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Obama, Hillary, Al Gore, et al firmly intend to implement Agenda 21 - What it really was about

I watched the Hillary Clinton - Donald Trump Presidential contender debate last Sunday night.  Many viewers, I'm sure, focused on the more titillating aspects of that debate -- the sexual connotations and alleged indiscretions of one of the candidates and the spouse of the other one.  I was more concerned with the agenda Hillary expressed, the type of Supreme Court candidates she intended to appoint, and the agenda she intended to pursue.

This is the cover of Elaine DeWar's 1995 book CLOAK OF GREEN.  The book is more current and relevant than ever -- it also is relatively expensive now to obtain on Amazon, but it is REQUIRED READING.  She correctly identified that what the Rio de Janeiro 1992 Earth Summit and "Agenda 21" was really all about was surrender of national sovereignties to a "Global Governance Agenda".  Get this book by any means necessary!

This week Al Gore enthusiastically joined as one of the stumpers for Hillary's presidency.  Donald Trump's Vice Presidential candidate, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana has been openly ridiculed by Hillary Clinton, her vice presidential candidate Governor Caine, and California governor Jerry Brown for "he doesn't even believe in evolution."  Hillary said in last week's debate that she would appoint justices who would maintain Roe vs. Wade (abortion) and "Marriage Equality" (same sex marriage).  Her participation in the Capitol bible study group she alleged organized is a sham -- she did this as part of Doug Coe's operation -- the C Street Center. She would work for "clean energy", i.e. put the Pennsylvania and West Virginia coal miners out of business, plus provided a "full employment plan" for New Age entrepreneurs seeking to enrich themselves by forced conversions to their "new products."

The televised reports that Hillary was a misjudged Christian who had organized a Capitol bible story is a sham.  That was done as part of her membership in Doug Coe's "Fellowship".  That was the organization founded by Abraham ("Abram") Vereide that had many in and of itself mystical occult links (Norman Grubb, Rufus Jones, E. Stanley Jones, Roland Gammon, Glenn Clark, and others). I wrote about much of that in past blog and NewswithViews articles, that operation thoroughly compromised itself with Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dalai Lama and other occult interests.  The article series here and there was entitled "The HiJacking of Evangelicalism".  As far as "prayer" is concerned, you spell it your way P-R-A-Y and they'll spell it their way P-R-E-Y -- at least based on my experiences, that is my opinion.  God help those who were/are innocently involved.

Far from "disappearing", the New Age revolution is now in full throttle.  The billionaire funded operations of the Tides Foundation, Threshold Foundation, and cohorts are heating up with their funded projects ranging from "Occupy Oakland" to carbon credit tracking.  Barring divine intervention, the delayed hopes they had for 1982 and beyond are about to happen.  Here's what brilliant Canadian researcher/author Elaine DeWar observed about that process in her 1995 book, CLOAK OF GREEN:

By the summer of 1991, the persons I'd met following the story
of Paiakan had long since turned their attention to this meeting.
Advertised as the World's Greatest Summit, Rio was publicly described
as a global negotiation to reconcile the need for environmental
protection with the need for economic growth. The
cognoscenti understood that there were other, deeper goals. These
involved the shift of national regulatory powers to vast regional
authorities; the opening of all remaining closed national economies
to multinational interests; the strengthening of decision making structures
far above and far below the grasp of newly minted national
democracies; and, above all, the integration of the Soviet and Chinese
empires into the global market system.
There was no name for this
very grand agenda that I had heard anyone use, so later I named it
myself-the Global Governance Agenda.
Page 249, Cloak of Green.

I'm going to be talking about these topics on my later this morning program.  Please join us at  You may also consider entering the chatroom and/or calling in live with questions at 208-935-0094.

Stay tuned!


WikiLeaks document dumps have revealed the rank bias against Catholics and Evanglicals on the part of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In previous threads on this blog, a suspicious "Catholic" organization was discussed. It was called "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good." WikiLeaks has very recently validated the suspicions voiced on this blog.

According to WikiLeaks, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was one of at least two "Catholic" dummy organizations set up by John Podesta to exert influence over Church teaching in the wake of the Obama administration's HHS mandate.

Head of U.S. Bishops Blasts Team Hillary for Meddling in ‘Internal Life of the Church’

Catholic and Evangelical Leaders Pile On Outrage Over Clinton Campaign ‘Bigoted,’ ‘Christophobic’ Attacks
Fake Catholic Groups and the "Catholic Spring" Emails

October 13, 2016
Thanks Susanna,
great posts
Hi everyone, just received this email below ...please pray for Ray.


Dear Lighthouse Trails friends:

This is an urgent prayer request. Ray Yungen, our author and dear friend, was not released earlier this week from the hospital after a 7-day cancer treatment for his recently diagnosis of Hairy Cell leukemia. He began running high fevers and uncontrollable shaking. This morning, Ray has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit because his system (kidney's etc) seems to be shutting down. We have just spoken with his ICU nurse there, by phone, who said that he is in perilous condition. Please pray for this dear brother. We know the Lord loves him, and Ray loves the Lord. We know we can trust the Lord with our lives, but we also know the Bible tells us to pray for the sick. It will be very hard on many people, including the authors and editors at Lighthouse Trails, to lose Ray as he has been a tremendous source of encouragement and spiritual support throughout these past 15 years.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.
The Editors at Lighthouse Trails

Pat Robertson Attacks Creationists Again

For many years, well-known Christians like 700 Club host Pat Robertson have claimed that belief in a young Earth makes Christianity look ridiculous. They even say that a literal interpretation of Genesis actually keeps people from turning to Christ for salvation.

Most recently he said this on the 700 Club: “The truth is, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to think that this Earth that we live in only has 6,000 years of existence.” He also affirmed he believes in evolution: “There was a point of time that there was a particular human being that God touched — and that was the human that started the race that we are now part of.”
Just my opinion...

This presidential election is THE most important in our nation's history. So, do any of us really have the luxury or option of staying home and not voting on November 8th?

We should be less concerned with 'Right vs. Left' and more concerned with right vs. wrong. As Christians, don't we have a moral responsibility to choose an anti-Globalism, pro-life candidate over a pro-Globalism, pro-abortion candidate?

The mainstream media's 'mission' to sway the outcome of this election 24 hours a day / 7 days a week should be absolutely transparent to anyone who is 'awake.'

Donald Trump is one man fighting 'Goliath'... the One World Order Global Elite (made up of both Democrats and Republicans). He is surrounded by enemies, who want to destroy him politically... and even kill him. Say what you want about Trump... but no one can argue the fact that he is a man of tremendous COURAGE.

Although both candidates are flawed... I would rather vote for someone who may have said inappropriate WORDS 11 years ago... than vote for a woman who has a well documented record over the past 25 years of attacking her husband's RAPE victims and attempting to destroy their credibility. (Imagine the irony... the first woman President who in reality does not actually support women?)

If you believe that everything is fine in America... vote for Hillary. However, if you believe that America is going to hell in a hand basket and moving far away from God... why not give a proven successful businessman the opportunity to see if just maybe he can (with God's help) turn things around?

Catholic bishops condemn ‘ugly’ and ‘anti-Catholic’ emails between Clinton team

October 14, 2016

Catholic bishops and political campaigners alike have condemned emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign team which attack Catholicism.

The emails, released by Wikileaks this week, are disparaging about Catholic “middle ages” teachings.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia called the emails “ugly” and “contemptuously anti-Catholic”.

He was particularly angered by an exchange of emails between John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign, and Sandy Newman, president and founder of the campaign group Voices for Progress.

Newman wrote: “This whole controversy with the bishops opposing contraceptive coverage even though 98 per cent of Catholic women (and their conjugal partners) have used contraception has me thinking … There needs to be a Catholic Spring, in which Catholics themselves demand the end of a middle-ages dictatorship and the beginning of a little democracy and respect for gender equality in the Catholic church.”

In another email, John Halpin of the Centre for American Progress mocked the conservatism of Catholics, especially converts: “They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.” In a follow-up email he added: “They can throw around ‘Thomistic’ thought and ‘subsidiarity’ and sound sophisticated because no one knows what . . . they’re talking about.”

On his diocesan website Archbishop Chaput wrote ironically: “Of course it would be wonderful for the Clinton campaign to repudiate the content of these ugly WikiLeaks emails. All of us backward-thinking Catholics who actually believe what Scripture and the Church teach would be so very grateful.”

A less forceful statement from Archbishop Joseph E Kurtz of Louisville, Kentucky, President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, talked of the importance of freedom of religion, which “ensures the right of faith communities to preserve the integrity of their beliefs and proper self-governance”.

“There have been recent reports that some may have sought to interfere in the internal life of the Church for short-term political gain. If true, this is troubling both for the well-being of faith communities and the good of our country,” he wrote.

“In our faith and our Church, Christ has given us a precious gift. As Catholics, we hold onto our beliefs because they come to us from Jesus, not a consensus forged by contemporary norms. The Gospel is offered for all people for all times. It invites us to love our neighbor and live in peace with one another. For this reason, the truth of Christ is never outdated or inaccessible. The Gospel serves the common good, not political agendas.”

Archbishop Kurtz concluded: “Politicians, their staffs and volunteers should reflect our best aspirations as citizens. Too much of our current political discourse has demeaned women and marginalized people of faith. This must change. True to the best hopes of our founding fathers, we are confident that we can and will do better as a nation.”

A Catholic political group,, has called on Hillary Clinton’s campaign spokeswoman, Jennifer Palmieri, to resign. Its president, Brian Burch, said: “Hillary Clinton has already called half of her opponents’ supporters ‘a basket of deplorables’ and ‘irredeemable’ and now it comes out that her campaign spokeswoman dismissively question[ed] the sincerity of Catholic Americans’ faith.”

He continued: “Everyone has a unique faith journey, and it’s just insulting to make blanket statements maligning people’s motives for converting to another faith tradition. Had Palmieri spoken this way about other groups she [would be] dismissed. Palmieri must resign immediately or be fired.”.
Thank you Paul (from the previous thread).

There's an Update Brazil #46 out now, and it's even better (and more chilling). It's in a question / answer format, and touches on MANY things.

War before the election? Possibly. War to provide cover for the wikileaks relevations. It sounds unlikely, but this corrupt machine is capable of anything.

This comment has been removed by the author.
Praying for everyone in the USA at election time. Do you think anyone would notice if an Australian came and voted too? You'll need as many votes as you can get for Donald as all hell will break loose if Hillary gets in (literally).

From OZ


PLEASE take the time to watch this panel/discussion video by Judicial Watch (a bi-partisan government watch dog group), that covers the investigation by the FBI under the direction (and orders) of James Comey regarding Hillary Clinton's email scandal. All panel members are experienced in this field ... two have written well researched and documented books on the Clinton's corruption, etc.

PLEASE pass this along to anyone that you know of that is still "sitting on the fence" ...
To all:

I hope everyone will take the trouble to watch the video RayB linked us to. If it is from Judicial Watch, we can "take it to the bank." Thank you RayB!

Everyone might also want to check out the following WikiLeaks revelation. It validates Donald Trump's statement that we need "to investigate the investigation" into Hillary Clinton's e-mail scandals.

Report: State Dept Wanted ‘Quid Pro Quo’ with FBI to Change Hillary’s Classification Markings

FBI Served with Request for Hillary’s Backup Device…Object Is in FBI’s Possession

I almost fell off my chair as I read this article quoting Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput!!!

Philly Archbishop: Hillary Clinton a ‘Scheming, Robotic Liar’

While Archbishop Chaput is no fan of Donald Trump,

Still, when November 8 rolls around, one Catholic prelate has made it clear he won’t be “with her.”

My own personal view is that while Presidents come and go, Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life!

If we want a clique of radical liberal black-robed hacks pretending to be Supreme Court Justices while legislating from the bench and chipping away at our Constitutional rights - including freedom of religion - then Hillary is the one to vote for.

But if we want a President who admits he is not a saint, but hears the voice of the people and will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will protect, preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States, then Trump is our man. At first I had my doubts about a Donald Trump Supreme Court until I saw a list of candidates Trump is considering for the United States Supreme Court. The late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia is his standard bearer.

As a closing thought I would like to add that as repulsive as Donald Trump's lewdspeech was in terms of a video which recorded locker room jock talk to Billy Bush about eleven years ago (actual sexual misconduct and assault allegations have not yet been convincingly proven), I reject the media-manufactured "moral equivalence" between things Trump SAID and things Hillary and Bill Clinton have actually DONE!!!

When Donald Trump's eleven-year-old "poopy talk" is compared with Hillary Clinton allowing the Russians to gain control of 20% of our uranium reserves after a substantial donation was made to the Clinton Foundation, I don't think it takes rocket science to determine which candidate is fit for the White House and which candidate is fit for the "Big House."

Conservative Christians, Be Assured That President Hillary Clinton Will Declare War On You

Michael Brown
Posted: Oct 16, 2016
Susanna said ...

"As a closing thought I would like to add that as repulsive as Donald Trump's lewdspeech was in terms of a video which recorded locker room jock talk to Billy Bush about eleven years ago (actual sexual misconduct and assault allegations have not yet been convincingly proven), I reject the media-manufactured "moral equivalence" between things Trump SAID and things Hillary and Bill Clinton have actually DONE!!!"


Very well stated. I don't like or use this type of "jock talk," but have heard it quite often my entire life ... much of it by "fine upstanding citizens." One in fact, was a two term Governor and U.S. Senator from a major mid-west state, that had the public reputation for being a great "family man." As far as I know, this man was faithful to his wife, but seemed to like this type of talk ... I hreard it personally on a number of occasions. There is something weird about men that seem to like to talk like this ... maybe it makes them feel "macho?"

As a side note, years ago, I worked one the road where I came in contact with a lot of people, including women. Trust me, men aren't the only ones that are guilty of trash talk. I often heard things said by women that would make a sailor blush. And from what I've heard and read re: Hillary Clinton, she could win a Nobel Prize for this if one existed!

This election is pivotal; we will either go forward as a sovereign, independent nation, or we will morph into the despotic One World Government the elite has planned for us. BREXIT was a blow that they are still reeling from, a Trump victory could set their plans back for decades!
The biblical prophetic speaks to us having a one world government, even if we do not like the idea. And Hillary is all for that globalist dream.

I have also heard of the presidents prophesy, that numbers the presidents with Obama being the last (not a biblical prediction) has any one heard of it?

I think we may very well end up with Hillary stealing the election, yet we hear and see indications that she may be seriously ill? So if she doe win by deception, then dies early in office, we will have the grandest of events with a Jesuit president and a Jesuit Pope.

If not that dissolving of the republic, then we may see it's end by war starting, with Obama declaring martial law, ending our democracy.

Jeff Nyquist had a vivid dream / vision back in the late 90s I believe. He said it was either a vision, or the pizza he ate just before bed. It might be out there on the internet somewhere. It implied that after Bush, the Republic ended.
Trump has been accused by CNN of whining because he has said the election is rigged. Of course he is right. There is a mad rush to register immigrants to vote. Courts have said it is discriminatory to require ID. There have been numerous reports about voting machines that change the vote once it is cast. Now our Dept of Homeland Security is supposedly securing the elections, but who heads up that Dept. Jeh Johnson, an Obama stooge.

We can focus all we want on our obligation to vote, but we cannot forget the old adage, it's not who votes but who counts the votes. There is one more item, our electrol college. Even if there are an overwhelming number of popular votes for Trump, we know that the electrol college is not bound by the popular vote. If there is a large discrepancy it could lead to riots.

There is always the war car, which Obama can play at the last minute and get us involved in something much larger in Syria or elsewhere. There could also be more race riots, throwing US into a State of Emergency.

Whatever Wikileaks is waiting to release, I hope it is so go that even the most loyal Clinton supporter will be forced to withdraw their vote.

I agree with Donal Trump's words on globalism, manufacturing and the Fed manipulating rates to help the Democratic Party. His character leaves a bit to be desired. As far as his escapades with women, who knows? He hasn't been charged with rape to my knowledge but if even a small percentage of the sexual assault charges are true, he still wouldn't be as bad as the Clintons who crucify the rape victims of Bill. That does not say much for our country, that we have two candidates that have a history of sexual assault and rape and then covering them up.

His words have condemned him, even if it was just talk. It's unfortunate that with all of his wealth and power he felt the need to talk like that. That's very poor judgement and shows a certain insecurity. A man who is secure in himself would not need to speak that way. The truth is that most politicians do this sort of thing and feel the need to have conquest with women, including the beloved JFK.

The election really seems to be about God's judgment on USA. We have not defended the innocent victims of abortion. We have not stood up against our unjust wars. We have not stood against sexual immorality. We have close our eyes to the corruption of our leaders and now we are reaping the results. I'm not speaking of every individual but/ rather corporately we have not done enough as a nation to ask God to intercede and stop this.

In the words of Solomon, if a people called by my name would humble themselves. pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their Land. Can God use Trump? He used Nebuchadnezzar to judge the Kingdom of Judah and he used Cyrus to give Judah back a Temple and to end their exile.

All of you who believe in the Bible, turn to God and pray for his mercy on our nation. Our sins are heaped high and we don't really deserve it but he is filled with compassion. If he doesn't heal our land, maybe he will give those of us who are grieved the strength to withstand whatever is coming?

Assange's internet link intentionally severed by state party - WikiLeaks

October 17, 2016

WikiLeaks has activated “contingency plans” after its co-founder’s internet service was intentionally cut off by a state actor, the media organization said in a tweet.

The internet is one of the few, if not only, available ways for Julian Assange, who has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for more than four years, to maintain contact with the outside world.

Facing extradition to Sweden over allegations of rape, which he denies, the Australian computer programmer has been holed up in the embassy in West London since 2012.

He claims the extradition is actually a bid to move him to a jurisdiction from which he can then be sent to the US, which is known to be actively investigating WikiLeaks.

The unverified claims of state sabotage come as WikiLeaks continues to release damaging documents, most recently thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

Earlier this month, Assange claimed his organization would aim to publish documents “every week” in the run up to US Election Day on November 8.

Clinton’s campaign has made unsubstantiated claims that WikiLeaks is working with the Russian government to help defeat the Democrat in favor of Trump.

Last week the FBI reissued a statement saying it was working to “determine the accuracy, nature and scope” of cyber intrusions, but did not name any suspected perpetrators.

The ninth release of Podesta emails occurred on Sunday, bringing the total number of leaked files to over 12,000.

Among the hundreds of emails released are discussions about Clinton’s appeal among black voters, her email apologies, and Chelsea Clinton being described by one of her father’s longtime aides as a ‘backstabber’.

The batch also comes amid revelations of Clinton’s cozy relationship with the mainstream media, and how they work closely to control the media landscape and set up stories that show her in a favorable light.

Earlier this month, it emerged that Hillary Clinton reportedly wanted to “drone” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when she was the US secretary of state.

According to True Pundit, Clinton and the State Department were under pressure to silence the whistleblower in the months before WikiLeaks dumped some 250,000 diplomatic cables from 1966 to 2010, dubbed CableGate.

Unidentified State Department sources claimed Clinton asked “can’t we just drone this guy?”

Dan Bryan,

The number 4 is the number of the world (as in 4 directions north, south, east, and west for instance), the globe, in other words. Obama is #44 - is that a 4 doubled like added emphasis? And it appears to me that America now belongs to the world because our sovereignty is toast. America has turned it's back on God, wanting to go back to being great again, while not repenting and trusting the Lord of the Bible upon which she was founded, the Lord who made her great to begin with. 44...40 + 4. The number 40 in the Bible is the number of trials, tribulations and a 4 added to it...tribulations and the world coming together in those numbers........timely don't you think?

I don't know what others make of it, but it these numbers seem to be adding up to me.
The world seems ready for the Bible's prophecies to finish. They have been fulfilling all along, and many things are ripe for a finale when I read about it from the Bible.

Your thinking is a lot like mine in what you are mentioning.

Is America for the history books now? Is God done giving her mercy to continue as a nation and now His mercy reserved only for those who will not submit to the devil's master plan for the globe?
I think these are right questions to be asking.

I think God is done warning.

The jig is up.

On Planned Parenthood’s 100-year anniversary, October 15, tens of millions of Americans have now seen the shocking undercover video footage of the biggest abortion provider’s top-level leadership--medical directors, national program directors, even the Senior Director of Medical Services--callously negotiating the harvesting and sale of aborted fetal body parts.
Even Planned Parenthood’s political allies recognize that there is nothing defensible about Planned Parenthood’s illicit trade in tiny baby hearts, lungs, livers, and brains.
The board of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation said it best when they observed that the videos of senior leadership’s participation in fetal trafficking have “upended” Planned Parenthood, and that “the long-term consequences involve the substantial eroding of Planned Parenthood’s credibility and reputation.”
Planned Parenthood has never been able to deny the identities or statements of its own leadership, now captured on camera for all of history to see, although it has tried strenuously to assert that its leadership’s statements on the tapes are somehow extra-contextual.
Yet Planned Parenthood has never been able to explain in what context it is appropriate to “crush below” and “crush above” on some parts of a late-term fetus, or employ “a less-crunchy technique” of abortion in order to ensure the most valuable body parts can be harvested intact, or how it can be legal to “do a little better than break even” or “generate a fair amount of income” through supplying fetal body parts. While it is legal to donate human fetal organs and tissues, state and federal law prohibits their sale for profit.
The House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Select Investigative Panel is the only official investigation taking a comprehensive, nationwide look at Planned Parenthood’s harvesting and sale of aborted fetal organs and tissues.
The Panel has so far found probable cause that Planned Parenthood and its business partner StemExpress profited off the sale of fetal organs, used fraudulent and invalid consent forms to convince patients to give permission for harvesting, and engaged in “systematic violations” of HIPAA for five years in order to help StemExpress fulfill its order quotas for body parts.
StemExpress, a privately-held, for-profit biotech company in Placerville, Calif., harvests fetal organs at abortion clinics for resale to other research labs and publicly referred to its 5-year-long “business relationship” with Planned Parenthood. Less than a month after StemExpress was founded, it signed a contract with Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, the biggest and wealthiest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the entire country.
Inside Planned Parenthood’s clinics, StemExpress’ own technicians did all of the work of harvesting the body parts from abortions, from start to finish. StemExpress advertised this “plug-in solution” and “turn-key” business model as a “financially profitable” venture for the Planned Parenthood clinics. Planned Parenthood provided StemExpress with access to patients’ private medical charts in order to identify patients whose pregnancies could fulfill StemExpress’ customer demand for specific numbers, types, and gestational age of body parts.


The Planned Parenthood-StemExpress contract “terms of services” are chilling, and appear unlawful on their face:
“The term ‘product of conception’ (‘POC’) means any fetal organ or other fetal or placental material taken from the human uterus during an abortion.”
“The reasonable costs associated with the services specified in this Agreement shall be fifty-five dollars ($55.00) per POC determined in the clinic to be usable.”
“Planned Parenthood Mar Monte will invoice Stem-Ex [StemExpress] monthly for the number of POC’s...procured by Stem-Ex. Stem-Ex will pay Planned Parenthood Mar Monte within two weeks of receipt of the invoice.”
Amazingly, the contracts do not contemplate any invoicing between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress for “reimbursement” of specific costs: the only payments mentioned are for the number of “usable” fetal organs that StemExpress can procure.
Planned Parenthood Mar Monte did 18,035 abortions last year--if each abortion yielded just one “usable” “product of conception” for StemExpress, Planned Parenthood Mar Monte stood to gain nearly $1 million every year from its sale of tiny baby hearts, lungs, and brains. StemExpress, for its part, would mark up the fetal organs 5 times from the $55 it paid Planned Parenthood to a final $595 price to its customers.
Perhaps this is why StemExpress is now committing criminal contempt of Congress, rather than hand over key financial documents on its partnership with Planned Parenthood in response to Congressional subpoenas from the Panel. As the political fog from the initial media controversy begins to clear, it is becoming more and more evident that Planned Parenthood is not only guilty of the allegations that the videos document, but has been far more deeply and troublingly complicit in the criminal trafficking of fetal organs and tissues than anyone first imagined.
Planned Parenthood is not above the law, and as more incriminating details about its baby parts sales continue to surface from the Select Investigative Panel, it is time for law enforcement to bring Planned Parenthood’s 100 years of lawlessness to an end.
Assange's internet link intentionally severed by state party - WikiLeaks

October 17, 2016

REPENT, the 'new beginning' is near!....there is no end if you choose life........
From Newsweek...

Obama Orders Government Plan for ‘Extreme Space Weather’

U.S. President Barack Obama has called for preparations to be made for “extreme space weather events,” such as solar flares capable of causing catastrophic damage to Earth’s critical infrastructure.
An executive order was issued Thursday, October 14, that outlined the country’s contingency plan in the event such weather events lead to significant disruption to systems like the electrical power grid, satellite operations or aviation.
“Space weather has the potential to simultaneously affect and disrupt health and safety across entire continents,” the order states.
“It is the policy of the United States to prepare for space weather events to minimize the extent of economic loss and human hardship.”
Obama’s order warns that if large portions of the nation’s electrical power grid is knocked out by a large solar flare, it would result in cascading failures that would affect key services, such as water supply, healthcare and transportation.  
Preparing a response for an event of this kind is described in the order as an “all-of-nation endeavor” that requires cooperation between government agencies like NASA, the media, academia, the insurance industry, non-profits and the private sector.
The space weather referred to in the order also includes temporary disturbances to the Earth’s magnetic field caused by solar activity, as well as something known as solar energetic particles, which are ions and electrons ejected from the sun.
Solar flares are common occurrences and rarely cause any knock-on effects on Earth. They refer to brief eruptions of intense energy on or near the Sun’s surface that are typically associated with sunspots.
Perhaps the most famous incident of space weather having dramatic consequences on Earth was a solar storm in 1859 known as the Carrington Event. Auroras were seen as far south as the Caribbean and telegraph systems across Europe and North America failed.
Following the publication of Obama’s order, the secretary of energy is now set to consult with the secretary of homeland security to test and evaluate devices that could mitigate the effects of severe storm weather.
I received sad news tonight via Grant of New Zealand that an old friend and co-researcher on New Age Movement issues, Ray Yungen, died Saturday night. This is a tremendous loss to those doing honest research and warnings on New Age Movement issues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
The number 4 is the number.......
I personally do not pay any attention to the study of numerology.
I think it may be interesting but in this infinite creation assigning 10 digits to its aspects one will see and find so many coincidences and so much synchronicity it is of absolutely no value to me, and have not seen one person come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ from its preaching or study.

We have had people die in my family every 15 years.
2015 it did not happen. Why? Was last year's skip a blessing or a curse?

Your questions can be answered in the example of God's long suffering toward that stiff necked and rebellious people, the Hebrews. When God's people cried out to him they were delivered. So we get what we deserve?????

I see the church playing the same game they played with Bush. They are looking for a strong man (women) to save them out of their troubles just as Israel did.

It was in the height of the glory of Solomon's temple God states this admonition that every one quotes:

2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name,.. humble...pray........ I will hear from heaven.

What we DO not quote or consider is the preceding conditional verse.

2 Chronicles 7:13
If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;

So as I see it the Lord may once again have to 'get our attention' with famine pestilence and lack and even war before he gets our attention....? before we will get on our knees and humble ourselves before him.....? before we cast our filthy prideful crowns of 'American Exceptionalism' at his feet?

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:11 PM
From Newsweek...
Obama Orders Government Plan for ‘Extreme Space Weather’

U.S. President Barack Obama has called for preparations to be made for “extreme space weather events,” such as solar flares capable of causing catastrophic damage to Earth’s critical infrastructure.

It is the plan for American subjugation. Either Russia will be egged on to blast us with an EMP attack .... and if they don't we may do it ourselves and blame the space elves? In either case chaos and anarchy are their plan so that we scream for the elite to return from their tunnels and shelters underground and give us safety and security. If they are talking about it..... I believe IMO they intend to do it.
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Here, I think, is a possibility that is increasing in probability currently:

Russia escalates things to the point of sinking one of our ships, detonating (via terrorist proxies either here or abroad) a suitcase nuke or some other nasty device upon American/Western targets, or executing a direct, limited nuclear attack on various American/Western targets (one or two cities, or cruise missile attack on our ABM systems, lots of scenarios here), thereby bringing us to the table to negotiate some kind of "peace" agreement to their liking.

Make no mistake: Russia is willing and capable of doing such things. And we are NOT willing to retaliate in kind, because of the long-held belief by our decision-makers (ESPECIALLY the one with the finger on the button currently) that a nuclear war is not only unwinnable, but unthinkable. Of course he would negotiate some kind of peace arrangement. And it will not be to our advantage. It might actually be some kind of arrangement that is basically a surrender except by name. Despots and tyrants rarely like calling things what they are.

Dan Bryan,
Numerology is a game some people play. That is a secular exercise that isn't worth fooling with. Never got into that, myself.
But that is not what numbers in the Bible do. They are well above that, as is every word the Lord has spoken and put in His canon....and for His use, not ours.

They add up and they point a direction. Are they interesting? Yes. Are they what we count on above God's word. No.
Because it is allll of the many factors in the current scene in the world that are what we look at (watch as Jesus said) that we are to add up in regard to prophecy. The numbers in the Bible are specific to coincide. That's telling. There are many more, but anyone interested can look at that to determine for themselves. I just gave a taste of this.

I agree with who said God is done warning. (That does not mean the end of grace for individuals, but for nations, which are a drop in the bucket according to Isaiah). The nations are being homogenized just as God has said they would. Everywhere we can see this and the numbers are saying so, too. And it is not just any or all numbers, God does things with distinctions for His purpose.

America is prepped and ready to join the ranks for the global endgame that the devil has been and will engage in. The world is on board now with a few more details to finish to get all on the same page. America in every sector is very largely institutionalized now. Has this escaped people's notice? Israel got to the point it was beyond 2 Chronicles 7:14, have we?

Just wait a little bit longer and see if true. That is all the numbers I mentioned are showing to us to do.
And spread the Gospel, we should not stop doing that. More now than ever........
Turkey, Russia sign gas pipeline deal as ties improve

Turkey is using Russia 'as a trump card' against the US — and Putin is cashing in

There has been quite a chill relations between Turkey and the USA as we support the Kurds in opposition to Ankara's designs. Additionally it appeared that the US government was chearleading during the failed coup attempt, though some believe the coup attempt was a Erdogan generated false-flag type operation to solidify and increase power.

Wikileaks: Podesta’s Phony ‘Catholic’ Group Pushed Church Support for Iran Nuclear Deal


Now that the blinders are off on these two phony catholic front groups, has there been any significant puch-back by the Catholic church against these, and some of their rogue catholic components/people?
More on the "Fellowship:"

The Broad Way Unity Bridge

"[Joel] Osteen's meeting with [Pope] Francis on June 4 was part of a larger gathering coordinated by the International Foundation, also known as "the Fellowship." Osteen was joined by Utah Sen. Mike Lee, a Mormon; California pastor Tim Timmons; and Gayle D. Beebe, president of evangelical Westmont College." (10/8/2016)

Dave in CA

Dan Bryan,

In addition to Archbishop Charles Chaput's pushback against the aforementioned phony "Catholic" front organizations, there is Kansas City Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann's pushback against the politically expedient "Catholicism" of Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine.

U.S. Archbishop: Beware of Tim Kaine, a ‘Cafeteria Catholic’ with ‘Contorted Reasoning’

A leading American prelate has urged voters to “be wary” of Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine, a “cafeteria Catholic” who picks and chooses from Church teaching according to its political more....

Archbishop Nauman was the prelate who asked former Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibeleus to refrain from receiving Holy Communion because of her support for abortion.

Alexia Kelley, who was then the Executive Director of "Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good,” was one of the phony pro-Obama Catholic front organizations that strongly supported the appointment of the former Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Pro-Obama Catholic rewarded with government job at HHS
MicroSoft did an "upgrade" on my Windows 10 to an allegedly "new and improved" windows 10 and in the process, wiped out my existing computer index that is taking a long and frustrating time to properly rebuild.

Any suggestions from you techies would be appreciated.


One of the obvious things on the Clinton agenda is to rid the world of Breitbart and "Citizens United."



Thanks for the links.
The articles are good but miss the mark IMO, I was hoping for something more forceful.
I have seen this political correct 'soft shoe' in the Protestant/Evangelical ranks as well.

I want too see the Church (if it were mine) to come out categorically and name the spades. Are priests neutered when they become bishops?

I would want them to expose and name the political Catholic Sheals, as to who they really are, political prostitutes.

At least you call them out as being a phony Catholic front group.
MicroSoft did an "upgrade" on my Windows 10 to an allegedly "new and improved" windows 10 and in the process, wiped out my existing computer index that is taking a long and frustrating time to properly rebuild.

Any suggestions from you techies would be appreciated.

If you are talking about your favorites files, you should have exported and downloaded these files prior to making the upgrade. Then you could have re-imported them to the new windows explorer.

If you take your computer to a repair facility, there may be a way for them to retrieve the old file? I am not sure, but it is worth a try.
Solana: Decline of the West and how to stop it in New York Times article dated October 19, 2016.

Why would he care? Hmmmm....
Dan Bryan, 3:13AM

You will get no argument from me about the need for a more forceful response from United States Catholic Bishops against the aforementioned phony "Catholic" front organizations.

Here is another article you might want to check out from THE CATHOLIC REPORT. It is one of the most reliable Catholic news sources there is.

These critters do not speak for all Catholics as they would have everyone think. I KNOW they do NOT speak for me!!!

Fake Catholic Groups and the "Catholic Spring" Emails

October 13, 2016

It is now impossible to deny that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United have worked for years to undermine and manipulate Catholic leadership

October 16, 2016

Archbishop Chaput, USCCB Condemn "Catholic Spring" Efforts: "Our Beliefs Come to Us from Christ, ...not a Consensus Based on Contemporary Norms."


Catholic League claims Catholic political groups are financed by George Soros

June 24, 2014

Marginalizing Catholic Teaching One Grant at a Time
Anne Hendershott
Regarding Catholic pushback... or any pushback against the Globalist, Utopian Radical agenda and the corresponding corruption that goes hand in hand with it, it warms my heart to see that there IS pushback (even if it still needs a shot of testosterone) in ALL quarters.

I have a T-shirt I got in the 90s that says this:

God Bless the Republic!
Death to the New World Order!
We Shall Prevail!

(Extra points if you know who said that at the end of their radio show....)

That sentiment is showing itself more and more these days, and people are starting to be not afraid anymore of being on some list, or being targeted by the IRS, or whatever.

As crazy as the campaigning is this time around, it is shining light on all the rodents and critters that needed to be exposed, and letting people know who has their interests in mind, and who doesn't. And that's a good thing.


I wonder if this report by Richard Pendlebury from the Daily Mail might be of interest to your ongoing research?


A charity involving Max Mosley that is aiming to set up a UK 'independent' press regulator has links to a Roman Catholic sect that has been accused of anti-Semitism. The Society of St Pius X, led by Swedish Bishop Bernard Fellay, is no stranger to such accusations, having granted a funeral to Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke in 2013 despite the Vatican refusing him a burial service. It is also a registered charity in the UK and shares a trustee with the Independent Press Regulation Trust, through which Mr Mosley is trying to finance the regulator, known as Impress.

Read more:


The report makes connections between SSPX UK and trustees Vernor-Miles father & son (former Catholic Herald owner) and Sir Oswald Mosley & Diana Mitford (sister Unity Mitford) close friends of Hitler & their son Max Mosley.

Following the Leveson Enquiry in 2016 and the recommendations for a new, independent, body to replace the existing Press Complaints Commission, which would have to be recognised by the state through new laws, the Daily Mail are obviously concerned about the highly possible formation of Impress press regulation.

There seem to be lots of 'dots' here that might mean much more to your research than they do to me. Or it could of course be a total red herring!

Wow, to public comments at bottom of report ... so many 'red arrows'! How very bizarre.

~ K ~

Vatican City, Oct 21, 2016 / 06:17 am (CNA/EWTN News).- On Friday, the Vatican announced it will be sending a representative to Egypt to set plans for the official re-launching of dialogue between the Holy See and the Al-Azhar Mosque and adjunct University, marking a seismic step in Catholic-Muslim relations.

Read more:
~K~ 12:35 AM,

Thank you for the link.

The canonical status of the Society of St. Pius X as stated by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and President of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, on 22 December 2013, is that the leaders of the Society are in schism, having departed from communion with the Church. The following corresponds with the article you linked us to.

Prominent members of the SSPX, including Lefebvre himself, have, at various times, expressed approval or support for a restoration of an absolutist French monarchy; the Vichy government (1940–1944); and the party of Jean-Marie le Pen.

On the basis of statements made by Bishop Williamson, the Anti-Defamation League has accused the Society of being "mired in anti-Semitism".

It was in an SSPX priory, where he had been granted asylum as "an act of charity to a homeless man", that French Nazi collaborator and war criminal Paul Touvier was arrested. On his death, in 1996, a priest of the society publicly offered Requiem Mass for him.

On 16 October 2013, the Society offered to perform a funeral for Nazi war-criminal Erich Priebke, but the ceremony did not take place due to protests by some 500 people outside the Society's Italian district house in Albano, near Rome. The local authorities of the Catholic Church had refused him a public funeral, citing a rule of canon law that, unless they gave some signs of repentance before death, a public funeral must be refused to manifest sinners to whom it cannot be granted without public scandal of the faithful. The society issued a statement on its website saying, "A Christian who was baptized and received the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist, no matter what his faults and sins were, to the extent that he dies reconciled with God and the church, has a right to the celebration of the holy Mass and a funeral."

Among the groups that have split form the SSPX are the Sedevacantists.

Among the more bizarre aspects of the schism are some of the illicit consecrations performed by the late Vietnamese Archbishop of Hue, Ngo Dinh Thuc who had direct ties not only with the late SSPX founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, but also with the people involved in the alleged apparitions at Palmar de Troya, the most notable of whom was Clemente Dominguez y Gomez, a.k.a. "Pope Gregory XVII."

By the way, it was one of Clemente's proteges, Michael Cox who ordained Irish singer/songwriter Sinéad O'Connor a "priest" in April 1999.

Ngo Dinh Thuc was the brother of the Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem who was assassinated during a coup on November 2, 1963 - nearly three weeks before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. At the time of Ngo Dinh Diem's assassination, Ngo Dinh Thục was in Rome attending the second session of the Second Vatican Council.

Thục was unable to return to Vietnam after the coup and spent the rest of his life in exile in Italy, France, and the United States.

During his exile, he was involved with Traditionalist Catholic movements and consecrated a number of bishops without the Vatican's approval for the Palmarian and Sedevacantist movements. As a result, he was excommunicated by and reconciled with the Holy See a number of times.

P.S. ~K~

Clemente Dominguez y Gomez, a.k.a. Pope Gregory XVII declared himself Pope and Emperor!!! During his "papacy," he proceeded to "canonize" Generalissimo Francisco Franco and Christopher Columbus as saints.

One of my favorite scholars and authors, LEE PENN, will join me for the second hour for MY PERSPECTIVE internet radio program today at Join us by listening live and/or entering the chatroom. You may call with your questions to Lee, author of FALSE DAWN by calling into 208-935-0094. I'll have open lines the first hour of the program.

Lee and I will be discussing his updated research on the New Age Movement and current questions we both have on positions coming forth from the Vatican.

I've been told that Pope Francis requested Catholics to refrain from proselytizing. Is that true? I would like to hear from Susanna as to whether this is true, if she knows, or another example of pitting target groups off against each other. If it is true, in my opinion, it is a disturbing step in the direction of the "New World Religion."

But, he's right in saying there's a war in the world against marriage and that the latest weapon is gender theory!


Full Definition of proselytize
intransitive verb
1 to induce someone to convert to one's faith
2 to recruit someone to join one's party, institution, or cause

There was a big push against Billy Graham not to proselytize those that came to Christ during his revivals, especially if they were once Catholic. Once Billy Boy agreed, he then had the blessing of the RCC and included Catholic priests and nuns on his platform.

I believe The Catholic Church has always held that position?? [Susanna??]

The more disturbing of his statement to me was that "Church’s mission is to draw people to Christ," which is contradictory to scripture and that the working of the Father. John 6:44 Of course Jesus was speaking of the Heavenly Father.

If the Roman Church institution is necessary for salvation.
If the Eucharist is necessary for salvation in the Roman Church.
Then what is the Pontiff saying?
You can be in fellowship but not receive salvation (according to the Catholic Tradition??) [Susanna??]

It reminded me of the ecumenical reach toward Kenneth Copeland, when they told him they would be in fellowship as brothers..... but no one was coming home (to Rome)?
So the Pope blessed Kenneth Copeland.... but only half way? Being damned according to Cannon law?? [Susanna??]

If all faiths have a valid redemptive path to God, irrespective of the Cross of Jesus Christ, then his crucifixion was in vain, and a totally unnecessary act of torture and death. Just more Roman circus if you will.

Fox News Is Reporting Widespread Voter Fraud, Obama Says It’s Dangerous to Report It
Constance 1:34 AM

The way I learned it, when a Christian of one denomination proselytizes a Christian from another denomination it is usually called "sheep-stealing." Pope Francis makes a distinction between proselytism and evangelism.

I think the following article from The Catholic World Report pretty much nails it:

The Pope and Proselytism

How to differentiate between an unhelpful proselytism and a healthy evangelism?

August 05, 2014 03:30 EST

Dr. Adam A. J. DeVille

One more thing. As Pope John Paul II once said “the Church proposes; she imposes nothing” (Redemptoris Missio no. 39). Moreover, when a person is "converted" to Christianity, it is not any human person who does the converting. It is the Holy Spirit Who does it.
Dan Bryan,

We have been over the Catholic Church's position on non-Catholic Christians several times on this blog. Non-Catholic Christians are not regarded as being "outside the Church." They are regarded as "material schismatics." The reason why they are not called "heretics" is because their not being Catholic is not through any fault of their own. No one has a choice about the faith into which he/she is born. Heresy is derived from a word meaning "choice."

We have already discussed the fact that if a Protestant wishes to enter the Roman Catholic Church and has received water baptism in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit as a Protestant, it is not required that he be re-baptized upon entering the Catholic Church because the baptism he has received is considered valid by the Roman Catholic Church. The reason why is because the Sacrament of Baptism has been instituted by Christ. It is not a man made ritual.

The "Dogmatic Constitution on the Church - Lumen Gentium" (1964) is one of many documents to come out of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (often referred to as "Vatican II"). The Council was held in Rome between 1962 and 1965. Lumen Gentium" contains in its Chapter 1 an essay on "The Mystery of the church."

Sections 14 to 16 describe the potential for salvation of

Followers of the Catholic Church,
Members of other Christian denominations, and
Believers of non-Christian religions.

In summary:

"The Catholic Church professes that it is the one, holy catholic and apostolic Church of Christ; this it does not and could not deny. But in its Constitution the Church now solemnly acknowledges that the Holy Ghost is truly active in the churches and communities separated from itself. To these other Christian Churches the Catholic Church is bound in many ways: through reverence for God's word in the Scriptures; through the fact of baptism; through other sacraments which they recognize."

"The children who are born into these Communities and who grow up believing in Christ cannot be accused of the sin of heresy, and the Catholic Church embraces them as brothers, with respect and affection. For men who believe in Christ and have been truly baptized are in communion with the Catholic Church even though this communion is imperfect. remains true that all who have been justified by faith in Baptism are members of Christ's body, and have a right to be called Christian, and so are correctly accepted as brothers by the children of the Catholic Church."

Unfortunately, many of the aforementioned radical Traditionalist groups embrace the Feeneyite position that Protestants are going to hell in a hand basket for no other reason than that they are Protestants. On August 8, 1949, Cardinal Francesco Marchetti Selvaggiani of the Holy Office sent a protocol letter to Archbishop of Boston Richard Cushing on the meaning of the dogma extra Ecclesiam nulla salus (outside the church there is no salvation), which Feeney refused to accept. Father Leonard Feeney was excommunicated for disobedience after he refused to comply with a summons from Rome.

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