Sunday, April 13, 2008

Alliance of Civilizations is advancing on many fronts!


Sarah Leslie, editor of Conscience Magazine and the blogspot HERESCOPE will be my radio guest at 5 p.m. Eastern Time (2 p.m Pacific time) today. We will be discussing "THE EMERGING CHURCH" along with its predecessor ties with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (Willis Harman) via a highly secretive conference for evangelicals on "CONSULTATION ON THE FUTURE." These are important tie ins with both the prophesied apostasy and the mainstream New Age Movement allowing it to neutralize and even take root in the Church. Join Sarah Leslie and myself this afternoon with your own questions and observations, both in the PalTalk chatroom and/or listen live to

Stay tuned!

"The answer seemed clear – a mega-network with the primary vehicle to connect
being the Internet. Thus the concept of the World Wisdom Alliance was
conceived as a network of like-minded groups and individuals and as an »online
"A major step in the development of the Alliance concept took place in conjunction
with the Goi Peace Foundation’s Forum 2005 »Creating a New Civilization
« in November 2005 in Tokyo. The Forum featured the participation of
14 like-minded organizations including The Club of Budapest, Club of Rome,
Institute of Noetic Sciences, Pathways to Peace and the World Wisdom Council,
in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Featured speakers included
The Hon. Mikhail Gorbachev, Dr. Kazuo Murakami, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and
members of the World Wisdom Council.


More interesting than the fact of a very recent meeting between The High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union (Javier Solana) and The High Representative for the Alliance of Civilizations (Jorge Sampaio) was what was discussed at the meeting: the implementation fronts of the Alliance of Civilizations and some even larger fronts, including one well in progress: THE TRIPARTITE INTERFAITH FORUM has astounding links and connections -- governmental and religious. Carlos Romulo of the Philippines is a name that has been on lists I have scrutinized since 1981, including Planetary Citizens and Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose. He is still a major player today. You will want to review its many links for background on the depth and sophistication and the broad interlinks planned to control religion on an international scale. A UN report from last fall shows that they mean international business and the mobilization is strong:

The site is "UN democracy" but truly "undemocracy" is probably more than a Freudian slip here! I spent hours pulling down information I felt might soon disappear. I will be writing much more on this both here and with NewswithViews. Rich of Medford (Rich Peterson), Farmer (Bjorn Freiberg) as well as Holly Peters Pivec and husband Adam at all have compelling material on line. Richard Peterson is devoting many hours and has completed compelling and depressing research as to where all of this is heading.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Amazing how we are all seeing this happen before our eyes, the peices of the puzzle of the Book of Revelation being fulfilled today, Godspeed to ya fellow watchman, sincerely Sirlancelot.

Anonymous said...

EU demands greater say in world economy

Constance Cumbey said...

I apologize for the lack of caption on the picture. It is Javier Solana meeting with Jorges Sampaio, high representative for the AOC and talking about phases of the implementation. Googling phrases in Solana's press release, I discovered the Tripartite Interfaith Forum!


A.P. Fuchs said...

All I know is that if we are indeed in the 70th week, things are really gonna have to kick into high gear soon. It's been near a year and a half since Jan. '07 already. If the church leaves before the wrath of God or sooner, that's roughly 2 years from now for everything to fall into place (or almost fall into place).

Either things will happen at a can't-barely-keep-up-breakneck-speed, or all this is just the step before the "BIG step." You know?

Anonymous said...

The phenomenon of “Sliding” is so evident in the NA, and how we see it in politics; take Obama’s attitude toward religious (Christian) faith, and his slippery defense of careless speech. I think the quote below says it best:

Two Divisions of Society

There are two methods of human activity –
And according to which one of these two kinds of activity
People mainly follow,
Are there two kinds of people:
One uses their reason to learn what is good and what is bad and they act according to this knowledge;
The other act as they want to and then they use their reason to prove that that which they did was good and that which they didn’t do was bad.

Leo Tolstoi

"The truth shall set you free."

Anonymous said...

As usual - great work, Constance!!!
Also, we are all praying for you that God provides you with all of the strength you need to continue His ministry here on earth.

Anonymous said...

Today I looked at a Christian website that is clear on how it views promotion of homosexuality as immoral. It listed and gave a synopsis of the many books promoting homosexuality which have children as an audience. If things haven't changed, the books give no clue by picture or text on the covers what the books contain.

When one sees the color pink in the children's section of a library, it may not just be because it's a pastel color.

It's pretty clear that the EU has a much bigger agenda than economics. So, here's a tie in with the EU. or

A year ago there was:
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A European Parliament committee said on Tuesday it would examine whether Polish plans to sack teachers who "promote homosexuality" were compatible with the European Union's anti-discrimination rules.

Well, at least it's pretty clear who is determining what is moral for people in the countries connected with the NWO.


Constance Cumbey said...

I just received a phone call from a local watcher who attended this Dominican order seminar in Adrian, Michigan. The themes were distressingly familiar and these were his observations:

Eileen Gannon, Dominican nun at UN
Her office is about two blocks from the UN
She spends about 60% of her time at the UN
Conference: "One People, One Planet, One Spirit"
A global spirituality
No mention of Jesus Christ
No Pledge of Allegiance
Global Spirituality
Sacredness of Earth
UN and Interfaith Dialogue
"In the UN there is no separation of Church and State"
She also made reference to one "Elizabeth Johnson" said to be important to the cause.

I google Eileen Johnson and found she is the Dominican NGO representative to the United Nations.

Sounds very similar to the entire "Alliance of Civilizations" / New World Order / New World religion themes!

Anonymous said...

Food riots and the EU response.


Anonymous said...

Interesting website of the "Earth Policy Institute" that touches a lot of nerves.

Latest Publications
U.S. HIV/AIDS and Family Planning/ Reproductive Health Assistance: A Growing Disparity Within PEPFAR Focus Countries
A Measure Of Survival: Calculating Women’s Sexual And Reproductive Risk

Population Action International
Are they saying there is too many people? And what do they intend to do about it?
I like Connies links on her home page on, How I got into this mess". Their is a video on, "None Dare Call It Genocide" and I love The Atlantis Connection.

God Bless and Keep You All In Such A Time As This!
Pray with great detail, trust the Almighty power of the Lord, draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.
2Chron.16:9 Isaiah 54:17

Anonymous said...

How interesting then will be pope Benedict's speech at the UN on the 18th April at 9.30am. It is said he will deem it a moral obligation to support the cause against global warming.


Constance Cumbey said...

I am very disturbed -- and worried -- about the pope's pending speech -- they are suggesting they may say we need to unite with the earth. Given his so far pronouncements and positions against the New Age Movement, combined with Pope John Paul II's statements 1993 and beyond condemning "sense of duty to the cosmos" -- that's hard to imagine. On the other hand, his appointment of Cardinal Levada, who was clearly running with the New World Religon crowd, anything is depressingly possible . . .
Stay tuned!

Constance Cumbey said...

I don't know what everybody thinks about the removal of children from the fundamentalist Mormon sect compound in Texas, but with such winking at homosexuality and gay marriage, I, for one, can't get all that excited about polygamy! Looks like religious persecution based on flimsy search warrant evidence to me! May be a dangerous precedent for moving against home schoolers and other "fundamentalist" Christians!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Family and Protective
Services people who have split up
these families and ripped children from
their mothers arms on account of
unstated, undefined "abuse" are the
same folks who see to it that children
everywhere are given condoms, and
birth control pills, as well as taught
that homosexuality is a good thing,
as all California children are now taught
by state mandate thanks to child
protector Arnold Schwarzeneggar and
so many others like him.
This is Fascism at it's best.


Anonymous said...

To Phil 5:37
Re: the pope saying "he will deem it a "moral" obligation to support the cause against global warming."

I've heard that the reasoning behind chemtrail spraying is to counteract global warming. (Sorry can't remember where I heard/read it).

Unfortunately they seem to have to spray even in the winter time (can't let that naughty sun shine).

Anyone still have their chem-cough that doesn't go away too easily?

Let's never forget we are in a WAR and there is NO demilitarized zone.

My 2 cents

johnny said...


Things are becoming surreal.

Was it not just last week when you told me on your broadcast about the Catholic Persecution in Mexico?

How things are turning around against the State and Local authorities is incredible.

"Polygamist Sect Mothers: Authorities Misled Us"

"Brenda and others were critical of CPS, saying the agency misled them as to what was to happen Monday, weren't told why the children were removed from the compound and given inaccurate messages about opportunities to meet attorneys.

"We got to where we said, 'We cannot believe a word you say. We cannot trust you,"' she said.

Officials said the investigation began with a call from a young girl who has yet to be located by CPS. The women in the sect said they suspect she may be a bitter ex-member of the church.

The FLDS practice polygamy in arranged marriages, sometimes between underage girls and older men. The group has thousands of followers in two side-by-side towns in Arizona and Utah.

The church has repeatedly fought because of its lifestyle before. Men, women and children have been swept up in raids that took place in 1935, 1944 and 1953.

"It's been all through history, " said Brenda, the mother of two. "We were just here trying to live a peaceful, happy, sweet life. We don't understand why we can't do this freely."

johnny said...

The media down here in Texas is really trying to rouse the female members into feeling ashame for what they believe in.

They're trying to provoke them into a irrational state in hopes of turning members against their own monotheistic religion.

Maybe we'll soon see some ex-members on Oprah.

It all sounds very suspicious. This looks like its going to blow up against the state.

The timing in all of this is eerie.


Constance Cumbey said...

That is "JORGE SAMPAIO" WITH NO "s" on the end as I earlier mistyped! Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I can't condone or accept Mormon theology, but a dangerous legal precedent is a dangerous legal precedent! I wonder how many of those doing the removing believe in "gay marriage" or "civil relationships"?

Anonymous said...

Today CA is again voting on a bill to ban spanking.

See article:


Anonymous said...

My 2 cents 10:28 AM Said,

"I've heard that the reasoning behind chemtrail spraying is to counteract global warming. (Sorry can't remember where I heard/read it).
Unfortunately they seem to have to spray even in the winter time (can't let that naughty sun shine).
Anyone still have their chem-cough that doesn't go away too easily?
Let's never forget we are in a WAR and there is NO demilitarized zone."

Dear my 2 cents,
There are a number of theories concerning chemtrails but one thing is for certain is, that they are there and they do exist. They are not "contrails" meaning condensation due to altitude flying and heat of engines. I have video footage of two of the planes flying side by side and one spraying and the other absolutely nothing.
*Some are saying that the Gov. is lowering the ionosphere and taping into its magnetic energy for energy purposes.
*Actually they were demanded an explanation by the press, I have yet to see the article, but I was told by a reliable source that the Gov is claiming that it is for mosquito control. I see here that they are admitting a spraying and it is malathion we all can become very ill. google: malathion
*Some suspect something way more sinister along the lines of genocide and population elimination and that they are spraying all kinds of cancer causing poisons and pathogens in our skies and that the plains belong to NATO. These chemtrails are world wide, but rumor has it except China.
I am finding in increasing number studies on EUgenics for instance from the Club of Rome called dieoff and a philosophy from Thomas Robert Malthus.
Now with the Global Warming scandal they are blaming human beings for destroying the earth with our pollution and we are useless eaters in a world that does not believe in the sanctity of life.

I wanted to post this link on Neurotheology. Constance maybe you can give some feed back if you have time. You are blessed with the ability to summarize and I would like to hear of your perspective.

God Bless and Keep You All For Such A Time As This

Anonymous said...


Google: Bush Scroll given by Sanhedrin

Prepare to be shocked.


Anonymous said...

Heard Texx Marrs on Dr. Monteith (sp) radio show. He says Obama rose unexpectedly and he was supposed to be like Jesse et al. Israel likes him least & is concerned. Attack on Kennedy's (recent news) is because they support Obama. Hillary has black box support, Obama caucus & paper ballots.

Some how I sense it could be McCain, he went to Middle East...likes nutty enough he could be blamed for "mistakes" or false flags. If Bush ever leaves. Do you know about Halliburton camps?

Economic problems bring in Antichrist and house of cards are falling faster than expected within elite banking circles. Could he be Muslim? Muslims are gentiles.

We will still be military nation via NATO who will "protect us from terrorism", yes?

African nations turned down NATO US Military Africom. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Good for them.

Watch old "1984" film a.s.a.p.


Anonymous said...

Raid on compound, first thought was Waco. Mental abuse, kids being abused, and so on and so forth.

What about mental harm caused by snatching kids from mothers etc. the trauma!

Seems to me charges should be filed right now or let them go and sort it out later from statements.


Rudi said...

Constance said ...
"I am very disturbed -- and worried -- about the pope's pending speech -- they are suggesting they may say we need to unite with the earth."

I was somewhat surprised to see a direct reference to the Alliance of Civilizations initiative included in this United Press International article titled,
"U.N. official, pope, Italian leaders talk"

Also,the following article has several pieces of information I had not been aware of.
"Spokesman: Pope to Talk of Human Rights at UN
Benedict XVI's Visit Marks 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration."

"...Afterward, the Holy Father will greet representatives of the delegations, and have private meetings with the president of the assembly, the president of the Security Council, and 60 U.N. officials. Meanwhile, the 3,000 who heard the Pope's address will leave their spots so that 3,000 U.N. workers can enter the assembly room, where the Pontiff will address them.

At the end, Benedict XVI will visit the Meditation Room, in which Popes Paul VI and John Paul II also stopped to spend time in silence.

The Holy See has the status of permanent observer at the United Nations.

This status gives it the right to participate in the general debate of the General Assembly; the right of reply; the right to have its communications issued and circulated directly as official documents of the assembly; and the right to co-sponsor draft resolutions and decisions that make reference to the Holy See."

Until reading this, I didn't realize the scope of Papal influence at the U.N.

If anyone would like more information about the Meditation Room at the U.N. see links below. -Rudi

Anonymous said...

WOW - Check out the new "Fulfilled Prophecy" website. It is up and running.

Anonymous said...

My take on the FLDS sect...

I think this is a dangerous precedent possibly leading to the fulfillment of 1Tim. 4: 1-5

Forbidding marriage. I wanted to mention this for some time. Is there any indication that the NA movement/NWO people have plans on this. We see those who want to forbid marriage for gays, polygamists, and I can't say I disagree, but I wonder politely if if it could lead to a blanket ban on all marriage?


Constance Cumbey said...


I can't emphasize this enough: BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL ABOUT TEXE MARRS!


Anonymous said...

Re: the raid on the polygamist compound in Texas . . .

Did separating the women and children remind you of anyting?

It just gave me chills!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear "For Such A Time As This"

This was a new one I didn't know about.
"Some are saying that the Gov. is lowering the ionosphere and taping into its magnetic energy for energy purposes".

Pretty good some will buy it don't you think?

So many of us go along our busy lives not ever looking up into the sky. It took awhile for me at the beginning to deliberately look up and check if our skies were being used for chemical spraying. I then began to take note of the overcast days that followed, then the respitory ailments people were experiencing, you know the old line "it's just something going around" (uh-huh), I then observed the total unawareness that most people had about these things that were occuring right under their noses (or over their heads if you will).

People are so occupied with "taking care of business" (which is getting more intense these days) that they're not noticing the traps that are being set and closing in on them.

2 cents (sense)

Constance Cumbey said...

Most interesting - am here on the Firefox browser -- it is one article behind and many comments behind what comes up using the MicroSoft browser. I wonder why the difference? I have an article up on my blogspot on the French prosecution of Brigitte Bardot for religious incitement. It is not showing up on the Firefox browser!


Constance Cumbey said...

Just discovered the problem -- It is a "control R" that reloads and refreshes in Firefox, and F5 that does it with the MicroSoft browser.

Anonymous said...

2 cents,
I totally know what you mean. people are oblivious as to what is going on, they are not connecting the dots.

I'm seeing everything from chemtrails, drinking water with fluoride, chlorine and now pharmaceuticals from recycled waste water for drinking, tainted beef fed to every public school and In-N-Out Burger, mandatory false teaching of evolution, all media lowering the standards (get rid of TV for deprogramming)...this is just some of the list.
People we need to be sanctified, repentant and pressing in closer to the Lord, drawing near to Him.
Letting go of sinful thoughts and practices in every area of our lives so that we may come boldly to the throne of grace in this time of need. We need to pray, more than ever. Judgement begins in the house of God, many are going through intense trials, but stand firm in Jesus Christ and make no provision for the flesh but feed the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, grow in the Spirit, occupy yourself completely in the Will of God for your lives. Read His word faithfully.
Knock and He will answer, seek and you will find.

God Bless and Keep You For Such A Time As This

Anonymous said...

Amen anonymous directly above.

We are not helpless.
We are not left to our own defenses.
We are not at the mercy of sinful
We are empowered with the
Holy Spirit whenever we do all
the things that you list above.

To Bridget Bardot: You go girl !


Anonymous said...

Tim Robbins' NAB keynote speech, (linked on Drudge this morning), sounds like a page right out of the AOC playbook. Like a parent trying to correct a misbehaving child, he chides the audience (National Association of Broadcasters) for focusing on ratings (true enough) and not doing their part to create "change".

Anonymous said...

Club of Rome website

This is a pretty powerful club.

From Global Warning To Global Policy

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about a rumor that a substance called "malathion" may be used in chemtrails?

Supposedly, this substance has caused:
-the poisoning of 2,800 people in Pakistan, resulting in 5 deaths
-intestinal disorders in children and animals
-child leukemias, kidney damage, brain damage (after homes sprayed)
-fish heart/gill defects
-turtle birth defects
-frog mutations

Also, there is supposedly an alternative to malathion -- a highly researched product called "Suredye" (a food grade red dye) to be used for medfly control only. It kills the medfly after ingestion and after reactiion to sunlight exposure. The advantage is it works without poisoning beneficial insects, wildlife, the envonrment,or PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that the more we pray and get closer to God -- the more He "lifts the veil" so we can "see" things more clearly. This enables us to correctly interpret all of the signs of the times (even if it's only accomplished in "baby steps").

I believe that the reason that those, who reject God, sometimes give us a "blank" look, when we try to witness to them, is because sin "clouds" a person's vision and judgement. And that person remains "blind" until the decision is made to accept God into their hearts and souls and be willing to make changes in their lives.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:57

I remember in the late 80s early 90s Army helicopters equiped with agricultural spraying mechanism sprayed malathion over many people due to the Mediterranean fruitfly. I believe it is very harmful to humans and I am beginning to see horrible things being done to an unsuspecting people. Look up in Constances links,"How I got started with all this mess!" and click on the,"None Dare Call It Genocide" video by Dr. Stanley M. It is a real eye opener.
I will try to find the news clip of chemtrail explanation.

Anonymous said...

ANONY Above,

Interesting; I tried google & yahoo for a search and nothing showed. I then used "ASK" search engine and it came up immediately.

the video you mentioned was:
"None Dare Call It Genocide" video by Dr. Stanley M."

link below:

Anonymous said...

WILL THE STATUE OF ABOMINATION BE THE 13 SCHULLSPLACED ON JEWISH SIOL,FOR THEY ARE GODS CHURCH AND TEMPLE,OR WILL IT BE THE FLAG OF THE SCHULLS AoC flag at that ,are these schulls the gate way for the anti christ ?????????????parpcofriends says: If the new age christain are prepare the way for the beast ,and the dragon is to be defeated and kicked out of heaven.Could these 12 plus 1 scull be a type of gate way that is to allow the antichrist ,which is the beast out of the bootom less pit.And is it possiabile for Judas to be to be the antichrist .For the bible says the beast was,and was not ,and shall be again.Judas was,and then he was not(when he went to his own special place)and willbe when he ascends out of the bottom less pitt,and slays the two wittness of Jesus that walk the earth during the tribulation period.That would then make the rapture then take place soon ,for i think the 2 wittnesses walk the earth for 4 years then they are killed ,but rise after 3 days ,after they have lain in the streets dismembered ,could this aso be the time that dragon satin sends a flood of his armies after the church ,who are the decendants of abraham,who will take refuge in the tenple of old king Solomon,in the mountains who will flee through the parted mountains ,that were parted by the earth quake,they will survive there for 3 and a half years by God feeding them.And could these 13 sculls be a gate way that will releaes the 2000000 horse men ,who will be satans army that will battle in heaven,the are the Anunniki(fallen angels that bread withe the women of earth and made the Nephiliums ,whom the bible talks of as were ledgens come from.These Anunniki are angels that did not depart with satan when he was kicked out and dissrobed of his bells and musical garmand ,they are the ancient Anunniki that felt heaven before satan .Could they have been responibile for the alians which are the greys (human like blond),the riptilians(snake like human ,grey-green scaly skin with yellow snake like eyes)the Hybrides(child like with white -grey skin and huge egge like eyes)and ?decendants of nephiliums bread with alians and could possibily be the luuminarty controling all world goverments that are preparing the way for the dragon

Anonymous said...

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