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Animal Rights Component of New Age Movement - Process Church of the Final Judgment and BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY

Behind a national network of animal shelters, including a greatly beloved one in Pontiac, Michigan, "The Michigan Animal Rescue League" lies one of the country's, if not the world's most notorious cults, the PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGMENT a/k/a FOUNDATION CHURCH OF THE MILLENNIUM a/k/a FOUNDATION FAITH OF GOD.  The Process Church founders had their roots in Scientology and moved on to form their own cult.  Despite the current Wikipedia article saying no proof had been found of ties to Charles Manson, Manson himself in a prison interview freely talked of sending representatives from his cult to England where the cult began life.

The cult now successfully masquerades as an animal benefactoring association, BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY.  They are successfully lobbying in many states to enact legislation against "breed specific legislation."  Their efforts are clearly directed at protecting the most dangerous breed of dogs from a human and other animal safety standpoint, the PIT BULL.  They raise vast sums of money for their Pit Bull Rescue groups.

Logo for groups affiliated with Best Friends Animal Society

I'm informed that the attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, Richard Angelo, presented the proposed  the Michigan legislation sponsored by Senator David Robertson.  The influential lobbyist who prevailed upon the Committee to change enough votes to let it out of Committee without a second hearing was John Lindley.  He is a registered lobbyist with the Lansing based lobbying firm PAA (Public Awareness Associates).  It was BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY who hired Lindley.  The legislation passed by the Michigan Senate is the same as bills sponsored by the cult in 22 other states.  

Now, yes, there are nice pit bulls and nice people who own pit bulls.  Unfortunately, some nice people with nice pit bulls have been killed or seriously maimed by their own animals.  Seventy four percent of all dog bite fatalities have come from pit bull attacks.  fifty three percent of those attacks involved a family member.  Ten percent of the attacks involved sleeping infants.  That breed was bred for violent tendencies -- most dogs bite and release.  The Pit Bull does not release.   Organizations seeking to educate on these statistics include

Needless to say, the Process Church of the Final Judgment was and is an important New Age component.  It does live on as a direct continuation in its present incarnation as BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY.  It does not even try to hide its history or relationship to the PROCESS CHURCH.

 I'm now in personal alarm mode.  The Michigan State Senate just passed 22 to 13 a bill banning breed specific legislation.  The bill was sponsored by a Christian legislator in Michigan with Libertarian roots, Senator David Robertson.    I had  traveled with two friends to Lansing, Michigan's Capital to give testimony against the bill which would strip a municipality of power to protect its citizenry against dangerous dog attacks -- sometimes by banning a very dangerous breed; sometimes by requiring neutering to prevent local proliferation of the breed.  Usually municipalities resorted to such ordinance creation only when a tragedy had preceded the event.

The Michigan bill still has to go through the Michigan House of Representatives.  We are hopeful we can possibly stop it there.  I'm personally working on that.  The Senate version of the bill was assigned to the Judiciary Committee.  We traveled there on the date of the scheduled hearing, February 20th.  We were effective that date -- one Senator (Tonya Schuitmaker) committed to the bill previously changed her vote upon hearing our testimonies.  Ann Marie Rogers presented compelling documented testimony and an impressive packet of information any conscientious legislator could hardly ignore.  They announced the bill would not be leaving Committee.  That was a victory, or so we thought.

Just a few days later, we learned that a very high priced, high pressure lobbyist had been engaged by BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY.  The Committee members were leaned upon and this time it made it out of committee, over Senator Schuitmaker's vote.  We were disturbed on public safety grounds, but the missing dynamite component was something I did not then realize that all should realize -- the BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY was a direct continuation of the cult to which many law enforcement officers have traced a disturbing pattern of blackmails, human trafficking, placing people in compromising positions.

The Best Friends Animal Society has not even tried to hide their connections to a cult that reportedly involved major criminal cases such as that of David Berkowitz and Charles Manson.  They have tried to cleanse themselves of the Manson connection by pointing to an early book on the Manson cult by Ed Sanders.  When he brought out the Process Church connections, the cult employed a time honored tactic of filing a lawsuit and the American publisher cowardly recalled all copies to get rid of the litigation.  The British publisher, however, stood by the well researched and documented book (if you buy it, be sure to either locate the British edition or the pre-purged edition).  

At any rate, me, an animal lover with 3 dogs and 1 cat has learned more about the Best Friends Animal Society and its sorry roots and  explosive spread than I ever previously wanted to know.  I would not have suspected, even though I knew the Animal Rights Movement was always an important component of the New Age Movement.

Oh, and what does the PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGMENT believe?  They have three branches representing, they say their 3 different Gods:  Jehovah, Lucifer, and Satan.  "Christ," they say  aims to reconcile all 3 into himself, whoever and whatever their "Christ" may be.   You may be sure it is not Jesus!

"Nice folks" -- be aware.  There are undoubtedly some involved in the now burgeoning BEST ANIMAL FRIENDS SOCIETY who are unaware of these origins and as so many other New Agers did over the years, walk away when they learned the truth.  There are others who continue to take those into "deeper levels" of their occult belief system.

I believe now and always have that everybody deserves one kind warning.  After that I'm not going to beat people over the head with the evidence.  Nor will I interfere with their "Constitutional Right" to "go to Hell if that's where they are Hell bent on going."

I so hate to see the lovely animals used for their purposes.  God had second thoughts about having had created the human race (Genesis 6:6).  I'm sure he never repented of creating cats and dogs.  The Bible also says in Proverbs that "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast."  

You may be sure that the ultimate goal of increasing the population of pit bulls is not to help the human race.  Perhaps it is more aptly in line with the New Age goal of human population reduction?

Stay alert, stay tuned!


"You may be sure that the ultimate goal of increasing the population of pit bulls is not to help the human race."

All too true.

So what IS the reason to promote increasing the population of Pit Bulls?

A) "The US pet industry is worth 16 billion dollars. Without pit bulls to sell, to rescue, to rehabilitate, to care for and to feed, a lot of people would see their revenues plunge, denounced Jeffrey Borchardt, who lost his baby when he was torn from the arms of his babysitter by two pit bulls. Since this tragedy, the American DJ and other victims have worked to expose the gears of the powerful pit bull promotion lobby. Who pulls the strings?"

Portrait of a tightly woven network:

B) Look at how STRANGE this is:

"There are nice pit bulls and nice people who own pit bulls.

"Unfortunately, some nice people with NICE pit bulls have been killed or seriously maimed by THEIR OWN animals.

"74% of ALL dog bite fatalities have come from pit bull attacks.

53% of those attacks involved a FAMILY member.

10% of the attacks involved sleeping INFANTS."

Doesn't sound like our beloved "Man's Best Friend", does it?

Who DOES it sound like?

Hmmm, let's think...

Try THIS idea on for size!


Pit Bulls have been bred (knowingly or not) in such a way as to make them ESPECIALLY SUSCEPTIBLE to demonic influence.

So much so that they are tantamount to a SEPARATE canine species however much they look like regular dogs.
Yes, you only need to ask an Insurance company if Pit Bulls are no different than any other breed.
It's the business of insurance companies to know about particular dangers, and the statistics that go with them.
If they’re willing to do this to themselves imagine what they’re willing to do to us!

I dashed this article out probably 10 minutes before I retired for the night -- in the cold light of day, I corrected typos.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This item was just called to my attention:

This item was just called to my attention:

I'm not always a fan of Huffington Post, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Check these stories from HuffingtonPost.


Pit bulls were bred for centuries by depraved men for the purpose of killing. These dogs have a genetic trait for unpredictable, explosive aggression that can never be loved, trained or socialized out of them. They are the #1 canine killer of people, pets and livestock, bar none. They were bred for a purpose and that purpose is illegal in 50 states. Pit Bulls need to be regulated as they are inherently dangerous.
Michigan banned wolf hybrids in 2000 and the hybrids killed far fewer than pit bulls. As the number serious, disfiguring and disabling attacks and fatalities via pit bull are increasing across the nation, we need to be concerned and enact Breed Safety Laws to help protect our communities.

Here is a link to the MI Senate Judiciary Testimony on February 20, 2018.

Here is a link to the MI Senate Judiciary Testimony on February 20, 2018. Pertinent testimony begins at approx minute 10:30.
Copy and paste link if dies not open here.
For more information on Pit Bulls, please visit,,,

Also there are many Facebook groups with information on the subject of pit bulls and attacks including, "Our Pets Were Attacked by Pit Bulls", "The Pit Bull Propaganda Machine", "No Place Like Home Rescue of Michigan".
Michigan shelters and rescues are all hooked into this new age cult whether wittingly or not. Michigan Pet Fund Alliance began a political PAC, MI-PACA to push the Best Friends Animal Society's agenda.

My article above is now updated with the logo used by the BEST ANIMAL FRIENDS SOCIETY and some used by its parent organization, THE PROCESS CHURCH OF THE FINAL JUDGMENT.


More Restaurants Go CASHLESS, Accept ONLY Cards And OTHER Forms Of Payment!

If you're craving the Serrano Grilled Shrimp Bowl at the Tender Greens salad chain, don't bother bringing cash.

Tender Greens, with 28 restaurants on the East and West coasts, is one of a growing number of eateries that are either shunning cash and only accepting credit and debit cards and contactless payment systems, like Apple Pay, or experimenting with the strategy.

While no one has kept a running count of restaurants adopting the cashless policy, interest is clearly rising. A 2016 Federal Reserve study found the number of non-cash payments — including credit and debit cards — totaled 144 billion in 2015, having grown 5.3% annually between 2012 and 2015

Sweetgreen, another salad chain on the coasts and part of the Midwest, and some independent restaurants have adopted the same policy. Two national chains are exploring it.

In January, Starbucks made one of its shops in its hometown of Seattle cashless, and Shake Shack, the gourmet hamburger chain, began testing cashless kiosks at its Astor Place restaurant in New York City in October. Both chains declined to discuss their experiments.

Restaurant owners say ordering is faster from customers who slap down plastic instead of dollars, cutting a few seconds out of the process. But most of the benefits appear to accrue to the restaurants: less time taken counting bills, reduced pilferage, no armored-car fees or fear of stickups.
Thank you folks for the info and for all you do to help protect us from the Pit Bull menace!

That being said, however, let me say that we don't have time for perpetual legal & legislative wranglings on such an easily resolved matter when we have so many other more weighty and difficult matters to deal with.


Let's have a Federal Mandate of whatever kind is necessary to accomplish this, be it Executive Order, USDA Regulation, Congressional Law to INSTITUTE the COMPLETE BANNING of Pit Bulls in the U.S. ASAP!

-And if anyone STILL needs convincing, take a look at what needs to be stopped, RIGHT NOW:
“PIT BULL ROULETTE” killed 38,000 other animals in 2017!

Pit bulls killed 92% of dogs killed by dogs & 96% of cats killed by dogs. “Pit Bull Roulette” cost the lives of 38 humans, plus nearly 13,000 dogs, 5,000 cats, and more than 20,000 farmed animals in 2017––and, only two weeks into 2018, has already killed Happy Hound Hotel boarding kennel worker Laura Williams Ray, of Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, and three-year-old Rylee Marie Dodge, of Duncan, Oklahoma, along with many dozens of animals.

Ray and Dodge were respectively the 10th and 11th humans to die in dog attacks in the 51 days between November 24, 2017 and January 14, 2018, and were the 9th and 10th humans to be killed by pit bulls.

Overall, pit bulls accounted for 68% of the human dog attack deaths in 2017, 88% of the human disfigurements, 92% of the dogs killed by other dogs, 94% of the dogs seriously injured by other dogs, 96% of the cats killed by dogs, and 74% of the farmed animals killed by dogs.

What is “Pit Bull Roulette”?

“Pit Bull Roulette” is the gamble that a pit bull can be safely introduced into proximity to other living beings.

“Pit Bull Roulette” could be called “playing chicken,” except that chickens, unlike pit bull owners and advocates, have better sense than to do anything of the sort.

Common variants of “pit bull roulette” include “sidewalk roulette,” “dog park roulette,” “animal shelter adoption roulette,” which killed five humans in 2017, “kennel roulette,” the variant that killed Ray, and “household roulette,” the variant that killed Dodge.

Typiandly the victims––who are sometimes the players––have no idea that their lives have been gambled.

The more living beings to whom a pit bull is exposed, or the more pit bulls are part of the scenario, the higher the odds that one or more living beings will be killed or injured.

Nearly 50,000 dogs, including nearly 47,000 pit bulls, killed or injured humans or other pets and/or farmed animals in the U.S. during 2017.

One pit bull in 80 kills an animal or human in any given year. Since there are only about 3.7 million pit bulls in the U.S. at any given time, the odds start at about one chance in 80 that any given pit bull will kill a human or animal in any given year––compared to about one chance in 24,666 that any given dog of any other breed will kill any pet or farmed animal.

That’s right: the odds are 308 times higher that a pit bull will kill a human, pet, or farm animal in any given year than that a dog other than a pit bull will.

Multiply that one chance in 80 by the 10-year average lifespan of a dog, and about one pit bull in eight will become a killer––if the pit bull lives a normal lifespan.
They’re not even trying to conceal Satanism.

Please watch Pit Bulls Unleashed:Should They Be Banned? It features Best Friends Animal Society attorney, Ledy Van Kavage.
(What many have feared may be attempted in one way or another after Trump got elected may just have happened...)

Mounting Evidence That:


Although I cannot say the following with 100% certainty, there can be made an excellent case that President Trump has been overthrown and he is operating as a puppet president.

The first set of facts that makes one believe that there is a strong possibillity of an overthrow of the President comes from the construction of a timeline which shows such a dramatic shift of policy and behavior of the President and the orderly progression of events and dates do not add up.

The second set of circumstances and facts that leads one to conclude that the Deep State is finally in charge of the White House comes from people with some knowledge of the Presidential schedule and routine as well as some ancillary events involving known people and their routine interaction with the President which dramatically supports an about face reversal in presidential policy toward Syria.

In effect, what is going to be presented in the second half of this article is that I believe that it is possible to determine when this president and his foreign policy decisions were taken away from him...

{It is a TREMENDOUS but super-long article, see the rest of it at...}
I suspect that this preserve the pit bull gambit is motivated with an apocalyptic scenario in mind. Remember that Manson had the idea of a race war during which he and his friends would hide out underground in the desert, then, when the incompetent at anything but violence blacks had won, and found they couldn't manage things, and were open to accepting white leadership, Manson and co. would surface and accept the role of leaders of this new order.

Something similar was making the rounds as an idea in the party and rock and roll scene incl. more elite types interfacing with thugs back then, so clearly Manson was drinking from the same poisoned well.

You can probably find The Family online as a pdf file by now, maybe or somewhere else. I have a copy of the unredacted original.

Maury Terry takes it farther in The Ultimate Evil, drawing the connections even more, and positing more than one Manson and more than one Berkowitz.
(the latter is now a Christian with a prison ministry, but doesn't dare tell all and name names or his mother will be killed or worse than just killed quickly.)

Soooo.....various survivalist types have mentioned that in a SHTF scenario, a total breakdown, a lot of people won't put their pets down but release them to fend for themselves. A very few of these writers have had experience with dog packs (people let the little darlings run loose and they join and attack hikers and livestock. a few are feral packs, in town for instance these avoided people but the looks of them were all shepherd and so forth related.)

A nightmare scenario is packs of free ranging dogs the meanest who killed off the rest and dominated the scene after being let loose. I would add, another few generations in some locations, and the pit bull bloodlines will dominate the wild bloodlines. horrors. Add more mastiff and Rottweiler to the mix.

Now, with apocalyptic thought being involved with some of these more obviously diabolical type new agers, my guess is that Best Friends or its leadership is hoping for exactly this to happen - however nice the rescues might be, the bloodlines in a pinch would dominate where dogs would fight for control as packs or for control of a pack as individuals. Dogs are polygamous. oops.

The humans degenerated and took the dogs with them. in the 1800s the top fighting dog in Boston was safe with children and animals and would never fight another dog until squared off in the pit. Seems he understood context. But while the vicious Great Dane had its violence bred out, the pit bull had more violence and explosiveness bred in.

The mix of mastiff and terrier was a bad idea. The only good one was the Doberman, where the lightweight terrier dominated, a dog that was "scharp," would attack the devil himself, but manageable. Rottweiler and Manchester terrier. The rat terror and mastiff and bull mastiff mixes that went into the pit bull have the mastiff dominant and no release as a breed characteristic.
Anon. 11:52....

Before even reading your linked article, I wanted to toss this out as something I've been thinking through lately, and it's highlighted in a recent update from Nyquist, which I'll link to at the end.

Diana West in her book American Betrayal, lays out a convincing case for the infiltration of our government by enemy agents, to the point where policy could be influenced by outside states - in this case the Soviet Union.

I guess you could say, to use a phrase seen often these days, that the "deep state" was embedded sometime during the 1930s, perhaps even earlier to some extent, and that from that point on, various "deep state" elements have been, in one way or another, influencing foreign policy ever since. The Korean War, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Syria. In each case, the outcome for the United States could have been much more favorable, but it wasn't. In each case, we were "convinced" that to get involved was in our best interest - and probably, it was, had we done so in the right manner, using the correct strategy - but before we even got involved things were set up so that we would probably fail.

In other words, enemies within maintain such an influence over our foreign policy, that our engagement on the world stage with enemy combatants was arranged so that we were basically walking into a trap that in the end would have us weakened militarily and morally. Now who would want such an outcome? The same group of people who influenced WW2 so that at its conclusion, the Soviet Union owned the Eastern half of Europe.

I think those same people - the deep state, the communists, the globalists, the ones who are always there to sabotage our good intentions, always there to influence policy in a negative way for the U.S. in particular, and in a negative way for the very idea of sovereign nationhood, because if someone like America keeps screwing up, well, maybe we should just scrap the idea for national sovereignty altogether, and build a new world based on one global governmental system, yes? - anyway, these same people were responsible for changing Trump's mind about attacking Syria, using the road paved by good intentions, to lead him into a trap. This trap is one that Russia has been setting the board for for quite a while now, and we are oblivious. They are our friends, don't ya know? Well, they certainly have "justification" now for attacking our fleet in the Mediterranean, don't they? Syria is one of their allies. And you can bet that they will be promoting the idea that there was no chemical attack. Whether there was or wasn't isn't even the issue with them, it's that they want the world to think there wasn't any chemical attack, so they can be seen as having taken the moral high road in this situation, and that Trump is a loose cannon on the world stage, and must be .... stopped.

With that in mind, listen to Jeff's quite sobering analysis of the situation (starts out with Allan speaking briefly in Portuguese to his Brazilian audience, but then it switches to English):




What do you know about the Acton Institute? They are a non-profit in Michigan. They put out a film called "Poverty, Inc." which I haven't seen yet, but have heard good things about.
Acton Institute's

Globalization, Justice, and the Economy: The Jesuit Contribution

The conference aims to pay tribute to early and late modern scholasticism, specifically the Jesuit contributions, to the development of modern market economies.
I don't want reading nor comment to end on this article. I'm also submitting it to NewswithViews to increase its circulation.

Isn't it so upside down in the world now, that known vicious people and known vicious dogs/animals are allowed to live, while people groups not responsible for causing harm, and innocent unborn, are put to be exterminated according to these "peace loving" persons of a supposed "higher morality" than all the rest of us? It amazes me how often we see people that will wrap a python around their neck and playfully stroke it, yet stand by and give their approval that innocent babes have no right to live. I personally know people who behave just like this.

We live in the days when evil is called good, and good is called evil. That is what Isaiah the prophet said. Those old words still ringing true, for such a time as this....
Re: Pit Bulls

Realize that:

There is significant Pit Bull owner resistance because,


"One pit bull in 80 kills an animal or human in any given year."


Means 79 out of 80 DON'T.

-And the owners of those 99% don't take too kindly to the idea of banning (etc) Pit Bulls.

The thing is, however...

Pit Bulls are ticking time-bombs with a 1-in-80 chance off going off at some point during EACH YEAR of their lives.

How, then, would the would-be Pit Bull owners like it (AND ACTUALLY DO IT) if, to have their Pit Bull's license renewed for a given year, they would be required to (for themselves and again & again for any & all other relevant persons and pets) pick a random handgun out of 80 (one of which would be LOADED) and place it against the temple of each household member and PULL THE TRIGGER?
Vis a vis the Acton Institute:

My own interactions and observations of it have been largely favorable, excluding its fawning over the Templeton Institute several years ago. Fr. Sirico has sought information from me in the past to arm himself for a debate with Matthew Fox. Mostly, they've been on the side of the Angels, although a tad too money oriented for my total comfort. I've attended their conferences and events in the past and enjoyed all.

Time to ban Pit Bulls in the USA

By Richard F. Miniter

A short time ago, a well-meaning but foolish young couple in my town adopted a "rescue" dog from New Jersey. It was a heavy (60-80 lbs) two-year-old Pit Bull. Scary, but they had attended several training sessions learning how to bond with the animal and overcame their fright by telling themselves they were doing a good thing.

By "Rescuing" it.

I suspect that the dog needed to be "rescued" because it had previously attacked people and so was in danger of being put down, but I don't know that. Regardless, this couple seemed not to have even inquired; instead, they completed their final bonding session and took him home. But from the first night alone with the animal, they were terrified by its foreboding presence. The thing seemed to stalking them from room to room inside their home.

Beyond frantic, the couple called the woman at the private shelter who had managed the adoption and asked her to take the dog back. She refused and instead offered them some advice about how to break through and made contact with the dog's inner happy puppy.

Well, that night, the Pit Bull did some breaking through on his own and severely mauled the man, who, without the timely arrival of deputy sheriffs and the local Fire Department, would have died a horrible death.

Just another Pit Bull story. My wife was severely bitten in the face by a Pit Bull while sitting at a client's kitchen table. Her offense? She made eye contact with the thing. My grandson was attacked and was luckily wearing clothing heavy enough to prevent injury before the Pit Bull was taken off him. A renter in a building next door would let his Pit Bull get out from time to time, and the thing would run onto my property, anxious to kill my Golden Retriever, Sparky, the friendliest dog in the world. Tired of talking to the local dog warden about the threat, I shot the Pit Bull in the butt with a .410 shotgun – my mistake being that it wasn't a 12-gauge, because the thing managed to run off.

My experiences are all of a piece with the spread of these "pets."

A week or so ago, I started bookmarking stories about Pit Bull attacks, including one with a chilling video of a young boy being savaged, here. Here is one about a couple savagely mauled by their 28-year-old son's Pit Bull. Here is one about a Pit Bull killing the woman who owned it on the deck of her home in Pennsylvania. Here's one about a Pit Bull who killed a man in Dayton, Ohio after the thing broke its chain. Here's one (with video) of a man savagely mauled by two Pit Bulls trying to kill his Jack Russell Terrier.

Stories noticed during just a few days, and mostly in only one publication.

The fact is that these attacks are going on day in, day out in towns and cities all across the nation. Experts tell us that Pit Bulls (and Rottweilers, a comparatively rare breed) account for less than 5% of the dog population but 70% of the killings and mutilations, especially of children. And any patrol cop will tell you that dog complaints – particularly those that involve pet dogs being hunted down and torn apart or attacks on citizens – almost invariably involve Pit Bulls.

But they have their defenders, with advocates telling you it's the owner's fault. That they're bad, not the breed. But if this were true, you'd have to somehow account for the fact that Pit Bull owners are fourteen times worse than average, which is ridiculous.

It's the breed – a breed that the British Government has banned after a series of egregious attacks by these dogs was researched and then thoroughly debated in Parliament.

They should be banned in the United States, too, the breeding of them forbidden...
This, so that children are no longer hunted down and mutilated or killed by these demons. And, of course, so they don't get you next time.

Or me.
Pit bulls are not "pets" -- they're LETHAL WEAPONS

How many more reports of vicious attacks must we endure? How many more people or animals injured or killed? How many more stories about "harmless" pit bulls, whose owners never saw the animal's vicious streak coming, must we read before something is done about these savage "pets"?
Extremely important video to watch regarding the BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY

DISGUSTING: Study finds that animal vaccines have no safeguards against contamination and contribute to serious pet diseases like cancer!
Eating nuts and seeds found to cut your risk of premature death by HALF
Pit bull attack on NY subway.
These 10 Medications Are Poisonous for Pets!
Thank you for this post Constance.
Who would have known that something called Best Friends Animal Society would be what these people are.
Very deceptive !
Considering Manson & Co. etc. maybe a better name would be Best Fiends Animal Society!
We should not abuse what God has provided.
Woman mauled by pack of pitbulls who 'chewed on her for FORTY MINUTES'
Chicago man charged with making videos of his pit bull killing other animals...
ATWA - Charlie Manson's environmental movement...
What a thought provoking piece.
Best Friends also uses Ledy Van Kavage to erode our safety laws. You can see her on Fifth Estate excusing a pit bull for crushing an 18 month old babies skull because "maybe the baby was crying."
I would believe that pit bull owners are fourteen times worse than average because you would have to be insanely dumb to think you could handle one.
They are the ones likely to be fighting dogs or spoiling dogs to make up for a "bad past."
The bottom line is that anyone who actively seeks a pit bull for sure should not be given one. Neither should anyone else.
Did you know the founders of Best Friends came to America from England. Maryann DeGrimston led them and it was strongly suspected the prior to beginning the cult that she had a part in the Profumo Affair. She was also, she said, married to an American,but he denied it.
More widely known is her involvement in a prostitution ring seemingly created in order to blackmail and compromise people in important positions.
You chod read the Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry. It's enlightening.
The Ultimate Evil mentions that David Berkowitz said that his cult wanted to specifically kill somebody from the Elephus nightclub, but he had no idea why. Maury Terry figured out that it had something to do with religion, an older cult, so it could be that The Process Church was studying Eliphus Levi along with the psychologist Adler.
A philosophy of pure selfishness was what they had come up with. Investigators thought they used the cult to cover up drug running, gun trafficking, and making porn and snuff films for the mob. Being misanthropes on top of it would fit well with their likely enjoying the carnage pit bulls wreak upon the rest of us. One employee said that you'll never see a Founder touch an animal unless a camera is pointed at them.
They also go by the Foundation Faith of God and the Foundation Faith of the Millennium. Those names were used simultaneously when they were supposed to be just Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. They were "donating" (begging) for their church and claiming it was for the animals. Their church had a punitive outlook andOutlook and the Foundation Faith of God may still be registered as "active" in NYC (and anywhere else.) It was fairly recently.
At their headquarters in Utah, that's why they're called "The Founders." It's not because they founded an animal sanctuary and named Angel Canyon.
Where they aren't even trying to conceal what has to be Safe.
Best Friends has been creating trouble in the USA since 1966 when they came from England fresh from learning Scientolgy techniques.
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