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Is Bernie Sanders the New Age Messiah?


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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I posted this by accident on the previous comments post. I think one of the reasons
they want the fundies fighting the liberals and religions against each other, is
not only that the New Agers can take over after violent confrontations weaken all

The disputes exist already, NA didn't create them. and there is a legitimate truth
vs. falsehood issue in all of them. But foment enough hostility and NA may hope
people will go for altered states of consciousness promoting practices that give a
false sense of "peace."

Anonymous said...

Are you going to takeover this thread too, Christine?

Anonymous said...

Why should Christine care when she's got the 'res seer' to misguide her?

Oh yes, because the blind following the blind 'seer', resident or not, will both fall into the ditch!

GrantNZ said...

http://www.revivalschool.com/second-warning-bill-johnson-and-bethel-church/f anyone has doubts as to how far new agers and new age practises have entered the Church take a look at heavensphysics.com .
This site promotes the book Thce Physics of Heaven authored by a whos who of Bethel Church Redding California.... Bill Johnson, Beni Johnson etc.
You can see first hand the extent of the new age teaching and practises blatantly and unashamely promoted .They advocate christians look into the occult and new age to find lost hidden treasures.
A truly shocking book showing the pursuit of spiritual power and experiences through elicit and forbidden practises promoted by well known and influential charismatic leaders.
Constance revealed in her book over thirty years ago about " the plan" and we now see it in action as the new agers push people into altered states, kundilini, meditation etc to connect with the demonic realm in preparation for their final solution.
I would encourage that people do a little research on this invasion of the church..... heres a link to what Andrew Strom who did the youtube series Kundilini Warning says...

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

this hypercharismaticism is the next step from standard charismaticism which grew
out of Pentecostalism. the latter was bible focused enough to keep a lid on the
deception, but each development moved farther from the bible and from objective
reality focus, till you got this hyper charismatic crap going on.


this grave sucking thing is really bad in another way. There is a peculiar peaceful
feeling in a graveyard, and it isn't just the silence of the dead. There is a kind
of miasma, which is about 6 or 7 to 8 feet from ground to the top of the field,
probably deeper. I am estimating from my visits to my dead relatives' graves which are in a mausoleum on a hill above the buried in ground graves. Inside the mausoleum there is very little if any of this feeling. But on a day I was very weak
I was almost overwhelmed by it. And this was up on a hill, and it vanished as I
went up the steps to the mausoleum.

So the actual height of miasma is probably more like 20 feet or more.

When you bury a body in the ground, not on a slab in a cave natural or artificial, you create a portal. And the miasma itself is a product of subtle gasses and fungus
detritus exuded from the bodies, if the mausoleum it just drifts down, some of this
in other words is physical. But this sort of thing can be used by spirits to build
an etheric body making them more "functional" than when just pure spirit.

and anything can do this.

and ANYTHING CAN USE THE PORTAL, it is not owned and controlled solely by whoever
is in the grave that produces the portal and while consecrated ground may restrain
some of the potential results, this consecration does not prevent the portal creation.

So mix this info with the altered states of consciousness and "grave sucking" and
you get a horrific picture.

While the dead themselves may only rarely use the portal, spirits that infested
them in life and some kind of artifact of them can so you can imagine what this
practice is letting people in for.

Something similar was done by witches and voodoo people, and the SS used to have
sex with their girlfriends on the graves of war heroes in hope that the child
conceived would have qualities of that fallen hero.

This practice has a very bad pedigree.

It may or may not have begun with heretic Benny Hinn (whose breakdown of the Holy
Trinity into each Person being a Trinity adding up to NINE is basically the picture
of the Egyptian neteru and gnostic enneads so you can tell he isn't getting this
from Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit or the Father Who opposed all this false
religion). But Hinn while he might have (or claimed to have) gotten the idea of
praying to dead saints from his Orthodox (or Nestorian or monophysite? I forget)
background, these are not saints vetted and validated whose remains have a big
presence of The Holy Spirit as they did in life.

Hinn's practice in no way resembles that of Orthodox but of WITCHES.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

and Orthodox don't lie on graves or snuggle up to relics.

Anonymous said...

"this grave sucking thing is really bad in another way. There is a peculiar peaceful
feeling in a graveyard, and it isn't just the silence of the dead. There is a kind
of miasma, which is about 6 or 7 to 8 feet from ground to the top of the field,
probably deeper. I am estimating from my visits to my dead relatives' graves which are in a mausoleum on a hill above the buried in ground graves. Inside the mausoleum there is very little if any of this feeling. But on a day I was very weak
I was almost overwhelmed by it. And this was up on a hill, and it vanished as I
went up the steps to the mausoleum.

So the actual height of miasma is probably more like 20 feet or more. "

How expert you are!!!!!!
Your New Age stripes are showing MCE (orthodox didn't fix this for you).

Anonymous said...

hi constance,...that video interview was truly awesome and you were great. i am full of gratitude to you and i love you dearly. your amazing, thank you for your interests n your efforts. i have been blessed as a result,...not to mention your patience n your kindness in your dealings w/ me over the years. like i said, i love you*,...tony in vt. bless you n yours in Christ Jesus always.....

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...
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Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Orthodox has made me a lot stronger over the years, my guess is I would hardly
notice this stuff not be almost suffocating if I went there again.

Anonymous said...

Your superstitions have gotten the better of you.

Graveyards are only the place where the dead lay and God in me keeps me from harm.
So I can't go visit a loved ones grave now since you have "warned" me it's not good for me to go there?

Of course, there is evil and manifestations of it, and yes, you can "feel" the oppression of evil, but it is those who are not armed with the word of God and indwelt by the Spirit that have the many superstitions such as you display.
Your conscience must need to be washed so that evil won't be an issue for you.

You give the devil too much air play and he revels it.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


while this is a larouchean rant, the information on the unreverend moon's financial
presence in science and politics beyond the Christian right (or semi Christian
right) shows he has been pushing population control and world federalism.

I think that the "new world order" means whatever the speaker means by it, and
in all cases means that it will be ruled by whatever the speaker represents.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


"I am not afraid of death" - maybe a handful of these are Christian. Most are
muslim secularists and probably some atheists.

and our Christians snivel they want to get raptured before they can get persecuted
which will probably add up to nothing much more than quick death from a guillotine.
Getting beheaded is no big deal. even with a large sword or axe you don't last more
than a few seconds and you are dizzy most of that time. 35% of the fighters against
ISIS in Syria are women. My guess is that not regarding the desire of women is
about the antichrist trying to destroy the equality that will probably exist by
then and restore "traditional sex roles."

Anonymous said...

Says Christine @ 4:28 AM from her armchair christianity.....

Anonymous said...

'My Utmost for His Highest' from Oswald Chambers

for August 26

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you."

John 14:27
There are times when our peace is based upon ignorance, but when we awaken to the facts of life, inner peace is impossible unless it is received from Jesus. When Our Lord speaks peace, He makes peace, His words are ever "spirit and life." Have I ever received what Jesus speaks? "My peace I give unto you" - it is a peace which comes from looking into His face and realizing His undisturbedness.

Are you painfully disturbed just now, distracted by the waves and billows of God's providential permission, and having, as it were, turned over the boulders of your belief, are you still finding no well of peace or joy or comfort; is all barren? Then look up and receive the undisturbedness of the Lord Jesus. Reflected peace is the proof that you are right with God because you are at liberty to turn your mind to Him. If you are not right with God, you can never turn your mind anywhere but on yourself. If you allow anything to hide the face of Jesus Christ from you, you are either disturbed or you have a false security.

Are you looking unto Jesus now, in the immediate matter that is pressing and receiving from Him peace? If so, He will be a gracious benediction of peace in and through you. But if you try to worry it out, you obliterate Him and deserve all you get. We get disturbed because we have not been considering Him. When one confers with Jesus Christ the perplexity goes, because He has no perplexity, and our only concern is to abide in Him. Lay it all out before Him, and in the face of difficulty, bereavement and sorrow, hear Him say, "Let not your heart be troubled."

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance

Please fulfil your pledge to restrict Christine Erikson to one post per day. I have had enough of reading nonsense about graveyard miasma and martians on your website.

BVS said...

Anon 9:28

Awesome post!

I know it's off topic but it has to resonate with more readers out there than just me.

Thanks. It was so needed for me to read that this morning.

Anonymous said...

Constance have you had time to research more into Satanism and the military? I have and it's interesting. Currently they still (at least since 1989 as far as I know) only allow the emergent church (rock and roll) style services (nothing traditional for Protestants).

They are still pushing Wicca and recruiting local leaders for their base community groups. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHbDIx7qvrk

This movement comes from a just a short list of players. All very interesting and they hide some important details about the wicca religion in their official military pdf. http://cherryhillseminary.org/about/leadership/faculty-2/oringderff2012/
bio mentions: law enforcement, peace officer, intelligence, alternative religions and Forensic and Investigative Hypnotist (what the heck is that?) yes, well he seems to be a hero in pagan witchcraft circles. They do-not-at-all-ever mention the Frosts as founders of the Wicca in the USA since their 'bible' did contain child abuse rituals which one must never disclose as being a part of witchcraft. They do skip to the former founders in the UK who form the basis of the St Louis based curriculum of their Wicca school anyway. Yvonne Frost of course having been a Mensa genius, which may be connected to mind control which again is linked to the military programs as well as Nazis and eugenics. Maybe she was just a natural.

Of course his book 'Cults and Criminals: Unraveling the Myths from 2013' is another attempt to separate the crimes from the religion. This was a specialty of Gretchen Passintino:


This is all in line with previous posts about Aquino and Binacci did finger him as the Col.in the Franklin case and again he was found credible by a jury. So we can observe at the very least, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Anonymous said...

First paragraph: in basic training

Anonymous said...

"Sensationalist claims earned Rimer serious contempt from Pagan groups and even a few academics, who called him a charlatan and a fearmonger. His seminars on occult crime continued to focus suspicion and enmity on minority religions, kindling the embers of Satanic Panic. Rimer responded to his critics by claiming his contacts included the more benevolent Wiccans, self-identified vampires, and even Satanists. He also insisted that the danger posed by occult crime was real and that he was one of the few people qualified to combat it." FROM:


Det. Don Rimer, Died in 2012 but then helps write 'Cults and Criminals: Unraveling the Myths' in 2013 with the good Pagan, intelligence, military, doctor above.


How terribly interesting.

BVS said...

I'll try this again. I've seen people here who have posted and then claim that going back on later, the post had disappeared. It's never happened to me until now.

Anon 9:28am

Awesome post!

I know it's off topic but, it really resonated with me and I would think as many who stop by here- it would had to have touched more than just me.

Thanks. I really needed that this morning.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 10:41

I never said anything about not going to graveyards at all, but hanging around in

and YOU are superstitious if you think you are visiting someone. you are visiting
something like a damaged arm that's fallen off. as a presumed Christian you should
know better, the dead are mostly either in heaven or hell and though a corpse can
be a point of contact to use by them you are taking chances if you go about
having some kind of emotional communion with them, it might not be them and/or they
might not be all you thought they were.

the peace you feel in a graveyard is the miasma that if your shields most people are born with are weak becomes overwhelming. sensitives, vampires, etc. are
cripples. they work to develop shields the so called "mundanes" they look down
on have without working on it. Something God gave us that generally protects us
even those of us who are not Christian.

These are made weaker by various reasons in non believers, but if you think
merely accepting Christ eliminates all problems I refer you to Kurt Koch's Occult ABC: Exposing Occult Practices and Ideologies. in it he mentions a woman who got
saved and THEN the demon that had ahold of her started fighting and it took an
exorcism to get rid of it.

that miasmic peace (deadening actually), is not necessarily evil in itself, it is
unhealthy like some chemical plumes and so forth are unhealthy.

And Hinn and other grave suckers are sucking it up.

And don't seem to be any better at healing than they ever were, the few exceptions
being where God steps in despite these people.

Koch's research showed that people who go to occultists for healing may get healed
but have some problem crop up or worse yet it crops up in their children, Koch
cites a litany of moral, mental, sometimes physical problems, including alcoholism.

things pass through family lines. they can be a mere disordering, or a flat out
entity. I don't like the idea of funerals conducted in churches or kissing a corpse

As Koch says, people who think Christians can't have demon problems or other occult
oppression speak out of ignorance or lack of experience. a publisher or church or
something rejected his book because of his facts, rejected on a shallow dogmatic
point. But oops, some of their employees or members came to him for help!

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

In the old days, and still in some liturgical churches, when a person converted
(someone speaks for them if an infant) there is a FORMAL RENUNCIATION of satan and
all his works. and spitting on him. you face west, and you address the devil and tell
him "satan I repudiate you and all your service [repudiates serving him or being
in his service at all], all your pomps, all your pride and all your angels," and you
spit on him three times. Then you face east, the direction Jesus left in when He
ascended and will come from when He comes back, and you "Jesus I accept You as my
King and my God."

you don't see this in most evangelism and conversion now, and it is so viewed as
mere formality that in some ORthodox church some years back some people were
wondering if they could do without the spitting part.

this just isn't taken seriously. Gregory Reid is a good source of information,
but he is crippled by his charismaticism, but he is way better than most. I think
if he weren't a believer in Kathryn Kuhlman he wouldn't have had the devil try to
bug him on a plane during his vacation.

Anonymous said...

You are beyond nuts if you got that from my post.
I said going to visit a loved ones grave-not them. You change it to fit your weirdness and perversity.
You listen to demonic voices and post that garbage here.
And you want people to believe you are somehow a much better christian than the rest of us (as someone has noted---from your stinking armchair).

May the Lord rebuke you in your sin and error.

Anonymous said...

BVS thanks.

That post was to counter the "stuff" Mary C. Erikson (Justina) posts here.
She has no idea what real peace and overcoming fear in Christ even looks like.
Not off topic in that light.....

She has my pity and my prayers.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I don't have fear. I banish things in Jesus' Name. sometimes it takes a while.
its called spiritual warfare.

Anonymous said...

Very hard to tell that from the things you post, MCE.

You give evil a whole lot of credit (all the time).
And the Lord next to none.

Even your words about Him fall real short and can't see if you are living that or not, so the more you brag the less likely you really are giving God His due.

Anonymous said...

David W. Daniels, Why They Changed the Bible, One world Bible for One World Religion

It's on Audible and I can not recommend it enough, don't miss every bit.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Shoebat has a point, while we notice the pro homosexual agenda, the cannibalism thing
is flying under the radar. Shoebat's eschatology is open to question, but Walid's and
Ted's other analyses are spot on usually.

Anonymous said...

WHAT cannibalism "thing"??? Jeffery Dahlmer was a Satan worshiper and was identified as a MK Ultra mind control subject by insiders.


Photographed there on Shoebat's channel is Armin, Brandes and Sagawaw ALL KNOWN SATANISTS.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 11:05

do I have to post the entire article for you to know what you are talking about
before you comment, and then I get slammed for taking up too much space?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"There is a movement in the modern world that wants to revive cannibalism and bring it into the society as an acceptable practice. And it is being done, not just by regular citizens, but by professors and intellects who occupy prestigious positions of influence.

Their entire argument for allowing this diabolical practice is based on one idea: as long as I am not hurting another person, then there is no wrong done. They apply this to cannibalism in this way: if the person eaten is already dead, and not murdered, and he volunteered to be cannibalized, there is no crime done, and the cannibal should not be charged. He did not murder the person, the person wanted to be eaten, the one who ate him is enjoying himself, and the person who is consumed willfully gave his body to cannibalism.

All of the evil people who tout the idea of: “if it doesn’t hurt anyone, then you shouldn’t worry about it,” almost never address the issue of consensual cannibalism. And in the context of their logic, there is no moral argument that condemns someone who eats somebody who is willing to be eaten.

This is why I say that the idea of: “if it doesn’t hurt someone then its okay,” is the most diabolical idea that has ever hit the western world. It is the source of all the evils that have inundated us, from pornography, homosexuality and abortion, to cross dressing and self mutilation.

There is no end to this demonic way of thinking. It does not focus on the absolute good that springs from the Absolute God, nor on whether or not an action hurts God, but on the selfish sentiment that says, “As long as I am not hurt, I am fine.”...

"While the press loves to expose people who fight homosexuality, they are not exposing the people who are promoting cannibalism. The leftists, while occupying themselves attacking Christian patriots, never said a word, not even a letter, against Richard Dawkins (a professor at Oxford) and Peter Singer (professor at Princeton University), when they discussed why they support cannibalism....

"The media never reported on a recent essay that was written by professor J. Jeremy Wisnewski, of Harwick College, in which he defended consensual cannibalism....

"If you think that this ideology of cannibalism is not a threat, think again. The cult of cannibalism is already seeping into western societies, by making them callous to this evil. Look at all of the films that have glorified and sophisticated cannibalism (the Hannibal films are the best example of this); they make cannibalism intriguing, even poetic. They desensitize the society, conditioning it for when the actual act of cannibalism actually happens...."

Anonymous said...

Walter Martin died the day before his final meeting with the SDA church. His interference in their affairs resulted in chaos in their ranks. Ellen White had been pious and alert enough to identify the infiltrators in her church and she even attempted to witness to one for some time. She was an object of Martin's anger in his last interview. His charges sound emotional.


Naturally I discovered that Dr. Wilikenson of the SDA church wrote a book against the counterfeit Bibles and used the excellent example of the Waldensians or forest people who were persecuted by the RCC and were the real foundations of the Protestant reformation. The SDA church has been able to document the infiltration of their denomination by Jesuits. The SDA still has problems today (name a church that doesn't). The argument that the evangelicals are reaching out with ecumenicism to the RCC is disinformation. It continues as it has since the Reformation from the RCC. google this to get a copy:

our authorized bible vindicated wilkinson pdf

More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdQ7JPDf4n8 Influence was limited until Ellen White's death a possible main point of hostility from her opposition.

Some years prior to Martin work, J.K Baalen wrote a book "the Chaos of Cults" where he includes in his expanded version from 1956 published in MI, Theosophy and the Liberal RCC in the same chapter. The only argument to be had is how much influence the Liberal RCC has over the RCC. However, being as the Pope is a Jesuit the question may be mute.

Anonymous said...

Christine one of the things that Christian adults do is that they take responsibility for their own behavior. I am sorry that your mother had the spirit of Lucifer, she needed to be right, she needed to be revered and approached with reverence and awe all of which she did not deserve. I am sorry you are so much like her and that YOU choose to dabble in the occult AND that YOU CHOOSE to make long posts. But I must draw my boundary now and boldly proclaim, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOUR YOUR BEHAVIOR.

General Vallely speaks highly of Shoebat.I have met him and hear his rambling absurd speeches. Stop posting him here.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 11:43

while the SDA might have been spot on on the matter of modern translation of the Bible, they are a pack of heretics only somewhat less nasty than the Mormons
and Jehovah's witnesses, but sharing some doctrines and spawned from the same
restorationist nonsense of the 1800s.

to keep it brief, I will post some links that might help you undertand this.
Martin made chaos in their ranks? good. maybe some came to Christ out of this
heresy as a result. Did Martin have bad motives? maybe. but God can and does and
has and will use anything.

https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=SDA+heresy+refuted&fr=yset_ie_syc_oracle&type=orcl_default several articles
to get you started on understanding how seriously unbiblical SDA is.

the rest of any of the sites the articles are on and agendas of publishers don't
matter, what matters is what is shown as conflicting with Scripture. SDA is as
bad as RC appears to be from hardline protestant perspective, even if in totally
different ways. Frankly I think in more important issues.

Waldensians were less opprobrious and deceitful than the Albigensians, a blasphemous
and dangerous sect of gnostics. Waldensians, in their "low view" of sacraments are
likely the spawn of some bogomil influence. But somehow did not seem to have
absorbed bogomil blasphemy regarding Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

"If you think that this ideology of cannibalism is not a threat, think again. The cult of cannibalism

known as Satan worship, perfectly legal in the US, and generally the religion of the elites and the hidden hands, what a genius that Shoebat let's focus on a tactic, you know like terror ....as in "war on'... which Shoebat was hired to promote.

Anonymous said...

All regular Christianity is a cult to mystics like Christine. The SDA was not named a a cult by Martin and his ilk. They were not able to find a reason and simply focused anger on White. I am not a member by the way. I can't attend any churches, all in my town are controlled by wicca or the RCC.

Last time I check the SDA does not eat humans, make jihad or hate the Jews BUT they do slam the RCC. This does not sit well with Christine.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 11:48

you are rather delusional if you think you are responsible for my posting, but if you
present some nonsense that is going to take a lot of information to refute, then you
are to blame.

If you throw stones at your dog for fun, and its barking keeps others awake, you may
not have trained it to bark on command and then commanded all night, but you
did what it took to make it bark.

I don't hardly ever (only sometimes) see any sniping at Susanna or Paul for lengthy
posts except from anti RC position, so I can only assume that your problem is that
you don't like the content.

your dismissal of the issue of sneak infiltration of pro cannibalism propaganda
makes me suspicious of you as part of the satanic problem yourself.

the homosexual agenda - this was unthinkable a few generations ago, even if on the
sly it was done by a lot of people, no one would think and few would "dream" wistfully
of a day when it would even be legal, let alone acceptable.

step by step....look where we are now.

abortion - this was illegal and a doctor could lose his license and was always looked
down on with scorn even when done legally or on the sly over hundreds of year.

step by step....look where we are now.

cannibalism....the step by step thing is beginning.

Anonymous said...

The Waldesians were simply Christians who left the RCC and chose to live in the forest rather than partake in false doctrine and the hersey of the RCC. Their courage and action was the inspiration of the Protestants. They were led by a man who was formerly a wealthy merchant and who had become alarmed by the economic controls upon his business practices. (think Chic Fillet) He reminds me of Richard Wurmbrand who was an investment banker type who also accepted Christ when he became disillusioned by his upper class life. There are many documentaries on You Tube about them as well as disinformation.

Anonymous said...

12:04 step by steps are over, we are here now. They are as-we-type controlling the human domain in Jade Helm and just testing the final control mechanisms and training the police. Jesus is Lord

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

SDA's not being attacked for its false doctrines by Martin - I don't know if he
or his ilk in those days did so or not and I'm not taking your word for anything,
and it was too long ago that I read those books to remember.

That he attacked Ellen G. White the FALSE PROPHETESS was itself an attack on SDA
so that puts the lie to your statements.

I am anti RCC on the papacy, the scholastic mechanistic thinking that presumes we
can understand the essence of God with our finite minds, the Immaculate Conception
of Mary, the excessive focus on Mary, the mostly false Marian visions, the likely
false if only from the flesh (which, steeped in the Bible and Bible based doctrine
could come up with convincing illusions) mysticism rampant in the RC visionary
type saints, mechanistic merits of saints mechanistically and limitedly transferable, and
the rest of the laundry list of stuff they have to dump in order to be Orthodox
(as distinct from reuinion with an RCC-ified and worldliness infected version of
Orthodoxy) most of which being small things I have forgotten.

I am not anti RCC on the central Christology we share or the literal understanding
of sacraments, which was the attitude held by those writers in early church days
when the traditional interpretations were those passed through only one to three
individuals from the Apostles to the writers.

I do not dabble in occultism and haven't for years. I don't think you know occultism
from discernment of spirits, which given the phrase vs. the modernist assumption
that "spirits" don't exist and limits the term to attitude of mind (which is not
excluded from it) tells me this is not just being able to tell when something
doesn't fit The Bible.

If someone can see something, or I can sense something, and some animals are
reacting to it also, then it is real. that is not occultism. I fight against
altered states of consciousness slipping in, I don't encourage them or seek them.

you are a slanderer and I wouldn't be surprised if you are a flat out Satanist
not just a blah blurry minded boring new ager of the average sort, one of those
who lead a double life in church and in the grotto or whatever. The severeist
fire I draw is when I hit on something that is dangerous to the new age interests
like turning one of their ideas against them, or exposing something.

if you are defending SDA maybe you are only SDA, but if so you are compromised by
satan's influences. Just like Mormonism and JW oppose obvious occultism and new
age meditation, yet adhere to blasphemous notions and have their origin in
occultists they yearn towards as their prophets and founders, thus draw on the
spiritual influences these people were under, so do you. White was a false prophet
who appealed to some prejudices of Americans of the time.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Waldensians were Christian more so than other heretics, but they pursued the
bogomil idea of sacraments being merely acts of obedience or remembrance nothing
more. This is false. They also were rebellious which is often a sign of pride.

it would be better to make a big deal out of Savonarola who also challenged the
pope, not on authority but on corruption, which got him in trouble, while before
he was allowed by the pope while trying to clean up corruption among the people
of Italy.

the visions and charismatic type manifestations of Huegenots who chose a reputedly
haunted place to meet in the woods makes me pretty dubious of them also. Out of
their downline in South Africa came David Johannes Du Plessis, aka Mr. Pentecost who
led the charge in ecumenism when this wasn't popular. Oddly enough I can find
nothing about his parents' first names, only his mother's maiden name except one
place, who ascribes to him the specs on his son! Since he wrote several books
including an autobiography I can only assume this omission in writing about him,
is due to his own omission. Sounds like has something to hide. Maybe one of his
parents had been kicked out of the Huguenot community for witchcraft? or maybe it
is nothing worse than that perhaps he was the illegitimate son of Johannes Du Plessis same background who had similar social ideas as David du Plessis.

All the people from du plessis to Vereide and others who claim an experience of
God, you only have their word for it that any of this happened.

Anonymous said...


Kevin Freeman is the man who hangs out with team b 2 and 'exposes' how islam/muslims/Qatar are responsible to the economic problems. (I was thinking about Constance's second book where she mentions something about this sort of tactic very briefly) He says it was via Qatar and some banking tricks but this is disinformation meant to take your eyes of the Libor case and Barclays. Of course there is that book "The Dollar and the Vatican" by Avro Manhattan or numerous books about the Rothchilds who are supposed to be Jewish. Round and round like a record baby...

I am inclined to look at Knights Templar but Christine might be able to trace it to some heretical sect of Christianity from the second century.

Anonymous said...

"They also were rebellious which is often a sign of pride."

I see that witchcraft Jezebel. How easy it is to spot from you!

Uh yeah, everybody fall in line with, Christine, or she will call you names and accuse you of being prideful... GOD FORBID!!

White warned her sheep that the wolves were in the church, his anger was directed at her.

Anonymous said...


Page 1
"Wild, narrow and inaccessible, rising from the plain and finally losing
themselves in the rocky heights forming the French frontier," 1 the Protestant valleys on
the Italian side of the Cottian Alps provide the setting for this study. The scenery of this
portion of northern Italy is exceedingly grand and beautiful; though, owing to its
rugged nature, the higher regions are not very productive.
We do not know when or why the first inhabitants chose these alpine valleys for
their home. What we do know is that this remote region eventually produced a hardy
colony who, living apart from other Christian communities, "retained their primitive
appearance and manners to a greater degree than almost any other [Christian sect in
Europe.]" 2
Historically, not many more than 20,000 people have inhabited these alpine
valleys at any one time. Though small in size (the valleys constitute an area of about
300 square miles, 22 miles in length and 16 miles wide,) this is a region rich in religious
tradition. The Waldensians claim a heritage that some believe dates back to the dawn
of Christendom. Captain R. M. Stephens explains that "the history of the Waldense is
nothing if it is not viewed from a spiritual standpoint; their story is one long continual
struggle for liberty of conscience." 3
The beginnings of the Waldensians 4 as a separate religious sect is obscure
and complicated by controversy. Do they go back in unbroken succession to the
Apostles? Are they descendants of various groups of dissenters who fled to the wild
mountains of Piedmont to escape religious persecution? Or are they specifically the
heirs of Peter Waldo, a twelfth century religious reformer from Lyons, France?
English writer William St. Gilly, and early Waldensian historians, including
Jean Leger and Henry Arnaud, 5 support the theory of apostolic origin as described by
James D. McCabe:
Soon after the introduction of Christianity into Italy by the Apostles, the people of
these valleys became converts to the faith preached by St. Paul. They accepted
and taught the doctrines of the Apostles, and practiced simple rites. . . . They
acknowledged the Holy Scriptures as their sole rule of faith, and rejected all that
was not taught in the books of the New Testament. From the days of
Constantine to the present. . . they have never changed their faith, and have
never altered any important particular of their religious observance. 6
Dr. Alexis Muston devotes thirty-four pages in his two volume work, The Israel

Anonymous said...


Page 2
of the Alps, to the question of origin and concluded that "the Vaudois, therefore, are not
schismatics, but continued inheritors of the Church founded by the apostles." 7
twentieth century historians, Catholic writers, and educators such as Walter F. Adeney
[Professor of History of Religious Doctrine at Manchester University and Lancashire
College in England] contend that there is not a shred of evidence to link the
Waldensians with the apostles. 8 These writers maintain that the Waldense are simply
the followers of Peter Waldo.
Will Durant, the 20th Century popular historian, dismisses the Waldensians as
"heretics," "preservers of heresies and semi-communistic aspirations," and "continuing
an old tradition of basing radical proposals upon Biblical texts." In ten references
throughout his book, The Story of Civilization, Vol. VI, The Reformation, Durant
completely anathematized them. 9
Adeney is at least objective in acknowledging Waldensian achievements. He
does not label them "heretics", allowing that
. . . this community of hardy mountaineers. . . [established a church that] was
able to develop and maintain its own individuality and to withstand the
attacks of opponents in a way that has almost suggested the miraculous. [But to
maintain its doctrinal purity] throughout all these centuries would demand a
double miracle. 10
In order to come to terms with this controversy over origin of the Waldensians as
a religious sect, it is necessary to trace Christianity in Northern Italy from the time of
Constantine in the fourth century to the activities of Peter Waldo at the end of the
twelfth century. In 312 A.D., Christians numbered about five percent of the total
population of the Roman Empire. In many areas the Christian Church was represented
only by a few scattered groups of repressed, poor, and occasionally persecuted
minorities of low social status. These groups held secret services and were of little
political significance to the great Roman Empire which was then at the point of
collapse. Struggles among rival emperors brought frequent civil wars, while barbarian
hordes threatened the borders.

Anonymous said...


another infiltration complete,moving on to the one world religion under the RCC

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

all efforts to connect protestant and "proto protestant" or whatever groups
fail on two major points.

firstly, by the time of Constantine a huge percentage of the empire was Christian.
Aside from his vision, he was concerned for stability, which is why he called the
first universal (ecumenical) council for the Church to sort out its internal
differences regarding the arian heresy that had lately arisen. Constantine didn't
want to have this major force for stability in the empire itself be divided.

Orthodox (meaning Trinitarian as opposed to arian named after priest arius)
Christianity was supported by the emperor once the council settled on that position.
Later emperors sided with the arians and persecuted the Orthodox.

that arius was a PRIEST in that pre Constantine times should tell you that that
office existed.

Secondly, while the meetings and ceremonies held by Christians when persecuted
were secret, the content was known and explained by people like Justin Martyr
and others some writing for the general public some for internal reading and
teaching. The typical doctrines regarding sacraments of the RC and EO were held
by them, and the church structure was referred to and described here and there.
These writers were far closer to the Apostles than upstarts of the Middle Ages,
and were before Constantine.

Now, I no longer believe the lies about Constantine and the Nicene Council. But
for the benefit of those who do, I prefer to refer to pre Nicene or "ante [means before] Nicene" writers.

By the time of struggles among rival emperors and barbarians getting into Italy
itself, the empire was Christian.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

the idea of "liberty of conscience" is really bad phrasing. It is the sort of thinking
that got Christians joining hands with Moon to form the Christian Right. One
should be concerned about truth not about freedom to hold and promote error.
The machinery of error suppression, once seized by error can be used against
truth, so should never be developed too far. neither should it be lacking.

"liberty of conscience" is what got us the present legal situation where
satanism is viewed as a legitimate religion in the military and elsewhere,
protected by freedom of religion.

obviously this whole thing needs some sort of overhaul that will not restart
the wars of religion but will put sharp limits on false religions. the Roman
legal concept of religio licit vs. religio non licit should be revived.

Anonymous said...

Damn it. I am not at all in support of your view that the inquisition should get a revival in any sort of way especially since the satanism is coming from such a small group of people and usually involve their OWN children. how far off is this from the anti-shariah insanity? Certainly the better ways of dealing with it is NOT to suppressed for example, Donald Rimer's work for law enforcement and others, even (Larson has contributed some information) who call out SRA, Satanic Ritual Abuse define it, predict it, and train others, hence why Springmier is such a threat and why his books were conveniently found in Bin ladin's room in order to set him up as a terrorist.

They only look like some large force when in fact these generational Satanist are only a handful of persons holding the keys(FOR NOW) to mind control operations via intelligence networks which may very well be connected to the Vatican or at least some satellite organization for example the Jesuits. You are just begging for religious wars as you doggedly push on in your ignorance and self importance. No, let us NOT call on those who created the problem to solve the problem. May god have mercy on your Marxist soul. In Jesus name I pray.

Anonymous said...

sharp limits on false religions

Only crimes can be defined and limited, period, (which is why Shariah is already illegal!)

UNLESS you are Christ himself, this is the way it IS

Anonymous said...

"I do not dabble in occultism and haven't for years. I don't think you know occultism
from discernment of spirits"

That is what I think you don't see about yourself, MCE.
You say you no longer practice, but it's influence over you and in you is still evident.
And will be until you are totally belonging to Jesus. You have one foot in and one foot out which spells nowhere in the faith once delivered to the saints...
....just nowhere good period.

Anonymous said...

"12:04 step by steps are over, we are here now. They are as-we-type controlling the human domain in Jade Helm and just testing the final control mechanisms and training the police. Jesus is Lord

12:07 PM"
The wheels are off. It is over and judgment is rolling in like the tide---at high tide.

It is time for You to act, O LORD, for they have made void your law. Psalm 119:126

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



And despite the devotions and good intentions of Jusin the Martyr and Irenaeus it is God Himself gave then the choice to eat their children. And God Himself who will judge them for it.

It is time for You to act, O LORD, for they have made void your law. Psalm 119:126

Indeed. I doubt one soul came to the Lord via the Salem witch trials or the inquisition.

Anonymous said...

The Inquisition in Malta 1561-1798


Who were the Inquisitors?

The Roman Inquisition (or Holy Office) was the official stand by the Catholic Church against Protestantism. It was set up in 1542 by Pope Paul III. Its aim was to inculcate a sense of correct behaviour and the correct beliefs expected from a Catholic. The Inquisition subordinated all aspects of life and government, acted as a watchdog against all kinds of heresies, including blasphemy, apostasy, bigamy, reading of prohibited books and the practice of magic.


The Order was weakened in the Reformation, when rich commanderies of the Order in northern Germany and the Netherlands became Protestant (and largely separated from the Roman Catholic main stem, remain so to this day). The Order was disestablished in England, Denmark and elsewhere in northern Europe. The Roman Catholic order was further damaged by Napoleon's capture of Malta in 1798 and became dispersed throughout Europe. It regained strength during the early 19th century as it redirected itself toward humanitarian and religious causes. In 1834, the order, by this time known as the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), acquired new headquarters in Rome where it has since been based.

Jesus is Lord.

Anonymous said...

same link:
What was the most common “crime of the faith” the Maltese were charged with before the Inquisition?

Witchcraft. Witchcraft (magic or sorcery) was by far the most common fault or crime committed by the Maltese in general. These took the form of love magic, divination, using the “evil eye”, magical healing, and black magic and were – apparently – common in Malta in from the mid-17th century and to the late 18th century.

and certainly anyone can be charged, why even a little old Seventh Day Adventist or any other Protestant, just stamp Hebrew Roots Movement/Southern Baptist and add the words witchcraft behind it, why not?

Anonymous said...

Dear 2.05pm,

Fritz Springmeier's stuff was found in the bin Laden compound? Have you a source for that, please? Anything else interesting there?

Anonymous said...

Anybody (such as Christine) who thinks that the Waldenses picked up heresy from the Bogomils (who WERE heretics) is getting confused between the Waldenses and the Albigenses (also known as Cathars). Quite simply, the Waldenses were protestants before the Reformation.

The question of whether the Waldenses can trace their roots back to the early church (perhaps via Milan) or were a discreetly dissenting sect begun by Waldo of Lyons has essentially been answered by recent scholarship: they began with Waldo (not necessarily "Peter Waldo" - the first trace of "Peter" is long after the first trace of "Waldo"). I say this as a fan of theirs, and as I couldn't care less about the apostolic succession it doesn't matter to me. The claim that they are far more ancient than Waldo is one of those threads that run through much historical writing for years until the original sources are at last checked by modern scholars. Two books published in recent times examine and pretty much settle the issue: Waldenses by Euan Cameron (2000) and The Waldensian Dissent by Gabriel Audisio (English Translation 1999).

Anonymous said...

Was this the introduction of "Where's Waldo"?

Sorry ;) just had to!

Sometimes needs a little lightening up around here!

Susanna said...

anonymous 6:01 P.M.

You are correct. A clear distinction has to be made between the Waldenses and the Albigenses (a.k.a. Cathars) who were gnostics.....most likely of the Manichaean variety. The Waldenses were precursors of the Christian Protestants.

The movement originated in the late twelfth century as the Poor Men of Lyons, a band organized by Peter Waldo, a wealthy merchant who gave away his property around 1173, preaching apostolic poverty as the way to perfection. Waldensian teachings quickly came into conflict with the Roman Catholic Church. By 1215, the Waldensians were declared heretical and subject to intense persecution; the group was nearly annihilated in the seventeenth century and were confronted with organized and generalized discrimination in the centuries that followed.

During the sixteenth century, Waldensian leaders embraced the Protestant Reformation and joined various local Protestant regional entities. As early as 1631, Protestant scholars–and Waldensian theologians themselves–began to regard the Waldensians as early forerunners of the Reformation who had maintained the apostolic faith in the face of Catholic oppression. Modern Waldensians share core tenets with Reformed Protestants, for example, including the priesthood of all believers, congregational polity, and a "low" view of certain sacraments such as the Lord's Supper and Baptism. They are members of the Leuenberger Konkordie (Community of Protestant Churches in Europe) and its affiliates world wide.....

.....The present Waldensian Church considers itself to be a Protestant church of the Reformed tradition originally framed by Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin. It recognizes as its doctrinal standard the confession of faith published in 1655 and based on the Reformed confession of 1559. It admits only two ceremonies, baptism and the Lord's Supper. Supreme authority in the body is exercised by an annual synod, and the affairs of the individual congregations are administered by a consistory under the presidency of the pastor.

Over the centuries, Waldensian churches have been established in countries as far away from France as Uruguay and the United States where the active Waldensian congregations continue the purpose of the Waldensian movement. The contemporary and historic Waldensian spiritual heritage describes itself as proclaiming the Gospel, serving the marginalized, promoting social justice, fostering inter-religious work, and advocating respect for religious diversity and freedom of conscience. Today, the Waldensian Church is member of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, the World Methodist Council, the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy, and the World Council of Churches.......


Just this past June, Pope Francis visited the Waldensian Temple and asked forgiveness for the Catholic Church's persecution of the Waldensians.

Pope Francis Asks Forgiveness For Catholic Church's Persecution Of Waldensians


See also....

Francis has become the first pope in history to visit a Waldensian evangelical church


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Waldensians and bogomils - I am not confusing anything, if you'd bother to read what
I said you'd have noticed in one of my posts maybe two, a stipulation that the
Waldensians were far more Christian than the Albigensian gnostics. But the bogomil
influence was not just in extreme heresy, but in claiming to go by the Bible (which
I found by READING IT STRAIGHT THROUGH is not the case re prots and others), the
poverty of lifestyle (also typified some violent and promiscuous rebel groups led
by charismatic leaders in the 1300s) the attack on the organized church and rejection
of sacraments. extreme teachings would probably not be presented at first.

anon 5:03

if the HEbrew roots and some Baptists are doing the same things as the maltese, yes
that's evil. Hebrew roots is apparently being exploited by some really seriously
dark witches to lure some from there by getting them into Kaballah because it
"Hebrew." This from a person had been there done that who was on the chat room
during Constance's show one time (for the info standard presence in the chat room).

anon 2:05

"Damn it. I am not at all in support of your view that the inquisition should get a revival in any sort of way especially since the satanism is coming from such a small group of people and usually involve their OWN children"

firstly I did say revive the inquisition, I warned that the mechanism to stop evil
can be used against truth so should not be so well developed as it was neither
should it be entirely lacking as it is now.

you sound like you think that that's semi okay like its their own property?

CHILDREN ARE NOT PROPERTY OF PARENTS. Parental rights is a bad concept. Parental
responsibility - to God and to society not to be unleashing monsters on it and to
the state to provide an educated electorate that can vote or otherwise participate -
is the correct concept. Children begin not as parts of their parents but as
free floating zygotes, that attach later and then are born and the connection

Eve before the knowledge of God was lost said "I have gotten a man from YHWH" not
I have created a child or gotten a man from its creator Adam. As time passes, even
if lip service is given to God the attitude is that parents CREATE their children.
Even "give them life" as if parents are God.

This is a human being and people don't have the right to kill it for no reason but
convenience. The whole idea of children as property a parental rights, along with
the idea of them being creations of parents and part of the parent is a key element
in abortion, infanticide, forced arranged marriage, incest and selling them to
be sex slaves.

As for the Maltese magic, this is damn evil and it is an enslavement more terrible
because invisible.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 2:58

"God Himself gave then the choice to eat their children. And God Himself who will judge them for it.

It is time for You to act, O LORD, for they have made void your law. Psalm 119:126"


you are right there with the abortionists, homosexual agenda, and everyone else,
thieves, murderers, adulterers, pimps, rapists and corrupt in every way and all
other evil doers and corrupters of the public.

only God can judge.

you are filth.

the typical line of all these evil people is "do not judge" and "its between me
and God."

Jesus warns that we will be judged ourselves, using the words out of our mouths
that, in their condemnation of others for things we ourselves do, show we knew
those things were wrong and did them anyway. In AMerican law, ignorance is not
an excuse, but this is not the case with the divine law, as Jesus says, the
servant who did not prepare himself for his master's return and did things worthy
of stripes (lashes with a whip that leave stripe like marks) will be beaten
with fewer stripes if he didn't know better and more if he did.

We are NEVER TOLD NOT TO JUDGE rather we are told to judge with righteous judgement,
get the log out of our own eyes then we will see clearly to take the speck out
of our brother's eye, and so forth.

By your way of thinking there should be no law or law enforcement of any kind.
you didn't because that would leave YOU in danger. But that is what your way would
lead to if followed. At least your selfishness and cowardice you and your kind
leave SOME degree of protection in play.

I hate to think what you do in private. And the worst thing for people like you
is precisely that no one judge or act against you, then God will have all the
more unavenged sin of yours to bring the hammer down on you for, in this life or
the next or the Last Judgement.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 2:22

you are a mess. you can't tell one thing from another.

Anonymous said...

Constance, I've just watched your vid with Mr Kincaid. Just amazing that one way or another Marianne or her mates are always trying to get a foot in the door of your govt. One thing I've noticed is that ever since Bergolio became Pope, Marianne often mentions him (found this odd)

Marianne Williamson

December 17, 2014 · Edited ·

Pope Francis's birthday today celebrated by people doing the Tango in St. Peter's Square. Is he a light in darkened times, or what…?



Marianne Williamson

December 1, 2013 ·

Thanks to Pope Francis for telling it like it is...

"Just as the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” sets a clear limit in order to safeguard the value of human life, today we also have to say “thou shalt not” to an economy of exclusion and inequality. Such an economy kills. How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points? This is a case of exclusion. Can we continue to stand by when food is thrown away while people are starving? This is a case of inequality. Today everything comes under the laws of competition and the survival of the fittest, where the powerful feed upon the powerless. As a consequence, masses of people find themselves excluded and marginalized: without work, without possibilities, without any means of escape.

In this context, some people continue to defend trickle-down theories which assume that economic growth, encouraged by a free market, will inevitably succeed in bringing about greater justice and inclusiveness in the world. This opinion, which has never been confirmed by the facts, expresses a crude and naïve trust in the goodness of those wielding economic power and in the sacralized workings of the prevailing economic system. Meanwhile, the excluded are still waiting…. This imbalance is the result of ideologies which defend the absolute autonomy of the marketplace and financial speculation. Consequently, they reject the right of states, charged with vigilance for the common good, to exercise any form of control. A new tyranny is thus born, invisible and often virtual, which unilaterally and relentlessly imposes its own laws and rules."

--- Pope Francis


Marianne Williamson

June 9, 2014 · Edited ·

The Pope prayed yesterday in Israel with Israeli President Peres and Palestinian Authority President Abbas. Many call it a "symbolic" gesture, but it is more than that. If during their meeting, Peres and Abbas shared even one moment of realization that they are not ultimately separate but are joined on some spiritual level as brothers, then in that instant a light came into the darkness. That is not a symbol; it is a miracle.

Such is the spiritual power that lies potential in one person's presence, hopefully in this case Pope Francis: that in that their presence, someone else is more likely to remember the truth of who they are. Let's all of us join our prayers with theirs, to increase the possibility that light will overcome darkness, love will overcome fear, and peace will overcome violence.

Dear God,
May all walls of separation
dividing us
now melt away in a sea of love...
for Israelis,
for Palestinians,
and for us all.


Marianne Williamson

July 29, 2013 ·



Pope Francis On Gays: Who Am I To Judge Them?

Pope Francis has had a busy week at World Youth Day in Rio as he visited his slums and prisons, blessed the Olympic flag and brought three million people to Copacabana Beach for a final Mass on Sunday morning.


and so on............... I see she's busy with Mr Sanders but do wonder what her praise of our Pope is all about? what is going? it just seems off track for her to be impressed in any way by a Pope. The true beliefs of the Catholic Church oppose what Marianne pushes for.

From OZ.

Anonymous said...

"The true beliefs of the Catholic Church oppose what Marianne pushes for."

but not the hiddden beliefs, was Francis a Hitler youth member like Benedict was?

Anonymous said...

6:26 No but if you go to the Where's Waldo therapy group you can hang out with a group of people who are trying to find themselves.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Pope Francis' remarks about how we don't value human life much and exclusion of
human life from concerns is perfectly Biblical. What exploitation Williamson wants
to make of it is another matter. A lot of things labeled "socialist" merely show
the historic and definition ignorance of the speakers.

Meanwhile, Cuddy has an article on news with views about how ONE person of all these
supposedly Christian conservatives helped him about his mother about to be kicked
out of her house and in a desperate bad health physical condition. Cuddy concludes
that there aren't very many Christians out there.

Anonymous said...

I heard rumor that Waldo has gone to Mars.
Let's send Chritine to go find out.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


get ready sweep ash off your roofs in a few months probably, and check other
videos on Mary Greeley's channel about Yellowstone. Leave the powdery ash on,
it turns to heavy cement when it rains and crashes your roof.

Anonymous said...

Oh THANK GOD!! Praise you Jesus!! I went back and watched the whole Alberto Rivera set of videos, HA HA he mentioned Walter Martin BY NAME as being on the list of friendlies for Jesuits hahahahah LOL!! Oh my too funny. He confirmed all my research. I wish I had just known about him earlier but HEY I was TOO young back then to notice. AND there was no you tube.

He even discussed the one world government and the inquisition, WOW so much Joy! You old folks have to remember back when you watched it for the first time. Yes Christine I read and watch videos in my off time, how sinister. Generally when people come out of the satanic cults they are not believed and even people who help them like Springmeier might not even be believed and there are no bodies to find of eaten and sacrificed babies, so the parents of generational Satanists do not get to court to be held accountable by the law. Thanks for confirming that the Hebrew Roots movement is planned to label the true Bible believers as Kabbalahists, when actually it's the RCC, the whole of Babylon...AS USUAL. Always the same, Lucifer must turn it upside down, always the same trick. Martin wrote his book on the cult of Mary but left it out when he wrote his books later. Sounds like a Jesuit intervention to me.

Anonymous said...


Benedict had no choice but to join the Hitler Youth because it was compulsory at the time. His family did not join the Nazi party, his father was critical of the Nazi regime.

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/pope-francis-compares-pushing-gay-agenda-to-hitler-youth-indoctrination And I think we can tell from this article what Francis makes of the Hitler Youth and any 'ideological colonisation'.

I just wonder what Marianne Williamson is actually up to in referencing our current Pope time and again, its off putting - but maybe that's why she does it. If she and her kind allude to him as being even slightly like minded then maybe she hopes many will remove themselves from the Church. I'm just not sure but do wonder.

From OZ

Anonymous said...

From the videos I've seen on YouTube of Walter Martin, I have great admiration for him. He went after the health and prosperity teachers, esp. Kenneth Copeland, for claiming to be "little gods" or little versions of God, which is about as New Age as you can get with an evangelic/charismatic suit on.

I found myself saying "Sick 'em, Walter!" more than once. He was responsible for an untold number of people coming out of cults and into fellowship with the real Jesus. That's gotta count for something, yes?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think it counts for something yes.

Susanna said...

Dear OZ,

Marianne Williamson once ran for Congress to fill the seat of Henry Waxman who is listed as a member of the socialist party. Given the fact that she is supporting another socialist, Bernie Sanders, leads me to believe that she also tends to wax socialist in terms of her politics........especially since socialism is the political arm of the New Age Movement.

The "spirituality" Marianne Williamson has been promoting is based on A COURSE IN MIRACLES which consisted of the channeled "revelations" of the late Helen Schucman who claimed that the entity she was channeling was named "Jesus." Schucman believed that an "inner voice", which she identified as Jesus, guided her writing. The late Father Benedict Groeschel described A COURSE IN MIRACLES as demonic. In fact, he book has been called everything from "New Age psychobabble", "a Satanic seduction", to "The New Age Bible".

On the previous thread I have already commented on Sanders "praise" of Pope Francis and the attempt by Marxists to hijack Christianity - especially Roman Catholic Christianity - transform its meaning, and then deploy it in the service of its own this-worldly agenda.

For them, a New Age religion would serve the same purpose as the false Deistic civil religion ( Cult of the Supreme Being ) created by Robespierre as the "proper Revolutionary religion " in the wake of the French Revolution.

Given the de-Christianization program which followed the French Revolution and given the radical rejection of all religion by the French revolutionaries - which at first gave birth to the "Cult of Reason" whose naked atheism apalled even Robespierre - this "Cult of the Supreme Being" served as a kind of halfway house to atheism for the squeamish. It was when people began to suspect that Robespierre aspired to the role of "Supreme Being" that his downfall began......known as the "Thermadorian Reaction."


Susanna said...


While I like listening to Cliff Kincaid and give him credit for the interesting and informative articles he has written, I am disappointed to see that when it comes to the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope, Cliff Kincaid - for whatever reason - comes across as short on facts and long on innuendo.

I don't believe in the Millenium. But I don't go around insinuating that Protestants who do are Nazis just because Hitler and his followers - then and now (vis a vis "Esoteric Nazism") - dream about another "Thousand Year Reich."

In the video, Mr. Kincaid states: "We have to all admit that the evidence shows Pope Francis is a Marxist."

What "evidence?" The "evidence" Mr. Kincaid cites is AMERICA magazine which has has long been a favorite of Catholic liberal/progressive intellectuals.

The AMERICA magazine has frequently been known to publish articles and opinion pieces taking positions contrary to official Catholic social teaching on matters such as homosexuality, priestly celibacy, HIV/AIDS, and the roles of women in the Catholic Church.....to the point that the magazine came under scrutiny by the Vatican. As a result, in 2005, the editor, Thomas J. Reese, S.J. was ordered to resign by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. This and other related incidencts lead me to conclude the very real possibility that AMERICA has an axe to grind with the Vatican and is therefore not the best source to rely on for unbiased news about the Pope........even if said news appears to praise him. As Shakespeare once wrote -O villain, villain, smiling, damnèd villain!
My tables—meet it is I set it down -That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain—

While serving as Provincial of the Jesuits in Argentina, Francis opposed the Marxist versions of liberation theology followed by the "'progressive' group of Jesuit theologians living out in base communities." As he wrote in the preface to a book on the Catholic Church in Latin America, Una apuesta por America Latina (A Commitment to Latin America) by Guzmán Carriquiry Lecour, the proponents of liberation theology were unable to reformulate it after the collapse of Marxism, and it thus became an anachronism. His theologian of reference was Juan Carlos Scannone, a fellow Jesuit (and former teacher) who had developed a theology centered on the "religious devotion of the common people".

Historian Roberto Bosca at the Austral University in Buenos Aires says that Pope Francis supported liberation theology's preferential option for the poor, although "in a nonideological fashion". Before becoming Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio described liberation theology's preferential option for the poor as part of a long Christian tradition rooted in the Gospels. (Gospel hermeneutic)


Susanna said...


The truth is that Mr. Kincaid appears not to have looked at ALL the evidence about the Pope's views.....because there is plenty of solid evidence which shows that Pope Francis is NOT a Marxist. Much of this evidence consists of eyewitness testimonies - from people who actually knew Pope Francis when he was Father - and then Bishop - Jorge Bergoglio.

The following are but a few examples:

First, the two priests, Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics, who believed Father Bergoglio denounced them to the right wing military junta certainly knew very well that Father Bergoglo was not a Marxist. While they turned out to be wrong in thinking Pope Francis had denounced them to the junta, they were correct in assuming that he was not a Marxist - albeit not a right wing junta fellow traveler.

And then there is Pope Francis' teacher, Fr. Scannone from Argentina who knew the aforementioned priests Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics who accused Pope Francis of denouncing them to the junta, and also the efforts made by Pope Francis which probably saved their lives.

Francis' teacher says Pope never supported Marxist theology



Fr. Scannone: “Meet my pupil, Bergoglio”




The Jesuit Juan Carlos Scannone recalls some memories of his relationship with the future Pope

Posted on 14 novembre 2013 http://www.terredamerica.com/2013/11/14/that-time-when-bergoglio-threatened-torturers-with-hell-the-jesuit-juan-carlos-scannone-recalls-some-memories-of-his-relationship-with-the-future-pope/

Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Get Pope Francis
Trent Horn
December 4, 2013



Bergoglio’s List: An Unexpected Discovery
January 30, 2015

The story of the Pope’s actions during Argentina’s Dirty War is as riveting as it is inspiring.



Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


good for him.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

not all Christians agree on what is in line with God's will and what is not.

Anonymous said...

8:34 AM Walter was lower on the "Incrementalism Scale" but there none the less. Next time you fell inclined to slam Bob Larson remember that he got his information from Walter and Gretchen.

Anonymous said...

5:22 They agree when it comes to NAZIs. Unless they are catholic or some other form of fake Gnostic in a Christian veil.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

what is the icrementalism scale?

what info did Larson get from the Passantinos? he was always pretty anti occult and
into exorcism wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

The new recruits have been told that they must "Have Faith in the System" if they do not do so at all times they will be in violation of a core value "service before self" and risk being dismissed or punished. They must NEVER express any feeling or idea that they do not have FAITH in the system. This is a horrible turning point as it was not the case during the last round of basic training as they were still engaged in pushing 'global ethics' (over God's Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule). You should observe the Sabbath and pray for your grandchildren. This is fascism and thought control like we have not seen yet in the US Military. The US military is the largest employer of young people. The dorms are now like "1984" the surveillance is so intense that one recruit was removed this week for dancing, he was observed on camera. There has been outbreaks of some sort of hoof and mouth disease and we can't pin down whether this is coming from trainees, vaccines or some other strange way. I am reminded of Cass Sunstein's NUDGE and what the next phase of social control is about. I can not believe we have to do this again and except for the various mind altering techniques, TV, internet, deception, media control, video games, music, brain entertainment, I fail to see how this can be in progress under the noses of those who should know better.

Thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, electronic files, the inquisition in coming, you will soon find yourself in court, do not worry about what you will say, ask God to say it for you.

Anonymous said...


I already posted about this Christine. PAY ATTENTION and go back and read.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

key problem is "faith in the system" instead of turning to Jesus over every little
thing, and "service before self" like "service" is an end in itself.

Anonymous said...


8/12/2015 - Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas -- Hand, foot, and mouth disease is very common a viral illness that typically affects children younger than five years old; however, adults can be infected by this illness as well, such as those in basic training or technical training.

HFMD is spread from person to person through nose and throat secretions, such as saliva, sputum, or nasal mucus, blister fluid, or stool of infected persons.

Anonymous said...

http://www.apologeticsindex.org/l42.html From Link Quote:

"Cult Expert?

Some, pointing to "Larson's Book of Cults," (or, currently, Larson's New Book of Cultsoffsite) think Larson is a cult expert. He certainly considers himself to be one. The META "description" tag at his website reads "Bob Larson is the foremost authority of occult, cults and the supernatural" (It used to read, "Bob Larson -- The world's foremost Christian authority on cults and the occults.").

However, those familiar with the field of countercult ministry know that his claim is patently false.

It should be noted that the information in "Larson's Book of Cults" was provided by two researchers from the Christian Research Institute (CRI), and put together by Larson. [Source: the late Walter Martin (fouder of the Christian Research Institute), at Bible Class, March 11, 1984 ."

Larson's Book of Cults back of book: CRI and Gretchen Passintino's organization listed as places to obtain information.

Laron interview, he has his books checked and cross referenced:

Kenneth Smith 1993 or 4 brags about messing with Larson. Ken called Hank Hanagraaff (Martin's replacement at CRI) and instigated an end to the relationship between CRI and Larson.
(I can not locate a falling out between Larson and Martin)

Bob says On Air:
BL: "Sir, I suggest that you be real careful. Because, let
me tell you something: While there may be people in the
Christian Research Institute, some of whom do not agree
with every thing this ministry does, Mr. Hank Hanegraaff
is the president of that organization, and he has been
a dear friend of me and this ministry. The late Dr.
Walter Martin has been a dear friend of me and this ministry.
And I know of no time, ever -- under any circumstances -- Mr.
Hanegraaff or Dr. Martin ever has said one word about the
theological inaccurateness [sic] of this ministry."

Travis: "Wrong. It's your program and it's your word against
mine, but I have heard it."

BL: "Well, Sir, I don't care what you've heard, and I suggest
you write Hank Hanegraaff personally."

Travis: "I suggest you get them on the air and let them tell
their side of the story [BL interrupts, and talks over him]
to the people of America."

BL: "Sir.... Patrick, just dump this guy. Mr. Hanegraaff has
been personally in our offices, personally in our studios, and
personally on the air with me, live from our studios. And they
have a fine ministry, and whether they agree with everything I
do or not, as far as the doctrinal accuracy and historic
orthodoxy of this ministry is concerned, that is without


Larson said Ken was just looking for a law suit. Ken went on to get his law degree and refused the psyc evaluation so he was not allowed to pass the bar. After which he spent the next at least 15 years (from what I can find on the internet)suing the state of Colorado and specific judges. So in that respect, Larson was correct about him. Ken was an atheist and I suspect a Satanist especially considering the location as being Denver and one simply has to look at that airport to know who lives in that area.

Anonymous said...

In this Donahue show Gavin and Yvonne Frost (started Wicca school in St Louis and claim to have started Wicca in the USA, but never mentioned in Wicca materials from the military)


(still shunned by most of the Wicca community for putting a child abuse ritual in their 'bible' in the 70's) debate Walter Martin and yet what he says has been lost by CRI because Hanagraaff says the complete opposite and in fact is in agreement with Gretchen Passintino and the Frosts in this video below from 2013. A witch even calls into the show to thank Hank and says they can work together.


She was well known by the insiders, obviously and she an Hank quietly rewrote some of Martin's work. You have to go to Amazon and type in both her and Hank's full names to see their many projects as co writers.


Again, Alberto mentions Martin in his interviews.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

If Alberto knew enough to fake a lot he knew enough to expose some things, and might
have represented himself some witch faction at odds with what was friendly with

incrementalism - the only presence of this word is your mention (my misspell doesn't
appear with "find") and your link. Okay this is what I call gradualism. or step by

some people have personal inclinations against some evils, others like them, and unlike
Christianity where there are specifics to judge your inclinations against, with paganism
and so forth you either have NO specifics that can't be rationalized away, or you
have specifics that either support the evil explicitly, or else support and advocate
the states of mind and value system that will lead to these evils if one is so
inclined, and cripple opposition to them on the part of others in the same overall
category of, er, belief system.

For instance, in Feri Anderson witchcraft, one stream developed that was monogamous
presumably heterosexual, the rest were anything goes. A lot of wiccan groups,
because they focused on male and female because of fertility and wanted the balance
of male and female energies (which they defined in rather sexist terms, but the
"energies" available and their tone are going to be shaped by those producing them,
or defining and calling on them as they define them blocking some parts and not
others) they were rejecting of gays. It HAD to be a man and a woman to do the Great Rite
(sex) or its symbolic equivalent (woman holds cup man puts tip of dagger or sword
into it), and no tranny types allowed and no homosexual pairing. This was worn
down over time.

The Feri crew were more ecstasy than fertility oriented as they described themselves,
which of course meant anything goes to produce the energy they want to experience
or redirect to power a spell.

Likewise I am sure that not all in paganism or witchcraft who denounce pedophilia
etc. are lying. its just not a part of their personal experience or personal

A plausible deniability was built into the Coven of the Unicorn in Georgia I think
it was in the 1980s 1990s. No one was to do anything that could reflect on the
reputation of "the craft," but you could take a year's sabbatical, be officially
detatched from it but return on good standing....The True God YHWH only knows what
would go on during a sabbatical. But it still got connected to them anyway, because
a cop or ex cop had some old records of criminal activity of some of them but were
in another state from where he was and couldn't get back to me. At least one of
them turned up in California involved with the group I was messing up as best as I
could. and interestingly enough a lot of properties in Belmont were arranged close
to each other that were in this.

Among the concerns of the Unicorn coven was whether it was ethical or not to force
someone by magic to sell their property to you. My guess is that the element that
considered it okay was out here and doing exactly that for The Group.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I am reposting this from the previous thread, an anonymous post and I think its
something we should think about. I am hesitantly for Trump because he alone is
making any objection any comment about the persecution of Christians in the
Middle East, and he is distancing himself from the Ukrainian mess saying it is
Europe's problem not ours.

But there could be problems. what one says is not always what one does, his rich
and elite connections may be what he merely exploited, and then maybe they are
running him.

"Early in the comments someone suggested Trump is the person to watch to understand future trends. I do not support him in any way. He is more involved in surreptitious New Age than any other candidate.

His approach duplicates that of the bombastic Hitler. Here I am comparing historical records of Hitler's crowd speeches and Trump's current speeches to political audiences.
This in common: every comment is focused on the special qualities of the speaker, each praising himself to the exclusion of others on the team, each saying only he can solve the problems of the country. Each presents an emotionally filled package appealing to audiences with political desires and very little concrete knowledge of how a country is run. Both say what their audiences want to hear. Both are very charismatic.

Recently I read a book from 1947 titled Prophet and Peoples, Studies in Nineteenth Century Nationalism by Hans Kohn. The book continued study through WWII, going country by country, England, France,Italy, Germany and Russia. It showed how prideful nationalistic tendencies developed and then led to destruction (except for England) because of others who used that pride for control. There is no doubt that Trump is developing such a following, well meaning people who do not remember history.

Two other points. Anyone with even a little bit of knowledge how conspiracy operates knows that nothing reaches public attention here in the US unless it is acceptable to those who control the media. Trump receives a huge amount of media publicity, much more than any other candidate. Conspiracies such as New Age require funding. Yes, Trump has his own money, but all of his contacts are with the extremely rich and the political community. Either group could be behind the Trump phenomena and no one in the media will expose it.

What do people know about Trump? He's a nice, interesting rich guy. People who liked Hitler said, "If only Hitler knew what was going on he would stop it.""

Anonymous said...

What a horrible post 7:08 PM.

Things are past the point of no return in this world for any man, anywhere, to judge anything now. It is time for God to do it as Psalm 119:126 says.
Yet you think yourself capable of His job?
Your self-righteousness is beyond comprehension....and the root of all pride.
You don't think yourself in need of God in any real sense or you would be crying out for Him to come and reset the whole thing (and he will).

Jesus said: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.
That should give you some scope as to how far and how wide evil is-evil continually as in the days of Noah. We are there once again, and ready for the final round.
Either you don't get it or don't want to.
Better get ready and get your heart right.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

you need to read the Bible as a whole not take it out of context and if Jesus
can call out people as the spawn of vipers and like a sepulcher full of the
unclean rot of a corpse and take a cat o nine tails whip to money lenders
then you don't have a leg to stand on.

it is not a matter of doing His job. its a matter of doing the job He gave us
to do, to call out evil and that evil includes twisting His word to cripple
opposition to evil.

Does it not say in one of the prophets that God looked around, saw no one
was taking action so girded on His sword and went to work Himself? of course
that isn't a word for word cite, but if you don't recognize the concept you
don't know the Word of God very well.

They know exactly what they do in these days. and you don't get it how vile it
is call evil good and good evil and to silence those who would condemn evil and
identify and denounce it and empower its victims and potential victims, and
thereby you empower the evil.

do you think you can escape God's judgement if you don't repent of your self
satisfied self congratulating post? your kind of talk makes every evil possible,
your kind of talk opens every door to the robber puts blinders on every potential
victim who must see clearly to escape or avoid or fight back.

the blood of the aborted babies and other murder victims is on the hands of their
killers.....and to some extent on hands such as yours.

Face yourself and real the words you misuse read them IN CONTEXT, several verses
before and afrter read EVERYTHING ON JUDGING and repent in horror of the evil you
have been supporting by destroying opposition to it. or risk hell. even if you
escape final damnation can you hope to escape a flogging that might include a
lash mark on you for everyone who was rendered helpless by buying into your garbage,

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I think generalizing about what the Jesuits would be involved with would depend
on when and where.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Anonymous said...

It is up to God now.
All people have dropped the ball big time.
The earth is groaning under weight of sin, waiting for God to come to bring righteousness down.
Why aren't you crying out to God for all the madness to stop? That is who will have to do it because this is beyond all of us. Or are you the only one who cares and the rest of us don't? Well, you don't care like you think or say you do or you would appreciate the sentiment and understanding that makes one cry out as king David did in Psalm 119:126. That is why that verse royally ticked you off. A profound hypocrite is what that shows you up to be.
I support none of what you say. I have confronted evil in various ways, (not merely the voting box or jury duty) but you paint with a broad brush to condemn anyone who does not have your same view so you take potshots from your computer. I hope the stupid thing blows up. Maybe then you will get out of your imprisoned heart and mind and see the real world and that you are no different than the rest of us sinners.

You are mad at God.

Because you have certain injustices (real or maybe even imagined) in your mind that you want vindicated...now.........and God has not chosen to fix them your way, and your time frame. You are unable to move on from the blame game.
What he wants to do is fix you. You have an anger problem stemming from deep resentment and unforgivenness and are a very unsettled, dissatisfied, soul throwing blame around at everyone, everywhere! Pick any long ago era and you always find dead people to blame, pick any denomination and you do nothing but find fault, pick any local government and city and you know the dirt on it, pick any person and topic because your blaming goes on non-stop. And you supposedly have alllll the facts????? since when do you know all truth? There is never another side to hear from? How ignorant you are in casting stones at any and everybody all day and night long -------- for years upon years. You are sitting in a vile stew of a mind there pecking away at your computer, detached from Real Life.

You are a hater, a real equal opportunity hater.

You need to lay claim to your own weight of sin that has contributed to the worlds ills like some of us know we have to do.
You do nothing but sit there on your arse and cast stones?

You are no righter of wrongs and you condemn others?
Start by righting that hypercritical, self-righteous, spirit within you. You want to judge someone???????
Judge yourself.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I already have you idiot. I don't deserve to live for one set of reasons, others
don't for others.

but one excuse after another either its not our place to judge period, or its not
our time to judge blah blah blah. don't judge, don't judge.

half the time I am said to be cast stones year after year all I have done is shown
from Scripture or history where something is wrong. All I have done is make people
uncomfortable who think the solution to everything is capitalism and are as wrong
as the people who think the solution to everything is Marxism or anything else.
or the REAL enemy is Russia - grow up and get current and look at the provocations
we're giving them - of the REAL enemy is the Jews or at least Zionists - we have
as dubious a secret society and illuminist pedigree as Zionism ever had. USA was
redolent with hysteria and occultism through the early to middle 1800s. or the REAL
enemy is take your pick or all of them because WE NEED AN ENEMY BECAUSE WE ARE PURE
AND HOLY AND GOD'S OWN CHOSEN LAND or some such presupposition which shows itself
in some knee jerk reactions.

Keep digging in that dirt Constance is digging up and you will eventually see things
like I do. or similar.

"equal opportunity hater." I like that, its cute. closer to the truth than saying
I hate women or men or America or any country or capitalism or communism or fascism
or freedom or slavery or whatever.

most of all I hate myself for decades of being a fool.

God bless the lot of us who visit this blog including my haters, and Constance.

Anonymous said...

Then try telling whole history and not your favorites selections from it, and then you will see where you can give some grace to people.

You and I are not the Holy Spirit.

We should be trusting him to show us how to target what should be targeted. There is wheat amongst the tares in almost any given situation. You need to pray to have much better target practice, ya think? You missed the point by miles, or just don't like it, and turn in into something else born out of your own angst. Your tactics are lousy for true discussion. Arguing this way seems to say you don't agree that God qualifies as Supreme Judge and sin is reigning supremely right now, about to go off the charts? And want to short circuit the issue by trying to play that ball that is actually not in your court??? By now we've all (the human race) proven we have blown it. The times we are in has become the big league and this is the last inning. Have you not grasped how the revelation is very much progressed and we are not stopping it?

Also, maybe you need to start by forgiving yourself then, in turn making you a gracious, forgiving person. Could help you see the difference between the sinner and the sin, because Jesus died to save sinners and will come again shortly to make short, short work of sin.

Uh..........nice try, but I did not say I hated you personally, so don't attempt that manipulation on me, either.
I called you on the carpet for you attitude and ungraciousness in the way you view people who differ with you and you accuse where it is unsubstantiated. I called you on the carpet with your words.

Again a bad judgment call on your part---------------making God's word in Ps 119:126 a launch for your tirade against absolutely everyone else when you didn't have reason to.
Your one size fits all judgments really stink.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much people here agree about what is terribly wrong and needs to be dealt with, you still fight, christine Erikson.

You can't even see agreement when it is right in front of you, and tear into people just because they are here.
You don't like it that I fast forwarded to the real issue (and solution--you don't look up apparently) while you beat the air in your own imaginary boxing ring and forget (or don't know?) that the enemy is the real enemy, not us.

That is so warped. Deep seated anger has a real grip on you.

Anonymous said...

Father Paul Kraemer from Ireland on Pope Francis etc:


Anonymous said...

As Mayflower descendant Susanna not only is the Pope no neighbor or mine but is in fact the current head of a disgranced pagan monster who was responsible directly for the persecution of my ancestors. Your over the top defense of him in this pathetic comment section of an internet blog smells like you are fulfilling your oath to the man god of Rome.

Jesus Christ is Lord FOREVER.

Anonymous said...


Good evidence of fascism

Anonymous said...


Agenda 21 is sustainable development and is fascism

Susanna said...

Anonymous 9:09

As a Mayflower descendant myself, Anonymous, with Protestant ancestors who fought for this country in the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Mexican War against Pancho Villa, World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam, etc. I feel that I have an equal right to tell you to spare us your "victim theology!!!"

If you want to compare atrocity statistics, Catholics have a way to go in order to catch up with non-Catholic Christians like you who commited their heinous atrocities in the name of "reform" and/or in the name of "Jesus." Your rant, moreover, reveals more evil and ugly things about you and your religion than it does about mine.

Too bad so many of the "reformers" of the past were powermongering, half-pagan (possibly Rosicrucian) misfits and hypocrites who saw in some of the scandals of the Catholic Church an opportunity to exploit a real need for reform and use it as an excuse to "reform the wrong thing" - in fulfillment of their own oaths to THEIR masters - the "man god" secular princes...the very thing they were so quick to accuse the Popes of doing.

So if you insist on discussing "disgraced pagan monsters" take a good hard look in the mirror before bloviating about the Catholic Church.

Oh and by the way...Larding your ignorant,ugly, hate-filled twaddle with the name of "Jesus" and phrases like "Jesus Christ is Lord FOREVER" doesn't make your twaddle any less ugly, ignorant or evil. It only makes it more blasphemous and worthy of condemnation. Jesus never mandated behavior such as yours.

Anonymous said...

Found this today.
What a checklist.

Sending because of Christine Erikson~~~but this is really for us all.

The Lord is at hand.

~~~ 10 Ways to Love (your neighbor as yourself) ~~~

~ Listen without interrupting ~ (hear someone out or abruptly, preemptively jump in?)

~ Share without pretending ~ (grudge a good thing then try to take credit when done?)

~ Speak without accusing ~ (defensively make it personal rather than deal w/actual issues?)

~ Enjoy without complaint ~ (is there always a negative or fault to find?)

~ Give without sparing ~ (does it cost you personally/sacrificially?)

~ Trust without wavering ~ (trust the Lord when your common sense does not?)

~ Pray without ceasing ~ (well, do you?)

~ Forgive without punishing ~ (leave the ending up to God who is fully Just?)

~ Answer without arguing ~ (your heart humble enough for words to be few?)

~ Promise without forgetting ~ (commit yourself and fail to do it or won't commit at all?)

Anonymous said...

11:43. I am smiling. My Mayflower ancestors were not the strangers.

Jesus is Lord.

Anonymous said...


'Anti-Protestantism, also known as Catholic Anti-Protestantism, originated in a reaction by militant societies connected to the Roman Catholic Church alarmed at the spread of Protestantism following the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Martin Luther's Proclamation occurred in 1517. By 1540, Pope Paul III had sanctioned the first society pledged to extinguish Protestantism.[1] Christian Protestantism was denounced as heresy, and those supporting these doctrines excommunicated as heretics. Thus by canon law and the practice and policies of the Holy Roman Empire of the time, Protestants were subject to persecution in those territories, such as Spain, Italy and the Netherlands, in which the Catholic rulers were then the dominant power. This movement was started by the reigning Pope at that time and various political rulers with a more political stake in the controversy then a religious one. These princes instituted policies as part of the then extant Spanish Inquisition, these abuses of that crusade originally authorized for other reasons such as the Reconquista, and Morisco conversions, ultimately led to the Counter Reformation, and the edicts of the Council of Trent. Therefore the fallout from the political repercussions of various European rulers for their own political reasons supporting Roman Catholicism or the new Protestant groups, only subsequently branded as heretical, and after rejection by the adherents of these doctrines of the Edicts of the Council of Trent, resulted in religious wars and outbreaks of sectarian violence, one example of which is the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre."

Thanks Susanne "the only voice of reason on this blog" said Constance. What does that voice really say?

Anonymous said...

Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera and others Speak on Jesuit infiltration


Anonymous said...

"Protestant ancestors who fought for this country in the American Revolution"

Mine did not fight, back then my Mayflower ancestors KNEW Christians had NO business being in the military.

Anonymous said...

The Counter-Reformation (also the Catholic Revival[1] or Catholic Reformation) was the period of Catholic resurgence beginning with the Council of Trent (1545–1563) and ending at the close of the Thirty Years' War (1648), and was initiated in response to the Protestant Reformation.


Vatican II = Council of Trent Part II (better just sit this one out and TAKE it Protestants since there is NO salvation found outside the RCC)

Anonymous said...

John 8:42Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me. 43Why do ye not understand my speech? even because ye cannot hear my word. 44Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 45And because I tell you the truth, ye believe me not. 46Which of you convinceth me of sin? And if I say the truth, why do ye not believe me? 47He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God.

WOULD Jesus go out of his way to defend the RCC? Or can we say they have fallen short of the glory of God just like all 'churches' have? Would anyone who knows anything about the history of Roman Empire, Babylon, paganism and Jesuits defend the RCC as vigorously as Susanne?

Anonymous said...

Be sure to add to my e-file that I wish to be burned at the stake in public. I have no intentions of entering heaven from some fluffy emergent church lifestyle. I want the scars on my body that prove I deserve to be there.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why the Lord Jesus did not overthrown corrupt and diabolical Rome when he surely could have at the time, but left that earthly business undone? He left that as the backdrop for learning our each and own sinfulness and his ultimate remedy and then that we be willing to share that with our neighbor. My enemy is also my neighbor too, correct?

Rev 2-3 address your concerns 1:03 PM.
He leaves out no one.
We have to do what we have to do in our godly convictions with matters of right and wrong, but as believers we leave the final outcome with God, who has the full picture of who and what, when ascribing guilt (or commendation).

We are all in the process of determining right and wrong for our own selves and with each other and beyond, that being from the private to the public on to the world at large, but in reality only some are actually trusting God's final solution. But all will know it someday. I am walking by faith in thees matters everyday, but glad I have read the end of the Book.

God gets this right because he always has. Hopefully we are signed on with his plan.

Anonymous said...

"I want the scars on my body that prove I deserve to be there"

It is the trust in the scars on Jesus body that are reason that we the undeserving will there.

Anonymous said...

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


does not read:
Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other<>>>: for there is none other name<<>> under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.<<>>

During the last thread Susanna posted that we as non Catholics were not save because there is no salvation except through her church and Pope. She is much unhappy that we doth protest such a bold and unBiblical statement. She doth complain and accuse. As usual she starts it we just have to take it.

Anonymous said...

Insert pope, Rome, RCC, Mary, or other above, in fact why not take out Tyndale's Bible and simply line out or pencil in what even you like....and that is exactly what the new bibles are.

Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth put to death more people in one year than the Inquisition had done in 331 years! Here too, Father Marsden insists that “In England and Wales, we have about 500 martyrs and confessors in total over the period 1534 to 1679. I believe the last Catholic died in prison about 1720. Elizabeth’s victims may have been about 300, plus those executed after the rising of the Northern Earls of 1569-70. But this is over the whole of her reign, 1558-1603.” By contrast, “the death toll of the Inquisition is in the range 2000 to 5000.”

Anonymous said...

In its second incarnation, the Ku Klux Klan of the 1920's moved beyond just targeting blacks, and broadened its message of hate to include the persecution of Catholics, Jews and foreigners. The Klan promoted Protestant fundamentalism and devout patriotism along with advocating white supremacy.

Anonymous said...

Luke 12:51 Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:

52 For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three.

53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.


"The Roman Catholic Church leader insisted that "division is a wound in the body of the church of Christ. And we do not want this wound to remain open," he said, urging for Christians to seek unity together and pray for one another."

Awww...what a peacemaker..aww..

3:00 when you are loosing the argument and all else fails just resort to calling the other person a racist. Thanks, that means I WIN. I will not return to the RCC ever not ever and I will stake my life on that. Nor do I think all Catholics are unsaved nor will I EVER be a member of any Scottish Freemason Secret Society like the KKK, and I will always stand against such secret societies because they are unBiblical.

Anonymous said...

"The Klan promoted Protestant fundamentalism and devout patriotism along with advocating white supremacy."

edumacate yerself son


Anonymous said...

Brewster was ALSO PERSECUTED by Elizabeth after forming a separatist church. Henry's church was also considered a bastard of the RCC by the separatists.


William Brewster was born about 1566, the son of William Brewster. He was educated in both Greek and Latin and spent some time at Cambridge University, although he never completed a full degree. He went into the service of William Davison, then Secretary of State, while his father back home maintained a position as the postmaster of Scrooby, Nottinghamshire. Under Davison, Brewster first traveled to the Netherlands. After Davison was removed as Secretary of State by Queen Elizabeth, Brewster worked himself into his father's postmaster duties and maintained Scrooby Manor. Brewster was instrumental in establishing a Separatist church with Richard Clyfton, and they often held their meetings in the Manor house. Brewster and the others were eventually found and forced out, and fleeing prosecution and persecution they headed to Amsterdam in 1608, and moved to Leiden, Holland in 1609. Brewster became the church's Elder, responsible for seeing that the congregation's members carried themselves properly, both helping and admonishing them when necessary.

Anonymous said...


The Pilgrims strongly believed that the Church of England, and the Catholic Church, had strayed beyond Christ's teachings, and established religious rituals, and church hierarchies, that went against the teachings of the Bible. This belief put them at odds with church officials, who in the early years of King James I tried to have them arrested and thrown in jail for refusing to participate in church rituals. For this reason, many of the Pilgrims fled to Leiden, Holland, where there was religious freedom. However, the Pilgrims had difficulty adjusting to the more permissive Dutch culture, and had difficulty supporting themselves financially.

Anonymous said...

Making Haste from Babylon: The Mayflower Pilgrims and Their World: A New History


Matthew 10:23 But whenever they persecute you in one city, flee to the next; for truly I say to you, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel until the Son of Man comes.

-------Maybe a one world government can solve this problem for them, no place to run maybe? --------

“The Jesuit Order was created by Catholic Ignatius Loyola in 1500s to counter the Reformation and uplift the authority of the Papacy. Since the beginning, the purpose of the Jesuits has included global political domination, as Loyola himself once said: Finally, Let all with such artfulness gain the ascendant over princes, noblemen, and the magistrates of every place, that they may be ready at our beck, even to sacrifice their nearest relations and most intimate friends, when we say it is for our interest and advantage (emphasis added). The world's wars and revolutions occur because the Jesuits want to establish a one-world government with the Papacy at its head. Even over a century ago their plans were succeeding, as 19th-century theologian Luigi De Sanctis tells us: At what then do the Jesuits aim? According to them, they only seek the greater glory of God; but if you examine the facts you will find that they aim at universal dominion alone. They have rendered themselves indispensable to the Pope, who, without them, could not exist, because Catholicism is identified with them. They have rendered themselves indispensable to governors and hold revolutions in their hands; and in this way, either under one name or another, it is they who rule the world (emphasis added

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:23, 3:24, 3:49 P.M.

You lose.

After the American Civil War of 1861–1865, members of the Protestant-led[16] Ku Klux Klan (KKK) organization began engaging in arson, beatings, destruction of property, lynching, murder, rape, tar-and-feathering, whipping and intimidation via such means as cross burning. They targeted African Americans, Jews, Catholics, and other social or ethnic minorities.

Klan members had an explicitly Christian terrorist ideology, basing their beliefs in part on a "religious foundation" in Christianity.[17] The goals of the KKK included, from an early time onward, an intent to "reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible", and they believed that "Jesus was the first Klansman."[18] From 1915 onward, Klansmen conducted cross-burnings not only to intimidate targets, but also to demonstrate their respect and reverence for Jesus Christ, and the ritual of lighting crosses was steeped in Christian symbolism, including prayer and singing hymns.[19] Within Christianity the Klan directed hostilities against Catholics. Modern Klan organizations remain associated with acts of domestic terrorism in the US.[20]


More "Amazing discoveries" from Walter Veith who has been under investigation by the German government for anti-Semitism and incitement of popular hatred and has been banned from speaking at Seventh Day Adventist Churches in Germany?????


"Walter Veith, a speaker for Amazing Discoveries, is under investigation by the German government regarding allegations of antisemitism and incitement of popular hatred [Volksverhetzung]. Veith, a noted conspiracy theorist, mixed interpretations of the Bible with theories about Jesuit and Masonic roles in the Holocaust, offensive language about "little yellow cloth" and "herding" of Jews and a positive citation of Benjamin Freedman, a "professional antisemite" according to the Anti-Defemation League.’"

For once the leadership of the ‘mainstream’ and official SDA Church acted appropriately and with due urgency, as further observed by Carpenter:

‘Not only has this drawn the attention of the authorities, but both German Unions and the Inter-European Division have issued statements prohibiting Veith from speaking in Adventist churches.’




Anonymous said...

LOL!!! Proofs of a conspiracy by John Robison 1798
John who was a Mason lays out his clear and detailed observations of how the Jesuits took over the entire system of Masonic lodges throughout Europe being as he was a member and in a position to observe.

In the heart of Washington, D.C., there is a large statue and monument honoring the most important founder of the Ku Klux Klan. Inscribed on the base of the statue are the words, ``poet''--the terrorist anthem of the KKK was his most famous literary work--and ``jurist''--he was called the KKK's chief judiciary officer, and reputedly wrote the organization manual for the terrorist anti-black movement after the U.S. Civil War.
The immense, bearded figure of Confederate General Albert Pike is looming over a public square in the nation's capital. Why has it never been pulled down in that predominantly black city? The statue is a tribute to the influence of Pike's organization. It has power in the Executive Branch, and the Congress, and it is decisive in the courts. It has great power in all branches of law enforcement and the military. Do I mean that the Ku Klux Klan has such sway over the government? No, I'm speaking here of the ``Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction,'' of which Pike was the chief, or ``Sovereign Grand Commander.'' The Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Confederacy, and the pre-Civil War secession movement were a single, continuous project, with Pike's ``Scottish Rite'' at its center. Though the Confederacy was defeated, this project lives on today, and now dominates U.S. political life.
From Pike's "Morals and Dogma" we learn that it is LUCIFER who is the God of the lodge.

Anonymous said...

The ADL is B'nai Brith a secret society or the Jewish arm of Free Masons. They are behind all of the hate speech laws, and calling Veith a "racist" hardly gives us a detailed account of where his information is wrong except I know where he is wrong in several places. The cry of anti-semitism once meant anti-communism (or anything the Jewish mafia didn't want you to think) in the ADL's own writings from the 1930's so this is another name calling win.

I am not SDA but even they have said many times from many places that they are infiltrated now fully and attempts were made for years. Naturally Veith would be banned. You have not alarmed me in the slightest.

Anonymous said...


The B'nai B'rith-ADL is probably active in your city. It approaches schools, private companies, and professional associations offering indoctrination in "diversity" and "hate crimes." It trains the local police to recognize political crimes. "Hate" is anything or anyone that interferes with the world government agenda, partly listed on the ADL website (appropriately in the left column).


The B'nai B'rith is part of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order established in 1843. It's militant arm, the "Anti Defamation League" (ADL) was formed in 1913, the same year as the US Federal Reserve.

According to a book, "The Ugly Truth About the ADL" (1992) http://www.truthinstitute.org/TEI_Book_AnalysisUTA.htm by the Executive Intelligence Review, the B'nai B'rith has always played a leading role in returning the US to the Masonic control of the British "Crown" (a.k.a The New World Order.)

Anonymous said...

ADL and the LGBT Community: A Commitment to Equal Rights

The Anti-Defamation League has a longstanding commitment to protecting civil rights, and has been a key partner in advancing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) rights.


Anonymous said...

Christian "terrorist" verses (there are none)

Matthew Chapter 5 :38 Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth: 39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Romans Chapter 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. 20 Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. 21 Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

Anonymous said...

Proverbs Chapter 6:16 These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35

RE:"Proverbs Chapter 6:16 These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, 19 A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren."

"Physician, heal thyself." Luke 4:23 KJV

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

well, ISIS has beat out Queen Elizabeth the I and the Inquisition on body count
in time frame - 2,070 in 13 months. http://www.juancole.com/2015/08/believed-murdered-releases.html

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

and that's just for Mosul.

Anonymous said...

Chris Christie announced plan to track all immigrants and U.S. Visa holders in the manner of FedEx http://in.mobile.reuters.com/article/idINKCN0QZ01Q20150830?irpc=932

paul said...

I think Mr Sanders is living in some kind of One Hundred Acre Wood.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


the previous post referenced dead were probably mostly muslims who were too non serious
about islam for ISIS' taste though many must have been Christian who couldn't pay
the tax.

But these 8,000 are all Christians. time frame not specified.

Anonymous said...


From the video Constance posted, he looks like he's from the merry old land of Oz.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Inquisition and The Torture Tools


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


http://listserv.virtueonline.org/pipermail/virtueonline_listserv.virtueonline.org/1998-December/000042.html scroll down

these are both lists of protestant inquisitions, persecutions, atrocities. by them not against them.

Anonymous said...

So back and forth we go from one brand of atrocity to another?
Meanwhile eyes are not on Jesus when too much lateral looking and thinking is going on.
Everyone needs the Lord.

That means everyone.

paul said...

Their both quite nice!

paul said...

Whoops, They're, not their

Anonymous said...

4:48 Don't look. It is not for you to look laterally, it is not for you to think. Your job is to tell the people, pay not attention to that man behind the green curtain. Just focus on Jesus despite the fact that Jesus commander us to pat attention and let no man deceive us.


Agenda 21 calls for “Sustainable Development”, another word for “Population Control”. The UN and participating nations pretend it is all a good thing, that it’s about protecting the planet (which it is) and about slowing pollution (which it is). But there if much, much more to it than just protecting the planet.

One of the ways which Agenda 21 seeks to ‘protect the planet’ is by eliminating more than 90% of our planet’s population.

Anonymous said...

commanded us to pay attention

Anonymous said...

But, surprisingly, the ramparts of climate change denial are to a large extent manned by religious people. For example, in a paper due to be published soon in Social Science Quarterly, Matthew Arbuckle (University of Cincinnati) and David Konisky (Georgetown University) have revealed widespread scepticism about climate change among religious people.

Using data from a survey of 55,400 Americans back in 2010, they found that people identifying with a religion were significantly less likely than those with no religion to think that climate change is a serious problem that requires immediate action. They were also more likely to think that protecting jobs is more important than protecting the environment.

Not all religious traditions were the same. *****The Protestants were worse***** than the Catholics, and the Jews actually were more concerned about climate change than the non-religious (although not at the expense of jobs!).

- See more at: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/epiphenom/2015/06/the-popes-call-for-climate-action-is-more-radical-than-you-might-think.html#sthash.33zqRBBG.dpuf

Anonymous said...


Crunching the numbers for mass murder, persecution and fascism. It's dirty work but Yale can handle it.

Anonymous said...


Islam: "Mother Mary is revered above all nations." Imam Dr Zakir Naik


Secretary of Council for Interfaith Dialogue : Mary a model for Christian-Muslim dialogue


Fr. Ayuso concluded by analysing the role of Mary, in the light of the motto of the national holiday in Lebanon, “Together around Mary, Our Lady”. “In the Apostolic Exhortation 'Marialis Cultus', promulgated in 1974 by Pope Paul VI, Mary is presented as 'the Virgin who listens', 'the Virgin who prays', 'the Virgin in dialogue with God'. … But there is also the image of a model of dialogue of seeking when, addressing the Archangel Gabriel, she asks, 'How is it possible?'. Mary, a model for Muslims and Christians, is also a model of dialogue, teaching us to believe, not to close ourselves up in certainties, but rather to remain open and available to others”.

....One 'Planned Messiah' named Mary and the Catholics and Muslims will unite and certainly dialogue has been ongoing. They have more than love for Mary in common, they share a hatred for Protestants and Jews.

Anonymous said...

But head and heart should not be on hiatus from each other.
This happens often and is not where real understanding and knowing comes from-knowing that can steer us to know the truth of a matter when we are looking at it. Certainly Jesus would have us think laterally and pay attention,,,but not at the expensive of (neglect of) the vertical (what he wants to show us), because he has already told us to be watchful of.

Marko said...

Here's the perspective of a geopolitical analyst - why he doesn't involve himself in religious discussions of end times (even though he considers himself a Christian), and focuses instead on the obvious and provable-by-fact geopolitical dangers that we as Americans (and Christians living in America) face. His focus in the following comments pertains to the threat posed by Russia, but just as well could be reapplied to the threat posed by the New Age and coming age of barbarianism:

What I object to is the divisive tendency of denominational interpretations. This is the problem I see with Ann Barnhardt's rhetoric, and I am a Protestant who leans toward Catholic interpretations of prophecy (though I make nothing of this, and admit to a lack of understanding). Truly, it is more than we humans can grasp. Theology presumes to package God, and every theologian packages God differently. This leaves us in a muddle. Christians do not share the same theology, so that once you descend too far from immediate political fact you are vexed by hearing a Protestant deride the Fatima miracle as a "Satanic" deception. Next our Catholic friend is deeply offended, and everything goes downhill from there. I am at a loss as to how to accommodate all these particular interpretations of scripture or miracles which take away from solving the immediate problem at hand.

The last thing we should do is argue over the Rapture or the Fatima events. Americans have a separation of Church and state for a reason. We are one people who will never agree on denominational matters. The question before us is Russian deception, Russian war preparations, Russian subversion and infiltration. If I talk about this using the special language of a particular denomination I effectively divide my audience into mutually exclusive camps that cannot work together. This ends when we call each other apostates. And that simply won't help us.

Substitute the urgency of informing about the dangers of Russia with the urgency of informing about the New Age, and I think his comments are pretty apropos here.

Can we all agree to disagree on these denominational differences? If you want to discuss further, there are other blogs you can go to to do so. (Christine would love more traffic on her blog, I'm sure...)

Yes we have our differences. And yes, they are important differences, not to be trivialized. But since this is a blog about the New Age, in the spirit of the thoughts shared above, shouldn't we try to stick to discussions / arguments about New Age-related topics?

I, of course, have been guilty of talking too much about Russia here, as that is a "pet topic" of mine, so I will try to reel it in. If Russia & Co. fit into the study of how a One World Government is being brought into existence or how the New Age Movement is playing out in political circles, I will not hesitate to mention it. But if you want to hear about the Russian strategy against the West, and their largely successful implementation of it, well, I guess there isn't much more to say here than what I've already said, and there are other websites out there where you can keep up on the latest ideas about that.


Currently I'm reading through Lee Penn's book, False Dawn, and there's a lot of great info in there. Almost too much to digest! Lots of names and organizations. The book focuses on the United Religions Initiative. Interestingly, Gorbachev has a pretty big role in all that, and Maurice Strong, and the State of the World Forum, and the list goes on.....

GrantNZ said...

Hi all,
Christians should be be watching the worlds "moral" climate change.
When turning to the Bible there is case after case of disasters and judgement being wrought as a result of sin.
Many people are looking for super natural signs nowadays from both right a wrong motives and reasonings.A search and hunger for the super natural can lead people to miss the very natural ways in which God acts and they attribute it to creation rather than the Creater, an ideal ground for New Age and Occultist deception.
Increaseing signs of the endtimes are all around us as the love of many wax cold and sin abounds.
We, if we are true Christians should know that the most important work is the spreading of the true gospel to the ends of the earth... please note that it is the real and full gospel based on a repentant sinner turning to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour for the remission of sin, to be born again that needs to be preached.
The heretical unrepentant power and money driven self centered gospel spewing forth from stages (disguised as pulpits) by the actors occupying them all over the world is the real climate change we need to fix.
This is done when all christians spread the gospel in what ever ways they can and are able to in God.
God says in John 3:16
"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
His love for the world is centered on the perishing people, the opposite to the New age occultists who want people to perish in order to save the planet.



Has anyone here considered the arguements over denominations and other things posted in replies to this blog in the light of the scriptures that comment about a immature and carnal nature createing divisions unnessarily.... are we not to take into account those that are weaker in the faith in certain areas so that when may strenghten them in due time and move them from milk to meat as the bible teaches concerning the things of God.
Theres a big difference between someone who holds a false doctrine and those who lack doctrine ... often its a lack of doctrine being mistaken for the person holding a false one, we need to use discernment and wisdom to know whether they are rejecting the truth or just dont know it.
Hosea 4:6King James Version (KJV)

6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


Anonymous said...

Ann Barnhardt is a devout Catholic, did you know?


Grant gets an A+

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

The entire Age of Mary thing is based on a MISTRANSLATION from Greek to Latin by Jerome.
Genesis 3:15 says that the seed of the woman will crush the serpent's head. This is
in the Septuagint, the Masoretic, and the Samaritan. https://sites.google.com/site/interlinearpentateuch/genesis-bereshit/chapter-3-1-15

Now, Jerome who was an excessive marian sort and fan of Origen as well, looked at all these versions and on his own authority
translated Genesis 3:15 as saying that the WOMAN would crush the serpent's head,
instead of THE WOMAN'S SEED would crush the serpent's head.

Douay-Rheims follows this I think, but modern RC translations do not. This caused some questions in a Catholic forum.

that was probably itself done on purpose. no amount of arguing that she crushes the devil by means of giving birth to Him Who crushes the devil will make up for

MAry may be a great exorcist and a terror to the devil, but if so it is for the same reason any other
saint might be so or any living normal human, not yet glorified. By the power of Jesus Christ, Who Himself did the major crushing
(atoning death and Resurrection after crippling the devil in the invisible realms) and minor crushings (exorcisms of persons things or places).

Consider this, Susanna and all other marians here: the entire Age of Mary thing and the entire excessive adoration to her, beyond
what we Orthodox do usually, is based on a LIE by a man who doted on her and was willing for her "honor" to make a previously unheard
of redo of Genesis 3:15.

prots who complain of RC handling Scripture or even mistranslating something got nothing on this, I doubt they even noticed this or didn't ascribe to it the importance it has, the origin of every marian excess and basis for every GOD DAMNED LYING VISION AND LOCUTION EXALTING HER AS THE ONE TO MAKE PENANCE TO AND THE ONE
WHO WILL SAVE THE WORLD (lip service to her Son Who she tells us is itching to kill us all and only she holds Him back so she is really the savior of us from....our Savior Jesus Christ).

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

and don't anyone dare tell me that is not Catholic doctrine, I agree it isn't official doctrine....yet.


that such doctrine was not grounds in itself for rejection but flew under the radar
as no heresy present, shows how warped the thinking of the priests and bishops
had become, regardless of the official doctrines of the Church the influence of
previous visionaries over the centuries crept in this direction.

I will use a St. Benedict's Medal, I will use RC Holy Water and blessed salt, I will
use an RC blessed Brown Scapular, dating from a vision (with additions later) of
the Theotokos to Simon Stock who took the Mt. Carmel monks in who were dragged to
Europe by the Crusaders. I will not use the other scapulars and I won't touch the
"miraculous medal" or green scapular which both have to do with the immaculate
conception deception with a ten foot pole, and I had already sorted this out before
I was Orthodox and in cutting RC this much slack I would be very upsetting to many
Orthodox. Because St. Benedict is a pre schism saint, some Orthodox priests will bless a St. Benedict Medal which is as one pointed out is an icon of st. benedict.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I have read the statement by the entity that pretended to be the Virgin Mary. don't
tell me they don't say this and don't weasel that they don't mean what they say.
One weasel given to explain why St. Catherine of Siena was told by Mary that she
was NOT immaculately conceived was that visionaries may not get the information
right or misremember or something. bah humbug. possibly BOTH visions, St. Catherine's
of the Dominicans who fought this doctrine when it was beginning, and the other saint
of the rival group that supported it, centuries ago before it was official, were just
personal self deceptions fed by their respective obsessions.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Grant 8:52,
very good final remark. and the present focus on Nibiru as explaining the Flood and
such like things even among the Christians like Tom Horn and Skiba and others,
is a form of what you warn about in the first remarks.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 7:49


What It Feels Like Listening to a Zakir Naik Lecture

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Bergolio List link Susannah. Appreciate all info on Francis. I just don't think people realise his full effort in his homeland.

From OZ

paul said...

ISIS' big plans:


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


Anonymous said...

(In good standing) You can't go around bashing Saints Christine. They are very powerful and their writings are to be taken seriously. Your rants are not working anyway. The cat is out of the bag.

Maximilian Maria Kolbe, O.F.M. Conv. (Polish: Maksymilian Maria Kolbe [maksɨˌmʲilʲjan ˌmarʲja ˈkɔlbɛ]; 8 January 1894 – 14 August 1941) was a Polish Conventual Franciscan friar, who volunteered to die in place of a stranger in the German death camp of Auschwitz, located in German-occupied Poland during World War II. He was active in promoting the veneration of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, founding and supervising the monastery of Niepokalanów near Warsaw, operating a radio station, and founding or running several other organizations and publications.

Kolbe was canonized on 10 October 1982 by Pope John Paul II, and declared a martyr of charity. He is the patron saint of drug addicts, political prisoners, families, journalists, prisoners, and the pro-life movement.[2] John Paul II declared him "The Patron Saint of Our Difficult Century".[3]

Due to Kolbe's efforts to promote consecration and entrustment to Mary, he is known as the Apostle of Consecration to Mary.[4]

Anonymous said...



Kolbe's influence has found fertile ground in his own Order of Conventual Franciscan friars, in the form of continued existence of the Militia Immaculatae movement.[30] In recent years new religious and secular institutes have been founded, inspired from this spiritual way. Among these the Missionaries of the Immaculate Mary – Father Kolbe, the Franciscan Friars of Mary Immaculate, and a parallel congregation of Religious Sisters, and others. The Franciscan Friars of Mary Immaculate are even taught basic Polish so they can sing the traditional hymns sung by Kolbe, in the saint's native tongue.[31] According to the friars,

Our patron, St. Maximilian Kolbe, inspires us with his unique Mariology and apostolic mission, which is to bring all souls to the Sacred Heart of Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Christ's most pure, efficient, and holy instrument of evangelization – especially those most estranged from the Church.[31]

Kolbe's views into Marian theology echo today through their influence on Vatican II.[2] His image may be found in churches across Europe.[21] Several churches in Poland are under his patronage, such as the Sanctuary of Saint Maxymilian in Zduńska Wola or the Church of Saint Maxymilian Kolbe in Szczecin.[32][33] A museum, Museum of St. Maximilian Kolbe "There was a Man", was opened in Niepokalanów in 1998.[34]

In 1963 Rolf Hochhuth published a play significantly influenced by Kolbe's life and dedicated to him, The Deputy.[16] In 2000, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops (U.S.) designated Marytown, home to a community of Conventual Franciscan friars, as the National Shrine of St. Maximilian Kolbe. Marytown is located in Libertyville, Illinois, and also features the Kolbe Holocaust Exhibit.[35] The Polish Senate declared the year 2011 to be the year of Maximilian Kolbe.[36]

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.
Christine is an equal opportunity basher.
She hates everybody unlike herself.

If people will tell the facts and stick to them then it is helpful information, whether it paints a pretty picture or not. Her commentary goes beyond the facts though, so that is why I consider her a basher.

Anonymous said...


So they are ---actually--- the Knights of Columbus buried in onion layers and they are up in arms about Christians persecution in Syria, a subject that MCE is fond of.


The Militia Immaculatae (meaning the "Army of the Immaculate One"), called in English the Knights of the Immaculata,[1] is a worldwide Catholic evangelization movement founded by St. Maximilian Kolbe in 1917.[2]

Which is creepy, So is DC the district of Columbia (as in Columbus sailed the ocean blue?) and the knights the personal army of Rome? All that and MCE wants us to believe it's based on Wicca? HUH?

Anonymous said...

Page 5 paperback version, H W Koch The Hitler Youth, paragraph 2 line 4 "However, it was a patriotism which had it's roots in the old universalist conception of the REICH- the 'Holy Roman Empire, the German Nation'--rather than one which envisaged a new German nation."

Gosh I was hoping we could stick to churches and denominations rather than universal empires, sounds horrible.

Jihad is "Struggle". Of course the Muslims said it was a religious struggle and the other side said look, they are just like Nazis, you know Islamo-Nazis and they want to kill Jews and Christians. My struggle = Mein Kamph, and then lately I was wondering if Hitler really wrote that book. If not then who?

Anonymous said...


Jihad (English pronunciation: /dʒɪˈhɑːd/; Arabic: جهاد‎ jihād [dʒiˈhæːd]) is an Islamic term referring to the religious duty of Muslims to maintain the religion. In Arabic, the word jihād is a noun meaning "to strive, to apply oneself, to struggle, to persevere."[1] A person engaged in jihad is called a mujahid, the plural of which is mujahideen. The word jihad appears frequently in the Quran,[2] often in the idiomatic expression "striving in the way of God (al-jihad fi sabil Allah)", to refer to the act of striving to serve the purposes of God on this earth.[1][3][4][5]

Anonymous said...

After many years have slipped by, the leaders of the Greeks,
opposed by the Fates, and damaged by the war,
build a horse of mountainous size, through Pallas's divine art,
and weave planks of fir over its ribs:
they pretend it's a votive offering: this rumour spreads.
They secretly hide a picked body of men, chosen by lot,
there, in the dark body, filling the belly and the huge
cavernous insides with armed warriors. [...]
Then Laocoön rushes down eagerly from the heights
of the citadel, to confront them all, a large crowd with him,
and shouts from far off: "O unhappy citizens, what madness?
Do you think the enemy's sailed away? Or do you think
any Greek gift's free of treachery? Is that Ulysses's reputation?
Either there are Greeks in hiding, concealed by the wood,
or it's been built as a machine to use against our walls,
or spy on our homes, or fall on the city from above,
or it hides some other trick: Trojans, don't trust this horse.
Whatever it is, I'm afraid of Greeks even those bearing gifts."

Anonymous said...


Okay. And yet... will this apply to any persons worshiping the "Jewish" God? As in AKA the Hebrew roots movement which is primarily evangelicals? Okay I am done.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 6:22

it would be nice if you stopped lying, or perhaps the problem is reading comprehension. I did not say or imply or think it was all based on wicca.

I said that that style of laying out the rosary when not in use is what wiccans who are in a Catholic household and hiding their "faith" are advised to do so that the
rosary is in the shape of a crux ansata.

Kolbe is a post schism saint of the west so I need not pay any attention to him, since I am Eastern Orthodox.

Jihad is later called struggle to keep oneself Islamic and also note it is "strive for the purposes of God on earth" which in the Koran's days was total war. And the
later nicer sounding personal improvement and struggle against sin inclications
application only works when in an already Islamic environment. one is allowed to do ANYTHING including what is haram (forbidden) and all taqiyya (deception) to promote
the interests of islam.

anon 6:41

huh? if this is a slam against Eastern Orthodoxy, the Greek section is not different theologically from the rest.

I got news for you. Rome was Eastern Orthodox Patriarchate of Rome until AD 1054. deal with it. if you are protestant, all you got is from what was written in
Middle East and Greek speaking Byzantine empire turf, and preserved by such then
passed to Rome and from Rome to you.

Anonymous said...

"Kolbe is a post schism saint of the west so I need not pay any attention to him, since I am Eastern Orthodox."

I am Protestant. Saints are worshiped locally. HIS MONUMENT IS IN CHICAGO. His pope is for the global depopulation program, UN development program known as Agenda 21. Chicago is an Agenda 21 city in debt up to their eyeballs for transportation public private partnerships under a central planning board. They are a hub of the Internet 2 global surveillance system running on the UN broadband initiative. Chicago is a violent city that sucks the life out of the bottom half of the state like a fascist feudal system of old. Thanks Christine but I will certainly take death threats seriously. Although I am counting on cooler heads to prevail.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 9:57

we are pretty much on the page about Agenda 21, when I said I don't have to pay
attention to him (and saints aren't infallible anyway their words are not additions
to Holy Scripture), I was referring to the statement "You can't go around bashing Saints Christine. They are very powerful and their writings are to be taken seriously."

I don't know what Kolbe would think of Agenda 21 probably wouldn't like it if he
knew all the details. the earlier RC was saner than the late 20th century to now.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

a little humor

Ten ways ISIS cares about the environment and takes global warming seriously.

Anonymous said...


"Pope Francis is expected to enthusiastically endorse a new U.N. document that promises to wipe out poverty by 2030 by reordering the world economy along the lines of socialist principles. The document, titled “Transforming Our World: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” also seeks to “strengthen universal peace” and usher in a new era of shared prosperity." Fore more on this topic see:


"We, the Heads of State and Government and High Representatives, meeting at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 25-27 September 2015 as the Organization celebrates its seventieth anniversary, have decided today on new global Sustainable Development Goals." Fore more on this topic see:


Dave in CA

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...


so much for radical islam being recent.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what Kolbe would think of Agenda 21 probably wouldn't like it if he
knew all the details."

He would say: IT IS TRUE and NOTHING can change that!! The Pope is infallible! We must conquer the WHOLE WORLD and now is our chance. No one come to Jesus except by the the great Holy Roman Empire and Holy Father and Mary!! The population is too high!! Now is the time to destroy the heretics in the name of Mary!! Help us meet our goal!! No more ecumenicism! Destroy and neutralize useless heretics or force them to convert with conviction!! Save Mother Gaia and we must help the planet because the science is RIGHT! AND those are his words arranged as they would be today.....

St. Maximilian Kolbe:

No one in the world can change Truth. What we can do and should do is to seek truth and to serve it when we have found it.

We must realize the goal of the Militia Immaculata as quickly as possible: that is, to conquer the whole world, and every individual soul which exists today or will exist until the end of the world, for the Immaculata, and through her for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.

There is no greater enemy of the Immaculata and her Knighthood than today’s ecumenism, which every Knight must not only fight against, but also neutralize through diametrically opposed action and ultimately destroy.

Only when all schismatics and Protestants profess the Catholic Creed with conviction, when all Jews voluntarily ask for Holy Baptism—only then will the Immaculata have reached its goals.

Anonymous said...

http://www.scaruffi.com/politics/islam.html From that link we get:

One cannot help wondering whether it is possible that Mohammed was a Jew or at least believed in the Jewish god Yahweh and (whether prompted by the Jews of Medina or by his wife or by both) simply founded a movement of Jewish religious revival that was later hijacked by the Umayyads and turned into a worship of their god (not Mohammed's god) Allah.
One wonders whether it is possible that the Quran is nothing but the combination of a book written or inspired by the Christians of Syria and a book written by the Umayyads to justify their imperialist campaign (with possibly an interpolation of a book written by the Jews od Medina to justify their attack on the Arabs of Mecca).
Mohammed may not have existed at all, or may have been irrelevant. There is enough evidence that a reformist movement was born in Christian regions of the Middle East (not necessarily the Arabian peninsula), and that Mohammed was simply another name for Jesus (the way his name is written inside the Dome of the Rock and on some coins may simply mean "the chosen one"). Mohammed in the Quran addresses people as "believers" (rarely as "muslims"), which was the common term used by Christian preachers.
Mohammed was a convert to Christianity. He even became a cardinal or something like a cardinal. His ambition was to become pope of Christianity. When he realized that he had no chance of being accepted in Rome, he started his own religion, Islam
Imagine that, nobody knows what the heck happened, IN FACT we don't even know if Alberto Rivera was a liar, he very well may have solved the mystery, in any case, what is in the dark will come to light because the Bible tells me so and even persons who believe they are infallible may find out they are only fooling themselves. The question is why do YOU MCE have the need to press the issue? Got an agenda?

Anonymous said...


590-604: Pontificate of Pope St. Gregory I the Great. He set the form and style of the papacy which prevailed throughout the Middle Ages; exerted great influence on doctrine and liturgy; was strong in support of monastic discipline and clerical celibacy; authored writings on many subjects. Gregorian Chant is named in his honor.

596:Pope St. Gregory I sent St. Augustine of Canterbury and 40 monks to do missionary work in England.

597: St. Columba died. He founded an important monastery at Iona, established schools and did notable missionary work in Scotland. By the end of the century, monasteries of nuns were common; Western monasticism was flourishing; monasticism in the East, under the influence of Monophysitism and other factors, was losing its vigor.

613:St. Columban established the influential monastery of Bobbio in northern Italy; he died there in 615.

622: The Hegira (flight) of Mohammed from Mecca to Medina signalled the beginning of Islam which, by the end of the century, claimed almost all of the southern Mediterranean area.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 9:03
what reformist Christian movement in Arabia? the Christians were either Orthodox as
we know them (Trinitarian, Jesus is God the Son Incarnate died for our sins came back to life ascended to heaven will come back) or what is now called non Chalcedonian or Oriental Orthodox (Nestorian and/or monophysite but otherwise the same) and there were probably arians on the run (denied Jesus is fully God but considered Him more than human more like an angel incarnate, similar to Jehovah's
Witnesses on some points not others) and pagan syncretists.

Jewish food laws only are famous about rejecting pork because everyone else eats it. (Except moslems.) everything that doesn't split the foot AND chew the cud is unclean. things that live in water but don't have fins and scales (e.g., crab) are
unclean. most predatory birds are unclean. "creeping things" (mice, lizards) are unclean. bugs excepts locusts and grasshoppers things whose legs are over their backs are unclean.

if this was Jewish in origin camels could not be eaten. they are eaten.

Why keep looking to all these when the Koran resembles none of them? have you actually READ the damn thing?

Constance Cumbey said...

Christine, I find myself unfortunately having to delete several of your comments. I've cautioned on this before. Comments that are irrelevant, inappropriate and/or distracting, I'm weeding out from you and from others who may be equally guilty.


Constance Cumbey said...

Christine, I'm sorry, but the "graveyard Miasma" thing strikes me as a form of possible occultism itself. There's nothing wrong with folks for the right motives going to a graveyard to visit the resting places of loved ones. Apart from gases that could rise temporarily from say an improperly buried person -- NOT VERY LIKELY -- I see no reason to carry around fears of the "miasma" you cite. I've deleted some of that.


Constance Cumbey said...

Well, I did a little chopping at the top and at the bottom, but am FAR from finishing reading and reacting to comments. I'm happy to see Grant of New Zealand aboard. We've had some interesting phone conversations about his concerns.

Well past time for bed!


Constance Cumbey said...

Well, one more thing. Experiencing what I experienced from BOTH Bob Larson and Walter Martin, I wouldn't have bought a used car from either one of them. If you are interested, send me an email that says "Lunch with Walter Martin" and I'll email you back a pdf copy of a newsletter I did on "My Lunch with Walter Martin". That was a 1987 event.


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

Constance, I am not talking about various ideas people have expressed or deductions of mine from if this then that etc.

I am talking about what I experienced. I can speculate on what it is, but its existence is objective
fact, I ran into it repeatedly when I was strong enough not to notice much, and in that situation, where
most was shielded from me it was peaceful seeming. the peace of the grave if you
think about it, a subtle lure of death
and too subtle for most to be affected by it.

when I was weak I was able to tell its presence and size more or less and when I asked Mike on the phone if
this was unusually strong he said no, having felt it out over the phone, this was normal. This was what I wouldn't
notice so much if I were healthy enough.

When I was not a Christian, but not so unshielded either I felt the minor trace
version in the mausoleum when I was a teenager,
after a funeral and accompanying the coffin to the crypt. And I thought I would like to come there and rest in the feeling. Which thank God
I did not have the option to do, too far away. Just hang out all day. No clear thought of coming back, either.....oops.

Anonymous said...

In conclusion: The reason why Larson and Martin disrespected Constance was probably or possibly due to the influence of the SOJ on them and their work which never mentioned the RCC nor the SOJ in any context of cults. The Counter-Cult Movement was likely connected to or the seeds of the inquisition and propaganda not to mention sowing division suspicion and hate between groups. In the 2011 video we see the connections marked out between Martin and the SOJ (pause for slides that pass too quickly):


The video brings into view Rebecca Brown’s work (very similar to Larson’s concerning curse breaking and more). Her books contain information about satanic rock groups, as you recall these groups were a constant interest and subject matter for Larson’s work and yet he did not mention the SOJ connection that Brown was so clear about. I will email Constance for the information.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should keep a lot of your "experiences" to yourself then, Christine.
Not helpful and clogs the blog with your long posting defensiveness, giving us answers to questions we aren't even asking anyway. That is what your own blog is for.
Please cut to the chase on the main topic and stop taking it down rabbit holes.

Let the blog breathe, ok?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

you may not have been asking a question but YOU are not everyone and this information was presented
in context of the grave sucking information about Hinn and Co. Take it up with whoever started that one.
once a subject is open any relevant information might be forthcoming. The fact is, that these people are not
merely engaging in some kind of deviant behavior based on harmless delusions that are incidentally sort of heretical.

they are engaged in acquisition of material and the presence or influence if not personal presence of some entities
that can ride in it and are not themselves the dead,

and then distribution of such to those they pass anointing to or whatever. While the Holy Spirit (assuming He is present at all)
is stronger than all of that, it doesn't mean it isn't a contamination that can't
cripple mental processes that might otherwise move
away from delusion, or otherwise cripple one's walk in Christ.

Its not a question of only thinking right vs. thinking wrong so you will please God instead of displeasing Him, which is VERY VERY IMPORTANT,
and "walking in the imagination of your heart" that God warns against in the OT can result in very physically relevant actions which are
displeasing to God and corrupt other people as well, or otherwise harm them.

it is a matter of making contact with conscious beings and absorbing programs that are (a) prohibited to us by God so doing so is a rebellion against
Him if done knowingly, and (b) actual beings and programs for lack of a better term from them, that have effects.

Anonymous said...

"I am talking about what I experienced. I can speculate on what it [graveyard miasma] is, but its existence is objective fact"

There is an alternative explanation: that being in a graveyard stirred up a demon that you unknowingly carry, and which deludes you. Please consider this alternative.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

anon 5:44

if that were the case, why would being a graveyard do that unless there is something
about a graveyard that facilitates such a thing?
The other sensitive said that what I was experiencing was the normal level, I was just
too weak that day, so I experienced it more strongly.

Why do some people like to hang out in the peaceful feeling of a graveyard if there isn't something to this? What a stronger person senses as peace, and who is
maybe not too wise so he or she likes this (as I did as a teenager) a weaker person
(as I was that day) finds it extreme.

I could always feel the field, but that day it was extreme because I was too run down.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

It also that day became weaker as I went up the stairs into the mausoleum, where the level was a more simple kind
of peacefulness, with a fountain adding to it maybe modifying it. running water.
The mausoleum itself is on a hill above the graves in the ground.

This fits the picture of some kind of portal being created when someone human or animal is buried in the ground. But not above ground in a mausoleum or cave.

The ancient Jews had a concept of some kind of uncleanness being all through the
earth except on stone flooring, perhaps they were sensing something. Or some
among them were.
The water to make the Holy Water of Cleansing from the ashes of the red heifer had to be drawn by children who did not set foot on ground other than stone.
they rode on donkeys to running water, let down a bucket and took the water. They were born on the Temple grounds, from women who spent all or most of their
pregnancy there, wearing special clothes that blocked this whatever it is. Probably
linen is my guess.

Some plants have a God given quality to be repellant of various kinds of undesirable

Anonymous said...

How utterly self-absorbed you are Mary Christine Erikson!

Your "experiences" are yours. And not relatable except perhaps to that extreme few of those who are actively asking of you to expound (last count was none). Should that be the case, and get a taker who is eager to know "more" about your "experiences" you could invite that whomever over to your own blog to continue the pursuit of your "stuff" to your hearts content (which it never appears to be ;) ).

Your lack of regard for this blog and it readers, seems always at the expense of your self-absorbed view of all topics, putting you right where you demand to be, the center of attention, all eyes on you, and the new Age issues meant to be brought forward here, are once again sidelined.
Thanks for that nothing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Christine Hinn,

Please quit sucking the life out of this blog, by repeatedly forcing upon us, your occultic eye on the world.

Anonymous said...


Christine is propagating occult trash here on your website. I do not doubt that she really believes this stuff about graveyard miasma and martians and so on but it is counter to the aim of an anti-New-Age Christian blog. Please, gently but definitely, stop her.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

so I am propagating occult trash because I say there is actual dangers not mere
wrong ideas but a paraphysical problem to what the grave suckers do?

sounds to me like you are a Sadducee materialist.

Anonymous said...

Christine, I have suggested to you what the trouble is: you need a demon expelling that is deluding you (and trying to delude us). That's not meant as an insult; why not consider it?

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

I already had some exorcistic prayers said over me I also got rid of one or two.

the problem is not "insult." the problem is that you think nothing really exists,
and all that anything is just something harmless of no power or relevance or door
opening capacity. "the idol is nothing so we can eat what has been sacrificed to them" claimed some, to which St. Paul answered that the idol is nothing and all belongs to God, this is true, but behind an idol hides a demon who pollutes the
material at issue. some individuals may have enough constant turning to God and strength in Christ that nothing can affect them, the demonic contamination is filtered out, such people Paul advises to keep this to themselves and do not eat things sacrificed to idols in front of weaker Christians, lest those with weaker faith do so and are polluted thereby. not to mention actually sin because they ate without enough faith to block all this, just being careless because they see other Christians acting careless. This is not a situation we are used to thinking about nowdays.

Once I was up in the attic where I used to live, and I felt comfortable, like I could sit there all day. And that put me on alert. why feel like this? then I noticed something I couldn't see like I see physical objects but it was like a dark muddled bluish not clean godly blue giant snake was starting to wake up slowly that
was normally hibernating. I decided to get out of there.

now, without that "deluded" condition of sensing stuff, what do you think might have happened to me?

some kinds of calm are evil. exactly what causes them depends on the circumstance, can be drugs, might be infrasound. people dragged off by lions who survived report being like in a trance. some animals have been observed paralyzing others probably by generating infrasound.

Anonymous said...

For being a christian you present very little that says your dependency is truly in The Lord. Sounds in name only, like Jesus is your magic genie (and no better than Hinn and others do).
Jesus is Lord! In what you are siting in your experiences, there is no true glory given to God who overcomes.
You lean on your own understanding and your understanding has an infestation.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

oh, really? Whose Name do you think I oppose stuff in? sounds like you are the
sort who would tell someone that they aren't relying on God or giving Jesus glory
if they throw out harmless seeming objects that were "blessed" by some new age
sort, and well its pretty and so forth.

Anonymous said...

We become what we think about-we become what we do about things that we think about-we become whatever we focus on.
In name only does not cut it.

Evil exists alright, never denied that as you think I do, so you have no idea what you talk about, you just need to lash out and make up something in your defensiveness and error. You do a lousy job of reading minds and hearts. Should leave that to God in other words.

And concentrate on letting God change all that ugly in your head, that you incessantly have to talk about-where your real focus is, which really isn't on Christ Jesus, as you claim, now is it?..

No one has to be Einstein to see what is so evident in what you post.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

incessant, eh? as for being read wrong that's your fault if you throw out phrases
that fit and don't give a caveat.
yes you can put too much attention on such issues. I spend a lot of time not doing so. But when someone brings up grave sucking, this is not irrelevant.

Someone should do some research on exactly who got Hinn into this perhaps it was
himself on his own he seems to be the lead in this. I don't pay that much attention
to what these people are doing until it gets weird enough that it gets mentioned.

FRankly, I think some kind of occult pedigree might be worked up on him. Did you catch
that bit where he claimed each of the Trinity is Himself a Trinity, making 9 altogether? and PAul Crouch I think it was was drooling over this fascinating stuff
instead of denouncing it.

Well, a trinity of trinities is NINE, that would be the same count as some gnostic
systems and that harks back to the nine neteru or core deities of the Egyptian pantheon. whether Hinn has a secret library of heresies, or is listening to evil
spirits pretending to be The Holy Spirit is anyone's guess.

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