Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Europe's Eye in the Sky

      Javier Solana introduced his Recommendation 666 into the Western European Union Assembly on June 5, 2000.  The three most interesting paragraphs of that recommendation to me were numbers 12, 15, and 18.  Paragraph 12 proposed giving him emergency police powers over Europe and the power to “convene the Council of the European Union” in the event of an emergency.  That struck  yours truly as a potentially easy way to take over Europe.  Paragraph 15 referred to something he called CIMIC.  I was to learn that acronym stood for CIVILIAN MILITARY COOPERATION.   That one sort of reminded me of a World War II German expression, “you will cooperate – you will enjoy.”  Paragraph 18 dealt with the Torrejon space center in Spain and its forthcoming role in the scheme of things.  It was, per other Solana speeches, “the jewel in the European crown.”  Nobody else had anything quite like it.

     Well, the jewel in the European crown is being prepared for action.  Today there was considerable action.  Russia helped.  The EU’s Project Galileo validation satellite for was launched from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket.  The full project is projected to be fully operational by 2008.  The propaganda video CD the EU sends for the asking indicates it is a full global tracking system.

     The program also launched obvious new initiatives in Solana agency doublespeak.  They are almost as amusing as Solana’s March 1995 statement about the Spanish-Canadian fishing wars alluded to on my last blog article.  Check this paragraph from a prominent newsource:

Galileo’s supporters say they expect the system to more than double existing GPS coverage and will end Europe’s dependency on the Pentagon-controlled GPS system, which had “betrayed” its European subscribers during US strikes on ex-Yugoslavia in the Balkan war, a EU diplomat in Moscow said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

     Uh, did I read that right?  Europe needs replacement on the USA GPS system because it “’betrayed’ its European subscribers during US strikes on ex-Yugoslavia in the Balkan war.”  Now, clearly the EU diplomats report to JAVIER SOLANA.  And just who ordered the military operations against Yugoslavia in the Balkan war?  JAVIER SOLANA!  And now who has the power to start and shut down European Space Agency Operations, including but not limited to GMES (Global Monitoring and Environmental Surveillance) operation?  JAVIER SOLANA!  And who did the EU diplomat in Moscow speaking on condition of anonymity report to?  JAVIER SOLANA.  That is provided that diplomat speaking on condition of anonymity was not himself JAVIER SOLANA.

     Now just in the case the EU game of Now you see us, now you don’t” is back in full swing, here are links where you can check my above bold assertions: (subscription)  - Article in European Voice (November 21, 2005)

I wonder if Solana plans to airlift his old statements ordering the start and cessation of anti-Yugoslavian military activities in 1999?  They are starting to become inconvenient to him.  But did the truth ever matter?  Maybe the mistake was the EU Russian diplomat’s.  Maybe not!  Well, now you can sleep easier at night.  Javier Solana’s surveillance satellites – at least in their test version – are up and running!


Anonymous said...

"Putin orders for completion of GLONASS system ahead of schedule
Moscow | December 26, 2005 10:35:18 PM IST

Russian President Vladimir Putin today ordered the government to complete the space-based Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) ahead of schedule so that it could be launched for commercial operations at the earliest.

During a cabinet meeting Mr Putin said it had been brought to the government’s notice that the GLONASS system should be designed within a shorter period of time, ahead of the initial plan to finish it by 2008.

''We must commission our own system as soon as possible and get commercial profit,'' he said.

''Already at this point of time, it is necessary to envisage who will use that system and how intensively. Some Russian enterprises and even Russian regions have already signed contracts and are using the global positioning system GPS,'' the President noted.

Under the federal space programme approved by the government, the GLONASS satellite group will be expanded to at least 18 satellites by 2007. Currently, the system includes 14 satellites in orbit.

The main purpose of the GLONASS network is to provide global positioning services for various military and civilian customers.

Earlier this month, during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit, India and Russia signed an agreement in the area of exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes and for joint development, operation and use of the GLONASS.

The agreement provides for the launch of GLONASS satellite using GSLV launch vehicle of India. In turn, Russia will provide access to GLONASS system signals to India.

Russia enlarged its orbital grouping with three spacecraft of the GLONASS by launching a Proton-K carrier rocket with three satellites from the Baikonur space centre in Kazakhstan yesterday.

According to the Russian Space Agency, Roskosmos, the carrier rocket was launched as per the schedule."

"27.12.2005, 13.14

MOSCOW, December 27 (Itar-Tass) - Russia has possibilities for fulfilling the president-set task of speeding up the creation of the global navigation system GLONASS, Federal Space Agency chief Anatoly Perminov said.

He told a news conference on Tuesday that 17 “really working” satellites of the GLONASS system were in orbit.

They are complete with two laser reflectors.

The GLONASS grouping is intended for global supply of navigation information and precise time signals. "

Anonymous said...

For a brilliant secular analysis of Solana's/EU's tracking move here, be sure to read "BIG BROTHER GOES GLOBAL" by Tony Bunyan of Statewatch

Anonymous said...

EU's Big Brother is now tracking every car also. How can anyone not see what is coming?

The tracking chips they put in cars, cellphones etc., can easily be made mandatory for humans with the stroke of Solana's pen, especially if an 'emergency' happens.

They've been talking up the Bird Flu bigtime for months now. Computer chips are getting smaller all the time and less expensive. You can put Gigabytes of data onto a wafer small card now, which is really incredible. I remember my first computer had a hard drive of 80 megabytes which was considered to be large in 1988.

Question: Will a future "vaccine" contain a tracking chip without our knowledge?

Anonymous said...

from Psalm 33 (Message):
"13From high in the skies GOD looks around,
he sees all Adam's brood.
14From where he sits
he overlooks all us earth-dwellers.
15He has shaped each person in turn;
now he watches everything we do.
16No king succeeds with a big army alone,no warrior wins by brute strength.
17Horsepower is not the answer;
no one gets by on muscle alone.
18Watch this: God's eye is on those who respect him,
the ones who are looking for his love.
19He's ready to come to their rescue in bad times;in lean times he keeps body and soul together.
20We're depending on GOD;
he's everything we need.
21What's more, our hearts brim with joy since we've taken for our own his holy name.
22Love us, GOD, with all you've got--that's what we're depending on."

Anonymous said...

I never gave much concern to the use of the Mark of the Beast, but I just had an insight. The new Galileo system will be used to control roads, rails, shipping and air transport in the EU and its members. Now that's not a mark on the hand or anywhere else, but it sure does make it difficult for anyone to buy or sell without getting involved in the Galileo system.

Anonymous said...

Here is another interesting thought that might just make you go hmmm. If you have noticed the new satellites being launched by the EU are rotating at an altitude of 14,300 miles roughly above the earth. This is a serious altitude increase over the U.S.'s 60-150 mile orbit. Ask yourselves what would be the major reasons? First, which should be the biggest concern, is the very high altitude satelites could not be affected by a nuclear EMP attack. If an EMP attack occurs anywhere over the U.S. ALL of our satellites are history because of the low altitude! Our military put up all of our GPS satellites in low orbit and none of them are new enough to be built with an anti-EMP design in them. And in a low orbit it is also almost impossible to build one that way. We are at a serious disadvantage if al qaida or anyone else decides to launch a missle just for an EMP attack. Second, a satellite in an orbit farther than ours can be used to jam all communication of a lower orbiting satellite and very easily I might add. Another thing, The new Intercontinental nuclear missles built by Russia, can change flight paths. If using GPS technology, the low orbiting satellites become useless because the missiles are at a higher altitude than the satellites, thus they can't be guided by GPS Technology. High altitude satellites allow missiles to be launched into orbit and stay there indefinitely and brought back down at a later time with extreme precision making an attack take minutes or maybe a matter of seconds instead of hours with the speeds the newer missles are capable of. Another reason for having satellites at that high of an orbit gives them enough time to see if a small missile could be coming at it and allow them to take the missile out by shooting it down or interfering with its guidance system as it gets closer to the satellite. I'm sure with the money being spent on this satellite system that it is probably armed with the Russian electronic device that makes plasma to surround the satellite thus making it completely invisible to any form of radar. This plasma technology is now being used on Russian military aircraft and can be turned on at the flick of a switch. It can also be carried by hand from one vehicle to another, Ex. plane to boat to car. One last question I have is why would Russia have so much interest in launching the EU satellites as well as Iran's too? Well sadly to say if an EMP attack happens it will probably be Russian made since they are supplying the whole middle east with weaponry and technology. Iran would love to pull this EMP off. The fact is Russia hates Israel and the U.S. with a passion. Iran and the muslim world cannot hit Israel until they hit us first! They refer to us as the "Great Satan" because we stand in the way of them hitting Israel. This satellite installation sounds like the beginning for the set up of the Gog-Magog invasion and the downfall of the U.S. simultaneously, Or at the least it would provide the enemy a short period of time since it would take us a long time to recover before we could even figure who hit us.

Anonymous said...

anonymous (post "M.O.B."):
thought exactly the same,
but forgot it instantly.
You are correct!
Thanks for posting this.

Constance Cumbey said...

I'm home recuperating from pneumonia -- not serious enough to require hospitalization, but will be if I don't stay home and take care of it -- antibiotics, expectorants, inhalers -- all new for me. I was astounded at the information posted by "farmer" regarding GLONASS and equally so at the "child of god" information about the vulnerability of the USA system vis a vis the European one. Does USA defense know about this? Do they care? If this is true, it is frightening. Thanks for posting it here!

Anonymous said...

Islam is making inroads to the Russian government.

From DebkaFile....

Iranian penetration vies with the Wahhabist drive
In the Penza district, they have taken over the entire Muslim community and wield a powerful influence in local government.
In Tatarstan and the Saratov and Orenburg districts, they are less powerful but still in control of Muslim institutions.

The Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of Povolzhye located in Saratov is now a branch of the Anglo-Pakistani organization Jamaat at-Tablig, based on the al-Afghani doctrine that advocates strangling Russia with an Islamic belt.

The head of the Buguruslan Muftiate (Orenburg oblast) Ismahil Shangareev was a disciple of Sheik ibn-Bossa, long an arbiter of Saudi religious policy.
In Mordovia, Udmurtia, and Bashkiria the extremists achieved strong positions.

The Volga region has also been targeted by alternative radical Islamic structures, all violently anti-government.

One is led by Ayub Astrakhansky (A. Omarov), who belongs to the same Chechen group as Khattab, Shamil Basayev and Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda.
One of the most dangerous centers of Wahhabite terrorism today is Astrakhan, a mainly Russian city situated at the mouth of the Volga River on the Caspian Sea.

In conclusion, DEBKA-Net-Weekly’s Russian sources are of one mind: the Islamic Project has done nothing to contain the spread of religious extremism in the Volga region. Indeed, its architects are showing their true radical colors. Under cover of the project, underground cells are allowed to proliferate, converging increasingly with the drug trade and local crime gangs. Russians in rundown areas are easily tempted to convert to Islam, unchecked by any counter-force.

A federal official Oleg Klochenok was recently granted a local government subsidy to make a Soviet-style propaganda film Russians in Islam portraying the happiness of converts to Wahhabism in Karelia.

Anti-Semites in the Volga region now use the Arabic term for Jews, the Zionist enemy.

But what most troubles Kremlin watchers in the Bush administration is Vladimir Putin’s choice of a top team with a radical Muslim orientation to handle one of the most sensitive issues confronting Washington today – Iran’s nuclear weapons aspirations.

By promoting Kirienko and his Muslim advisers, the Russian president appears to be telling Washington that his sympathies lie with Tehran rather than with the West. They ask where Putin is going from here.

He too is in possession of credible intelligence reporting a strong Iranian Shiite penetration of the same Volga region as the Saudi Wahhabists.

Either Iran gets their nukes, or they'll be using Russia's.

Anonymous said...

child of god, when your comments were posted at EUreferendum, the following correction to your information was made by North:
The orbit of Navstar is 10,900 miles. The system could not work at the low altitude you suggest, as the time differential would be insufficient.

Interestingly, I noted this when checking the details:
GPS Accuracy
One of the most interesting (yet often misunderstood) features of GPS is the enormous range in the accuracy with which it can be utilized. It ranges from 100 m to 1 mm - a total of five orders of magnitude...
As I am not, as they say, a rocket scientist, how does this affect your analysis.

Anonymous said...

This piece of information should be added to the mix. It would still give a higher altitude to the Galileo system than the GPS system.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a radio based navigation system that gives three dimensional coverage of the Earth 24 hours a day in any weather conditions. The satellites orbit the Earth every 12 hours at approximately 12,600 miles above the Earth.

Anonymous said...

Another response at EUreferendum:

At 14,300 miles, the Galileo satellites are in a higher orbit than Navstar. However, any idea of Galileo posing a threat to Navstar is a little far-fetched. The payload requirements for additional jamming gear would be beyond the capacity of the system and, in any case, jamming or other interference requires close proximity and synchronous orbits.

Anonymous said...

Well, it definitely is being discussed.
U.S. deploys warfare unit to jam enemy satellites

By Bill Gertz
September 22, 2005

The U.S. military is bracing for future attacks in space, and the Air Force has deployed an electronic-warfare unit capable of jamming enemy satellites, the general in charge of space defenses says. (More at link)

Anonymous said...

Please take care of yourself! I've had pneumonia, which completely wiped me out for awhile, and I am half your age. Christians, nae, humanity cannot afford to lose your valuable and most learned insights.
Child of God&Farmer, your post made for chilling reading,now combine this with Russia's latest move to cut off gas supplies to the Ukraine... The Bear is awakening from hybernation. I wonder if anyone from Defence reads your blog? May I suggest Farmer and Child that you post your comments on every newsight you can, from the BBC to AOL and beyond? Perhaps with enough people reading this information it will generate enough talk so that the "chatter" will spark the media into action?

Anonymous said...

SENIOR Pentagon officials have warned Brussels that they will not hesitate to blow European Union satellites out of the sky if they are used against America by a hostile power such as China, The Business can reveal.

In an astonishing confrontation at a private conference between the United States and the European Union (EU), European delegates insisted they would not be prepared to turn off or jam signals from their proposed Galileo navigation satellites, even if they were being used in a war against the US. In response, the US delegates replied that they understood this and intended - if faced with such a threat - to take whatever action they felt appropriate.

Earlier this month, the EU announced that China had become a partner in its E3.5bn ($4.4bn, £2.4bn) Galileo satellite system. The state of Pentagon thinking on Galileo is confirmed in a US Air Force doctrine document obtained by The Business, issued on 2 August 2004. In a foreword, Peter Teets, under-secretary of the US Air Force, asks: "What will we do 10 years from now when American lives are put at risk because an adversary chooses to leverage the global positioning system of perhaps the Galileo constellation to attack American forces with precision?"
(more at link)

Anonymous said...

I guess I have been behind on some of the US satelite launchings. Unfortunately even with a few satelites at 10k miles it still does not change the problems for the lower altitude units. The majority of communication sats are in very low orbit. A lot of GPS units are still tied to them. A loss of any satelite drifts the measurement way out. If you have a GPS unit put it on the satelite view screen and watch how quickly some of them go across your screen. Some of these satellites are still at a critical altitude. I believe EMP can effect out around 1500 miles give or take with a low altitude explosion(200-400 miles). And I believe it could be farther with a higher explosion. Once you are completely past any magnetic effect of the earth the chances are greatly reduced. But with an explosion on the outer limits of the earths magnetic field it seriously warps and stretches the reactive distances significantly. There has never been a test to see the outer limits obviously because it would be too disasterous. There are only theories. But to see how effective it is go and study the high air burst nuclear test from the pacific in the 50's and 60's. As far as jamming is concerned it is not difficult what so ever! There are multiple ways to do it. The first is what most people think of is by overpowering it by another signal to do the destruction. True that would be difficult indeed. But what most people dont realise you could just be sending the same duplicate signal with out much trouble at all. For example, You try to listen to a distant radio station and another interfears at the same time making you loose part of what you were trying to hear. It happens all the time. Now with GPS technology you can make a duplicate signal from another satellite and totally confuse the readings of ALL the recievers on the ground. Most of our GPS technology recieves an analog signals not digital. It is too simple to duplicate even on the ground. Ham radio can use a moon bounce signal. Simply put, you can turn on a regular transmitter on the same frequency as the satellite transmissions aim it at the moon and it reflects back and covers almost half of the earth. The moon acts as a mirror in this case. If Ham radio can do it with this type of technology being taught, do you think another Govt. could pull it off?

Anonymous said...

Also I forgot to add. If you look at all the new GPS recievers out now, a lot of them have increased the number of satellites they can recieve. Not all of the sats are strictly for GPS. Some of the signals recieved are from other types of sats since they are in a fixed orbit, they can be calculated in to the full picture. A lot of these other sats are in low orbit unprotected from EMP. So when you start designing equipment to funtion on these other signals to make them more accurate and then some of them are shut down, however it might happen, the readings will drift instantly and drastically.

Anonymous said...

Child of God, as you know, your comments were posted at EUreferendum. Could you take a moment to respond there to an individual who claims your comments are just silly conspiracy thoughts.

I must admit you've pushed me into trying to understand things which I never would have thought of tackling.

Anonymous said...

To the anon. that visits EU referendom. There is to much information to be able to refute anyone. It would be an education in itself. Unfortunately a lot of this information takes serious time for studying and then duplicating experiments. I have been invoved in electronics since the age of 6. I am now 34. I was always considered the mad scientist by other school kids. I hibernated in my room doing experiments and wanted to gain knowledge. With learning disabilities I became a loner in this stuff because I was cosidered 'stupid' but it drove me to the edge for building things to understand and then modify to acomplish other tasks to wich it was not designed. I can tell you with all confidence that the American GPS signals can be easily duplicated without computer technology. If you add computer technology to this field the task explodes a million fold. I do not tell you this with a superior attitude because the reality is I am as dumb as they come. If I can do it, I'm sure someone else can. If they think its just cospiracy stuff just remind them so was sept. 11 before hand. Sorry if my spelling stinks.

Anonymous said...

CoG, what websites would you recommend for more information. Your information seems too specific for just a bedroom experimenter.

Anonymous said...

I'm being honest. I'm old school educated. Not web stuff. Most of my learning was done hands on in my bedroom. It had to be hands on because of learning challenges I have. I have had schooling and stuff, but it was done to say I have the credit. I taught half of the classes I attended to learn at. It was all done hands on. I didnt have a clue what the book meant until I created it myself. Then when I finally grasped the concept I changed it and made it do something it wasnt intended to do.

Anonymous said...

CoG, you mean well but you shouldn't post technical information that can't be verified somewhere else, particularly if you lack credentials, and credentials are extremely important if information is to be taken seriously by those who don't have them. While I have tracked additional information using the terms you've used and in that sense your post wasn't wasted, I feel very foolish and suckered in.

I understand learning disabilities and spelling errors. I understand there are many different types of intelligence and you may be a self-taught genius. Other than your word we can't verify that. As you probably know, the internet is full of self-proclaimed geniuses who spread lies and falsehoods, scaring people into foolish action.

Posting that we should be afraid of the military potential of Galileo because of experiments you did in your home makes us look very foolish and makes other things we post look untrustworthy. The reason I even took your information as potentially important was because it fit into other information we have gathered on Javier Solana.

Anonymous said...

Well Im sorry you feel suckered in because I am not a scientist. However the truth still stands wether you understand how it works or not. This web page that constance has here is just made up of the average Joes with different life experiences. I have not misslead you in any way. As I said before the education I do have was not over night. And I did say education. How ever did you think inventions get invented, just strictly by books? There is a little old fassion trial and error involved. I did not post this to be counted as self proclamed. I could give a rats rear end about recognition. None of this info was misleading. Unfortunately maybe I dont know the correct way to communicate this. But on the other hand it does take some time to get to the bottom of some things. Don't look for sensation and glamor. If you were looking to stumble upon some ace in the hole, you will never find it! Stop parading around what the media expectations are and grow a spine or you will become just as what you follow, even though you claim to be concervative. It was not the John Kerrys of the world that make it go round. If your not willing to tackle a difficult time consuming subject and study your self you will be let down every time. Dont live on someone elses crudentials! I assume that you are a christian. Well I am and I do have a concience. All this stuff is verifiable. If you are just talking to other people for varification, you will get 1000 different responses. Go to your library! Not your internet! Its time to recognise that some old fassion study is good for something.

Anonymous said...

By the way, the sun is yellow. Do I need crudentials?

Anonymous said...

CoG, the sun isn't yellow by the way.

Credentials or proof that you understand such terms as


might help though.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if some how I offended you. I am not claiming to be a know it all. I came straight out and told who I was. Now I can also tell you I don't know all those terms nor do I need to at this point. I can only tell you the electronic aspect of how this stuff works, and how a GPS works and what will screw it up from my own experience. No, I am not an expert of any sort. But what I can tell you that if you look hard enough you will find someone with the crudentials you are looking for. What I am saying is, I have played around with this electronics stuff and know that if I can do it so can someone else. And I'm sure they could do it a lot better. If I can do it there has to be someone certified that can do it who is willing to talk. I don't know if satellite technology is classified stuff or not, but the internal workings are very simple. But if it is, how long do you think it will stay that way with people who have played around with this stuff, not just read books about it? It's like medications, brand name or generic? The stuff gets copied by someone who plays around and experiments. Satellite technology is no different, it's electronics. I seriously wish you luck in finding out information. You're probably going to have to find someone who has experimented and I'm afraid talk isn't cheap. People get paid to talk about this stuff, and it is usually in classes. I promise you I have not sent you on a wild goose chase. If you keep searching you will find what you need. If you want to show a posting to prove me wrong, that's fine too. But the one thing is you can't change what I've seen with my own eyes. One example you might want to look into on GPS jamming is the invasion of Bahgdad. The Iraq military was using GPS jammers of some sort. For how long they did it and what success rate they had, I have no idea. But it was built by the Russians. Also look into the militaries WAAS system here in the United States. It compliments our GPS technology on our GPS receivers. If you do research on this you will see how accurate it is, but then look and see how susceptible it is to EMP. The WAAS system is mostly located on the ground and is vulnerable to many intrusions through the air. Good Luck. Your Brother in Christ.

Anonymous said...

CoG, I must admit you started some very interesting research and dialogue. Your information probably has started many people thinking about the military uses of satellites and the dangers involved. If you've been at it for so many years, I doubt I'll be in a position any time soon to evaluate what you've posted.

A good friend said that I was being too harsh and that Google started in someone's garage. If I've been too harsh, I apologize.

The gap between what the military must know and what civilians are told is pretty broad. You may have helped narrow it no matter what the validity of your information is.

Anonymous said...

Awww, It's nice to see CoG and Anon. kiss and makeup...kind of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
I agree with Anon., on many points, but CoG your passion and enthusiasm is delightful and many of our most revered and greatest scientific minds in history have no real formal training. However, perhaps for your own curiosity you should contact your local polytech or uni and show them your research, most Deans or Heads would welcome an individual such as yourself, and would also do what they can to assist you in obtaining funding to cover the costs of fees.
Thank you for piquing several people's interest in exactly why and what the government(s) are planning to do with all those sats way up there.
God Bless.

Anonymous said...

hi connie- trucker hugh sends new year's greetings!

Anonymous said...

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