Thursday, August 12, 2021

Warning - THE World Economic Forum's head is for Microchip Implants!

 Just about everything prophesied appears to be on the serious move these days -- this includes the Revelation 13 prophesied taking of a "mark" that is required to buy and sell.  No, I do not believe the "mark" is a Covid19 vaccine.  Nor do I believe we should be telling people that by taking the vaccine against that very awful, often deadly illness is the "taking of the mark of the beast."  However, there is no mistaking the fact that the Covid19 has represented a "crisis = opportunity" moment for the merging of humans and electronics.  As Klaus Schwab is the founder and head of the World Economic Forum, as his daughter Nicole obviously has a deep occult belief system  (as evidenced by her book "Heart of the Labyrinth"), and by evidenced by his calls for a "global reset", we must take his sentiments as evidenced in his 2016 interview prophesying that microchip implants would be common within 10 years (now 5 years from present date) seriously.  In the above video, Klaus Schwab comments happily how he thinks this would occur and the convenience to us when it does.

Again, I repeat the Revelation warning:  "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free or bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads.  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

That number was to be 666.  And the biblical penalties for this compliance were to be very stern and clear:   "And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: and the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name."

That warning appears to me to be a very clear "no ifs and buts" warning.

As I recall, somebody had posted to my blogspot that Klaus Schwab had put this in his book THE GREAT RESET,"  I have that book and have reviewed it carefully and did not find it there, but it is very clear from the above Youtube video clip that this where the so-called "Fourth Industrial Revolution" is headed.

May the Lord help us all as we pray:  "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil."




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paul said...

Yes Constance let us pray indeed.

Anonymous said...

CDC announces covid internment camps for every US city; will separate families by force, claims to meet MINIMUM “humanitarian” standards

Anonymous said...

A Desperate Message From The Real Medical Community

Doctors worldwide are being censored as the truth about the vaccines is exposed.

This has been going on since the pandemic arrived in its prefabricated condition from the eugenicists overseeing the culling of the population.

But the Hippocratic Oath will not be denied or die so easily and the tsunami of professionalism can’t be simply extinguished by the arbiters of arrogance and hypocrisy.




Those doctors, who are guilty, should be arrested and charged with CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

RayB said...

Another illustration to prove how broke our "justice" system is.

In this case, an Amish organic farmer had supplied food to willing and able customers, apparently in violation of Government regulations. In response, Government agents arrested and prosecuted this awful criminal, whereby a Federal "judge" fined the organic farmer $250,000, along with $14,436 in Government "fees." He now must pay the entire amount within 30 days or face arrest and more fines!

Read the entire story here:

Update: Amish farmer threatened with jail time for crime of not submitting to the system

NOTE: Think about this; while our Government allows LAW BREAKING ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to enter our country, they prosecute a farmer that is providing a FOOD product that people want to buy. People may conclude that the Government is "just out to protect us." If that is true, consider this; every single day, massive numbers of illegal immigrants are pouring across our border, of those, 20% are testing positive for COVID! The same Government that is mandating vaccinations and wearing masks for US, are relocating (with the help of Catholic Charities) these COVID infected immigrants inside America.

As this "pandemic" progresses, more and more pressure will be put upon people to take the experimental, and often dangerous, "vaccine." They will also be singled out as "enemies of the state and public health."

If the Government can be this cruel to this poor Amish farmer, what will they do to the unvaxxed people that they claim are dangerous to the population?

RayB said...

Constance states in her post:

"Nor do I believe we should be telling people that by taking the vaccine against that very awful, often deadly illness is the "taking of the mark of the beast."

NOTE: Personally, I do not believe "taking the vaccine" is the fulfillment of taking "*mark of the beast," nor do I believe we should be telling people NOT to take the vaccine, which should remain their own personal choice. Having said that, I take exception to Constance's referring to COVID as "that very awful, often deadly illness." It simply is not all that "deadly" by itself. What IS deadly is when COVID is mixed with other co-morbidity issues, such as obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, poor immune system, old age, etc. In reality, minus all of the hype and padding of statistics, COVID is not any deadlier than the seasonal flu.

* What's almost ALWAYS missed regarding the "mark of the beast" is that along with receiving the "mark," that person must also fulfill this: "... WORSHIP THE BEAST AND HIS IMAGE ..."

The book of Revelation is filled with symbolism. With that in mind, the "mark of the beast" is probably not literal at all, but is referring to a spiritual "mark" as evidenced by the reference to the "worship" of the beast and his image.

RayB said...

Being a Christian often REQUIRES us to "take a stand" for the truth, regardless of the cost to our personal circumstances.

This CHRISTIAN teacher recently did just that. She answered the call to the question "who is on the Lord's side?"

WATCH: Loudoun County Teacher Tearfully Resigns at School Board Meeting Over ‘Highly-Politicized Agendas’

Anonymous said...

Revelation 13:16-18 (KJV)

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Constance Cumbey said...

To 7:43 AM - Thanks for commenting; HOWEVER, I beg you to be CAUTIOUS of "Natural News" which to me appears to be a clearly New Age cum Qanon publishing effort.

They play, IMHO, a very sophisticated game of "Watch the Fundamentalists run" . . .


Anonymous said...

Dr. Mikovits: SARS-CoV-2 is actually a lab-made monkey cell virus, readily deployed through the flu, MMR and polio vaccine supply

GrantNZ said...
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Anonymous said...

Checkout Elon Musks projects that could well be the means for the beast system.

Constance Cumbey said...

To RayB:

Very interesting and informative comments today. Thanks! I respectfully disagree with you on the dangers of the Covid19 virus as I have had friends who did not have underlying health conditions die of it.

Our power just went out! I just finished telling Grant Sutton we had thankfully escaped that! Went out as I am here sitting writing!


10:03 AM

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance:

Please prove that Mike Adams of Natural News is wrong (point by point) on any of his recent articles regarding the vaccines... and the depopulation agenda.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Constance and Doctor X are NOT far apart!

Anonymous said...











Anonymous said...

CDC Study Claiming Unvaccinated Have More Than Double the Risk of Re-infection is Full of Holes

Anonymous said...


LOL - This is a thing happening today:

"Global Middle Finger to End Christianity"

At 2PM EDT on August 12th, everybody give a big middle finger to the sky to end Christianity and create more Atheists, while fighting the Global Prayer so their sky daddy won't snatch us up.

Anonymous said...

10:23 AM

Constance doesn't answer questions from people she believes are deplorable.

Just ask RayB

Anonymous said...

An Elementary School In Georgia Is SEGREGATING Kids In School Based On RACE. Today. In 2021.

Aug 11th, 2021
By Harris Rigby

Soooo, apparently, racism and segregation are back in full force in the deep south. But this time, in Atlanta, it's the woke who are instituting the racist policy, so it's totally cool.

Watch this Atlanta news story about a woman who discovered what was happening in her child's school and has now filed a complaint with the US Department of Education to force the school to desegregate their classrooms.

When you're segregating kids in school in the South, you gotta know you're on the wrong side of history.

So, Kila Posey, a mother and VP of Operations for the PTA discovered that the school was segregating children exclusively by race when she contacted the principal to ask for her child to be put with a different teacher and the principal said, "That's not one of the black classes."

It turns out this policy was instituted by the principal of this school, a black woman because she thought it would be best for all students.

Isn't it funny that if a black woman makes this decision, it's barely a story outside of the local area, but it would be guaranteed national headlines if a white person suggested segregation? Almost like there's some sort of hypocrisy happening or something.

According to the news report, there are 2 black classes and 6 white classes at the school. Straight-up racism and discrimination. Cut and dry. Except that bLaCk PeOpLe CaN't Be RaCiSt, of course.

The school and its administrators, as well as all the teachers who went along with this LITERAL SYSTEMIC RACISM, should all be worried about what's coming next. They should all be ashamed for participating in this nonsense.

According to Shields [Posey's attorney], "Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 says that you cannot treat one group of people differently based upon race, and that is what is going on at Mary Lin."

Posey pushed for her daughter not to be placed in a segregated classroom. "I explained to her she shouldn't be isolated or punished because I'm unwilling to go along with your illegal and unethical practice," Posey said.

In a recorded phone call between Posey and an assistant principal, the administrator confirmed that it was the principal's idea to separate the students.

"I just wish we had more Black kids, and then some of them are in a class because of the services that they need," the administrator said.

So, we have on tape the Assistant principal admitting to the segregation and making excuses for it. And then we have Posey's child who, if moved to a "white class" as requested would be seen as being isolated or punished.

It's truly disgusting the way this principal and elementary school are teaching kids to live in a racialized manner.

Hopefully, the investigation will result in the harshest possible actions against the school and everyone involved in this scandal.

Anonymous said...

11:27 AM

Ironically funny that you should say that because RayB doesn't answer questions from people simply asking him his view of this blogspot's resident racist 'poet'.

Just ask RayB


Anonymous said...

Doctor slams CDC, NIH, local health board for ‘contrafactual’ COVID guidance

From shots to clots: considerable medical evidence of COVID vaccine-induced blood clots

5 Truths about COVID-19

Anonymous said...

Henry Ford Whistleblower: Nurses Threatened, Coerced to Get Covid Vaccine

'We went from hero to ZERO; essential to EXPENDABLE!'

Danish WHO Chief Says COVID ‘Patient Zero’ Was Likely WUHAN LAB WORKER

CONTRADICTS initial findings of WHO investigation.

“This News Is False”: China Caught Fabricating Non-Existant Swiss Biologist To Refute COVID Origin Story

Democrat Cindy Axne Claims Illegals Are Not Spreading Coronavirus

CDC Forced To “Adjust” Sunday’s Florida “Record” COVID Count Lower By Almost 50% After State Health Department Cries Foul On Data

Schwarzenegger to Anti-Maskers: ‘SCREW Your Freedom!’

Fitting words coming from the son of a former Nazi.

Sheeple Poll: Half Of America Believes Vaccine Mandates, COVID Passports More Important Than “Protecting Freedom”

Sydney may call in EXTRA troops to enforce lockdown as Australia’s capital extends restrictions after ONE case reported

Hospitalized Sheeple Journalist Begs Audience to Get Covid Jab Despite Suffering Heart Inflammation, Fever, Chest Pain

Prankster Performs “Vaccinated Only” Carriage Social Experiment

Passengers asked to PROVE they've had the jab before boarding train!

Anonymous said...

Vaccinated people causing vaccine-resistant coronavirus strains to emerge: Study

STUDY: mRNA vaccines present “tragic and even catastrophic” side effects

Study shows that getting vaccinated puts others, including the unvaccinated, at risk

Dr. Richard Fleming warns the “vaccine is the bioweapon” in bombshell interview

Dr. Mikovits: SARS-CoV-2 is actually a lab-made monkey cell virus, readily deployed through the flu, MMR and polio vaccine supply

GOOD NEWS! Loyola University students win battle against “mandatory” covid vaccines

Anonymous said...

10:23 am "Please prove that Mike Adams of Natural News is wrong (point by point) on any of his recent articles regarding the vaccines... and the depopulation agenda."

Impossible standard because Mike Adams is such a prolific liar and "Gish Gallop'er".

During a Gish gallop, a purveyor fake news, like Mike Adams, Tenpenny, Lifestie News overcome their detractors with an endless stream of many specious articles, arguments, half-truths, and misrepresentations in a short space of time, which makes it impossible for the opponent to refute all of them, point by point, in any kind of timely matter. In practice, each point raised by the "Gish galloper" takes considerably more time to refute or fact-check than it did to state in the first place. Lying is easy. The technique wastes an opponent's time and may cast doubt on the opponent's debating ability for an audience unfamiliar with the technique, especially if no independent fact-checking is involved or if the audience has limited knowledge of the topics. It's effective online because by the time the facts are checked, most of the audience has moved on to the next lie and isn't invested anymore in the veracity of the old lies. Often they'll never know as just keep repeating the nonsense.

Mike Adams and his entire staff have been shown to be liars time and time again. Mike Adams has long ties to the Church of Scientology and other new age beliefs including the hundredth monkey effect. He launched a new age website this spring regarding transcendental 'oneness'. There is no need to dispute or disprove Mike Adams "point by point" because, at this point, it's safe to assume EVERYTHING on his website is utter nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Here's some disappointing news (I'd much rather have simple cheap viable therapies than vaccines)....

"Major study of Ivermectin, the anti-vaccine crowd’s latest COVID drug, finds ‘no effect whatsoever’"

This same study discontinued testing HCQ & LPV/r last fall due to data from the large study indicating absolutely no benefit. Along with Ivermectin the study is also testing Metformin and Fluvoxamine (also showing little to no benefit).

If you would like to investigate further to look for bias, dosage, timing and figure out how these guys are lying .....listen to the Aug 6th presentation of the preliminary findings/data of this study because it covers more than just Ivermectin.

"August 6, 2021: Early Treatment of COVID-19 with Repurposed Therapies: The TOGETHER Adaptive Platform Trial (Edward Mills, PhD, FRCP)"

*Ivermectin, specifically, is discussed and shown to have no significant effect in this large study at the 31:08 minute mark of this hour long video.

Anonymous said...

"Mike Adams and his entire staff have been shown to be liars time and time again. Mike Adams has long ties to the Church of Scientology and other new age beliefs including the hundredth monkey effect. He launched a new age website this spring regarding transcendental 'oneness'. There is no need to dispute or disprove Mike Adams 'point by point' because, at this point, it's safe to assume EVERYTHING on his website is utter nonsense."

Undocumented Ad Hominem attacks being 'the last refuge of an asswipe' is it any surprise that marXist specializes in them?


Anonymous said...

It WAS documented here earlier. J provided links.

Every argument is full of logical fallacies except for biblical truths (which are arguable among Christians but that's beside the points). I mean you are using it yourself "ad homineming" me saying my post is bullcrap because I supposedly make ad hominem attacks repeatedly. I suppose that's easier than proving everything natural news prints is factually accurate "point by point".

Even liars like Mike Adams and his staff can publish some truths, but their history of misrepresentations and outright lies should preclude any intelligent discerning Christian to pretty much ignore anything those persons at Natural News publish.

As a new age marxist, your mileage may vary.


Anonymous said...

"Undocumented" - my butt....

1. Here's Natural News discussing the hundredth monkey effect:

"Experiment Proves Human Intelligence is Increasing Worldwide"

2. How about this youtube video where Mike Adam's clearly discusses his new age beliefs.

"The God Within (FULL) from - Mike Adams"

3. Stop by his newest website "" for even more insight.

4. As far as Mike's ties to Scientology...

"Mike Adams from Natural News, World Order Propagandist - Part 1"

5. Here's the follow up last April, 2020 where John Brisson discusses Mike Adams shilling for Rex 84 and FEMA camps (still being posted about on this blog)

"Mike Adams from Natural News, World Order Propagandist - Part 2"

Try explaining these away "point by point"


Anonymous said...

X @ 1:39 PM

Re: "Even liars like Mike Adams and his staff can publish some truths, but their history of misrepresentations and outright lies should preclude any intelligent discerning Christian to pretty much ignore anything those persons at Natural News publish."


You obviously flunked Debate #101. Unless you can be specific and post examples (and links to support examples of Mike's so-called 'lies')... you have no credibility whatsoever!!!

Also, I am quite sure that God would not want any 'intelligent, discerning Christian' to rely on the LIES of the mainstream news media.

paul said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If you're interested in Mike Adam's personal views on God, religion, consciousness.... read his article on The Higgs boson "God particle".

"The Higgs boson 'God Particle' discovery explained in the context of conscious cosmology"

J said...

I did provide some links to caution about Mike Adams a few weeks or months ago, probably three or four threads back by now.

I don't think Mike Adams is literally wrong about everything.

I do think he is an obvious fear porn peddlar.

I explored that he was an ex-Scientologist and somebody else proved he believes in aliens trying to exterminate humanity from earth.

Later somebody else learned he is a Free Zoner, which means a Scientology splinter group member.

I think I stated we can accept the facts but not always the interpretations (or something along those lines).

I might have said we need to sort the science from the science fiction.

I disagree that if something is stated on Natural News it automatically can't be true.

I disagree that Constance is not far from X. How knee jerk can you be?

Don't you know by being knee jerk you can easily be manipulated? Think of how Bugs Bunny manipulated Yosemite Sam and you'll get the idea.

Anonymous said...

"Also, I am quite sure that God would not want any 'intelligent, discerning Christian' to rely on the LIES of the mainstream news media."

About why is "christian" x drunk on the koolaid of mainstream media then puking it up here?

Anonymous said...

Manipulative Race baiter @ 2:14 PM is not the paul of this blog we have known for years.
Nothing of those posts is the heart and mind of the paul of this blog for years.

You tried but failed to be convincing because you are so obvious.
And a sicko.

Anonymous said...

If you want more independent proof of his network of deceipt...I suggest you do your own research.

But for's a 48 page study dissecting the naturalnews.con misinformation empire.

"Anatomy of a Disinformation Empire:Investigating NaturalNews"

Anonymous said...

Yes, 2:31 PM

X really tripped himself up, didn't he?

paul said...

2:14 is not the paul that's been commenting here for the last 15 years or so, but oh well...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

P.S. And the fact that he, she or it has compulsively used various I.D. names including of people here CLEARLY shows also what a sick, wretched psycho it is. So, we have a not only racist but gutless psycho.

Go back to the sewer from whence you came, creature.

paul said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
J said...

World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab Talks Microchips To Fuse The Biological And Digital World

Richard said...

Found this scribbled down - work in progress

"The Mad Doctor Golliwogg"

His excitement of dissection is sweet,
His skin creeps with orgasmic speed,
An empty object for his subjection,
An obsession and a fascination!
Primordial instincts? Nig Nog's passion for flesh,
Primal feeding on so many 'burbans deaths,
Sadistic actions, his love is so true,
Smilingly masticating a part of you.....

Anonymous said...


Yes, it's much EASIER (and self-defeating) to PRE-JUDGE.






Segregation RETURNS To Deep South: Black Mother Files complaint Against School's Black Principal After She Divided Students By RACE

08/12/2021 / By JD Heyes / Natural News

Segregation returns to Deep South school: Black mother files complaint against black principal after she divided students by race

There’s an expression credited to French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr, who wrote in 1849, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Often used sardonically, the phrase is meant to mean, simply, that often, things remain very consistent even as “change” happens around us. Think of it in this way: You may move into a new office at work but the Internet is still horrible. Or you may get a new, faster car, but the traffic to and from work still sucks.

Or this: Even as our country fought a civil war, passed anti-slavery legislation, and, a century later, ditched poll taxes and other Jim Crow laws in the Deep South, there is still segregation even today. And it’s being committed by black people.

A black Atlanta mother has filed a federal lawsuit against a black principal and public school after her daughter and other students were separated by race and then taught in separate classrooms.

Kila Posey filed her complaint against Mary Lin Elementary School in which she said Principal Sharyn Briscoe informed her that she instituted the segregated classroom concept because she felt that would be best for students.

In her complaint, Posey (pictured above) said that Briscoe told her that she put black students in their own classrooms, separate from white students, because she thought that somehow they would get a better education, apparently.

Anonymous said...

But to her credit, Posey, who is also black, wasn’t having that.

Posey, who is vice president of operations for the local Parent Teachers Association (PTA), told local media that she learned about the segregated classrooms when she asked Briscoe to put her daughter in a certain classroom with a specific teacher. In response, Briscoe said that wouldn’t be possible because the teacher that Posey requested for her daughter was not head of a classroom designated for black students.

“[The principal] said that’s not one of the black classes, and I immediately said, ‘What does that mean?’ I was confused,” Posey recounted in an interview with WSB-TV, a local station, after discovering what was going on last year.

“I asked for more clarification. I was like, ‘We have those in the school?’ And she proceeded to say, ‘Yes. I have decided that I’m going to place all of the black students in two classes,’” Posey continued.

“We’ve lost sleep like trying to figure out why would a person do this,” Posey said.

“First, it was just disbelief that I was having this conversation in 2020 with a person that looks just like me — a black woman,” Posey told the station. “It’s segregating classrooms. You cannot segregate classrooms. You can’t do it.”

She’s absolutely right, of course; forced segregation is so against federal law (not to mention every standard of equality and decency Americans claim to care about and cherish).

Posey and her attorney, Sharese Shields, believe that Briscoe clearly violated the Civil Rights Act.

“Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 says that you cannot treat one group of people differently based upon race, and that is what is going on at Mary Lin,” Shields told the local station.

Posey went on to say that despite Briscoe’s highly illegal act, she nevertheless insisted that her daughter be placed into a classroom that also had white students.

“I explained to [Briscoe] she shouldn’t be isolated or punished because I’m unwilling to go along with your illegal and unethical practice,” Posey added.

But this outrage gets WORSE.

Posey confidentially recorded a phone call with an unnamed assistant principal who told her that the decision to segregate was up to Briscoe, adding this incredibly racist nugget: “I just wish we had more black kids, and then some of them are in a class because of the services that they need.”

What ‘services?’ We can only guess because the unnamed official didn’t expound.

In a statement, Atlanta Public Schools officials put a lot of distance between itself and Briscoe’s actions.

“Atlanta public schools does not condone the assigning of students to classrooms based on race. The district conducted a review of the allegations. Appropriate actions were taken to address the issue and the matter was closed,” said a statement to WSB-TV.

Sadly, the district didn’t announce that Briscoe was quickly fired upon learning about what she’d done, which is EXACTLY what should have happened!

paul said...

Still with this Atlanta non-news?

This guy is projecting his own anti-White hatred and 'racism' onto others on this board.
Accusing others of doing and feeling what he does and feels.

A psychological master he is.

Anonymous said...

UC San Francisco Engaging In Horrifying Experiments, Organ Harvesting Of Live Babies In The Name Of “Science”!

08/12/2021 / By Ethan Huff / Natural News

ANOTHER American school, the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), has been outed for murdering babies and harvesting their vital organs in the name of “science.”

Just like the University of Pittsburgh, UCSF is engaging in gruesome “medical” experiments that involve both unborn and recently born babies bring torn limb from limb while they are still alive, only to be murdered after the dirty deed is done.

UCSF would not be doing this were it not for the large government grants coming from Tony Fauci, who we now know is funneling millions of American taxpayer dollars into the coffers of these baby butcher mills.

Pro-Life San Francisco found that the baby body parts are being harvested from living children at two different UCSF-affiliated “Women’s Options Center” locations in the California Bay Area.

“Studies show that the labor induction abortion techniques used in these facilities to procure ‘fresh’ parts can result in live births as often as 50% of the time,” according to pro-life group Live Action, explaining why organs are harvested while the children are still alive.

Under the California Public Records Act, Pro-Life San Francisco was able to make requests for the following information:

“Any and all UCSF protocols and procedures for determining the viability of a neonate after labor induction abortion procedures including … in instances where the neonate is born alive after the procedure is performed,”

“UCSF’s protocols and procedures regarding the delivery of medical care to neonates born at the Women’s Options Center[s],” and
“Human fetal tissue procurement logs.”

The group also made several other requests that have yet to be fulfilled, and all of them contain gruesome details about the atrocities taking place at UCSF. Eleanor Drey, a UCSF professor and director of one of the Women’s Options Center locations, has already referenced some of it in medical research, but Pro-Life San Francisco is digging for more.

UCSF’s Women’s Options Centers are a “free-for-all” where babies are murdered like they are nothing

In correspondences with UCSF, Pro-Life San Francisco was told that there are no documents to turn over because the Women’s Options Centers have “no protocol” for determining the viability of abortion survivors, nor do they provide care to them.

“This is a tacit admission of the possibility that abortion survivors are simply left to die, without so much as the basic humane provision of palliative care,” Live Action explains.

“The situation at UCSF’s Women’s Options Centers is essentially a free-for-all, where each abortion survivor’s life hinges upon the whim of the abortionist paid to kill him or her.”

What this just goes to show is that the concept of “viability,” which is often thrown around in pro-abortion circles, is meaningless. It is little more than a “moving target which will inevitably vary from individual to individual,” Live Action warns. Depending on the political and religious leanings of an abortionist, viability can mean terminating a perfectly healthy baby for the “greater good” or doing everything possible with the latest science to save him or her. In practical terms, it is subjectively applied.

“So, viability is a complicated medical construct,” admitted Colleen McNicholas, chief medical officer for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region in Southwest Missouri, during a testimony before Congress.

“There is no particular gestational age. There are some pregnancies in which a fetus will never be viable. There are a number of different factors that we think about when we’re considering if a pregnancy is or isn’t viable.”

The latest news about the abortion industry and its bloodlust for baby tissue and profit can be found at

Richard said...

"Slaughter in the Burbs" (in progress)

The dawning of a new age is here to function,
The boys without the fathers, evermore,
Consumed by hateful rage and arrogant assumptions,
The Inner City leaders only war;
A holiday in Chicongo, people will not forget,
The tires on the Bouncing Car are slashed,
A switch of the blade and a thrust through his seat,
Goblins steal his bling and pawn them out for cash!

Anonymous said...

I can be wrong and many times I am, but honestly that "poetry" seems to me like it could be someone who has already been here a while, someone who might be going to his even darker side, because of the repeating castigations, race baiting, blame casting, gossiping and virtue signaling, trying to manipulate people here needlessly, wantonly, without real facts of them only subjective quick assumptions, without reason using straw man arguments, and projects on to them that others are extremists when it is this person that camps with those of extremist views.
This almost reads like someone's sick term paper for a college class to highlight a favorite topic for a grade to prove how "politically correct", how "woke" they can go.
Ending up a mental case.

What an epic fail at being an honest human being with that much high octane hate inside them.

I hope whoever it is will have a change of heart, and soon. Hate kills. This person has to be pretty much dead inside to behave this way.

Anonymous said...

To the poor wretch with the word machetes wildly swinging, trying so hard and missing the target, you're so blind you don't see the disgrace you make of yourself. If you even have a point to make, you've found the worst possible way to get it across.

Like some fool running around recklessly with a'll be the one who ends up bleeding.

God has ways to deal with you.

paul said...

That poor cuckold is the only one here crying and worrying about lyrics.

You should worry MORE about how these people TREAT each other out there!

Richard said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
J said...

Breaking! Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass Based on Implantable Microchip

J said...

Ironically, on May 12 of this year, Natural News ran a story about Klaus Schwab's call for an implantable microchip.

Globalist Klaus Schwab called for implantable “global health pass” microchip back in 2016

J said...

P.S. The wording of the Natural News story is almost exactly the same as the wording in the NewsWars / InfoWars story that has a headline stating that it is "breaking" as of today (August 13).

RayB said...

Catholic University of San Diego health plan pays for abortions, sex-change surgeries

"The university said state and federal law requires it, but won’t point to specific examples"

Question for the "university:" What "law" is above federal "law?" Do you even have a clue ... or better yet ... do you even care?

NOTE: The fact is, Rome is a leader in the global, well organized, movement that is waging war against the God of the Scriptures. Just look at how they have "opened the doors" to the LGBTQ+ agenda ... all being done with the Pope's blessing, along with his many cohorts.

RayB said...

The Nation: Biden Eviction Moratorium ‘Act of Presidential Civil Disobedience’

Who needs the U. S. Constitution when you have power crazed politicians?

NOTE: I have a confession to make ... over the scan of many years, I was, off and on, a "landlord." I bought "fixer uppers," did most of the work myself, and rented very clean, rehabbed properties at below market rates. About 15 years ago, I began to notice a very distinct resentment towards landlords, along with a rising disrespect for the rented property itself. Also, I began to notice a very distinct increased amount of "class envy." Just one example; my own young, married niece once said to me "how is it fair that you own extra homes when we don't even own one." Completely ignored by her sentiment was all of the hard work and sacrifice that was required to "own" what we did.

I also began to notice that the availability of qualified tenants began to dwindle.
One day, I had a discussion with my wife about all of this. I distinctly recall saying to her that if the economy really turns, we might be saddled with properties that we cannot collect rent on. We made the decision back then to divest and did just that. Believe it or not, I saw that this day was coming.

I can't even imagine what it must be like for these landlords that have to deal with these state mandated rent moratoriums. It is truly mind boggling. In this current, radical liberal environment, how big of a step will it be for the government to take properties away from rightful owners, and give these properties to the "have not tenants?"

Anonymous said...

12:21 AM said

"God has ways to deal with you"

I wouldn't worry Richard. 12:21 AM isn't able to handle truth! In the end God will deal with him.

Richard 8:43 AM said

"Do you notice how he never condemns the hideous 'gangsta rap' in our country?"

Maybe 12:21 AM likes 'gangsta rap'?

Anonymous said...

Ray B,

You should repent and make amends with your niece. Buy her a place to live (if you can‘t do that for your own flesh and blood, then who can you do it for?).

Matthew 25 springs to mind here.

J said...

Two other blog articles that mentioned Klaus Schwab.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A recent John Cassidy NEW YORKER article (January 26, 2018) reported that “Trump Makes Nice at Davos While Mueller Awaits Him at Home.” Well, not quite. Both Trump and Mueller were Davos attendees. Mueller’s was definitely more downplayed. Clearly from publicity surrounding the closed crowd Davos events, Mueller was the more favored participant of the two.

Global governance is and always has been the main game of the Davos crowd and its organizing body, WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM. Donald Trump has been perceived as doing much in his power to shut down global governance – climate control measures and all. The Davos crowd of politicians, high financiers, “scholars” and industrialists viewed Trump with neither affection nor favor.

One short week after Trump’s return from Davos, Switzerland and only two days after his State of the Union address, the New York Stock Market would drop by an astounding 666 points! That was a number obviously chilling to millions, including but not limited to Donald Trump’s Evangelical base of support in the USA. This happened only two days after Trump’s triumphant State of the Union speech to the United States Congress. A pivotal point of his speech was the dramatic improvement in the USA economy after his November 8, 2016 election. The 666 droppage would double immediately after the weekend on the following Monday by upwards of another 1200 points in one day.

Coincidence? Strange omen? Planned? Maybe, maybe not.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Jeremy Rifkin wrote years ago in his THE EMERGING ORDER: GOD IN AN AGE OF SCARCITY that the New World Order would need the religious impulse to usher it in. This day, to paraphrase Jesus, his "prophecy" is "fulfilled in your ears."

The World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and George Soros (Lord Malloch-Brown's principal financial benefactor) has been actively working on "swinging the masses into step" via manipulation of their religious leaders.

Anonymous said...

RayB said

"Catholic University of San Diego health plan pays for abortions, sex-change surgeries"

Maybe Constance will weigh in on this?

J said...

RayB 10:22 AM,

Good for you for seeing it coming. I have heard from landlords having a very hard time and on the verge of bankruptcy.

But another thing that worries me, and perhaps even more, is that home ownership is out of reach for most members of younger generations now, and Wall Street is buying up houses for the purpose of renting them.

It's not the same as it was for me in my twenties, and when I was in my twenties, it was still harder for me than it was for my parents. The younger generations have been dealt a bad hand in terms of the economy they have inherited. And I feel for them.

Hutch said...

Having retired from banking, I know exactly what you're talking about Ray B. Unfortunately, most landlords were already mortgaged to the max before Covid. Here, in my state, I see tenants who received the extra $300 per week in unemployment, stimulus money, plus an increase in food stamps, school aged children received free breakfast and lunch prepared by the school and delivered to their door during shutdown. Most of these people never found the money to pay their rent or utilities, but they've got new vehicles, they're going on family vacations, and claim they don't want to go back to work because they don't want to get Covid. The fast food chains are hiring at $15/hr and they don't have enough help. Basically, there are job openings everywhere, including the US Post office. I was at the auto parts store the other day, and the elderly shelf stocker was working the cash register and sales desk because they didn't have anyone else to work. There are small businesses that are running on part time hours now because they don't have enough people to work. Back to what you said, it won't be hard at all for the government to take property away from rightful owners when property taxes come due or when banks foreclose. The next step will be subsidized housing amounting to free rent for all.

Anonymous said...

Great to see America is finally improving.


Anonymous said...

I hope to see a revival of medicare for all soon. Obamacare was utterly destroyed by madman Trump. Let‘s all hope for the sake of the poor and needy, Biden builds it back even bigger and better than before.


RayB said...


Interesting comments. I'm seeing the exact same thing. Virtually every business has a "hiring" sign. Recently, we drove past a Taco Bell restaurant and they had a tent out front where they were taking job applications ... no one was applying, in spite of the sign that proclaimed "$1,000 bonus for successful applicants." Who would have ever thought that employers would need to offer bonuses for unskilled, entry level jobs at a fast food restaurant?

As far as what the Government may do in the future, I believe that we are living in an environment whereby even the unimaginable becomes a real possibility.

Earlier today, I had a long discussion with a highly educated retired gentleman. As an avid reader, he is a keen observer of history, current events, politics, etc. Generally an optimistic person, he made this statement; "It's actually all over. The stolen election proved that. We are finished and we will never be what we once were. What's perhaps even worse is that the young people, including those in my own family, are completely clueless as to what made America such a great and unique nation. They have no desire to preserve the American experiment because they don't even know what it is."

I couldn't agree more!

RayB said...


The *Wall Street banksters have re-inflated the real estate bubble that had collapsed in 2008. This was all accomplished with time, along with the longest run of low interest rates in American history. Normal, market driven interest rates have a tendency to stabilize housing markets. Artificially manipulated low interest rates do the exact opposite.

I've talked to homeowners that are downright giddy over what they perceive their home to be worth in this market. When I ask them; "if you sold at these inflated prices, assuming you are going to continue to own in this area, what would you buy?" The reason for asking such a question is this; if you sell, and then buy in your current area, you'll be making a parallel move, which means, you sold at an inflated price and you'll be buying at an inflated price. So where is the gain?" The answer: there is none.

In the mean time, as you point out J, it is becoming increasingly difficult for first time homebuyers to successfully purchase their first home. That in itself is creating an "us against them" fiscal envy, which is never healthy in a supposed capitalist society.

* All made possible when the depression era Glass-Steagall banking act was stripped of its regulatory powers under the Obama Administration, with the help of politicians from both sides of the aisle in Congress and the Senate.

GrantNZ said...

Hi Ray,
Here in New Zealand we have seen this property lunacy for nigh on 37 years.
They made the minimum wage $20 and hour which had the effect of some businesses reducing the amount of employees or the amount of hours people worked per week.
Most middle class people average $25 per hour.
1/3 of the population live in Auckland.
House prices start at $750,000 in the worst areas and they have just seen prices go up 100-150 in six months.
Very average 3 bedroom home in a just ok area starts from 1.3 million to 2 million...
and these are not fancy homes at all by American standards.
A nice 3 bedroom in better area 2 to 4 million.
Renting is $700 to $1200 per week.
Mad socialism and run away greed is to blame.
We have had decades of government equal to the Biden democratic party policies coming your way.
Due to covid I lost my career of 34.5 years 15months ago and haven't been able to land a job at 59 years of age (retirement age is 65).
We have a housing crisis, child poverty has grown 45%, food prices have gone up 50 to 100% percent.
And the world praises our Prime Ministers policies.

GrantNZ said...

I recommended Constance watch this to get insight on the psychosis we see happening.

Craig said...

GrantNZ @ 6:02 PM,

Excellent vlog! I'd been watching Academy of Ideas' works for a while now. To be clear, the vlogs are not from a strictly Christian perspective, but a Christian can glean much from them.

Anonymous said...

"I hope to see a revival of medicare for all soon. Obamacare was utterly destroyed by madman Trump. Let‘s all hope for the sake of the poor and needy, Biden builds it back even bigger and better than before.


Blood-sucking Barry of the night,
Noctural Orcs, running from cops' lights,
Screams coming from his Bathhouse wife,
Eagerly awaiting bites.....

As he searching through his bed,
He's got those ankles on his head,
He thinks he's good, he's really bad.....
It's the best time that he's ever had!

Lyrics by X

Hutch said...

X 11:46 AM said "Great to see America is finally improving."

How is that an improvement from your Christian point of view, X? It is the spiritual responsibility of every man/woman to provide for their family. It's not the responsibility of the government. To surrender this responsibly and authority to the headship of government affects the family, the home, community, church, and nation as we are now seeing played out.

I Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own, and specifically for those of his own house, he has denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.

Obamacare was a disaster from the beginning, before Trump. The healthcare systems needs a complete overhaul.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that video GrantNZ.
My spouse was talking just this morning about the growing mental illness (the mass psychosis explained in the video) that is becoming so evident in our society. Getting sicker by the day now....
The powers that be, taking over every sector of the world's societies and cultures, are gaining ground by the hour, using crisis, real or manufactured to do it.
Thank God for His Holy Word, the Bible. It really is the Age of Deception upon us and the Age of Grace is coming to a close. The only pushback against the lies that are engulfing the world and the masses are believing. Only the true Church of Jesus Christ, that remnant, will know what the Truth is and know True Peace in the midst of the descending chaos. And at tremendous cost because that has happened before and will again as Jesus has said (John 15:18-20). Makes me thankful for the Promises of God's Word and Blessed Hope the true believer waits for. So are yet to come into that fold, but not many in comparison.
All others will sell out for that bowl of beans called "peace and safety" thinking it will guarantee their health, happiness, and hope.
Wrong. Wrong on the most epic scale...

LSWA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"X" should be called "XXX". What a fancy he has for Bathhouse Bidet.

paul said...

Yeah, x is a bot.

GrantNZ said...

X 11:46 AM said "Great to see America is finally improving."

You obviously haven't lived in a socialist/communist ideology led society... but you are going to find out.

Anonymous said...

You should have addressed Ray B. with
I Timothy 5:8. After all, it is him who refused to provide for his own and left his poor niece homeless (by his own axcount). That is precisely why the State should help those like Ray B.‘s niece have a duty of care to provide where no other recourse is available to them.


GrantNZ said...

Goes without saying it's not Christian but very informative on the mechanisms used to manipulate society etc.

Anonymous said...

We pay taxes to maintain the roads and highways, the sidewalks, collect garbage and pay for military protection, etc.

It would cost the taxpayer far less to provide a modicum of free healthcare at least as efficient as Obamacare and to better fund education, including free higher education based on merit and need than having to fund the alternative. It costs billions of taxpayers‘ money to pay for the police,courts, jails and prisons, yet many (not all) people are there because of no recourse to decent education and opportunities, or because they broke the law to save a loved one‘s life and pay for healthcare they could otherwise not have afforded. The economic and social costs on the individual and society as a whole is far greater than nations which care for their populace, such as Denmark, where the average Dane has a higher standard of living than the average American and a much safer environment to live in. Denmark‘s economy is a capitalist free market driven one, for example (there are many others), not a socialist one. You really need to stop speaking unchristian diatribes and realize you are your brother‘s keeper! The Government is representative of its people and both should balance both duties and rights accordingly. It is the Christian duty of those in positions of power to help the less fortunate, who are in such impoverished conditions through no fault of their own, but because of heartless, cold and greedy men who no everything of the letter of the Law but not the spirit of it:and such have the gall to call themselves Christians
but are far from the love of God, and are of the synagogue of Satan.

See Matt 25.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chinese Troops Increasing Daily Across West Coast! Reservation Land Usage!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You are of your father the Devil, 8:46 PM, for you do the things he does and there is no love in you, as you approve of wickedness. Your time is coming very soon, repent!

Anonymous said...

"X 11:46 AM said "Great to see America is finally improving."

You obviously haven't lived in a socialist/communist ideology led society... but you are going to find out.

7:30 PM"

Yep. He helped usher it in.
Because fools play foolish games.
At the expense of everyone else.
Thanks for nothin' "bro"

RayB said...

X @ 7:36 PM ...


"You should have addressed Ray B. with
I Timothy 5:8. After all, it is him who refused to provide for his own and left his poor niece homeless (by his own axcount). That is precisely why the State should help those like Ray B.‘s niece have a duty of care to provide where no other recourse is available to them."

NOTE: I doubt this is actually "X," because even X doesn't sound this stupid. To set the record straight:

My niece and her husband (Master's degree in education) were not "poor" nor were they "homeless," a claim that I did not make. The fact is, they were living in a very nice suite that was part of a large home that her husband's mother owned. The reason that they couldn't afford to buy a home was due entirely to their reckless spending, which included car payments, truck payments, vacations, needless trips to "Vegas," etc., etc. In short, although their income was quite substantial, they were in debt up to their ears and consequently were only able to eventually afford a very modest home. I don't help reckless spenders by giving them free money anymore than I would a give a drunk a case of liquor. Such action only encourages their reckless lifestyles.

Nice try "X," or whoever you are. You do sound like a VERY troubled person with nothing better to do than to attempt to cause mischief, and for that, you should be pitied.

GrantNZ said...

Anon 8.05 agree with some of your sentiment.
I can speak from some experience.
I had the rare opportunity as a Christian of being elected National President of one of the largest Unions in my country.
In that position I heard and saw firsthand the real story to put it lightly.
I was able to see the disparity between Christian ethical responsibility to help your fellow man against control driven socialist idealists.
Biblicaly Judeo/Christian society was meant to help the orphans, widow's, homeless and strangers etc.
The temple tax ie tithes etc was for that purpose.
It's duty was God centered and purposed, it did not deny God but rather exemplified real charity as one of the attributes and expectations of the Lord and His people... it was a witness to the world.
Socialism takes God out of the equation and puts the State in that place to consolidate power and dependence.
Theres many reasons to consider as to why this happened like institutionalised religion moving away from its responsibility of charitable works etc and perhaps even the seperation of Church and State etc.
It's complex but the reality is that Jesus Christ is the only answer to a fallen world but it seems obvious another one will claim to be God and he's on the way.

Anonymous said...

Well, what do you know? 2 "social justice" warriors here.

Quoting Scripture but by their own evil context.

Both anti-social and wouldn't know justice if it ran over them and backed up and ran over them again.

How pitiful can you be people?

Anonymous said...

FYI - Sorry about the imposter, but I haven't posted, until now, at all today.

The imposter wasn't completely wrong. Due to mild pre-existing conditions that hardly require much of any healthcare costs, my family would have lost the ability to stay in private business were it not for Obamacare. We also probably would not have been able to move our residency to the state I'm in now because there was no private insurance of last resort here before Obamacare. Private affordable health insurance was becoming impossible to obtain for anyone not perfectly healthy and under the age of 40. Obamacare was great for my family as a stop-gap. It would have worked better if Republicans hadn't politicized it because Obama did it. It WAS the same Republican plan from the 1990's. The threat of eliminating it alone, hurt the effectiveness and affordability of Obamacare immensely...especially in rural areas (which was the point --- having it fail was always better than reversing it or holding it unconstitutional).

I always find it amazing how Christians carry water for gouging hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and a select few of the Doctors who have completely sold you the idea that socialized healthcare is some imaginary line in the sand between all that is good and all that is evil.

Corporations liked the old system too because it trapped their key employees negating their ability to negotiate for higher salaries. Other than the owners or a few directors and executives at the top, the white-collar workers became the new blue-collar working poor clinging to hope they'd survive the next "downsizing" and be able to keep their health insurance. Corporations were even economically pressured to find ways to eliminate any sick employees or employees with spouses or children that were very sick (and expensive).

As the costs increased it also hurt the bottom line of our manufactured goods whereby we were competing with other countries where the corporations didn't have to pay most of the healthcare costs of its employees (nor ballooning legacy healthcare costs). This also exacerbated the offshoring of jobs to such countries. Conservatives did mind this at all for decades as the union jobs with forever health insurance were the least competitive and easiest jobs to offshore.

Government bureaucracies running healthcare would be inefficient but at least there would be named local & state elected persons on the hook making the life and death decisions that are now being made by faceless employees and committees in dark rooms at insurance companies incentivized to pay out as little as possible.

Our healthcare system is also way too geared to taking care of and keeping old people over age 80 (with money) alive versus those under the age of 5 or 10.

Classic supply and demand principles are not very efficient in healthcare. It doesn't appear to be working for rural America anymore either as they have been losing access to affordable quality healthcare for years. I guess you're not profitable enough....maybe rural America has already been sucked dry or maybe it's all that alternative medicine.

It's certainly a very complicated issue.

  "Therefore do not be anxious, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the Gentiles seek after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all.  But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 631–33 ESV


paul said...

I have a sneaking feeling that 'X' is the same as our resident cuckold, Anonymous.


Treachery, the misery, the violence, insanity,
Golliwogs, are closing in,
Covering, the truth again,
Ghetto trial, conspiracy
Compassion? the enemy,
Paralyze, hypnotize,
Bustin' through commie's wall of lies!


Anonymous said...

"It WAS the same Republican plan from the 1990's.".
WAS stupid when it was Romney's plan and stupid and unfair under Obama, too.

There were alternatives. That's what we had a decade ago.

"I always find it amazing how Christians carry water for gouging hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and a select few of the Doctors who have completely sold you the idea that socialized healthcare is some imaginary line in the sand between all that is good and all that is evil."

I find it amazing you actually believe you have a Bible worldview with what you promote here.

The problem with your statement is it is typical you..paint with way too wide a brush. Your generalizations and assumptions are your excuse to bad mouth absolutely everyone. Unless of course it is one cut of your marxists. The users and abusers of every bit of the freedom we once had while they dream up more ways to abuse society in creating their own unworkable systems to rule over people, take all freedoms away and give them wholesale to the elites.
You have signed on for that. Now you'll find out what you've bought into.

Why do you even live in the USA then? Why didn't you act on the courage of your "convictions" and leave?

Discontent is a thing for you is it not? And ungratefulness is very unbecoming.
If this wasn't true of you, you could expose wrongs from a Christian perspective, but in measure and fairly, not hatefully, which you are guilty of.
For an easy going guy you sure have a nasty streak.

Anonymous said...

RayB said:

"NOTE: I doubt this is actually "X," because even X doesn't sound this stupid."

Good catch. It's generally obvious when it isn't you or Paul for the same reason.

It's possible our imposter friend is the racist poster "radicalcenter" from who lives in LA with his Filipino wife.

He may be spending more time here because that forum blew up a bit when Ron Unz turned out to be an anti-anti-vaxxer who isn't in Covid or vaccine denial. This published interview already has nearly 1700 comments on his forum where most articles get 10-50 comments.

"Are the Opponents of the Covid Injections "Anti-Vaxx Crackpots"?"
Interview with Ron Unz: August 1, 2021

It was odd being in total agreement with Ron Unz.

Who is Ron Unz you ask?

From Wikipedia: Ron Keeva Unz (born September 20, 1961) is the editor-in-chief and publisher of The Unz Review, a website that promotes antisemitism, Holocaust denial, conspiracy theories, and white supremacist material. In addition to Unz's own writings, the site has hosted pieces by white supremacist Jared Taylor, among others. A former businessman, Unz unsuccessfully ran for governor in the California gubernatorial election in 1994. He has sponsored multiple propositions promoting structured English immersion education. He was publisher of The American Conservative from March 2007 to August 2013.


Anonymous said...

"Good catch. It's generally obvious when it isn't you or Paul for the same reason.

It's possible our imposter friend is the racist poster "radicalcenter" from who lives in LA with his Filipino wife."

My bad, or it could be 'Anonymous' who praises Obamacare (and who sows discord here with his two personalities).


Anonymous said...

"FYI - Sorry about the imposter"

X you are not an imposter.
You are genuine MarXist.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

"FYI - Sorry about the imposter"

X you are not an imposter.
You are genuine MarXist."

And you don't understand Marxism.

So, on TV we see the magical black families made up of two college educated professionals with equally accomplished grandparents, and children who no doubt excel in school and worry about whether they should attend Harvard or Yale.

Meanwhile in real life, Oregon’s heavily Democratic state legislature and governor just quietly signed into law dropping the English, math and science proficiency requirements for high school graduation in the name of “equity”. Too many black kids were unable to graduate high school due to these inconvenient requirements, so they must be racist and was eliminated.

Next, these high school flunkies will go on to college, and the colleges too will have to graduate them since it’s racist not to. Then they go on to law/med/MBA school and those schools too would have to graduate them otherwise it’s racist. Then, employers have to hire them otherwise they’re racist. And of course, they can’t be fired for incompetence because that’d be racist. And they must be promoted to the highest level because otherwise that’d be racist.

All so we could have black families that look like what we see on TV.


GrantNZ said...

Sounds like Oregon educational qualifications will go against you for job opportunities in the future.
When visiting America we went on a cruise down to Mexico, we came across a few passengers from Oregon and they seemed pretty unhappy in general... even when on a fabulous holiday.

Anonymous said...

Then why do you back Antifa and BLM's avowed Marxist tactics and goals, x?
Why are you onboard with godless politicians way to rule? Biden is a hero according to you though he is in bed with Communist China, gone completely opposite of Judeo-Christian ethics.

So why are you always race baiting because doing that harbors the intent to bring down the structure of our society to bring instead your humanistic idea of social justice. Souls don't have a color. All people bleed red.

Are you some kind of Judas? Because Judas wanted a radical political movement to change the world he lived in, though Jesus didn't come to change society like that. You voted your choice and sided with humanism, full out Marxism is humanism on steroids and you push very progressive ideas here to see radical changes that include deep injustices, great harm to society, all in the name of justice. That is that end game. You can't deny it, but you try.

Jesus doesn't change society by tactics (you endorse) but one heart and mind at a time by faith in Him, equalizing us all by redeeming us. What His death on the cross did because it is level at the foot of the cross, nobody better than anyone else, nobody worse than anybody else before the Lord. Aren't you supposed to be trusting in Him instead of political solutions that you push here ad nauseum? You are devoid of grace post after post.

x, you admitted that you want to stir things up on this blog (rhetorically of course--ha! Mr you lie!). You look for ways to sow division, a flame thrower, and play comparison games and disregard the power of God to work through His people, the Church. Supposing yourself above others, to point your long boney finger at people, you are relentless to do this and then try to turn the tables and talk about people loving each other. That is sheer gall.

How phony can you possibly get?

Are you guilty of what 2 Timothy 3:5 warns about?
You should be asking yourself some hard questions.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like x is trying to backtrack on his stirring to me.

His posts throughout are identical to his posts now.

It seems his posts and his subsequent denials they are his, is a way of cuddling up to the rest of us so he can continue spreading the same old dung.

This time is trying to sneak his commie ideas through subtly again and hoodwink folk into not smelling the commie he is beneath.

I bet that over the top x was a Trojan horse, so he could then come back, deny the posts and get all buddy buddy here afterwards.

Well, we‘re on to you, Biden loving x ... you should be ashamed of your manipulation and dishonesty here, but I doubt you are.

Anonymous said...

Forest Service is maxed out as 21,000 federal firefighters battle 100 blazes ravaging 14 states across the West (California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, etc.)

RayB said...

Handouts over Hard Work: Majority of Democrats Prefer Socialism to Capitalism

"According to the poll, which was conducted on August 7-10, 59 percent of registered Democrats have a “positive view of socialism” compared to 49 percent who feel the same way about capitalism."

Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that has more than a few dozen brain cells.

Anonymous said...

Professionals in the medical field have serious concerns over the fate of humanity amid the global vaccine rollout.

While the establishment blasts non-stop vaccine propaganda, several prominent medical doctors have issued dire warnings that it’s not safe for use in humans.

The declarations going directly against the pro-vax narrative have prompted social media giants to silence and censor the doctor’s views on Covid-19.

During a Zoom meeting with other medical professionals, Lytton, British Columbia, family physician Dr. Charles Hoffe, who was put under a gag order by the Canadian government, claimed many vaccinated people could be dead within three years after he found blood clots in a majority of vaccinated patients due to spike proteins contained in the mRNA jab.

Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Yeadon has warned the vaccines could be used for “nefarious purposes” possibly to move forward a depopulation agenda.

“I’m very worried... that pathway will be used for mass depopulation, because I can’t think of any benign explanation,” Yeadon told LifeSite News reporter Patrick Delaney.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:27 PM J said

"I disagree that Constance is not far from X. How knee jerk can you be?

Well, not as knee jerk as your comment @ 2:27PM J. I have been reading this blog for almost two decades.

Nothing in my comment was knee jerk.

New Age, mainstream media Crumby, is as dangerous as X. Provax, anti Trump, with almost nothing to say about the Marxist complete take over of the once great republic, under Luciferian Biden. And, she reads George Soros. Her only critique being, "he has a messianic complex! And more!

Beware the Hidden Danger of left wing, democrat Cumby!

Anonymous said...

Strains at a gnat, and swallows a camel.

Anonymous said...

A warning for us all at this late hour. You can offer your 'christian' testimony, but if you give off an offensive 'secular' odor, your in danger!

Rev 3:15-16

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold or hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So because you are lukewarm - neither hot or cold - I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Some Important Shot Info; Behold the Pale Horse?

Hutch said...

The QAnon election fraud saga continues ...

Richard said...

"Ghetto Warfare"

Lyrics by Richard, A, x

Fragile White minds are terrified,
Fate lies in the graves,
Silent death in the clouds above,
The wings of devastation!
Inevitable death from predators,
Arrogance has won,
Annihilation will be quick,
Destroy without destruction!


Joe on the throne is watching from Hell,
Awaiting the mass genocide,
Thugs are defeated by death from a smell
Corpses are dormant, no life;
Rising new burbs are now holes of a shell,
Hoodoos not ready to die,
Nothing to fight for where the sleeping dogs lie...

Ghetto Warfare!

Richard said...

2nd section "Ghetto Warfare"

Ideas are welcome....

Vomit from the nostrils are no lies,

Bodies piling up too nasty for the flies,

Fog falls!
The lethal gas brings Goblins to their knees,

Survivors gasp for breath with a wheeze!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man awaiting rape trial accused of raping again

Craig said...

Timely message from June 3, 2020:

The UN Agenda 2030 by Danny Jones

J said...

11:04 AM,

Thank you for reminding me why I need to take a break from my own side.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Please note that Christine has now VIOLATED the condition that you imposed on her to obey IF she wanted to continue posting here at all, namely to post ONLY ONCE per week.

Today, Sunday, August 8th 2021, the start of a new week Christine has already posted TWICE: At 6:41 AM and AGAIN now at 9:46 PM."

It was Saturday here when I posted the previous post. That was the end of last week. The second post was in the next week. I noticed a lack of posts for a while so it might even have ben Friday. the record on my file of it says last date modified was 8 5 2021 5:33 pm. Unfortunately the blog time stamps don't give dates.

Usually I post shortly after midnight on Sundays, but time stamp NEVER shows this but later. Today I posted much later, a bit after 4 am.

Mike adams and Higgs Boson -yes he has some problms, but seems to think new age is natural medicine basically the article is a pro theism creation statement, religiously non specific. Those New Agers who want non destructive things would side against the obvious destructive and enslaving type of satanist goals, while new age meditation induces passivity and receptiveness, can facilitate various evils evntually. dismissing evils as culture not to be criticized supports evil. this is why you canhave gfminists side with islam. modern feminists aren't real feminists anyway.

The next step for a Christian after reading Adams' article would be to argue that the creator is YHWH and His Son Second Person of the Holy Trinity made flesh without ceasing to be divine, is Jesus Christ.

lookslikethe Qanon nuts have dragged serpent/nephilim ideas into this mix.

All this worry about DNAand salvation - only 100k or so genesmakeusb uniquely human, the rest are same or similar to many other things, incl. chimps. And since all crationb is to be restored,ifyou're ot savable as human you are savable as some other category of nature.

J said...

11:04 AM,

You are knowingly and willfully lying about Constance Cumbey by calling her New Age.

Are you a bot?

I called you knee jerk; you called me knee jerk. Constance Cunbey blogs about New Age. You called her New Age.

Is that the Pee Wee Herman programming algorithm at work? ("You're another!")

Anonymous said...

Mary wrote:"All this worry about DNAand salvation - only 100k or so genesmakeusb uniquely human, the rest are same or similar to many other things, incl. chimps. And since all crationb is to be restored,ifyou're ot savable as human you are savable as some other category of nature."

What on Earth (or Mars?) are you confounding yourself with now, Mary? You may be part Chimp and Mike may have a tinge of some inhuman creature dwelling within his dna, but I myself am 100 percent human as are the seven billion or so other people upon the Earth.

I wouldn‘t be at all surprised if you were to try and market your nonsense, even placing ads broadcasting the abominable talents of your "Ex”-Satanist lover, with whom you remain shacked, shackled together out of wedlock by soul bonds unhealthily und ungodly twined through acts of fornication (which, according to your testimony, you only stopped a while, due to Mike‘s ”dodgy ticker"). Yet, you have already written both a book about genetically engineered folk on Mars (promoted as fact by you) and been caught out by Ray B and others here regarding your infamous ”ad” (albeit probably unintentionally posting it here when it was perhaps meant for an audience elsewhere).

I doubt the person who caught you out for publishing twice in a week here was mistaken, but you would deny it, wouldn‘t you? Why did your friend Sandra post here then suddenly go quiet when Craig noted both the writing of "Sandra” and you had all the hallmarks of the same author? I wonder ...

J said...

It's very insensitive to criticize Constance for being pro vaccine at her age. You will find that the elderly people who are Democrat, Republican, Independent, Red State, Blue State and Purple State, Christian, New Age, atheist ... are all getting vaxxed at a far higher rate than the younger population.

As for the younger population, all those kids who are spiritual but not religious ... i.e. New Agers ... they have a tendency to be vaccine resistant.

The reasons why are obvious. It's the risk benefit analysis. It's the idea of what do I fear more: the spike protein in the virus or the spike protein in the vaccine? To not even acknowledge at all that there is a certain "damned if you do, damned if you don't" aspect to this choice -- is just to be a prick.

How do you know for certain that Constance's risk / benefit analysis is wrong if she chooses to risk the vaccine rather than the virus?

When I was trying hard to analyze sources of medical information, people were impatient with me. They preferred just to believe their trusted alternative conservative media sources.

But I could tell nobody UNDERSTOOD their materials about the vaccine. And some were very impatient with me for trying to UNDERSTAND the materials.

How dare anybody shame Constance for being pro vaccine on the basis of nothing more than jumping on a bandwagon? If you're wrong, she's dead. Do you care? How dare you shame anybody for their medical choices as if you know for certain and understand for certain the science and as if you furthermore have a crystal ball to gaze into the future and know for certain it is just as bad as taking the mark of the beast?

It is reasonable to be SKEPTICAL of the vaccine. It's reasonable to support INDIVIDUAL CHOICE. It's not reasonable to jump on a bandwagon, not understand anything, and shame people for their medical choices as if you know for sure they made the wrong choice.

paul said...

Just so everyone knows, the definition of the word "nationalist" has been changed to it's polar opposite.
Nationalist now means Fascist or Totalitarian. It no longer means "one who loves his home country"
The definition of "Nationalist' as it reads in the dictionary is now wrong.
We'll have to wait for the next edition of Websters Dictionary to correct the change.
The change is intended to confuse and stir up the public into rabid resentment.

Thank you,
_G. Soros

J said...

I've kept my mouth shut about Trump for a long time due to longstanding ambivalence in the face of others with far more adamant opinions about him. I didn't want to help the other side, and Trump frequently seemed like the underdog. He frequently seemed like the lesser evil.

But one thing has become very clear about him.

He is toxic. He is a toxic communicator. He is a toxic leader. He had a chaotic leadership style. He had a chaotic communication style. None of you who remain loyal to him, would find he was loyal to you, if you were the one working for him. Look at Guiliani.

If you dare, look up how Trump is right now treating Guiliani. Can you handle the cognitive dissonance? If not, ask yourself, why not?

He is disloyal. He expects loyalty to go one way and to be unconditional.

All those people who used to work for him and seemed like loyalists, but later couldn't work for him anymore and either left or got fired, were not ALL members of the "Swamp" or the "Deep State." Some of them were BABYSITTING Trump and then their job got too impossible for them to perform any longer.

One more thing is clear. Trump has DECLINED cognitively and physically, quite likely from his apparently SEVERE CORONAVIRUS illness.

It was not all a hoax. It was a case of crisis = opportunity. There is much CIRCUMSTANTIAL and INCONCLUSIVE evidence that it was really a plandemic. Regardless, if it's a hoax, why did Trump fall ill with it?

If the vaccine is evil, why did Trump shove through Operation Warp Speed? Why did you pardon Big Pharma executives on his way out the door?

How dare you attack Constance for being pro vaxx, and anti Trump, while giving Trump a pass for Operation Warp Speed? I will not stomach this type of behavior any longer.

I will not stand by any longer and watch Constance being attacked on her own blog for no other reason that because she is not a card carrying member of the Trump Cult of Personality.

Grow up. Presidents come and go. Everything is not all about just ONE PRESIDENT. Constance has been doing this for forty years, through thick and thin, through all kinds of presidencies. She has done it as a Democrat, and she has done it as a Republican. Who cares? Now she's a Republican who criticizes Trump. And for that a liar comes out of the woodwork and calls her a New Ager.

I said "card carrying member of the Trump Cult of Personality" .. and actually, there really are cards. Trump is marketing and selling them as a fund raising endeavor.

J said...

P.S. I don't fault anybody -- including Constance herself -- for choosing to vote for Trump instead of Hillary or Biden.

Regarding the events of January 6th, Trump's leadership and communication style were chaotic. As usual.

The Jan. 6 events themselves were chaotic as well.

IF there was any kind of planned insurrection or planned coup, it was incompetent.

Anonymous said...


You go into your wild rant, which is full of your own assumptions!

We don't even know if Constance has been vaxxed or not?

I asked her if she had, but being rude, as usual, she didn't answer.

Constance paid you a nice compliment in the comment section a few months ago, and she secured you as an ally. She is shrewd.

The vast majority of Trump supporters know full well the man has many faults. His supporters never worshipped him. We, myself included, often cringed at many of his comments. Nevertheless it was a great relief having Trump in office after 8 years of Obama wearing out the saints!

J, you posted numerous post on Covid-19. You waivered through most of them on your vaccination stance.

This isn't the time in history, perhaps being within the final seven years to waiver.

If you want to be spewed out of the Lord's mouth for straddling the fence, being luke warm, then continue onward.

For years here, Constance gave Rome a pass because of 'cult of personality'. Grandma, and precious Susanna. Perhaps the most effective New Age institution of all! Giving such gentle treatment to such an obviously demonic cult epitomizes pharisisum!

Constance is no more democrat than the Bush family! A leopard can't change it's spots.

Thanks for expressing your 'feelings' J.

Anonymous said...

Look J, you have a friend at 12:27 PM!!!! 👹👿

Anonymous said...

12:27 PM. Yes 'Jesus' certainly wasn't white. He probably had dread locks, and was vegan! Then we get into the matter of sacraments?

Anonymous said...

12:42 PM,
You wrote, "pharisisum", the word is, "Pharisaism". To find out more, go and take a long, deep look in the mirror: Viper!

Anonymous said...

12:51 PM,

Jesus fed the 5000 with loaves and fish, you sarcastic moron!

12:45 PM,

I see you've put your signature emojis at the end of your post: you are of your father the Devil, indeed, for you do the things he does and he has been a liar and a murderer from the beginning.

Repent now, for you do not know what tomorrow may bring.

Anonymous said...

I made an error @ 12:42 PM

Should have read:

Constance is no more Republican than the Bush family!

Perhaps even, no more Republican than Nancy Pelosi?

Also, correct me if I'm wrong. Constance had no, or very little criticism of the very evil Luciferian Bush family.

Strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The whole matter of the intense White hatred going on today. Negrophilia globally! Is that God primarily worked through the children of Israel. White folk! Not so much with with the Black folks!


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that the Obama birthday party had over 600 guests. Obama himself numerically 6, and he asked for 600 $ donations to his 'Presidential Center'. 666

Obama unmasked?

Maybe just a coincidence.

J said...

12:27 PM,

I completely disagree with the way you dragged Paul and RayB's names through the mud. They have been commenting here for years in an honorable fashion.

They have nothing at all to do with "Richard," a troll who just popped up who is not worth discussing.

J said...

12:42 PM,

Revelation doesn't supplant the entire rest of the gospel. It is a gnostic way of thinking -- whether you realize it or not -- to suppose that if you don't figure out a tricky dicky physical "mark of the beast" and you get fooled! sucker! you are damned forever.

I believe in the whole counsel of the Bible, and the very clear parts of the Bible need more emphasis than the difficult parts. Revelation is difficult. It doesn't mean we should dismiss it. Not at all.

But being saved doesn't involve secret knowledge!

Jesus' work on the cross was already finished. He already conquered death. Whatever that means to you in terms of your end times beliefs, you can't deny Jesus said those things. He told us Himself that it is finished. He told us Himself to be of good cheer because He has overcome death. He told us directly and clearly that whoever believes in Him will not be ashamed.

Are you telling me all of that means nothing unless you watch just the right YouTube videos to learn what the tricky, dicky, physical mark of the beast really is? That you have to know the "secret knowledge" and if you're an old person who doesn't want to die of COVID and you get vaxxed in a nursing home, too bad so sad! You're damned forever!

Oh my goodness, how can anybody who reads the Bible believe in this kind of thing?

I will not base my belief on FEAR -- unless it is fear of the Lord, properly understood.

J said...

P.S. Dragging the Catholic church into all of this discussion, too -- but only criticizing Constance for her lack of sufficient distancing herself from, or opposition to, the RCC -- while giving Trump a complete pass for his associations with Catholics -- well, that's just more of the same type of pattern.

Hit the old lady, but give the Chosen One a pass. Let her have it, this famous author who lets all kinds of people go on and on in her comments section, even after repeatedly insulting and undermining her -- and in the age of censorship and cancel culture -- but give her no credit at all for her graciousness and tolerance. And return no graciousness.

But give Trump a pass, always and forever, for whatever he did or did not do, that you hit Constance for doing or not doing.

That's how it works around here, all too often. It has become completely sickening.

If you think so poorly of Constance, why are you here? Nobody makes you come here to read her blog. You have hundreds of alternative conservative media web sites you can peruse -- and get very nearly the same headlines from each one each day. That's apparently what you want. To be only told what you already think. To be only told what you already want to hear. Nobody makes you come here and read such upsetting words -- to you -- as what Constance apparently writes.

J said...

I don't know why the people who justifiably lament cancel culture want a lockstep alternative to the Left.

What is it? Do some people just not like truly independent thinkers who do their own original research and writing? Can some people just not deal with it?

If you're so upset about the RCC Constance has let many people go on ... and on ... and on about the RCC for many, many years in her comments section. If she was censoring anti Catholic comments, I could understand it.

But if you are criticizing her for what she did not write that you think should be written -- DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

J said...

'SAVE AMERICA' What is a ‘Trump Card’?

DONALD Trump wants his supporters to carry around a "Trump Card."

On August 4, the Trump camp sent two emails asking supporters to get on board with carrying around the red and gold cards.

What is a 'Trump Card'?

The "Trump Cards," which come in gold and red, have a credit card design emblazoned with the 45th president's signature.

According to Business Insider, the mass email was sent out to Trump supporters on August 4 and read: "The card you select will be carried by Patriots all around the Country.

"They will be a sign of your dedicated support to our movement to SAVE AMERICA, and I'm putting my full trust in you," Trump wrote in the first email.

The Trump team sent a follow-up email later that night, which read: "We're about to launch our Official Trump Cards, which will be reserved for President Trump's STRONGEST supporters."

"We recently met with the President in his Florida office and showed him four designs," the email continued.

"Originally we were planning on releasing just one design, but when President Trump saw the cards on his desk, he said, 'These are BEAUTIFUL. We should let the American People decide - they ALWAYS know best!'"
What are the benefits of having a 'Trump Card'?

Each card design features a "Save America" logo, including the card holder's name, member ID, a "member since" section, and a small print underneath Trump's signature reading "authorized by President Donald J. Trump".

Of the four designs, one features a bald eagle, while three have "Official Trump Card" that takes up most of the card.

However, it is unclear who can qualify for a "Trump Card" or what benefits holders will be entitled to.

Clicking on the link to select your favorite design brought the user to a fundraising page.

"Wait... you've been selected," the page reads alongside a picture of Trump pointing past the camera.

"President Trump wants to see your name at the top of the donor list," it added before asking for a contribution of between $50 and $5,000.

"Donald Trump appreciates your input, and now he's calling on YOU to take the next step to SAVE AMERICA! For the NEXT 5 MINUTES you can INCREASE your impact by 300%.

"Please contribute ANY AMOUNT IMMEDIATELY to stand with President Trump and to claim your 300%-impact offer."

However, despite the unveiling of the former president's lavish new cards, a critic on Twitter was quick to point out the Trump camp appeared to misspell "official" on one of their cards.

Is Donald Trump running for president in 2024?

Trump has not officially declared his candidacy to run for president in 2024.

In the past, the former president has hinted at a second run but has yet to declare his nomination.

J said...

If he runs in 2024, he will not get my vote. I will join the Republican party and vote in the primaries. It will not be for him. It will not be for Don, Jr., either.

If the Dems and the Republicans both run candidates I don't like, I intend to vote straight Republican all except for the President. And I will vote for the Libertarian presidential candidate.

Anonymous said...


Exaggeration is your forte.

"Hit the old lady"

"Give the Chosen One a pass"


What is more New Age than the genetic experiment, with aborted baby cells, than the jab? The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit! Why are supposed 'christians' making decisions based on bad science, and social pressure? Shouldn't they seek the council of God? It doesn't matter if your an old lady, or a young lady, or a lukewarm secular religionist lady!

Your groping in the dark J, and your revealing your true nature. You, Constance, and X should start a second blog for mainstream, fearful, lukewarm, wafflers. You can feel safe. and comfy there. You can share copious amounts of mainstream info. and feel peaceful and safe.

J said...

3:16 PM,

Um, this is Constance's blog, remember? Why should she ever need to start a second blog?

You are taking great liberties with your eisegesis regarding being a "lukewarm" Christian and what that entails.

You think it means thinking about medical issues rather than jumping on a bandwagon?

The real "us" vs "them" is spiritual. It is God vs. Satan.

It isn't vaxxers vs. anti-vaxxers.

What will you do when you change your mind later? Will you ever admit you were wrong, or just move on like nothing happened?

Did you also think Y2K would be the end but then act like nothing happened afterwards?

Oh well, at least you won't be lukewarm. You'll always be confident -- even if you are wrong.

Anonymous said...

The world is being conquered so rapidly, it's quite possible there will be no 2024 election.

Im the had hateful guy, but I agree with you J, that Trump is too old to be president again. Nevertheless Biden was 'installed'. The office is only window dressing anyway. The kingdoms of this world are not the Kingdom of Christ yet. If Republicans held a majority, it would change nothing!

I did enjoy the leftist/progs torment by Trump's presidency.

Right now God is allowing the conquering. It gets much worse, and soon.

Why partake of beastly things like the jab?

J. Are you of the same spirit as Eve, who convinced Adam to partake of beastly things?

J said...

3:33 PM,

Did Eve try to convince Adam to get an experimental COVID vaccine?

I thought she listened to the first New Ager lie -- that she can become as God and did not need to surely die?

Anonymous said...

J said,

"You think it means thinking about medical issues rather than jumping on a bandwagon?"

I'm not a bandwagon kind of guy!

You bring accusations, and assumptions, that you pull out of thin air. You should work for the Federal Reserve Bank.

The ONLY thing I did approaching Y2K was buy a pack of bottled water. Living in the desert I needed them anyway. But thanks for assuming.

Anonymous said...

J @ 3:44

Somewhat similar things J.

And both altered DNA!

Try harder.

J said...

For the record, I advised my husband against it after doing research. But he decided to get it because of a sudden requirement to travel for his work. The reason why I advised against it was due to its experimental nature, as well as to the experiences of two of his employees, who had adverse reactions.

He still did it, anyway, saying he didn't care and he wished he hadn't listened to me. He had a hard time getting the J&J vax. He had no time to get two Pfizer shots. Mostly the Pfizer shots are available. The J&J vax is even more dangerous than Pfizer. So the way it all went down, he ended up with slightly more risk, since the adenovirus vector of the J&J vaccine, all by itself without even a spike protein, can cause blood clotting.

The whole process was somewhat disturbing and discouraging to me, but still not my worst day lately. So far, I don't think he has a glowing 666 in the dark, in his sleep, on his forehead or his right hand.

I'm just glad he didn't suffer a stroke like one of his employees did.

J said...

3:49 PM,

Am I to understand that you believe in a literal serpent seed gestated within Eve?

Am I right that you think Cain was black and the black race is the serpent seed race? Or maybe you think it's the Jews?

And women are the temptresses who made the angels fall to create the Nephilim? It's all women's fault? And I'm a woman, so naturally...?

I don't want to assume, so please clarify what you do believe.

J said...

The employee who had a stroke after his second Pfizer shot, had COVID last year, for weeks. It was like a bad, prolonged case the flu, during which he worked from home the whole time (he had to work from home already, anyway). His cough lasted weeks.

He probably already had natural immunity, and maybe even the vaccine combined with his natural immunity made his immune response more dangerously strong. Who knows? That's the problem.

LSWA said...

"Anonymous J said...
12:27 PM,

I completely disagree with the way you dragged Paul and RayB's names through the mud. They have been commenting here for years in an honorable fashion.

They have nothing at all to do with "Richard," a troll who just popped up who is not worth discussing.

2:01 PM"

And Constance doesn't not have insults like were posted here coming to her. I have disagreed about her stance on Trump but not completely. I thought her focus on him was out of focus but not altogether wrong. Our former President Trump did us some real good (and like all Presidents somethings weren't right) but that ship has sailed folks. That was then, this is now. We have a buffoon running this country now, right into the ground, and finishing what Obama was doing for his master Soros and those Globalists he traffics with. they smell blood in the water. All of our enemies do. Trump was the last pushback we had but the damage is too great, the swamp too deep.........and these are the end days. America is not mentioned in the Bible--it's in there unnamed but the fall that is coming so that the Anti-Christ can rise is happening as we speak. An America has to be out of the way. Don't believe me? Give it just a bit more time and see what makes it's way to the forefront. To a neighborhood near you...what we will be left with for "choices" even perhaps before the end of this year.

Sovereignty is becoming a thing of the past (and paul's comment is excellent about nationalism by the way) and we will be persecuted for wanting America to be a sovereign nation because it's a Global world now. They'll take care of the dustups and wars and rumors of wars getting ready to spring up, all while letting every vice crawl out from under every rock (no matter how deadly or perverse) as long as people COMPLY. That is what wearing The masks and lockdowns and fear to make us want vaccines were softening up the target for!!! People can choose those and I have no problem with that if that is their fear or health long as their has been a choice is what is next that is much much more troubling.
The beast kingdom is coming, it's rising. Not too far out now!
Counterfeits coming from every direction.. (including counterfeit christianity)

But I know the true Church of Jesus Christ will rise too....
The cost will be very steep to stand with Jesus, but those that love His Appearing know His Promises are sure, and that this world is not their home anyway.

What a time to be alive.
Indeed, alive--for such a time as this..

Anonymous said...


I will also vote in the Republican primary against Trump AND any candidates down the ballot that sends me postcards and/or other campaign materials proclaiming themselves to be the most "Trump" supporting and/or "Trump supported" candidate in the race. The Republican primaries are surely going to be a freak show with every idiot Marjorie Taylor and Lauren Boebert-like Qanon loser thinking they can get a seat in Congress just because they have a 1000 friends on facebook and they love Donald Trump more than everyone else.

Don, Jr??? Heaven forbid it. Please don't even jokingly suggest such.


Anonymous said...

x you think you'll get to vote again after getting your cheater Biden in?

Voting is not voting anymore.
It's done. You helped kill it.

J said...

7:29 PM,

By thinking that way it could suppress Republican turn-out and cause greater election losses. Republicans in states across the country are working on improving the voting regulations to make corruption and cheating more difficult in the future. Will it be enough? We'll know next time.

J said...

4:26 PM,

I agree with you and Paul about national sovereignty and about the need of the globalists to weaken the United States of America before their plans can become fully manifested. I would imagine that type of an understanding is common ground among most commenters here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. But....the election process is dead. How can we trust it now? Too much outstanding now because the answers were suppressed right after the election of 2020. The media and liberal left who so afraid of letting the truth be the truth has killed it. And spineless republicans handed them the cookie jar. Mitch McConnell and others did not stand up for it to make sure there is integrity. That was a farce and still standing unchallenged. Look at how people are kept from really being allowed to investigate it, audit it.

If it was legit that Biden won why are they so afraid for us to know that? You would think Biden would not want that cloud over him. But he doesn't have to care. He knows it's toast.
America is sold out to the Globalists.

J said...

8:28 PM,

Those are all good points. But I will not give up.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi Arrests Pro-Life Americans Protesting Her Plan to Fund Abortions

Anonymous said...

J @ 8:33PM

We will all do as we feel we must. I wrote so many times! I stayed after it. So many emails to representatives and politicians, state and national level, and they all talk about what is wrong but are they standing up to the takeover of our country by the radical left? By the voting by the most of them I say they are the ones that threw in the towel. They have caved. And didn't surprise me either.

The ones that do stand up get treated horribly, so unfairly. And our Supreme Court is a joke. Thomas and Alito have tried to look at things closely but there is only 2 of them.

Sorry, I think it is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic at this point when trying to deal with Washington DC.

It will take a miracle from God to reverse the course we are now on.

All the best to you and any others still trying.

J said...

9:15 PM,

I hear you. I don't have any arguments for you. Besides the perennial weakness of humans, and the strength of God. Even evil humans are weak, but they can still do a lot of damage, obviously.

We are weak, but the evil humans are weak, too. They seem powerful, but they will never have the total control that they really want to have.

They will never be able to completely predict what will happen next. So you never know when there might be another unexpected opportunity.

Other than that I guess I can't argue with you at all.

J said...

I've been scanning some headlines and the whole sequence of them altogether seems odd, illogical, scripted and rushed at the same time.

1) Boris Johnson announces end of UK military mission in Afghanistan

2) President Biden, VP Harris avoid the cameras as Kabul falls to Taliban

3) Even the U.K. Is Turning on Biden’s Hasty Afghan Pullout

4) DHS warns "heightened risk" of violence ahead of 9/11 anniversary in new terrorism bulletin

5) The QAnon loons are even more out of control than ever

And as we move ever closer to the anniversary of 9/11, DHS is warning of increased threats of violence. “Grievance-based” violence is what they are calling it. DHS warns that 9/11 could “serve as a catalyst for acts of targeted violence.”

This news does not surprise me one bit. The violent MAGA supporters have not gone away, although one can view them less and less on Twitter. But they are still here and still pose a significant threat.

Either this is all coincidence or something is going to be staged on or near 9 /11.

Anonymous said...

I still think there are more just regular folk than the loons. And they are getting fed up.

And no doubt there are some, but I don't think the majority of the Q's are violent either.
Some can ruin things for all, though.
Doesn't take very many of them to do some damage, but even at that they are still nothing like the left, which is much loonier, much more apt to do hostile takeover of basically everything.

Some on the right are looking for their 15 minutes of fame and that sums up the unarmed Jan 6th 2021 (rather stupid) crowd for myself at least. They did themselves and none of us any favors. Most regular people there that day represent people like me and were not incited (by anybody).

But without question the infamous left is completely insane.

Anonymous said...

The vaccine is not the mark but if you pay very careful attention to the goals of the "pandemic" the injections and the passports are to tie people to the blockchain and based on what Gates is doing in W. Africa with Mastercard, GAVI and a biometric company in the US, the goal is to connect the vaccine passport, the bank account to the person. The vaccines are said to have elements in them that have computer connectivity, graphene oxide. The problem is that the ingredients of the injections are unknown so taking them is a big crap shoot. Based on the many adverse reactions it would appear that as many people have stated, the spike protein is a toxin. It appears that the injections cause microscopic blood clots. If you have taken one, pray and don't take anymore because the boosters will be endless. Children who have no risk of infection are being encouraged to take these which is criminal. There have already been cases of myocarditis which is irreversible .

The desperation to inject all the people on the planet with mysterious ingredients where the manufacturers have no liability seems suspect at best, but when you tie it into the desire of central banks to push a digital currency it's leading up to the beast system. The scientist arrested in the Wuhan lab, Charles Lieber is working on brain machine interface and was connected to Jerry Epstein and Gates. At the very least the injections are toxic and harmful and do not stop the spread of any virus, at worst they are leading the way to more and more injections, more and more variants that will accomplish a certain amount of population control, a lot of conditioning of people to obey these health dictators as we await the completion of this experiment to tie everyone to the 5G grid and internet of things while giving them a minimum basic income and taking away all their property.

Nobody should be willing to put up with health dictates, mandated masks vaccines etc. The numbers of sick did not justify the shutdown of society and the fear is being used to control, evidenced by the number of people who are wearing masks that don't stop the spread of any virus and prevent people from breathing proper oxygen.

It's very sad that at time when people are seriously in need of good information that there is so much infighting on this blog. It's hard to understand why people would waste their time doing this when there are so many important things going on in the world that really require we stay alert and try to inform on another.

The agenda is advancing rapidly, so my advice is to stop wasting time fighting and see what you can do in your local community to resist these dictatorial mandates if you cherish your freedom. If all else fails be prepared to stand firm because we may be going into tribulation and you would want to be spiritually and physically prepared.

Anonymous said...

Utter nonsense & misinformation.

Far Far less Americans died of Polio way back when and when the vaccine came out our greatest generation lined up for it and got it and aa few decades later Polio was eradicated from our shores. Further, thousands of doctors have worn masks for millions of hours without complications...."proper oxygen"??? Oxygen is Oxygen. Quit being a snowflake. Live in fear if you want but stop spreading lies.

Finally, the vaccine ingredients are known, are published and have been analyzed and there is no "Graphene Oxide" in the vaccines.

"Graphene Oxide In Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccines? Here Are The Latest Unsupported Claims"

Anonymous said...

Almost 8 billion people in the world today.
It takes 1000 millions to make 1 billion.
1000 millions to make 1 billion people!

But only 4.36 million have died of Covid in the entire world (they say)
A long way from even the 1st billion......
(By the way what ever happened to the plain old flu? You don't hear of it anymore)

Look at those numbers and ask what is the extreme fear about?

Covid is tiny in scale (manufactured and all it is still tiny in the grander scheme of things).
When it comes to dying Covid is a drama queen.
People are willing to throw away their very costly freedoms for what exactly???
10 out of 10 die of something (the wages of sin is death so be reading and believing the Bible now, before they confiscate it).

People, in the by and large, must be sufficiently ready to submit to the evil reign of the devil and his global plan to throw so much away, and so quickly.

However God's Plan, through Jesus His Son, is still looking for takers..

Anonymous said...

Feds declare anti-vaxxers are “terrorists,” unveil 90-day plan to wage false flag violence and blame it on “anti-lockdown extremists”

In a widely-circulated Homeland Security warning, the federal government declared that anyone who opposes vaccines, masks, social distancing or lockdowns poses a “potential terror threat” to society at large. Dubbed a “National Terrorism Alert” by CIA-run NBC News, the warning also insists that anyone who thinks there was fraud in the 2020 election might also be a terrorist.

Never mind the fact that Democrats and the left-wing media spent the last four years decrying total fraud during the 2016 election, claiming “the Russians” stole the election. Back then, such declarations were declared to be patriotic… but today, they’re considered terrorism.

GrantNZ said...

See the satire video Hateful white men question how hateful they actually are.
Could be a lesson here for those quick to label people

Anonymous said...

'Do you regret it?': Hear what unvaccinated Covid patients told Don Lemon

Anonymous said...

Texas Supreme Court Sides With Gov. Abbott, Temporarily Bans Mask Mandates

LSWA said...

What a short and terse take for the sake of reality.

Basement Biden was no bargain.
Are we better off now than 8 months ago?
The waste, what has been squandered, is incalculable.

Honestly, read it slowly and then read it again.

J said...

X 7:19 PM,

I suspect that Marjorie Taylor Greene was groomed to be the Right's answer to AOC. She is being dubbed MTG. She has made headlines for friction and sparks between her and AOC. She was clearly staging political theatre to obtain those headlines.

I think the Left has their crazy wimmin and the Right wants their crazy wimmin to fight the Left's crazy wimmin.

Whereas I think, "Could we just not be crazy?"

Nonetheless, my husband is very streetwise, and he has a saying. "Fight stupid with stupid. Fight crazy with crazy."

That is a street perspective. (It is obviously not a Christian perspective.)

Anonymous said...

"Yes, the nasty crew headed by RayB, paul, Richard and all the other white supremacist scum posting on this blog are to blame. This place has become their virtual KKK meeting spot over the last year or so, promoting hatred, hubris and utter racist filth for the last few years now. I wonder how they would have treated Jesus Christ when he walked the Earth, who was definitely not white, whom they would have no doubt castigated for letting a hooker wash his feet. I bet their buckets would be filled to the brim with stones and their hearts full of murder, as they are for anyone not Euro-American, i.e., Caucasian."

Oh spare us your phony self-righteousness, pal. You have no idea how we'd treat Jesus if He was here. He was a Judean with a nice sun tan and dark features. So what? At least those people are not the ungrateful, dysfunctional, violent, stupid, failure-prone, impulsive, White-hating critter screw-ups that are killing, maiming, and raping here in what we have in THIS Nation every day (and night).

If there was a 'White supremacist' problem in this country, you wouldn't even be allowed to whisper it (hint hint) !!!


Nocturnal critters hiding from cops' lights,
Screams blasting from the ATM fights....
Eagerly awaiting bites!


J said...

10:49 PM,

It's very sad that at time when people are seriously in need of good information that there is so much infighting on this blog. It's hard to understand why people would waste their time doing this when there are so many important things going on in the world that really require we stay alert and try to inform on another.

Some of the infighting has intermittently, repeatedly, in a sustained pattern been directed towards insulting, undermining and lying about this blog's author. What has she done? Has she become a New Ager? No. Has she become pro-NWO? No. She has become first anti QAnon and second anti-Trump, and that was after having voted twice for Trump.

The latest person to attack Constance -- who said she is just like X and who even called her a New Ager -- even agrees with her that we are on the cusp of the mark of the beast. He even thinks it's too late to save America. He knows Trump's time is past. He is not a QAnoner. Yet he still couldn't find it in his heart to stand with Constance on their common ground. He still couldn't forgive her for having criticized Trump. He still prioritized that she had criticized Trump, and cared about that more, than he cared about supporting her latest post, warning about a possible pending mark of the beast.

I don't even agree about a physical mark of the beast. I don't even agree with Dispensationalism. Yet I am still more respectful. I still respect her forty years of constant warnings about the New Age and the NWO and globalism.

(I feel concern about the NWO and the Great Reset and Klaus Schwab's openly stated goals, even if I don't think it's necessarily the fulfillment of prophecy.)

I don't understand how somebody can claim to prioritize their afterlife, yet clearly what they most care about is a cult of personality in the here and now, even though they know it's all doomed. It makes zero sense to me. Zero.

There is no excuse for any of us to stand by and say nothing while somebody insults Constance with a blatant lie by calling her a New Ager.

Other than that, I am in agreement about avoiding infighting. I really do think most of us have common ground.

J said...

11:20 AM,

This could quite possibly be the only thing I agree with you about, but this is a good point:

"If there was a 'White supremacist' problem in this country, you wouldn't even be allowed to whisper it (hint hint) !!!"

I really don't know how anybody can logically argue with this point.

RayB said...

I have posted this before, but in light of our current situation in this country, I think it is even more applicable now than it was when I first posted it.

Although only 26 pages, it is a masterful. Make no mistake about this; America, in virtually every way, is an empire ... and its days as such are numbered.


Who was Sir John Glubb?

Sir John Glubb, better known as Glubb
Pasha, was born in 1897, and served in
France in the First World War from 1915 to
1918. In 1926 he left the regular army to
serve the Iraq Government. From 1939 to
1956, he commanded the famous Jordan
Arab Legion. Since retirement, he has
published sixteen books, chiefly on the
Middle East, and has lectured widely.

Free PDF download here:

Richard said...

Lyrics by A, R, R

Apparition from the Ghetto Hell,
Slime and funk, spew from where they dwell;
Up to Abby's room, the goblins start to creep,
Addicted to the ' dawn the Negro sleeps.

RayB said...

Just a few thoughts and observations regarding Donald Trump:

I spent quite a few years of my life "inside the ropes" of politics. Although the general public suspects, they cannot possibly know the extent of how money, and special interest groups, virtually control politicians and subsequently the policies that they support and vote for. This is point is so pervasive, that it cannot be overemphasized.

For example; members of Congress are elected to serve a two year term. From the day that they are elected, they are already in campaign mode for the next election. It costs a tremendous amount of money to mount a Congressional campaign. Depending of course where the seat is located, it can cost the candidate as much as $2 Million, or more. The reason it is so difficult to unseat an incumbent is primarily the inability of the challenger to obtain sufficient amounts in campaign donations. The incumbent has power, the challenger typically has much, much less. The incumbent has "commitments" due to his/her proven loyalty to in keeping campaign promises that benefit the special interest groups. The end result is that the Congressman is owned!

THIS IS AN EXTREMELY IMPORTANT POINT: the longer POLITICIANS hold office, and the more they move up the political ladder, the more they are OWNED by the special interests groups! IN HIGH LEVEL POLITICS, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A POLITICIAN THAT IS NOT OWNED BY SPECIAL INTERESTS. (If there is, it is as rare as a waterfall in the desert). The Presidency represents OWNED politicians like no other office.

Enter Donald Trump.

First, a caveat: I never paid much attention to Trump prior to his run for POTUS. I thought of him as a bombastic, egotistical, over the top rich man that maneuvered banks (the Art of the Deal) into financing his often very risky endeavors. That being said, very few successful people are NOT egotistical.

My first exposure to Trump was watching him descend from the escalator. Quite frankly, I was refreshingly shocked by what he had to say! I remember thinking; 'I can't disagree with a single thing this man just said.'

RayB said...


Trump is NOT a politician, and has not crawled up the political money ladder. He is a rarity, in that the only office he was ever elected to was President of the United States. Trump also happens to be EXTREMELY wealthy, putting him in a position in which he is NOT beholden to special interest groups, because he never had the need for their money!

Unfortunately for Trump (and us) is the fact that the big money interests (including the Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street, the mega bankers, including the PRIVATELY OWNED banking conglomerate the Federal Reserve, mega industry, big Pharma, the main stream media, the globalists ... the list goes on and on) controls this country, and owns and runs, the major political entities ... including on the state level.

Trump entered the swamp with the completely unrealistic goal of "draining the swamp." It CANNOT BE DONE, because the bureaucracy is all encompassing, and equally corrupt.

Trump represented to me a person that saw all of this, but didn't understand the depth of what he was dealing with. From virtually every corner, he was attacked 24/7, and was NEVER given credit at all for his many accomplishments.

Was Trump perfect? NO WAY. But in comparison to the thoroughly compromised and corrupt Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, I'll take Trump over those two any day of the week.

RayB said...

Twitter account for Donald Trump ... permanently banned.

Twitter account for Rep. Marjorie Greene ... suspended.

Twitter account for the LEADER of the TALIBAN ... ACTIVE

RayB said...

One more important point to add regarding my Trump comments:

Catherine Austin Fitts did an intensive amount of research, using Government documents, and has DOCUMENTED that, according to the Congressional Budget Office statistics, $21 TRILLION ... again ... $21 TRILLION is "missing" and "unaccounted for" from the funds of the U. S. Government!

Do you think this corrupt cabal wants ANYONE other than a CORRUPT insider running this con game?

Anonymous said...

Tal Brooke passed away. Requiescat in Pace. I didn’t agree with everything he said, but he did a lot of good.

LSWA said...

@ 1:52 & 2:04 PM

Thank you. You spelled it out exactly, summed it all up very well.

And now it is back to the utter chaos, swamp snarl and morass (and Biden is more an ass than most of Washington DC, no small feat!) that has plagued this country for a long time. But back bigger than ever with former Pres Trump hog-tied (well it seems that way at the present) and perhaps permanently.
One day at a time is how I have to view things.
I have to take it in smaller bites or you'd choke to death on all this ugly.

Jeremiah the prophet wept buckets over watching the death of his nation and that is basically what I think I am seeing.
In that I think I know how he felt..

Anonymous said...

It is what Trump did, actually did, much more than anything he ever said, that makes me thank God for the man. There is a lesson for us in that. Deeds speak louder than words..or they should in my book anyway.
I think lots of people have rushed to judgment based on things they think they saw and heard rather than how it shakes out in realities with him. The Spin Machines were in overdrive (still are).
And frankly, that can be taken by high or low degrees from both the positives and the negatives. But somewhere in the middle was where all the good things were coming from and that makes me thankful that we got to see that while it lasted. Thank God for the middle ground. The elites hate us with a passion. Trump (and a small few still fighting for that ground like MTG as one example) stood tall in the middle..where normal American homes and families stand.

Now an absolute buffoon is occupying the people's house. It was definitely some kind of coup because that house isn't the people's house anymore!
Thanks all of you who helped O'Biden "win".
The ingrates and abusers of the public good got him in.

J said...

Trump hurt himself more than anybody on this blog ever hurt him.

J said...

Has it occurred to you that he could possibly even be like one of those boxers or athletes who was paid to lose?

If so, it would explain a lot.

J said...

He may be rich, but his assets are deeply leveraged, and he does not have incredibly good liquidity.

J said...

It sucks that it ended the way it did. It was fun, and then it was 2020. Biden's presidency has been a downer so far, and then some. No centrist is he.

Meanwhile this is Constance's blog, it's not primarily a political blog, it's not the election cycle currently, and she can write about QAnon to her heart's content if she so chooses.

Personally, I hope we will hear more from her soon about the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab and related topics.

Anonymous said...

'The buck stops with me,' says Biden but then proceeds to blame Afghan fiasco on Trump and locaIs who failed to fight the Taliban - before ducking questions and fleeing for Camp David

Anonymous said...

US House Candidate: 'We Should Be Allowed to Shoot' Anyone Who Doesn't Take COVID Seriously

Anonymous said...

J @ 6:12 PM said

"Has it occurred to you that he could possibly even be like one of those boxers or athletes who was paid to lose?"

God love ya J.

Everytime I read your comedy it brings me euphoria!

I never knew over the top assumption could be a great comedic style!

So cute.

Your my favorite poster.

Craig said...

For those interested, I've just finished my post critiquing the pre-trib rapture (I'll be cleaning up some formatting after I rest my eyes a bit):

Rapture Ready?

RayB said...

More proof that our State Department has been taken over by incredibly naive, woke, amateurs that have zero understanding of the real world. What's shocking about this is that the spokesman failed to make a request asking the Taliban to fly the LGBTQ flag over their headquarters.

VIDEO: Biden Regime Official Asks Taliban To Form ‘Inclusive And Representative’ Government With ‘Full Participation Of Women’

Anonymous said...

"American Painted Blood"

Lyrics by Richard

Outrageous crappy policies,
Joe's demented ministry,
Talmudic system of judicial flaws,
Watch this rotting nation fall!

Legislature will set the stage,
Negro slaves caught in his rage!

paul said...

Having been outed by Christine for shacking up with a man, I find your point distasteful. How could you, RayB?

RayB said ...

”... What's shocking about this is that the spokesman failed to make a request asking the Taliban to fly the LGBTQ flag over their headquarters.”

Anonymous said...

Jamaicans Demand Removal of Pride Flag from US Embassy | News | CVMTV

paul said...

the old paul will not be commenting here anymore, because the troll paul directly above (6:47) has successfully caused me to quit commenting here anymore. no biggy. It's your world you vicious liar. The Lord rebuke you.
I'll still be watching and listening though. I'm too busy anyway.
God bless the brothers and sisters in Christ.
Thanks for the vine, Constance.

J said...

Paul 7:59 AM,

The troll is just making himself look dumb. Nobody who knows you ever believed for a moment it was you. I understand about being too busy, though. I know I can be contentious at times, but I have always known you are one of the good ones. Sad to see you go. But I may do the same thing, myself. It's only a matter of time before somebody impersonates me as they have you, RayB -- and maybe even X, too.

The way to get around that is to create a Blogger account, but I don't want any more accounts with any more Big Tech companies, right on the heels of my bad experience with FaceBook. Blogger seems a little more laid back, but they are owned by Google, so it's probably just a matter of time before cancel culture comes to Blogger.

Maybe a new crop of commenters who have created Blogger accounts can have their turn: "Hutch", "just here" and others. I hope somebody is able to crowd out the weeds that have been trying their best to take over the comments section.

It makes me sad, because it is like a garden come to neglect, and full of poison ivy. I don't always agree with Constance, but I have tremendous respect for her and for the legacy of her work. I believe that her heart has been into doing God's work -- not perfectly, but with 40 years of being constant, like her name.

This blog is a part of her legacy, so it seems wrong for it to come to be a place characterized by neglect and disrespect. But it seems to bother me more than it bothers her, and who am I to want to control it?

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION Constance Cumbey:

Please 'weed out' the POISON from this blog, before all of your good and faithful supporters leave. During these end times, everyone needs to share the truth about what is happening in the world; but, we can't if toxic TROLLS are allowed to remain and do damage to your blog.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The blog is now The Cult of Cumby!

Free speech is disallowed!

Protect the children from emotional stress!

And get vaccinated!

Anonymous said...


If you create a Blogger account, perhaps consider going by Ma Anand Sheela

Anonymous said...

@ 8:38 AM 'J' thinks it's possible poor X may be getting trolled!?

No J, X, likely a paid troll, has invented all, or most, of his fictitious supporters.

RayB said...

J @ 8:38 AM ...

My sentiments exactly. Hopefully, the real "Paul" will have a short hiatus. J, I understand how you feel as I've considered not posting here as well, but I do hope you remain because you, and Paul, have a lot of insight to offer.

RayB said...


I suggested before that the way to stop this would be to do away with the "Anonymous" name tags (along with the ability to sporadically change names).

A person can remain "anonymous" by simply using a nondescript name. As is the case on other blog sites, if you want to post, you have to sign up by providing your email address and then pick a name that you want to post as. Whenever you want to post, you can't post with any other name than the one you've chosen to use.

I'm sure it would take a little work to set this up, and I know you are very busy, but if you don't take action, I'm afraid this blog is going to be destroyed by these childish trolls that make visiting here somewhat of a chore.

RayB said...

Craig @ 9:05 PM ...

Thanks for the notice. I plan on reading it later today when I have the time.

RayB said...

Further illustration as to to back up what GrantNZ has been saying about the dyer situation in New Zealand:


Looks to me like NY Mayor Bill de Blasio and New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern have been in close communication.

de Blasio is implementing a plan that will virtually shut out much of New York to anyone that has exercised their "freedom of choice" in not getting the vaccine.

Read about it here:

Anonymous said...

That Great City Babylon

Anonymous said...

Hey, everyone: If you don't watch another video today, this week, this year... please take time to watch this one!!!

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