Saturday, September 03, 2011

This time, God please help New Orleans -- Again!

Last week it was first an earthquake, and then Hurricane Irene rampaging first the Bahamas and then most of the East Coast.   New Jersey, upstate New York, Connecticut, and Vermont appeared to catch it the worst in the form of unprecedented flooding.  This week it is "Tropical Storm Lee" bringing torrential rains to New Orleans.  Texas which could badly use significant parts of that downpour continues under its unprecedented drought.

Although I am not a "Tea Party" aficionado, I had to sympathize with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann taking the public media ridicule she did for saying she thought the earthquake and the then hurricane could be "signs from God."  I know many people, most of whom are much more intelligent than the scoffers, who believe likewise.  I'm saddened that Michele Bachmann didn't stick to her guns on this one.  We were warned that it would be very difficult to be a Christian in the last days.  This type of ridicule for expressing for what even the insurance industry used to call "an Act of God" is "Exhibit A" that we may well be close to there.

The New Agers will no doubt be blaming all on "global warming" or "Gaia is angry."  A couple of summers ago I went to the zoo with two friends on an "adult night."  The gift shop was open and this book caught my eyes:

I bought the book which you can view by going to the Amazon bookstore and clicking their "look inside link."  My copy bears the "Detroit Zoo Gifts" label.  The book is a shameless takeoff on the "He's got the Whole World in His Hands" spiritual.  Instead, it teaches the children that "we are gods." It goes, "You've got the whole world" in your hands."  The Seventh Day Adventist church we attended with my mother when my siblings and I were small once had a pastor by the same name as the author, "Pastor Penner."  As I remember, he and his father were Godly, dedicated men.  The author of this book is a Fred Penner who also sings on the CD.  I sincerely hope they are not kin!  The book combines "global warming" propaganda with "we are God" themes.

The Seventh Day Adventists had "mark of the Beast" teachings that I cannot accept.  But this book has a strong imprint of a possible "Mark of the Beast" campaign.  The campaign is for both Earth Worship ("Goddess Gaia", "Pachamama") and self-worship.   The "third angel" warning of Revelation 13 contained prophecies of an angel flying over preaching "the everlasting gospel."  These days the apostates and New Agers (often they are one and the same) preaching an "ever-changing gospel."  The warning sounded was to "fear God and give glory to him for the hour of His judgment is come.  Worship God who created the heavens, the earth, the seas, and the fountains of water."

Earth worship and self-worship is so very clearly where this is headed with dire warnings that if we do not "worship Gaia", "she" will destroy us.  I think we'd better worry instead about giving glory to our real Creator and Protector, the Lord of Hosts, who thought enough about our welfare to send his only begotten Son to redeem us from the clearly prophesied wrath to come.

With that being said, my prayers are with our southern state friends who are suffering in some areas from excessive moisture and other places from insufficient rain.  Let's pray to the only one who can change the direction, as Elijah was the only one who stood before the pagan hordes in King Ahab and Queen Jezebel's day and obtained God's recognition.  Let's be part of "seven thousand men I have reserved to myself, all of which have not bowed the knee to Baal and every mouth which hath not kissed him," instead of those who then placed themselves in the path of  the divine wrath which thereafter came upon the false prophets of Baal.

Too many of us our bowing our knees to the image of the Earth, the modern day image now popular with those who would deny our Creator and our Salvation.  Let's make sure we are not in their number, unpopular as the media might now make Faith to be!

Stay safe and stay tuned!  My prayers today are especially for those plagued whether by flood or by drought in the Gulf Coast states of the USA.



ali said...

With Southern Decedance celebrations scheduled for this weekend in New Orleans - what should we expect a holy God to do.?.

Turn a blind eye? Wink at sin? Do nothing and hope the problem will just go away? OR bring correction in hopes of saving a few from the wrath to come?

I cannot pray for God to be merciful to New Orleans, they have learned nothing since Katrina - NOTHING.!.

God will not always strive with man.!!.

Constance Cumbey said...

Problem is that there are MANY good Christian folk in New Orleans area. I have spoken there several times in the past both to Evangelical and to Catholic audiences.


Anonymous said...

i give up. i surrender! i Trust!!,tony in vt.

Anonymous said...

Southern Decadence? Oh honey the south doesn't hold the trophy for decadence. The whole country is guilty of that one: God is going to judge this whole country not just New Orleans, He's just getting started.

Anonymous said...

Scottish Conservative Party set to disband....

David Cameron is facing the prospect of the end of the Scottish Conservative Party.
Dramatic plans to disband the Tories north of the border were unveiled by the front-runner for its leadership in a move one senior party figure warned could encourage the break-up of the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister – who is spending the weekend in Scotland – faces the prospect of being the first British Prime Minister whose party has no Scottish MPs.
Murdo Fraser, who is favourite to become leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, will announce that he plans to wind up the party if he wins a ballot of members next month.
He would follow disbanding the party by launching a new Right-of-centre party that would contest all Scottish elections — council, Scottish Parliament and Westminster.

For more....

Anonymous said...

The sins of mankind know no particular 'geography.'

It's deeply unfair to make generalizations about the entire city of New Orleans.

And, if you insist on 'going there' do you explain the fact that the New Orleans French Quarter remained unscathed during Hurricane Katrina in 2005?

Rather, the catastrophic damage and flooding was confined to areas in the direct path of where the levees had failed.

Anonymous said...

I also think that all of us need to study and do more research on H.A.A.R.P.'s capabilities (such as the possibility of their control of the jet stream).

In other words, which part is coming from H.A.A.R.P - and which part is coming from 'the wrath of God'?

Is there a NWO 'crisis equals opportunity' scenario at play here for certain areas of the country?

Anonymous said...

...and it makes me wonder....for now we know in part,after His return we shall know in full,...and in the vast entire configuration of things much sorrow will be absorbed,../...and though your ship be sturdy, no mercy has the sea, when you survive on the OCEAN OF BEING./....JESUS was a sailor, and He walked upon the water, and He stood a long time watchin', from a lonely wooden tower...until He knew for certain, that only drowning men could see Him,...He said all men will be sailors, until the sea has freed them, forsaken; and so broken,...He sank, beneath their wisdom, like a stone.///one day we will know in full, in His Presence, in Glory!,tony in vt. playing w/ lyrics that flow thru my mind. you all may recognize ,Leonard Cohen's ,Suzanne.,...blessings christians

Anonymous said... there anybody out there??? just nod if you can hear me! Love, Tony in VT.!!!!!!!still alive n kickin', and still praisin' Jesus to beat the dickens!!!, ridin' the storm out

Anonymous said...

I believe in the Sovereignty of God, so whether man uses HAARP or not. God is in control. If He is out of control of even one thing, like a Hurricane or tropical storm, how then can HE be Sovereign? Tough question, but His Word speaks over and over to His Sovereignty and Him ordering our steps, and the winds and waves obeying Him. It is tough to wrestle with this doctrine. I do not want to argue, argue with the scriptures, not me. Seek Him seek what He is telling you. Please don't say that I am not compassionate of the peoples pain and struggles, My whole house flooded with a storm, so I have been there, it is tough. It is definitely a struggle and makes you wonder. In the midst, I knew that HE directed our steps through the rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony in Vermont:

You and all of the people of your lovely state have been in my thoughts and prayers this past week.

My heart broke when I saw the news video of one of the covered bridges being swept away. I also know how much your state depends on the upcoming Fall tourist season and the income generated by visits from those thousands of 'leaf peepers.'

I will continue praying for your state's full recovery from this unexpected devastation.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 10:49 PM:

No one here is saying that God is not in control.

However, God does 'allow' evil to occur.

Many people use the free will that God gave them to make the decision to choose to ignore God's will, or disobey His commandments....and then act shocked when there are 'consequences' for their actions.

Andrew said...

Reaping what one has sown is not the same as judgement. many believe that God is judging now, this is unscriptural. God is storing up wrath for the Day of Judgement. When God does judge the world, there will be no question as to whether it is Him.

Anonymous said...

To Andrew @ 1:16 AM:

Re: "Many believe that God is judging now; this is unscriptural. God is storing up wrath for the Day of Judgement."

Andrew, please stop and think about what you are saying.

If that was true, then Noah would not have needed to build that ark in order to protect him, his family, plus 2 of every animal species from complete destruction from the floods that lasted 40 days and 40 nights.

If that was true, Lot and his entire family would not have been told to flee before the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were completely destroyed.

(And those are just two examples.)

paul said...

God is both Holy and full of tender mercy.
His Law and his Word never come back
to him void. He both judges sin every
minute of every day, and will judge the
world once and for all at at the last
David was the best king that greater
Israel ever had; he followed God's Law
like no other and God blessed him
like no other. Yet, when he sinned,
and even though he repented, God
made him pay for his sins in this
When anyone sins and rebels against
God they pay for their sins in this
life. The difference between saved
and unsaved people is that the people
who love Jesus and turn their lives
over to him will not "die in their sins".
The blood of Christ will cover them
on judgement day. Otherwise,there is
no practical difference between sinful
humans in this world. God is not
mocked. Whatever we sow we reap.

Leana said...


More likely, It's this Fred Penner:

I grew up watching his show Fred Penner's place on tv as a kid, it was a Canadian program we were able to get via antenna. LOL, back in the day before we had cable at our house. I always liked his show- but don't know much about his politics/religious belief.


Anonymous said...

"When anyone sins and rebels against
God they pay for their sins in this

That is completely unscriptural, Paul, not to mention New Age, where it is known as the law of Karma.

Many of the wicked prosper and have their consolation now (in this temporal world).

paul said...

Anon 3:00
It only appears that they prosper.
Perhaps I should have simply said that
whenever a person rebels against God
they will pay, in full, either sooner or
I didn't say anything about karma
because way before it was called karma
it was called God's Law and that's what
it is. I'm not new age.
But you, in your anonymity, are neither
here nor there.
If God is your witness and your strong
tower, as He is mine, then what are you
afraid of ?
You seem to know more about the new
age and the "law of karma" than the
scriptures. Are you saying that God is
mocked ?
Are you saying that we don't reap what
we sow ?

Anonymous said...


The scriptures are clear that we reap what we sow later in the AFTERLIFE (after the judgment), but not necessarily in this life.

God is only mocked when you twist His word to meet some idea you seem to have that "what goes around always comes around" in THIS life as you have done here today.

That's an Eastern concept, not a Christian one. If you believe that there is scripture to support the notion that God always punishes sin in this life, then by all means cite it.

Conversely if you don't want to dialogue with anonymous then don't be a drama queen and instead just ignore this.

ali said...

The 'problem' is not with the christians in N.O.- the 'problem' is with the filth and sodomy in N.O.

..."He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust." Matthew 5

Agreed Anonymous, God is just getting started.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

French Quarter unscathed - in a way,
this group just shows the intransigent
refusal to repent. They had a scare, and kept at it.
But ANY scene of decadence, voodoo and
other witchcraft and prostitution has
an invisible side. THE CLIENTS. who do
you think was paying for all this? who
do you think was going to the witches?
we see the hawkers of dubious wares
real obvious, but there is a certain
rule in ANY kind of capitalism.

it does not matter whether you are
selling bubble gum, bibles or bimbos
(or guns, or drugs or trafficked
prepubescent and barely pubescent
sex slaves).

MOVE THE PRODUCT. and you have to
quit selling the product and go sell
something else.

all those people who had to leave,
incl. a lot who were buyers, a lot
who didn't snitch to cops on matters
still illegal, a lot of what Russian
Orthodoxy calls "dual faith," mixing
paganism and Christianity, and of
course some innocent who were removed
from the tempting location.

and of course all those outsiders
who come in for the scene, were
probably cut back a bit, due to
fewer accomodations.

Then remember that Jesus asked, "do
you think that those who the tower
in Siloam fell on were greater
sinners? No, but I tell you, if you
do not repent you shall all likewise

(not with verse in front of me, but
that's pretty much what He said.
Katrina may have been a warning.

and undoubtedly one of the effects
of the brown dwarf star partner of
our sun, invisible to any but infrared
telescopes - which the US has been
scrambling to put in orbit and
position in Antarctica, they are
tracking something they are keeping
quiet about, and there is global
warming going on Mars and a couple
of ice moons, probably due to electric
interactions stimulated by the BDS
inbound. That thing just might
eclipse our sun for several days,
get a lot of blankets and tons of
those 8 hour hand warmer packs).
it is hard to research "nibiru" without
running into a load of new age crap,
but it is real and we are in trouble.
look for crustal displacement and
maybe a flip of the earth so that
the north pole is south and vice
versa, I mean physical not magnetic
poles, coastal cities devastated,
mississippi 50 miles wide wisconsin
and the gulf states mostly gone,
and the sun rises in the west, which
is what ancient reports claimed
happened a few times in the past.
we as a species survived, no this
didn't cause The Flood, or that
would have happened more than once,
but individuals surviving are another
matter. Get right with God, after all,
nibiru or no, you could die of a
stroke, heart attack, or drunk driver,
at any moment.)

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"God is only mocked when you twist His word to meet some idea you seem to have that "what goes around always comes around" in THIS life as you have done here today.

That's an Eastern concept, not a Christian one. If you believe that there is scripture to support the notion that God always punishes sin in this life, then by all means cite it."

WRONG. First off, the eastern concept
is NOT that we reap in this life but
in the next in reincarnation.

secondly, St. James says "God is not
mocked, we reap what we sow," and
Psalms and Proverbs and Prophets all
point out that sometimes indeed things
that go around come around in this life, God says "vengeance is Mine,
I WILL REPAY," but also that He lets
many go on in their way, abandoned by
Him. some punishment is get us back
on track, and some evil are allowed
to prosper because their descendants
will use the riches in more godly
ways. Job shows that simple justice
and that immediate is not all that
all this is about.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please...

The New Orleans French Quarter certainly doesn't have a monopoly on 'filth and sodomy' or 'the refusal to repent' over other geographic areas.

There are both good people and sinners everywhere. They live in every neighborhood, every town, every city, every state, and every country in the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is tony in vt. Thank you anon.11:30, for your kind words and your prayers! you are wonderfull. Vermonters are strong willed people and hard workin' folk, and volunteers are coming out of the woodwork! we are gettin er done, for now, thank God!/// now then, this subject matter at hand is Heavy, for sure. We do know that bad choices{sinful choices} in particular, have consequences that are often painful, and lessons come to us thru the repercussions. That is a reap/sow thing, as we all know.So it is important to make every decision w/ integrity and to make every act count./// As for trying to pin down why things happen the way they do,in our individual lives and collectively....all i can think or say for now, is that this life is like boot camp, and we need to KEEP THE FAITH, cause sometimes it's damm hard! GOD BE WITH US ALL. Love to all people,...tony

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is to Christine Erickson/Justina from me, tony in vt. That all that you spoke about Nibiru/Planet X/BROWN DWARF STAR,..which some refer to as elenin, was incredible! I have been gathering lots of the same info. on it. There is so much to wonder about w/ respect to this phenomenon??? its non-ordinary, to say the least./ I LOVE YOUR COMMENT and am GLAD you posted it! THANKS! i will now go to the link you mentioned.,...blessings to you and us all upon the earth! Tomarrow is creeping in, and things are alltogether eventful and wierd!

Constance Cumbey said...

Tony! You are certainly in my prayers. At least the internet is still up and running for you. What did you witness in the terrible storms last weekend?


Anonymous said...

Hi Constance and thanks for your prayers! its so late and i'm wiped out tired,but for now i'll say the town of wilmington, where i live, got devoured. Its an awful sad site to see as the flood waters took over and destroyed roads, bridges, neighbors homes, businesses etc.,...upseting all that existed so sweetly in this small town in the hills of southern vt. The townsfolk are working daily to restore life as normal. i live on a hillside on the other side of the road away from the rivers wrath, luckily for us. We all have been bustin' but, on bringing things back up!///made me think of scripture;...the end will come in like a flood!/Unexpected, Shocking and Heartbreakingly sad.,....this too shall pass, over time. we were not the only ones, as you know.Goodnight Constance,..i hope Jesus returns soon, cause the world is hurting all over, worldwide.Come Quickly Lord Jesus, we need YOU!amen, tony/vt.

Anonymous said...

10 Years After 9/11, Is America A Better Place?

Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day? Or Happy Serf Day?

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Adamantine for the link.

Excerpt from interview with Dr. Javier Solana, dated 8/31/11, entitled "Do Not Act in Syria, Cannot Go Everywhere."

"To give an example from my previous incarnations..."


Google translation:


Constance Cumbey said...

Former German president GERHARD SCHROEDER has called for European nations to "give up their sovereignty" and for creation of a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE, saying that the Euro was not enough to unite them.


Susanna said...

Last night a rare tornado struck in Amsterdam, New York which is near Albany. While there were downed trees and some property damage, no serious injuries were reported. the following report includes an eyewitness video taken by a woman as the tornado crossed the New York Thruway.



Susanna said...

More news about the tornado that ripped through upstate New York near Albany last evening at about 5:30 P.M. indicates that while no injuries have been reported the tornado caused severe damage nevertheless.

Apparent tornado rips through area

Recorder News Staff

Mother Nature reared her head again Sunday night as an apparent tornado cut a path through parts of Montgomery and Schenectady counties, wreaking untold havoc on an already injured community.

Exactly one week after Irene brought historic flooding to the area, a powerful thunderstorm sparked what is believed to be a tornado. According to Steve DiRienzo, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Albany, the twister is believed to have formed just south of the Thruway. It crossed the heavily-traveled roadway somewhere in the vicinity of the Mohawk rest area, before entering Cranesville, a hamlet in the town of Amsterdam. From there, it followed a northeast path through the county before ending in West Glenville.

Weather service policy dictates that a tornado remain unconfirmed until meteorologists can survey the damage, determine its path and estimate wind speeds. According to DiRienzo, a crew should arrive to tour the area first thing this morning.

Arguably the hardest hit, Cranesville was the scene of untold damage.

According to Dwight Schwabrow, the director of the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency, the severe storm caused damage to numerous structures, falling trees and spreading debris across countless roadways.

Emergency management officials, with the help of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department, the state police and the Cranesville, Hagaman and Beukendaal volunteer fire departments, spent much of the night on scene clearing debris from buildings and roadways and making the area safe in general.

Amsterdam town Supervisor Tom DiMezza said there were no reports of any injuries despite the severe destruction visited upon the scene.

"It's done a lot of devastation to the Cranesville area -- trees and cars and roofs torn off houses, it's just a mess," said DiMezza. "It's unbelievable the damage that's been done." more.......

See also


Constance Cumbey said...

Given the legislation that came out of Albany that was signed by the governor about a month ago, "divine judgment" doesn't seem like such a remote possibility. Still, my sympathies and prayers to those in the affected region.


Gayla T. said...

Your mention of HAARP interested me. I read of a second site, still in Alaska but I'm thinking west of the original site. The former employee said the secret site is many times the size of the original and he began to understand the use of it and left. He said it is easily capable of causing the many disturbances we are encountering. I also saw a map of other sites around the world. Personally, I am not sure that HAARP was designed to destroy our country but as a tool to fight this Elenin, brown dwarf star, whatever it really is. We have known this thing was headed out way since the early 80's and at that time discussions were taking place in the UN and NATO about how to deflect it from hitting earth. Now, we hear it is not going to hit us but mess up our gravatational pull so that we will have the disturbances. Some sources say we have already been moved off our axis 45%. Trouble is that we really do not know who is lying and who is not. Obviously NASA is not forthcoming... or not as much as they could be. They did come out with a paper for their employees about the kind of emergency measures they should be planning for their own families after saying there is no danger. I saw a video they have just released about being ready for an event and then it shows a family who have obviously lost gravity and are being thrown around the house with the furniture in the air. Pretty much what you would expect if gravity failed and an earthquake was taking place. I do follow a delightful young Christian man who has been watching the sky with his own telescope and videoing what is going on around the moon and the area of the comet. I'm sure you know that Goodle and NASA have blocked off the area of the sky where the comet is located. It has looked like there was a tremendous amount of UFO activity. There has been a lot of talk that they could be seeing holograms. Constance was warning about that in relation to St John the Divine way back when we were new to this mess. Anyway, my young friend read that you could tell if it is a hologram by looking at it through a garnet colored glass. He works at an antique mall so putting his hands on that color of glass was probably not too difficult. What do you know? All those odd looking UFO's are not real. Some one is trying to put on a major mystery. Who or why is not clear at this point. We just have to keep praying. I'll let you know when more info is available. Blessings Gayla

Andrew said...

To the anonymous poster who responded to my post about God's judgement; the two examples you cited were Old Testament. Jesus came to pay the price for the sin of the entire world. Only those who reject Christ recieve judgement, and that on the Day of Judgement. Paul wrote in his letter to the Romans: Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things. But we are sure that the judgement of God is according to truth against them which commit such things. And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgement of God? Or despisest thou the riches of His goodness and forebearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance? But after thy hardnes and impenitent heart treasurest up unto thyself wrath against the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgement of God. You see, the preceeding verses explain how wrath is stored up for the day of wrath. Before Christ nothing stood between man and the judgement of God. Now, the perfect sacrifice of the Holy Lamb of God stands to hold back judgement until it is unleashed at the end of time. If more christians would read their Bibles, this kind of confusion would not be so prevalent.

Anonymous said...

To Andrew @ 12:36 AM:
Re: "To the anonymous poster who responded to my post about God's judgement; the two examples you cited were Old Testament. Jesus came to pay the price for the sin of the entire world."

All of us (even those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior) are all 'flawed' human beings (thus the term 'human'). If we're completely honest, we will admit that we all continue to be a work in progress.

It is WRONG for any of us to make the assumption that we do not have to continue to EARN our place in Heaven. To assume that any of us has an automatic 'spiritual insurance policy' into Heaven is to become complacent and in denial about sinning against any one of God's Ten Commandments.

For instance, I know many sincere Christians who go to Church twice a week, read the Bible every day . . . yet, do not practice charity in their hearts toward their fellow man. They commit the sins of anger, envy, lust and covet their neighbor's goods.

Do you actually believe that God is smiling with approval on those people?

Each and every one of us need to look into our hearts and souls every single day and take 'inventory' on what we need to do to improve ourselves to be worthy for eternal life . . . in the God's eyes.

Anonymous said...


That should have read "in the eyes of God."

Andrew said...

If we could earn salvation, Jesus need not have come, the Law would have been sufficient and Christ died in vain. The belief that one has to earn salvation is what separates orthodox Chritianity from the various "christian" cults of taday's spiritual landscape.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:57 is right and Andrew is wrong.

"If we could earn salvation, Jesus need not have come, the Law would have been sufficient and Christ died in vain."

Salvation is not unconditional or conditioned simply on whether we hold the correct beliefs about Jesus. We "earn" salvation insofar as we choose to reject or accept the salvation offered through Christ's death. It is a gift that is freely given but it must be freely accepted. If our lives don't reflect that acceptance, it is a de facto rejection, regardless of whether we appear as white sepulchers to much of the outside world.

The doctrine of total depravity is a heresy. We are all made in the image and likeness of God, who wants us to use our free will to accept His gift of salvation.

The New Age wants to eradicate the notion of sin. The theology presented by Andrew helps this along.

Andrew said...

You have misunderstood and misreopresented what I have said. I did not say that just claiming to believe in Jesus constitutes salvation. He must be Lord first before He is Savior. Our lives must reflect this. However, it cannot be earned. His life in a true believer will produce the friut worthy of salvation. He does in and through us what we, on our own cannot do. Be careful thinking that salvation must be earned, lest you slap the Lord of Glory in the face. We are saved by grace through faith, and this not of yourselves, lest any man should boast. Remember what Jesus Himself said, "Many will come to me in that day; saying, Lord Lord, did we not prophesy in your Name, and did we not cast out demons in your name, and we did many works in your name, and I will say to them, depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never knew you. Our works are as filthy rags unto the Lord, unless it is Him working by His Spirit through the believer. It is no longer I who lives but Christ living through me. Next time be careful when you assume, a man's case seems right, until his neighbor cross examines him.

Andrew said...

Oh and, by the way, I do wish to erradicate the idea of sin. Sin is the very reason why my Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross. He became sin for me. It was my sin, as much as any man's that required His perfect sacrifice.

Anonymous said...

To Andrew @ 2:13 PM:
Re: "I do wish to erradicate the idea of sin."

I strongly disagree with you.

If we take away 'the idea of sin' -there would be no need to obey God's Commandments!!!

Stealing is a sin; taking another person's life is a sin; greed is a sin, despair is a sin, etc.

To assume that if one accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Lord and Savior, that a person no longer has human weaknesses or faults defies logic. Being human (with a God-given free will), we are going to continue to 'trip and fall' and ask for God's forgiveneness over and over again. And God, being a most loving and merciful God, will always forgive us over and over again....because His love is unconditional.

But, to assume that Jesus has done ALL of the work - and there is nothing more that WE have to do - is to commit the ultimate sin of PRIDE.

Andrew said...

Sorry, my mistake. I meant write, I do not wish to irradicate the idea of sin. I'm typing from a phone, and I wasd a little distracted.

Anonymous said...

"I do wish to erradicate the idea of sin."

Andrew, the doctrine you are presenting does not try to eradicate sin but it does de-emphasize its importance i.e. "Don't worry about sin - God has done all the work through Jesus."

Can you see the connection between this and the goals of the New Age?

Anonymous said...

"We suspended all military agreements, especially the commercial ties in defence industry," Erdogan said later Tuesday in a press conference with his Spanish counterpart Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.


Andrew said...

Actually, I have dealt with many new agers. The common theme among most of their beliefs is that man is basically good and if wer just WORK together and harder as individuals we can have heaven on earth. If man is basically good, why would God send His Son to die? Wouldn't the Law have been enough? If we masde the right choices we could please the rquirements of the Law and be righteous in God's sight. Sorry, man is evil from birth. For there is none righteous, no, not one. Jesus Christ paid the debt of sin once and for all. read the letter to the Romans. READ! Christians, I beg you, read your bibles. Then we need not go round in these silly circles.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, man is evil from birth. For there is none righteous, no, not one. Jesus Christ paid the debt of sin once and for all. read the letter to the Romans. READ! Christians, I beg you, read your bibles. Then we need not go round in these silly circles."

Man is inclined toward original sin, but through repentance, conversion, and proper exercise of FREE WILL, he must strive to be perfect like his father in heaven is perfect.

Do you really believe the sacrifices of the martyrs as as "filthy rags" before our Lord? (Goodness me, perhaps you do live in such a vacuum).

Jesus paid the debt for sin but this gift of salvation applies only to those who, through proper exerise of free will, repent and convert. Everyone else ends up ultimately in hell, even if they believe intellectually that Jesus is Lord and Savior.

Read your Bible and, just as importantly, avoid prooftexting and learn how to interpret it correctly.

Anonymous said...

See Revelation 19:8 for how God regards the righteous acts of the Saints.

Anonymous said...

Following this conversation, I don't want to get into any fights, but the doctrine of Sola Fide, says all you need is faith to be saved.

This is misleading, because people can claim to believe in Christ, and still do whatever they want.

This is why, there are churches that support abortion, gay marriage etc while professing to believe in Christ.

I would go so far to say, that they are even more evil, than people who do not know Christ.

Anonymous said...

30 August 2011 Last updated at 18:06 ET

Israel trains settlers to confront Palestinian protest

The Israeli army has said it is training Jewish settlers in the West Bank to repel violent protest.


Andrew said...

I never said you do not need works. I said works cannot save a person. Faith are an expression of our faith. A person who has no wortks that show evidence of salvation is probably not saved. All I'm saying is that you CANNOT work your way to heaven. In regards to the martyrs, they gave there lives fully to the Lord, their faith resulted in the act of giving their lives for the sake of the Gospel. I can only hope that my faith can be so fully mature and produce such sweet fruit for my Master.

Andrew said...

Sorry, I meant to write; Works are an expression of our faith.

Anonymous said...


You are correct that works alone cannot "save" a person, but works are a vital part of the equation. Without them, one cannot get to heaven.

Faith alone (Sole Fide) is not enough. See for example:

James 2:14-19,26
Matthew 16:27
Matthew 7:21
Luke 6:27-31
Luke 6:43-45
John 5:28-29

I will take the words of Our Lord and Savior over your prooftexting any day.

Anonymous said...

"All I'm saying is that you CANNOT work your way to heaven."

Actually Andrew, John 14:15 suggests that this is exactly how we get to heaven. Works are an expression of Faith.

To say that we cannot "work" our way into heaven really is B.S. Jesus explicitly commands that our love must be EXPRESSED in works.

Andrew said...

Wonderful examples all! All of these prove my point. Works alone CANNOT save a person, just as faith alone cannot. Our love and faith must be demonstrated by works. This does not mean that the works are what save a man. These are the demonstration and outgrowth of what the Holy Spirit has done in a person. If a person has had a true conversion, the works will naturally follow. A tree does not choose to bear the fruit it does, if it is healthy it will bear good fruit. Do not think that works in and of themselves will bring any justification. It must BEGIN with faith. The works FOLLOW faith. They are the fruit. The tree comes first, then the fruit.

Anonymous said...

"Do not think that works in and of themselves will bring any justification. It must BEGIN with faith. The works FOLLOW faith."

Well Andrew, I am mostly in agreement with what you write here. My response to you is:

Do not think that Faith in Jesus Christ in and of itself will bring any justification. Faith must be FOLLOWED by works.

Just as you reject what you would probably term "works salvation" I reject what might be termed "Sole Fide salvation." I take my cue from the words of Jesus Himself!

Susanna said...

Andrew and anonymous 3:37:

The way I learned it, good works done by a Christian are "faith in action." The one cannot be separated from the other.
This is because faith involves the whole person - body and soul.

Andrew said...

Susanna, thank you. I heartily agree. I was never saying faith alone, I just see it as faith is the impotice for the good works that follow. There are many who do good works and then live like the devil. I like how you put it. Again, thank you, a very sound explanation.

Anonymous said...

We are saved by Faith alone in Jesus Christ, true faith, true belief in the heart, not just head knowledge and outward actions, that is like the Pharisees. From the outside they appeared to say and do the right things but Jesus confronted them and called the white washed tombs. They were empty on the inside, the inside was still dirty. When a person comes to genuine salvation in Jesus Christ, they are made clean from the inside as a result they cannot help but to have works. The works are a "RESULT' of Faith in HIM, not what allows us to be saved. We can't work our way to Heaven that is sure. Once we are saved our citizenship is in Heaven, immediately. So our works are an outward manifestation on the change that has already taken place inside. The religions that teach that the more works we do, the closer to Heaven we will be, or earning salvation, or that we can do whatever we want, etc....that is false teaching...we are already HIS if we are true believers. Yes we do have works and our good works will earn us crowns in Heaven, but notice we are already there. If we are doing things to try to be better, try to earn our way, to be a good person on our own strength then it means nothing. We are to be conformed into the image of Christ, yes, by HIM, not by own strength. As a result our outward actions will reflect what is already happened on the inside. Do I have to do something? Yes, be willing to let Him speak to my sin and be willing to surrender to His will not mine, in all things. That is how we will become more like Christ. There but for the Grace of God go I.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:33 p.m.

I agree with Susanna on the definition.

I just want to point out something. The Pharisees were mainstream Judaism.

The Sadducees were the theological liberals who denied the after life and many other things.

Jesus attacked the Pharisees for their excesses and corruption, hypocrisy, but not their theology.

It's wrong to use this a wall between faith and the law.

We need both. Faith alone makes us spiritual snobs, works alone can turn us into social workers and not Christians.

Both our faith and our works should come from Christ.


Anonymous said...

It's true that those who have faith in Christ can come to a better understanding of works.

But, it can also work the other way around.

Those who seek the "truth" in all things, have come to Christ.

Truth is a person.


Marko said...

I am wary of too much emphasis on works for several reasons.

1. The "New Evangelicals" that are part of the emergent church are all about "being Jesus" to people through social justice and other good works. Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. plan is a good example of this.

2. The end-times deception will most likely be accompanied by signs (works) that will look "Christian". (Healings, etc?)

3. Many people will say, on the day they stand before Christ, that they did this and that good work, but he will say "Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity..." Pretty strong words!

One of the strongest witnesses to the world of our love for Christ will be how we show our love for each other.

Anonymous said...

Good stranger? If you walked into a hostile environment, could you project good will or detect who does not represent 'stranger danger?' DARPA's Good Stranger could save soldiers' lives, but DARPA's Global Brain may move beyond the 'Internet of things' to link your brain online so the government could monitor your mind. Could this domestic spying be constant, knowing all of your thoughts, feelings and actions?


Anonymous said...

Link to DARPA articcle:

Anonymous said...

From the Huffington Post
(09/08/11 @ 08:05 PM ET)

San Diego Power Outage: Police Say City Hit By Major Power Outage

SAN DIEGO -- Tens of thousands of people were without power after a major outage knocked out electricity from Southern California to the Arizona border on Thursday afternoon, halting flights in San Diego, the nation's eighth largest city.

Outages were reported across San Diego County and all the way to Yuma, Ariz. Residents in San Clemente in Orange County, north of San Diego, also said their lights were out.

Most of the northern part of Baja California, including the border city of Tijuana, also was without power, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported. The power went out about 3:45 p.m.

San Diego Gas & Electric Co. officials did not immediately respond to phone message. The company tweeted a message saying they were still trying to determine the cause of the massive outage.

"We continue to work on the current power outage and find the cause and solution," the company said in the tweet. "We will update you as soon as we know."

All outgoing flights from San Diego's Lindbergh Field have been halted, airport spokeswoman Rebecca Bloomfield said. Incoming flights are arriving with delays.

Thirteen police stations have been able to continue operating and taking 911 calls by using generators, police spokeswoman Andra Brown said.

The California ISO, which operates the state's wholesale power system, has "nothing to report," spokesman Steven Greenlee said. He declined to elaborate.

Anonymous said...


I understand your concern about works, but I think you are missing something here.

The social justice crowd reduces works to just being "nice". Jesus did not come to make people feel nice, but to save them from sin.

The key is in examining what these works are, or what makes them right or wrong.

In the New Age, one can be spiritual without being moral.

The New Age does not see sin, the same way that Christianity does.


Constance Cumbey said...

Palestinian Union leader says US is "too late" to oppose Palestinian statehood bid.



Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Gayla,

A very interesting and intriguing post. Wow!


Constance Cumbey said...

San Diego branches of my husband's family are in the dark tonight!

Reminds me of the eastern outage a few years ago!


Anonymous said...

Marko, great!I totally agree!
My daughter`s boss says she `reaches out to orphaned sor street children by reading them their `angel cards`! That will help them map their lives! She offers her time and `skill`. That`s `good works`in her mind!

Anonymous said... (09/09/11)

At the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant, two units went off line around 3:38 p.m. The shutdown was part of standard procedure during a power outage, Southern California Edison said.

The shutdown was proceeding "safely" and "poses no danger to workers or the public," Edison said in a statement. "Offsite power is available for the plant's safety systems."

The FBI and SDG&E officials said the power outage was not related to a terror threat that officials notified the nation about at nearly the same time.

Anonymous said...


You are right on!!

Works are achieved through faith. Not the other way around. Works have nothing to do with it, true faith brings about the fruit of good works.

Too many try to twist the whole "works" idea because they want it to fit with the denominational teachings they adhere to. I know plenty of good people who volunteer, do for others, etc. but they don't have true faith.

It is actually new age to confuse these issues and fit them to man's doctrines rather than the true Word.

Anonymous said...

"All EU member states are invited. But anyone who doesn’t want to go along must not be allowed to hold the others back...not when it comes to the Common Security and Defence Policy...

That’s why we, along with nine other states...


Peace and security "(cont'd)

* * *


Anonymous said...

Anon@8:01 a.m.

I have also come across people who can quote scripture a lot and profess faith, but their actions do not show it.

We need both.

Anonymous said...

Works are achieved through faith. Not the other way around. Works have nothing to do with it, true faith brings about the fruit of good works.

I disagree. I have known non-believers who understand and live according to the natural law far more than many professed Christians.

Jesus did not say "by their Faith you shall known them."

Anonymous said...

"By their fruits ye shall know them." (Matthew 7:20)

Craig said...


I thought you may find this of interest. Generally, while reading through any books I use for research I check out the endorsements. In looking over Bill Britton's 1987 biography Prophet on Wheels, written by son Philip I found it endorsed by Wade E. Taylor, president of Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, NY. Recalling your reference on page 173 of A Planned Deception of an upstate NY MSoG center referred to by Ernest Ramsey as "on a mountain top at a location surrounded by tall pine trees," I thought this could be it.

Check out the wiki entry:

"Pinecrest Bible Training Center was founded by Wade Taylor in 1968. Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network donated the Salisbury Center, New York campus and buildings to Pinecrest Bible Training Center."

I do believe this may well be the one.

Craig said...

Pinecrest recently changed its name to Bethany:

"The Pinecrest property in Salisbury Center, New York originally opened in 1921 as a state-run tuberculosis sanatorium, named Pine Crest for the surrounding woods. The name was also used for a Bible institute which later operated on the campus."

Also of interest (to me) is the name change to Bethany as Mary of Bethany is a favorite of IHOP's Mike Bickle (and some other hyper-charismatics) as well as the book Song of Solomon/Song which Bickle allegorizes subtituting Solomon and the Shulamite for Christ and the Church in his Bridal Paradigm teaching. Note the reference on this site about the SOS as well.

Also this:

"We are wholly committed to fulfilling God’s purpose for this school as a place where students of all ages, nationalities, and callings can turn aside to encounter God and be transformed in His presence."

This seems to be the same mysticism infecting IHOP and the rest of hyper-charismaticism.

Craig said...

...looks my 2nd post above went to the spam filter or something...

Anonymous said...

World Peacemakers Call for 3-DAY Moratorium on All News 9/22-24 During Peace Festival to Stop the World for Elenin’s Approach

Anonymous said...

A weather machine? You think there's a weather machine? HAARP? Gimme a break! Planet X, Nibiru, Elenen (none of which exist)? These are all part of right-wing New Age conspiracy theories. People at the UFO Blogger site believe in this stuff. Stick with the Bible for prophecy--not some crazy New Age nonsense. You do realize that's where a lot of these theories come from--New Age sources, not Christian. You should be more discerning. But, since they go around hating Barack Obama, they must be legitimate. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. What's next--Unicorns, dragons, and Leprechauns?

Anonymous said...

And another thing--maybe weather catastrophes are a sign of God. That's better an explanation than some belief in a weather machine. Man hasn't been that successful. One thing's for sure--the U.S. is in trouble. We are more divided than anytime since the Civil War--and this is the road we're headed! Except--there are Islamic extremists who want to see all of us dead. Republicans, Democrats, Tea Partiers, and Independents...all of us!

Osama bin Laden had a plan to influence American politics by fueling division and decent. Has he succeeded? I don't know, but Americans are living in a great deal of fear. Our nation slips away from us. Oh, the conservatives--tea party has the grand solution--so they think. The progressive--liberals think so too. Fools! All of them! Don't they realize none of their solutions will work. America is too far gone. And it all started on 9/11.

Mariel said...

Jesus did say there would be signs in the Heavens....we don't know yet just what Niburu is, but don't count it as nothing yet. NASA has made public pictures of it, but of course there are other pictures which are not as "real" as NASAs picture.

Concerning one comment that the Scots Conservatives would like to split from Britain, I say more power to them. If you have read the history of Britain and Scotland, it's bloody on both sides, but the Brits were the more repressive. Vicious suppression of Scotland, from where great talent and inspiration has come to the world. May not be going on now, but I can see no reason why Scotland should like to be in the UK.


Mariel said...

Small victory, I now can post as Mariel rather than Anonymous. I hope the god in the machine allows this to continue. With never know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mariel....we will continue (God willing!!!) posting here and sharing valuable information until the New World Order knocks us off the grid.

Anonymous said...

Chilling headline on Drudge this morning:


Anonymous said...

Divide and Conquer: Are the Left and the Right about to go to war with each other?

"The mainstream media and those that control both political parties love to play "divide and conquer", and in America today we are taught to pick one political "team" and to absolutely hate those on the other side. But instead of two real choices, what we really have is a false left/right paradigm. The reality is that the two political parties are controlled by the same people at the highest levels. For example, did you know that 3 of the top 7 donors to Barack Obama's campaign in 2008 were major Wall Street banks? Both the Republicans and the Democrats are very tightly controlled. That is why nothing seems to really change no matter who we elect. But rather than waking up and uniting to take on our real problems, the American people are increasingly choosing to hate one another."

For more...

Anonymous said...

Ban Ki-moon: Palestinian Statehood is 'Long Overdue'

"Ban Ki-moon says supports two-state solution for Middle East peace, (cont'):


* * *



Anonymous said...


"BRUSSELS, July 12 (Reuters) -- The European Union's foreign policy chief [Dr. Javier Solana] called for...a Palestinian state by a certain deadline even if Israelis and Palestinians have not reached agreement among themselves. (cont'd)"


Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"Planet X, Nibiru, Elenen (none of which exist)? These are all part of right-wing New Age conspiracy theories. People at the UFO Blogger site believe in this stuff. Stick with the Bible for prophecy--not some crazy New Age nonsense."
Revelation shows 4 horsemen, the one who rides the black horse (the color of
oil by the way) is probably the one
ruling the scene now, with the one
riding a "pale" horse (double dilute
aka cremello or perino with white eyes spooky looking Akhal Teke or other
turkmen type?) is already operating
in Africa and elsewhere and it will
get worse.

RIGHT AFTER, a tremendous earthquake
occurs, the stars appear to move
rapidly, the heavens roll up like
a scroll (ash cloud rolling over the
sky obscuring the sun?) every island
is moved out of its place, and people
of all ranks cry to the rocks to
"fall on us and hide us" from the
wrath of the Lamb.

This is a perfect picture of what
will happen when the crustal displacement takes place, and would
also be facilitated by nibiru's
action on us, and/or flipping the globe.

This time frame is also consistent
with the scene of crying to mountains
to hide them, because enormous
underground bunkers have been being
built all along, govt. (USA and Russia) and private rich and China is
expecting something to ruin its
coastal plain, because it is building
"ghost cities" inhabited by no one,
way inland perhaps to evac population
to. This has gone on increasing
rather than decreasing, since the end
of the cold war.

and since everyone has heard about
end times by now, even if they mock
them, such an event would make them

So prophecy actually supports a
scenario like this, nibiru or no
nibiru. Without nibiru, we will still
have such a situation, because of the
crustal periodic displacement, the
mechanism of which is the weight and
centrifugal force in the planet's
rotation of the Antarctic ice pack.
Global warming has slowed things
down a bit.

God's wrath has often in the past
involved using human forces to do it,
and He has used His enemies to accomplish
His purpose, then punished them for
their excesses and bad attitude later.

So even if only HAARP is causing all
this, it could still be God's wrath.

I notice FEMA was turning away help
from volunteers at New Orleans, and
is doing so now in the fires in Texas.
If these are located at 100 feet
elevation or lower, they are going to
be drowned out anyway, and letting
whole towns burn may be a means of
encouraging self evacuation before the
situation is untenable. You can't
evac millions and millions of people,
and no one knows for sure where to
send them that would be safe anyway.
Best to let them move along for their
own reasons and take their own

paul said...

Christine E,
Very insightful and, unfortunately,

I'm just tearing myself away from
the A&E channel's nauseating,
shameless recreation of flight
93 of ten years ago.
Here are some of the sponsers
of said dramatic production, who
break into the riveting action right
when something "big" is about
to happen, which puts everyone into
a state of semi shock and then
hits you with their product pitch,
which is the very definition of both
brainwashing and advertising.
The following companies know
exactly what they are doing, and
they are shameless and truly
inhuman in their timing, technique
and methods:

Progressive Insurance ( cute and lovable )
Time Warner Cable ( Cabal )
Lysol, Nexium, Tide, State Farm Ins.,
Sonic, U. of Phoenix, AT&T, Home Depot,
Hydroxycut, Subway, Charmin,
Esurance, Red Lobster, Columbia Pic's,
...and the biggest winner of the
advertising sweepstakes is of course
A&E channel itself, who produced this
disgusting, shameless "entertainment"
and who, in an example of the fact
that they know very well that what
they are doing is amoral and obscene,
they announce that they'll be feeding
even more of this pornography to
everyone tomorrow "without commercial
I say boycott all the above and boycott
A&E, which I noticed also portrays the
highjackers as really cool dudes who
one begins to feel sorry for, but also
feels great respect for, because of
their courage and dedication. I
noticed that A&E leaves out all the
"Allah is great" shouts that actually
happened. Wasn't that nice and P.C.
of A&E ? They wouldn't want to offend
any of their of Moslem audience
Hooray A&E !

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

to Paul re A&E I haven't been paying
too much attention to the festivities,
so to speak, though a co tenant here
was listening to it all day. Why were
they running this on the 10th instead
of the 11th?

at first glance, the hijackers WERE
brave. whatever they were, as Bill
Maher (author of "why everybody but
me has his head up his ass") said,
you can't accuse them of cowardice.

But on the other hand, since they
prepared for this holy martyrdom by
partying and having lap dances, may
have fortified themselves with
cocaine or meth, don't know but consider
the context they were moving in for
a few days before hand, and were
convinced they were going to go to a
garden full of horny virgins, an
ongoing cosmic orgy with all the stuff
normally forbidden to the moslem, it
doesn't take much guts or virtue to
do what they did, except the fear of
capture and languishing in prison
unable to complete their task, and
dying ignominiously, laden with sins
(incl. the sort they were doing
probably figuring their martyrdom
would erase), and no moslem equivlant
of medieval "indulgences" won by
virtue of dying in jihad.

Anonymous said...

??? I am not familiar with this Sid Roth. I saw this show linked to on facebook, so I watched it. Make of it what you will.

paul said...

Yes and yes.
Incidentally, Mohammed Atta paraded
by my house a few days beforehand with
two others in extremely white and
formal Arab regalia, apparently
celebrating ? their own funeral /
My friend and I couldn't help but stare
as they very slowly walked up to
the end of the street and turned
around and came back as we
prepared to go to work. We
were trying to figure out whether
they were going to a funeral or a
Oh it was them alright. They were
also caught on camera at the
Portland Public Library using the
computers, and at a local ATM.

We usually think of courage as a

Anonymous said...


Evidently, Mohamed Atta's driver's license was revoked on August 23, 2001 due to failure to show up for a court appearance.

So, this may explain why you saw him walking.


Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Craig:

Somewhat under the weather this weekend and catching up -- PINECREST was the one Ernest Ramsey referred to and Rock Church was the one in Virginia Beach.

Thanks for all your research and valuable information!


Constance Cumbey said...


Wrote too fast -- WOW -- Pat Robertson, huh? So, the Virginia Beach link (Rock Church) and Pinecrest -- and then considering the man who led Pat Robertson to the Lord (Cornelius Vanderbreggen) and his links to Liberty Lobby, an interesting and disturbing picture is developing.


Constance Cumbey said...

Regarding the Solana 'EU Foreign Policy Chief', I see the article is dated July 2009. However, he is still effectively beating those war drums in all of his "consultant" roles.


paul said...

Atta was here before 9/10. He was
here maybe a week before that, in
spite of what Wikipedia says.
Maybe the lesson here is that
Wikipedia is as often wrong as
it is right.

Also there was a distinct LACK
of follow-up by the authorities
in this town where Mohammed Atta
was seen by numerous people
leading up to 9/11.
Wikipedia is largely B.S.
The so-called investigation is a
I could tell you where Mohammed
Atta was hanging out pre 9/11.
The authorities don't and didn't
seem to care / want to know.
It's ten years after the fact
Wikipedia Schmikipedia.

Unknown said...

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