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To my readers: Ron Seigel is a Detroit reporter whose articles from time to time have been featured in many national publications. He expressed his deep misgivings about the Collider Project with me and I invited him to do a guest editorial for my blog. We are privileged to have his contribution.

The Collider Project as a new "Tower of Babel": Is Our Government Gambling With Our Lives?
By: Ron Seigel

The most immediate danger to our environment and the greatest threat to our national security might possibly be something that is receiving little attention and something most people know nothing about. At the present time our government is using our tax dollars to help fund an international scientific project which might threaten our safety and the safety of people across the world.

The project does not involve our national defense. It seems to involve nothing more than the satisfaction of scientific curiosity and perhaps the exhilaration of playing God.

The project involves an attempt to replicate the "Big Bang," which according to some scientific theories was the way our entire universe came to be. William Akbar of the Citizens Against Corrupted Politicians and I did research into this matter and discovered this is supposed to be accomplished by a $9 billion international project to build a special machine called the Long Hadron Collider (LLC). The Reuters news service was quoted on the internet as saying this miniature duplication of the Big Bang can "unlock secrets about the universe and its origins" and it might, if we live long enough afterwards.

However, according to some scientists, such a process may create black holes that could conceivably swallow up the whole earth. One of the main scientists involved in the project was quoted as saying, "We have been shown to meet all safety standards."

Without questioning the personal honesty and good intentions of anyone in this projects, one has to wonder if there may be some psychological denial there or at least an all too human hubris in brilliant people that makes them unable to admit the limits of their knowledge.

Since the Big Bang, if it ever occurred, took place long before this planet or anyone on it ever existed, it is hard to see what human standards can be developed to assure we are safe when it is being reduplicated.

One internet writer, Lila M, noted even if this were true about the immediate effects (which seem to me far from a certainty) “The answer does not signify a solid answer as to whether we are going to be safe or not from what might happen months or years after this collider button is pressed.”

Medicines often have side effects that don’t show up for years. It has been written that scientists involved in creating the atomic bomb did not understand the lingering effects of radioactive fallout. William Akbar declared, “We know of many government experiments, which were callous about people’s safety. Nobody knew about them till years later. How many experiments have been conducted which were never disclosed? In what ways have people been affected by them? If the government conducts the Big Bang experiment (and if we survive it) will the general public know about the side effects or will we have to wait 20 years to find out?”

It seems safe to say that those conducting the experiment are dealing with forced they know nothing about.. This experiment is equivalent to a group of babies satisfying their curiosity by planning with matches. Indeed it is equivalent to a group of babies playing with hydrogen bombs. This experiment is a gamble with our lives and the lives of everyone on this planet.

Even if there were a remote chance of having the earth swallowed up by a black hole, I for one, would find the risks too great. I must add that as an occasional lottery player, I never once gambled with other people’s tax money and certainly never gambled with other people’s lives. This experiment is nothing less than reckless endangerment.

The only winnings in this gamble with the the collider seem to be satisfaction of curiosity. Without personally criticizing the character of the scientists involved, one might suggest that they ask themselves whether they are unconsciously influenced bya desire for personal glory and the enhancement of their egos.

The Bible said that “Pride goeth before destruction,” and this might be the destruction of us all. Cannot the nations of the world find something better to spend nine billion dollars on?

In looking at this project, one is reminded of the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel. According to Genesis, the descendants of Noah tried to build a tower all the way up to Heaven, but God quashed their project, saying, “This is the beginning of what they will do. Hereafter they will not be restrained from anything they are determined to do.” Did this indicate a recognition that His children might get into areas that were too much for them to handle?

Jewish scholars commenting on the Bible suggested the problem was not building the tower, but the spirit in which it was built, and discussed this in very modern terms that we can recognize in our technological society.

“When a brick slipped [from the construction site slowing down production], people wept,” a commentary noted, “but when a man fell and died no one paid attention.” One does not have to be religious to see the danger in this spirit. A secular psychologist named Alice Miller described how parents become obsessed with driving children to achievement so they will reflect well on them. She might have written about the pressures of our materialistic and hostile modern culture, where people in general are not cherished for their own sake, but for what they accomplish or possesess and arelabeled either as a “success” or a “loser.”

With such pressures, Dr. Miller noted that many talented and successful people grow up feeling with some emptiness, that “Without these superior qualities, a person is completely worthless and can never be loved.”

Perhaps those involved in the experiment may want to consider whether this might have made them insensitive about the risks to human lives, including their own.

Ironically, if the collider gamble goes badly, all human achievements may disappear in one fell swoop: all scientific accomplishments, all ideas, all love and friendships and even moments of warmth, all poetry and plays and literature. Those who do not believe in something beyond our material sphere, will have to concede that there will be nothing left of all we did and all we thought, which can well be a greater reason for despair and an even greater motivation to end this dangerous gamble.

It does seem time for us to get the public officials who are supposed to represent us to call the bet off.. In this urgent situation, I urge people to write or call or e-mail some or all of these officials and tell them to stop all U.S. government funding for the project and to use the power of the U.S. government to stop other countries from doing it.

(1) President George Bush, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20500 (202) 456-1111, E-mail:
(2) Senator Barack Obama, 713 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510
(202 224-4854. The E-mail for all Senators can be sent by seeking an on-line form at Once you’re on it, write search box and put the senator’s last name and click gov.
(3) Senator John McCain, 241 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-2235.
(4) Senator Joseph Biden, 201 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-5042.
(5) Governor Sarah Palin, P.O. Box 1101 Juneau, Alaska 99811 (907) 465-3500
E-mail: google stateofalaska homepage . Click on governor, then e-mail governor.
(6) Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, 235 Cannon HOB, Washington, D.C 20515 (202) 225-4965 E-Mail:
(7) Senator Henry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, 528 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20520 (202) 224-3542. See senate e-mail under item 1.
(8) Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, 361 Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-2541. See senate e-mail under item 1.
You may also want to write, phone or e-mail your own Senator or Congressional Representative. I also urge you to write letters on this issue to different newspapers and magazines, T.V. and Radio stations asking that this issue be covered.
As an old song on gambling noted, “You’ve got to know when to hold up –Know when to fold up, -- Know when to walk away, -- Know when to run.” My view is it’s time to run from this project. Fast!


Anonymous said...

How is this worry any different from the worries about the atomic bomb when it was first tested? Some believe the chain reaction from the bomb would spread throughout the world and destroy it. Well, it didn't happen.

Then there was Y2K, remember? Guess what? Our world kept right on going. I'm not a physicist, but a true black hole is not just defined by just its gravitational pull, but also by its mass. I think any black holes created by this thing would only give way to the mass of the earth. I don't know.

I'm not sure how such a scenario would fit in with scripture and bible prophecy. All of the scientific discoveries have not changed my faith or my belief. This thing won't either.

Young Grasshopper said...

Hadron Collider and Stephen Hawking:

I came across this fascinating article a while back. It states that the Vatican is having a conference this fall about, of all things, evolution. It has invited of all people, Stephen Hawking,to be the guest speaker. Although Hawking is a brilliant man and scientist, he is also a type of antichrist and has made the infamous statement about "Knowing the mind of God."

The article is heavy but if you get through it , you'll discover that in the Hawking's Model, the universe has no beginning, thus eliminating God from the equation altogether. These are some of the reasons that I call him a type of anti-christ figure. MOre about his theories here:


Hawkings also has stated that the Hadron Collider could save humanity (article below), but feels that the Higgs Boson will not be discovered. (I agree!) Seems Hawkings and Prof. Higgs have had some competition between them regarding the "God Particle" which I've talked about in a different thread.

The Hadron Collider is searching to repicate the Big Bang theory- thus as Ron Seigel's article states, these scientists are all wanting to play God.

In the following article, Stephen Hawkings states he's doubtful that The Collider could produce black holes. Yet he also says if it does he will get a Nobel Prize for his work! The article states:

However he (Hawkings)pointed out that if the LHC were indeed to create minor black holes, his own work on the subject could be verified and he should receive the highest acclaim in the field.

He said: "If the LHC were to produce little black holes, I don't think there is any doubt I would get a Nobel Prize, if they showed the properties I predict. "


He claims the black holes produced by the Collider are harmless, yet in the article below, Hawkings also admits through his own scientific research that black holes emit radiation. The article states:

He found that, contrary to scientific orthodoxy, some radiation escaped from black holes (discovering something new, he says, "is the most wonderful feeling in the world, like sex but it lasts longer"), and at 37 was appointed Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge (Sir Isaac Newton was a predecessor).

All in all, it's rather obvious that Hawkings and his kind in the scientific commumity are secular humanists and egotistical elites that will spend billions of dollars on research on projects that contribute little or nothing to quality of life, though have a potential to utterly destroy life, in an attempt to prove that God doesn't exist or that God's own mind can be created in man.

I am very, very glad this thing has been shut down until April!

Anonymous said...

Great that it won't change your faith! I don't think it will change the faith of any of us reading here. What it does is confirm that man is trying to play God!! Straight from there website:
"Physicists will use the LHC to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang".

And personally i believe taxpayers money could be put to better use than to simlpy satisfy the curiosity of some arrogant scientist.


Anonymous said...

my post 4:58 was in reply to the 4:00 post from anonymous.

Constance Cumbey said...

C. ALT IS THE ONE WHO HAS IT STRAIGHT -- THE POINT IS THAT MAN IS TRYING TO PLAY GOD -- Ron Seigel is right in that it is another form of the building of the Tower of Babel!


Homophobic Horse said...

Care not for these foolish heathens, god made the world.

Still, it is interesting just how irrational these scientists can be. I remember they once pointed a telescope at a distant star cluster hoping to communicate with "aliens". Only heathens..

Homophobic Horse said...
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Anonymous said...

God is completely in control.
These egotistical maniacs only imagine they are powerful.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the assesment of man trying to play God, but have a bit of a twist on this. Many new agers have proclaimed a desire to fulfill the prophecies of old, so lets inject some rational thought considering what we know about new age thought, the collider, and the planet. The collider from what I have read operates on the basics of an enormously large magnet, they also "know" that much of the way the earth operates is through a large magnetic field. Add to that the fact the earths core is made mostly of molten iron. So what would happen if you introduce a magnetic force relatively equal to or greater than the above mentioned forces and balance of the earths core? I am begining to think the purpose may be two fold, if they can play god and "recreate the big bang" they may have achieved part of their goal to make themselves as gods. Although on the idea that they may disrupt the way the planet operates, this might be a not so benign attempt to bring about the catastrophic events that are laced throughout the prophecies, all of which would allow them (in their own twisted minds)to speak great things against the Most High, as if to say "who is God? we brought this on us not Him", of course no matter the method used to bring these things to pass we know He is truly in control. It seems no matter how this is looked at, they simply can't wait for their appointed time. So for them that wish to speak against Him I say this, change your heart and find Him or you will get more than you could possibly wish for.


Young Grasshopper said...


I believe you are correct in that many New Agers desire to fulfill the prophecies of old and that they wish to destroy our God, in whatever way that they can.

In the evil book that I read recently, the claim is that Satan is the real creator of the world we live in, and that Lucifer is the true God of light and heavenly realms. They used some typical tricks to plant doubt and anxiety in the mind of the believer and added a lot more that I hadn’t yet heard of.

I'm now quoting from the book itself:

“The God particle's technical name is the Higgs boson. In the 1960's A Scotch physicist named Peter Higgs predicted the existence of this elementary particle. He said that a field- the Higgs field-permeates the whole of space. Any particles moving through space encounter this field. Many, but not all particles that interact with it acquire mass.

Quantum theory says that fields always have particles associated with them. For the electromagnetic field, the particle is the photon. For the Higgs field, it's the Higgs boson. No one has found it yet, but if they do it will demonstrate the existence of the Higgs field and explain where mass comes from.

"How does this relate to Gnosticism?"

"Gnosticism says there are two universes-one of light and one of matter. The true God (Lucifer) rules the former, the false God the latter. The first is heaven, the second hell.

The heroine of the book goes on to say, You're saying that the False God-Satan- created the Higgs field and Higgs bosons. Without these, there would be no mass in the universe."

"Exactly. Far from being called the God particle it should be called the Satan particle. The whole material world-hell itself-owes its existence to this particle. Without it there would be no gravity, no relative theory, no wave-particle duality, no speed of light, no Heisenberg uncertainty principle, no Bell's inequality theorem, no quantum indeterminacy, no radioactivity, no atom bombs." “ (End of book quote)

As you can now see, this book is incredibly evil to the core. Like its predecessors in the form of “Angels and Demons”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” and Elaine Pagels’ “Origin of Satan” (which I unfortunately read ) and “The Gnostic Gospels”, these books are incredibly demonic. Pagels is professor of religion at Princeton University. Is it any wonder the people coming out of these elite universities are Lucifer-worshipping globalists?

The book is supposedly a work of fiction, but in a message board that I happened to stumble on to, a so -called high ranking member of the Illuminati claims there are coded truths within its pages. He also claims that the author said too much in the book. I wondered if he was referring to the part about the God Particle.

The basis of the story is a plot to kill God in order to free the inhabitants of the earth from their prison under the false God. (Isn’t Hawking talking about saving humanity in one the links I left above?) The writers claim that the earth was really created by Satan and therefore it must be destroyed so that humanity can be freed from this hell that is Earth. Although the means of killing God in the book was not the Hadron Collider, I find it extremely disturbing that this author had a grasp of such sophisticated scientific knowledge. That is why I mentioned Stephen Hawkings above. Most people know that Hawkings appeared in the very first chapter of Angels and Demons (a work of Gnostic fiction) and is also a highly respected hero in the scientific world of physics.

In my opinion people like Hawking and the scientists behind the Hadron Collider all seem to share that New Age save the planet mantra, and are therefore extremely dangerous. There may very well be a plan afoot to destroy earth and matter through the Collider, in order to free humanity from Satan, the so-called real creator of the Universe. Absolutely nothing shocks me anymore about the plans of these dangerous people.

Okay, I know I’ve wandered into some wacky territory here, But as I said in the last thread this is what happens when you read certain books.

Sorry I had to quote from this despicable book, but it's obvious that some here think I am exaggerating the threat of this kind of material.

Anonymous said...


I understand your conviction in this matter. I too see dangers in the material being expoused by these people. In a world that clings to the tangible, most refuse and refute anything they can't directly touch, or in many cases "prove" with a scientific mind. Even though scientific theories in themselves are flawed in that in most cases the theory is built around a preconceived idea and then artifacts and information are searched for to make the case. Most true discoveries are accidental in nature not something that was sought to make someones argument valid, as has been the case with evolution, extraterrestrial life forms, and now this Higgs Boson. In the end whether it be true or not I assume they will come forward and say they found the particle of matter they were looking for. This brings about further questions that should be considered regarding Javier Solana though, in my opinion. As a physicist his role in this could be much deeper than any of us realize, which just leads to more questions about the man and his motives. In the end I can only state this fundamental truth, God is the Alpha and Omega, the Begining and the End. When asked why I believe this I can only give a reason that was given to me numerous times when I would question my parents as a child, because He said so!


Young Grasshopper said...

Thanks JD.
In the end it's all about faith and free will. We can choose to accept grace and eternal life , through the blood of Jesus, or take the route of those who think they are Gods and can't or won't accept the simplicity of God's incredible gift!

To Oldmanoftheski:

I left you a message 2 threads down.

Shem1777 said...

Rev 11:18 And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small, and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell says that his reasons for endorsing Barack Obama are:

"I think he's a transformational figure; he is a new generation coming into, onto the world stage and the American stage . . ."

Sounds familiar, like someone else who might be getting ready to "come onto the world stage" soon.

What is extremely sad is that highly respected Colin Powell is now "drinking the Kool-Aide" too -and may have been drinking it for quite awhile because of his past association with Javier Solana.

Dawn said...

Anon 1:20 I wasn't aware of the association between Colin Powell and Solana. Was just it just at a diplomatic level? I will be anxious to look that up.

Anonymous said...

Praise God throw the switch and let the Lord Jesus Christ return if thats what the concern is.............I'm ready.


Unknown said...

The Tower of Babel was the first thing that came to mind when I first read of the Collider Project. I also thought of Ps. 2:1-4

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.”

Blessings all!

Wickus said...

I believe there is a Higgs Boson particle. His name is Jesus.

Col 1:17 And He is before all things, and by him all things consist.

These scientists are looking for Jesus and they do not realize it.

Anonymous said...


Lets pray they find Him through the proper method, if not He may be the one finding them in Meggido.


I'll take His blood anyday and gleefully let mine be shed for Him, opposed to Him shedding mine for me!


Rudi said...

Hi Dawn,
Here are a few fairly recent links revealing the relationship between Colin Powell and Javier Solana goes beyond that of a political association. This was new to me, I did a “Google” including the word “friend” with both their names. -Rudi


SECRETARY POWELL: “It has been my pleasure this afternoon to receive someone who has become a dear friend to me, High Representative of the European Union Javier Solana.”

Remarks by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell at
Foreign Policy Association's Annual Dinner May 7, 2003 :

“I really want to express my thanks to the Foreign Policy Association for providing me this opportunity before such a distinguished audience to offer some thoughts to you this evening about U.S.-European relations. I am especially pleased to do it in the presence of a good friend of mine, and someone who will share honors with me this evening, Javier Solana. (Applause.) Henry Kissinger once lamented that he did not have a number he could call when he wanted to speak to Europe. That's not my problem. (Laughter.) I have Javier's number.”

Powell addressing fellow Fulbright Alumni 2004:
“ A day earlier I was in Brussels for the NATO ministerial meeting. There I met with my close friend, Javier Solana, the European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security policy. He, too, was a Fulbright student at the University of Virginia.”

Unknown said...

I would like to comment regarding the previous thread and Youngrasshopper’s caution regarding some books. About 12-13 years ago, I volunteered as church librarian. People would leave boxes of books for our library which I would rifle through. I have my filter setting set very high. Two books crossed my desk from the same box. One was of the power of positive thinking variety. It was a book on being successful in business (supposedly Christian). Never once mentioned the Bible—in fact it recommended keeping the book on the nightstand and reading it before going to bed and practicing each new Christianese-sounding principle daily. I tossed it into the trash using Joshua 1:8 for my filter.

The next book was a Gnostic book about the life of Christ and promoted the Book of Thomas. I had flipped through it to get the general gist of it and quickly threw it into the trash. I thought in my heart, “Although both books are bad, the first book is more dangerous than the second because it sounds so ‘Christian’. The second book is so blatantly obvious.” The Lord had a lesson to teach me.

From that day (early in the week) until the following Sunday, nagging thoughts kept attacking me—maybe Jesus was just a political figure—maybe he really did have a relationship with Mary—maybe… None of these thoughts was from my own questioning heart. They were interruptions, intrusions into my thoughts—even coming to me when I tried to fall asleep. I had to actively cast down these evil imaginations. When I went to church the following Sunday, I stood for praise and worship. As I began to sing, the thoughts started attacking. I lifted my hands and immediately began to worship all the more intensely, joining in the song which was a
Scripture set to music. As quickly as they came, the thoughts left and have never again returned. In fact the incident is so far removed from my memory that I cannot remember the titles of the books or the Scripture that I was worshiping with.

I will, however, always remember how powerful the work of Satan is. These are not just man’s words on a printed page, they are empowered by spiritual wickedness in heavenly realms. No matter how mature we may be, we must always keep alert, for Satan is always seeking whom he may devour, keep our armor on, and always keep on praying.


Anonymous said...

To Dawn (@ 1:40 PM):

I have been away from my computer, but I see that Rudi has covered everything that I would have concerning Colin Powell's past links with Javier Solana.

Thanks, Rudi.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any update on Jerome Corsi's health since he returned from Kenya?

I am having nagging thoughts that we should be concerned about him, but I hope that I am wrong.

Homophobic Horse said...

"These scientists are looking for Jesus and they do not realize it."

Everybody is. Amor Dei a psychological perspective that is little appreciated today, that concentrate only on Amor Sui.

Young Grasshopper said...

To: Yesnaspanishtown

Thank you for your eloquent testimony of the dangers of reading certain materials. There is no question that some people are more sensitive to these influences than others,and obviously you and I fall into that category.

I truly believe that had I not read Taylor Caldwell's "The Arm and the Darkness", fiction or not, I'd probably still be Roman Catholic.

Anonymous said...

An Obama video:

This is a very clear explanation about Obama's citizenship issue. I know this has been discussed widely, but the video is very clear.


Rudi said...

Thanks for the link Joyce-
I hadn't seen the video before. It will be very interesting to watch what becomes of Philip Berg's case as well as the The African Press International news agency report Dorothy gave us the link for. Latest word today on the release of the tape is the legal hurdles have been settled . I had no idea Berg is a lifelong Democrat. He makes points in the video that are worthy of investigation – not dismissal. IMHO he doesn't sound like he has an ax to grind. He wants to see the U.S. Constitution and eligibility requirements for Presidential candidates honored and upheld as both should be. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

Dear Constance,
I posted a message for you on the previous thread. Soli Deo Gloria.

Anonymous said...

From drudge, a report of uk deprogramming Muslim extremists.

Anonymous said...

I read this blog daily and consider Constance to be a very well informed and intelligent woman. Posting this article is an exception to that. The line between Biblical End Times events and Chicken Little is growing very thin.
My Daughter works on a project with the collider. I asked her about the "Black Hole" creations and she said “Sure it can happen and probably already has but these "Black Holes" are/will be created in a vacuum and end up collapsing in on themselves and are only detectable because of Hawking Radiation.”
My Daughter is Astrophysics major from UCSD and not an editor trying to sell stories or panic. She also would never lie to her Dad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for yours too. I haven't had a chance to look up all the links, but I will. It's interesting that Colin Powell is swinging like a pendulum to the left to support Obama. Some will chalk it up to a racial preference..others might say it's a reaction to the Bush White House, but I would say that left, right, makes no difference. That's the illusion that has been created to make voters think they have a choice, when the choice has been made in advance.


Anonymous said...

Regarding Colin Powell, I will never be able to understand why any African American would want to become a Freemason. The only lodge they have, the Prince Hall lodge , is a token black lodge in an organization which has always been white racist and only brought in the Prince Hall lodge to deflect criticism. The whole Freemason package is as racist as it gets, but of course being a secret society means that this and many other facts have been effectively suppressed through the years.
I'll never understand how people of any color would bite the Freemason baited hook. I guess I just don't
want a cushy ( $ ) position with cushy benefits and perks badly enough.


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous (11:10 AM):

Regarding your daughter working on the collider . . .

With all due respect, I'm sure your daughter is very honest, sincere and truthful.

However, I once worked for an oil company where the top hierarchy kept their goals and agenda secret from the "lower rungs of the ladder" -- and I'm sure that's true of most organizations.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that there is a lot of political satire on Palin, McCain and even Biden . . . but not on Obama?

Those SNL skits making fun of Sarah Palin & McCain are repeated over and over again on TV and the Internet. However, the last one where Amy Poehler sings a lengthy parody of a "rap song" that mentions Obama and Ayers keeps getting "left out" among those which are repeated ad nauseum.

Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your testimony.
I remember reading a "Gospel of Thomas" back in the eighties. I remember at one point in the narrative which was supposedly about Jesus, that Jesus was playing a piano ! I thought, wow that's interesting, because the piano wasn't invented for another fifteen hundred years or so. That book ended up in a landfill too.
And the New Age books that are out now are all just as stupid, yet effective when read by someone with no grounding in the truth. Alas.
It's so sad.


Anonymous said...

To anonymouse 11:10:

I again will repeat what I said before. My biggest concern along with most here I would assume is not what will happen concerning the LHC but that fact that man is trying to play God!!! Why do people not get that. Just like the article said:
“When a brick slipped [from the construction site slowing down production], people wept,” a commentary noted, “but when a man fell and died no one paid attention.”

It is the same when you consider embryonic stem cell research.

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.
Proverbs 16:18

Not that LHC will cause the destuction but that the pride of those trying to find the "god particle" will cause destruction whatever form it may come.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of Tammy Taylor and her radio show? On the header on the website is the statement, quote,

"Our Greatest Hour" RADIO Show! is the Best Source for New Thought Talk in Tampa Bay and Beyond featuring Uplifting conversations with Special Guests who are consciously living Christ's teachings."

Recent guests have included; Edgar Mitchell from IONS, Yasuhiko Genku Kimura from Vision in Action and Michael Bernard Beckwith!!!!


I came across the podcast site when following through on a Club of Budapest Ambassador, Lady Fiona Montagu of Beaulieu UK.

Lady Montagu is also (amongst other things) a Trustee of Vision in Action which is revived from the old (Herbert Spencer), Twilight Club.


November 15 & 16 = Vision-In-Action Board Meeting, Beaulieu, Hampshire, United Kingdom ... it appears Lady M is quite an active trustee.

VIA also have connections to the Walter Russell Foundation / The University of Science and Philosophy.


On a purely speculative level, does anyone know if the Twilight Club might ever have had any contact with the Lucis Trust?


And finally another bit of trivia, in case it might interest anyone besides Lady M ... Herbert Spencer, Walter Russell and Ervin Laszlo were all incredibly gifted children!


björn said...

George Soros Funds Catholic Groups Making Obama Seem Pro-Life on Abortion

Anonymous said...

Catholics are being urged NOT to vote for Obama because of his "pro-choice" (and especially his radical late term abortion) views and voting record.

Catholics are always urged to vote for a "pro-life candidate" and, in this year's presidential election, that would be John McCain.

Anonymous said...

This worries me as to just how close we really are to "the Mark"!

"Everyone who buys a mobile telephone will be forced to register their identity on a national database under government plans to extend massively the powers of state surveillance.

Phone buyers would have to present a passport or other official form of identification at the point of purchase."

Link to article:


björn said...

mobile phones and mark of the beast:
the same idea was introduced to the youth by the last batman film "the dark knight". The name of the mobile companie's owner (played by Morgan Freeman) was Lucius Fox, aka "Lightbringer 666", as (F(6)O(1+5)X(2+4)'th letter).

Anonymous said...

ABC News' Matthew Jaffe Reports: Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., on Sunday guaranteed that if elected, Sen. Barack Obama., D-Ill., will be tested by an international crisis within his first six months in power and he will need supporters to stand by him as he makes tough, and possibly unpopular, decisions.

"Mark my words," the Democratic vice presidential nominee warned at the second of his two Seattle fundraisers Sunday. "It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. The world is looking. We're about to elect a brilliant 47-year-old senator president of the United States of America. Remember I said it standing here if you don't remember anything else I said. Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."


Granted, I've only been old enough to vote since the Clinton administration so I've very little 'previous campaigns' knowledge but, has anyone ever heard this kind of campaign dialogue from a vp candidate before?

Anonymous said...

Oops- my daughter reminds me that I was technically eligible to vote for Bush1 as well! Darn! I'm even older than I thought! ;-)

Rudi said...

Humanity’s only hope according to
Jeffrey Sachs is to replace the “vicious circle of extremism” (segments of the global community who, because they are “biblical fundamentalists, who reject modern science because they take the word of the Bible as literally true”
- Yes he actually says this in the article ), “by a shared global understanding of the massive challenges of climate change, food supplies, sustainable energy, water scarcity, and poverty.”

Here is the article titled,
"The American anti-intellectual threat is crucial" from the
October 13, 2008 issue of The European Weekly- New Europe.

Jeffrey D. Sachs is Professor of Economics and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. From 2002 to 2006, he was Director of the UN Millennium Project and Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the Millennium Development Goals. He is also President and Co-Founder of Millennium Promise Alliance.


To those who believe... the message of the cross is the power of God.
To those who don't... it is foolishness. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

Farmer, I knew there was a reason I didn't like that movie!Significant flaws in THE DARK KNIGHT was in contrast to just how the police and Batman secure this (The Joker) “monster;” reckless and silly considering how serious the movie takes itself. My other complaints are the nod given to the Eastern philosophy of “Oneness”, and the blatantly ridiculous dereliction of responsibility to protect the innocent citizens of Gotham; (See my gripe on this in the next thread) when Joker, on a rampage is let off the hook by an ineffective and fecklessly out of character “super hero”, I’m reminded of how we treat terrorist spies in the US courts I give the movie 4.5 stars, but I don’t recommend the movie.
Rudi, with the likes of what is coming out of Hollywood,(Reliqulous) being the latest example, the most powerful moment in all time all space is become foolishness. Good thing that the CROSS is about mercy!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Fed is doing everything it can to help. Lets hear it for Ben Bernanke !

Q. Where would we be without the Fed?
A. We'd be a sovereign country with a stable monetary system. We'd also be prosperous and rather
And oh yes the world would be better off too.

Unknown said...

björn (farmer) said..."mobile phones and mark of the beast:"

We know this is coming, but I had read this earlier in the week....

"Russia's satellite navigation system isn't fully operational yet, but it seems to work on Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's dog.

Ivanov told Putin the system would have 21 satellites by the year's end - enough to provide navigation services over the entire Russian territory.

Ivanov said it would be available worldwide by the end of next year, for which it would need to have 24 satellites."

Anonymous said...


Joe Biden has a long history of saying crazy things. John McCain reminded me and the nation during the last debate that Biden was opposed to the first Gulf War, which was a mistake for him. He also had a wild idea of dividing Iraq into three regions. Another idea that just didn't pan out. I wouldn't put much faith in his forecasting abilities. Have some sympathy for him though. He has a very debilitating disease. It's called "foot-in-mouth" disease.

Anonymous said...

YG and All,

Unfortunately, Klinghoffer doesn't mention the fact that the late Pope John Paul II told Stephen Hawking:

"It's OK to study the universe and where it began. But we should not inquire into the beginning itself because that was the moment of creation and the work of God."



Since the Galileo case tends to get trotted out whenever the Catholic Church issues a caveat on this or that scientific theory, I think it should be pointed out that the reason why Galileo ran afoul of the Catholic Church is because he was a kind of a blowhard who insisted on trying to present what was then still a theory as if it were a demonstrated scientific fact.

With regard to Hawkings' theory that the universe had no beginning, it is no less a matter of faith than the Christian belief that God created the universe "ex nihilo" ("from nothing").

Unlike Hawking's theory,however, while the belief that God created the universe "ex nihilo" cannot be scientifically demonstrated, it can nevertheless be proven beyond a reasonable doubt by way of explaining the impossiblity of an actual infinity in terms of magnitude or multitude.

Finally, with regard to the THEORY of evolution, we Catholics are not required to believe in it.

The Catholic Church teaches us that while we are allowed to believe that our physical bodies MAY have evolved from lower life forms, we MUST believe that each and every human soul that has ever existed has always been and always will be directly created by the hand of God.

For the reasons I have just described, and the fact that everything in creation is GOOD because it was created by the ONE GOOD GOD, I am in agreement with Anonymous 4:00P.M. who said.....

"All of the scientific discoveries have not changed my faith or my belief. This thing won't either."

....and with c.alt. who said with regard to the Collider....

"What it does is confirm that man is trying to play God!!"

IMHO, the hypothetical "Higgs boson" - which, by the way, no experiment has yet directly detected - is simply the latest moniker for what was formerly called "THE FORCE."

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon 12:39-
"Have some sympathy for him though. He has a very debilitating disease. It's called "foot-in-mouth" disease."

Sorry to hear about his severe infirmities! LOL!
Sad to see Sarah Palin getting "hacked at" daily in the media, though, when Biden is getting the "soft glove" treatment and he's had the long history which seems to be deserved of being "hacked at" due to his own self-imposed "disease"!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing,Constance. Doesn't the Bible say Judge not? Doesn't Jesus remind us that we must forgive others if we are to expect forgiveness? Whatever ax you have to grind with Gary Kah, is your business. However, you and some others on this blog seem more intent on condemnation, then on perpetrating the Gospel of Jesus through example.In turning this site into a constant witch hunt, I am reminded of the reason why Catholicism went out of favor in the last 400 years. The Catholic Church fathers burned heretics at the stake to stay in power. Those heretics like William Tyndale and John Rogers are the very same people who managed to bring people truth and hope, by putting translations of the Bible into the words and hands of the common folk. That of course reduced the power of the church fathers and they didn't like that one bit. This site has become like a totalitarian government. If people don't agree with Constance, the Queen shouts, "Off with their heads!" You are not a spiritual adviser or a minister, you are a lawyer. Stop playing God.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, this well meaning article is rubbish. I am a practising evangelical Christian and a theoretical physicist with 9 years of postdoctoral research experience in mainstream universities.

The Large Hadron Collider is not attempting to "replicate the Big Bang". That is hype, most probably distorted by reporters from a physicist's comment along the lines of "this machine will enable us to see how matter behaves at energies closer to those found in the Big Bang than ever before". The LHC is more powerful than previous machines but is still enormously far from Big Bang conditions. It also plays pool with only a very few particles compared to the enormous number in the Big Bang, and that too makes a great difference.

I have been worried to note how New Age the coverage of the LHC has become. That is because reporters write for an increasingly New Age population, unfortunately. But the machine itself is just routine physics, a little bigger than before. As for the theories that predict it will cause the end of the world - speculation based on very little firm ground indeed. You cannot and should not stop speculation, but you should recognise it for what it is. We would still be living in caves if fears of this sort had been heeded in the past.

William PaulX said...

Personally, I have to agree with
my friend's Ron Seigel's concerns,
and his article. As he mentioned
in the article that my concern is
about Our Government keeping us in
the dark, and not about religion or
anything else.

Mankind has always overstepped the
boundries, due to the fact that many did not accept the warning, and this is what I see a bunch of
you are doing on this blog.

The only example that I see Ron was
using is the tower of Babel was used to TRY to reach the heavens
(over stepping their boundries).
Which was something that was a complete failer, and Ron did not
post this article to change anyone's faith.

Also I am in agreement with Ron
when he stated that these scientists are all wanting to
play God.

What is their point in trying to
see how the universe was created?
Some of you are tripping bad. I do
believe that because of the many years that scientists has did their
experiments. They have did big damage to our universal environment
(Look at the some called Global
Warning). Our seasons has changed
in so many ways, and it does not take a rocket scientist to figure
that out.

Let me ask...have any of you seen the movie The Day After Tomorrow?
After reading many of these posts
you all put me in the mind of the
movie. Why? Because many did not
believe that it could happen, but
when it did happen people was caught off guard, and I am sensing
that many of you do not believe that our Government is involved in
the collider experiment.

In closing, Lila M, The answer
does not signify a solid answer as
to whether we are going to be safe or not from what might happen within months or years.

Lila, We will NEVER know if it did leave any after effects until its a warning put out about its effect
during birth or in other areas.