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Power of the Movement when I came on scene in late 1981-early 1982

When I commenced my investigation of my discoveries of an obvious powerful mix of politics and religion in the form of the New Age Movement, I quickly discovered Planetary Citizens and Planetary Initiative for the World We Choose.   I was in a unique position to ask for more information as then they did not recognize me as a potential foe of the New Age Movement.   I was serving that year on two strategic posts:  I was "on the chairs" towards the Presidency of the National Association of Women Lawyers.  I also chaired the Family Law Subcommittee of the General Practice Section of the American Bar Association.  I had beautiful and impressive letterhead from both organizations with my name engraved on same.  I was Secretary and then Treasurer of NAWL.  I wrote Planetary Citizens a letter "requesting information to present to my organizatiion."  The University of Michigan Bentley Historical Library has been archiving my papers since 2004.  Last year they kindly returned 16 boxes of duplicates.  In those papers, I discovered  this two page personal letter sent me from Donald Keys and Gordon Feller.  It was signed personally by both.  You will see some of my personal annotations from that time on the doocuments.  You will see that many extremely powerful people appear on the Planetary Initiative letterhead.  I am attaching the letter in ".png" form.  If you click on it, you may enlarge it to full size for computer viewing.   You could use a "snipping tool" such as the one that comes with Windows 8.1 and/or Apple computers.

As they are very much on the march again, I think you should know the posture they were in before they were unfavorably outed.  Donald Keys is reported to have gone off to live an almost hermit existence on Mount Shasta in California.  He would be quite elderly by now.

For those who tell you there was nothing to the New Age Movement, you may show them this as an important piece of evidence that it was powerfully active with many of wealth and power participating when I came upon its identification and exposure.

If you would like a .pdf copy, email me at cumbey@gmail.com and put "Planetary Initiative Invitation" on the subject line.

Stay tuned!

Page 1 of Donald Keys Letter

Page 2 of Donald Keys/Gordon Feller early  1982 letter advertising size and soliciting membership from ABA sources

Because theletterhead can be difficult to read, I have charted the names and positions below.  As to th e"First Endorsers", I have included their country.  As to the asteriked names in the original letter, it is my understanding they were recently deceased people who had endorsed the project while still living.

Norman Cousins
Honorary Chairman
U Thant
UN Secretary General, Honorary Chairman
Raul Prebisch
First Endorser
Julius Stone
First Endorser
Konrad Lorenz
First Endorser
Maurice Bejart
First Endorser
Paul Henri Spaak
First Endorser
Lt. General E. L. M. Burns
First Endorser
Marshall McLuhan
First Endorser
Lester Pearson
First Endorser
Maurice Strong
First Endorser
Jose Figueres
First Endorser
Costa Rica
Archbishop Makarios
First Endorser
Zdenek Rejdak
First Endorser
Hassan Fathy
First Endorser
Martin Niemoller
First Endorser
Federated Republic of Germany
Marcel Marceau
First Endorser
Darius Milhaud
First Endorser
Abbe Pierre
First Endorser
Jean-Francois Revel
First Endorser
Jean Rostand
First Endorser
Constantine Doxiadis
First Endorser
Rajeshwar Dayal
First Endorser
Archbishop Angelo Fernandes
First Endorser
Arthur Lall
First Endorser
C. V. Naraisimhan
First Endorser
Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
First Endorser
Gen. Indar Jit Rikhye
First Endorser
Sean MacBride
First Endorser
Giorgio La Pira
First Endorser
Aurelio Peccei
First Endorser
Toshio Miyake
First Endorser
Setsuo Yamada
First Endorser
Angie Brooks-Randolph
First Endorser
HRH Princess Juliana
First Endorser
Jan Tinbergen
First Endorser
Sir Edmund Hillary
First Endorser
New Zealand
Chief Simeon O. Adebo
First Endorser
Sir Adetokunbo A. Ademola
First Endorser
Thor Heyerdahl
First Endorser
Odd Nansen
First Endorser
Sir Muhammed Zafrullah Khan
First Endorser
Gen. Carlos P. Romulo
First Endorser
Pablo Casals
First Endorser
Puerto Rico
Iorgu Iordan
First Endorser
Ion Nicodim
First Endorser
T. S. Fernando
First Endorser
Sri Lanka
Gunapala P. Malalasekera
First Endorser
Sri Lanka
Gunnar Myrdal
First Endorser
Salvador de Madariaga
First Endorser
Adrian Pelt
First Endorser
Jean Piaget
First Endorser
The Dalai Lama
First Endorser
Sir Adrian Cedric Boult
First Endorser
United Kingdom
Lord Ritchie-Calder
First Endorser
United Kingdom

Lord Hugh Caradon
First Endorser
United Kingdom
C. P. Snow
First Endorser
United Kingdom
Arnold Toynbee
First Endorser
United Kingdom
Peter Ustinov
First Endorser
United Kingdom
Roger Baldwin
First Endorser
Leonard Bernstein
First Endorser
Eugene Carson Blake
First Endorser
Elise Boulding
First Endorser
Kenneth Boulding
First Endorser
Harrison Brown
First Endorser
Alexander Calder
First Endorser
Judy Collins
First Endorser
R. Buckminster Fuller
First Endorser
Robert Hutchins
First Endorser
Coretta Scott King
First Endorser
Frank Herbert
First Endorser
Paul Hoffman
First Endorser
Rollo May
First Endorser
Yehudi Menuhin
First Endorser
Arthur Miller
First Endorser
David A. Morse
First Endorser
Isamu Noguchi
First Endorser
Linus Pauling
First Endorser
Victor Reuther
First Endorser
Pete Seeger
First Endorser
Leopold Stokowski
First Endorser
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
First Endorser
John Updike
First Endorser
Kirk Vonnegut
First Endorser
George Wald
First Endorser
Earl Warren
First Endorser
James Watson
First Endorser
Joseph K. Zerbo
First Endorser
Upper Volta
Leo Mates
First Endorser
Also Part of
William H. Bahan
Board of Directors

Sara Catlin
Board of Directors

Martha Crampton
Board of Directors

Joshua Cutler
Board of Directors

Alyce Green
Board of Directors
Biofeedback, Menninger
Willis W. Harman
Board of Directors
IONS, Stanford
Evin Laszlo
Board of Directors

Virginia Satir
Board of Directors

David Spangler
Board of Directors
Findhorn, Lorian
Martha McDougle

Thomas Pliske

William J. Butler
Counsel (Attorney)

Donald F. Keys
Lucis Trust
Also associated with

Saul Mendlovitz
Roy Amara
Mad Bear
Richard E. Andre
A. Reza Arasteh
Isaac Asimov
Archie J. Bahm
Richard Baker-Roshi

F. E. Boaten
Theodore Brameld
George Brown
Noel J. Brown
Peter Caddy
MRA, Findhorn, Rosicrucians
Lord Martin Cecil
Stuart Chase
Sri Chinmoy
Br. David Steindl-Rast
Benedictine Religious Order
Rene Dubos
Martin Ennais
Roger H. Evans
James Fadiman
Richard Falk
Jerome D. Frank
Johan Galtung
Denis A. Goulet
Robert J. Havighurst
Theodore M. Hesburgh
Notre Dame University President
Laura Huxley
Aldous Huxley's widow
Robert Jay Lifton
John McLaughlin
Edgar D. Mitchell
IONS, Paul N. Temple, Astronaut
Michael Murphy
Henry E. Niles
Glenn A. Olds
Alan Paton
V. Madhusudan Reddy
Mitsugi Saotome
E. F. Schumacher
"Small is Beautiful"
Russell L. Schweickart
Philippe de Seynes
Sally Swing Shelly
Sir John Sinclair
Harold Taylor
William Irwin Thompson
Maurice Strong, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine,
James G. Vargiu
Rene V. L. Wadlow
Theosophical Society, Salvador de Madariaga, World Citizens
Geshe Wangyal
Lucy Law Webster

and those who think this is irrelevant now, all old hat, etc. should consider that the mechanisms
these guys started are still in play, and spawning other groups each with a separate part of the
picture they are trying together to build,

AND that whoever these earlier people mentored are in play now.
This is a repost for Constance:

Anonymous said...


What do you think about this?

Scanning the names around the letter brings back
an interesting list of names to forget, er, remember for their contributions to the New Age cause:

Marcel Marceau
Marshall McLuen
Thor Hyderdahl
Judy Collins
Buckminster Fuller
John Updike
Kurt Vonnegut
Linus Pauling
Earl Warren
Salvador DeMadariega
THE Dalai Lama
Peter Ustinov

Some deserve to be remembered for better reasons Paul. Whatever else he was, Pauling was a brilliant scientist.

"Salvador DeMadariega"

In someone's DNA you might say ;).

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This bandwagon is headed for Jerusalem with it's New Age peace offering.
young living - the guy is deluded. dangerous? that depends on how many people he can get to
go along with this. But if he had any sense of humility he would have laughed the dream off once
it got to him leading the caravan. such an obvious appeal to ambition and egotism forms of the sin of pride.
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I would appreciate inputs you can make on some of the names. Most of the names were extremely active on the globalist and "New World Religion" scenes.


What happened to the May 15 post and following comments?
I remember Bucky Fuller and his reinterpretation
and fabrication of what the Genesis story is all about.
Mr Fuller was an architect and he seemed to me to be preoccupied with arches and of course his beloved geodesic dome, which he invented and was made of triangles only. He claimed that the tetrahedron; which is a three sided pyramid, is the most stable shape in the universe.
Fuller reduced Eve to a mere symbol of the arch, and said that she represented the invention of the arch and thus seaworthy ships to explore the whole earth. He followed the arch through the Bible, basically dismissing everything that the Bible was actually saying in order to make his point, which
time and scrutiny have not really endorsed.
Buckminster Fuller was a smart man all right, but
like a lot of smart men he was more interested in his reputation as a genius, ( pride), than he was interested in good science.
As far as Linus Pauling goes, and Christine's playing doctor at someone else's extreme risk, there has been nothing but disappointment in the notion that vitamin C is a panacea, or even curative. Mr Pauling took 4-5 thousand milligrams of vitamin C every day, and died at about eighty years old.

You can talk nonsense about the effect of Vitamin C in the body and good enough sense about other chemicals to get a Nobel Prize in chemistry and you have still done better work than 99.999% of all other scientists; while everybody talks nonsense about something.
Paul-Henri Spaak (1899 - 1972) was a former Belgian Prime Minister and one of the principal architects of what has, since its origins, now become the European Union. His words are chillingly 'prophetic' regarding the current meltdown in the Eurozone.

"We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking.

Send us such a man, and be he god or devil, we will receive him."

Going to get your wish Mr. Spaak.
Will be a devil of a man according to the bible and in the making right now.

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5:16 If anyone wants the Start Shine links I can re-post them.

"Psychiatry has had two intellectual capitals: Sigmund Freud's Vienna, a city bejeweled with baroque architecture, and post-World War II Topeka, an east Kansas city that looks much the same as all the grain-elevator towns that line the tracks of the old Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroad. Into that unlikely setting came a veritable Who's Who of psychoanalysts, many of them refugees fleeing Nazi anti-Semitism, and welcomed by the Menningers, who were Presbyterians."

Huxley and Menninger brothers:



My input is that a Midwest relative experienced abuse at the Menningers in Topeka around 1980 or 81 maybe 82. I remember the aunties discussing things about the over medication, the experimental medications and shock treatment was still going on (which they didn't like). I am not saying it was NAZI camp like-- but the way they would talk about things at holidays, they were disturbed and I am sure the relative was removed shortly there after of not within a year or so. I was young and that is the best my memory can do.

I did find Huxley and Menningers together in a photo. Maybe they were trying to test medications for a perfect "soma" or rather the drug used in Huxley's "Brave New World". As you know he was a Shiva worshiper and addicted to and died on peyote or mescalin as we call it.

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checking earlier blog posts, I came on this one and decided to have a look.

someone named dustproduction is doing a real good job of challenging the subjective and sloppy
thinking and words of these new agers. A response to one statement of his about some big cheese
named Robert Lanza, was to pontificate that said Lanza was introduced as the most important
scientist in the world.

Shows how these people are more into mutual affirmation and backscratching than objectivity.

There is so much of dustproduction at the discussion forums that this is probably why
they have shut down all commenting
on the excuse they are doing a redesign, which was to launch May 1.

And hasn't done so. readers were invited to download anything they wanted to archive prior to that.

I suggest everyone get over there and do so. Some of it may be ammunition for later regarding
some posters and subject people.
Let's "play nice", my dear friends!

interesting bit of work and idiocy, someone documented at IONS that the brain MRI scans
shows a reaction 1 to10 seconds before an event happens. this is taken as seeing into the future.

more likely is subconscious response to something about the upcoming event telegraphed by
whoever is making it happen. you can telegraph intentions by tone of voice, subtle shift of body
language or face language, many things, and if there is anything psychic going on and the event is
from elsewhere that may play a part. THERE IS NO NEED TO READ LOOKING IN TO THE ACTUAL FUTURE
into the results of this research.

their head scientist Dean Radin looks like a posturing loon who thinks he's a movie star.
More on the Star Shine Academy. The AZ charter school which Pope Fran has chosen his curriculum for Catholic orphanages globally: Another video showing the UN influence and Frank Lloyd Wright's grandson is in on it.


So here a link to Wright and Theosophy:

I can't stress the importance of this video enough. This is the charter school "choice" for the New Age. This is what will replace all US public schools and conservative Christians are helping by demanding school choice and abandoning their power and control over public schools and school boards. I have already shown you the test scores are well below even AZ public schools. I believe these schools will produce a generation of illiterate and spiritually confused people.
Star Shine Promo Video (UN model school)


This is who made the promo video:


This is what the Start Shine Promo video above reminds ME of:

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Speaking of men on (or from) Mars..

Recap the Vatican Hollywood connection: Pope Frances chooses the curriculum from the UN global charter schools created by the rock and roll wife of the space cowboy, Steve McCarty of the Steve Miller Band and "Fly Like and Eagle". How cute! Awww, he favorites her videos on his channel.


He's a picker and a grinner and a midnight sinner. Oh that rock n roll...


Why do I feel like we are all just in some Hollywood production or rather a circus? All the world's a stage ...yeah and quotes from soothsayer Mr. Francis Bacon etc.
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anon 10:39,

I didn't go to first grade. I was kept out of school by my biological so called mother, until the
authorities were called, she told the judge some rambling garbage and he sent her to the psych ward,
which she interpreted as being because he could see that she wasn't the kind of person who
belonged in jail (that he recognized her superior nature).
I spent ten days in the best environment I'd ever had, some structure and kids all around, but was still in a black trance. It was called Junior Village. I was working on pneumonia and
spent a lot of days in the hospital there. Then my father came and got me - and unfortunately got her also.

naturally she ruined everything. had to be nagged into letting me go to school and was so persuasive
that she was sensitive and harmless that the people brought in worked on making it an easy transition for her.

So I was given a tutor, and then introduced to the second half of the fourth grade, skipped fifth
grade because of age (being older than others) and straight into 6th. Then got held back in 9th an
extra year.

I was reading by two years old. I was always reading ahead of others. I had a math block which
wasn't helped by my biological so called mother ripping my skin off so to speak when I was computing the multiplication instead of merely
memorizing by rote the multiplication table. I don't think I ever got over it, I was in
a gray stunned state for two or three months.

I am very sure she was drugging me while I was alone with her for over a year or so before I was

As for grammar, since anons are WHOs here, being people (assuming they aren't bots) I see no reason
not to say whoever instead of whichever.

I do have a tendency to think in the speech patterns of some other languages though I didn't speak them,
but recognized the sentence structure when I was given brief exposure to Spanish. I don't know
why that is.
As for blog sheriff, you people seem to play that a lot more than I do. As for teaching people, if they
are going to equate normal diarrhea with watery dysentery, then they need to learn the difference.

Once again, who here "needs" to know your personal history, Christine?
Did someone ask to know anything about diarrhea?
No one asked, Christine.
Just another opportunity for you to drag up the bitterness and unforgivenness to which you cling.
How does this blog benefit knowing all of this?
Sorry but this blog is not about you.


"The phenomena that occurred was one of the reasons the school was chosen as a model site for peace initiative summits with the United Nations and a sustainability conference for September 11-21, 2004, that continues yearly. As a United Nations team visited the school, one of them remarked that at the smallest level, the school has shown the world the way that we all can turn into a more peaceful, artful, more interdependent world. The first graduation ceremony for 2004, held at the Arizona Capitol Senate Building graduated previous dropouts who each inspired the audience with their eloquent speeches. Vernon Parker, now Mayor of Paradise Valley, as past USDA Asst.Sec., Head of U.S. Civil Rights, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and State Superintendent, Tom Horne gave keynote speeches because of the unusual success of the school."

Joe Arpaio? "Head of U.S. Civil rights" (I thought that was Pam Geller's gig)? Didn't Jerome Corsi dump him and PP Simmons pick up his junk? WTH?
anon 11:21
you selfrighteously dishonest person, it doesn't matter that no one asked about the difference
between diarrhea and dysentery.

and whoever brought up whether I got out of 1st grade brought on the personal history.

you may feel all superior and patting yourself on the back rebuking me or whatever you think you are

But to me and probably others who don't post, you only make yourself look more and more contemptible.
Time to review the columns at http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com One is Morphing the Common Core into a New Rewritten US Constitution by Mandating False Beliefs. Here the author lets us know what to watch for as we accept new wording. The 14th amendment is to be reconstructed to accomodate a new definition, national citizenship.

The author also warns readers to see how and why schools ignore factual material so as to get students to act like puppet citizens who think what the government wants them to think. Current example: Believe in global warming no matter what the facts show. If this sounds like Marxist indoctrination, it is.

This is all happening like a flood.
Marx was a satanist. Robin's blog is good but people find hard to read sometimes. She knows about Bailey. She knows North Central is Unesco.
"As for grammar, since anons are WHOs here, being people (assuming they aren't bots) I see no reason
not to say whoever instead of whichever."

Christine, you didn't just say, 'whoever', you said, "whoever anon.

In that case it is whichever person, i.e., whichever anon!

You're a complete and utter Cretin!
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
To Everybody:


Constance, we aren't children playing in a sandbox here. Please don't be insulting. We don't trade insults with you. Please do not insult us.
anon 8:05

would you believe there is a high school in St. Paul, MN called CRETIN HIGH SCHOOL? (I've never
been to MN and didn't attend it, but what a comeback that would be, I could blame everything on
bad education at Cretin High.)

whichever anon, whoever anon, whatever. its the same thing and I doubt anyone is so Common Core-ized
here that they can't figure I am addressing the person who posted as anon at whatever time it was. The purpose of language is to convey information. Is anyone in doubt as to what I was talking about?
Now is the time to start fussing about KJB as the divinely inspired actual words of God so that
a translation that clearly conveys the same information as KJV on some point (I know there are
some heresy helping bad translations) is somehow not the word of God as per Ruckman.

Constance did you delete your posts?

You have trolls, they are serious about disturbing
your work and followers. They mean business. They love Lucifer as much as we love Jesus.
Anonymous 7:40 and others. Often to learn you have to force your mind to deal with difficult ideas. One way to do that is to read something several times until you get some appreciation of the idea that is being conveyed. Another way is to put it on the side and come back to it in a day or so. Reading something that is very easy to swim through usually means you are just affirming what you already know and believe. There is no learning in that. Robin's columns are well documented, but usually with names of individuals and organizations that are completely unfamiliar to the average person who has been kept from knowing about them. Thirty-five years have passed since Constance Cumbey introduced the topic. Since then changes have occurred rapidly, being put in place by believers in New Age ideas. Due to lack of interaction between those interested in the changes, there are no studies or timelines showing the changes that have taken place and have brought us to where we are.

Faith has its place and brings solace to many, but faith generally is based on what can only be guesswork and hope.

Both a realistic look at what is happening and faith are needed.
9:56 conspiracy blogs will be shut down by the end of 2015, the time for learning difficult concepts by tavistock contaminated brains has passed. Masonry was the sadle of education and politics just before the French Revolution which was a blood bath mostly for Christians. The time for activism was in the 90's. Buying more books by experts is just money neede for toilet paper and water this fall. It's over, it's been over and faith is not guess work, Jesus is our only hope. He is the light, the truth and the only way.
Anonymous 10:43
Obviously you haven't read at least five of the columns. The site is an academic one. To compare it to a conspiracy site shows you do not know the difference between solid research and rants which the conspiracy sites are. I do think you are just trying to discourage others from going there for your own reasons.

Solidly researched information can serve two purposes. The first is hope for an overall change in the culture. Without numbers that's a pretty weak cause. A better one is to help others think more carefully about the impact the words of others have on them. Common Core advocates do not want individuals to get factual information and form their own conclusions. They work to keep factual information away from others, making them come to emotional conclusions as directed by their leaders. It does seem to me that the purpose of your comment is similar.

Please read Robin's blog I have personally printed even single post and bound them by year. I ordered linen paper to print them one. I have her book.

'conspiracy' deffinition: what the new world order decides is conspiracy, this blog and Robins blog count.

I van asure you, they will be shug down. I am paying attention to ALL aspects of the un development program.

Nice try.
Typos are because this is a tablet and it is late.


"The 14th amendment is to be reconstructed to accomodate a new definition, national citizenship."

if you people who think like this would READ the Constitution instead of what people say it says,
you would know there has never been any citizenship except national once the Article of Confederation
were dumped and the Constitution put in place.

a citizen of a state of the USA is a citizen of the USA itself. a citizen of the USA is thereby a
citizen of any state that person resides in. There is prohibition of restrictions on travel etc.
tariffs between states.

you are never in legal or popular parlance called a citizen of any state only a resident of that state.
" something quite new to us: to identify not with the content of our beliefs, but with the integrity of the process by which we arrived at them.”"
invisible serf's collar

this is a seriously bad idea. Why? because you can come to the same conclusion through very
difference sequences of ideas or "processes."
and you can have a "process" that is correct, but because of some error of content at the root results
in error.

and you can jump to the right conclusion, or stumble on something by the grace of God, despite a wrong presupposition or whatever.
Robin is not a Christian. She uses reason heavily.
Very few people I know can wade in the weeds of whose who and I doubt many can understand Uncle Karl at all other than from what they hear on a Tavistock airwave. She is a great researcher.

Too bad the US Constitution is no loner valid and has not been for a long time.

I will eat my shorts if her work changes any culture. Same for this blog. Without legislation all this is just nice information, considered conspiracy by the state.
I mean seriously, warning that the constitution may take on a new meaning in the 14th amendment? Really? Come on, ever heard of the patriot act? and obama care? and First Net? and how about the Federal Reserve? Lol, come on guys.
These blogs are on the UN global grid, international, smart grid, Internet 2, a non profit of the United State Of America. THERE IS NO SOVERIGN USA. You have no real right to say anything on these lines that does not comply with NATO or the UN. You will soon see.
anon 11:40
there is a way of dealing with this, and legislation may result in the next generation as a result.
parents are going to have to teach the kids to read as early as possible. They are also going
to have to get them learning to compute not repeat (actually multiply not recite a math table
which is only of use to speed work after you know the basics).

the idea of objective reality as opposed to changing whims of the moment is going to have to be instilled.


you gotta make these kids into conspirators. Make them understand that they are going to
meet things some are true some are false both presented by authority figures, and that even you the parent can be wrong at times.
and get them to cultivate similarly minded kids when they get to school, and subtly introduce such notions to other kids.
It is a lot easier when you got The Bible as foundation. and the example of the early church facing persecution.
Most parents who dislike whats developing are not, let's face it, committed Christians and those
who are don't agree on what that adds up to a lot of the time.

The history of the radical changes over time of what "science" considers "fact" in
some things beyond math and obvious events things like geology and structure of the atom
and stuff like that are important. The kid has to be flexible enough to deal with what is presented and to keep an eye out for there being more to it.

Te Whariki pushes a developmental approach that rejects the old “focus on the learner as an individual, and learning as furniture in the mind.” Instead, learning is the change brought about in the student as a result of “responsive and reciprocal relationships with people places and things.”

"they see the student as an “individual-in-action” interacting in social, cultural and purposeful contexts."

what this adds up to is, that instead of school being where you learn facts and how to apply them,
and how to interact without getting into a fight,
instead the very time wasting and setup to get into partying later mentality that teachers used to
have to fight is now the main thing to promote.

one of the problems in inner city schools is that being a brain is looked down on, and frankly with
the harassment of "nerds" and glorification of "jocks" you already got that in play in a lot
of "better" schools.
the whole school sports thing should probably be eliminated. the social event home coming queen and school president nonsense all this socialization
is a waste of time. It is something most are used to so flies under the radar.

common core apparently is an exaltation of social skills and worldly focus which used to be
bemoaned by intelligence production focused teachers and parents.

yeah okay I got a bit incoherent. so sue me. I am still trying to wake up. quotation mark should precede te Whariki et. seq.

should read that geology and structure of atom are among the concepts that changed.

the whole thing focusses on process alone, which is dangerous. a classic example is
the exaltation of "the scientific method" which is for lab work ONLY. it is not applicable to determine things that can't be repeated.
and in some cases it won't work anyway. identifying what one chemical in a herb has its effect
for instance, is all very well. BUT if the action of the herb as entire herb, or specific section,
depends on the interaction of several chemicals, then the usual approach won't work.
There are comments sections after every column at http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com

Robin isn't going to come here, so if you feel you have something important to say, go there. It isn't Christian to talk behind her back.
anon 12:00

you may be able to present your ideas with coherence and proper punctuation. But you got no idea worth presenting.

public posted material can be discussed anywhere. nothing unchristian about it. your attitude
is hypocritical because this entire blog is talking behind the backs of the new agers, by your standards.
which shows that talking behind back is not wrong. backbiting is about lies not truth.

and what I posted was not contradictory to her but taking it the next step in analysis. and
an idea what to do.

And all just talk now, Christine, as you continue to only split hairs of all the finer points of next to nothing, because this whole world is in a rush to see the end days prophecies fulfilled.
Time is up!!!
There is no longer an America. Why? Because American sovereignty is gone with the wind as they say. There won't be another presidential election. Obama has finished the "work". And of course, all the nations are headed for judgment. This is on God's timetable, and not ours, no matter what we are exposing here.
Matthew 24, Luke 21, and Mark 13 are well on their way.
Yes, we need information.
Yes, we need to know who and what they are up to, but stop them?
It's way too late for that.

Get ready dear friends. We wake up every day in a global world now and that machine will be roaring to life here very shortly. The whole world has passed the point of no return.
I don't know about Constance but Robin lives a privileged lifestyle. Without going into details, she does not meet the same people I do on a daily basis. Her level of intelligence is not easily (if at all) transferable to the working class, I have actually tried. For example, last week I met a mother who is an immigrant and she did not know the name of her child's school but I am sure her child is learning to hate white people and Christians. The reason the culture will not shift anytime soon is easy to identify.

1. Mass immigration (mom's can't home school when they do not speak English)
2. UN Development program was not taken seriously and has been an attack on all fronts for years
3. People believe the false flag events and accept the legislation that follows
4. compartmentalization on the part of those trying to expose the problems and their own self interest as well as defense of their perceptions, compartmentalization of the careers so people don't know how they contribute to the problem
5. snitch culture and the ratio now of informants per average person
6. heavy and accurate surveillance that targets even the potential resistance of the citizen
7. the successful globalization of the culture by funneling everything via the global grid
8. economic terrorism, the fact that governors and politicians must play ball with corporate and bankers or risk actual physical harm, ie public private partnerships will be accepted, period
8. the private prisons which are acting NOW as I type as workers camps NOW in America as we have the highest per capita amount of people in prison
9. deception, deception, deception

We had a nine hour power outage. People complained and the google bot picked up these complaints however when you clicked on the link the comments had been scrubbed.

Robin has spent years trying to explain Uncle Karl and these connections. The better way would be to watch Yuri Bezmenov on youtube. Supply chains need to be interrupted and fake shortages need to bring this country to it's knees. Who needs a hushed up power outage and who works in the dark? Isis maybe?

22 hrs old>


Exactly. Bin Ladden, the world's worst terrorist evil mastermind. What sort of beliefs make the profile of a mad man? Belief in the Illuminati. Now what conspiracy...er eh..academic blogs believe that too?

Told ya.

Obama announced that belief in climate change is a matter of national security (new as well) do ya think you have the privilege to think otherwise? How about posting this belief on the UN grid or how about a google server...like this blogger blog...a google product on a google server.


Here is a UN plan from beginning to end. make up a problem. Control the weather with known technology but call people conspiracy nuts if they talk about it. Create fake shortages, bring people to their knees financially, and voila! victory! collectivism and giving up rights.

8 hours ago

the privatization scam was part of all this back in the Reagan years I think it started.
this drove up prices and eliminated easy accountability. In some other countries the same big corporations are privatizing
water so you don't just pay for the delivery but for the water itself. I think this caused riots.
This experiment was rolled out in a couple of south American countries.

always we hear about big govt. and socialism vs. capitalism, but what most who talk like this don't
realize is that the problem is big capital - not small capitalism that made the country do pretty well - WHICH EFFECTIVELY OWNS THE GOVT. AND MAKES THE "SOCIALIST" LAWS.

the purpose of these laws is to eliminate or lessen competition (I think it was old man Ford who called
competition a sin) and raises prices right and left as a result of their activities.
The antitrust laws were a step in the right direction. When the electric company and some oil companies were broken up in to
smaller operations, they quietly worked together anyway.

Right now, AT&T is privately (something I found leaked printed and thrown out) talking about how
by rights they own all the wires and cables because they put most of them in or started them, and suchlike attitude that it is
obvious why they provide super cheap Internet service.

to drive the competition down and out, and once that is accomplished they will yank up the price.

We hear of Bilderberg and trilaterals and CFR but ignore these are BUSINESSMEN.
Adam Smith wrote that businessmen's associations should be outlawed because they never meet except to figure out how to
gouge prices and cheat the common man.
What Robin shows is happening in the field of education is on display right here. How to control the response:

1. Ignore clearly presented facts.
2. Own the topic by appearing to go further than the facts presented which gives a reason to ignore factual material.
3. Offer emotional responses to the new information presented.
4. Make the target audience feel superior to the person presenting factual information.

"I think" takes less effort than "I know."

If the technique can be used on this group of adults, how much easier is it to use it on children.


OK let's buy that argument 100%. I am an over emotional lazy thinker who ignores basic facts. Let's add: an evangelical Christian who does not know that Christians have been known to beat people so some intellectuals who have had a bad experience can't ever trust God and his laws. We should all just reason for ourselves since God is unreasonable (after all he forgives even the worst offenders).

What is Robin doing with these facts that she knows to be truth to make policy changes that can actually make a difference in the average person's life (the ones who are suffering and don't live on the sheltered side of Atlanta and send their kids to private high schools) Oh I am all for that, but what about the little guy?? The one who does not know anything, didn't attend a special program for extremely gifted persons and probably will not be able to understand while the field of education has been hijacked especially in their neighborhood?? THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS TOO. They are stuck at the Start Shine charter school today, learning...that thinking is easier than looking at the facts and knowing.

My understanding is that the only way to solve socialism is to repeal the individual laws one by one.


Dr. Cuddy testified before the house in 1997 about OBE. Today is is worse and getting worse.

Let us in on the plan backwards. I do not see it. If the answer is maintaining and academic blog that documents everything on the surveillance system of the world wide wed, I do not "think" there is much hope. However, by all means, everyone should read your blog and when they do not understand it, they should walk away for a while and then come back. I am FOR this action. I have the entire blog on linen paper bound from Office Max.

In the mean time we can just feel sad as our political candidates who say they will change things back commit suicide. And the noose tightens on our necks. Oh crap, it's that emotional urgency again. Damn I suck. I wish I could be more like you and maybe care less about the local suffering. I should move out of the city.


Anonymous 11:41 You are not very unemotional in your response although it is obvious you care about what is going on. I am not Robin. I just called attention to her findings. Her work documents unemotionally who is doing what to control the the culture. Although you say you have copied her information, the question is what you have done with it. The more people who can point to who is doing what to those who have control in the education and government field, the better. She lets others know it is not in our imagination that changes are taking place. She does not deal in generalities but goes to the sources which are far out of our field of vision.

The New Age movement is very large and complex as some here know. They have a huge network with leaders, trolls, and those who go along for their own benefit. Unfortunately there is no network of individuals who have documented the changes and have worked together to oppose the changes.

The anti-New Age movement has no leadership as most have run from the attacks by New Agers. Be thankful that there are some who work very hard to inform others what is going on. Oh there are many who touch on the subject to get funds for their generalities and manipulated information.

I know your frustration but I respect others who seriously expose what is going on, including Dennis Cuddy who is open to friendships.
here is an argument to try to weaken a new ager's stance and anyone's determination in all this.

the educational system in play came (under a similar name) from that guy Muller who channeled it
from some entity.
The whole New Age thing is about changing your consciousness and sooner or later we get to hear
about spiritual beings without bodies.

now, the question to ask them is, is this really a good idea? (we know it isn't but they don't.)

fitting us to deal with life on the terms of admittedly nonhuman beings, who are radically different
from us, means forcing us into a mold we were not designed (or evolved) to be in. If this were our
next step in evolution, it would happen on its own, not be forced like this. It doesn't seem to really be
useful for physical survival and dealing with objective reality, something that is an issue in
human survival, so what good is it?
If this is to prepare us for life after death, we can learn all that when we die.
Suiting us for living non physically with a different than normal physical brain state, is
ipso facto not suiting us for living
in the world we have to live in.

So everything about this is dysfunctional from the word go.

And if nature (or rather God) did not design these different types of beings to be together on the
non humans' terms if at all, then it is highly dubious to cultivate
such beings or the states of mind
that allegedly typify them.

(someone will scream "these are demons!" YES I KNOW THAT, BUT I AM TALKING ABOUT HOW TO UNDERMINE

these beings are then an invasive species. And consider, if PETA can argue that humans should
eventually have no contact with animals at all, then why should we have contact with nonhumans or they have contact with us?
it is inappropriate.
I never said I disrespected others who expose the truth. Nice try.

You said:
"The more people who can point to who is doing what to those who have control in the education and government field, the better."

I completely disagree,(Iserbyt says no need for more research, her words) we get it now.. the legislation must change, you can have an army of people and we do now, who can point, but they can't DO anything about it. I tried and NO I will never be able to DO anything about it. I was in the trenches of two states. Nothing can be done, except they did take my advice and get attorneys but the ruling seen to be short lasting so far.

"She lets others know it is not in our imagination that changes are taking place."

Oh come on, we all know that already, those who don't are either obsessed with tavistock viewing options or will never reach Robin's reading level.

"She does not deal in generalities but goes to the sources which are far out of our field of vision."

I found her information useless when changing policy or educating others and she once sent an email out that we are now a banana republic. I seem to remember that she posted about the illegality of being allowed to teach people to read now in the US. This makes anything she writes no longer available to new students.

Again, exposure is nothing without policy changes, so we can expose to each other and that's about it. It's nice information to have, but again, that's all.

I understand Cuddy was able to document things well over the years.

As we converse, more children at Start Shine or Catholic global orphanages have been indoctrinated and held back from obtaining knowledge in order to preserve our culture and secure their futures. There are ten times as many of them than us.

Just the sad sad facts.

anon 1:26

""She lets others know it is not in our imagination that changes are taking place."

Oh come on, we all know that already, those who don't are either obsessed with tavistock viewing options or will never reach Robin's reading level."

WE may know that, but the average puzzled individual does NOT know that. Robin's work, suitable
excerpted for simplicity, would let them know they are not imagining things.

then you can turn them onto Cuddy if you want to. OR whoever.
(note to grammar police I refuse to say "whomever" because it sounds stupid.)

I think your real problem is you like Cuddy's style and specifics better. Robin may or may not buy
into some of his analysis, this does not make her useless.

I do like Cuddy, but robin is smart and has a good blog. Again, if Cuddy could not wake them up in 97 then we should just inform about the decline in education and if the informing can not reach anyone past stay at home Moms with masters degrees then we should find other ways of communicating or at the very least MAKE an attempt.

The poor are people and we may be unable to stop immigration but we as Christians must reach out to them and use their level of English to do so. I find it horrible that children in catholic orphanages and inner cities are forced into these charter schools, like Start Shine and sad they we are helpless to change it.

so far the schools are not eliminating literacy altogether, and electronic learning and the
Internet are all the rage. if the kids can read they can be reached with the right ideas. Just a few key ideas. nothing too complicated, political, or whatever, just throw doubt in their minds about some notions. don't be trackable to a conservative source.
Education at the Margins: World Bank Perspective


Cum by Ya my Love
Cum by Ya..sure I trust her..
“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”


original article and note linked article that cancer research is fraud.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous 1:26 pm. With your attitude I wonder why you are bothering to read anything here. Cumbey hasn't changed anything. Many people have learned what is going on, but no legislation has been changed. According to her she was told she held the movement back with her information, but that's just her word.

Quit feeling sorry for yourself. You aren't the first person who hasn't changed the world. Even Jesus couldn't do it.

if this assessment of the significance of Vatican City layout and obelisk is correct,
and given the people involved it probably is, the Vatican has been involved in a lot worse heresy than
global warming and world govt. and Christianity of the RC sort survived to produce it traditionalists now.

global govt. is inherent to the RC system as per the (now admitted by them forged) Decretals and of course the Donation of Constatine.
The idea is to combine religious and secular power in one man and of course since you have to be
in communion with the pope to be in the Kingdom of Heaven, to be over the whole world's govts. insofar as the whole world gets
converted to RC.

I realize that this is not the stance (no salvation outside of RC) that is stated now. It is more

which of course means either that present popes are in error, or the prior ones were, or that no one
of them has spoken ex cathedra on the subject and it is still undecided, which is a bit hard to
buy given the kind of documents (papal bulls and encyclicals) it was made it.
The catholic religious system is one of Satan's greatest achievements.

A religion that at times seems to be christian, but has just the right amount of religious trickery to blind its followers.

We who trust in Christ alone as the "door" to salvation, need no pope, or phoney religious system!

Pope Francis Appoints Radically Liberal, Pro-Homosexual Priest To Vatican Council

Oh shut up Chritine!
The post at nowtheendbegins referenced by anon 9:35AM above has some interesting implications (assuming all the info in LifeSiteNews is credible). While Pope Francis has just appointed the very liberal Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, the Vatican under Benedict canceled a keynote speech set to be delivered by Radcliffe back on 2011:

Report: Vatican cancels left-leaning prelate from Caritas Conference

…the Vatican has cancelled the speaking engagement of a former head of the Dominican order at the upcoming general assembly of Caritas Internationalis. According to the paper, Fr. Timothy Radcliffe was set to deliver the keynote opening address Monday and had already prepared his talk.

…Writing in the London Times, Radcliffe said of the then-upcoming Vatican document banning homosexuals in the priesthood, “If it were to contain such a ban, which is highly unlikely, most Catholics, at least in the West, would find it unacceptable. Any deep-rooted prejudice against others, such as homophobia or misogyny, would be grounds for rejecting a candidate for the priesthood, but not their sexual orientation.”

Note the false dichotomy between banning homosexuals from the priesthood and so-called “homophobia.” One does not have to be “homophobic” in banning homosexuals from the priesthood. This does not necessarily follow.


The news of Radcliffe’s cancelation has reignited talk about the Vatican’s moves to reform the Caritas agency and it’s [sic] worldwide affiliates many of which have struggled with questions of authentic Catholic principles and identity.

In Vatican circles discussion of the reformation of the Caritas agency in light of Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate became animated in February when the Vatican refused to allow Caritas General Secretary Lesley-Anne Knight to submit her name for reelection to her position, citing the need to strengthen the organization’s “Catholic identity,” among other concerns.

Knight’s rejection was met with protests from organization leaders and then Knight herself in public comments to National Catholic Reporter.


Knight was disallowed eligibility for reelection to her post, as the above makes clear; and, from the first hyperlink in the last paragraph of the preceding comment we read:

…The CCODP, a Caritas member organization, has come under fire from pro-life groups for supporting organizations that advocate the legalization of abortion, distribute contraceptives, and support homosexualist policies. Knight vigorously defended CCODP after such policies were exposed by LifeSiteNews in early 2009 in a letter sent to donors and obtained by LSN…

In the second hyperlink from the last paragraph in the preceding comment, we find both more reasoning behind the decision to block Knight’s reelection and Knight’s response:

Msgr. Dal Toso explained that the Vatican’s Secretariat of State and the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum” envision a “new profile” for Caritas in coming years. “The next four years envisage Caritas Internationalis engaged in important themes concerning its mission, including the revision of its statutes and internal reform,” he said.

In the NCR interview, Knight had suggested that the millions of dollars the organization receives from Western governments could be jeopardized if they become too explicitly Catholic. “If the British government, or Sweden or Germany or Canada, is donating millions to Caritas, it’s because they know and trust the value of the work we do with the poor,” she said. “It’s not because they want to be seen to be supporting a Catholic organization.”

The change in the Vatican’s approach to international aid appears to be part of the general reform project outlined in Pope Benedict’s recent encyclical letter Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth). The encyclical insisted that human development and foreign aid cannot be separated from the demands of truth, and criticized the fact that many international aid organizations are promoting abortion, contraception, sterilization, and euthanasia.

This may lend credence to Constance’s hypothesis that Benedict was ousted in favor of Francis in order to further larger Vatican goals more congruent with false ecumenism (uniting with current secular ideals) or, worse, overt New Age ideals.

To Susanna:

I am VERY DISTURBED from what I have read so far about the Fr. Radcliffe appontment by Pope Francis. What is your opinion? It appears to stretch way past "evangelization" and border far more on apostasy to me.

I'm still in the dark about "Robin". Who is she? Where can I find her on the web? What is her last name?

http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com robin is apparently the blog owner since her name came up in
context of arguing that site vs. Cuddy.
"We do not want another committee, we have too many already. What we want is a man of sufficient stature to hold the allegiance of all people, and to lift us out of the economic morass into which we are sinking.

Send us such a man, and be he god or devil, we will receive him."

"Going to get your wish Mr. Spaak.
Will be a devil of a man according to the bible and in the making right now"

A superman cannot be an ordinary man. Guaranteed.

Keep looking up ;-)

Please don't stop commenting on this article, but refresh your browsers to get the new post I just put up about my radio program for tomorrow morning. Many, many thanks to those of you who alerted me to Patrick M. Wood's important new book, TECHNOCRACY RISING. He graciously sent me a review copy and he will be my radio guest in the morning on www.themicroeffect.com and/or TMERadio.com.

the whole homeschooling and drop out of sight and even don't register the kid as born no birth
certificate ideas, strike me as tailor made for satanic abuse purposes.
Don't bother me with "refutations" of this or pontifications from the false memory syndrome foundation which is founded and staffed by
people with pedophile accusations
and in at least one case, someone published in a British pro pedophile journal.
And sure, some of the memories may be a tad warped, given the drugs and trauma and dissociative
tendencies to "cope" with it (a cop out in fact) present when the
trauma happened.
Trauma induced amnesia is the foundation of psychotherapy anyway. remember the neurosis that
is a manifestation of a buried trauma? not to mention war related trauma which was once
called shellshock and now PTSD.

The point is, that when someone is isolated and even off the records, they are easy prey. Physically
and mentally.
people who have come out of such cults have pointed out that some cult leaders are also mainline denomination
Christian ministers as their day jobs, so to speak. And the potential for such prideful people
who like to be big fish in little ponds is obvious, once you look at the unregulated no accountability beyond the small group or megachurch
evangelical scene, not to mention homeschool scene. the family is the whole world....this is also
the typical picture of an incestuous family, a strong inward turning outside world blocking out mentality.
Constance, 2:17 P.M.

Thank you for the heads up.

Before reading about him here, I honestly didn't know anything about Father Timothy Radcliff. But after doing a little digging, I found the following article by Church historian James Hitchcock who, as the title of the following article by Mr. Hitchcock clearly indicates, definitely does not approve of Father Radcliff's "religious" progressivism.

James Hitchcock


There is also this article from the reliable CATHOLIC WORLD REPORT

James Hitchcock

.....Margaret O’Brien Steinfels, a former editor of the liberal Catholic journal Commonweal, admitted that, despite the fact that Weakland took no action against predator priests and used diocesan funds to pay off his blackmailing male lover, he remained for her an almost ideal bishop. McBrien and the feminist nun Joan Chittister both praised the wisdom of Weakland’s published memoirs, and an NCR reader identified him as one of the few “faith-filled bishops.” The NCR does not remind its readers that one of the most egregious clerical offenders, Paul Shanley (whom Law protected), was praised in its pages at least three times, even after he had been exposed.

In their incessant excoriation of “the bishops,” liberals ignore another group of individuals who are equally culpable—superiors of religious orders. No one has investigated how clerical misconduct was dealt with by, for example, the liberal Timothy Radcliffe, the former master general of the Dominicans, or by the liberal superiors of the Society of Jesus, although those orders dealt with the abuses no more forthrightly than did most of the bishops.

It is liberal dogma that a female hierarchy would deal with clerical abuses in the proper way, but the reality is otherwise. The LCWR curtly refuses to meet with people claiming to have been abused by religious sisters, refusing even to put the issue on its agenda.
...read entire article......




Here are James Hitchcock's bona fides.



The following is from last February, 2014.

More evidence for why Fr Timothy Radcliffe should be cancelled by Dublin's Divine Mercy conference



As I said, this is the first I am hearing about Father Radcliff's appointment, and I have no idea why Pope Francis would have made such a scandalous appointment - if it was indeed Pope Francis, and not some radical liberal Curia flunky who made it.

Here is what I am referring to......

Vatican City, May 21, 2015 / 11:10 am (CNA).- Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, a Dominican priest who led his order for ten years and has stirred controversy in the past for his stance on certain ecclesial issues, was appointed May 16 as a consultor of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

Consultors to the pontifical councils are officially appointed by the Pope, and while it is not formally acknowledged, such appointments are typically made at the suggestion of the heads of the councils. With Fr. Radcliffe, the number of consultors of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace comes to 14
.....read more.....


The reason I am finding this appointment particularly odd is because, as the same CNS article reports:

Last year EWTN chose not to cover Ireland's Divine Mercy Conference, as it customarily does, because Fr. Radcliffe had been chosen as a keynote speaker at the event.

And in 2011, Fr. Radcliffe was scheduled to speak at the general assembly of Caritas International, a confederation of worldwide Catholic charities. The Vatican intervened to prohibit his address, and he was replaced by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the pontifical household.


In any case, I will certainly be following this story very closely in order to get to the bottom of it.
Craig and Constance,

It is to be noted, as Craig has pointed out, that when Father Radcliff's address to Caritas International was prohibited by the Vatican in 2011, Pope Benedict XVI was still the Pope.

Pope Francis was not elected to the papacy until March 13, 2013.



National Catholic Register is a Catholic news publication which is affiliated with EWTN and is usually conservative in its reporting.

It is not to be confused with the liberal National Catholic Reporter.

Unfortunately, many get the two confused because their initials are both "NCR."
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