Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Phoenix Rising: Guest article by our JD

EXTRA UPDATE:  Watch this dangerous precedent being set.  Now, think into the future when "the mark" to "buy or sell" is implemented.  Link to story by clicking here.


Part 1: Ashes to ashes

On November 3, 2010 the Federal Reserve Bank made perhaps the single most important announcement concerning monetary policy in the history of the United States of America. Ben Bernanke and the Federal Open Market Committee announced that the Fed would be embarking on a round of quantitative easing. In reality what the Fed was telling the populace was that they would be purchasing $600 billion of Treasury Bonds. In simpler terms yet, they agreed to purchase debt of the United States by pumping a extra $600 billion in freshly minted bills into the monetary supply, or, they agreed to monetize the debt.

Simple economics states that when you increase the amount of a currency in circulation without proper growth in whatever material backs said currency, you decrease it’s intrinsic value. In this case, they are trading debt, for a even bigger pile of debt plus interest. The public spin on this, is that with more currency in circulation, more would be available to be spent, thus stimulating the economy. What is not being discussed here in the U.S. is that with devaluation of the currency comes inflation, given the $600 billion tag attached, I would suggest Hyperinflation. I would even suggest that this was the real intent of Bernanke and the gentlemen from Jekyll Island, more on this in a moment.

Some may remember that post the spring meeting of the G-20, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was the focus of attention with statements like "U.S. consumers are going to be less of a source of demand for the world in the future". Most assumed this statement was about the economic downturn and dismissed it as nothing more. The problem is the statement is about a future world, presumably post recession. So if the statement can not be taken into the context of the recession, what could Geithner have been referring to? Keeping in mind that this G-20 meeting was held among finance ministers who had, or would, call for replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Such suggestions came from ministers of nations such as RussiaChinaBrazilGermany, as well as officials from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This came as a United Nations: Trade and Development Report argued the dollars replacement. Could THIS possibly be what Geithner was referencing? If so, what might a move away from the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency look like? How might such a move be made against arguably one of the strongest monetary markets on the planet? If you answered, by devaluing the currency, you can now see the level of importance of the Fed’s announcement regarding quantitative easing.

To further examine this possibility, we should take a look at global reaction to the decision by Bernanke and crew. Brazil, China, and European finance ministers have openly condemned the action with little logic employed in their explanations, despite their desire to see the dollar go the way of the dinosaur.   The dollar is sinking like a stone, while other markets are gaining ground. Once again the calls have begun for a new global reserve currency. In addition to the chorus already mentioned, the G-20 added the topic to their discussions for the recent meeting. While reports on this meeting show no clear consensus on the global reserve currency, reforms to the IMF were agreed upon that could essentially (pardon the pun) ‘pass the buck’ on this decision to the IMF, World Bank, and UN.

Notably silent in this debate has been the United States Treasury Department, or any member of the Executive Branch for that matter. What has come forward is a lot of double speak and misleading talk from Geithner concerning the dollar’s loss of value. Keep in mind this is the man who in October stated that the U.S. would not pursue a "deliberate policy of devaluing the dollar".

Given these developments, I saw it important to begin a companion series to my Traceability in a Sustainable World articles. While the previous series deals with identifying pieces of a emerging system and incremental advancement. This series will deal economic developments and unilateral advancement of the entire New Economic Order. The topics will be related, but separated by context of local versus global, or segmented versus wholistic. Continued thanks go to all who have supported and participated in the work that goes into these articles. As always comments and discussion on this material are greatly encouraged.


JD said...

Many thanks for hosting this here Constance. I hope we can have a lively discussion on these topics.

Constance Cumbey said...

Thanks for letting me post it here, JD.

Constance Cumbey said...

Speaking of Anglican apostasy, check this revolting development in Canada, truly Sodom & Gomorrah days!

"Court rules against dissident Anglicans in Vancouver, Abbotsford

"More than 1,200 Anglicans who oppose same-sex blessings are expected to have to vacate their church buildings soon

By Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun November 16, 2010"

Read more: http://tinyurl.com/2u32qeg

Prophecy Proof Insights said...

The complication is that there is a risk of global hyperinflation because most countries face major debt problems. It's not just the U.S. dollar that is in trouble. For instance, Japan is doing its own version of quantitative easing.

Recently, Benjamin Creme (a person Constance is quite familiar with) mentioned that this stock market crash he predicted would not get "terribly worse". I've found in my research of Creme/Maitreya that the next prediction calls for a period of global currency devaluation. The Ascended Master that influences Creme suggests the U.S. is going to deal with hyperinflation eventually.

Overall, it is important to cover current economic and finance issues because they are a major catalyst to bring global change. Nice to see some coverage of these issues on other Christian websites.

JD said...


Thanks, my purpose was to show not just that the dollar was being devalued but why. I am also watching what is happening in strong market like Japan and intend to cover that as well in the next piece. As with the subtitle, I wanted to show the destruction of the current reserve currency or global standard if you will.

The next part will deal with what comes next and why the proposed basket currency won't work and will likely be ditched. The debt crisis will play a large role in this, and should become clear in the explanation. I have looked at your blog in the past and know you have a eye on many things, so I would not be surprised if you know much of what I will be covering on the Phoenix Economy.

Prophecy Proof Insights said...

Look forward to seeing the next installment. It's the latest news article I've recommended.

Anonymous said...


Mish seems to have good commentary on global economics - including the QEII issue.

I believe that he claims deflation is the immediate concern because of the trillions of dollars (of credit destroyed) lost in the housing bubble.

Two years ago the Fed bought up roughly 2 trillion of mortgage securities from the big banks for which the Fed paid the banks face value (the true value is between 8-25 cents on the dollar).

This 600 Billion brings the additional money closer to 3 trillion "printed". The problem is that from 2006 to present the housing crash has destroyed 6-7 trillion in credit.

The net result is deflation.

Of course, the cost of college, gasoline, food and many other goods/services seem to be getting much more expensive - which means inflation, or that global demand is increasing (or supply shrinking) or something else entirely.

Nobody really knows.

Unknown said...

All you need to do to see proof of this hyperinflation (or possibly the beginnings of) is to simply go shopping. Whoever does the regular grocery shopping will certainly notice the increase in food prices. I was watching some news channel yesterday and they said the cause of current food prices is an abyssmal grain growing season and the devaluation of the dollar. Grains are, of course, not just used in foods, but are used to feed livestock and now are being used to make alternative fuel.

Both Kraft foods and General Mills mentioned the need to raise prices. I'm sure Kelloggs' is soon to follow.

Very timely article!

JD said...


Here is the problem I see with calling this a deflationary period. In the areas where the credit losses occurred there was never a scaled loss of value on the tangible assets. In the case of the housing mess the tangible assets were property. Now mind you there were some minor adjustments, but not the losses one would expect with this type of crisis.

The reason being is the asset holders (the big banks) were never allowed to take the hit. Had it not been for TARP we would have seen a complete devastation of property values. Instead they pumped money in and the prices remained inflated. In this sense we have already seen localized inflation in one market. The stimulus package was a broader approach, and we are starting to see prices on basic goods like milk, corn, wheat, gasoline, etc creep up. This is becoming a little more evident to consumers, but many producers have already reported 30% increases in cost of product.

If one were to consider Tarp as a scalpel, the stimulus as a pocket knife, quantitative easing is a machete. It will be indiscriminate on what it effects.

Anonymous said...

It is not accurate to say that there have only been minor adjustments to housing prices.

Prices on houses have indeed plummeted in many areas in the country. For example, in Las Vegas prices on houses have dropped 60%. Even with these drops, housing prices do have more to fall - as you say.

Here is a chart that shows the housing price drop by region from "Calculated Risk", a blog that specializes in economic charts.


Anonymous said...

Good article JD

The key idea we have to remember is that this is all planned -- both the causes of the problems and then the "solutions" that ensure the agenda is achieved. For anyone to believe our government is doing any kind of due diligence regarding some financial crisis that suddenly and unexpectedly appeared is delusional. And, I’m sorry to say, I believe this will continue no matter who is in charge of Congress.

Looking forward to the next report.

Dave in CA

JD said...

Anon 12:28,

Take a hard look at those areas though, they are areas where other elements of the economic downturn is in play. Where huge hits were taken in other sectors such as tourism. Places where the foreseeable future is far more uncertain. Of course the property markets are taking larger hits there. Nevada had one of the highest foreclosure rates in the nation in 2009.

We are also talking about a area where median home prices at peak were 200-300% of the national average. Also when looking at the numbers one has to take into account what these properties honestly should have been worth at peak, and not what the inflated market said they were worth.

Having lived in South Florida through the boom and being at ground zero during the bust, I got to see first hand how the system was manipulated on both ends. Areas like Vegas, Tampa, and Miami are wastelands as far as population is concerned compared to what they were at peak. This is why market value has dropped out in those areas, not enough buyers to stabilize the markets.

These though are still exceptions to the rule. Foreclosure rates were astronomical nationally. Banks have been taking huge losses on properties nationally, in some areas they have even leveled the houses and liquidated the land. Property values nationally however, do not reflect this. WHY? It's simple, due to TARP there is not a accurate reflection of the losses on the books.

To understand this better and why it was kept this way, we would have to discuss what losses in property value would do to the banks themselves and we would also have to discuss why there was never a major crash in commercial property and loans. Understand, I am not saying that there are not losses to property value, or even larger losses in key areas, I am saying they are disproportionate to the situation.

JD said...

Also, thanks for the links and the conversation.

JD said...

Dave and David,

Thanks and I agree that it is all manipulated outcome.

Agent Provocateur said...


This issue has been in the media and at the forefront of several news reports for weeks now. Although you have explained and pointed out several aspects of the “plan”, you have added nothing new. We can get the same info on Drudge or the Wall Street Journal, or on any of the economic forums. But you have unwittingly reinforced at least one of the fallacies concerning “quantitative easing”.

QE allows payments and funds transfers to continue flowing electronically out of the United States to other nations, but not in suitcases. The whole electronic process of devaluation is much more subtle than merely printing dollars. The 600 billion is largely just a journal entry, a few 0's and 1's in the Fed's god-like master database.

The money presses will continue running as usual (they never stop), and perhaps at a faster pace now, but we aren't going to be pushing wheelbarrows of cash to the grocery store anytime soon. The average person just won't have any more greenbacks in their possession to spend. What cash we do have on hand is going to be worth much less, and may eventually disappear altogether. Is that the point you are trying to make?

QE is a last ditch effort by the Federal Government to continue making the interest payments on our ever mounting Federal debt without pulling back our military forces from overseas, drastically cutting welfare programs or government services, raising our taxes sky high, and causing a revolution right here at home.

QE is a blatant in your face theft of our savings accounts, pension plans, and earnings. Kudo's to you for seeming to grasp the real intent, which is of course, to reduce us to the level of third world serfdom and increase our dependence on the government.

My guess is Constance is getting desperate for material to hide her "Allah is the same as God" pro-Islam stance.

JD said...

Anon 2:58,

You bring up a valid point about QE and digital transfers, but this is simply the first part in a series is it not? While QE will certainly eliminate most of the savings that the populace has, that is not it's desired end result. The end result is to eliminate the United States role as a leader in economic control.

Let me ask you this, if the United States does not produce anything of value to the world, and they are eliminated from their current role of consumer to the worlds goods, what does that leave left for us? Because this is exactly what is being talked about.

You are correct that some other places are reporting on pieces of this puzzle. Does it make it less important that I am showing the people here the cover of the box? I am not simply showing the destruction, I will be showing what is to be erected in it's place. Not everyone is seeing the level of destruction for what it is, and fewer still realize that it is the economic destruction that is bringing the new order into place, and fewer yet truly know what that order actually looks like.

If you think you know all of the details I am going to discuss, good for you, but I wouldn't bet on it. Unless you have read all of the trade, development, economics, or social reports from the UN, IMF, World Bank, Skoll Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, etc such would be impossible. Since you seem so knowledgeable, why not actually contribute something to the conversation instead of trying to deflect from it.

Anonymous said...


We all see you for what you really are. Give our "regards" to your New Age guru, RICK WARREN.

Heck, New Age guru RICK WARREN not only approves of Moslem sites, he blesses Buddhist, Hindu, Jain, etc. as PEACE global redistribution centers as well as "shrines"!

Dorothy said...


Pro-Islam U.N. resolution nearing vote
Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 11/17/2010 8:40:00 AMBookmark and Share

United Nations UN is about to consider the "Defamation of Religions Resolution" -- but as Open Doors USA points out, the measure is really designed to protect only one religion: Islam.

The resolution, which has been floated at the U.N. in various forms for more than a decade, is touted as promoting tolerance and protecting religious freedom. "But in reality it does the exact opposite of that," explains Lindsey Vessey, a spokesperson for Open Doors USA.

"It's a resolution that is backed by the Organization of Islamic Conference States," she continues, "and it seeks to criminalize words or actions that are deemed to be against particular religions -- and of course we can guess what that is. It's particularly to protect Islam."
Vessey says the measure was originally introduced in 1999 as the "Defamation of Islam" resolution, but language was changed later to broaden its appeal. It contains multiple mentions of Islam, but only one of Christians and Jews. She explains that in its current form, it would give international legitimacy to blasphemy laws.

"So [it is] basically taking [those] laws in certain countries like Egypt and Pakistan that make it illegal to say anything negative of Islam, or anything that can even be perceived as negative of Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, ...and making that something that would be on an international scale," she says. According to Vessey, it could eventually impact the United States.

Open Doors has launched an online advocacy campaign -- "Free to Believe" -- that allows individuals to voice their opposition to the Defamation of Religions Resolution. The resolution is expected to be voted on later this week in a United Nations committee, and will likely be voted on before the General Assembly early next month.

PS- in the previous thread someone posted on the word "purpose" as found in Warren's use and in the Great Invocation. I gave a link to its use in Bailey's Great Invocation. Not proof of anything but interesting.

Slumdog said...

"More on the Christian genocide in Egypt by Muslims"



The point needs to be made again, I afraid.

JD said...

Opinions requested, is this Agenda 21 in action in Russia?


Unknown said...

EU: 'Accept PA State as Full Member of UN'

European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana is taking steps to move the establishment of a Palestinian Authority state through the United Nations, whether Israel agrees to it or not.

Solana told a British audience in London on Saturday that Israel and the PA should be given a deadline by which to conclude negotiations for a two-state solution. If a final status agreement is not reached by that time, according to the Reuters news agency, Solana recommended that one be imposed by the United Nations instead.

“After a fixed deadline, a UN Security Council resolution should proclaim the adoption of the two-state solution,” he said. “It would accept the Palestinian state as a full member of the UN, and set a calendar for implementation. It would mandate the resolution of other remaining territorial disputes and legitimize the end of claims.”

He added, “If the parties are not able to stick to it [referring to the UN-imposed timetable -ed.], then a solution backed by the international community should be put on the table.”

Read more at:

JD said...

Thanks for posting the story David, I hope you realize it is an old one. 7/12/2009 to be exact.

Anonymous said...

Greek Church takes on 'antichrist' in ID card row...


Dorothy said...

You know what you are cluing us about as usual. It's the UN again.


" The Rewilding Project is brought to us from the United Nations. A relevant tentacle of Agenda 21, the Rewilding Project is designed to restore a major portion of the planet to its 'original' state before man came along and messed it all up; however, it could not be happening if it were not being implemented by state and local legislation. State legislation creates the agencies that mirror federal agencies which were created to implement the schemes emanating from the UN; those Federal agencies would include Forestry and Fish and Wildlife. "

The environment is the cover excuse. In Russia they use economic excuses. What it is is long term planning for one world government. Push people together and they are more easily controlled by a central government.

Sabina said...

So with religious objections to being touched such as I have as a Muslima, I cannot fly? Soon this could translate into economic oppression as well. America is already moving toward hatred for Islam and anyone who looks Muslim. The enemies of Allah are hard at work.

Dorothy said...

A while back I mentioned I was reading a book called "Cloak of Green" by Elaine Dewar. It details the connections between big government, big corporations and the environmental community.
It starts slowly and can get confusing as the author starts finding the behind the scenes connections. The book gets really hot toward the middle where the author spells out how the environmental movement's goals are actually one world government oriented. She then goes on to give a very long biography of Maurice Strong. It gets even better from there.

Although I've been at this a long time, I didn't put two things together as she did. She pointed out that the environmental movement is deliberately wrapped in spiritual terms (think Gaia) for a clever reason. Religions/spirituality are not to be questioned. Spirituality is to be emotionally accepted, not questioned. In that context environmentalism is not to be questioned but accepted without reservation.

Amazon has used copies of this 1995 book for $165 and up. You can read part of it on line at
http://books.google.ca/books?id=ui2OTJqsqI8C&printsec=frontcover&vq=cloak+of+green#v=onepage&q&f=false or

Two other links showing ecofascism at work:



JD said...

For all who have been following developments concerning CERN and the LHC.

Scientists claim breakthrough in antimatter hunt


JD said...


Given your comment a few days ago to me on Dewar's book. I looked to see if I could possibly find a copy of it myself. Places like Alibris books and Barnes & Noble offer used copies from $55. In looking for this one I found that Dewar also wrote a book on genetic modification called The Second Tree: Of Clones, Chimeras, and the Quest for Immortality. Have you or anyone else read this?

Dorothy said...

Good news. The public may catch up with the information found on this blog in the future.

Rabbi Lapin and Glenn Beck compared the Tower of Babel with the EU building in Europe on the Beck television show a few days ago.


Craig said...

Quantitative Easing explained. Apologies if this has been posted before. Also, apologies in advance for the bit of offensive language.


JD said...


While the language was a little strong, I couldn't help but outright chuckle at this one. Has the Fed ever been right on anything? Umm Let me think about it.

Craig said...

"Is this an episode from 'The Twilight Zone?'" LOL

HK-91 said...

Not to be off topic, but, this might be of important interest. Here's a link to a story about a conference held by The Morman Transhumanist Association. I'd highly recommend reading it.



Anonymous said...

Insightful blog about counterfeit signs, the triple helix, eye of Horus and Toys R US:


JD said...


I am not very familiar with the source, though I do know who Horn is. I have never dug into him seriously, so I can't comment one way or the other. That being said, I did like how this article was detailed with quotes and literature. I like how the article compared Joseph Smith's view that God was once a normal man and laid it into the Transhumanist context.

The one big issue I need to take here, is the lack of evidence of the actual conference. This may sound like nit picking, but most investigative reporters know to gather evidence to substantiate that they were where they say they were and the issues discussed fall in line with the tone of their writing. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the author should have spent the article listing sources pertaining to the conference, but there is not a source listed even referencing it. The base of the argument revolves around the intertwining of a pair of religious movements, and I have seen enough otherwise to know the doctrines are completely compatible.

I just wish that more thought was put into establishing this base statement, which would have been easy. Don't get me wrong, I believe the author is being honest from their perspective. I just think they missed first base in their trip toward home plate.

Anonymous said...

More than a half-million individual letters of protest of the new system of institutionalized airport abuse and humiliation are on their way to members of Congress, Barack Obama and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, thanks to WND's C.E.A.S.E. program – Cease Enhanced Airport Security Excesses.

For more...


Dorothy said...

Craig, thanks for the financial video. There are complex answers which often are double talk. Whether or not I understand the complex international issues, I definitely enjoyed the video.

Anonymous said...


You said "I hope we can have a lively discussion on these topics". Did you really mean that?

Agent Prov at 2:58 was me. That is not to say any of those other anon posts on previous threads were mine also. That is NOT the case. I don’t post hit and run attack ad comments. I always come back and own what I post. It is a curious thing to see though, that anytime an opinion contrary to the prevailing mindset is posted here, the “regulars” either circle the wagons in a fit of paranoia, or just ignore the comment altogether.

FYI- 99.9 % of my comments here are posted under “omots” or my registered Google moniker “oldmanoftheski”. I don’t have an evil twin. But the fact is, anyone can post a comment using “omots”. That doesn’t identify the comment as coming from me. At this point in time, it would be harder for anyone to use my registered Google name “oldmanoftheski” simply because it is “registered”. It is a part of the interlocking cyber global web security system we all have accepted and come to rely on in everyday life. We can't function without it now, can we?

Do you see where I’m going with this? You are telling us that the mark of the beast system is coming. And I’m saying, duh, it’s already here, just not MANDATORY yet. You’re telling us this system is likely to be forcefully implemented after a well orchestrated collapse of the banking system. Everything is falling into place. You are exposing details about the construction of the trap, the color of the trap, the size of the trap. Again, all fine and dandy. The beast is coming, the trap is set. So what now? Is seeing the train going to save us?

It’s not just a matter of yelling “watch out!” It’s not just a matter of telling people the train is coming! We KNOW the train is coming. My point has always been consistent. We’ve helped build that train. We’ve come to depend on that train. Check your bank account. Got money? Try to withdraw $5,000 cash. The teller will say, “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have that much cash on hand, we’ll have to order it.” Order it? From whom? The money god?

Anonymous said...

Looks like we're back to the case of the missing comments. Posted this last night and this morning it's gone, so instead of a title, I'll just post the tiny URL so we don't agitate the spam filter:


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:46,

I still see your post at 9:13 on this.

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