Wednesday, May 10, 2006



I’ve had a few busy weeks keeping up with my law practice. I took a peek on line tonight. I was starting to think maybe things were quieting down with “our very good friend, Javier Solana.” After all, the two ladies running Austria, Ursula Plassnik and Benita Ferrero-Waldner, its foreign minister who also serves as interim External Affairs Commissioner for the European Union put a damper of sorts on Dr. Solana in April. Austria announced it was putting plans for the EU Constitution on hold until 2007. It said it wanted to see Dr. Solana and Benita Ferrero-Waldner start getting along better before pushing increased powers for the EU and thereby Dr. Solana who stands to gain the most when and if the EU constitution with its Foreign Minister on Steroids adopted. Under the new regime, the EU presidency would be a weakened one, unable to succeed itself. The “Foreign Minister” by contrast could. He would have a super-sized budget, a right of “initiative,” and powers that Charlemagne, Napoleon, and Hitler could only have only realized in their dreams.

In the meantime, Javier Solana has his “odd-jobs” WEU and its every growing military machine to content himself with. And tonight, it looks like he got another boost – this time from Washington. Logging on to check my sadly behind Yahoo! Email, I was greeted with news that he spent time in New York and Washington today with Condoleeza Rice, who has announced that she is “backing European diplomacy” to solve the Iranian crisis. He was here primarily to meet with "The Quartet for Peace in the Middle East" of which he and Kofi Annan are the two constants since its formation.

I am starting to believe that Solana’s deliberately low kept American profile is about to come to a close. I suspect that from now on, we will be hearing much more about him. Googling him yielded 4,700,000 plus hits today. Clearly, he’s not going away.

But then again, maybe this was merely a ploy to advance his real job aspiration – Mayor of Madrid. As Herb Peters routinely advises, I’m staying tuned!


Dawn said...

I have to say sometimes I am amazed that nobody really knows Javier Solona or who he is (other than the good folks who read Constance and Herb). Maybe it is just me, but I feel like I am half waiting for the US to ask him for help in diffusing the immigration problem. Or to come help resolve some issue we are having here in USA. Time will tell but I feel we are on the cusp of a "Javier Solana love affair" here in the USA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,

I have some good news for you and the readers of this wonderful blog.
There is another brother in Christ, who actually served under Solana (under NATO and The Canadian Army) during the Balkin War back in the 90's while Clinton was President. Rick Allison has given MUCH insight to Herb Peters over the months and years. And now has his own website updates which can be found by going to:

Constance Cumbey said...

Well, folks, hope Rick Allison and his website are for real. I went over there (I had visited it in the past and had it saved to my list of "prophetic websites." I tried to register and was STUNNED to get a message that my email address was BANNED. It asked who had referred to the site and I put down honestly that it was "anonymous." Hopefully it was a computer glitch, but I sure hate to see us operate as a type of secret society. Over the years I have always kept my phone numbers fully listed. I have reasoned this way:

1. My enemies can always find me -- they're motivated and determined. Being unlisted or anonymous will just make them work harder and increase the challenge, thus increasing their motivation;

2. If I'm unlisted, it's only my friends I slow down!

Maybe "anonymous" can use his influence to have Rick Allison contact me at my office phone of 248-253-0333. I made an honest attempt to reach him and was blocked by whatever mechanism he or his web administrator have set up for whatever reason!

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Dawn:

It's spelled S-O-L-A-N-A. I've heard some pronounce it as spelled S-O-L-A-N-O and / or S-O-L-O-N-A. It will be hard to google him unless we spell it "Javier Solana." Thanks for your contribution. Your observations are probably correct about the "cusp of a Javier Solana" love affair in the USA and by the way, you did spell it right so probably it was a typo on the first try. As most of my readers know, I do that too!

Anonymous said...

Javier Solana as Mayor of Madrid, Constance, are you serious?

No chance.

Why be Mayor of Madrid, when you are on course for being Ruler of the World.

Constance Cumbey said...

Oh, he floats from time to time or has his friends do so that he is thinking of running for Mayor of Madrid. Personally, I don't believe this to be serious; after having all the power he has enjoyed, I can't see him as one of a cast of thousands of city delegates to Spain's equivalent of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. However, tongue in cheek, I like to suggest it is one of my favorite causes -- well, I have run successful upset campaigns for mayoral candidates in my past -- now if Solana is SERIOUS . . . well, you get it!

Anonymous said...

"Constance Cumbey said...
Well, folks, hope Rick Allison and his website are for real. I went over there (I had visited it in the past and had it saved to my list of "prophetic websites." I tried to register and was STUNNED to get a message that my email address was BANNED. It asked who had referred to the site and I put down honestly that it was "anonymous."

Hi Constance,

I do not understand the reason why my friend Rick would ban your email address. As far as being "anonymous" for his contact info, I know that he travels alot with the work he does, and simply gives news updates on Solana, in his spare time.

I do have some of his personal contact info which I will give you via phone here right when I am done writing this post.

Rick is a humble brother, and doesn't want to be in the limelight. Herb knows him as Rick was the brother who first told Herb that the Barcelona Declaration was the covenant and the ENP was probably the confirmed covenant with many.

Here is a "cut and paste" of one of Herb's Articles giving Rick Allinson that credit........

Copywrited Herb Peters

I've often wondered if the EU heads twice picked the number 666 on purpose. I don't think they did. I think they just goofed up. In fact, I suspect they are now wishing they had paid more attention to their numbers. Especially after their beloved Constitution of Rome was rejected by the French and Dutch voters. More on that later.
My concern is that the end-time events of Bible prophecy may be moving faster than the church is aware. Even the seventieth week of Daniel may now be before us. In the Old Testament book of Daniel we read:
And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate (Daniel 9:27 New America Standard Bible).
It is commonly believed the passage above foretells the rise of a strong leader from out of a revived Roman Empire who will make, or confirm, a covenant with the many for seven years. Israel will be included in this covenant. As far as Israel is concerned, he will violate his covenant 3 1/2 years later. In other passages from Daniel, we learn this leader will rise from among a 10-nation alliance (Daniel 7:7-8) and subdue three of the 10 kings (Daniel 7:24). In the New Testament book of Revelation, we learn that this leader will somehow be identified with the number 666 (Revelation 13: 18).
This appears to be exactly what we're seeing. A 10-nation alliance did appear in Western Europe on January 1, 1995. It's a 10-nation military alliance known as the Western European Union (WEU). These nations are members of both NATO and the European Union (EU). What binds these 10 nations together is their mutual defense obligation under the modified Brussels Treaty. They are also known as the Brussels Treaty Powers.
Here's where the first number 666 comes in. In December of 1998, at their Vienna summit, the EU's heads created the new Office of High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy for the European Union. The holder of this Office would be empowered by the member states to direct their common foreign policy toward Russia, Ukraine and the Mediterranean. The funny thing is, out of over 1150 documents they generated at the summit, the document that created this Office happened to be numbered 666.
And, here's where the political intrigue begins. While the EU heads were in Vienna creating this new Office, Javier Solana, as then Secretary General of NATO, was busy restructuring NATO for the post Cold War era. What later became evident was, now that the Soviet Union was no longer a threat, certain elements in Europe decided dependence on the U.S. was no longer needed. So, Solana divided NATO into two strategic commands. One in Norfolk, Virginia for America and one in Brussels for Europe. In other words, Solana split NATO down the middle.
In October of 1999, when his term as head of NATO ended, Javier Solana became the first person to hold this powerful new Office of High Representative. At the same time, he was also made Secretary General of the Council of Europe. This is the main decision making body of the EU. The following month, Solana also became the Secretary General of the 10-nation WEU alliance. These three positions made Solana a very powerful new player on the world scene.
Now, for the second time that number 666 pops up. On June 5, 2000, the WEU adopted its Assembly Recommendation 666. Once again, there was a direct connection with this number to a possible prophetic event. This document recommended keeping the 10 Brussels Treaty Powers together as the EU's new military wing and giving the EU's High Representative emergency powers. These are powers even the EU's president doesn't have.
The following month France, one of the 10 WEU nations, took over the EU's six month rotating presidency. France immediately began implementing Recommendation 666. France announced that the Assembly of the WEU would become the temporary assembly for the EU's new 10-nation military wing.
Then, the infamous Solana Decision followed. This decision removed from public view all documents that the Council (Solana) thought should be kept secret. This move was interpreted by some to be a military coup. Looking back, it's obvious what occurred. The stage was set for a 10-nation takeover of the EU. And, it was done implementing Recommendation 666.
More was to come. In June of 2003, Solana delivered his 10-page security doctrine to the EU heads at their summit in Greece. It was titled, A Secure Europe in a Better World. It had three basic parts. One: It called for establishing economic and political stability through the EU's neighborhood. Two: It called for establishing a new international order. Three: It called for increasing the EU's civil and military capabilities to better combat rogue states and weapons of mass destruction.
What amazed me about Solana's doctrine was how everyone loved it. It not only pulled together the EU states who were bickering over the Iraqi War, it made possible a major new security treaty with Washington. Although many elements of this treaty are still secret, it basically established a joint EU/US effort in an international war against terror.
I document these events in my book. And, also in my book, I often say that if these events are what I think they are -- fulfillments of Bible prophecy -- then they would lead to a seven-year covenant with the many. At the time, I thought "the many" meant the majority in Israel. But, recent news suggests "the many" may mean many nations, including Israel. In fact, it may actually mean an agreement that brings about a revival of the old Roman Empire as it was in the time of Christ.
It's becoming clear that the EU's Euro-Mediterranean Partnership for Peace (Euro-Med) combined with the EU's new European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) and coming seven-year budget period may set the stage perfectly for the seventieth week of Daniel.
Unlike the US, who's military is the primary weapon in the war against terror, the EU's primary weapon is economic. The Euro-Med, combined with the new ENP, is the EU's way of exercising its influence. And, its Solana's new security doctrine in action. The Euro-Med, as it sounds, is aimed at the Mediterranean region. It is sometimes called Euromed. In other words, EU Romed -- an EU revival of the Roman Empire.
The Euro-Med covenant with the many was negotiated by Javier Solana back in 1995. The agreement was between the then 15 EU member states and 12 Mediterranean states -- including Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In fact, I suspect it was Solana's skill in negotiating this agreement that caused then Secretary of State Warren Christopher to suggest Solana as head of NATO to President Clinton.
The Euro-Med agreement, however, failed in achieving its goals. So, the EU's new ENP is Solana's way of reviving and confirming his dying Euro-Med. And, interestingly, starting on January 1, 2007, this confirming action will be for a seven year period.
You see, the ENP is a huge package of different types of deals for each participating nation. These deals are called action plans. They are custom tailored to meet the needs of each country and a monitoring program is included. That means, if the country fails to perform as required, the agreement could be terminated. The bottom line is, this is Solana's way of getting action on his Euro-Med and bring the participating nations into compliance.
Israel was the first to sign its ENP action plan. Suddenly, peace in the Middle East seems possible. You see, the Arab countries, including the Palestinian Authority, are also lining up for their action plans. And, the way they see it, if Solana is going to be monitoring each nation's compliance to their action plan -- including Israel's, why not go for it.
Here's where the seven-year element comes in. The EU has a seven-year budget term. So, Solana's people have drawn up a new funding instrument for the ENP that will take over when the EU's next budget term begins on January 1, 2007. Since the EU fits its political agenda to its budget term, this instrument will be to finance Solana's foreign and security policy objectives for seven years.
On January 1, 2007, the new instrument will begin funding all the action plans and deals for all these many nations. Again, there will be monitoring. A total review of each nation's compliance is to be completed by December 31, 2011. Friends, the purpose for the EU's ENP is to revive and confirm an existing covenant with many that was dying.
The reason this may be important to us students of prophecy is because many Bible scholars believe Scripture actually says the coming Antichrist will "confirm," or "make stronger," or "revive," an existing agreement for seven years -- not make a new one. If you recall, the Euro-Med Partnership was negotiated by Solana back in 1995. It was literally a covenant with many. In other words, the new ENP is Solana's way to revive and confirm his existing Euro-Med covenant with many nations.
Perhaps that's why the speech that was given by Margot Wallstrom was suddenly modified. If you've been following my commentaries, you know what happened. Wallstrom gave a speech at the inaugural meeting of the the Euromed Assembly in Cairo. This was an assembly of "the many." It included representatives from all the Euro-Med nations. In the speech she said:
"As I have tried to point out, the European Neighborhood Policy does not replace the process launched ten years ago in Barcelona. It renews it, clarifies it and breathes fresh life into it."
A reader by the name of Richard Allinson sent Wallstrom's speech to me. He pointed out that, according to the last sentence, the purpose of the ENP was to do exactly what the prophecy foretold -- revive and confirm an existing covenant with many. I realized that this reader was right.
Amazingly, after I posted three commentaries about this realization, the speech was suddenly taken down from the EU's Website. When it came back up, it had been modified. What had been changed? It had been changed so the realization we had arrived at would no longer be so evident. For example, the above was changed to say:
"The European Neighborhood Policy does not replace the process launched ten years ago in Barcelona. It adds to it and makes things happen."
Do you notice the difference? The idea that the ENP is reviving and confirming a covenant that was dying is almost lost in the second edition. This type of editing was done all through the speech.
Was FulfilledProphecy responsible for this sudden change? If so, that would mean there are those who do not want what they're doing to be connected in any way with Bible prophecy. If you recall, I started out by saying I didn't think the EU heads twice used the number 666 on purpose. This retro-speech is why I've come to believe this. I don't think they want the attention a biblical connection could bring. And, after the French and Dutch voters rejected the EU's new constitution, I'm almost certain they didn't want this type of prophetic connection.
Now that the French and Dutch voters have rejected the EU's new constitution, the EU heads are facing a crisis. To govern the expanded EU and continue being a global player, the EU leaders feel they really need their new constitution in force.
This is especially true of High Representative Javier Solana. In fact, of all the EU leaders, Solana has the most to lose if the constitution fails to be ratified by the member states. The extended powers the constitution would provide Solana rival the EU's new Presidency. On top of that, the constitution also sets a headline goal of 2010 for all Solana's civilian and military peace-keeping/peace-making capabilities to be deployable. These broad-ranging assets include 9 battle groups, heavy lift aircraft, aircraft carrier, satellite communications and much more. Now, thanks to the French and Dutch voters, all this is threatened.
But, as Solana's people are quick to say, the EU's foreign and security policy needs continue. With, or without the EU's new constitution, beginning on January 1, 2007, Solana will have a huge expense account with which to confirm his Euro-Med covenant with many for seven years. And, it's not hard to see how Solana's grand scheme could fall apart. If so, it's also not hard to see how Solana's emergency powers could be invoked 3 1/2 years later in 2010 when all his civilian and military capabilities are in place. It's also easy to see how Solana could receive emergency authority to act for the remaining 3 1/2 years of the EU's seven-year budget term.
In March of 2005, one year after the Madrid train bombings, world leaders met in Madrid to discuss the EU's and the international community's war against terror. The conclusion? America and Britain have been doing things all wrong. And, as far as the EU was concerned, nothing much had been accomplished over the last year. Why? Because the EU member states were reluctant to give Solana what he needed to get the job done. What this really meant was, the EU "big three" -- France, Germany and the UK -- were still standing in Solana's way. In other words, in order for Solana to do his job leading the EU's foreign and security policy, the EU "big three" must somehow be subdued. Interestingly, the EU "big three" leaders were all on the scene in 1999 when the Office of High Representative was first occupied by Solana. And, they were all members of the 10-nation alliance. Question: Could these be the three kings who are destined to be subdued according to Daniel 7:24?
Friends, the prophetic picture appears to be before us. The stage may already be set for all the events of the seventieth week of Daniel. The strange thing is, not many appear to be noticing. Except for a few reports by Jack Kinsella and Hal Lindsey (that I'm thankful for), my friend Constance Cumbey and I continue to be almost alone reporting this news in detail. Especially the news about the EU's coming seven-year budget period possibly being the seventieth week of Daniel. And, it's becoming clear why.
You see, both Kinsella and Lindsey have been reporting about the 10 nation alliance, Javier Solana and Recommendation 666. But, for them to report that Solana's Euro-Med agreement may be the foretold covenant with the many, and that Solana's new ENP may be its confirming for seven years, it could lead them to a dilemma. You see, if they also reported these details as possible fulfillments of prophecy, and we're all still here on January 1, 2007, it could suggest that their pre-tribulation rapture doctrine is wrong.
Of course, I could end up being the one who is wrong. But, as I said before, with each new day more evidence comes along suggesting I'm right. If you agree and think I may be doing the Lord's work, consider standing with me and supporting FulfilledProphecy.
Until He comes, we've got a job to finish.
Stay tuned!"


Finally, Rick's research / newsupdate website on Javier Solana can be found at:

Dawn said...

It seems like I have been to that site before. I didn't mean to exclude him or his comments. I just ment that very few, percentage wise, are watching this guy. And Constance I do know how to spell Solana, it was a typo. That just frustrates me because I have been watching him at least since 2003.

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Dawn,

Figured it was only a typo after I read your "we are on the cusp of a 'Javier Solana love affair'" -- but so many people do make that mistake, including over at Prophezine, the warning is profitable for us all. Lots of time people misspell my name as "Cumby" rather than "Cumbey" and that often keeps people from finding me. Have a great day and I very much VALUE YOUR PARTICIPATION!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5.12pm

Thank you for that very interesting information. So much going on and nobody realising it is moving so fast.

I would like to get your take on what is happening regarding the exchange of oil for dollars, instead of euros.

That the exchange is done in dollars is vital for the US, and if it is changed to euros, that will mean a thirties type financial depression for the US.

So, it is very important for the US that the Middle East continues to trade oil in dollars.

Prior to the invasion of Iraq, Saddam had begun to trade in euros, and since the invasion, and thanks to President Bush's intervention, Iraqi oil has reverted to being traded in dollars again.

It is important for President Bush that he maintains an influence on the Middle East, so as to continue the trade in oil for dollars, so the European Union is become the greatest rival of the US, because if the oil becomes traded in euros, it will mean Javier Solana will have more power than ever, as then the euro will be the main monetary world currency.

This information is given in Chuck Missler's item 'Twilights last gleaming?', at his www.koinonia site.

I don't see many people picking up on this, but to my reading, the trade in oil is vital to saying who holds the real power in the World.

At present, the US is clinging on in there, but I can see it slipping away from the US, as Javier Solana continues to woo the various countries in order to expand his Empire.

And even if the US is not hit again by terrorists, it could go under financially in a day, if the countries of the world drop the dollar, and begin to trade in euros instead.

I think that Javier Solano would be highly delighted to see the US disappear. That's why I don't believe the US is in cahoots with him, I think the US are being seduced into believing that he is some kind of good, well intentioned guy. Exactly, like the charmer he comes across as being.

Very interesting take on who the three countries are that do not go along with the Antichrist. I have wondered about who they may be.

Peter Mandelson is also a sinister man who is playing a key role in the unelected leadership of the EU. He was a Communist in his younger days, and was thrown off the front bench of the UK Labour Government for misdeeds, twice, and is an open homosexual who promotes such. With his past record, it is hard to believe that he was rewarded by being recommended by Prime Minister Blair to such a position in the European Union Dictatorship.

These people are a law unto themselves.

Constance Cumbey said...

Most definitely, the USA is in cahoots with Javier Solana. The current administration (both sides of the political aisle, alas) both think Solana to be "our very good friend" and Solana uses reciprocal language for all of them. You are right on the oil and money -- Solana has made deals all around us -- with Russia, with Latin America, Barcelona. Solana is VERY GOOD at making nearly everybody think he is their "very good friend." But his real agenda from the beginning (including when he was rightfully on the USA's subversive list) is to dislodge the USA as a competing superpower in the 21st century struggle for competing scarce resources. At least, that's how I presently see it!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see Constance still active in this area. "Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow" has to be my top reference concerning the new age movement.

Solano is more than intriguing as an AC candidate, and perhaps he is the last gasp for a truly pagan antichrist to lead the EU. However there is also another way to look at whats happening to the EU that satisfies a number of long term trends.

Because of the EUs immigration policy it seems to me they will be largely Muslim within a generation or so, maybe as soon as 20 years away. If that happens, then the entire Mediterranean region, comprising all of the Roman empire's old territory, will be Muslim. Coupled with that, the Shiite prophecies of the coming caliph, the imam Mahdi eerily fit the potrait of the antichrist.

This website explains this in more detail.

If so, Javier may not quite pan out. But a stone cold, Jew hating, christian hating islamic cleric ruling europe might just fill the bill. Remember one of Islam's greatest military tricks was defeating their enemies through false treaties (e.g. Muhammed's conquest of Mecca)

Anonymous said...

There are a growing number of folks who know who Solana is. We have watched him manuever over the past few years hob nobbing with the heads of state of just about every country in the world. He also fits the bill nicely. He is from Spain which was the 11th nation to join the EU as predicted in the bible. There is also the fact that he likely is of an Arabic geneology since the Moors controlled Spain for a very long time. Again this is mentioned in the bible. More important he is laying groundwork as part of the quartet to sign the peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians(could be in 2008). I also did this as pretty much a joke, but then realized something -- his name is Javier Solana but if you want to trademark something you generally shorten it for marketing purposes (i.e., Coke from Coca-Cola). Well if you shorten his name from Javier Solana to Javier Sol you get in english Johnny Sun and oh yes -- it adds up to 666 using the Greek calculator. Might be something but as Christians we know he won't be revealed until that peace treaty is signed and I pray every day that the words "Come up hither" will be heard long before this peace treaty is signed and the real antichrist is revealed. Meanwhile we will all keep a keen eye on Mr Solana.

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