.

So where is Ad Fontes media getting the data to support the bold claims they make with this chart? According to its website, “Ad Fontes Media has a team of over 40 paid analysts who rate individual articles, episodes, and shows of news sources. They are politically balanced left, right, and center, and come from a range of personal and professional backgrounds.” Other than their own internal analysts, no other sources or oversight is listed.

The program promises to educate students on the following:

To determine veracity by learning how to rely on the best guideposts in our information ecosystem
- To identify contemporary left, center, and right positions on political issues, which is necessary for detecting bias in the news
- To practice skills in reading comprehension, developing habits in comparing and contrasting, and thinking critically
- To become familiar with – and quickly decode – common rhetorical, partisan, and “click-bait” devices employed to influence and persuade readers
- To grow into responsible news consumers and citizens by discerning the reliability and bias of the news and information they encounter
- To rate news sources and content according to our proven methodology

How can a company that has so failed at identifying its own bias teach America’s youth about how to identify it themselves?

Anonymous said...

Yes Craig cause a 30 year old washed up actress now working in the hospitality industry who occassional crafts an article here and there on muckrack and blogs now and then would know more about bias and journalism than 40 paid analysts who have made studying and reporting on media their careers. She doesn't even seem to grasp how adfontes plots their articles such that any individual extreme example like the author uses doesn't speak to the entirety of the publication. The ratings plot points of "skews left" don't seem out of place at all for those publications.

Ms. Ella Carroll-Smith is also a liar as "vice" never insisted that Marines were actually neo-nazis in their story about the many concerning actual incidences and history of neo-nazis and far-right extremism within the Marines (see: ). I should think both sides of the aisle would prefer a politically nuetral military free of extremism, right?

She also implied "" should be ranked further than skew left because it reported the Biden Admin's Climate Change agenda? What's so leftist extreme about reporting, presenting and discussing the current admins agenda? It's not ranked any less "skewed" than Fox News is right skewed and all they did was trumpet and cover for the most criminal US admin we've ever seen in this country. It's crazy to say "nowthis" should be considered more extreme biased than fox news but I haven't read much of "now this" to really care. (see: )

Finally---Rueters didn't lobby for Cuban dictators while pointing out the risks in a singular article in July, 2021 of the very contagious and peaking Delta Variant that was ravaging Florida and being spread by Desantis everywhere simply because it didn't give the same warnings or report the same things the prior Summer of 2020 when the less contagious alpha variant hadn't even peaked in places outside New York, Michigan and New Jersey and didn't seem to spread in such crowds whereas the Delta Variant was transmitting in crowds.

All media is biased but, again, fabricators and deliberate liars like Ella and pedo'ish Jim Hoft at the G.P. are not "media" any more than political flyers are "articles" or "news".

Theatre to pretend otherwise.


Anonymous said...

The doom of liars is spoken of in Revelation 21:8. The liar will forever be separated from a loving and holy God. The liar will have all eternity to regret the deception they refused to renounce as they hear their lies echo in their memory.


Craig said...

Reanalysis of mRNA trial data

Dr. John Campbell

Swine flu vaccine (1976), 1 serious event per 100,000 vaccinees, Vaccine withdrawn

Rotavirus vaccine Rotashield, (1999),1 to 2 serious events per 10,000 vaccinees, Vaccine withdrawn

Covid mRNA vaccines, 1 serious event per 800 vaccinees, Vaccine officially promoted

Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults

Free full text available:

Why We Question the Safety Profile of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

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Full transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial data is needed to properly evaluate these questions. Unfortunately, as we approach 2 years after release of COVID-19 vaccines, participant level data remain inaccessible.

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When over 40 million people were vaccinated against swine flu, federal health officials decided that the possibility of an association of GBS with the vaccine, however small, necessitated stopping immunization until the issue could be explored.

The Institute of Medicine (2003)

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Rotavirus vaccine Rotashield, (1999)

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October 22, 1999 to no longer recommend use of the RotaShield® vaccine for infants, because of an association between the vaccine and intussusception. The results of the investigations showed that RotaShield® vaccine caused intussusception in some healthy infants. Within 2 weeks Intussusception increased 20 to 30 times over the expected risk

(Less after the second and third dose)

CDC estimated that one or two additional cases of intussusception would be caused among each 10,000 infants vaccinated with RotaShield® vaccine.

Anonymous said...

Besides the obvious bastardization of the data and overstating the seriousness of largely minor and short lived “adverse events” (largely by just grouping them all together) is the fact that criticizing the relatively small studies from two years ago to extrapolate supposed harm ignores the fact the covid vaccines saved approx 20 million lives worldwide including millions of Americans who seemed to be particularly morbidly susceptible to covid 19 with vary few serious adverse events after billions of doses administered in the real world.

Unlike the covid vaccines, Pulling the swine flu vaccine didn’t result in millions dying to prevent a few from experiencing mild short lived adverse events.

Just can’t comprehend why these people are so foolish. Probably the same people who would have found a way to grift bucks criticize health officials for pulling the vaccine, had they done so, lamenting the millions dead due to such fictional short sited deadly misguided overcautiousness. Then again, dr Kaplan is a psychiatrist, speaker and author -surely someone on the front lines of real covid science and medicine. He’s no grifter—lol


J said...

X 1:13 AM,

Everybody's a "grifter" to some extent. Unless somebody is writing from a homeless shelter and eating from a food bank, everybody needs money to pay their mortgage, keep the lights on, etc.

When you point out examples of "grifting" you step over dollars to pick up pennies.

Pfizer has one of the biggest "grifts" in the whole wide world.

You're not wrong about everything; you're just selective about everything.

A plot of your skewed bias would be interested to model on a computer, but you're not a journalist; you're just a blog commenter. I'm not going to bother getting angry about it.

I just have to laugh about it, because the biggest grifters in the world routinely get a pass from you.

Remember the movie, Trading Places, with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd? Remember Eddie Murphy's character, Billy Ray Valentine, saying, "Sounds to me you guys a couple of bookies."

It's a similar thing. Was he wrong in his criticism, just because he had no qualifications? He was just picked up off the street. Did he read things wrong? I don't think so. With his street smarts, he saw something similar to his world, just at a more rarified level.

J said...

Pfizer tried to push through Paxlovid, even though it does not work in vaccinated people. The FDA tried to gaslight about it. Think Pfizer and the FDA can be trusted? Nah, they just a couple grifters.

We exposed Paxlovid as Snake Oil. We Won

Anonymous said...

Transgender Woman Preaches Sermon at Interfaith Church Service: "I Can't Pee Safely"

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