Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Jeremy Rifkin wrote years ago in his THE EMERGING ORDER: GOD IN AN AGE OF SCARCITY that the New World Order would need the religious impulse to usher it in. This day, to paraphrase Jesus, his "prophecy" is "fulfilled in your ears."

The World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and George Soros (Lord Malloch-Brown's principal financial benefactor) has been actively working on "swinging the masses into step" via manipulation of their religious leaders.

This is my topic for MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio starting in the next hour and 37 minutes as of this writing. I am working on A LARGE article on this. If at all possible, I would like for JD to call in on the radio (as well as the rest of you) to 888-747-1968. See you on THEMICROEFFECT.COM at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific time.

Tune in and stay tuned!



Constance Cumbey said...

Interestingly, the "add picture" feature of my blogspot option is missing. I wanted all to see the World Economic Forum "FAITH AND THE GLOBAL AGENDA: VALUES FOR THE POST-CRISIS ECONOMY" report.

You will need to go the link I created under the title to do so now.


JD said...


Sorry, I just saw the request otherwise I would have made a point to participate. I will take a peek at the link and perhaps we can connect on the topic later.

Anonymous said...

Wojira......Preparing the youth of today to meet the challenges of tomorrow...

Apple's IPhone app of the week....SUPER MEGA WORM 1.31....

"Mother Earth is on the brink of extinction and has released her last defense, the Great Death Worm, Wojira. Wojira is on a revenge mission to destroy all the Human parasites. Crawl and eat your way through waves of humans and their robots of destruction. Grow and evolve into the ultimate weapon of destruction. You are the last line of defense, can you save the world?"

Anonymous said...

Google gets "creepy"...

"Schmidt was talking to The Atlantic about the possibility of a Google implant – a chip under your skin that would track you and provide easy web access. That, Schmidt said, was probably over ‘the creepy line’."

"However, he followed that by saying: “With your permission you give us more information about you, about your friends, and we can improve the quality of our searches. We don’t need you to type at all. We know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less know what you’re thinking about.”"

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I spent the day at a local fall festival. There was a booth there for child identification called "Chip"--Child Identification Program. Now they were just fingerprinting (the program also includes DNA collection by cheek swab). Our state also has CHIP which means Children's Health Insurance of Program.

Surprise, surprise! Guess who sponsors this? Our generous and helpful local Freemasons!
I checked on line. Apparently lots of states Freemasons do this.


...the most comprehensive service of its kind anywhere.

...FREE of charge!

"Come one, Come all!"

Let's see...secret society...make oaths to Satan...child ID program called CHIP (but no implants, mind you)... how absolutely diabolical--oops! I mean dialectical!


Anonymous said...

Thank you YesNA,

Once again the shadow society makes it’s mark. It’s clear the Freemasons have been promoting and supporting various “feel good” programs in my state’s educational and legislative systems as well.

One current school program that caught my masonic sensitive eye was crafted by a national organization called, “BullyPolice USA”:


Bully Police is NOT just a national “movement”, but an international movement which supports and mirrors Alliance of Civilzation/Masonic goals. While most people can easily agree with the notion of preventing “bullying” in the schools, they fail to grasp the critical fact that this type of legislation steps all over a student’s First Amendment rights while promoting the universalist tolerence mindset.


The fact that Freemason’s have historically supported children’s health services, educational “reforms”, and scientific advancement is no surprise. It is how they have promoted their twin ideals of absolute liberty and science as religion philosophy as put forth by one Sir Francis Bacon.

Looking back at historical precedent….Freemasons were the catalyst for the formation of “The Royal Society of London, for the Improving of Natural Knowledge”. Thomas Sprat (1635–1713), in his book, The History of the Royal Society of London for the Improving of Natural Knowledge (1667), asserted that the organization was founded as a sanctuary for Bacon’s “New Atlantis Science”.


As we know from events at the founding of our own country, Freemasonry eventually “divorced” itself from the public sphere and went undercover, but the marks it left behind on our political, scientific, and religious institutions cannot be denied.

“The Royal Society went on to become the premier organisation of professional scientists that it is today, and Freemasonry turned back to the secrecy of the Lodge and the perfection of its ritual. Perhaps its task had been done: as a child of the Enlightenment, its once-secret
values had become universalised, so much so that we tend to take them for granted in the modern world. In the civil sphere, they included religious tolerance, democracy, secularism, constitutionalism and parliamentarism. In the scientific sphere, at a time when superstition and magic governed reason, and the Church claimed a monopoly on "true" knowledge, they called for the use of logic and experimentation to establish the facts of nature.”


In subsequent writings, Thomas Sprat wrote a defense of, “experimental philosophy, emphasizing the [Royal] society's hostility to religious fanaticism (read: religious fundamentalism) and other varieties of dogmatism.”


Not coincidentally, a quote from Thomas Sprat is prominently featured on the Bully Police’s “Unqualifiedevaluaters” motto/symbol page seen here:


Well, like everything else we find, the connection to Sprat/Bacon/Freemasonry is only the tip of the ice berg. Take a close look at “BullyPolice” co-founder Brenda High’s religious views and one can see an obvious connection between Mormonism and the more patriotic libertarian foundations of Freemasonry as well:


There’s just no such thing as coincidence when talking about convergence.


Constance Cumbey said...

I solved the picture posting puzzle. Please reboot. You may read the entire abomination, er document, by using this link:


Anonymous said...


Thanks. I forgot to mention that my husband wanted to see what their literature was so he went to the table and picked up a paper. The woman there indicated that the paper he had was not for taking so he just stood an read it.

There were always people at their tent. One couple came up while I was waiting for my hubby. The father bent down and told his very little children in a low and ominous tone that they were going to get their finger prints taken. It was for their safety. The way he said it was just creepy. I felt like I was in a futuristic movie.

I asked my husband if we could move on. I just felt like standing there added to the crowd and gave them more legitimacy. At least I felt that about myself. I just wanted to run!

My word verification is "squiven"--that's what I felt like at the CHIP tent, squiven! LOL!

Anonymous said...

It's probably been a decade since I learned that a Masonic curriculum was being used in local schools in my area. I began researching and found it was being used in other States as well. I called my State Representative with all my research, forwarded it to them and lo, she did absolutely nothing with it. Perhaps she did not want to offend the powerful Freemasons. Quite amazing that a private, secret club could have their special curriuculum used in government schools.

Anonymous said...

I do not separate Freemasonry very far from Mormonism. Both are wolves in sheep's clothing that appear to be working the same agenda.

If you will go to the link detailing the "prophecies" of various elders of the Mormon church, you'll understand what Glen Beck is all about.

Beck's speeches appear to be verbatim recitations and warnings from these so-called "prophets". Maybe Beck sees himself as fulfilling a role in these "prophecies", or maybe he's been assigned a role by his "elders", it really doesn't matter, but the connection is worth noting.

Here's that link again...



Unknown said...


I have started reading the report. Right off the top of my head in regards to the opinion poll the report refers to, did anyone bother to ask God for His opinion?

Craig said...

I ordered a used copy of Alice Bailey's The Reappearance of the Christ for research. It came with a bookmark on which is the the Great Invocation -- a nice touch (where's the sarcasm font?).

In reading through chapter 6 I came across the word "churchianity" which, of course, I had heard before; but, I had assumed it was a newly coined word. In looking it up online I cannot find an earlier etymology. Did Bailey - or Master DK -- coin this new word?

Anonymous said...

ONe of the best messages given in a long time.



Anonymous said...

We have flourished in these United States under the banner of "liberty" for 200 years, but few really want to contemplate the spiritual ramifications of this most sacred "inalienable right".

One must proclaim belief in “a diety” in order to join a Masonic fraternity. One is not required to specify which deity one prefers. Any deity will do. This fact becomes extremely important in understanding the definitions of the words used, the occult roots of, and the overall evil agenda shared by Freemasonry, Theosophy, and Mormonism.

An initiate into Freemasonry is required to admit to imperfections in his character and declare a deeply felt desire to become a better person. The underlying premise of Freemasonry is that the brotherhood exists for the betterment and progression of mankind. Masonry teaches that through one’s own efforts, and/or with guided help from the brethern, which may include the study of the ancient arts and practice of the secret mysteries, one has not only embarked on the path to “becoming better”, but can eventually attain perfection, or become as “god”. This man/god transformation is also foundational to Bailey’s Theosophy as well as Mormon doctrine.

“Thus, those who gain eternal life receive exaltation ... They are gods." [ LDS Apostle Bruce McConkie- Mormon Doctrine, pg. 237).

"As man is, God once was; as God is, man may become." [Former LDS President Lorenzo Snow]

"The Lord created you and me for the purpose of becoming Gods like Himself" (Brigham Young- Journal of Discourse 3:93).

"Here then is eternal life… you have got to learn how to be Gods yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God the same as all Gods have done before you" (Joseph Smith- JOD 6:4; TPJS p.346).

"No prophet of record gave more complete and forceful explanations of the doctrine that men may become Gods than did the American Prophet." [Milton R. Hunter- The Gospel Through the Ages pg. 115.]

Source: Bill McKeever- Resource Ministry

Liberty can be defined as the ability to practice free will. I use the term “absolute liberty” to describe liberty in the extreme, which elevates liberty into a principle worth “dying for”….the liberty we send our sons and daughters off to war to defend is the same liberty that allows men to declare themselves gods.

Craig noted the term “churchianity” used by Alice Bailey. The term perfectly describes the current rise of Mormonism’s practiced patriotism in defense of liberty.

Tying in to my previous comment, the imposition of tolerance legislation, such as hate speech or anti-bullying laws, is said to be designed to prohibit one individual from declaring that another individual is “not okay”, that one individual is not as smart as another, (or too smart), not as cute, (or too cute), etc. To be ugly, dumb, or engaged in moral, ethical, or spiritual error becomes sacrosanct. The only sin recognized under the “law” of liberty is the sin of pointing out someone else’s shortcomings. It does not matter if the perpetrator of the “crime” does so out of malice or spiteful arrogance with the goal of causing mental anguish, or with a sincere desire to correct error and save someone from experiencing the painful consequences of their own wrong (sinful) behavior. It does not matter if the perpetrator acts out of a genuine spirit of humility and love in an attempt to bring someone into the saving knowledge of the truth. Any critique or questioning of the “godhood” of another person becomes a criminal act. No exceptions.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for your posts regarding Mormonism, Theosophy and Freemasonry. I would like to point out one error (easily and commonly made):

We have flourished in these United States under the banner of "liberty" for 200 years, but few really want to contemplate the spiritual ramifications of this most sacred "inalienable right".

The Declaration of Independence says that we are endowed by our creator with certain "unalienable rights..."

Unalienable rights are rights which cannot be taken away by governments or any other agency.

Inalienable rights are those which may be surrendered by the person possessing them.


Anonymous said...


The Declaration of Independence was written by men, not God. It is not authoritative. So-called "inalienable rights", i.e. Life, liberty, and the right to pursue happiness, are often taken away by governments, other men, even God. Such rights may indeed be surrendered voluntarily, OR snatched away against our will. The Declaration outlines the justification for war, and declares that we have a responsibility to fight in order to ensure that such rights are not usurped or violated.

I stand by what I wrote.


Anonymous said...

CC- either your link was cut off, or it's gone. I get nothing except a message that there's nothing to be seen here, move along. (I am paraphrasing.)

Ruth of Exeter UK said...

Thank God for people like you, Mrs Cumbey.

Anonymous said...

Genetically engineered salmon, if approved by FDA, could destroy the salmon industry

As the world awaits the FDA's decision on whether to approve genetically modified salmon as "safe enough" to allow into the food supply, it seems that not enough people in the existing fishing industries have really thought this through. As you'll see here, approval of GE salmon could destroy the existing salmon industry. Why? Here's the reason:

The FDA says that once it approves GE salmon (which now seems likely), it will not require GE salmon to be labeled as "genetically modified" or "genetically engineered." In fact, the FDA ridiculously claims it would be illegal to require these GE fish to be labeled as such because they are, in the minds of the FDA, no different from regular fish.

Now here's why this matters: If consumers are not told which salmon is GE, many will avoid buying ALL salmon.

For more...

Anonymous said...


Have you read today's (Thursday's) Herescope article? It uses your work extensively and talks about Jeremy Rifkin's Entropy and its contribution to Dominionism.

How timely!


Anonymous said...

NEVER paraphrase Jesus.

Anonymous said...

A year or two ago CC was doing a series of articles on The Family which were being posted at NWV. She wrote that she was working on another installment but as far as I know that installment never appeared. What happened to it?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Albert Mohler!


What a sad state for the "church" in general. Just a short view of the comments after the article is just another evidence of the "falling away".

Pitting Christians against each other. Make truly Biblical Christianity out to be extreme...

All part of "The Plan"...All part of the dialectical....

Anonymous said...

Hungary's Toxic Sludge Reaches the Danube

KOLONTAR, Hungary - The toxic red sludge that burst out of a metals plant reservoir and inundated three villages reached the mighty Danube on Thursday, but an Hungarian emergency official said no immediate damage was evident on Europe's second-longest river.

The European Union and environmental officials had feared an environmental catastrophe affecting half a dozen nations if the red sludge, a waste product of making aluminum, contaminated the 1,775-mile (2,850-kilometer) long Danube.

South of Hungary, the Danube flows through Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Moldova before emptying into the Black Sea.

Angry villagers gathered outside the mayor's office late Wednesday and berated a senior official of MAL Rt., the Hungarian Aluminum

It is still not known why part of the reservoir collapsed. Authorities have ordered a criminal inquiry into the accident, which killed at least four people, injured 120 and left three people missing amid an estimated torrent of 35 million cubic feet (1 million cubic meters) of toxic waste.

The sludge spill is "one of the top three environmental disasters in Europe in the last 20 or 30 years," . . . the sludge spill could trigger long-term damaging effects for both wildlife and humans. . . . large fish in the Danube could ingest any heavy metals carried downstream, potentially endangering people who eat them.

For more...

Anonymous said...

The Jesuits: the Society of Jesus and the betrayal of the Roman Catholic Church

Author: Fr Malachi Martin

Simon & Schuster, 1988 - Religion -

525 pages

In The Jesuits, Malachi Martin reveals for the first time the harrowing behind-the-scenes story of the "new" worldwide Society of Jesus. The leaders and the dupes; the blood and the pathos; the politics, the betrayals and the humiliations; the unheard-of alliances and compromises. The Jesuits tells a true story of today that is already changing the face of all our tomorrows.

Anonymous said...

NEW AGER exposes her ideas in connection with the World Economic Forum

" 2 Economy: WEF Davos Question: My Answer!!! A Must See!!!! "


Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for a number of years and I would like to make my first ever comment.

I don't take credit for anything that I've found. I ask the Lord to lead me to the information that would be important to go forward with and most of this is done on the heels of other poeple but I am noticing a common thread throughout all their works and these are people do not know one another, but all exhort the word of God. They all hold this pecious and dear to their hearts and that's what I'm looking for when i go back and I research. Not people who say follow the Pope, people who say follow God.


Anonymous said...

I also would like to say thank you Mrs Constance Cumbey. The first piece I read of your blog was discussing urban renewal in Detriot. My grandfather was a resident of Brush Park during 1928-35. He was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK in 1905 and I am familiar with Detriot's history. I am from London.

In American cities and in UK ones, “gentrification,” is a sociological term which means removing people with less money in order to attract more affluent ones.


Anonymous said...

This is excellent


Anonymous said...

Government withholding key data on Gulf seafood testing


Constance Cumbey said...

They are writing human "new stories" to share our "new values."


Anonymous said...

Constance, JD and others
Just to make you aware of the pervasiveness of the "global" agenda recently saw an ad for the University of Minnesota. It talked about being globalized, finding ways to make economy rebuond hard times, global warming, and so on. It bragged about helping make more secure technologies to broaden the internet/networks and such. It is really pervasive.

Anonymous said...

Ex-commissioner Charlie McCreevy has been forced to resign from a UK investment bank's executive board after a European Commission ethics committee raised concerns over a possible conflict of interest.


Anonymous said...

David James Manning is as mad as a march hare.
He seriously reminds me of the Dave Chappell skit about a kkk grand master who is black, (maybe Chappell got his inspiration from Manning?)

Anonymous said...

Yoga for Christians, this article is heavily astro turfed by regulars.

Lisa Ruby of Liberty to the Captives website writes a few articles about pagans camping christian message boards and wreaking havoc on any who post truth there.

MSNBC is secular, so how much more is it going to be operated in this way, and look at who the moderators are that facilitate this ^^

even though this is true, reading the slams against God's children is so vexing that I must take time to count to 10 ...

some days I steel myself and go out and have insults lobbed at my head, the more fiery the better, now someone can lob a brick at my head and it wont ruffle a feather.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:14
Of course you can remain anonymous, but if that's all you can do is call names you remind me of the leftists who throw sludge all over the place instead of providing factual information. It's their trademark. So much like the One Nation event last Saturday where all that took place was name calling on the stage and garbage left all over the green areas afterwards.

Translated the message generally shouted out is:
"I'm so very smart that if I say someone is (fill in the blank), you'll take my word for it."

Well, I've listened to what Manning says and he makes some interesting points, particularly about Obama and Pakistan and Columbia College. For many of us Obama's past still remains a blank slate. We don't accept the filled in resume and have checked out what others have found without coming to final conclusions.

Now if you have something specific to say about Manning's theories, say it.

If not go back to leftist boards where calling names is considered factual material.


Anonymous said...

Well who would’ve guessed it! The World Economic Forum published the report, 'Faith and the Global Agenda: Values for the Post-Crisis Economy' in conjunction with Jesuit Georgetown University, Bill Clinton's old haunt! Georgetown's president, that old Jesuit DeGioia, is, naturally, up first as he narrates the preface and more!

Old Machiavellian end justifies the means no doubt at play!

Anonymous said...

Well who would’ve guessed it! The World Economic Forum published the report, 'Faith and the Global Agenda: Values for the Post-Crisis Economy' in conjunction with Jesuit Georgetown University, Bill Clinton's old haunt! Georgetown's president, that old Jesuit DeGioia, is, naturally, up first as he narrates the preface and more!

Old Machiavellian end justifies the means no doubt at play!

Anonymous said...

"To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome [the pope] is to be out of communion with the Church." -St. Cyprian

Anonymous said...

This information on this site exposes itself as the evil links of the New Age


Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous 11:58":

If you are able to be intellectually honest, you will enjoy reading the following link. If you understood the context behind that quote, you would not use it to try to undermine the Catholic Church. You may wish to find another quote to use in your attempt. However it will not be from one of the early church fathers.


Susanna said...


You are correct.

Although St. Cyprian had issues with Pope St. Steven, he not only never questioned the Pope's supreme authority, but wrote the most explicit defense of papal primacy in patristic literature.


St. Cyprian

The views of St. Cyprian (d. 258) in regard to papal authority have given rise to much discussion. He undoubtedly entertained exaggerated views as to the independence of individual bishops, which eventually led him into serious conflict with Rome. Yet on the fundamental principle his position is clear. He attributed an effective primacy to the pope as the successor of Peter. He makes communion with the See of Rome essential to Catholic communion, speaking of it as "the principal Church whence episcopal unity had its rise" (ad Petri cathedram et ad ecclesiam principalem unde unitas sacerdotalis exorta est).

The force of this expression becomes clear when viewed in the light of his doctrine as to the unity of the Church. This was, he teaches, established by Christ when He founded His Church upon Peter. By this act the unity of the Apostolic college was ensured through the unity of the foundation. The bishops through all time form a similar college, and are bound in a like indivisible unity. Of this unity the Chair of Peter is the source. It fulfils the very office as principle of union which Peter fulfilled in his lifetime. Hence to communicate with an antipope such as Novatian would be schism (Epistle 66:1).

He holds, also, that the pope has authority to depose an heretical bishop. When Marcian of Arles fell into heresy, Cyprian, at the request of the bishops of the province, wrote to urge Pope Stephen "to send letters by which, Marcian having been excommunicated, another may be substituted in his place" (Epistle 66:3). It is manifest that one who regarded the Roman See in this light believed that the pope possessed a real and effective primacy.

At the same time it is not to be denied that his views as to the right of the pope to interfere in the government of a diocese already subject to a legitimate and orthodox bishop were inadequate. In the rebaptism controversy his language in regard to St. Stephen was bitter and intemperate. His error on this point does not, however, detract from the fact that he admitted a primacy, not merely of honour but of jurisdiction. Nor should his mistake occasion too much surprise. It is as true in the Church as in merely human institutions that the full implications of a general principle are only realized gradually. The claim to apply it in a particular case is often contested at first, though later ages may wonder that such opposition was possible.


The "false bishop of Rome" to whom St. Cyprian is referring in the passage quoted by Anonymous 11:58 is antipope Novation.


See also...


At the end of the day, if non-Catholic Christians do not agree that Christ founded His Church upon Peter, fine.

But their use of St. Cyprian to support their position is untenable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Susanna, for your great information on St. Cyprian. I just noticed that I didn't include the "link".



JD said...


Thanks for pointing this out. Sarah did a great job breaking this one down, not only using the warnings that Constance had sounded but the direct comparatives from Rifkin's Emerging Order to the modern dominion theology.

JD said...


Thanks for bringing this up. I have seen a lot in the way of technology studies at major universities since Susanna and I began our work. University of Arkansas is even home to the RFID Research Center, where they study not only scientific but social aspects of implementation. With your post I now want to take a look at what is going on at University of Minnesota, as I am sure i will find something of interest.

Anonymous said...

Microsoft's PC Quarantine Plan

A plan by Microsoft Security Chief Scott Charney would place infected or unsecured PCs in an Internet isolation ward. And block users from Internet access.

How might this work? Let's try this potential scenario.

Hello this is your ISP. We regret to inform you that your system has been quarantined and will not be allowed to access the Internet. We have detected that your system may be infected with malware and that you are not running the approved and certified security software to protect your system. Please remove the malware and update your security software (how you can do this without an Internet connection is your problem). Sorry about any important emails, business opportunities, emergency notices and VOIP-based phone calls that you are now missing. Have a nice day.

For more...

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