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EU Brexit Crisis = EU Army Opportunity? "EU Parks Its Tanks on NATO LAWNS"

Once again, just when we thought it was safe to go into the European Union waters, we now have breaking news that plans for an EU military structure able to act autonomously from NATO is in the immediate works:

Here's betting these plans are not from Federica Mogherini, but from some I have been tracking for many years acting as her military "adviser."  I won't name names, but the initials are, inter alia, "Javier Solana" and "Mary Kaldor"

Definitely stay tuned!


I was about to email you this but accidentally navigated to your blog space instead of my email. How timely!

Below is an excerpt from this article: Is Germany aiming at a European rival to NATO? http://tinyurl.com/jgvuma3

Reviving the Western European Union

Roderich Kiesewetter, foreign affairs representative of Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, has made the surprising claim that Washington might have fine-tuned its approach to Europe, saying it would be foolish to deny that realities on the ground are changing.

In his words, quote, “in contrast to the early 2000s, Washington is now actively encouraging this process. In addition, greater military capabilities would make the EU more attractive as a U.S. partner.”

And yet, suspicions that some parts of the German political elites have found the moment opportune to bring back to life the Western European Union out of self-interest are abundant.

The Western European Union (WEU) was a defensive alliance composed of 10 EU member states: Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom. The primary purpose of the grouping, which bore a striking similarity to NATO, was to offer mutual military assistance in case of external aggression. It was set up in 1948 and became defunct in 2011.

Actually, the WEU was a vague structure with little leverage, and as such was not regarded by the U.S.-led NATO as either an asset or a liability. Its departure into oblivion went almost unnoticed. However, it serves as a formal precedent of a Europe-centered defense entity with no “extra-regional” outside management.
Oh, pul-LEEZE!
Anon 9:46

Such an informative well thought out post!
"EU External ActionVerified account ‏@eu_eeas Sep 5
#EUGlobalStrategy "My intent is to present by end of this year ambitious plan on security & defence" @FedericaMog speaks to EU ambassadors"

I believe Solana is behind this, Constance.
He has never retired from this idea and still making things happen behind the scenes.
I agree with 10:41 am based on my present knowledge and understanding, combined with 21 years of solid research on Dr. Solana.

Constance Cumbey said to Oh Pul-LEEZ and other such 'brilliant' analysts:

Mary Kaldor has worked with Solana for years to develop his cabinets and security studies. Here is a recent article by the two of them:


From Hybrid Peace to Human Security"

At the June Summit, which will take place after the UK Referendum, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini, will present the results of her global review of external strategy. As part of the review process, the Human Security Study Group, which we convene, has presented a report entitled From Hybrid Peace to Human Security: Rethinking the EU Strategy Towards Conflict together with twelve background research papers .

Conflicts are at the sharp end of contemporary crises. Refugees, extremist ideologies, criminality and predation are all produced in conflict. Contemporary conflicts are sometimes known as ‘hybrid wars’ or ‘new wars’ in which classic distinctions between public and private, government/regular and rebel/irregular, and internal and external break down. They are best understood not as legitimate contests of wills (the twentieth century idea of war) but as a degenerate social condition in which armed groups mobilise sectarian and fundamentalist sentiments and construct a predatory economy through which they enrich. Identifying ways to address violent conflict could open up strategies for dealing with broader issues.

In this special openDemocracy series, we outline the main conclusions of our report in our introductory essay together with six essays based on some of the background papers. These essays include: an analysis of the conceptual premises of the Global Review (Sabine Selchow); three essays on specific conflict zones – Syria (Rim Turkmani), Ukraine (Tymofiy Mylovanov), the Horn of Africa (Alex de Waal); the importance of the EU’s justice instrument (Iavor Rangelov); and how EU cyber security policy is human rights focused rather than state focussed (Genevieve Schmeder and Emmanuel Darmois).

Phyllis Schlafly died yesterday and I'm just now hearing the news. We all owe her a great debt of gratitude for her tireless work to educate many on critical issues over the years. She was 92 years old at the time of her death.

to all: Please forgive my sarcasm on the second to last post -- I was very irritated to the Puh-leez on the information I gave on the European army.


He still figures prominently from the sidelines.
Global strategy (2016) with church leadership involvement. They are still progressing to provide peace and security...



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonyous, Constance, Thanks for the new discussion.
I always believed there would be a resurgence of Europe, not that I wanted it.
Additionally in doing so there needed to be a diminished USA, a plan that has been in the works for the last 50+ years with the decimation of our manufacturing base.

Watching the video on the next page I noted a label in the video of an educational program geared around what industry wants in their worker.

As it turns out EU Erasus+ has a strong Jesuit partner in University Ignatianum in Krakow.

"It adds the newspaper quoted the diplomat Solana profile and extensive experience at international level would make both the US and the EU welcomed his appointment they saw . A key support for Spain would not lose visibility into the overall picture on account of its internal political wrangling .

However , for now it is a possibility, although it seems the name better placed , the Solana is added to another list of names of politicians who could build consensus already nominated or already talked to accept this difficult mission could be entrusted to them ."

Article is from earlier this year.
I think he is still very much sought after.
Will he somehow make a comeback in the right "crisis" ?
I think you are correct to watch him for so long, Constance, because there may still be much to see....
My 9:56 AM post "Such an informative well thought out post!" was also intended to be sarcastic but I have no conviction to apologize.

To 6:44 PM

As we always said, CONSIDER THE SOURCE!


On all fronts, they are hoping to get their act together.
I'm reading the referenced European Union reports. The writing style of the new European strategy report appears somewhat more concise and less stilted than Javier Solana's. The globalistic aspirations are clearly there -- I'm disturbed by the control it would give to the United Nations -- I'm wondering how much in charge Federica Mogherini is. She was raised and was active politically in a very leftist milieu -- but still, her very decent instincts kicked in along with Prime Minister Renzi of Italy in securing the release of Mariam Ibrahim from the Sudanese imprisonment, torture and threatened death she was facing. My current impressions of Ms. Mogherini are that given our times and seasons, she may be about as good as it currently gets -- but then again, if some of you from Britain or the EU have better information, I'm all ears.

I'm drafting a new post on Common Core and its occult roots that is part of my research on a new book I'm working up -- it's time for any decent person my age to go to bed, so it is saved as a draft for tonight.

Re Federica Mogherini -- I have to confess that if we had an election and the choice were between Hillary Clinton and Federica Mogherini, I would vote for Mogherini. I wonder if the two women have yet met? Probably. Both Hillary and I are old enough to be her mother -- I have a son a few years older.

On the other hand, vis a vis Federica Mogherini, she seems to be echoing Javier Solana's old positions on the Quartet for Peace in the Middle East:


Is she speaking her own convictions? The LeMesurier book THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT keeps ringing in my head as well as bible prophetic warnings.

This may answer part of the above question:



Europe as a Peace project? Rethinking EU Strategy towards conflict in the neighbourhood and beyond

Date: 24 May 2016
Time: 18:30-20:00
Venue: OLD 4.10, Old Building, LSE
Chair: Robert Cooper
Speakers: Dr Javier Solana, Professor Mary Kaldor
Europe is surrounded by war. But current approaches to conflict no longer work. Can the EU offer a 21st century alternative? This event is the UK launch of the ‘Berlin Report’ – result of a joint project of the LSE Human Security Study Group and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, London Office to EU High Representative Federica Mogherini : From Hybrid peace to Human Security. The Report is a formal part of the roadmap of consultations for the Strategic Review of EU External Policy. It draws on research undertaken at the LSE ‘s research programmes Security in Transition and Justice and Security.

Javier Solana is president of ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics (Barcelona-Madrid), and distinguished fellow in Foreign Policy at Brookings Institution. He is also a visiting professor at the London School of Economics. From 1999 to 2009, Dr. Solana was Secretary General of the Council of the European Union (EU) and High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) of the EU; and from 1995 to 1999, Secretary General of NATO.

Mary Kaldor is Professor of Global Governance, Director of the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit and CEO of the DFID-funded Justice and Security Research Programme at the London School of Economics. Her books include Human Security: Reflections on Globalization and Intervention (2007), Global Civil Society: An Answer to War (2003) and New and Old Wars: Organised Violence in a Global Era (1999). She was co-chair of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly, a member of the International Independent Commission on Kosovo, and convenor of the Human Security Study Group, which reported to Javier Solana, and now to Federica Mogherini.


Does the tool of the Globalist Elite, Hillary Clinton, have Parkinson's Disease? She just had another strange incident, in which she seemingly has the inability to walk forward into an awaiting vehicle, as she leaves the 9/11 ceremony early ... due to what her campaign states as she being "over heated."

Here is a very interesting video in which an MD helps us to understand what may be her true medical condition:

Well, I don't know for sure about the Parkinson's diagnosis (without actually seeing the patient), but it's clear to me that pro-Hillary fans are giving Dr. Ted Noel negative reviews based on the content of the video rather than his bedside manner:


The Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, is predicting the Roman Catholic church may eventually change its opposition to same-sex marriage.

Kaine, a Roman Catholic senator from Virginia, told Human Rights Campaign’s national dinner on Saturday that he had changed his mind on the issue and his church may follow suit one day.

“I think it’s going to change because my church also teaches me about a creator who, in the first chapter of Genesis, surveyed the entire world, including mankind, and said, ‘It is very good,’” Kaine told the gathering in Washington. He then recalled Pope Francis’s remark that “who am I to judge?” in reference to gay priests.

“I want to add: ‘who am I to challenge God for the beautiful diversity of the human family?’ I think we’re supposed to celebrate it, not challenge it,” Kaine said.

Uh, DUH, Tim Kaine, God said "it is GOOD" BEFORE the fall. Once sin and rebellion entered the world, it eventually led to God DESTROYING the earth via the flood ... all because of the wickedness. They all thought they were beautifully "diverse" too. Typically, those that are on the side of Satan use the Scriptures in a manner that is deceptive. In this case, Kaine is counting on his hearers ignorance to accept what he is saying as true, when in fact it is a lie.

Let's not forget this: Time Kaine is, just like his "pope," a Jesuit. They have an amazing history of spreading turmoil and rebellion against the God of the Bible. Are they doing now what their predecessors have done throughout history? "Can a leopard change its spots?"

At one time, Federica Mogherini (the Italian foreign minister) received a lot of heat on Twitter from those who did not wish to see her become EU Policy Chief for being too pro-Russia and Southstream pipeline.

Recall that Javier Solana is now closely affiliated with Strobe Talbott at the Brookings Institute and that Talbott was once dubbed "Russia's Man in Washington" by Ken Timmerman. Solana was involved in Ukraine politics.

The main objections to Mogherini can be summed up by this article in the Wall Street Journal

Italy's Federica Mogherini is soft on Russia when Europe needs firmness.

A couple of choice excerpts (emphasis mine):

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite was more elliptical in her remarks, telling reporters that Ms. Ashton's successor mustn't "provide a narrow or very controversial position, especially on Ukraine." That's another way of hinting that Rome's accommodationist posture toward Moscow, which has continued under Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, isn't acceptable to people who freed themselves from the yoke of Russian misrule a generation ago.

It would be easy to dismiss these concerns as so much Baltic paranoia were it not for the fact that Ms. Mogherini traveled to Russia soon after Italy assumed the rotating EU presidency earlier this month. Nor did it help her cause that the visit elicited an upbeat write-up from Russia's state-run Itar-Tass news agency.

...Then there is the South Stream project, a still-pending Russian pipeline that pointedly circumvents Ukraine, depriving Kiev of transit revenues. The project, Ms. Mogherini said in Moscow, is "very important for the energy security of our country, as well as that of the entire European area." The Ukrainians see its embrace by the Italians as a betrayal of Europe's offer of greater economic integration. They, and the Balts, view Rome as using the EU presidency to advance its own interests rather than the imperative of collective security.


Since I do not have direct access to the mind of Federica Mogherini, I would not presume to say what her motives were with regard to the rescue of Mariam Ibrahim.

But to quote T.S. Eliot's famous line in his play entitled MURDER IN THE CATHEDRAL:

The last temptation is the greatest treason

To do the right thing for the wrong reason

P.S. Catherine Ray, the lead spokeswoman for our Ms. Mogherini, EU’s Foreign Policy Chief, is married to a partner in a Brussels’s public relations firm that lobbies for the RU state-owned natural gas monopoly GAZPROM...

P.P.S. Looks like Mogherini is following in the footsteps of Renzi who was the only EU head of government who made a mockery out of Italy's signature on the Budapest Memorandum when he argued against further sanctions on Russia for its actions in Ukraine at the EU summit in Brussels in October, 2014.

Renzi has also lobbied in support of the Gazprom-backed South Stream gas-pipeline project that would bypass Ukraine and supply Russian gas to Italy and other EU countries via Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania.

Incidentally, the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances was a political agreement which included a guarantee of Ukraine's security in exchange for their willingness to give up their cache of nukes. Before that, Ukraine had the world's third largest nuclear weapons stockpile, of which Ukraine had physical if not operational control.

I'll bet Ukraine is really glad she trusted Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Boris Yeltsin. (sarcasm off)

It's hard for me to say that Ms. Mogherini did the right thing vis a vis Mariam Ibrahim for the wrong reasons. I tend to believe that the more decent motives of Renzi and Mogherini kicked in on that one. If she was faking it, she was faking it wonderfully well -- the picture of her carrying that child off the plane was deeply touching. It was said at the time that Renzi did it because of his Catholic convictions.

A significant step was recently taken towards reinstating the Temple service when the nascent Sanhedrin selected Rabbi Baruch Kahane as the next Kohen Gadol (high priest). The selection was made as a precaution for Yom Kippur. If the political conditions should change, allowing the Jews access to the Temple Mount, they will be required by Torah law to bring the sacrifices. Rabbi Kahane is confident that if that should happen, Temple service could begin in less than one week.
Read more at http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/74772/sanhedrin-appoints-high-priest-preparation-third-temple/#x6CyDbSqVcFGufYG.99

In her 1948 book The Reappearance of the Christ, New Age matriarch Alice Bailey and her spirit guide Djwhal Khul describe how the path to their New Age God will be based on an “immanent” God that is “within every form of life”:

. . . a fresh orientation to divinity and to the acceptance of the fact of God Transcendent and of God Immanent within every form of life. These are the foundational truths upon which the world religion of the future will rest.3 (emphasis added)

Likewise, in his 1980 book, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, New Age channeler Benjamin Creme, states that the New World Religion will be based on the proposition that “Christ” is “immanent”—“in man and all creation”:

But eventually a new world religion will be inaugurated which will be a fusion and synthesis of the approach of the East and the approach of the West. The Christ will bring together, not simply Christianity and Buddhism, but the concept of God transcendent—outside of His creation—and also the concept of God immanent in all creation—in man and all creation.4 (emphasis added)
Thanks, 6:37 AM.

I've been watching all of this for quite a while now.
Rather quietly, but still on target, piece by piece the whole puzzle is taking shape.
As it happens, I am reading Revelation in my Bible daily schedule, right now. It reads fresh and energized, even though I don't totally understand all I'm reading just yet.

But I do know that much is ready, with not much more to go, mostly some fine tuning.

There is a showdown in the making.
Jesuit Dem. VP Nominee Tim Kaine and his extreme leftist radical roots. He has a well documented history of being a liberation theology Marxist (not at all uncommon for a Jesuit) ... and if Hillary is elected, and dies in office, he will be our next President.

To Anonymous 7:35:

Your quotes and observations are correct.


What makes you think a Jesuit is worse than a New Ager, a Buddhist, an atheist? Aren't they supposed to be about the Society of Jesus??? What about the Jesuits who never went New Age? Aren't there serious divisions within the Jesuit orders?

Just curious and anonymous!

"They said the leap forward would amount to the creation of a real common security policy, “an instrument created by the Lisbon Treaty that has not been used until today”."

(getting ready for something out of Daniel 11:40-45??)
Perhaps lots of plans are in place just waiting for their cue...
"The Christ will bring together, not simply Christianity and Buddhism, but the concept of God transcendent—outside of His creation—and also the concept of God immanent in all creation—in man and all creation.4 (emphasis added)"

I think he will go further and veer off slightly. When Daniel and John speak of him blaspheming against God Himself, is it merely cursing and spitting? Or could it be that outright denial that there is a God and that he, the anti-christ, with his connection to the rebel host feigning an ET arrival, will claim that he (or they) are the progenitors of man? The ultimate blasphemy of all. If they claim that they evolved into god-status, then why not mankind?

Incredibly, the Talmud and Kabbalah also accommodate perfectly an 'extra-terrestrial' flavor in this whole end-time business of the coming anti-messiah. I suggest all of you read about this Armilus character written about in certain Jewish extra-biblical texts. He is near identical to the antichrist in description. Is this who the rabbis wait for?

See Ram's Head Press


In case you missed it ... here is Hillary calling "half of Trump's supporters in the basket of deplorables." Are YOU in that basket?

Are you against the abomination of homosexual marriage? Are you against Open Borders? Are you for honest free-trade? Do you favor an America First foreign affairs policy? Are you against Globalism? Are you against Islamo-fascist terrorism? Are you against the murder of babies in the womb?

According to Hillary, if you answer "yes" to those questions, YOU are "deplorable."

And this woman wants to "unite" us ... because we are "stronger together?" She trashed literally millions of Americans, how is that uniting us?

Radio talk show host Howie Carr already has a tee shirt.


His and others mentioned at the following site.


Also there is a political ad showing the massive crowds that show up for Trump that reads:


If it weren't to violate a copyright, I would have one made with a picture of the minions on it that reads"

I feel really DEPLORABLE in sending this link. A little background on David Seaman; he is a self-confessed liberal journalist that wrote for the Huffington Post. Prior to the 9/11 Hillary fainting spell, David wrote articles that merely questioned the state of Hillary's health. Apparently that was too much for the Huff Post so they fired him. He then started a Youtube channel and has a very big following ... unfortunately, Youtube doesn't like what he is doing either, so they are cancelling his channel.

Take the time to watch this short video, along with David Seaman's comments. Keep in mind, had this video not surfaced, the "overheated" spin would have succeeded. The Clinton Spin Machine went into high gear once they found out the video was posted by FOX ... and concocted the phony pneumonia story.

This woman has advanced Parkinson's Disease, and is showing all the classic symptoms, which not only includes loss of motor skills, fainting, tripping, sporadic coughing fits (due to choking on saliva), strange reactions to sudden movements, along with experiencing a "medical event" due to a reaction to a variety of lighting conditions. Sun glasses with blue lenses (same type she wore on 9/11) are commonly prescribed to Parkinson's Disease patients. Had she been taken to an ER, which is Secret Service protocol, they would have quickly diagnosed what her REAL condition is ... and ... that info would have eventually leaked. Precisely why they took her to her daughter's apartment instead.

Watch the video ... the woman can't even stand up, let alone move towards the vehicle without falling.

Susanna... I'll bet someone gets the rights to use that slogan, and they'll make a ton of money almost overnight!

Someone should take that famous line from the Bugs Bunny - Daffy Duck cartoon where Daffy says "You're.... you're ... you're despicable!" only dub in "deplorable". :^)


You said "If she was faking it, she was faking it wonderfully well."

Let me put in another word for keeping Russia in the equation (which Susanna has done already). We all should realize by now that *everything* Russia does (and those working for her best interests), are very good at "faking it", no matter what the "it" is.

I think a very big "it" is the ongoing attempt to unify Europe and Asia into one giant Eurasian Union. Russian agents have infiltrated and influenced the UN and the EU for so long now, it's no wonder that people have called it the "EUSSR".

They play chess, we play checkers. Or we're not even at the table and off playing Chutes and Ladders....


Don't forget about the secret deal Obama has just made with Russia regarding Syria.


Hillary Clinton KUNDALINI Spirit Manifestation? A Closer Look!


and this...
Best quote I've seen in quite awhile:

"Half of Trump's supporters are deplorable. Half of Clinton's supporters are deportable."

It's a fact; the Democrats are working overtime to "register" millions of undocumented, illegal immigrants so that they can "vote" for the pro-amnesty Hillary.

Trump has his faults, but Hillary would be an absolute disaster as President. Radical "judges" would be appointed onto the Federal bench, the Justice Department would be a hand-cuffed servant of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, and the final, radical, anti-American pick(s) will be made (to replace the pro-Constituion Justice Scalia) on the USSC.

As Nigel Farage (BREXIT advocate in Great Britain) has stated, this election is America's "BREXIT moment." We have a real chance to stop the Globalists in their tracks and upset their plans for the establishment of a One World Government dictatorship. If Hillary wins, the NWO will have won a huge victory. Our individual freedoms are at stake ... if you don't believe that, you are in deep denial.
Where will they put the new EU military HQ?


"At an informal summit in Bratislava, Slovakia, on September 16... France and Germany will for the first time activate Article 44 of the Lisbon Treaty (also known as the European Constitution). This clause allows certain EU member states "which are willing and have the necessary capability" to proceed with the "task" of defense integration, even if other EU member states disapprove."

The full report can be read at Gatestone Institute, includes a helpful Appendix with key dates in developments thus far - http://tinyurl.com/h7pxr7o

~ K ~
Anon 3:46AM,

That does seem to resemble a 'Toronto Blessing' style reaction to an "anointing". It almost seemed like the phone that the other lady was holding was some sort of conduit. The initial reaction of that lady to Clinton's reaction appeared to be surprise, then nervous laughter.

I've witnessed this sort of thing first hand.
You saw the very same thing I did @ 10:53 AM, OMOTS.
Yes, indeed....
...where, oh where, will they put the new HQ?
From 11:07 PM link.

"Yes, we need a vision for the long term. And the Commission will set out such a vision for the future in a White Paper in March 2017, in time for the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome."

Nice that Hitlary went to visit her grandchildren whilst battling Pneumonia, huh?
Did they sit on her lap and play patticake patticake ...cough-cough ?

Here are some very interesting blog posts related to possession. The author holds a variety of New Age beliefs (divinity within man), but also has a good grasp on relationship between chemical dependency and demonic possession.

Paul ...

I saw an interview with Clinton's campaign manager where he said that Hillary was "chasing her two little grand kids all over Chelsea's apartment" ... this was right after her neurological collapse. Had the SS agents not caught her, she would have landed face first down onto the curb, then tumbled right into the gutter.


Hillary Clinton believes that it is the GOVERNMENT that needs to "shape" kids' thinking, etc. as stated directly here from her Facebook page:

Hillary Clinton ‏@HillaryClinton 22h22 hours ago
As @FLOTUS said, the choice in this election is about who will have the power to shape our children for the next four years of their lives.

Also pledging to make children part and parcel of the brainwashed One World System is none other than Black Lives Matter:

"More recently, the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter vowed to destroy the nuclear family and replace it with communitarian-style collective parenting."

“We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, and especially ‘our’ children to the degree that mothers, parents and children are comfortable,” states BlackLivesMatter.com on its “guiding principles” page.


Those pesky globalists are gonna have to pull a mighty big rabbit outta their hat.
If it is time for them to do so, they will....

Maybe a rabbit is waiting in this one.
I'm currently helping a friend with a legal emergency. Time to go to bed -- I'll be doing the radio program, 10 am Eastern Time (7 am Pacific time) later this morning. You can call in live for questions - inputs by calling 208-935-0094.

One last word before retiring -- Hillary once wrote a book, IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD. In response, I had Tee Shirts imprinted with this


Scary woman!


IRS records show that, in 2014, of the $91+ Million the Clinton Foundation in contributions, only 5.7% was actually distributed to charities! That means, for every dollar donated, the Clinton Foundation KEPT 94 cents! Is it any wonder Chelsea can "afford" a $10 MILLION Manhattan apartment? It sure didn't come from her husband, he ran a hedge fund right into the ground.

Hillary used her position as Sec. of State as a "pay for play" money gathering scheme. Her real reason for orchestrating the revolt in Libya was (revealed in her emails) to benefit her friends that had enormous business interests there. "We came, we saw, he died ... heeee, heeee, heeee."

And some people actually wonder why they are referred to as the "Clinton Crime Syndicate?"

The Chemtrail Conspiracy BOMBSHELL! Secret Agenda Explained!

Geoengineering is a multi-billion dollar initiative.
Whether they are trying to cool the earth, or enhance weather as a force multiplier weapon, or they are testing a genocide weapon they are polluting the air and water supplies. Maybe they are trying to create the global warming needed to convince you there is a climate change problem.

Dan Bryan,
Thanks for the link, though the truth is a bitter pill.
Truth tastes good in the mouth and then the belly gets bitter.
Whatever they're trying to do, it amounts to playing god.
They'll just say they were trying to keep things from getting
over heated. But black soot ain't working for my lungs.
Of course asthma/seasonal allergies/emphasema/COPD/ etc., are all
very good for the pharma giants.
My Advair prescription costs nearly $400.00/month.
I doubt it's worth much more than a dollar, probably less.
My hunch is that they're just driven by good ol' greed / avarice.

Even so come quickly Lord Jesus.
James Corbett's take on the EU army and other things:


From the headquarters of the EU.


Very sick.
Vis a Vis James Corbett: Interesting! I found Elaine DeWar's book CLOAK OF GREEN -- that I thought was long lost, but like the proverbial needle in a haystack of my library, I found it and am re-reading. I decided to google "Elaine DeWar" and "Cloak of Green" and found a James Corbett youtube video of an interview with her recorded February 1, 2016 in the wake of Maurice Strong's death and Canadian memorials. I'll read what he has to say about the EU Army with interest!



First hand account of the corruption of the Clintons, and their connection to fraud and the drug trade. Fast forward to 5:20 on this video to see the account of a former Haitian Senate President, and how and why Bill Clinton sent a man to bribe him, on Clinton's behalf, back when Clinton was President.

I have first had accounts from missionaries regarding the corruption associated with "aid" to these countries. One missionary told me that virtually NOTHING that is donated to these nations reaches the people in need. If the grant is money, the politicians keep it. If the donation is in hard goods, they SELL it to the people that are in need for a profit ... and the Clinton Foundation is right in the middle of all this corruption.

Here's the video ... fast forward to 5:20 ...

Just a quick note:

ISIS has taken credit for the recent bombings and stabbings at the Minnesota mall.

Expect more of this ... as in A LOT MORE.

This is precisely what you get when literally tens of thousands are allowed to infiltrate into this country via a virtual "open borders" policy.

Reports from Border Patrol agents state that many coming across the border with Mexico are from Middle Eastern nations.

Has the US Government gone completely insane, OR, is this part of a much bigger plan designed to create chaos, then offer a solution by taking complete control via some type of dictatorship?

When it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck ...


Would you explain why Bill Hybels, one of the most important and influential Protestant Evangelical pastors in the United States, is speaking with Melinda Gates at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit? Is Melinda Gates and the Gates Foundation representative of the moral beliefs of Protestant Evangelical Christianity today? If not, why have you remained silent about this?

Thank you!
Bill Hybels is just one of those who well-represents apostasy from the non-catholic side of religion. Things will be reaching the apostasy saturation point before too much longer.
It's another one of those great big kumbaya moments, (these self-important people push and shove for), that seeks the Lord's blessing on what is a big blanket of religion, with all the bells, whistles, and trinkets that are mere blow and show, and not about the true Gospel of Christ. Inclusive where God is not. That is to their shame.
The church is married to the world, but Jesus died outside of the camp. So many calling themselves christians, are clueless about what that really means.
This year's Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit is hardly confined just to one Protestant church. On the contrary, it is telecast live from Willow Creek's campus every August to more than 500 locations in North America. Throughout the fall, Summit events take place in an additional 600+ cities, 128 countries—translated into 59 languages.

How many Protestant churches are participating in this event? RayB's silence in the face of such a massive Protestant event is quite deafening.

Do you have any thoughts on the speakers of this leadership event at Willow Creek?
I recall the infiltration of NewAge concepts and ideas into business. Now it sees to be attaching itself to the Protestant church though these summits.

It would be interesting to see or know if Melinda Gates will hear the plan of salvation while rubbing elbows with this group?

Donald Trump did not fair vary well with the evangelicals he rubbed elbows with.

To Anonymous @ 2:30 AM & 3:41 PM (assuming you are the same "Anonymous") ...

I think Anonymous @ 10:39 AM summed up quite well the situation. I would add the following:

First, I am not an "evangelical" and really don't pay much attention to them at all. Furthermore, your mentioning of "Willow Creek" is the first I've heard about it. As to the globalists Bill & Melinda Gates' involvement in Willow Creek, that in itself speaks volumes about its false goals.

Second, your use of the word "Protestant" is rather interesting. That term was originally applied to those Christians that stood against not only the false authority of Rome, but also, the false state religion of the Church of England. Both were oppressive systems that sought to rule over the souls of individuals. Those that "protested" against these systems were more often than not, severely punished, imprisoned and even suffered loss of life. I think you would agree that the use of the term "Protestant" has no meaning if those that are tagged with that label no longer "protests" against much of anything. A new term needs to be applied to them in order to describe their "truth if possible, but peace at all cost" principles; perhaps Compromisants?

By the way, the framers of our Bill of Rights knew first hand what abuses that would occur had they allowed the establishment of a "state" religion. They wisely protected our INDIVIDUAL freedom of religion, because they knew first hand the abuses that both the state religion of Roman Catholicism and the Church of England had inflicted upon their ancestors. It is an uncontested fact that the bulk of those that fled to the "New World" were doing so in order to flee the shackles of "state" religions.

I write this with the full expectation that you probably won't agree with a word I say. So be it. You aren't the One I seek to please.


Your double standards are showing! Let's drop the term Protestant and refer to Bible-Only believers, which both you and Bill Hybels are.

Every time the Pope or Joe Biden sneezes you complain if Susanna doesn't comment about it and impute their opinions and actions to all Catholics, yet when one of the largest Bible-Only believer churches in America, led by one of the leading Bible-Only believing pastors in the world, sponsors Melinda Gates and broadcasts it to over 500 locations in North America you claim these actions have nothing whatsoever to do with you. Hypocrite!

...enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon.......

Just another example of idolatry in the RCC ... literally hundreds of people lining up to "pay homage" to a dead person's dead "heart."

Why idolize this "middle" man's heart? He cannot bring anyone closer to God. That's just the muddle religion makes of the things of God.

There is only One Middle Man to bridge that gap.

The One Who was crucified, right square in the middle of two thieves at Golgotha. He is the One who can bring those who trust Him, justified by His blood, into the presence of God.
No, thank you. Dead religion can keep it's "middle" man.
My hope is that people will trust the LIVING GOD instead.

Three men on the mountain, up on Calvary.
And the Man in the middle was Jesus.
He died for you and me.

Looking at what is happening in North Carolina tonight, it is difficult to come up with any word but "apocalyptic" for the scenes.

May the Lord help us all!

To 7:21 pm

Beautiful remarks -- I'm not so quick to condemn religion, but you are right that Jesus Christ is our answer.

Thanks to 3:05 pm for directing me to Solana's very telling Syndicate article. This part particularly caught my eyes -- the PERMANENT STRUCTURED COOPERATION that Herb Peters and I used to discuss in the past while Herb was still with us. Herb died in 2007.

But such cooperation requires a strategic headquarters for all EU security-related operations, rather than maintaining the current model whereby operational centers are established on an ad hoc basis. Moreover, in order for the EU to achieve strategic autonomy, it needs a competitive European defense industry, with investment in research and development of defense technologies rising substantially as part of a common effort.
The European Defense Agency’s Capabilities Development Plan was designed precisely with these requirements in mind. Advancing this plan will enable optimized use of existing member-state resources – thereby securing advantageous economic synergies – as well as precise identification of the additional resources required to achieve our goals.
The legal basis for a mechanism for permanent, structured cooperation on security already exists, enshrined in the Treaty of Lisbon. Treaty provisions enable willing EU states to reinforce their military cooperation and deploy quickly for shared missions abroad. Activating this mechanism has been part of recent discussions within the European Council and seems to be the most viable way to deepen defense integration. And an EU with security and defense as one of its pillars would boost Europe’s global weight.


Dear Constance,
This is 7:21 PM.
Thank you.

And I do understand what you are saying about religion. I take your point, and know that it is nothing in and of itself in it's sum total, because true religion always gives the limelight to the Lord, always points exclusively to Jesus Christ, our answer, to the exclusion of all others.
It is because it is the apostate age I wrote this, and rather pointedly, yes, because the "knock-off" brand of religion is alive and well out there today, stealing the limelight from the what-actually Who-is the real thing.

And discerning minds want to know the difference.
I pray for discernment often. I find I need it, and I am certainly not alone in that. The devil is deceitful and an angel of "light". The Bible is so clear on this, that we must guard our hearts and minds. More and more, the enemy of the Best (Jesus), is guess what? That which is only good...
Is getting down to the wire in this day and age.
One more thought to my 11:00 AM, response, Constance.
What I am referring to is not found in one or two denominations, but what is dead within denominationalism itself. That is across the board. The unnatural growth of the mustard seed into a big tree Jesus showed us in Luke 13:18-21.

Luk 13:18 Then said he, Unto what is the kingdom of God like? and whereunto shall I resemble it?
Luk 13:19 It is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and cast into his garden; and it grew, and waxed a great tree; and the fowls of the air lodged in the branches of it.
Luk 13:20 And again he said, Whereunto shall I liken the kingdom of God?
Luk 13:21 It is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, till the whole was leavened.

To Anonymous ....

Very insightful posts. Only those that have been "born of the Spirit" know the real difference between the "Kingdom of God within" vs the false membership in the "kingdom" by merely being a member of a denomination, be it RCC, or so-called "protestantism."

It is so clear in Scripture, that the main "religious" sect of His time on earth opposed Jesus more than anyone else combined. There were those too in His time that were extremely "religious" and those that even "believed" in Him, and yet, were not members of His Kingdom, as illustrated in John 8:30-59.

Satan truly has his representatives that hide behind the cloak of "religion" that even come in Christ's name, proclaiming that He is in fact the Messiah! They appear as "angels of light" deceiving many. How are we to discern this? ONLY by trusting in the authority of God's Word.

All false religions ultimately oppose God's authoritative Word because it is His Word that exposes their lies and deception. All false "christian" denominations, without exception, incorporate the Bible along with the authority established by the "teachings of men." This has always been Satan's favorite scheme and means in which to deceive "if possible, even the elect."
EU Army

With Brussels being mentioned a few times as the proposed base for the EU HQ, and talk of wanting the US air base in Ramstein to be shuttered, from a layman's perspective, it's looking a lot like the EU really want to undermine NATO.


1 - GERMANY has upped its anti American rhetoric amid turbulent political times in the country. Mrs Merkel's party is threatening to close the US Air Force base Ramstein. Now under fire Angela Merkel's former defence minister is suggesting expelling the USA from Ramstein Air Base. Former State Secretary Willy Wimmer of the politically tanking CDU German Christian Democratic Party says he wants to shutter the NATO base in Rhineland-Palatinate, a state in south-western Germany.

tiny link to full report - http://tinyurl.com/z6cw2qb


2 - UK will DEFEND its own military interests and NATO against any EU army.
BRITAIN will resist new European Union defence proposals if it feels they undermine NATO, British officials have said in a warning to France and Germany. [snip]

... But Britain's attitude is a sign that despite momentum, the EU's biggest push on defence since the 1990s could still fail.

Britain maintains full EU voting rights until it leaves the bloc and is expected at diplomatic meetings as the proposals are discussed and slowly implemented.

Brexit negotiations are expected to take two years, starting from early 2017.

Rainer Arnold, parliamentary defence spokesman for Germany's Social Democrats, the junior partner in government, said: "We expect Britain to abstain when it comes to a vote on the issue of increased European defence cooperation.

"They can't prevent anything from happening in the long run, so it would make sense if they stayed out of it."

tiny link to full report - http://tinyurl.com/gq99er6

~ K ~
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From the excellent "Window on Eurasia" blog, some interesting observations about the direction Russia is heading -- toward becoming the new "Christian Nation" (replacing the decadent USA), or a nation descending into Barbarism:



Short answer: Barbarism.

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