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Was Lucis Trust behind Occupy Movement?

I've spent a great deal of time lately examining both my personal library and online/library resources on the OCCUPY MOVEMENT.  The OCCUPY MOVEMENT has also helped spawn the INDIVISIBLE MOVEMENT.  The INDIVISIBLE MOVEMENT is actively and shamelessly working to bring down the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION.  The OCCUPY MOVEMENT is actively and shamelessly working for WORLD REVOLUTION and GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.

I recently borrowed for a 3 week period (now expired) a video entitled "The 99%:  OCCUPY EVERYWHERE.  Upon viewing, I thought it necessary that I own my own copy.  I discovered I couild "own" a copy by downloading same from for a price.  That is often a convenient and good way to view worth watching twice videos.  However, I wanted the in-the-box copy.  I went to Amazon's online store site for that.  I do have it ordered; but I  was shocked to see that I had to PRE-order this video based on largely pre-2012 events.

Credits and comments at the end of the video boasted the successes the OCCUPY MOVEMENT had with various important very recent  political developments and initiatives.  That let me know its proponents considered it part of an ongoing current major global process.

The OCCUPY EVERYWHERE video was heavy with footage about global revolution and "SDG"s. "SDG" stands for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS.  Jeffrey Sachs who originally hails from the Detroit Metropolitan area (Oak Park) was featured heavily throughout the video footage.  He is the primary figure behind the administration of the Agenda 21 cum Agenda 2030 cum Millennium Development Goals cum Sustainable Development Goals program.
Jeffrey Sachs speaking to the World Economic Forum

The SDG's were formerly known as MDG's.  That stands for "Millennium Development Goals."  In its turn those were the Agenda 21 goals published post-Rio 1992 Earth Summit chaired by now deceased Canadian internationalist Maurice Strong. 

This morning, I discovered an intriguing video on line making the charge that "LUCIS TRUST IS BEHIND THE OCCUPY MOVEMENT."  

You may view it by clicking this link.  

I have long observed that the current manifestations of the New Age Movement/Theosophy/occultism usually become dangerous when they team up with other forces such as "free thinkers", anarchism, and other forces that would force change through violence.

Those reading Barbara Marx Hubbard's REVELATION and her channeled pronouncements that "we come to bring death -- we do this for the sake of the planet" have been put on notice that major New Agers believe themselves guided by spirits.

This video claims a link between Paulina Arcos, Lucis Trust and the Occupy Movement.  The Occupy Movement website that was originally created on July 12, 2011 had an administrative contact of "Arcos, Paulina europeanrevolution@ . . ."

The needed "pre-release" order of the 99% OCCUPY EVERYWHERE video tells me that very likely a new push is on.  I decided to see what was happening circa 2017.  I have found plenty.  Behind the OCCUPY MOVEMENT financially in no small part was the TIDES FOUNDATION.  One of its prominent donors is George Soros but there are many others.  

One word of caution.  The video focused in no small part on the address of 866 United Nations Plaza as proof of the Lucis Trust connection.  That was once the address of Lucis Trust that has long since moved on to a Wall Street address near the docks in New York City at 120 Wall Street.  

866 United Nations Plaza is an office condominium building.  I do not currently know if it is owned or run by the United Nations. I also know very little about Paulina Arco and her causes.  For sure she is teamed up with the Occupy Movement from the evidence shown; however, I have yet to learn if she has Lucis Trust ties.  From Issue No. 3 of the Lucis Trust newsletter of 2012, we read this about Lucis Trust's views on the various global occupy movements:

Following on from the Festival Week seven years ago, we have seen great political, social and economic upheavals, manifesting in initiatives such as the Occupy Movement, the “Arab Spring”, and the continued focus, with varying success, on the importance of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Together they are making a significant impact on awareness of social issues and matters of spiritual principle. We have also seen how challenging it is for nations and communities to express these values and to reform the structures which will serve the common good. While self-interest or national interest is uppermost, there can be no "social harmony", no security or unity, no freedom or well-being. Perhaps the next seven years will see "the sacrifice of selfishness" coming into its own as people of goodwill recognise the need for sharing and the contribution of all parts of society towards the growth and prosperity of the whole. The word sacrifice means "to make whole", and the group’s work is therefore closely linked to the strengthening of the bridge between the higher and lower kingdoms of nature.

Whether they were/are directly behind the Occupy Movement, I'm still collecting the evidence.  Perhaps more of you out there already have it.  At any rate, they are applauding it and it appears that fresh moneys and determination on the coalition of anarchists/left wing extremists/New Agers/Occupy Movement activists now in obvious motion is on the march.

As now deceased Russian Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose used to effectively say:  IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK.  HASTEN NOW TO DO THE WORK OF THE LORD.

Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Much later than people think.....

RayB said...

The Lucis Trust behind the Occupy Movement? WOW !

Guess who else supported this Communist front group?

Anonymous said...

How does one spell A-N-T-I P-O-P-E?????

Constance Cumbey said...

I just found this on line at the Lucis Trust site. It appears that Lucis Trust enthusiastically loves the 'EMERGENT CHURCH' in the Protestant worlds and also loves POPE FRANCIS in the Catholic one. I would love to hear from Suzanne on this one.


Constance Cumbey said...

Here's another link to my 12:05 comment material:



Constance Cumbey said...

Very, very important article from Catholic perspective in periodical called THE REMNANT. Over the past many years I have been sent material from its subscribers and I have generally found its information credible and accurate. It cites Lee Penn's work on URI (United Religions Initiative) that I have also found credible and useful.


Again, I find Susanna's opinions valuable and would like to hear from her on this.


Anonymous said...

The Equifax debacle might be the trigger to force a secure identification for everyone --> the precursor or the actual mark of the beast.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RayB said...

I read the article in the periodical called "THE REMNANT" and also have viewed the PBS Frontline documentary "Secrets of the Vatican." In the article, the author states that the PBS doc. "praised" Francis, while referring to all previous Popes as "evil." Nothing regarding the previous Popes as such was stated, nor was it even remotely implied. The doc. does a very unbiased investigation (interviewing numerous Catholics) regarding the crisis created by the immense, and ongoing, pedophile priest scandals, along with the powerful "gay" lobby that operates within the church and the Vatican. WATCH the PBS documentary ... it is very enlightening (I'll post a youtube link later).

Francis is by no means the only Pope that, in spirit and in practice, supported the United Religious Initiative along with other world religion ecumenical organizations ... both Benedict and John Paul II did as well.

For those that want to SEE for themselves, watch this short "Pope Video" that fully illustrates his support for (and make no mistake about it ... the Vatican as well) the United Religions Initiative:

Constance Cumbey said...


Do you have a link where I can find the online documentary? Is it available on Youtube?


Anonymous said...

DC Socialite Admits to being an Occultist: Worries Hexes Put on People Might Have Killed Them

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Implanted Microchip to Replace Credit Cards, Car Keys
Swedes already using biometric chip instead of train tickets

Revelation 13:16-18

16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

RayB said...


Here is the link to the PBS Doc. "Secrets of the Vatican" first aired in 2014. It is about 1 1/2 hours in length. IMO, it is very well done with factual information that has been substantiated even more since its initial airing.


Anonymous said...
Some may not think so, but they really are moving quicker and more determined toward this goal.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Rich Peterson - Medford said...


I still haven’t determined whether Occupy was initiated by the UN/Lucis Trust, whether it was hijacked or a a collaborative effort. Given what I know I believe it was orchestrated by Adbusters and the UN. David Korten who delivered the keynote address to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit is a likely link. (Part of Occupy’s “One Demand” was impelentation of a new economic system as penned by David Korten.)

I’m currently reading The End of Protest by Micah White who worked with Adbusters to launch Occupy. White is a revolutionary. He calls for the overthrow of the existing world economic structure. He envisions a global spirituality which is connected to the earth if we are to solve climate change. He most definetly appears on board with the Rio goals.

Below is information I recently posted on Occupy last week:

For various reasons I think it’s important to comment on Antifa and Occupy again and explain why I said these movements are not genuinely interested in social justice. These two, in particular, eerily remind me of early 1900 history when the National Socialists and Communists competed for political power. Both had proven themselves to be different faces on the same coin. Both Antifa and Occupy have published warnings of the other. These ought to suffice that neither is good. Antifa accuses Occupy organizer Micah White of allying himself with Nazi ideology while Occupy directs our attention that Antifa is mainly comprised of authoritarian communists. As my grandfather had a saying for these types of people: “they are like two skunks pissing on one another”. I believe both critiques have some validity.


Starting with Antifa, its protests have a history of violent conflict. Place people having violent ideologies together and you have a disaster waiting to happen as witnessed in Virginia. The Virginia chapter of the ACLU squarely blamed state and city officials for creating conditions conducive for violent conflict. They also indicated the police were given stand down orders. And, as usual, crisis == opportunity. The national narrative became one of when it is appropriate to place restrictions upon free speech.

It’s not uncommon for movements such as Occupy and Antifa to undermine Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms. They use social justice as a mobilization instrument. The outcome, unfortunately, may be entirely different than many of their adherents might expect.

I recall the dread I felt the latter part of 2011 as the Occupy movement’s following steadily increased. The movement had the support of Congressional leadership ranging from Sen. Feingold (D-WI) to President Obama himself. The movement was represented as a vehicle which would empower the main street citizen – the 99% -- to correct economic and social disparities. The media widely reported Occupy’s origin as a spontaneous spark and organic movement. They ignored the fact that general assemblies existed and had planned Occupy prior to its launch. The movement was coordinated and networked.

I began to read everything on the Occupy general assemblies’ web sites. The New York general assembly was the most active and appeared to set the tone for the rest of the nation. I couldn’t help but notice the level of participation of individuals associated with conscious evolution. Occupy did have demands of which I had been familiar with from the conscious evolution network. They included:

- Collapse of the existing world order and its economic system (end of empire);
- A new economic system which would connect to an earth-centric spirituality ;
- Global governance (a new world order);
- Conscious evolution as prescribed by Barbara Marx Hubbard, etc.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

The Occupy demands called for implementation of initiatives I am familiar with such as the Earth Charter, Harmony with Nature, the new “sustainable” spirituality, a quantum leap in their evolutionary process, etc. I found it interesting that those authoring the demands failed to recognize these initiatives as ones developed by the very institutions they had just placed blame upon for social injustice. One irony is the condemnation of the Georgia Guidestones which calls for a world-wide population not to exceed 500 million yet the same author demands conscious evolution as prescribed by Barbara Marx Hubbard. Hubbard categorizes the population into four camps and calls for the destruction one-half of the social body.

Ted Schulman of Transformative Communities (in collaboration with the NY general assembly) promptly petitioned the UN to make Occupy an NGO (non-governmental organization) enabling it to participate in the upcoming Rio +20 Conference. Schulman is an activist who works on the implementation of the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit goals (commonly known as the UN biodiversity treaty and Agenda 21). Also of interest is months before Occupy’s launch, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said a people’s revolution would be necessary if the global body was to achieve its Rio goals.

I kept a close watch on conscious evolutionary leadership network during this time. All of them assumed leading roles at Occupy events.

they claimed the Occupy movement as the moment they had long awaited. The cultural creatives (progressives) had finally reached critical mass and their quantum leap in the evolutionary process had begun.

This was followed by Conscious Media Network reports that high ranking government officials had passed word they could broadcast a new currency and economic system would soon be introduced.

Spontaneous, huh? I began to wonder if their time had finally arrived.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Here’s the Adbuster-Micah White-Conscious Evolution connection. Much credit is attributed to Micah White for organizing the Seattle WTO protests which utilized “principles of coordinated decentralization”.

Anonymous said...

MAJOR Information Resource:

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

The radical Left has been trying to portray Pope Francis as a Marxist/socialist from the get-go. I have done a great deal of research into the life of Pope Francis and have found no hard evidence to indicate that he is a Marxist/socialist or any other species of ideologue.

I don't trust the news reports on Pope Francis either. The reason why is because I have found several instances in which he is portrayed as saying things he simply has not said.

For example, Breitbart posted an article just a few days ago dated September 11, 1917 which reads:

Pope Francis Demurs on DACA, Governments Must Handle Immigration Crisis with ‘Prudence’
Despite his well-known calls for open-heartedness in dealing with migrants, Pope Francis reminded reporters Monday that immigration requires regulation, while declining to lay down a judgment on President Trump’s decision to abolish Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) more....

But then the very next day, Pope Francis is portrayed as creating a moral equivalent between DACA and abortion in an article published in the Boston Herald which reads:

Pope scolds Trump on DACA
Questions prez’s ‘pro-life’ claims

Chris Cassidy Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Go figure.

With regard to the so-called "Emergent Church," I believe that it is a pseudo-Christian facet of the Perennial philosophy which ultimately promotes religious indifferentism - i.e."one religion is as good as another." Of course, their attempt to portray themselves as being "papal approved" is par for the course. Once we had a sect in Bayside New York headed by a so-called seer named Veronica Leukin. Despite the denunciations of her "revelations" by her bishop, her minions used to distribute Bayside publications with a picture of Pope John Paul II on it. I think I still have a couple in my files. Ergo. I don't get too impressed when someone portrays themselves as having the papal "seal of approval."

The article you linked us to reads:

The core of their ( members of the Emergent community ) agreement is the general disillusionment with the teachings of the established church. The increased communication between those of different religious observances in Christianity, has led to a mixing and blending of ideas. Through this network of ideas has come the realisation ‘that no one of the member parts or connecting networks has the whole or entire “truth” of anything’.2 This has led to some in the Emerging Church to move the emphasis away from eternal salvation to the importance of what they do in the ‘here and now’ on earth. The incarnated Christ came and worked in the world and, therefore, adherents feel the responsibility to do this also. They aim to influence, transform and be involved in the local environment to bring about change and betterment. They attempt to transform through social activism, hospitality and acts of kindness.

This goes directly against the Bible in which Christ Himself says unequivocally "My kingdom is not of this world."


Susanna said...


I am all for Christian denominations working together for the sake of the things that they honestly and truly do agree on ( i.e. Christology as defined in the Creeds of Chalcedon and Nicaea ). But pretending to agree where they do not agree is what is referred to by Catholics and others as "false Irenicism" and is based on a false interpretation of "outside the church no salvation" since no one but God can know the precise point at which one is definitively "outside the church."

Regarding the "Emergent Church's" so-called "social justice," when a this-worldly "social justice" is given priority over the HEAVENLY JUSTICE wrought by the Incarnation as well as the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ (the Word made Flesh), then what you have is an exclusively secular ideology ( a secular idol) masquerading as a religion. Jesus didn't come to "work in the world" in the manner of a Buddha or philosophical "great world teacher." He came to save us from our sins!!! If we have not been saved from our sins, why would anything we do "in the here and now" even matter? Philanthropy is not the same thing as Charity. Charity begins with love of God above all things and THEN expands to love of neighbor out of love for God. Philanthropy begins with man and ends with man.

In my humble opinion, we ignore the words of C.S. Lewis at our own peril. One doesn't have to necessarily agree with everything Mr. Lewis had to say in order to recognize that he was spot on when he wrote:

Fascism and communism, like all other evils, are potent because of the good that they contain or imitate....."

...Mark my word.....soon you will see a leftist and rightist pseudo-theology developing.....the abomination will stand where it ought not.

So was T.S. Eliot spot on when he wrote:

The last temptation is the greatest treason

To do the right thing for the wrong reason


Finally, it was the famous French poet Charles Peguy who observed:

"Tout commence en mystique et finit en politique"

("Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.")

The New Age Movement ( which often masquerades as "Christianity" ) begins as mysticiam and ends in Marxist/socialist politics......the "New World Order."

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

The Remnant is a Traditionalist Catholic news publication with sympathies to the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. It is published twice a month in the United States.

The publication began as the result of a dispute between Walter Matt, the founding editor of The Wanderer who served the paper for over thirty years, and his brother Alphonse Matt. Walter Matt opposed the changes within the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council; Alphonse Matt supported them.

Walter Matt left The Wanderer, which was left under the guidance of Alphonse, to start The Remnant in 1967, two years before the most dramatic changes, those affecting the Mass and celebration of the Sacraments, were instituted. In Walter Matt's words, his "reaction to what he saw took the form of a Catholic newspaper called The Remnant."[3] Thus was founded what was to become the flagship of the traditional Catholic movement in the United States.[4] The Remnant considers itself as the "leading journal of the counterrevolution, which seeks to restore the traditions of the Church to their rightful place and honor in the Church—especially the Tridentine Mass." It serves as a forum for Catholics who, in their words, oppose "that which in any way contradicts the infallible teachings and immutable traditions of the Catholic Church."[5]

The Remnant is now edited by Walter Matt's youngest son, Michael J. Matt. Many leading traditionalists, including Thomas Woods, Brian Mershon, Christopher Ferrara, Brian McCall, Mark Alessio, Robert Dahl, Kenneth Wolfe, Sherry Foster and Martin Blackshaw write for the paper on a regular basis. Columns by Dr. John C. Rao, a professor at St. John's University, are another regular feature. So were columns by Michael Davies for many years before his death in 2004 and by Thomas Droleskey prior to adopting the sedevacantist position and taking a job with The Four Marks monthly located in Ballantine, MT. From 2005 to 2013, The Remnant was a very vigorous defender of the pontificate of Benedict XVI as its writers believe he has vindicated them on issues that have divided them from other Traditionalists and from conservative Catholics associated with The Wanderer, EWTN, and Catholic Answers. Under the current pontificate of Pope Francis, the newspaper has heavily criticized his policies.....

I would be very careful when reading any articles from this publication.

Nancy Reyes said...

FYI: From Tim Blair in Australia

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

I just read the article that Constance Cumbey presented a link to in her 12:05 AM post. I like the article.

Cumbey believes that New Agers worship the earth. I am wondering where she finds earth worship in the following excerpt from the article she presented a link to.

"Let us take the first part of the keynote: I leave the Fathers Home - The Fathers Home is the light and life of the Monad and ‘leaving home’ means consciousness detaches itself from the Monad and descends into the ocean of matter and attaches to form. The soul is then held captive within form for many incarnations, passing through the zodiac from Pisces to Aries. During this time individuals are subject to the glamour and illusion of the material world. The moment the individual emerges out of that illusion and is no longer subject to the glamour and the effect of world maya, they enter the second part of the keynote, which is -Turning back I save."

Craig said...

Pope Francis really ought to consult all sides of the “climate change” debate before he starts pontificating on this issue:

Pope Francis On Climate Change Denial: 'Man Is Stupid'

Climate change denials amid catastrophic hurricanes are a reminder that humans are not a particularly smart species, Pope Francis said Sunday while flying over areas in the Caribbean decimated by Hurricane Irma.

“Man is stupid,” he said, referencing a passage in the Old Testament, according to the The New York Times and The Associated Press. “When you don’t want to see, you don’t see.”

A correspondent for Crux Now had a slightly different translation of the pontiff’s comments: “Man is a stupid and hard-headed being who doesn’t see.”

The pope—who has sparred with President Donald Trump on several issues, including climate change—also urged the climate skeptics of the world to consult with a scientist.

“Those who deny climate change need to go to scientists and ask them,” Francis said, according to Crux. He said the scientific community has been “clear and precise” in linking human activities to the ongoing crisis and that “each [person] has a moral responsibility, bigger or smaller.” Climate change is a “serious matter over which we cannot make jokes,” he said.

No matter how one translates Francis’ words here, he’s making a false equivalency. There’s absolutely no evidence that “climate change”, or “global warming” has any effect on the frequency or severity of hurricanes. His statement is irresponsible at best. See here:

ACTUAL SCIENTIST: "2017 Hurricanes Aren't Because of Climate Change"

We sat down with Dr. Roy Spencer, an actual climatologist and former NASA scientist (who's [sic] rebuttal to Al Gore's latest film overshadowed the actual film) to discuss the possible correlations between 2017's "unprecedented" hurricane season and climate change.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Constance ~

From a Human Events article (October, 2011 ~ 6 years ago) . . .

George Soros Funds Occupy Wall Street

Anonymous said...

Question for you, Thomas Dahlheimer:

What purpose are you serving by posting on this blog???

No one here is 'on the same pro-New Age page' with you.

Are you really so arrogant as to expect to change anyone's mind???

Just curious . . .

Anonymous said...

Evidently he gets himself off by doing so. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

"CBS News Reports Upon Using Lasers To Influence Weather Events"

RayB said...

Susanna said @ 10:11 PM (in part):

"The radical Left has been trying to portray Pope Francis as a Marxist/socialist from the get-go. I have done a great deal of research into the life of Pope Francis and have found no hard evidence to indicate that he is a Marxist/socialist or any other species of ideologue."

Whew! Am I ever glad that Francis isn't a Jesuit/Liberation Theology Marxist. All those Marxist statements about "sharing the wealth," etc.(Benedict and John Paul II made numerous statements as well) must have been taken out of context. The Papacy has been calling for a "new global economic order" for years. If you don't believe it, just do a Google search and see the statements made by JP II, Benedict & Francis.

Susanna also states:

"I don't trust the news reports on Pope Francis either. The reason why is because I have found several instances in which he is portrayed as saying things he simply has not said."

He didn't REALLY say "Gays that seek the Lord and do good go to heaven. Who am I to judge?" And the same for atheists! Atheists go to heaven too! Francis also doesn't REALLY support the Climate Change fraud, nor does he support Agenda 21 & Agenda 30. Nor does he believe that nations should have walls and borders! And he didn't really "mean it" when he claimed that Jesus' death on the cross was a "FAILURE." etc, etc, etc.

He sure seems to be getting misquoted an awful lot!

Susanna said...

Biography: the life of Pope Francis

by Carl Bunderson

Our new Pope, Francis, was born on Dec. 17, 1936 in Buenos Aires as Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He is 76 years old, and while an Argentinian by birth, his surname betrays his Italian roots. His father was a railway worker who immigrated to Argentina from Italy, and Bergoglio is one of five children.

After earning a secondary school degree as a chemical technician, Bergoglio felt a call to the priesthood.

He joined the Society of Jesus, entering the novitiate in 1958. He received a philosophy degree in 1963 and spent the next three years teaching literature and psychology.

Bergoglio then studied theology from 1967 to 1970, during which time he was ordained a priest. His priestly ordination was on Dec. 13, 1969.

Father Bergoglio did the final state of Jesuit formation from 1970 to 1971, and was novice master at the Jesuit seminary in San Miguel, a Buenos Aires suburb, from 1972 to 1973, where he taught theology.

In 1973, he made his perpetual vows in the Society, and that year was elected provincial for Argentina. After his time as provincial, from 1980 to 1986, he served as rector of the seminary at San Miguel, where he had studied, and was pastor of a parish in the city.

He went to Germany in 1986 to finish his doctoral thesis, after which he served as a professor, confessor and spiritual director.

In 1992, he was consecrated auxiliary bishop of Buenos Aires, and given the titular see of Auca. He became Buenos Aires’ coadjutor bishop in 1997, and succeeded as the see’s archbishop the following year. His role as Archbishop of Buenos Aires made him also the Bishop of the ordinariate for Eastern rite Catholics in Argentina. (Except those of the Armenian Catholic Church in Argentina, who have their own bishop.)


Susanna said...


Bergoglio was elevated to cardinal in 2001 and was appointed cardinal-priest of San Roberto Bellarmino, a Roman parish associated with the Jesuit order.

He served as an official of the 10th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops in 2001 and was for a time the president of the Argentine bishops’ conference.

While Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Bergoglio was a member of the Congregations for Divine Worship; for the Clergy; and for Institutes of Consecrated Life, as well as the Pontifical Council for the Family and the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

He was elected Pope on March 13, 2013, on the fifth ballot of the conclave, during its second day, taking the name Francis after St. Francis of Assisi.

Pope Francis is noted for his humble demeanor – as archbishop of Buenos Aires, he lived in an apartment, cooked his own meals and took public transit. In Rome, according to Father Zuhlsdorf, he carried himself not as a cardinal, but as a typical visiting priest.

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis supported a liberal administration of baptism, recognizing the necessity of the sacrament and the secularizing forces pushing in on his country.

He told the Italian magazine “30 Days” in 2009 that illegitimate children should be baptized, even if their parents are not regular churchgoers.

“The child has no responsibility for the condition of his parents’ marriage. The baptism of children can, on the contrary, become a new beginning for the parents.”

He urged that evangelization must be done “by going to meet the people, not by waiting for the people to come to us…the sacraments are for the life of men and women as they are.”

Argentina was long ruled by right-wing military figures, and during the 1970s the government actively “disappeared” thousands of left-wing activists and militants. While head of the Argentine province of Jesuits, Bergoglio “opposed the tendency” of his brothers in religion to embrace Marxism, according to Sandro Magister’s article in “Chiesa.”

He is close to Communion and Liberation, an ecclesial lay movement founded in 1956 by Monsignor Luigi Giussani, whose writings Bergoglio wrote “have inspired me to reflect and have helped me to pray.”


Susanna said...

“I am convinced that his (Msgr. Giussani’s) thought is profoundly human and reaches man’s innermost longings,” Bergoglio said in 2001.

When in 2010 Argentina was considering the legalization of same-sex marriage – which ended up passing – Bergoglio was opposed to it, as he was opposed to related proposals to allow adoption by gay couples.

In the weeks before the government voted on “gay marriage,” he wrote to the Carmelites in his archdiocese asking them to pray for the vote, saying legalization would “gravely harm the family” and that “the identity of the family, and its survival, are in jeopardy.”

He is friendly to the poor and concerned for their well-being, and is perceived as recognizing the legitimate concerns of liberation theology, while keeping those concerns within the Church’s heart.

“We live in the most unequal part of the world, which has grown the most, yet reduced misery the least,” Bergoglio said during a 2007 assembly of Latin American bishops. “The unjust distribution of goods persists, creating a situation of social sin that cries out to Heaven and limits the possibilities of a fuller life for so many of our brothers.”

He lived in tension with the Argentine government, at times chastising it for failing to do more for the impoverished.

He has shown compassion on the downcast, each year during Holy Week as archbishop washing the feet different social outsiders, including AIDS patients and the incarcerated, according to Bloomberg News.

In 2005, an Argentine monsignor told the BBC that Bergoglio was “as uncompromising as Pope John Paul II, in terms of the principles of the Church – everything it has defended regarding euthanasia, the death penalty, abortion, the right to life, human rights, celibacy of priests.”

While it has been asserted that as Archbishop of Buenos Aires he was hostile to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite, access to which was liberalized by Benedict XVI, the circumstances allow a charitable interpretation.


Susanna said...


The extraordinary form Mass has been available to the people of Buenos Aires, though not within the archdiocese itself, which is only 78 square miles and covers the city itself and none of its suburbs. The traditional Mass is available in Lomas de Zamora, a suburb which borders Buenos Aires, as well as in La Plata, 36 miles away, and Mercedes, 65 miles away.

“La Nacion,” a prominent Argentine publication, said that Bergoglio enjoys soccer and tango, and the books of Dostoyevsky and Jorge Luis Borges.

Carl Bunderson

Carl Bunderson, a convert to the Catholic faith, has studied philosophy at St. John Vianney Seminary in Denver and economics at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Carl is particularly devoted to beautiful celebration of the liturgy, both Mass and the Divine Office, having taken to heart the dictum “lex orandi, lex credenda,” the rule of prayer is the rule of belief.



He is friendly to the poor and concerned for their well-being, and is perceived as recognizing the legitimate concerns of liberation theology, while keeping those concerns within the Church’s heart.

“We live in the most unequal part of the world, which has grown the most, yet reduced misery the least,” Bergoglio said during a 2007 assembly of Latin American bishops. “The unjust distribution of goods persists, creating a situation of social sin that cries out to Heaven and limits the possibilities of a fuller life for so many of our brothers.”

He lived in tension with the Argentine government, at times chastising it for failing to do more for the impoverished.

Recall again the essay of C.S. Lewis:

Fascism and Communism, like all other evils, are not potent because they are obviously evil. They are potent because of the GOOD that they contain or imitate.
Moreover, their very occasion is brought about by those who left humanity starved of that particular good! But this did not change the fact for Lewis that Fascism and Communism were very evil indeed.

There is a "preferential option for the poor" according to the Gospel hermeneutic ( interpretation ). And there is a "preferential option for the poor" according to the Marxist interpretation. The same holds true for "social justice." Social justice according to the Gospel interpretation is to freely obey the Great Commandment to love God above all things and to "do as you would be done by" in terms of loving one's neighbor. "Social justice" according to the Marxist interpretation is complete subordination of the individual to the state who alone may decide where wealth gets redistributed ( i.e. to whomever toes the party line ). Social justice according to the Marxist gospel,like "truth," is whatever happens to serve the cause of world socialism.

I think that while there are certain areas where Catholics may legitimately disagree with Pope Francis, ( i.e. climate change ) it is just plain false to call him a Marxist or a socialist.

Susanna said...

Pope Francis: I’m Not a Marxist

The Pontiff discusses his criticism of capitalism, plans for reform and world suffering

By Courtney Subramanian @cmsubDec. 15, 2013

Pope Francis defended his recent criticism of capitalism, calling U.S. conservatives’ claims that he’s teaching Marxism incorrect.

The Holy See opened up about his denunciation of capitalism as well as his plans for reform in an interview with Italian daily La Stampa printed Sunday. Francis discounted claims by American radio host Rush Limbaugh, who called the Pope’s church reforms “pure Marxism” after the first apostolic exhortation in November.

“The Marxist ideology is wrong. But I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people, so I don’t feel offended,” Francis said.

The Argentinian Pontiff expanded on his criticism, saying, “The promise was that when the glass was full, it would overflow, benefiting the poor. But what happens instead, is that when the glass is full, it magically gets bigger nothing ever comes out for the poor. This was the only reference to a specific theory. I was not, I repeat, speaking from a technical point of view but according to the church’s social doctrine. This does not mean being a Marxist.”

When it comes to laisser faire capitalism and socialism/communism, what difference is there between one regime in which the means of production are concentrated in the hands of a few commissars and another regime in which the means of production are concentrated in the hands of a few elite capitalists or fascists? In either case, the means of production are concentrated in the hands of an elite few while the plight of the poor remains pretty much the same - except in cases where some among the poor have tragically felt themselves compelled to sell their consciences for bread.

I am pretty sure that laisser faire capitalism was what Pope Francis experienced in Argentina. And as such, it is no less unjust than Marxism/socialism/communism.

Anonymous said...

RayB said...

Interesting piece from the Church Militant website briefly explaining that the "Catholic Campaign for Human Development" is a Communist front group.

Anonymous said...

Check out the wikipedia page above.
What is of most interest is some the original reference material that it sites.

RayB said...

From the Catholic website "Church Militant," an article proves that Catholic clergy and the Pope offered comments at this Communist inspired event. If the Pope isn't approving the tenets of this organization, why would he offer remarks (via a letter)?

RayB said...

Powerful Vatican Bishop, and close ally of Pope Francis, is pushing a Marxist agenda. He also is willing pushing the false science "Climate Change," whether it is true or false, as a means to create a One World Government!

RayB said...

Take it from one that knows: Catholic Liberation Theology activist makes the claim that "Pope Francis is one of us!" Liberation Theology is Marxism to the core.

Susanna said...

Church Militant is a group led by a lay Catholic named Michael Voris who often speaks as if he is "more Catholic than the Pope."

And “Church Militant” is not a group that has made a name for itself through keen and well researched insight, or even by breaking major news stories on important issues. Instead, viewers can easily get the impression that this group is on a quest to point out the specks in the eyes of Catholics everywhere. They just don’t always call them specks. Could it be that one man’s speck is another man’s scandal, and that scandals sell better than specks?

Despite their militant approach to reporting on others, few of those it scrutinizes react as defensively as “Church Militant” itself. This is made clear by the defensive offensive launched by his co-workers or partisans on just about any piece that takes issue with Voris and company.

Bravado aside, just how Catholic is this group? Well, it depends on who you ask.

It used to be known as “Real Catholic TV.” Being primarily an online and YouTube service, the title was perhaps a bit overly grand. And when the Archdiocese of Detroit decided it wasn’t real Catholic either, Voris et al. were forced to drop the word “Catholic” from their title and changed to the new name, “Church Militant.”

A change in name did not necessarily mean a change in tactics, and the group continues on its hunt for Catholics who – in its view – aren’t quite Catholic enough, even if the Church hierarchy allows many of those groups to use the name Catholic, but not their accuser.

Of course, for “Church Militant” and Michael Voris, some people always get a pass. At the top of that list seems to be Voris himself. (One can only imagine his reaction to someone else’s swanky Lenten cruise during spring break).

There are others too. Pope Francis has appeared to support NFP, for instance, and definitely said things in a tone much more charitable than theirs. But often, instead of going after the pope himself, Church Militant instead takes issue with his unnamed advisors.


Susanna said...


It is an interesting, some might say disingenuous, tactic that they have applied to others as well.

For instance, Voris blamed unnamed archdiocesan staffers in the controversy over his use of the word “Catholic” in his group’s name. Other times the militants’ attacks are aimed at bishops described in detail, but not actually named.

But others are named. Father (now Bishop-elect) Robert Barron earned their ire for taking a position on hell reminiscent of Von Balthazar’s and perhaps closer to Pope Benedict XVI’s line than to Voris’. Barron was all but a heretic in Voris-land.

Now Father Barron has been named a bishop in Los Angeles. And the group that thinks he is spouting heresy still can’t use the word “Catholic” in its name. It will be interesting to see if Bishop Barron, or only his nameless advisors, will be at fault in any future attacks.

Others too have been “Vorised,” often without their own side presented accurately – or at all.

Caught in his dragnet are not just bishops, but Catholic groups large and small – and some individuals too. The evidence may seem like hearsay, or might be fairly seen from a different perspective, but that doesn’t stop the tabloid-style headlines. Small mistakes may be reported as large ones, and large mistakes may be seen as conspiracies. At times perhaps evil or fearful motives might be even assumed or implied as well in these videos. Watch if you must, but don’t ask for too much evidence on that front either.

Even the most Catholic of groups, like Catholic Answers, Ave Maria Radio, Immaculate Heart Radio, EWTN, the Knights of Columbus, the National Catholic Register and many others are often attacked by Voris and company. Either they are not focused enough on the right sins, or are not doing enough on an issue (no matter how much they do), or they are following the lead of their bishops, rather than ignoring it more...

Anonymous said...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Theosophy is at least in part back of Occupy note how they speak
of it AND ARAB SPRING as "Together they are making a significant impact on ... matters of
spiritual principle."

Arab Spring always resulted in radical islam getting into control and persecution of Christians way
beyond whatever was going on already. I said a while back that I suspect this pattern was deliberate,
that an "unholy war" was secretly going on, given the satanist and similar elements running things.
the American arranged putsch that illegally expelled the Ukrainian president put guess what, nazis
and nazi sympathizers in power. (Crimea naturally declared independence and asked Russia to take
them back in.)

Dahlheimer said "The creation was never "very good," science or evolution has proven this to be
true. The creator is a liar."

you don't read more than a sentence, The Creator said it was very good when He finished creating it.
After the Fall of Man, things changed radically over a period of time. As for "science" it changes its
mind every several decades. ignore it. The two radiometric systems for dating rocks will
give radically different results for the same rock. Lava from a flow in the 100s was dated millions
of years old, ditto a live clam.

link to Amerioca and Britain our Identity - all this hinges on two issues, IF it is true that there is
stray northern tribes blood in any of thee cultures, it is add on not basis. AND Israel is DIVORCED
that is the northern tribes are DIVORCED by God and have no more role except as they turn
to the throne of David and Judah.

Secondly, the battle axe prophecy in Jeremiah, Identity thinks refers to Israel in context is addressed
TO THE MEDES not to Israel, not to America, not to whoever. The Medes. (and this was written when
Israelite tribes were still known and locatable where Assyria put them, AND TOO SOON to have
forgotten their identity or spawned some new people with a different language and so forth)

AngloSaxon/Christian Identity is a fraud. And its origins incl. occultists.

oh, yeah, adam means red earth adamah so he was ruddy like red cheeked white - uh uh.
red earth isn't that shade of red, more like a very red brown. Adam was BRONZE.
Whites are a mutation, likely from Neanderthal heritage. no mitochondrial neanderthal in
us (very few people tested do it may show up later) but the rest of the caucaisan and asian
genome has 2 -5% only pure African blacks isolated not white or asian blood have no neanderthal.

"The movement was represented as a vehicle which would empower the main street citizen
– the 99% -- to correct economic and social disparities." and once you got the average person
brainwashed in some direction, these people will push that agenda thinking it helps them.

Anonymous said...

Equifax Breach Fallout:’s-what-your-identity-sells-dark-web

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Marianne Williamson's endorsement of Micah White's End of Protest (as well as other evidence) leads me to believe the conscious evolutionary network has cooperatively worked with a self-identified revolutionary. And while Williamson professes the movement is non-violent, her endorsement of White tells me otherwise. White prefers that the revolution be achieved through protest but if that doesn't achieve the goal, violent revolution is an acceptable alternative.

One Occupier has warned Williamson of Micah White on her twitter account.

RayB said...

In case you missed it. Pres. Trump signed into law an expansion of the Hate Crime law that now vaguely includes hate "speech." Check out this article:

This is a huge disappointment that Trump would sign this. The question will be, what will be defined as "hate" and by who's definition?

In the posted article there is a hyper link that will take you to the Southern Poverty Law Center's site, where they list over 900 "hate groups." I went through it ... I suggest you do the same. It is very enlightening.

Craig said...


Unfortunately, "InfoWars" got in wrong in their rush to report. A commenter on that article provided a link to the Joint Resolution:

Here's the first paragraph:

S.J.Res.49 - A joint resolution condemning the violence and domestic terrorist attack that took place during events between August 11 and August 12, 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, recognizing the first responders who lost their lives while monitoring the events, offering deepest condolences to the families and friends of those individuals who were killed and deepest sympathies and support to those individuals who were injured by the violence, expressing support for the Charlottesville community, rejecting White nationalists, White supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups, and urging the President and the President's Cabinet to use all available resources to address the threats posed by those groups.

So, basically, it was to formally condemn the happenings at Charlottesville. However, it is VERY one-sided, and I'd argue not a reflection of the 'whole' truth. Over the past few weeks I've been spending HOURS going through video footage, and there's definitely something(s) amiss. I've been compiling data, and, hopefully, will post something soon.

Nonetheless, the way I construe it, this joint resolution sets a terrible precedent.


Constance, as an attorney, what's your take on this joint resolution?

RayB said...\\

The ominous part of this is that S.J. Res. 49 specifically names various groups "and other hate groups." Why are they only naming these specific groups, while ignoring others, and, what "other hate groups" do they have in mind? "The "other hate groups" clause makes this extremely vague, and will be defined according to the politics of those in power ... not according to the 1st. Amendment of the Constitution. Kind of funny, don't you think, that ANTIFA, BLM ("What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? NOW!!"), New Black Panthers, etc. is not mentioned as specific hate groups?

By Trump signing S.J. Res. 49, it now becomes fully ENFORCEABLE due to the fact that it has officially been added to the U.S. Legal Code. It also adds weight to any civil suits in the future.

Incrementally, we are losing our protections that were once guaranteed under the Constitution. This is definitely a step in the wrong direction ... as was "Hate Crime" legislation in the first place.

RayB said...


InfoWars did not report on this ... the Ron Paul Institute did. InfoWars posted an abridged version of the article. Here is a link to the full article on Ron Paul's website:\\

Craig said...


I stand corrected in regards to original reporting. But, as far as I understand it, this doesn't change my stance. A resolution is not a law. But, I'm no lawyer.


Craig said...

Amazon is deleting negative verified purchase reviews of Hillary's book. Just view the slew of reviewers stating that they had to repost their reviews:

one star reviews

RayB said...


Make no mistake about it. S.J. Res. 49 became Law the moment Trump signed it.

Here is a definition directly from the U.S. Senate website regarding Resolutions:

Joint Resolutions

"Joint resolutions are designated H.J. Res. or S.J. Res. and are followed by a number. Like a bill, a joint resolution requires the approval of both Chambers in identical form and the president’s signature to become law. There is no real difference between a joint resolution and a bill."

Anonymous said...


Craig said...


Since you hadn't supplied a link, I tried to find your source, finding the following instead, which confirms your statement:

From the website is this article The Legislative Process:

A bill is the form used for most legislation, whether permanent or temporary, general or special, public or private. A bill originating in the House of Representatives is designated by the letters “H.R.”, signifying “House of Representatives”, followed by a number that it retains throughout all its parliamentary stages. Bills are presented to the President for action when approved in identical form by both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Joint Resolutions
Joint resolutions may originate either in the House of Representatives or in the Senate. There is little practical difference between a bill and a joint resolution. Both are subject to the same procedure, except for a joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution. On approval of such a resolution by two-thirds of both the House and Senate, it is sent directly to the Administrator of General Services for submission to the individual states for ratification. It is not presented to the President for approval. A joint resolution originating in the House of Representatives is designated “H.J.Res.” followed by its individual number. Joint resolutions become law in the same manner as bills.

So, if Trump signed it, it has become law.

But, is it constitutional?

RayB said...


As to whether or not something is Constitutional, that is up the the whims and prejudices of Federal judges. The same applies to the US Supreme Court. Ron Paul has stated that if the US Constitution were to be strictly enforced, "about 80% of the Federal Government would have to be shut down." I don't think that is an exaggeration at all.

Just a few points to consider: Is the Patriot Act Constitutional? Was the Obamacare "tax" penalty Constitutional? Is abortion Constitutional? Is the NSA spying on American citizens Constitutional? What about the NDAA, whereby American citizens can be held without due process for an indefinite period of time? How about ;aw enforcement ceasing private property ... merely on a suspicion ... without trial? More could easily be cited. You get the picture.

With "hate speech" and "hate crimes," the amount of potential abuse is virtually unlimited. The time is coming, when Christians will be PROSECUTED (not just sued in civil courts) for expressing beliefs that will be regarded by government agents as "hateful."

RayB said...


Here's the US Senate website that provides the official definition of resolutions.

Craig said...


Given that this JR was written in response to the Charlottesville event, and most especially the car attack, you'll be interested in my next comment.

Anonymous said...

Craig said...

Given that the Charlottesville event was the backdrop for Senate Joint Resolution 49, I think it very important to scrutinize the Charlottesville event, but the car crash most especially. I’d been compiling info for quite a while now. Below is info on just the car(s). I’ve time-stamped most of the videos so that the reader doesn’t need to view the whole thing.

So, which car was used in the Charlottesville car attack? If you follow this closely, you’ll see that it wasn’t Fields’ car. This raises a related question: Who was the driver?

Dash cam video of Fields’ car, May 2017—like photo just below it is darker in color than C-ville incident. Watch as Fields turns corner and note color:

Dash camera video shows Charlottesville suspect get pulled over in Ohio

I initially thought the lighting may be off on the dashcam, but look at this photo of Fields posing with his car. It’s the same color:

Front photo of Field’s car; note no hood stripes

C-ville car attack. Note color of car—grey, not as dark as above. Car also has visible black hood stripe, which will be more evident in the shot below this one. Freeze this one at 1:01, then compare to 1:05 (same photo as just above). The latter is definitely darker:

Inside Edition amalgamation of clips/photos

Here’s a fuller clip of the attack, showing the car going down the narrow street, then backing up—expertly. I challenge anyone to drive backwards in a perfectly straight line for about two blocks in a high stress situation.

Car Attack-Charlottesville,Virginia- High Definition

Admittedly, even the above video makes it difficult to see the color or the hood stripe. But, look at this one. I’ve time-stamped at a still shot as the car is backing up:

The Challenger Arrived Early! More from Ford Fischer in CVille


Craig said...


This video below shows the same shot and more, as this vlogger has identified some very bizarre anomalies, apparently some photoshop editing. In the slow motion shots one can clearly see color (lighter than Fields’ car), and that this car has a black hood stripe. [The vlogger also uses the post-punk band Husker Du’s “Makes No Sense at All”—very apropos]:

Charlottesville Hoax part 2 シャーロッツビル やらせ100%捏造事件

The following is VERY odd, here’s a short clip showing the car post-crash driving down a different street, just down from the police station. Note the howling/cheering, the reactions of the pedestrians, including two police officers (I don’t know about this vlogger’s claim that the car drove around for an hour—uncorroborated—but I doubt it). Note that the car has no damage to passenger side front fender:

Weird video from Charlottesville

This is purportedly a photo of the car post-attack and after Fields arrest. Note again the hood stripe AND note the damage to passenger side front fender:

photo of car post-crash

Here’s another view of the car. Importantly, look at the commentary accompanying the photo:

another post-crash photo of car on street

This is a rear view of, purportedly, the same car, with Fields’ sitting on sidewalk apparently in cuffs. It’s not a very clear shot, but it seems to me that the damage to the rear window is inconsistent with the damage in other videos (see “Weird video from Charlottesville” @ 13 seconds). That is, there should be a very visible hole in the rear windshield on the driver’s side:

Charlottesville car attack: James Fields arrest footage

Constance Cumbey said...

To Dahlheimer 7:43

The one saying "I leave the Father's house" clearly is a reference to Lucis Trust's beloved LUCIFER whether you acknowledge it or not.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:04 AM

Question for you, Thomas Dahlheimer:

What purpose are you serving by posting on this blog???

No one here is 'on the same pro-New Age page' with you.

Are you really so arrogant as to expect to change anyone's mind???

Just curious . . .


Anonymous 11:29 AM

Evidently he gets himself off by doing so. Simple as that.

Craig said...

Here's an weblink indicating Hillary's book at three total stars, due to the large amount of negative reviews:

or, for easier access, hyperlink here:

Hillary's book at three stars

Craig said...


In light of what RayB posted regarding S.J. Res 49—which is centered on the events of Charlottesville, VA of August 11th and 12th—and on the disparity between the grey Challenger used in the car attack and Fields’ own black Challenger, I think this behooves your scrutiny (see my earlier detailed comments @ 10:47 and 10:51 PM).

This photo is a bit odd in a number of ways, but it clearly shows the license plate of the grey attack car as GVF 1111, the same plate number as Fields’ black car, as evidenced by the first link, in my comment @ 10:47 PM above, which shows Fields getting pulled over by Ohio police for expired registration. Did someone switch the plates? More importantly, who was really driving the attack car?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

RayB said...


Interesting posts .. seems implausible, but at this point, I don't think anything is off the table.

Here is an example of "history rhyming" .. a phrase attributed to Mark Twain:

Within 24 hours of his appointment as Chancellor, Hitler called for new elections to be held in March of 1933. Just weeks before the election, in February, the Reichstag was burned down by what was claimed to be a Dutch Communist anarchist. Hitler moved immediately to pass the "Decree for the Protection of People and State," which, get this, "temporarily" suspended Constitutional rights. Sound familiar? Think Patriot Act, NDAA, NSA spying, S.J. Res. 49, etc. Under the DPPS, the right to a speedy and fair trial was suspended, and 4,000 Communists were immediately rounded up and detained in the first of many to come "concentration" camps. Keep in mind, that, throughout Europe at that time, the belief was strongly held (including inside the Vatican) that Lenin's Communist Revolution was a creation of Jews. The Reichstag fire began the official persecution of Jews (via the Communists) in Germany. What is interesting is that the Weimar Republic (formed after the collapse of the monarchy) modeled its Constitution after our own. Throughout his Dictatorship, Hitler never annulled the Constitution, he simply worked around it through the legal system of HIS appointed federal judges. He even used the Constitution to pass "emergency" legislation (the Enabling Act) that granted him "temporary" (5 years) Dictatorial powers, which of course, he never relinquished. The point is; Hitler used an "event" to "legally" justify his despotic Dictatorship and begin his persecution of the Jews/Communists that were deemed by the government to be "enemies of the state."

In our current time, conservatives that adhere to the Constitution, and Bible believing, uncompromising Christians are increasingly being portrayed as "enemies of the state." If this trend continues, official persecution by the state is not far away.

Anonymous said...

September 23: Apocalypse (NOT)

Anonymous said...

Craig, many believe that the Charlottesville incident was a false flag (a real event that had its own hidden political agenda). These days, nothing is as it appears. Also, when the mainstream media puts their own spin on the latest 'crisis du jour'... we the public are often left scratching our heads... with more questions than answers.

Anonymous said...

The movie "Mother" is a VILE movie!!!

Craig said...

Anon 1:35 PM,

Yes, there are many who believe C-ville was a false flag. I've seen some wild and baseless speculations, and I stayed away from those (I tested more than a few until I found out they were dead ends); however, from where I sit, the differences in the two cars is the smoking gun. I'll probably post some other odd things, but the car thing is the biggie.

Anonymous said...

Wake up people.  The Alt-Left & Alt-Right are run by same forces.  The goal is 'divide and conquer.'

We’re all being played. The so-called “Alt-Left” and “Alt-Right” are all rooted in elaborate, deadly street theater being played out on the national stage with real consequences (such as killing innocents on camera).
If you have been swept up into the engineered hatred of all this, you’ve been suckered by the globalists who are running this entire show. In truth, most people in America aren’t filled with hatred for others of different skin color, races, religions or genders. Most people just want to get along. But the goal of the Alt-Left and Alt-Right movements is to divide and conquer America through hatred and media lies that push false narratives for political gain.
As evidence of all this, note that Jason Kessler, the organizer of the Charlottesville event, actually worked for Obama and the Occupy movement just a few months ago. This man is a professional activist and social engineer who whips up big events on the world’s stage in order to achieve highly visible outcomes that can be seized by the mainstream media to condemn Trump supporters by labeling them all racists and “KKK.”

Anonymous said...


Much of the organized Left is funded either directly or indirectly by George Soros, the same radical left-wing operator who undercut freedom and liberty across numerous European countries. He’s the funding source behind ThinkProgress and 200+ other radical left-wing groups that constantly lie, defame and smear conservatives in order to sow hatred and division. Radical Alt-Right groups, similarly, are led by operatives who are very often working directly for the CIA and FBI. Nearly all the KKK racism you see on the news is contrived, elaborate theater carried out by these operatives. Some of the racism is real, however, as actual racists follow the “leadership” of the contrived KKK social engineers who are merely acting. (The KKK, by the way, was founded and run by Democrats.)
Case in point: Read this article: Racism RIGGED by A&E: KKK “documentary” was entirely scripted; A&E provided Nazi flags and wooden crosses to burn; actors paid cash to say “ni@@er” on camera which reminds us:
The KKK leaders who were interviewed by Variety detailed how they were wooed with promises the program would capture the truth about life in the organization; encouraged not to file taxes on cash payments for agreeing to participate in the filming; presented with pre-scripted fictional story scenarios; instructed what to say on camera; asked to misrepresent their actual identities, motivations and relationships with others, and re-enacted camera shoots repeatedly until the production team was satisfied.
The production team even paid for material and equipment to construct and burn wooden crosses and Nazi swastikas, according to multiple sources including Richard Nichols, who is one of the featured subjects of the documentary series as the Grand Dragon of a KKK cell known as the Tennessee White Knights of the Invisible Empire. He also said he was encouraged by a producer to use the epithet “nigger” in interviews.
“We were betrayed by the producers and A&E,” said Nichols. “It was all made up—pretty much everything we said and did was fake and because that is what the film people told us to do and say.”
Meanwhile, the media is using the hatred and division to try to dethrone President Trump, and Antifa is using the chaos to push for its goal to terrorize America while overthrowing the government and installing communism. This has all happened before in Mao’s communist Cultural Revolution that mass-murdered liberty-oriented Chinese citizens to install a communist dictatorship that continues to this day.
Don’t be suckered into the emotional puppetry. You are all being played by the powers that be. You are nothing more than a pawn in their script. I say #ExitTheScript and rise above the programmed hatred and media lies that are attempting to divide and conquer America.

Craig said...

Some have postulated that there was more than one grey Dodge Challenger used in the attack in C-ville, i.e., that it was all fake--like a Hollywood production--and that multiple takes were culled together. This seems implausible, as there were independent freelance journalists who captured the car crash (Faith Goldy, formerly of Rebel Media was there independently, e.g., and she caught the crash). However, it looks to me like there were multiple grey cars--whatever the reason. See this snapshot--it only stays up for about 1.5 seconds on this video--of the scene at which Fields was purportedly arrested of the car but with black decorative trim on the rear quarter panel. I'd not noticed that before.

However, I did note above the obvious inconsistency in the damage to the passenger side front fender in the 3rd and 4th hyper link @ 10:51 PM comment, as compared to the "Weird video from Charlottesville" shot showing no damage to the passenger side front fender.

Craig said...

...and you can see that same black trim on the rear quarter panel in the last video @ 10:51 PM: Charlottesville car attack: James Fields arrest footage.

Anonymous said...

RayB said...

Last night, I watched this documentary regarding Sweden and the results of its liberal immigration policies concerning the "refugee crisis."

What I found very interesting was the persecution, both subtle and overt, of innocent people that simply commit the "crime" (labeled "hate speech") of expressing mild opposition to government policies on immigration.

Considering the recent signing into law of S.J. Res. 49, it could happen here. If you think it can't, think again. Sweden USED to be a nation that prided itself on having the right of ordinary citizens being able to express their opinions without the fear of retribution. That is no longer the case.

Here is the link to this 1 hour video. If you like it, please pass it on.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

New Age Gnostics believe that an evil god created the body and the soul of each human being. For Gnostics, all creation is satanic, evil and originates from a satan creator, a satanic demiurge. So not only the body but also the soul of man is something evil and satanic.

For Gnostics, there exists another God higher than the one who created the world and man. The creator god is not the only god. There is above him another God, infinitely superior and perfect. This God is outside of this hellish and impure creation.

Gnosis maintains that man is formed from three substances, three elements: the body, the soul and the Spirit. The body and soul were created by the satanic creator god. According to Gnostics, the Spirit, or each human's true Self, which doesn't belong to this world, has been lured into by the satanic creator and tied to the hellish matter, in order to make use of It.

The Spirit is in this world but It doesn't belong to it. It does not belong to this illusory world of matter and time.

The higher God sent Lucifer (not Satan), angel of indescribable fire and light, to show man the light and to help him wake up and see his true origin, the origin of his Spirit.

Gnostics consider that the biblical myth of creation can be explained as follows: the creator satan of the world trapped Adam and Eve in his miserable world, and Lucifer, in the form of a serpent, offered them the forbidden fruit of saving Gnosis, and showed them that the creator was deceiving them.

Gnostics believe that Lucifer came to the world to wake man up, to help him remember his divine origin, the divine origin of his Spirit, and to help him free himself from the body-soul in which he is trapped, and from created time and matter.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Creation-center spirituality is also Spirit-centered spirituality. It's Spirit-centered because one first encounters Spirit in creation. Our initial goal should be to experience ourselves as Spirit in creation. Creation embodies Spirit, but not totally. Spirit also transcends the finite creation and is infinite. Spirit is partially in the creation, but not of the creation. Spirit is who we truly our. Our ultimate goal should be to experience ourselves as One with Spirit beyond the creation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Poor Mr. Dahlheimer,

That is truly pathetic what you've posted.
The "beliefs" you say you value so much have no value or credibility whatsoever, are uneducated and incoherent. You actually believe this brainrot?
You can only quote like a parrot, the views of stupid dead people and arrogant live ones, so you are a cut of the same cloth.

Does this New Age racket you esteem so much pay well?

There's another Payday coming you aren't taking into account, but have it your way....

Anonymous said...

"They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” Matt 15:14b

Anonymous said...

Native Americans were certainly terribly mistreated by some people calling themselves "Christian" (among others). This fact however, does NOT automatically mean that Christianity must be false and that one must therefore race to embrace something ELSE. MORE thought and research and OBJECTIVE, LOGICAL & OPEN-MINDED deliberation is required than a knee-jerk reaction to PROPERLY find the Truth.

paul said...

Mr Trollheimer,
Gobble-gobble gobble...gobble gobble
Still stealing from the Bible I see; stealing and twisting the truth into a silly mish mash that serves no good purpose.
What does: "... one first encounters Spirit in creation. Our initial goal should be to experience ourselves as Spirit in creation."
_even mean? How do you get to that point? By chanting? By repetition? By praying to an unknowable deity who DIDN'T create
the world or the earth?
Have you experienced yourself as spirit in creation? What was that like? You must be really deeeep. I'll bet everyone you meet is
Never mind, I don't care what you say because you try to turn spirit into an intellectual exercise in which you get to feel like you're special. There have been countless self appointed gurus through the ages. Most of them were just trying to get girls to "follow" them...all the way to their new age lair. Charles Manson comes to mind, and David Koresh, and that moron that talked
his flock into killing themselves so that they could hitch a ride on a comet or something. Or Rev Jim Jones, or L. Ron Hubbard, or your favorite Madame Blavatsky The list goes on and on and they all have a different, unique take on the Holy Scriptures.
On and on you march off to perdition.
Very few people ever actually read the entire Bible. But a lot of people read a few chapters of Genesis and most of those same people skip to the end and read the last chapter of The Revelations of Jesus Christ. So maybe you've noticed this:

"For I testify unto every man that hears the words of the prophesy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall
add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.
If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophesy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things that are written in this book" (Rev 22:18-19)

You're playing with fire Tom.
Repent! There is still time if you're still alive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

To Doubting Thomas Dahlheimer:

Keep right on perverting scripture... in your pathetic attempt to turn everything sacred upside down and inside out. After all is said and done... it is YOUR soul that is at stake!!!

Regarding your statement: "The higher God sent Lucifer (not Satan)..."

FYI / Newsflash: First of all, there is only ONE God (there is no 'higher God'). Also, Lucifer IS Satan (they are one and the same)... and Satan will meet his demise one day in the future... when Jesus allows His mother, Mary to crush the head of Satan with her foot. (How humiliating for Satan / Lucifer!!!)

Marko said...

Rich from Medford:

Great summary of the Occupy / Antifa movements!

Here's another article (from 2012) I ran across that ties in more players:

A world without borders as humanity becomes one giant collective hive/mind is their goal. And what better cause to unite the world than "justice"? Justice to them means to create a reality based on man's idea of perfection, rather than God's.

Communism (or the "failed experiment" of the USSR) also has many ties to these groups.

I'm doing a bunch of research into Gorbachev and the Gorbachev Foundation USA and Green Cross International and the State of the World Forums - all things from the early 1990s - and how the global world revolution continued "by other means" (to use a phrase from Lenin) through these people and groups.

These are all tied together in this respect: They reject the imperfect world that is, and want to build a new and better world, where we are our own gods. Tower of Babel II. There's going to be infighting and cross purposes and conflicts of interests, but that's to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Description: The mission of Green Cross International, founded and chaired by Mikhail Gorbachev, is to help secure a future for all by fostering a shift in values and cultivating a new sense of global interdependence"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

The Lighthouse Trails website presents a list of authors it uses. Ray Yungen, who is now deceased, is on the list. He was a leading Christian opponent of the New Age Movement. He wrote:

"First of all, notice the mention of Matthew Fox, a defrocked Catholic priest now involved with the Episcopal Church. Fox has been influential to a number of Protestant Christian leaders who quote from him and have been in conferences with him. Yet he is clearly a New Age panentheist."

"Panentheism tries to make 'God' a little bigger than the 'God' of pantheism. The 'God' of pantheism is everything. The 'God' of panentheism is bigger than the sum of His parts, and the universe is only part of His manifestation. But really these concepts are the same. In both, God is the universe." .... "God is not seen as a Being that dwells in heaven, but as the universe itself."

Paramahansa_Yogananda (1893–1952) was a Hindu who is considered one of the preeminent spiritual figures of modern times. He wrote: "The word 'God' means the manifested, transcendental Being beyond creation, but existing in relation to creation. Spirit existed before God . God [known as Brahma in the Hindu scriptures] is the Creator of the universe, but Spirit is the Creator of God."

An online encyclopedia on Hinduism states that God "converts itself into the universe but maintains a distinct ['transcendental beyond creation'] identity all the same."

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the Mother of the New Age movement, wrote:
In the Mandukya Upanishad [, an ancient Sanskrit Vedic Hindu scripture] it is written, "As a spider throws out and retracts its web, as herbs spring up in the ground . . . so is the Universe derived from the undecaying one," Brahma, for the "Germ of unknown Darkness", is the material from which all evolves and develops, "as the web from the spider, as foam from the water," etc. This is only graphic and true, if the term Brahma, the "Creator", is derived from the root brih, to increase or expand. Brahma "expands", and becomes the Universe woven out of his own substance.

Brahma is the creator of the universe and is the universe, yet he maintains a separate ('transcendental beyond creation') identity all the same. Hindus and New Agers to not worship the Universe/Brahma, they, myself included, worship Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Don't care. Why not expound on the art of 8-Track Player repair while you're at it. That'd be of equal interest to us. Take your ethereal dissertations to a New Age chat room. Goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Take your f'g ads and jam them. Thanks much.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

Ray Yungen, who is now deceased, was a leading Christian opponent of the New Age Movement. He wrote: "Yet he [Rev. Matthew Fox] is clearly a New Age panentheist."

"Panentheism tries to make 'God' a little bigger than the 'God' of pantheism. The 'God' of pantheism is everything. The 'God' of panentheism is bigger than the sum of His parts, and the universe is only part of His manifestation. But really these concepts are the same. In both, God is the universe." .... [For New Agers] "God is not seen as a Being that dwells in heaven, but as the universe itself."

Paramahansa Yogananda (1893–1952) was a Hindu who is considered one of the preeminent spiritual figures of modern times. He wrote: "The word 'God' means the manifested, transcendental Being beyond creation, but existing in relation to creation. Spirit existed before God . God [Brahma] is the Creator of the universe, but Spirit is the Creator of God."

An online encyclopedia on Hinduism states that God/Brahma "converts itself into the universe [which is "only a part of his manifestation"] but maintains a distinct identity [He maintains, for the most part, his original manifestation identity] all the same." He is now the "manifested [created], transcendental Being beyond creation, existing in relation to creation." He exists "in relation to creation," because it is now a "part of his manifestation."

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the Mother of the New Age movement, wrote:
"In the Mandukya Upanishad [, an ancient Sanskrit Vedic Hindu text] it is written, 'As a spider throws out and retracts its web, as herbs spring up in the ground . . . so is the Universe derived from the undecaying one,' Brahma, for the 'Germ of unknown Darkness', is the material from which all evolves and develops, 'as the web from the spider, as foam from the water,' etc. This is only graphic and true, if the term Brahma, the 'Creator', is derived from the root brih, to increase or expand. Brahma 'expands', and becomes the Universe woven out of his own substance."

Brahma [the "spider"] is the creator of the universe [the "spider's web"] and is the universe [the "spider's web" (the universe) is now "a part of his manifestation"], yet he maintains a distinct identity all the same. He is still the "spider," but a part of himself has become a "web" (the universe). Hindus and New Agers to not worship the universe (or the earth), as God, we worship Spirit. Spirit is a totally transcendental Being beyond creation. A related article of mine is located at

I believe that the Old Testament God is Brahma and that Jesus' Father in heaven is Spirit.

Anonymous said...

You REALLY should see a shrink, no offense.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if there are caring family and friends who want to come to the aid and help of the poor man trapped in the warped spider web mind and religion who posted above at 8:44 AM...

Watching him crawling on his spiritual belly through life in these ridiculous repetitive posts is hard to witness.
Attention junkies go to great lengths for notice. Maybe you have nothing else to live for Mr Dahlheimer?

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

So, I post the truth found in another major religion's scriptures and then a couple
Christians, whose religion has been proven to be fundamentally deceptive by scientifically discovered truth, post comments that indicate that they believe that I am insane and need help, go figure!

Anonymous said...

Your mish mash gets it so wrong TD because the truth is so free and available to those who really know they want it and need it (humble in other words) unlike you, so you go figure...go figure where you have settled for half truth and half science, if even that much, therefore no truth and not real science, at all.

This isn't as hard as you make it. Pride is in your way to even attempt to bring God to your/human level. God is not a cosmic cafeteria for your half hearted understanding.

Anonymous said...

TD: You were apparently first drawn to CC's Blog after she commented about you. You consequently KEEP posting things to a group that doesn't care about them. And REPETITIVE things to boot: Your 8:44 containing much the same as your 9:54 (most recently). Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome IS a definition of insanity (as a matter of fact)! I don't say you are insane nor did anyone else here. You DELIBERATELY GROSSLY OVERSTATED THAT. For shame. You got attention from CC that you wanted repeated so you keep posting undesired & repetitive things ad nauseum on her Blog = You should REALLY see a shrink. NOT because you're "insane" BUT because you have an inordinate need for attention! See one.

Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer said...

In a short article entitled "Surprising Correlations between Hinduism and Christian Gnosticism" Phil Tucker wrote:

"Fascinating. Researching Hinduism and Christian Gnosticism (especially the kind espoused by Valentinus) is revealing incredible parallels between the two, ...".

"For example. Both Hinduism and Gnosticism preach a universal Godhead, an absolute Divine that is unknowable but toward which we must all strive to rejoin, called Brahman by the Hindu’s and the Pleroma by the Gnostics."

"A demiurge created the world we live in which is false, illusory, and this demiurge is the god Maya in Hinduism [clarification: the god Maya is one of two manifestations of the Hindu's creator god Brahma], which is [Maya is] also the name of the world of illusion in which we live, and Ialdabaoth by the Gnositics, the imperfect God of the First Testament. Brahman/the Pleroma both exist beyond the veils of this false word."

"Further, Maya/Ialdabaoth hold us to this world of illusion through our own desires and karma, trapping the specks of that which is divine in us (our Atman) to the world. There is some difference here; the Hindu’s believe that karma dictates our passage through our many lives, a process of reincarnation known as samsara, while the Gnostics believed we had only this one shot, and only some of us would ascend while the vast majority would fall into darkness upon death and disappear. These enlightened beings were called the pneumatikoi, and were destined for salvation (being privy to the secrets of Gnosticism), while a larger group were the unenlightened Christians called the psychikoi who were capable of receiving knowledge. The vast majority of humanity however were the hylikoi and the were destined for oblivion and death."

I believe, as do also the Hindu's, "that karma dictates our passage through our many lives, a process of reincarnation known as samsara."

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
TD: You were apparently first drawn to CC's Blog after she commented about you."

Saw posts from back in 2013 that Dahlheimer wrote here at Constance's blog because of what you said Anonymous. He is here to get attention only. Constance mentioned him and he is stuck on stupid trying to keep up any amount of self-seeking attention he can get from here. And how many other places is his pitiful cup stuck out there like a beggars?

He has many outstandingly stupid beliefs and a ridiculous plan to use it to carve out an "identity" from it.
This guy's extremely needy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:58 AM:

Notice how he willfully IGNORED what was said in the post immediately prior to the one he just posted? The truth hurts too much, so like a 2 year old he now defiantly insists on still having his own way even when he's caught in the wrong. LOL!

Anonymous said...

He sounds just like a disciple of J.J. Dewey. Always the quote of DK. Constance was right back in 1980 and the next generation of tilters has arrived to help her FINISH HER WORK.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention this link that J.J. Dewey fell into and is now trapped. His fate has come, I now "possess the gates of mine enemy." Psalms 110 "The RIGHTEOUS are as bold as lions"

pablo said...

Religion is the most divisive thing among humans.

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