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April 1981 New Age Journal Ad re "Maitreya" -- "adult man in modern city" then

Rummaging through my 33 year collection of New Age Journals, some preceding my discovery of the New Age Movement which I purchased at local New Age outlets, I found the following.  Mr. Creme then claimed that the figure he was promoting was a fully adult man living in a modern city in the world.  He did not out with his London story until five days after our first radio debate in May, 1981.  At that time, Mr. Creme was more than startled that I had rightfully tied him to the larger New Age Movement.  I have been reviewing my library and duplicate papers that were returned to me from University of Michigan, Bentley Historical Library reviewing and archiving of same.  I had not seen these earlier ads which predated my discovery of Benjamin Creme and his mission, but I have reproduced three of several ads in my collection of New Age Journals.  A variety of ads announcing the various speaking engagements Mr. Creme would be undertaking were listed on this ad.  One of them was even in my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  This was prior to my hearing Benjamin Creme speak in Detroit on November 4, 1981.  I thought you might find it interesting, and this should serve to exonerate the young Pakistani man. RAJ PATEL, that many think was Creme's candidate.  Raj Patel would have been a 9 year old child in 1981 -- not a "mature adult." 

New Age Journal, April 1981

New Age Journal, October 1981

New Age Journal December 1981
Thought you might find this interesting.  Stay tuned!



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Constance Cumbey said...

Well, all the rest of us are now 33 years older since 1981. That would make the man described in the ads as probably a person in their 70s.

Obviously, big money was spent then and is being spent now on this "project." Today, doing a search of "Share International" with the quotes about it, yielded 550,000 google hits.


Constance Cumbey said...

Last week, October 20th, a North Carolina judge/magistrate resigned to avoid violating his religious convictions by being forced to perform same sex marriages.

Again, we are now officially worse than Sodom & Gomorrah. Lot, their judge, didn't bless their actions. The judges in North Carolina were threatened with dismissal if they would not perform same sex marriages after a Federal judge overturned the state's voter's affirmation as marriage being between a man and a woman.

Magistrate Breedlove resigned rather than compromise his faith.

You can read about it at this tiny url:


Anonymous said...

Raj Patel, AASHE 2013, discussing food deserts, AASHE is partners with ICLEI,famed agents of Agenda 21 'sustainability'. He seems to be hyperactive and strange... is he still the 'christ'? He comes in at about an hour.

Constance Cumbey said...

Raj Patel is clearly a person with New Age/Agenda 21 Economic theories. I rather doubt if he is the New Age Maitreya that Benjamin Creme spoke of. Creme is 1981 said that "the Christ" was a mature adult man. Raj Patel was born in 1972 which would have made him 9 years. However, I believe that Patel has had a lot of fun with the identity confusion and belief of some New Agers and even Christians -- for good or for bad -- that he is the one. However, the economic system Patel proposes would fit in very nicely to what Benjamin Creme proposes. Raj Patel is married with at least one child.

Raj Patel: Part of the New Age system, yes. Their "messiah" -- I doubt it, but then your guess is probably as good as mine.


Constance Cumbey said...

I can't help but wonder if Raj Patel's stuttering is real, or if he is doing so to mischievouslyl add to the identification of those believing him to be the one.


Anonymous said...

Javier Solana was a mature adult when Creme was doing his thing -- Raj Patel was a child. Both guesses -- Solana now is 72 years old.

Dan Bryan said...

Constance, I would love to see a follow-up on your book Hidden Dangers. I understand that the NA has morphed considerably.
Maybe you could pick the five or so most prominent directions that this religion has gone?
I see so much of it's theology absorbed into the church today, could it be some of the evangelical and liberal church is now their primary 'faith' platform?

Dan Bryan said...

I see Raj as very full of himself yet very insecure as a public speaker at the same, thereby the nervous tick. He does seem to calm and get in a pace or groove. He might become a force with some coaching, and a stronger spirit guide.

Anonymous said...

I see demonic possession, but yeah he was 9.

Anonymous said...

Not this junk again!!

I thought everyone with half a brain knew:

Shaare Int'l is/always has been a JOKE!

Benjamin Creme is/always has been a NUTJOB!!

Raj Patel is a NOBODY!!

Are things that bad where we don't have anything else to talk about, but these FOOLS, AGAIN!

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Dan,

When I first came on board on these issues (Spring 1981), the Churches were their platform. Jeremy Rifkin's book THE EMERGING ORDER was endorsed by many prominent Evangelical figures. He boasted that the Evangelical and Charismatic churches would be the primary instrument to lead the world into the New Order. The Charismatics would supply the 'liberating energy' and the Evangelicals 'the new Covenant vision.' I did not know when I wrote my book about the actual interlocking between powerful New Age an Christian forces. You can read some of it in my series of articles on THE HIJACKING OF EVANGELICALISM on this site and over at

Much to say, but I have more work to do as a lawyerin the next 24 hours than I believe to be humanly possible. Pray for me.


Constance Cumbey said...

The worldwide traveling Benjamin Creme was doing, the half million dollar ad campaign, the multiple ads in New Age publications all obviously cost large sums of money. Nobody spent that type of money without a serious purpose. What I personally witnessed on November 4, 1981 when Creme spoke in Detroit made it clear that he had the backing o the mainstream New Age Movement. I do believe we slowed them down -- Share International published magazines which obviously cost money -- internet publication may be cheaper, I don't know. Something was happening then and many more things are happening now.


Constance Cumbey said...

"Raj Patel", the "nobody" as you put it has 864,000 Google hits today with quotes around his name and closer to a million without the quotes. I've also found links between him and Aubrey Meyer, the carbon credit, global redistribution advocate. Don't dismiss him as a nobody -- this movement does mean business -- what Patel's role is, I'm not yet sure. Some confused him with Creme's Maitreya. I pointed out that this was unlikely because of Creme's certainty in pronouncements prior to our debate in May 1982 when he changed some of his songs and dances thereafter -- that their "Christ" was a mature adult man. Raj Patel obviously, as a 9 year old born in 1972, was not.


Craig said...

I just noticed something. The first advert here misspells Imam Mahdi as "Iman Mahdi." I checked the full page advert as on the back of Constance's first book, and it's similarly misspelled.

Marko said...

I would hazard a guess that Raj Patel (in quotes) is a rather common name, and like "John Smith" here in the West, would get a LOT of hits in a Google search. I really don't put much stock on the number of hits anymore - I think the number is less and less a meaningful metric.

paul said...

Maybe young men have been auditioning for
Maitraya with Benny-Bob Creme all these years and he just can't find a suitable puppet;
handsome, intelligent sounding, maybe a disarming weakness of no concern, caring, compassionate sounding, willing to obey the man behind the curtain, etc.
For anyone who thinks that Buddhism is the religion of non-violence, remember that those Kamikaze pilots who flew into those American ships at Pearl Harbor and elsewhere, where all to a man Buddhist.

Anonymous said...

I'm not under any illusion about Buddhism being peaceful Paul, but weren't the kamikazes Shinto?

Anonymous said...

Benjamin Creme GOT IT WRONG. He was specific about the timing and other details and it did not come to pass that way. He got it wrong more than once, too. He can safely be ignored.

paul said...

Buddhism, Shinto
What's the difference ?

paul said...

Anon 6:43
Are you holding these New Age prognosticators
to the same standard that Hebrew Prophets are held to ?
Why ?
New Agers get it wrong all the time. They get a free
pass, they get another free pass. The point is, ABC;
Anything But Christianity, is in effect, so...

Anonymous said...

Paul, I'm holding Creme to what he said. That has nothing to do with standards set by others. Creme was specific enough to be either right or wrong, and on several occasions he was wrong. I do not think his predictions are worth the further attention of anybody, whether New Age or evangelical Christian watchman.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell with these people how old their Maitreya will be. The "Christ consciousness" may have moved on to someone younger and equally as "enlightened"; a different, younger mature adult energetic enough to handle the task at hand.

Anonymous said...

The Maitreya business is a bunch of crap.

Check out this article on the False Prophet.

The Pope's Embrace Of Evolution Brings Us Closer To A One World Religion:

Or just go to www.rightside and look for the October 29, 2014 post with the above title.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:43 & 7:18

Right on! You are right, it is TOTALLY safe to ignore Creme.

He is not even relevant in new age circles anymore. It's not the 70's or 80's any longer, and most people that know who he is, KNOW he is a NUTJOB.

He and his organization do not even deserve the attention or space that this thread gives him.

Constance Cumbey said...

Ervin Laszlo wrote a book, THE INNER LIMITS OF MANKIND. It was released by One World Books in 1989. Alexander King, President of the Club of Rome (ironically, I have a client by the same name -- no relation!) wrote the foreword. The subtitle is "Heretical Reflections on Today's Values, Culture and Politics." He said it, not me.

I found several internet references to this book and it took some digging, but I managed to find a used copy at a relatively reasonable price on Amazon.

King wrote this in the intro:

However, in the midst of the controversy provoked by our
first report in 1972 entitled Limits to Growth, Aurelio Peccei and I stated that although the limits were real, they might well never be reached. hecause 'in front of them lie a whole series of obstacles economic, social, cultural and political and finally chose residing in the nature of man
himself . This, of course, passed unnoticed in the clamour
about the report.

Laszlo purports to deal with these "obstacles" in this book and, of cou rse, they include our "patriarchal values" (New Age shorthand for "God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit."

They are one persistent bunch, getting much longer in the tooth by now, but Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ervin Laszlo, Paul Temple and the rest of the bunch appear to be staying at their posts.


Anonymous said...

Proof that Christians are targeted for persecution within our own nation. Also, further proof of what is wrong with our public schools.

Constance Cumbey said...

It's not so much Creme as it was the large amounts of money that were spent promoting him and his cause -- nobody does that without a very serious purpose. The INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES was very much tied up with the Tara Center bunch. THE INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES was and is intertwined with Doug Coe and company's FELLOWSHIP FOUNDATION, C STREET CENTER, 'THE FELLOWSHIP' and as such deeply ingrained in "Christian" causes.

Wayne Peterson formerly was prominently employed with the Fulbright Scholarship program. He was a diplomat with the US State Department. He is and remains an active proponent of Creme's "message".

Here is an article and references I wrote about this in 2008.

Personally, I a suspicious of those who would discount the purpose of this -- whether it was proslytization or diversion, there was a serious intent involved of which we cannot completely discount.


Constance Cumbey said...

Wayne Peterson, the former career diplomat turned Maitreya advocate was still at it. I just found this 2013 article by him. Here is a link:

I think the tinyurl given it is humorous -- and encapsulates it!


Anonymous said...

AASHE is huge in sustainable development/UN Development Agenda 21. Heavily funded, highly influential, a presence on almost every college campus, Raj as key note speaker makes him anything but irrelevant. Sorry, the new age movement is in full action. It's in the implementation phase. I tried to convince Constance to jump in again with both feet, she should be on tour by now.

Anonymous said...

ACUPCC Reporting System

click that link on aashe web site and go right to the white house.

Anonymous said...

They inventory everything on every college campus. We are still in the inventory stage as Rosa Korie says..

Anonymous said...

AASHE Mission, Vision and Goals
Our Mission

AASHE’s mission is to inspire and catalyze higher education to lead the global sustainability transformation.
Our Vision

AASHE will lead higher education to be a foundation for a thriving, equitable and ecologically healthy world.
Our Values

Transparency, Collaboration, Hope, Stewardship, Innovation, Courage, Accountability.
Our Goals (Adopted June 4, 2011 as Goals for 2015)

Extending its role as a thought leader for higher education sustainability*, AASHE will:

Deliver services that increase its value to a growing and diverse membership and will increase its impact on sustainability in higher education;

Convene experts and collect, evaluate, and disseminate information and tools to increase the understanding of sustainability and its relevance to higher education stakeholders;

Support and enable higher education to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the impacts of global climate disruption;

Lead the transformation of educational practices (including the curriculum) to ensure that all students acquire the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet sustainability challenges;

Lead the assessment and reporting of metrics of sustainability in higher education for the purpose of driving improvements in sustainable practices and education through its Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS);

*AASHE defines sustainability in an inclusive way, encompassing human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods, and a better world for all generations.

*** 2015 matches the UN Development goals date***

Anonymous said...

(UN 2015 goals) Sustainable development — providing economic transformation
and opportunity to lift people out of poverty, advancing social justice and protecting the
environment — should lie at the heart of the next steps, backed by enhanced accountability and a
sense of shared responsibility

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:08

Yes he is irrelevant.

Constance Cumbey said...

Just getting ready to do the internet radio thing -- you can listen by going to and/or

You can call in and become part of the conversation by calling 888-747-1968.

Join us!

Satuday morning 9:55 a.m.

Constance Cumbey said...

AASHE is probably trying to make ASHES and/or other things starting with A! Pun intended!


paul said...

Anon @ 10:13
So have they changed the term to "Global Climate Disruption" now ?
That's good, because ever since "Global Warming" was
shown to be wrong, and the fall back position became Global Climate Change, which is exactly what climate has always done and should do, they've really needed a new really scary catch phrase, since the one thing they do have right is that they need us all to be scared
out of our minds in order to manipulate and control and TAX us all.
Global AlGory was considered, and is scary but was deemed too transparent.

paul said...

I wish that the major news outlets in this country would run this story but that would fly in the face of
the popular notion that Islam is a legitimate religion.
This one is for Hillary and her best friend and confidant Uma, who could one day be our Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

Hi Constance. Love your work. Thank you for posting the original Ads in the NewAge journals, I have been looking for such sources for a while.

There is a claim floating around on the internet that Creme claimed in 'Advertisements' that the Christ would appear on 21st June 1982, Summer Solstice. However every souce I have back checked seem to relate to the Ads you posted above, which only state 'Spring 1982'; which is rather different to Summer Solstice 1982 (Birthday of Prince William).

William was born on this Summer Solstice during a Solar Eclipse above the Mace Head of Orion, and his wife Katherine was born on 9th Jan 1982 during a Total Lunar Eclipse. Katherine is also the name of the saint in Catholic hagiography who had a mystical marriage to Jesus Christ. Their wedding was also the most publicized in world history and occurred on the Eve of Beltaine 29 April 2011.

I totally agree with you regarding Cremes access to big$$$ and the big spending that was done on his project. This was definitely not funded directly by theosophical donations. I believe that Creme and Share Intl. was/is simply used as one of the 'Splinter Cell' organizations that were created by TPTB to infest the New Age movement and to indirectly act as beta test/litmus test organizations that can be discarded if unsuccessful or promoted if they make head-way ... all done with the 'Head Cell' remaining invisible until the 'Day of Declaration' or whatever they choose to name or not name such a day when the tme is ripe. Creme changed his opinion on the nature of his Maitreya/Christ so many times that his only remaining followers are those to whom double-think is second nature ... just the sort of people who are useful to Intelligence Networks. The Lucis Trust is another great example of a splinter cell org.

Do you have any Advertisements that specifically reference the 21st June 1982? Or do you know of any direct quotes that are retrievable from interviews perhaps? Or have you researched it enough to claim that this is a false claim being parrotted on the internet? I greatly appreciate any help you can provide in advance.

Thanks for posting the original ads. Sending prayers your way :)

Anonymous said...

Walid Shoebat's frauds thoroughly exposed by CNN:

Walid Shoebat the Fraud exposed by CNN's Anderson Cooper & Andrew Griffin [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]. CNN did a thorough investigation on this fraud's taxes and questionable charities, and they demonstrated his lies and fraudulent activities.

They also did a thorough investigation, in Israel, about the place he claims to have bombed, and that he spent two weeks in jail, in Israel. It turns out, these claims are all false, and Israel confirmed to CNN that this fraud was never arrested by them, nor was the place ever bombed!

And besides, how could you only spend 2 weeks in jail, and be released without any charge or court appearance, according to him, for bombing a place anyway?!

Also, Walid Shoebat is a hateful charlatan [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]. CNN thoroughly exposed this fraud, and also proved that he WAS NOT a former terrorist as he claims.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4.39pm, where are references [1] - [6] re Shoebat pease?

Constance Cumbey said...

to amichael666:

Thanks for your thoughtful post. I remember TALK only about June 21st -- as I recall there was speculation among the New Agers I was tracking that since this was the last day of Spring 1982 and Creme had said "Expect the Christ in the Spring of 1982" that this was a deadline for same. I don't remember any pronouncements from Creme's troops about that day, per se. None of the ads had ever given that date. Creme changed his story only after he and I debated (he was caught by surprise -- he thought he was going to be a radio guest of a popular Detroit station, WRIF -- they had me in the studio live. Only thereafter did he give the London story. Before that he only said a modern city.


paul said...

Mr Shoebat has already refuted every claim against him by CNN. That piece by Anderson Cooper was done a number of years ago, and his refutations are on You Tube.
And doesn't CNN occasionally say that the Bible is a fraud too ?
Did you ever listen to Whalid Shoebat's explanations of all the accusations that he's a victim of ?
But if you in your Wiki search came up with a complete dismissal of one of the very few people who are exposing the daily Muslim brutality going on all around the muslim world, which every major network in this country is still ignoring and covering up, and which only Fox News has acknowledged, then go right ahead and disbelieve
everything that Mr Shoebat is saying. Disbelieve all the videos and photos. Disbelieve that two entire schools of young women have been kidnapped and
not heard from again. Disbelieve it all if you want.
But CNN isn't going to tell you what's going on,
apparently, in those parts of the world where that religion of peace rules with an iron fist.
Go ahead and believe gay Anderson Cooper, but
remember that where there's wheat, there's chaff.

Anyway, it's not Whalid Shobat that I'm defending but the fact that we are not being informed by our media like we think we are and Christians are being tortured and murdered everyday in Nigeria, Turkey, Syria, and wherever the Muslim Brotherhood and its many outgrowths are.
Greta Van Sustern on FOX News broke the story about the Nigerian girls school around a year ago.
She broke the story that Shoebat had already reported days earlier.
After that all the far left news agencies grudgingly
followed suit and admitted that it was true.
That's when Barry and Michelle decided to start a
foundation and pose as people who care about Christian girls in Nigeria.
Of course there are people who say that Whalid Shoebat is a fraud.
People have said that about Mrs Cumby too.

paul said...

Mr Shoebat has already refuted every claim against him by CNN. That piece by Anderson Cooper was done a number of years ago, and his refutations are on You Tube.
And doesn't CNN occasionally say that the Bible is a fraud too ?
Did you ever listen to Whalid Shoebat's explanations of all the accusations agains him ?
But if you in your Wiki search came up with a complete dismissal of one of the very few people who are exposing the daily Muslim brutality going on all around the muslim world, which every major network in this country is still ignoring and covering up, and which only Fox News has acknowledged, then go right ahead and disbelieve
everything that Mr Shoebat is saying. Disbelieve all the videos and photos. Disbelieve that two entire schools of young women have been kidnapped and
not heard from again. Disbelieve it all if you want.
But CNN isn't going to tell you what's going on,
apparently, in those parts of the world where that religion of peace rules with an iron fist.
Go ahead and believe gay Anderson Cooper, but
remember that where there's wheat, there's chaff.

Anyway, it's not Whalid Shobat that I'm defending but the fact that we are not being informed by our media like we think we are and Christians are being tortured and murdered everyday in Nigeria, Turkey, Syria, and wherever the Muslim Brotherhood and its many outgrowths are.
Greta Van Sustern on FOX News broke the story about the Nigerian girls school around a year ago.
She broke the story that Shoebat had already reported days earlier !
After that all the far left news agencies ( like CNN ) grudgingly followed suit and admitted that it was true.
That's when Barry and Michelle decided to start a
foundation and pose as people who care about Christian girls in Nigeria.
Of course there are people who say that Whalid Shoebat is a fraud.
People have said that about Mrs Cumby too.

Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from Paul, but something is not right with this man.

A few months ago he posted that picture and story showing the "desecration" of Jonah's (or some prophets tomb), and a simple image search showed that to be TOTALLY inaccurate as the pic was taken a few years earlier and had nothing to do with his story. And this had nothing to do with CNN.

If he is the expert he claims to be, and is as great as you seem to think, it WOULD NOT have been hard for him to check it out and not spread false accusations.

I don't want to hear that it was a simple mistake. That's a bunch of BULL. if he is going to be as big as he thinks he is, and has people out there like you treating him like a hero, then he NEEDS to be more responsible and ACCURATE with his reporting.

paul said...

Anon @ 4:18
It would so nice if you were right.
I wish and hope that I'm wrong and that all this footage of carnage and brutality is just so much photoshopped fraud.
And I know that a war between Islam ( and paganism in general ), against Christianity has been foistered on us all and is being promoted by the powers that be in this evil world. I know that Albert Pike said there would be three world wars and that the third would be between Islam and Christianity. I know that Alice Bailey took that ball and ran with it and that the New Age is really just that notion whirl-winding itself together on a global scale. She and Mr Pike of course came down on the side of paganism.
But the war has already begun and the pagans are
slaughtering thousands and we here in the west don't even realize yet that war has been declared against us, and in particular on our Judeo-Christian roots.

Craig said...

In speaking with a friend today, I was made aware of a very interesting website:

Scroll to the bottom, find "Countries." Click on the country to see 2013 current population data, then look at comparative 2025 projections. UK and Australia are slated to be reduced by 50% each, Canada by 20%, the total world population decreased from 7.1 billion to 6.9 billion. But the US sees the most drastic cut, from 316 million to just 7 million - a loss of 247 million people!

You can see a recent thread on this subject in the following:

Craig said..., that should be the US reduced to 69 million from 316m, for a total reduction of 247m.

Anonymous said...


It's not me you've been disputing with, but can I plead that we disentangle the debate about Walid Shoebat's authenticity with the West vs Rest debate? Having read quite a lot of Shoebat and also those who would bring him down I don't know what to believe about him.

I agree with you that the war against the West has already begun, but it's not new because Islam has been battering the gates of Europe for 1300 years now and Europe was in grave peril from it in 732AD, 1529AD, 1683AD and now again today. Islam isn't pagan, by the way, assuming that by pagan we mean "worshipping some aspect of the creation". Islam worships the Creator but has a skewed notion of His personality and denies the divinity of His Son Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

PS It is not in doubt who is behind the skewing of the Creator's personality in the quran, or the denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Paul @ 7:23

You didn't address ANYTHING in the 4:18 post. It said nothing about the photo being altered, or it didn't dismiss that the atrocities that are committed by ISIS.

it was about Shoebat's irresponsible reporting by using a picture (that was not photoshopped), an actual photo that was taken well before the event he reported, and misrepresented as something it was NOT.

It was very easy for the common person to research and discover the story itself was a FRAUD using the photograph to support it.

He should be much more RESPONSIBLE instead of sensationalizing a terrible situation with inaccurate info. If he got this wrong, and he most certainly did, then what else is he getting wrong?

You didn't address the issue at all.

Anonymous said...

"The West" is a term used by the bank to erase "the USA" as a nation alone. I am not a member of "The West" or "The United West" I am an American. Europe is dead.

Shoebat is part of a team of organizations, some linked to the ADL, funded by political hacks in Israel that are trying to fuel the war on Muslims, NO I don't like Islam, yes I know what they do to Christians, think Turkey and the Armenians, but Muhammad got most of his junk from the Talmud which a Pope once wrote about and exposed as blasphemous to Christ.

I met Shoebat at a Messianic Christian church. These Hebrew Roots churches really serve as the base for the movement -in my opinion-is a stealth project to infect evangelical churches with Kaballah, Talmud -not Torah-Jewish Mysticism, Alister Crowley stuff and plant a desire in Christians to defend Israel even more than the US. Shoebat said his family was Jewish based on the passover rituals he did as a child, he was in process of getting the DNA test. I got the impression he was more Jewish than Arab or former terrorist.

I am better off going by personal experience since CNN is mostly propaganda, as is Fox and the net.

It's all my opinion. I researched Islam for years. My conclusion after kicking and screaming and begging that it not be so, is that there were no planes on 911, just bombs. On You Tube, "September Clues" and the analysis of the multiple experts finally put the nail in the coffin, it really was an inside job. However, Islam sucks and yes Christians are suffering. Nothing is black and white, nor what it seems. Too bad we have to think so hard and research on our own.

Also Newtown CT was just such an obviously a fraud, it was only natural all the other 'false flags' had to be looked at again.

Now we know what Germany was like under Gobbels. Mind blowing and divisive, conquered and confused, beaten and broken. Too painful for the average German to face.

Anonymous said...

"Muhammad got most of his junk from the Talmud which a Pope once wrote about and exposed as blasphemous to Christ."

It is not in dispute that the Talmud is explicit in its rejection of Christ's divinity. but to say that Muhammad got most of his junk - largely a virulent antisemitism - from the Jews is nonsense. (And well up there with the claim that there were no planes on 9/11...)

Anonymous said...

I am a recent reader on this website. I don't wish to stir trouble or offend. I'd like to read others' opinions.

My question is this. Could it be possible, or could it probable that this antikristos, or anti-messiah, will be something more than a man?

I know we must not get carried away in speculation and misinterpretation, but there are things occurring that could lead me to believe the anti-messiah may also be 'not of this world'.

For a start, as Satan on earth, this individual must be a false imitation of God or Jesus, no?
If the 2nd Coming is interpreted by some as an actual army of ships/craft in the clouds type of things, why wouldn't Satan's agent do the same, in a spectacular manner? Would the Jews accept him if he came down from 'heaven' and yet made peace in such a horrible time? I throw out the idea that he will be Muslim; a better religion for this type of scenario is some twisted, pantheism New Age belief.

Now, the descriptions in Scripture, to some, point to something beyond a normal politician in this role. For ex, 'a king of fierce countenance' cannot simply be viewed as a stern or arrogant look on the face. Or, his manifesting with 'lying signs and wonders', or 'hell beneath being moved under his feet at this entrance, in Isaiah. My friend, for instance, tells me to take into account the UFO phenomena as part of this set-up. Who can make war and stand against such an individual, were he not an 'alien saviour' as they call it? Would an even brilliant earthly political liar be able to solve the Palestinian problem? I think no.
This Wicked one is revealed after the evacuation of Christians. How interesting that Revelations states that war in heaven results in Satan and his angels thrown down to Earth. Could the cause of that war be the evacuation by God of his people? Will he try to prevent that rescue before all hell breaks loose? Satan then his confined to Earth. Is that when these great ships appear over our cities and the anti-messiah with them, calming the ensuing chaos?
Daniel says he then declares himself to be God. Would a politician in modern times do this?
Or would some handsome entity from above do this, after he makes the claim that were 'engineered' by him? When he 'blasphemes' great things against Yahweh, is he simply claiming that he is our maker & not God, therefore deserves worship? Will this evacuation be blamed on UFO?
Could an ordinary human be under total control of Satan, or must he need some sort of shell of a body, without a spirit or soul?

With Rome and this Pope Francis dropping hints of imminent alien contact and its involvement with VATT in Arizona, should not we be looking up for this deceiver rather some flaccid politician?

Could this individual descend with ships in Jerusalem, come out of the door and finally solve this shambles? If the Lord rides on a cloud as in Psalms, why not the anti-messiah? Should we look up, or over to Europe?


Anonymous said...

Dear Richard

I believe he'll be a man, born of two human parents, but as filled with the devil - at least once he becomes prominent - as Judas Iscariot was (see the last verses of John 6).

Pope Francis said in May:

"If – for example – tomorrow an expedition of Martians came, and some of them came to us, here ... Martians, right? Green, with that long nose and big ears, just like children paint them ... And one says, 'But I want to be baptized!' What would happen?"

I'm a protestant and I don't regard this as anything other than a figure of speech.

Anonymous said...


What about my other questions above?

I don't imagine that an ordinary man will ascend from the bottomless pit, or the abyssous.

With our knowledge of the UFO activity and its hypothesis, could this 'abyss' be either a dimensional door or a place outside the Earth (space)?

This individual does after all come from a place where the rebel angels are being held.

By chance, have you read Hesiod and the rumour of Iapetus, the moon of Saturn?



Anonymous said...


This is 6.40pm. Where does scripture say that the Antichrist will rise from the bottomless pit, please? I can think of several possible verses but they do not necessarily apply to this individual. Happy to discuss.

Some of your comments I didn't take up because I think I differ from you about the timing of the rapture and that discussion is better done on other blogs. I've no views on the popularity of UFOs today, although I believe that the instances in the 1950s when they first became popular were hoaxes fueled by scifi trash mags. I would counsel you not to believe that they are Martians, as one frequent contributor here asserts.

Anonymous said...

PS Do say more about Hesiod and Japetus.

Anonymous said...

Catholic Forums exposes the verses Muhammad got from the Talmud:

{Talmud in the Quran? For this reason was man created alone, to teach that whoever destroys a single life, it is as if he has destroyed an entire world; and whoever preserves a single life, it is as if he has saved an entire world. --Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a

Because of this, we decreed for the Children of Israel that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. And anyone who spares a life, it shall be as if he spared the lives of all the people. --Quran, Surah 5:32

Talmud in the Quran? I do not understand. Any Jew could explain about it?}

Anonymous said...

Any discussion about any truth that exposes the truth about who is running things in the New Age will be called racist. Norman Dodd found out the hard way in 1953. So we were born under a haze of propaganda. I am now free, but lonely, most people still don't get it and won't ever get it.

Anonymous said...

Federica Mogherini , "We need a Palestinian state"

paul said...

Anon 7:52

" but lonely"

I hear that.

paul said...

Anonymous @ 4:39
Someone should give the Spanish government a heads-up that Anonymous on the Cumby website says that Shoebat is a "hateful charlatan".

Someone should also inform all the orphans that
have been rescued that their rescuer is a phony and an "irresponsible reporter".

Anonymous said...


Well, what do you call it when someone uses a picture that is a few years old and passes it off as a current news item, when the picture was totally unrelated to his untrue depiction of events?

Is that responsible reporting?

You never did address that issue. How a man of the world with his background and expertise could let that be attached to his name?

And you can spare me the hero worship, I want to know how this could happen to a responsible person?

And this is not the first time he has put forth questionable material!!

paul said...

Anon 8:58
YOU have not addressed the facts that Mr Shoebat has been exposing.
You want to get all bent out of shape about the use of stock photos to tell a story ? What about the people getting tortured and murdered by Islamists ?
You've got a very elaborate way to ignore some extremely troubling events. But go ahead and bury your head in the sand and wring your hands over
the messenger while you ignore the message.
Have you ever seen a documentary of WWII ?
Just about any documentary will use stock footage
to tell the story, and many different documentaries
will use the same old footage.
YOU haven't dealt with this issue.
I assume it's too revolting and frightening for you to take in.

paul said...

Oh and I don't worship any man.

Anonymous said...


You are sad. It was not a stick photo. It was a photo that he presented as a recent event if desecration of a tomb by ISIS. When the picture is two years old and NOTHING to do with what he claimed it to be.

COPLETELY different from how you are portraying it.

You will probably be one of the first to be deceived.

Constance Cumbey said...

To 12:07

Thanks for the heads up on this position by Federica Mogherini. This has been the policy of the EU and very much what her generation was schooled in -- "Crisis = Opportunity" to the New Age world -- and the last Gaza war was certainly big opportunity for them to advance this agenda.

The new Palestinian state was at the top of Javier Solana's agenda who created the position Federica Mogherini now occupies for the EU.

Both Solana and Obama were "serious about the two state solution":


Constance Cumbey said...

Top EU Diplomat Calls for Palestinian State Within 5 Years:



Constance Cumbey said...

From the last tinyurl source:

So far, relatively little is known about Mogherini’s positions on the Middle East, but officials in Jerusalem are cautiously optimistic.

“She’s open and seems ready to listen to our positions,” a senior Israeli official told The Times of Israel last week, speaking on condition of anonymity. “We’re really hoping that she will have an open mind and try to represent a more balanced approached within the EU.”

The Renzi government has been relatively fair to Israel, and there is reason to hope that she will continue in this line in her new role in Brussels, the official added. “The fact that her first visit is to our region tells us a lot.”

On the other hand, it should be noted that the EU’s foreign policy chief by no means has the final word on the union’s foreign policy, which is determined by the member states. Nevertheless, Mogherini will be the EU’s face to the Middle East, and she does have a certain degree of influence over the way certain policies are implemented.

The EU’s relationship with Jerusalem has been thorny in recent months, and the Israeli government’s announcements of construction projects beyond the pre-1967 lines continue to anger the union.


Anonymous said...

Obamacare Architect Brags "Stupidity of American Voter Critical in Passing Obamacare"

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis And Rick Warren To Unite For Global Chrislam Conference

Susanna said...

Here is Federica Mogherini's position - or rather the position of her masters - whose vision of a Palestinian state includes dividing Jerusalem.

Netanyahu, who campaigned on the promise that Jerusalem would not be divided, is not going to be swayed by EU bullies whose policies are more redolent of Chamberlain at Munich than they are of Sadat at Camp David.

European unilateral recognition of Palestinian state irresponsible, Netanyahu tells EU's Mogherini

The prime minister tells new European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini that Jerusalem is not a settlement.

The Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem will always be part of Israel, said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he dismissed charges by visiting EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini that Jewish building over the Green Line is an obstacle to peace.

“Jerusalem is Israel’s capital and it is not a settlement,” Netanyahu said on Friday morning as he met with Mogherini in Jerusalem.

“The neighborhoods where Jews live and where we are building have been in the hands of Israeli governments for the last 50 years,” Netanyahu said. “Everyone knows they will remain part of Israel in any peace arrangement.”

Mogherini, however, was not swayed by his words.

”The settlements are an obstacle to the two-states solution, are illegal, and so the European Union is considering this as its position.

No way we can be misinterpreted on that,” Mogherini said after speaking in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah on Saturday. She also met with PA President Mahmoud Abbas.

Former Italian foreign minister Mogherini entered her new five-year post last week, replacing Catherine Ashton.

Her two day-trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories on Friday and Saturday is her first diplomatic foray as foreign policy chief and underscores what she said is a new EU focus on resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“I believe strongly that the EU has a potential political role to play here [that is] even higher and more important then it was in the past,” she said on Friday while meeting with Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.

Mogherini arrives at a particularly sensitive time in EU-Israel relations. The EU has taken a harsher stand against West Bank settlements and politicians in its member states have called for unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state.

But Netanyahu said that he rejects the “bogus claim” that the conflict is about settlements.

“I believe that the issue is not about territory; it’s about our existence. It’s about the failure to recognize Israel in any boundary, in any border, in any configuration more....

Anonymous said...

"Netanyahu, who campaigned on the promise that Jerusalem would not be divided, is not going to be swayed by EU bullies whose policies are more redolent of Chamberlain at Munich than they are of Sadat at Camp David."

Well said, Susanna! Well said, Netanyahu!

Susanna said...

Note how the EU, Mogherini et al are trying to weaselword the conflict between Palestine and Israel in such a way as to portray the status of Jerusalem as a "settlement" instead of what it has always been - namely, the original ancient political and religious capital of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu is having none of this twaddle! And rightly so.

Top EU Diplomat Calls to Divide Jerusalem

By Arutz Sheva Staff
November 8, 2014

EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini says Jerusalem should be capital of 'two states,' as Netanyahu rejects 'settlement' criticism.


EU's Mogherini: 'would be glad if Palestinian state is founded on my watch'

In 1st interview as Ashton's successor, Italian politician says issue is founding a state, not recognizing it

In her first newspaper interview as successor to Britain’s Catherine Ashton, Federica Mogherini, the former Italian foreign minister, told reporters on Monday that Sweden’s recent recognition of a Palestinian state did not necessarily represent the rest of the EU states' stance on the issue.

Establishing rather than recognizing a Palestinian state was the point, she said. "I would be happy if, during my term, a Palestinian state were established," she told Le Monde...
read more....

Sounds to me like Mogherini has no scruples about adding a political notch to her belt at Israel's expense - just as she apparently tried to do at Ukraine's expense during her visit to Russia when she publicly supported the South Stream gas pipeline that would have bypassed Ukraine and entered Europe through Italy.

When it comes to Israel, Netanyahu has said many times in the past that allowing part of Jerusalem to be turned over to the Palestinians as Mogherini is now demanding would do little more than to provide terrorists with a launchpad for further terrorist attacks on Israel.......just he said would happen if Israel were to leave Gaza!!! And it did!!!

But apart from that, is Mogherini really obtuse enough to think that Israel could ever do enough to appease the Palestinian terrorist organizations known as Hamas and Hezbollah??? Or any other Islamic terrorist organization that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth???

Anonymous said...

When somebody calls the settlements illegal... under what law? Somebody should tell Mogherini that EU law does not extend to the Holy Land.

Anonymous said...

I checked on Anon 10:17 post about Pope Francis and Rick Warren, and, sure enough, it is accurate.


Its obvious that you are labeled a catholic basher if you dare question the pope or church fathers. But, this is RIDICULOUS!!

I've seen Rick Warren and the others here bashed (and rightfully so) but, now they are ok because they are meeting with the Pope???????

It's starting to look really obvious that Pope Francis may be the key to ushering in a one world religion.

Come on Constance, stop covering for the Catholics and walking on eggshells around them!!!


Anonymous said...

"But apart from that, is Mogherini really obtuse enough to think that Israel could ever do enough to appease the Palestinian terrorist organizations known as Hamas and Hezbollah??? Or any other Islamic terrorist organization that wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth?"

Of course she's not. She's entirely willing to see that happen.

Anonymous said...

3:42 P.M.

Well said!

I can fully understand God telling Constance's grandmother to NOT hate catholics. I do not hate catholics. They make up the largest part of my own family. However, catholicism is a quasi christian cult, and it will play a huge roll in the 'strong delusion' of the last days. The pope is the ringmaster of the Antichrists one world religion. That religion will not be a religion of peace, or truth, especially for those who are rooted in Christ. It will be requisite for believers to forsake this worlds religious spirits, and to "come out of Babylon".

Anonymous said...

And yet the really strange thing is that after capturing Jerusalem in the 6-day war in 1967 Israel handed day-to-day running of Temple Mount itself, their most holy site, back to the local Muslim council. It is believed that the secular Jews then in control, in particular Moshe Dayan, didn't want the religious Jews to start proposing weird and wonderful ideas concerning the Mount (although most Orthodox Jews believe they are not authorised to construct another Temple until the Messiah comes - in which belief I regard them as right for the wrong reason!) There are deeper reasons concerned with the fulfilment of prophecy, of course.

Constance Cumbey said...

Just wondering how much of the country is enjoying the "global warming" this week??-- maybe Alaska, where ironically, it is warmer than usual.


Constance Cumbey said...

I would love to hear Suzanne's reaction to the Pope's demotion of Cardinal Burke!


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke's sacking was expected, and here is an interesting article on the wider picture:

Anonymous said...


Here are few posts from this blog along with a few of your responses.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This time I must respectfully disagree although I enjoy most of your postings. Rick Warren is a former SDS supporter. He knows about the New Age Movement. He allegedly knows end time prophecies. I believe he knows EXACTLY what he is doing -- delivering us up!



Somebody posted this link to my last Blogspot article. Quoting from it (an article by Carol Brooks), we read:

"Rick Warren’s Strange Bedfellows

Carol Brooks

Are we supposed to believe that Rick Warren is ignorant of the goals of every event he speaks at? The beliefs of everyone he shares a stage with or whose book he endorses? Or should we consider the words of the prophet Amos... “Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?” [Amos 3:3]"


Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Tony Blair and Rick Warren together: Partnering for a New Age "New World Religion"?

So I take it that your views on Rick Warren have changed? You had no problem with threads about who he's rubbing elbows with and his intentions.

So your not interested in him rubbing elbows with the Pope at an INTERFAITH conference?

I guess not, not only have you not reported on the meetings the Pope has had this year with MANY false prophets, but after this latest was posted you do not acknowledge it, but you want Susanna's opinion on some priest being demoted?

I thought you were supposed to be a champion in the new age fight?

Which side are you on?

Anonymous said...

Am wondering too 5:37 AM.

Very glaring issue and advanced from soup to nuts in the New Age agenda and not given much notice?

No longer courting the New Age but really working openly within it is what I see.

Susanna said...

Constance 11:09

What is being portrayed by certain sectors of the media - both secular and religious - as a the "demotion" of Cardinal Burke, is more likely a case of his 5-year term routinely coming to an end at the Apostolic Signatura.

The following is from the National Catholic Register which is a service of EWTN:

On Nov. 8, the Vatican announced that Cardinal Burke has been appointed patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and will leave his post at the Apostolic Signatura, the Catholic Church’s highest court.

As the cardinal marks a new chapter of service to the Church, his standing as a leading canon lawyer and a passionate defender of Catholic discipline on marriage and of declining Communion for public dissenters to the faith suggests that he followed the advice he dispensed to students.

Unofficial news of Cardinal Burke’s departure, verbally confirmed by him in an Oct. 18 interview, drew global attention from Catholics and secular media. Some commentators suggested that the U.S.-born cardinal was being sidelined, possibly for his strong response to attempts to change or modify Church practice governing the reception of the Eucharist by Catholics who divorce and remarry.

Other Church observers question that assessment, noting that Cardinal Burke has now completed the standard five-year term for leadership of the Apostolic Signatura. Whatever the reason, the transition provides an opportunity to examine Cardinal Burke’s legacy as a top canon lawyer who has held two high-profile positions in the Holy See and who, before going to Rome, served as the archbishop of St. Louis and earlier as the bishop of La Crosse, Wis.

“Cardinal Burke’s impact as prefect of the Signatura will be felt for many years, if only because the resolutions of the highly technical kinds of cases that typically come before the Signatura take many years to ‘percolate through’ the Church’s legal consciousness whereupon they begin impacting ecclesiastical decision-makers,” Peters said. “Canonists will be reading and studying decisions issued during Burke's tenure for decades.”

As I have said previously, while Cardinal Burke cannot be faulted on his Catholic Christian orthodoxy in matters of faith and morals, it is possible that his evangelization strategy/pastoral approach is perceived by Pope Francis - rightly or wrongly - as not exactly the kind of pastoral approach that is best designed to "win friends and influence people" in this day and age of irreligion and lawlessness.

And this is what many - including myself - think is on the line here...... Cardianl Burke's pastoral approach....NOT his orthodoxy in matters of faith and morals.

In any case, time will tell. My own opinion of Pope Francis from what I have learned about him is that he is not only orthodox, but he is also a very, very practical and shrewd man
and the things that he is reportedly doing may not be what they appear to be on the surface.

I also agree with George Wiegel's assessment:

Pope Francis is a man, I conclude, who intends to go on evangelical offense: It will be all gospel, all proposal, all evangelism, all the time.

Part of that evangelical offense involves frequent exhortations against the wiles of the devil and warnings about how the devil tries to tempt us into making idols/false "gods" out of our sins by manipulating us into focusing on our sins and on ourselves at the expense of focusing on Jesus Christ.

Battle with the devil: Pope Francis frames the fight in Jesuit terms

By Cindy Wooden
Catholic News Service

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke said a fortnight ago, ‘At this very critical moment, there is a strong sense that the church is like a ship without a rudder’ (interview in the Spanish Catholic weekly Vida Nueva, October 30th). So, whether he has come to the end of a regular term or not, relations between him and Pope Francis are clearly not good.

Anonymous said...

"win friends and influence people"

That is a very glaring part of this and other issues raised concerning the vatican.

Jesus Christ was and is the Divider among men. He says so Himself. He does not "schmooze" to win friends and influence people. The pope and new collection of friends are getting pretty loose and slimy. This is deep error by most clergy of all brands today and playing nicely into the New Age garbage. It is time for the return of Jesus the way the truth is botched by those supposed to be telling it.

Anonymous said...

Jew-Killers and Their Enablers

It's these same satanized Jew Killers
that decievers like Rick Warren etc., along with pope Francis, are enabling to decieve the whole world.

Anonymous said...

Well, let's see, we can talk about Cardinal Burke, Benjamin Creme, Raj Patel. But NOT Rick Warren and the Pope?

What a joke!!!

Don't bother telling me about all the people Constance has exposed (Rick Warren is one and you can see Constance's remarks about him above) but.... When some of these same people meet with the Pope regarding interfaith, there has been NOTHING!!!

Rick Warren is now joining the list of Copeland, Osteen, the Arnotts and many more meeting with Pope Francis on interfaith matters. And....

I seriously suspect Constance is not who she claims to be, because you don't pick and choose in fighting the new age. I thought the war with new age includes ANYTHING and ANYBODY, no matter who they are.

Sorry Constance, but you have not only DROPPED the ball, it looks like you wouldn't even know where to find it.

Maybe your still caught up with Creme, Patel and your fascination (er... I mean obsession) with Solana to see what is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Dear 3.20pm, Might I point out that Constance is leaving *you* free as you like to talk about Rick Warren and Pope Francis at her blog, and has not criticised anybody for raising the subject?

I'm a prot, by the say.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but one would think that Constance would be leading in this discussion since it is her blog to put it all on the table to expose the New Age. She has done a great job at revealing those pioneers but what of those who are currently carrying a new age mantle to help politically engineer the masses who are so prominent in the largest christian denominations?

Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 5:37 -- I'm mystified. I don't recall posting anything saying I wasn't concerned about Rick Warren rubbing elbows at interfaith gatherings of the syncretistic variety. I am starting to perceive the current Pope as opposed to the last as more syncretistic than all hoped he wou ld be. The article referenced from the Spectator is extremely interesting and telling. I wonder if Ratzinger/B XVI might not have been forced out?


Constance Cumbey said...

To 5:37 I have not reported on many things -- I have been extremely busy in digitizing and archiving the 16 boxes of duplicates University of Michigan returned to me and still practicing law at age 70. If I had more hours in a day -- I've done a lot of reporting on my radio programs on Saturday morning if you would care to listen and even call in. My name is Constance -- not "Encyclopedia Britannica" with a 24/7 staff to churn all out!


Constance Cumbey said...

Again to 5:37 -- If you really think the CARDINAL BURKE issue unimportant, I suggest you do YOUR homework.


Anonymous said...


I was wondering about the folks who no longer have Dr. Stan's show as a venue. Have you given any thought to inviting them as guests?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:20 here


I never said you printed anything that stated you didn't have concerns about Rick Warren and interfaith meetings. What I said was, that you didn't say anything at all about Rick Warren and the Pope. Nothing!! Not anything!!

I understand that you are busy and have a life of your own, I just thought that if you have the time to respond to other posts, that surely, you would have the time to respond to what might possibly be the biggest, most deceptive new age scheme of all.

Maybe you have a different opinion, but the fact that so many WOF preachers have met with the Pope in the past year regarding interfaith, and now, we have Rick Warren, one of the "big guys" in the new age / religous arena, being invited by the Pope to an interfaith conference should be, at the very least, ALARMING.

I, like an anon poster earlier, agree with "not hating on Catholics" as MOST of my family is Catholic and I love them very much, as well as they are very good,decent people.

But, we shouldn't ignore the fact that The Pope has been/will be meeting with some of the most crooked religous people of the current time, for fear that we might alienate any friends or family. The search for the truth, should be more important than offending friends who are catholic, as I feel that millions of souls are at stake with what is going on here.

And yes, I get it, what the Pope is doing by meeting these people in effort to unite in love and peace in worshipping God, seems, on the surface, commendable and biblical. But, these are not ordinary times. I think something diabolical is brewing here.

And, with respect, I DO NOT think Cardinal Burke's demotion is even on the same map as Rick Warren and the Pope joining for an interfaith conference.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous whoever,

I agree with your concerns about RW and the Pope. I also think that the people on this blog would benefit by paying attention to the other piece of the end times puzzle which is the economic system. Different sides of the same coin but equally as important because it will be the mechanism that causes all hell ( excuse the expression) to break loose.

Anonymous said...

"And yes, I get it, what the Pope is doing by meeting these people in effort to unite in love and peace in worshipping God, seems, on the surface, commendable and biblical. But, these are not ordinary times. I think something diabolical is brewing here.

And, with respect, I DO NOT think Cardinal Burke's demotion is even on the same map as Rick Warren and the Pope joining for an interfaith conference"

That is the issue I see too. This is more than a religious come together, it is being promoted by these highly political religious figures. The blend of politics and religion are the work of the devil, especially in light of the far advanced global machine that has it's religious component. This stops me in my tracks.

Constance we know you are busy and respect that, but to not at least call attention to this highly visible and very timely event without even a question as to where it is possibly headed has me wondering why it is glossed over. Not even a single sentence to question-at least-what these allied players could be working in New Age politics? I tell people to come here to read up on current affairs and by your silence on the matter it is already judged non-event? Shouldn't we at least explore this for new age implications before writing it off?

Anonymous said...

Dear 10.29am, Regardless of whether or not you are right, do you often turn up at a party and criticise the host? You can always start your own blog...

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:05 is ridiculous. Just what is wrong here. Worried about who is offended rather than the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anon 1:05 is ridiculous. They even say you may be right. So if your right it could be the biggest deception of all time, and they are worried about criticizing Constance?

The groupies around here are absolutely laughable!!

Constance Cumbey said...

Things are tough all over -- the United Nations General Assembly just declared June 21, 2015 to be an


The USA is one of the many countries signing on to the document which you may access from the tinyurl above.


Constance Cumbey said...

I think Cardinal Burke's demotion is probably the most telling sign of all as to where the Papacy unfortunately seems to be heading. If you can't see that, you need to review further.

While you're at it, why don't you read/reread my series on the HiJacking of Evangelicalism.


Anonymous said...

Dear 1.14pm, This is 1.05pm. Do you not understand that it is rude to tell Constance on her own blog what she should be writing about here? It's her blog and her choice. This point has nothing to do with denomination wars or even scripture, and as it happens I'm a protestant.

Anonymous said...

I hereby declare June 21 2015 the International Day of Yogurt!

Constance Cumbey said...

And, frankly, I had not even heard that the Pope was meeting with Rick Warren until I saw your post here. I'm not all that sure that Rick Warren is all that major a player these days -- particularly since the suicide death of his son. I was very concerned about him when he was active with the Davos conferences and aggressively marketing his PEACE Plan. ALSO, Mr. Rick Abanes, another disinformation specialist has gone to great lengths to try and set himself up as an expert on New Age issues and then concomitantly give Rick Warren a clean bill of health on same.


Constance Cumbey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Constance Cumbey said...

I just did my google search on "Rick Warren" "Pope Francis" and I did come up with this very significant material that I agree all should be deeply concerned with:

Thanks for calling it to my attention, but you could have done so in a much kinder fashion. Self-righteousness is just as evil a spirit as any other spirit out there. As I recall my scripture, it was self-righteous folk calling for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Himself.


Anonymous said...


I do apologize if it came across as mean or self righteous. It was more my frustration that some posts regarding the Pope seem to be ignored.

I do understand that there are those who troll here, and by responding, it might just feed rather than do any good. So, I understand that you would not want to respond to those posts.

But, there have been many posts this year from people who are not trolling. People like myself, who are former Catholics and have most of our family still practicing who we love and care about, which for me, means, more getting at the truth regardless of what denomination.

So, once again, I apologize sincerely. It was good to see someone of your stature and reputation acknowledge that something may not be right with all this. There are alot of people who look up to you, and I feel your involvement in discussion in this area, may reach many more people than the average person, which means you are more capable than most at helping people see across denominational lines without all the arguments that ensue. Your word carries ALOT of weight with MANY people.

Thank you for acknowledging that this is something that should at least be looked at and concerned about.

Constance Cumbey said...

Now that I'm pondering on all of this, I do recall recently reading somewhere that Pope Francis either recently met or requested Doug Coe to meet with him.


Susanna said...

Constance 5:41 P.M.

Pope Francis did meet in private with Doug Coe on June 5, 2014. It was reported in the Daily Kos, the National Catholic Reporter and other publications.

I find the meeting with Doug Coe a tad unnerving.

Rick Warren was reportedly invited but was unable to attend.

Anonymous said...

Video of Jonathan Gruber speaking "off the cuff"

November 12 post

Susanna said...

Anonymous 3:42 P.M.,

Anonymous 10:29 A.M.

Re:And yes, I get it, what the Pope is doing by meeting these people in effort to unite in love and peace in worshipping God, seems, on the surface, commendable and biblical. But, these are not ordinary times. I think something diabolical is brewing here....


Anonymous 2:36 P.M.

Re:Thank you for acknowledging that this is something that should at least be looked at and concerned about.


Nothing is stopping you from venting your unsubstantiated "suspicions" about the Pope and the Catholic Church if that is what you choose to do.

I think that Constance - even though she is not Catholic - has been very respectful and generous in allowing everyone - including Catholics - an opportunity to speak his/her mind.

But apparently, allowing you your freedom to speak your mind here is not good enough for you given your constant and unwarranted complaints and criticisms against those ( most of whom are good Protestants, by the way ) who, unlike you, freely choose to refrain from veering in the direction of bearing false witness.

This is not to say that Pope Francis's policies are - or will always necessarily be - the wisest policies. I would be the first one to say so if they proved not to be. But to suspect evil motives on the part of Pope Francis without any hard evidence apart from "Biblical interpretations" which consist of arbitrarily making the Bible say things it simply doesn't say is the height of pride and arrogance.

Moreover, if the rule being followed is that of Sola Scriptura, it is also the height of sacrilege.

At the end of the day, Pope Francis' policies could turn out to be more brilliant than any of us could ever have imagined since, as a seasoned bishop of a major world metropolis and as Pope, he knows a lot of things about a lot of people ( including members of the clergy of all denominations ) - things that we could have no way of knowing at present.


Susanna said...


In closing, I will say that anyone really interested in the truth about Pope Francis might do well to read the book BERGOGLIO'S LIST ( title inspired by Schindler's List )which describes how Pope Francis managed to clandestinely rescue countless people ( regardless of their politics ) from a brutal Argentinian military dictatorship at great risk to himself when he was still known as Father Jorge Bergoglio, S.J.


“Bergoglio’s List”:How Francis saved dissidents from Argentina’s military dictatorship

....No sooner had Bergoglio been elected Pope on 13 March than blogs and newspapers started firing accusations at him, in a hungry attempt to find embarrassing material on Peter’s successor. On the very evening of Francis’ election, Nello Scavo, a journalist for Italian Catholic daily Avvenire started looking into the stories circulating on the web about the Pope having allegedly complicit with the Argentinian dictatorship. Scavo had no premeditated theories to prove and no hagiographical intentions. As a journalist who focused on legal and judicial issues, he knew that if he could prove the accusations against the newly elected Pope were true, he would be in for a huge scoop. He also knew that an honest reconstruction of the facts leaves no room for censorship and prejudices.

It was on that special evening that Scavo began the long investigation described in his book “La Lista di Bergoglio salvati da Francesco durante la dittatura”(“Bergoglio's List: Those Saved by Pope Francis; Stories Never Told”), published in Italian only by missionary publishing house Emi. The book which has been written in the style of an interview is out in bookstores tomorrow. The fast-paced text includes an appendix with a transcript of the 2010 testimony Bergoglio gave during a nearly four-hour court interrogation on the crimes committed in the Escuela de Mecánica de la Armada (ESMA) the Navy School of Mechanics that operated during Argentina’s military dictatorship....
read more....

The Jesuit Who Humiliated the Generals

The story never told before of the clandestine network with which the young Bergoglio saved dozens of "subversives" from the ferocity of the Argentine dictators

by Sandro Magister

I would say that given his proven track record of successfully contending with both the Peronistas and Marxists of Argentina, I have every confidence that he is not likely to be taken in by certain entities who have hijacked evangelicalism. If anything, I see Pope Francis as trying to put evangelicalism - among other things - back on the right track.

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

I have been closely following the news about Pope Francis and came across the following Crux article which I thought might be of interest to you.


Maybe Francis isn’t after a lurch to the left, but a new balance

Especially on the heels of rumors that Pope Francis is about to demote American Cardinal Raymond Burke to a ceremonial Vatican job, Saturday’s choice of Blase Cupich as the new Archbishop of Chicago cemented impressions in many quarters of a lurch to the left in Catholicism.

On Twitter, one disgruntled reaction termed this one-two punch the beginning of the “soft and fluffy Anglicanization” of the Catholic Church.

Burke is a hero to conservatives and an especially strong voice on pro-life issues, while Cupich is basically what the Europeans would call “center-left,” meaning a moderate whose own sympathies lie a bit more with the liberals. Taken together, these steps seem to paint a clear political picture.

Therein, however, lies the problem.

The impression of a recent turn to the left depends on keeping these two moves in focus – one of which is still unconfirmed, though Francis already took Burke off the Congregation for Bishops last December – and leaving a couple of other important pieces out of the picture.

For instance, there’s last Thursday’s appointment of Anthony Fisher as the new Archbishop of Sydney in Australia. A protégé of Cardinal George Pell, who today is overseeing Francis’ financial reform, Fisher is a Dominican theologian who would almost universally be seen as a conservative.

Writing for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Fr. Richard Umbers recently said that Fisher is “an exemplar of what George Weigel calls Evangelical Catholicism,” boldly committed to Catholic orthodoxy and impatient with “theological dishwater.”

On a personal level, Fisher is as gracious and erudite as they come, and he’s nobody’s idea of a liberal.

Then there’s the new roster announced today for the International Theological Commission, an advisory body of theologians from around the world to the Vatican’s ultra-powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Over the years, the ITC has acted as a sort of early warning system. When they take an interest in a subject, it can be a hint that down the line the congregation may start launching investigations or issuing rulings on the writings of theologians working in that area.

The initial news flash about the new 30-member lineup for the ITC is the increased number of women –five this time, as opposed to two during the last five-year term.

Once you run all 30 names, however, the thing that truly jumps out is the preponderance of figures regarded by most Catholics in the know as fairly conservative.

Fr. Thomas Weinandy, for instance, is a Capuchin Franciscan who served from 2005 to 2013 as the chief of staff for the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Doctrine. He was instrumental in the bishops’ negative verdict on the writings of Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, a feminist theologian at Fordham. He was also a supporter of the Vatican’s investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the more liberal grouping of American nuns.

Sr. Prudence Allen, also from the United States, is a member of the Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Mich. She’s the kind of nun unapologetic about wearing the habit, and in 2010 she publicly criticized progressive Catholic sisters who broke with the bishops by supporting the Obama health care reform despite abortion-funding issues.


Susanna said...


From Germany, Fr. Karl-Heinz Menke is a member of the Schulerkreis, or “students’ circle,” around Pope Benedict XVI. He dedicated one of his books to Ratzinger, and was cited by the emeritus pope in one of his own volumes on Jesus. Recently Menke was chosen to be the main speaker for a gathering of Ratzinger alumni devoted to the theology of the Cross.

Tracey Rowland of Australia is close to both Pell and Fisher, and would be seen as among the leading intellectual lights of the “Evangelical Catholicism” movement to which Umbers referred. She writes frequently for publications with a conservative editorial bent, and is seen as an articulate defender of traditional Catholic doctrine.

Fr. Piero Coda is one of Italy’s best-known theologians and a member of the Focolare movement. He’s no ideologue, but back in 2008 he defended Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI against accusations by liberal doyen Hans Küng that they had betrayed the spirit of the reforming Second Vatican Council.

One could go on, but these five examples make the point.

To be clear, all of these people are accomplished thinkers who are eminently qualified to advise the Vatican on doctrinal matters. It’s hard not to be struck, however, by the fact that they seem to come largely from one side of the street.

So, what gives? Is Francis suffering from multiple personality syndrome, or is there another explanation?

For one thing, in both the Fisher appointment and the ITC nominations, the driving force wasn’t the pope himself. Pell was the prime mover with Fisher, and the choices for the theological commission came from German Cardinal Gerhard Müller, head of the doctrinal congregation, and his staff.

Yet Francis is a hands-on pope, and he wouldn’t sign off on these decisions if he weren’t aware of what they meant.

Perhaps the best hypothesis is that what Francis is really after isn’t a turn to the left, but a new balance. He’s said he wants the church to be in dialogue with everyone, and one way to accomplish that is to ensure a mix of points of view in leadership positions.

Pope John XXIII allegedly once said, “I have to be pope both for those with their foot on the gas, and those with their foot on the brake.” Though the saying may be apocryphal, the wisdom is spot-on, and Francis’ recent personnel moves seem to reflect some of the same thinking.

Among the other monikers the news business has invented for Francis – the “People’s Pope,” the “Pope of the Poor,” and so on – perhaps we’ll have to add one more if this keeps up: the “Pope of Balance.”

Anonymous said...

One of the questions I asked my Savior was about Pope Francis. Why is Pope Francis allowing all this chaos to continue within the Roman Catholic Church; most especially with this Synod on the Family? My Merciful JESUS said:

“My little brother, what you are seeing is the beginning of the Passion that the CHURCH must endure before my ‘Second Coming’. The Scriptures must be fulfilled. The cleansing of the Church has to occur before I gather My Remnant for the ‘Era of Peace’. Pray much for My Vicar, Pope Francis. He is being guided by My Spirit and the Blessed Mother, but he needs much prayer from you, the faithful. Satan believes he will finally defeat My Church, but this will never happen. Many complain of My Vicar’s ways of currently leading My Church. Even though it seems as if he is about to betray his Triune GOD and Holy Mother CHURCH; this will not happen. What you are seeing is the final assault of My CHURCH from within. Think back to the vision of Saint John Bosco guiding the Ship between the two pillars; the Pillar of My Eucharist on the right and the Pillar of Mary Most Holy on the left. All the small ships are the Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious, and Laity within the CHURCH attacking My CHURCH through My Vicar. Many articles are being written unjustly against Him. They are wrong in doing so. If they think of themselves as being so holy and faithful to GOD, they should be on their knees praying for My Vicar. My flock should pray for themselves, their Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priest, and Religious. They should prepare themselves for the coming Tribulation. They should pray for their seminarians to become good, holy, Marian priests instead of attacking their Pope. Your heartfelt prayers will lessen the Passion that Holy Mother CHURCH must endure. Pray too, that Pope Francis will install the 5th and final Marian Dogma of ‘Co-Redemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all Graces’. Pope Francis is closer to the Blessed Mother than you know. Help him enter into Her Immaculate Heart.

Little brother, tell everyone to pray through the Immaculate Heart of our Mother Mary, through Saint Joseph, through Saint Michael. They are your greatest Intercessors in these ‘End Times’. Pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to come now so that Mary, who is commissioned by GOD to crush the head of the serpent, Satanans, will do so very soon. Pray, asking GOD the FATHER that through His great mercy to grant the illumination of conscience for every man, woman, and child above the age of reasoning. This greatest act of God's mercy will usher in the necessary conversions throughout the world. It will lessen the Chastisements necessary to cleanse and purify the world. Tell the faithful to pray for My Vicar. When you attack My Vicar, you attack Me, your Triune GOD. I love you little brother; my death on the Cross is proof of that; Go in My Peace and blessing. My grace is sufficient for you; for all of you, My CHURCH.”

Your brother in Jesus and Mary, Johnnie

The following was the response from his spiritual director:


I just read this very beautiful and necessary message of Mercy and Love. Therefore, know that you have my full endorsement to send it out as soon as possible. As always, may God be glorified and souls sanctified. God love you.

Spiritual Director for Johnnie Hernandez

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

Now what about the bishop designee for Chicago Bishop Blasé Cupich who will most likely be made a cardinal?

At the previous article I posted it reads,

Especially on the heels of rumors that Pope Francis is about to demote American Cardinal Raymond Burke to a ceremonial Vatican job, Saturday’s choice of Blase Cupich as the new Archbishop of Chicago cemented impressions in many quarters of a lurch to the left in Catholicism.

But what does it mean to say that Pope Francis' choice of Bishop Cupich represents a "lurch to the left." Or that Bishop Cupich is a "moderate?"

It certainly doesn't represent a "lurch to the left" or "moderation" in terms of his doctrinal orthodoxy. In matters of faith and morals, he is every bit as orthodox as Cardinal Raymond Burke.

What it does represent is a softening of approach in terms of being less confrontational. Bishop Cupich has the reputation of being the kind of bishop who tends to avoid hard confrontation.

Pope chooses a moderate for Chicago archbishop

Sep. 20, 2014

......Cupich first became a bishop as the American church leadership began taking a more combative approach to culture war issues, under St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Yet, he struck a tone that reflects what Francis has emphasized for the church: a focus on mercy over hot-button policies that the pope says has driven away Catholics.

In 2011, Cupich told the anti-abortion committee and priests in Spokane that he wanted an educational, not confrontational, approach to the issue. He warned for having disdain for those who support abortion rights.

The next year, during the run-up to the Washington state referendum that ultimately recognized gay marriage, Cupich repeatedly underscored church teaching that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But he also wrote at length to parishioners about the suffering of gays and lesbians because of anti-gay prejudice. He condemned violence and bullying that has led some gay teens to suicide.

"I also want to be very clear that in stating our position, the Catholic Church has no tolerance for the misuse of this moment to incite hostility toward homosexual persons or promote an agenda that is hateful and disrespectful of their human dignity," Cupich more...

Now whether this less confrontational policy on the part of the Catholic Church is the right way to go remains to be seen.

I recall reading in the Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas that if there is a likely chance that our mode of "fraternal correction" will make someone dig in his heels and even make him worse, then we have an obligation to keep our mouths shut and set a good example by cleaning up our own act and being on our own best behavior.

Being less combative in terms of evangelization is not the same thing as being unorthodox in terms of actual doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Nice cloud of the issue Susanna.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:52

Right on the money!! Susanna WILL ALWAYS cloud the issue!!

She has spoke against the very same people and WHO they meet with, and now the Pope has been meeting them all year but now he may be brilliant?

Very funny!!

And who was bearing false witness? Very funny again!!

This is where Constance should speak up. She's not doing catholic zombies like Susanna any favors.

Anonymous said...

I just go straight to the top when I pray. Jesus is my savior, not my religion. No loopty-loops, no going through all those channels (?) .. saint this one .. saint that one ........

Jesus, I ask in Your Name to bring healing sight in the fog of clouded hearts that do not see You clearly enough. Jesus, I thank you for how You love us all.

Susanna said...

Re: Anonymous 11:52 A.M., Anonymous 1:14P.M. and Anonymous 1:31 P.M.

I rest my case!

Anonymous said...



I rest my case.

Anonymous said...


You have railed against some of these people in the past. You've shown some questionable connections of some of these people in the past.

So tell me again, why is it ok for the Pope to meet with and have conferences with them?

And please?!?!?!?!

No mind numbing long posts about church fathers.

If the Pope unites all the Copelands, Osteens, Warrens, Muslims, Jews etc, this is a good thing?

Sounds ALARMINGLY like something I heard about the person(s) that are behind this being, well, not so good.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Susanna. You have it wrong about me.

I had a debt I could not pay..He paid the debt He did not owe.

Jesus rested my case.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:47 A.M.

The Savior Yahshua would never speak those words that you posted as if they are from Him! You are channeling an evil spirit. Satan makes himself as an angel of light. You have been deceived. Repent, renounce that religious spirit, and call upon the real Christ to open your eyes and to deliver you from evil spirits.

Susanna 10:35 A.M. + 11:16 A.M.

You Susanna are also greatly deceived. Your quite willing to be!
You love your religion of the lost. 3:21 P.M has summed it up well!

Richard said...


The moon of Saturn, Iapetus, is suspected to be an artificial construct. Hesiod, in the Theogony, uses the same word to describe the prison of the Titans (Tartarus, the pit) that the Greek Bible uses for the prison of the rebel angels.

Revelation 17.8: "The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition"

So, I would like to know where is the abyss? What is the abyss? Perhaps it's just not our business.

Your comment that the 1950's UFO phenomena being simply hoaxes made popular by sci-fi mags I could not ignore. Sir, the situation above our world is much, much more real and dire than any hoax. In only 6 decades technologies have come so far, so quickly, but is it truly for our benefit? I think the answer, and how it correlates to Anticristo, could be related to what GH Pember, in his book 'Earth's Earliest Ages', wrote about and believed without any doubts: that several signs would precede the return of Christ. The first would be an unparalleled and sudden advancement in knowledge.

The last and final sign is to be the worst of all: the literal return of the rebel angel host to the Earth, and the entrance of their ambassador. I think therefore that to establish himself, this individual in an imitation must come from above, as the Messiah will.

I would not dare say with certainty that the UFO phenomena will be the physical manifestation of these beings and nothing more, but we should prepare that it surely MUST have something to do with the long awaited return of these beings.

Richard said...

The adjective abussos = "bottomless"

'bathos' could mean immeasurable, deepness, without depth...

I should have asked "Is the 'bottomless pit' a reference to a location in the solar system or space?"

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Susanna:

Reading your informative material with interest. In the middle of reading, I read the reference to the Focalare Movement. Lee Penn, whom I greatly respect, has expressed concerns to me about Focalare and I'm interested in your opinions on that.


Constance Cumbey said...

Correction of my 2:03 posting:

Also, I think you should be even more concerned about the meetings between emissaries of Doug Coe and the Dalai Lama. One such meeting is documented in Michael Timmis book where he recounts that he went to meet the DALAI LAMA on Doug Coe's behalf and was instructed to call him [THE DALAI LAMA] "YOUR HOLINESS." Right now, that concerns me more than meetings with the Pope!



Anonymous said...

An ha, right back to normal around here. Constance is praising Susanna and now she's worried more about meetings with the Dali Lama than the Pope. Really unbelievable.

But it shows you how much this blog has fallen. Constance still talking about dinosaurs in the new age movement and Susanna being praised and asked for her dull church father inspired opinions.

Another sign this blog is a joke- look at most of the threads going back quite awhile. They have tons of posts, but almost 3/4 of them are someone arguing back and forth with Christina, and then you have those posts that are from Susanna.

Not much really going on here anymore if you wade through the posts.

The only time things get interesting around here is when someone brings up the Pope and his meetings this year.

But even still then, Constance usually brings everything to a stop by praising and smooching up to Susanna and asking for opinions on things that only really concern Catholics.

Constance is a FRAUD!!

That's right, I said it. And instead of some of you coming out with the butt kissing about all Constance has done, tell me, what has she done lately?

She still yearns for the movement of the 70's and 80's to clamor against, and that's gone. Nothing really new at all. She is a total FRAUD!!

Anonymous said...

And another thing, why don't some of you who know you disagree with Constance and Susanna stop dancing around the issues for fear of falling out of favor?

For Constance to come out and say that she is worried more about someone being told to address the Dali Lama as "your holiness", than the Pope meeting with some of the biggest religous crooks in uniting world religions is-


Constance's latest remarks should tell you all you need to know about which side she is on, whether she knows it or not.

Anonymous said...

She is not a fraud.

I just think she needs to go back to the basics and resharpen her thinking along the line that Jesus himself was against religion. He came to overthrow that actually...and did. He made the new and living way in His own body and blood for people to come to God.

(not to mention she has many irons in the fire and we should pray for her strength as well as wisdom for all of those important things in her life and practice).

Religion is a system. I am not talking about specific people, unless, they lend themselves to that system to the harm of the gospel (there has always been that element of it) but things have degraded so much (end times and prophesied) as to make religion once again a total competition to Christ himself. The global plan uses religion against everyone if you'll notice and Constance has been so helpful to uncover these things in all this time but maybe this all needs review in her mind again to see what could be being missed.

She is no fraud though and truly this is not meant to be critical. Who among us does not need to keep refocusing? Things are happening fast!

It was the religious that hated Jesus purpose in coming to the world the first time and it is the religious that will join forces with the world that hates His purpose in coming again. Cain, from the get-go, set up his own system when God prescribed how to approach Him that Abel acknowledged and followed. Cain's system (working atonement belief) was rebuked by God as unacceptable and the bitterness in his religious mind made him kill his (atonement belief working) righteous brother. And so it goes on today, till God is done with all the eras of people to have their chance in His grace to get this understood. Religion and Righteousness are supremely two different things. Jesus Christ is the very picture of that.

Honestly, all the denominations are compromised now. Their leadership have lost their way or were never on the path of righteousness to begin with, but I don't like that people try to make it about which denomination is better (more correct if you will). It is severely too late for that anyway!

All cards and their players have to be on the table now. (This includes this popular pope and his political influence and those he aligns with in that vein-it is a bad brew). This is a stink rising to heaven no matter what kind of spin people put on it. A true man of God influences the culture for God in preaching the timeless word of God not rewriting it to make it fit the culture., and instead, there is a direct purpose to socially engineer the world's peoples. It is the New Age endgame and those who really know God stand apart from it. Jesus stood apart from the religious of His day, beckoning people to out out to where He was, and still is.

Please note a difference here. I am not singling out religious people. I am singling out religious leaderships and hierarchies. They are doing the heavy lifting to get a religious solution to the worlds problems. That answer, instead, is Christ the Lord and none other. The question really is which do people really want? Jesus......or the instead of? Jesus or the system?

It is a very broken system. It is time for Jesus to return. Ready or He comes! It is time for You to act, O LORD, for they have made void Your law. Ps 119:126.

Don't be found on the wrong side of that! The religious system is on the wrong side (as 'angels of light' ;) )and He will destroy it all, in one breath of His mouth.

Susanna said...

Hi Constance 10:55 P.M.,

Regarding Focolare, I must admit that my knowledge of the organization is limited..

Historically, it is primarily Roman Catholic, but it is also an interdenominational organization which was founded in 1943 - in the climate of hatred and violence of the Second World War -as a religious movement whose spirituality was premised on the ideals of unity and universal brotherhood.

Needless to say, these were hardly Nazi/Fascist ideals.

The current president of the Focolare movement is Maria Voce, who was elected in 2008. Today the movement, which is now international, considers the following issues as part of its mandate: to cooperate in the consolidation of unity in the Christian world, with individuals and groups, movements and associations; to contribute to full communion with Christians of different churches; to move towards universal brotherhood with followers of various religions and people of other persuasions, including atheists. The whole movement is divided in 25 branches.

Such ideals are in conformity with Biblical ideals when properly understood ( i.e."that they may all be one as you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me " John 17:21.... ).

Such ideals - if they can be called "ideals" are not in conformity with the Bible if they are synonymous with the false "unity" known as syncretism which is no true unity at all.

Focolare is not as well known in the United States as it is in Europe and as with all such organizations it is not exempt from criticism.

For example, some traditionalists from the Catholic right do see Focolare as a Trojan horse for syncretism and religious relativism while some progressives from the left regard Focolare as overly obeisant to the hierarchy.

I, personally, am more than a little unnerved at the Focolare outreach to Muslims despite the brutal persecution of Christians in the Middle East. A persecution that Pope Francis has referred to as "an ecumenism of blood."

"Universal brotherhood" for a large segment of the global Muslim community seems to be a one-way-street.

On the other hand, thanks to religious movements like Focolare, the Catholic Church has been able to find refuge in Jordan which has a reputation for welcoming persecuted people from different cultures and religions.

Nevertheless, I don't doubt that Lee Penn - whom I also greatly respect - has come across valid information on some of the negative aspects of Focolare which also need to be acknowledged.

When all I said and done, organizations like Focolare are not indispensable to the Church.

When negative aspects outweigh the positive ones......when the organization is found to be tearing down the body of Christ instead of building it up, it is a sign that the organization has lost - or is losing - its original charism and may need to be shut down.

Regarding Focolare, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Susanna and Constance

Thanks for the information on Folocare.

It's so- what's going on right now.

It's just so important in the grand scope of things.

You both are skilled at getting people to "take their eyes off of the ball".

Anonymous said...

Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

Anonymous said...

I just discovered that Rick Warren was a featured interview on EWTN back in April.

Was this covered here? I'm sure it was not. I've heard Constance and Susanna applaud EWTN in the past. Why not cover this?

Anonymous said...

Vatican brings faiths, including LDS, together in historic conference on marriage, family

By Paul Edwards and Tad Walch, Deseret News
Published: Sat, Nov. 15 10:50 p.m. MST

ROME — As heavy rains descended on the Eternal City this weekend, so too did hundreds of religious leaders and scholars who will participate in a historicinterfaith conference at the Vaticancelebrating traditional male-female marriage.

Pope Francis will open the three-day conference on Monday, but the gathering is significant for at least three other reasons.

It comes as thought leaders around the world increasingly recognize how a retreat from marriage is creating an unprecedented shock to social, cultural and economic institutions.

It highlights the powerful convening role of the Vatican for interfaith dialogue — a role it has cultivated since the Vatican II conference some 50 years ago.

And it marks the first time that leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will participate in a Vatican event with the pope.

President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the LDS First Presidency,will speak to the conference on Tuesday. He is accompanied by Elder L. Tom Perry, a member of the church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Bishop Gérald Caussé of the Presiding Bishopric.

The conference, officially known asHumanum: An International Interreligious Colloquium on the Complementarity of Man and Woman, will bring together presenters from 23 countries and 14 faith traditions, including Judaism, Sunni and Shi’ite Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism and Sikh, in an effort to strengthen the tradition of male-female marriage for "the good of the spouses themselves and for the good of all who depend upon them."

Anonymous said...

I thought I would post this as, its obviously NOT going to be covered here. There are alot of other articles on this as well. Please notice this comment from Constance (that was posted above) regarding Rick Warren:

Somebody posted this link to my last Blogspot article. Quoting from it (an article by Carol Brooks), we read:

"Rick Warren’s Strange Bedfellows

Carol Brooks

Are we supposed to believe that Rick Warren is ignorant of the goals of every event he speaks at? The beliefs of everyone he shares a stage with or whose book he endorses? Or should we consider the words of the prophet Amos... “Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?” [Amos 3:3]"


Anonymous said...

I would agree with 11:01 A.M. that Constance is not a fraud.

A heretic, quite likely. She has made heretical statements that is a fact. One being, that Muslims believe in the same God as Christians, which is nonsense. Several posts back, in response to a post from me that was critical of the man made catholic religion, she asked me basicly, were in the bible scriptures could be found that exposed the falicies in catholicism? Really Constance? Are you that blinded by legal wranglings that you have no more spiritual discernment?

As far as the "brilliant and thorough", by Constance, and "brilliant and beautiful", by another poster, Susanna. She is simply a zombie used by deceptive religious spirits to jam the blog with church father, church bistort, he said, she said banalities, meant to deflect from deeper, more relevant truths that could shed light on core figures and institutions. But hay, we will all be raptured away before any serious harm could befall us! So why not just water down everything, and just have a nice little club here for those interested in minutia.

In reality, we are getting deep into the last of the last days, and we will need to press in to the Savior, and be led by HIS HOLY SPIRIT to avoid the "strong delusion" that is soon to be released upon the earth. The rapture comes at the end of the tribulation with the opening of the 6th seal. We need to let go of the things of this world, the lusts of the flesh, and the pride of life. We all need to forsake deceptive religious institutions, and their man appointed vicars if we are to hear the Savior's voice, and to be led by Him only.

Anonymous said...

That should read church fathers, church history,

Also should read, but hey, instead of hay

Anonymous said...

Decoding Disney's Maleficent as Isis

Sunday, November 16, 2014 post

Anonymous said...

If I were the Pope I'd make it my business to get busy with Rick Warren, and all like him (which the current pope seems to be doing).....wouldn't you? They'd be the first on my list. Francis has a lot of work to do and for obvious reasons. This of course has nothing to do with the Catholic Church becoming anything other than what it started out as and who it started with - Jesus himself. Francis might have a strange way of going about this business but he is a keeper of the Word, I have no doubt.

From OZ

Anonymous said...

How would Constance be considered a fraud? Is she not really Constance Cumbey but an imposter? Maybe she isn't even an attorney...maybe she made that up. Although, being a state licensed attorney in Michigan could be verified if one really wished to search.

Is she a fraudulent Christian? How so? Doesn't she believe in Jesus Christ and has confessed Him to be her savior? More proof is necessary before declaring the author of this blog a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Jesus did not believe in religion? Are you saying he never envisioned the church? Why would he send the Apostle Paul, then, to organize churches throughout the world? Why is it in Revelation that messages were given to several churches?

Jesus was not opposed to religion. He expected those in religious positions to follow God's law versus human-made notions that prevented people from being faithful. Half of the world's Christians are Roman Catholic. Really...they're all doomed? Are the Methodists, then, the ones salvation is only for? The Presbyterians? The Baptists and which version? Non-denominational Christians?

John the Divine saw a multitude. I'm sure many were Roman Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Constance a heretic? Is she convincing others to believe in a different Jesus? Or a different Christ? (I think her work opposing the new age movement was to prevent others from falling for a different Christ other than Jesus) Is she denying the Holy Spirit? Has she ever denied the Holy Spirit?

As for the Roman Catholic Church, there really isn't a bigger defender of life than the RCC. Its pro-life stance has been unwavering. It has been a stalwart in this regard. Perhaps it has its issues, but so do all the denominations.

There will come a day when all Christians will be united. Take the log out of your own eye...

Anonymous said...

Didn't Rick Warren revive the submerging church? I the emerging church?

My student came home from a "christian" (little c) school last week with a enneagram work sheet. (eyes rolling)Looks like it's a tool of the emerging -Bailey/Islam/Gnostic church.

Anonymous said...

Oh G R E A T.

"The Enneagram, fourth form, reflected from every fifth point. This Enneagram is the Star of the Moon and is especially applicable to her nature. It represents her as the administrator to the Earth of the virtues of the Solar System under the Sephiroth."

Jewish Mysticism...Golden Dawn at a Baptist school. I thought the UN nuns at the local Catholic School was bad.

It's a new age nightmare. No schools left kids.

Anonymous said...

Why do people have so much trouble distinguishing between His Blood bought church and a religious (multi-denominational) system? Who singled out catholics? Why be so defensive?

Jesus did oppose religion. Look at the way that he had to speak to the pharisees and sadducees because their religion was so sinfully self-righteous. As the leadership goes, so goes the people, so are we seeing the problem yet? (and My people love to have it so God cries in the old testament). They were the religious of his day. And very compromised in a love-hate relationship with governance, no less, and working that system as well as their own! sound familiar? His harshest words were for them. How are all of the denominations (with little wheat amongst all those tares) now actively falling away from the truth of the bible, not become a mere system and far from their first love and call from the master? Falling away at an alarming rate! The leaderships of the modern 'church' are in many many cases now, the blind leading the blind because so compromised. And multi-million dollar businesses catholic or protestant. And people want to fight about who is picking on their church? That sounds like pride (and lots of it).

Oh please......

It is the end of the age and we were told it would be this way by God's word. People need to open eyes and look beyond their current understanding and ask for wisdom from God to know what the bible is telling us to show us the state of the church but even more importantly, the state of their own individual hearts before holy God. I'm not seeing real repentance and faith in the real God Jesus Christ, are you folks? (except where where there is real persecution then people are getting real). Lots of name dropping of Jesus name and it proves nothing but talk or people are saying their faith is in 'god' but it is their own kind of 'jesus' and a whole lot of mixture of every stripe 'to cover all their bases' in addition to their so-called christian belief. That is the 'faith' of many today (and a number of them are sitting in churches with this kind of 'faith'). Have heard and seen this among my own catholic or protestant family and friends. My heart is sad for them all.

It's not looking good out there. And people want to defend this religious system of today? Many are called, few are chosen. Jesus said these words.

Go on ahead. Your argument is not with me. Argue all you want with Jesus. I hope people will quit fighting the Lord and repent instead. I had to. I was brought to my knees.

Anonymous said...

The catholic religion no bigger defender of life? In reality, in polls taken of catholic opinion, catholics are roughly divided in half on the issue of abortion. It matters not the official position of the heirachy because the church offers a different type of salvation, so catholics feel wiggle room with their life style and beliefs. If you go to a REAL protestant fellowship, were the pastor faithfully feeds the flock, and were it is taught that salvation is in Yahshua alone, no hail Marys, or buying indulgences, or teaching of purgatory, or any other such nonsense, you will find the congregants all, or nearly all, condemning abortion.

The church is not a denomination, it is all who believe they need the Savior Yahushua, and have placed their faith in Him alone for salvation.

I really do not care what others think of the catholic religion. I decided long ago to find out for myself. Anytime I have been in conversation with catholics and the topic was religion, catholisism, whatever, I have asked them if they believe in the Savior Jesus, or if I say to them isn't the Lord good or some such thing, they just look at me kinda weird, or get obviously uncomfortable. They usually respond with catholic church doctrine of some sort, or often the common response of " I'm a good catholic". To this very day, I have not found one catholic, other than those saved ones who have left the church, that I'm convinced is a real christian. I'm NOT saying there aren't any. I think its rare, and I believe in these last days many will come out of that cult. I hope so, and I pray it will be so.

Marko said...

As a life-long Protestant, I would like to share the following observation.

My brother's mother-in-law recently passed away. She was cremated, and the memorial service was Catholic.

I found the mass extremely Christ-centered, from start to finish. And to be completely honest, that service had something that is missing in many protestant churches - the ones that Ann Barnhardt calls "superfun rockband" churches, which are most of them these days (both Catholic and Protestant). Here's how she worded it when describing some of the problems on the Catholic side of the aisle:

"Our Lord, Crucified, Risen and physically substantially present to us deserves INFINITELY MORE excellence, beauty, solemnity, reverence, discipline and dignity in His Mass."

Amen, Ann. And the same can be said for Protestant services.

There are two "unifications" going on in the Church today. One is the one we all are skeptical of - the unifying of faiths to the point where each one compromises it's core tenets - the move toward a "One World Religion". This is the bad one. The other one is the one Christ prayed would happen in John 17: "I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me."

The process of unification that Christ speaks of is taking place all over, and has since the time He left. I think we presume too much when we presume to figure out who is a part of that process and who isn't when it isn't clear to us through scriptural tests or the Holy Spirit or whatever. We are given indicators, like "by their fruits you will know them", but beyond that, Christ alone will be the judge.

I can say one thing for sure - I didn't feel like I had walked into a "cult" when I sat through the funeral mass for my brother's mother-in-law. Catholic churches may have pews full of people who aren't saved, but the same can be said of all the other denominations on the Protestant side. This end-time delusion and falling away is affecting ALL of the Church. And I, for one, will gladly join ranks with any Catholic who places their faith in Jesus Christ, for whoever is not against Him is for Him.

paul said...

Amen Marko

Anonymous said...

Paul and Marko

You are entirely missing the point. It's about the people that the Pope is meeting with for unification. They have been covered here numerous times and everybody comes out of the woodwork to put their two cents in and talk about how evil and new age they are.

And now that the Pope is trying to unify, suddenly no one has anything to say. It's CRAZY.

And by the way, my mother's funeral had everything you describe Marko. It was the statue of Mary with dollar bills draped all over it that was pretty disgusting. And this was an OLD SCHOOL church in the same town for well over 100+ years.

Don't be fooled by the elaborate show.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I addressed Paul in the last post. Sorry, but I gotta call it how it is.

Paul is a total wannabe. He went from being a total cancer on this blog with his nastiness to schmoozing it up with Susanna and Constance.

When he's not trying to be funny and cute ( of which he ABSOLUTELY is NOT) he is trying to shove Shoebat down everyone's throat.

I'm sorry, but he's a phony and a wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Just like no one mentioned when the Pope said only within the last few months, that there would not be a church without Mary.

Uhhh... Excuse me, Jesus was around from the beginning. He said "before Abraham..I am".

I can't wait to hear how I "misunderstood" that one.

Anonymous said...

I do not condemn individual persons in whatever pew. It is the church leaders (read Jeremiah chapter 23 for the understanding to weigh current issues among many other warning in scripture) who are making merchandise of them and selling them out to the New Age plan that has me concerned. Jesus is the judge, not me, about another person's walk with God. That is what is truly being missed here on this blog that is supposed to be highlighting this very topic!

Why are these things so scrambled in the collective thinking? Are people already that deceived as to continue to the stir up and muddy the water (they are standing in) rather than objectively let the water clear and see what is taking place on a global scale???

Anonymous said...

And I do not think it helpful (is damaging) to be personally insulting to people here on the blog. Take or leave or respectfully discuss the issues and not personalities will ya?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:06

I agree with you but the problem here is, you can slam almost anybody you want for their new age connections.

But not if they are associated with the Pope.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:10

I hear you. But, will you come out and say that when Paul is totally nasty with Christina?

I know she's out there, but she is a person too, and doesn't deserve to be treated like that, but no one says ANYTHING when he treats her like a piece of dirt.

Anonymous said...

Neither does Paul need to be treated badly. Paul has owned up to things like that and Christine has acknowledged this at times as well, but will you?

We can, (and should) all (this means each of us and means myself too) take a step back wouldn't you say? Even the nicest bloggers here can be overbearing at times with their tone or their exceeding text that belabors and/or skews the issues at hand with their own personal favorite whatevers and whomevers.

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. (personalities are not the main thing)

Perhaps even Constance needs to hit the reset button from time to time as she is only human too. (she is not a fraud as somebody outright said and was out of line) Her blog needs to call a spade a spade and play no favorites but we are all human, and have that tendency, so let's admit that and go on from here. I'm willing.

Marko said...

Anon 11:52, etc....

I did not miss the point.

The issue of news about who the Pope hangs out with is a separate issue than the more general one I addressed.

Since I've been posting here (4 years or so, on and off), this has always been a BYOI blog (Bring Your Own Information). Many eyes can see more than just two. If you find something of interest, post it, and let the blog readers decide if it's relevant or not, and if so, how much so. If it really IS relevant to most of the readership here, there will be further discussion.

Also, having a "dumping grounds" for information, even if it's only peripherally tied in with the New Age Movement, is a good way to get a better overall picture of where things are going in this dark world. Sometimes someone will make the pieces of the puzzle that are dumped here fit in a helpful and meaningful way that none of the rest of us saw.

Nobody can keep track of it all, least of all Constance, who has MANY things besides this blog to occupy her attention.

You've made your point about the Pope's associations. Please stop belaboring it.

Maybe the Pope is exercising the strategy of "know your enemy" in setting up these gatherings. Or at least trying to get some dialog going where the good guys and the bad guys are all there, and maybe in all the excitement, someone will let something slip, showing themselves for who they really are. The bad guys have a tendency to do that, because they are a prideful lot, and love to tell you their plans.

Anonymous said...

12:14 P.M.

Paul has been called out for being nasty to Christine.

12:49 P.M.

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. (personalities are not the main thing)"

Some of us would like to see the main thing be the main thing, but we are met by resistance to discuss what is considered taboo by the hierarchy. When asked in a nice manner, what Constance thought of some strange thing the pope has said, and asked by several posters, all, until recently, met with silence. If Constance was asked by Susanna, if she thought chocolate chip cookies were New Age, she would respond promptly. It seems personalities are indeed the main thing on this blog.

Anonymous said...


Your last paragraph at 2:31 P.M. is just balderdash!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:27

Your comments about personalities are right on.

Anon 3:33

Your comments were right on.

Anonymous said...


Stop belaboring? Haha! Very funny!

I'll stop belaboring when Constance stops belaboring about Creme and Solana, 2 has beens that don't warrant much space.

Evidenced by this tired old thread about Creme and Patel who are not relevant. This thread was DEAD. MOST of the posts are about the Popes new friends, and lack of attention to it.

But forgive me, lets talk more about Creme, Patel, nazis and whatever else. As long as we don't dare question Constance, Susanna or the Pope.

Marko said...

Anon. 3:33.....

My last paragraph is balderdash?

Prove it.

Ya see, that's what it's all about.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. More and more these days that seems to be the case - nothing is at it seems.

I agree that my "maybe" is pretty far out there, but if you are going to call it balderdash, then it should be your responsibility to show the rest of the readers here why you think so.

You may say "Well, some things are just obviously true", except sometimes, in the final analysis, they aren't.

In the last 10 years, I've had my opinions about end times events, prophecy, and other goings-on out there in the world at large ruined and rebuilt more than once. My *current* interpretations of world events as they relate to Biblical prophecy are *still* in a state of flux. As more information comes in, and as the Spirit sheds light on this or that, I adjust.

For example, the Kings from the East that will cross the Euphrates River when it dries up (Revelation 16) was always thought to be China, because well, China has a 200-million-man army. But... it's looking more and more like it will be a confederation of nations, like China, Iran, and Russia. After all, it says KINGS plural. How'd the prophecy teachers miss that all these years??

So yeah, it might seem like balderdash, but....who knows? (God does of course.) This whole endeavor of studying prophecy is a lot of guessing and shooting in the dark. We should be more open to differing interpretations as well as not being so dogmatic about ours, yes?

I agree that Solana is pretty much a dead horse, but then, Gobachev was everyone's favorite candidate for the Antichrist back when he was in the limelight, and now, not so much. Another dead horse. But don't count him out yet. He's still around, still sounding VERY new age, and may "rise from the dead" one of these days.

I've always held that Europe is NOT going to be the center of power that the Antichrist comes from. I still hold to that belief. And yes, for some, that's a hard thing to let go of (a Eurocentric interpretation of prophecy) because that's all they've heard most of their lives. But I'm still open to re-evaluating my position if world events make that necessary.

Short version of all that: Dogmatism in regards to prophecy is wasted energy.

Anonymous said...


The proff is in the pudding, and it looks similar to chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Proof not proff, sorry!

Anonymous said...


I agree with much of what you said and I find some of your opinions regarding end times interesting.

I think given your interest in end times, or anyone's interest, that, the revolving door of questionable people looking to unify with the Pope, and vice versa definitely warrants attention and discussion. I never said that it was DEFINITELY the end times move towards a one world religion, but, it sure looks kinda strange. And that's not dogmatic or denominational influence on my part. It's more like, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. But we will see as I'm not sure of anything myself.

And I don't agree with the "know your
enemy". This isn't the Godfather. The Word tells us not to yoke ourselves with people who do not bear good fruit. Plain and simple.

I do not see the Pope "sitting anyone down" like Oz states above. I see the Pope and these people seeking to unify with EACH OTHER. that's a whole different story.

And I know that Jesus hung out with prostitutes and thieves, but, it was NOT to UNIFY.

Anonymous said...

4:31 P.M.

Spot on!

Susanna said...

Dear Constance,

It is enlightening to look at some of the occultists who influenced Benjamin Creme. For example, there was Alexandra David-Neel

.....At the age of fourteen, Creme says he became interested in the occult, when he read With Mystics and Magicians in Tibet by Alexandra David-Neel. From 1957 to 1959, Creme was the Vice-President of the Aetherius Society, a UFO religion based largely on Theosophy. In 1958 he personally met George Adamski and Creme says he can personally vouch for the authenticity of Adamski's UFO more...ème

Now Alexandra David-Neel is an interesting character. She not only influenced Alan Watts and Benjamin Crème, but also "beat" writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg.

Of course, as you are probably aware, most European occult roads lead to Blavatsky and Alexandra was no exception.

(Alexandra) was born in Saint-Mandé, Val-de-Marne, and moved to Ixelles (Brussels) with her family at the age of six. During her childhood she had a very strong desire for freedom and spirituality. At the age of 18, she had already visited England, Switzerland and Spain on her own, and she was studying in Madame Blavatsky's Theosophical Society. "She joined various secret societies – she would reach the thirtieth degree in the mixed Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – while feminist and anarchist groups greeted her with enthusiasm...In 1899, Alexandra composed an anarchist treatise with a preface by the French geographer and anarchist Elisée Reclus (1820–1905). Publishers did not dare to publish the book ( probably because Elisee Reclus had been banished from France for life), though her friend Jean Haustont printed copies himself and it was eventually translated into five languages."...........

........In 1911 Alexandra left Néel and traveled for the second time to India, to further her study of Buddhism. She was invited to the royal monastery of Sikkim, where she met Maharaj Kumar (crown prince) Sidkeong Tulku Namgyal. She became Sidkeong's "confidante and spiritual sister" (according to Ruth Middleton), perhaps his lover (Foster & Foster). She also met the 13th Dalai Lama twice in 1912, and had the opportunity to ask him many questions about Buddhism – a feat unprecedented for a European woman at that time.

In the period 1914–1916 she lived in a cave in Sikkim, near the Tibetan border, learning spirituality, together with the young (born 1899) Sikkimese monk Aphur Yongden, who became her lifelong traveling companion, and whom she would later adopt. From there they trespassed into Tibetan territory, meeting the Panchen Lama in Shigatse (August 1916). Sikkim was then a British protectorate and when the British authorities became aware of their presence Alexandra and Aphur were forced to leave the country..........


Susanna said...


Alexandra was not only involved with Madame Blavatsky and Annie Besant, but she was also involved with Max Theon and his pupil Mirra Alfassa who came to be known as The Mother. It was Alexandra who introduced Sri Aurobindo to The Mother.

Mystic, anarchist, occultist and traveller, Louise Eugenie Alexandrine Marie David was born in Paris on the 24th of October 1868. The atmosphere at home during her childhood was, by all accounts fairly austere and her parents strict. As a child her favourite books were the science fiction fantasies of Jules Verne, and, perhaps as a form of rebelliousness against her severe upbringing, she promised herself one day to outdo the heroes of these stories. One of the first indications of this sense of freedom and adventure was her running away at the age of five, just before the family left to move to Brussels. Only after a widespread search was she caught and marched to the police station by a gendarme, whom she scratched for his trouble.

By the age of fifteen Alexandra had already begun to study and had also obtained her first occult reading matter, an English journal produced by the Society of the Supreme Gnosis, sent to her by a woman called Elisabeth Morgan.

That summer her family spent the holidays in Ostend, but Alexandra wanted something more interesting and walked into Holland and crossed over to England. In London she found Mrs. Morgan, who immediately persuaded her to return home. In 1885, when she was seventeen, Alexandra again left home, this time travelling alone by train from Brussels to Switzerland. She then hiked alone over the Saint-Gotthard Pass through the Alps to the Italian lakes. Her distraught mother had to travel to the shores of Lake Maggiore and retrieve her by then penniless daughter.

London and the Theosophical Society

The following year she entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, and three years later won first prize for her soprano voice. In 1888 she went to study in London, and stayed cheaply and securely at the Society of Supreme Gnosis. Here, Elisabeth Morgan introduced her to Madame Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society, whose esoteric ideas had a significant influence on Alexandra. Alexandra returned to Brussels the next year to carry on her studies of music and voice. In her early twenties she studied at the Sorbonne and became a political radical, keeping a pistol and ammunition in her Paris room. In 1891, when she was twenty-three, disguised as a man, she joined a Paris cult led by Sri Ananda Saraswati, who used hashish to obtain visions.

That same year an inheritance from her godmother enabled her to travel for more than a year through Ceylon and India. Fascinated by the mystery and magic of India and the eerie melodies of Tibetan music Alexandra knew she would return again one day. At Adyar, near Madras, she joined the Theosophists under Annie Besant, and studied Sanskrit with them. At the holy city of Benares, on the Ganges, she studied yoga with the great Swami Bhaskarananda (of Varanasi), who lived the whole year in a rose garden. She was fascinated by India and the Tibetan music she heard there, but was forced to return to Brussels when she ran out of money.

In 1899, Alexandra composed an anarchist treatise with a preface by the French geographer and anarchist Elisée Reclus (1820-1905). Publishers were, however, too terrified to publish the book, though her friend Jean Haustont printed copies himself and it was eventually translated into five languages. From 1894 to 1900 she lived as an aspiring actress/singer, but by 1900 her career was going nowhere and she accepted a job with the municipal opera in Tunis. Here she met Philip Neel, a thirty-nine-year-old bachelor who worked as a railway engineer. They married on 4th August, 1904, and took a villa at La Goulette next to the Mediterranean Sea.....


Susanna said...


Sanskrit Studies in India

In 1911 she undertook her second voyage to India, and arrived at Pondicherry ( future headquarters of Sri Aurobindo and "the Mother ) - all that remained of French India - where the police kept an eye on her due to her extremist tendencies. By 1912 Alexandra was living in Calcutta, where on one occasion, annoyed by the behaviour of fakirs, she lay down on a bed of nails, and explained to a passing British tourist that she needed a rest and was lucky to find a bed. She also took part in Tantric rites, on one occasion the ritual of the so-called 'five forbidden substances': meat, fish, grain, wine, and sexual union.

She was progressing quickly with her Sanskrit studies, and was so noted a figure at holy Benares as to be honoured by the College of Sanskrit there with an honorary doctorate of philosophy, a first for a European woman.

When she arrived in the small Himalayan state of Sikkim, in 1912, she immediately felt at home, and increased her knowledge of Buddhism by visiting all the important monasteries there. She also met Prince Sidkeong of Sikkim. It was here that she became the first European woman to meet the Dalai Lama, at the time in exile. He told her to learn the Tibetan language. She made great progress in this and met the Gomchen (great hermit) of the monastery of Lachen. He was an impressive figure wearing a five-sided crown, a rosary necklace of 108 pieces of human skull, an apron carved of human bone, and a magic dagger. During the next two years Alexandra met with the hermit and learnt the art of telepathy from him. She also attempted 'tumo' breathing, the Tibetan art of generating body heat to keep warm in freezing conditions.

Two years later she met a young man called Aphur Yongden, and a friendship which was to last a lifetime developed between them; he eventually became her adopted son. They both moved to a cave hermitage in almost 4000 metres up in the mountains of northern Sikkim, close to the border with Tibet, which it was forbidden to cross into. The solitude in this desolate cave was exactly what a hermitage should include but would definitely not have any of the amenities of life in civilization. They would have to fend for themselves finding food and safety in a land that was not only dangerous but also forbidden. Their ultimate goal was to enter the famed holy city of Lhasa, but Tibet was rarely visited by Europeans at that time, let alone European women. Nevertheless Alexandra and Yongden did so twice, the result being expulsion from Sikkim in 1916.

Because of the war it was impossible to return to Europe, so they travelled to Japan. In a letter to her husband at the time Alexandra confessed her feelings for the Himalayas and Tibet -

‘Truthfully, I am "homesick" for a land that is not mine. I am haunted by the steppes, the solitude, the everlasting snow and the great blue sky "up there”! The difficult hours, the hunger, the cold, the wind slashing my face, leaving me with enormous, bloody, swollen lips. '


Susanna said...


The Creation of a Tulpa

At Kum Bum David Neel apparently managed to create a 'tulpa', a psychic phantom produced by intense concentration of thought and the repetition of relevant mystical rites over a period of months. She created a stout, phantom monk, whose form gradually became less ghost like and more life like. Before long the phantasm was accompanying her on her travels and behaving almost like a normal human being. However, he gradually began to change from a fat, jolly monk into a leaner more sinister character, and started to escape from her control. The tulpa was seen by others in her travelling party, proving it to have an objective existence outside of Alexandra's own mind, but, to avoid serious problems with her creation, Alexandra decided to 'dissolve' it. But this proved extremely difficult as the phantom clung desperately on to his life; she only succeeded in getting rid of him after six months of hard mental concentration........

Again, Alexandra was acquainted with Mirra Alfassa ( a.k.a. "The Mother" ) who was a student of Max Theon.


She was a member of the study group "The Mother" started in Paris. More
over, Alexandra was also acquainted with Sri Aurobindo and it was she who introduced him to "The Mother."

By the way, The Mother claimed in her writings ( The Mother's Agenda ) that Madame Blavatsky was a pupil of Max Theon.

Alexandra David-Néel’s reminiscences of Sri Aurobindo.

.....Alexandra David-Néel came to India in 1911 before leaving for her extensive tour of Tibet and met Sri Aurobindo in Pondicherry about whom she was informed by Paul Richard. Her impressions of Sri Aurobindo have been published in her books L’Inde où j’ai vécu (The India where I lived) and Journal de voyage: lettres à son mari. The following passages of her reminiscences are quoted from the book The Mother: The Birth and Growth of a Flame published by Overman Foundation........

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Splendid, Wonderful!!!!

Anonymous said...

MARVELOUS !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Baby murderer's family honored

Constance Cumbey said...

breaking news -- 4 rabbis, 3 from USA, other from ENGLAND, killed today by Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem Synagogue complex. Source, NEW YORK TIMES.


Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 7:04

First, learn to spell it right: DALAI LAMA, NOT "DALI LAMA".

Second, the test of antichrist was a denial that Jesus was the Christ and a denial that Jesus had come in the flesh. See 1 John 2:22, and beyond.

Next, I perceive that your religious affiliation is ABC -- "anything but Catholic."

Sort of like this: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the ABC Church and thou shalt be saved."

That's just as much a heresy as this one: "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the NBC Church and thou shalt be saved."


The Gospel, as I understand it is:


Now, Catholics by creed profess and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. THeir Nicene and Apostolic Creeds clearly proclaim it.

The DALAI LAMA is clearly a vigorous proponent of the concept of Maitreya Buddha and New World Religion.

There are Catholics an ex-Catholics (Matthew Fox, ex-communicated in 1983) who cross the apostasy line of believing that Jeus is THE CHRIST as in ONE AND ONLY.

There are apostate Protestants that have crossed the same sorry line.

Susanna has made VALUABLE contributions to our knowledge base at this blogspot.


Constance Cumbey said...

"Jesus came to overthrow religion . . ." Sorry, that sounds New Age in and of itself.


Constance Cumbey said...

To Anonymous 11:47:

I agree we are in deeply perilous times, but caution on your Marian theology that as I recall was soundly rejected by Pope John Paul II -- the attempt to make it a "Divine Quartet" instead of the Trinity. Mary was always the humble servant of God -- "May it be done to me according to Thy will" ... not a boastful woman demanding to be worshipped as God. As good priests have explained it to me, "we honor Mary, we do not worship her." There are those who have crossed that line and they also are susceptible to New Age deception and I give you Wayne Peterson as Exhibit A of that. He claims the "Blessed Mother" helped introduce him to "Maitreya" as "Christ."


Anonymous said...


Sorry my incorrect spelling makes you right on this one. Yeah right!!

Verbal profession means NOTHING!!!!!!

We should continue to talk about Creme, who is not even relevant on a national scale, let alone a global scale. And the Dalai Lama and the Nazis and all the stuff that keeps everybody's eyes off the ball.

And your WRONG again!! I spent most of my life as a catholic and most of my family still is catholic. I just don't want to compromise my beliefs or IGNORE anything whats going on JUST because I'm afraid of offending Catholics. That's worse than anything new age.

But please continue, let's take our eyes off the ball and keep discussing Creme and company.

Constance Cumbey said...

To Richard:

I had many friendly arguments over the years with David Webber and Noah Hutchings of SW Radio Church over Pember. Frankly, I consider Pember to either have been deeply deceived and/or into his own brand or variation of a theme on THEOSOPHY. I do not agree with his theory of "Earth's Earliest Ages."


Constance Cumbey said...


GOD BLESS YOU for your "spot on" remarks, as Susanna might put it. That was what I was trying to say by my
dual heresy of ABC/NBC church analogies.


Anonymous said...

Susanna has made valuable contributions. Most are from pro-catholic sources or authors or from Wikipedia which anyone can add information.

Not impressed with slanted articles.

Anonymous said...

WIDE IS THE GATE: The Emerging New Christianity VOLUME 1

Catholiocs helping the submerging church? Ouch.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 1:59 PM. Trouble dead ahead and so many heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

For those that think that Pope Francis is doing God's work to lead and, in his good effort, fix the ailing church whether catholic or protestant in a great big come together (and thereby fix this pitiful world) need to reread (or maybe for the first time) Revelation chapters 1 & 2. Very very little that Jesus finds commendable while under this end days church leadership.

Surely the pope is not better than Jesus.........

Jesus Christ Will Clean House. (repent now dear people)

Anonymous said...

Meant chapters 2 & 3 of Revelation but by all means read chapter 1 too.

Anonymous said...

Right on 2:37

This is possibly the biggest deception and new age lie of ALL TIME and it all but gets ignored here.

Most of the Protestants that speak out here are too worried about offending Constance or Susanna to voice what they think is the truth.

It's more about friendships and personalities here than the truth.

Doesn't make alot of sense does it?

Anonymous said...

Constance at 11:27 A.M. said

"Next, I perceive that your religious affiliation is ABC -- anything but catholic. Sort of like this: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be a member of the ABC Church and thou shalt be saved"

What a great spin on reality Constance! I have been reading posts here since the begining, and I do not recall any protestant here ever saying such a thing. However,,, there have been several statements made on posts here proclaiming the catholic church as being the "one true church". However,,,, you never corrected those posters, seems they were rather NBC don't you think. Kinda hypocritical of you isn't it Constance?

Susanna said...


I thought this might be of interest to you.

Pope Francis's defense of doctrine sends the Associated Press spinning

.....It really does sound as though Winfield is trying to wrap her head around the fact that the pope is Catholic. I have written in this space before about the befuddlement that takes place among mainstream news reporters when Francis doesn't fit the "progressive" image that they have carved out for him. We see that clearly as the AP fumbles to explain the pope's straying off his supposed liberal talking entire article...

Anonymous said...

The catholic religion can say they believe in Christ all they want but when he is always represented broken on the cross instead of the risen victorious Savior and soon coming King! The ONLY way to salvation. When you here more mention of Mary, than the Son of God. When Mary is prayed to, and plastered everywhere in stain glass, paintings and statues. When she, (Mary) and a multitude of "saints" are prayed to for favor when they are NOT omnipresent!!! They are NOT mediators!!! Then the catholic religion is presenting a Christ quite different from the one in the bible! Read Acts 16: 16-18 and Matthew 7:21

Wake Up!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

When you hear or read the popes words they are of a different nature than the words of Christ in the bible. That's why he has interpreters! Susanna being one of them.

Anonymous said...

Is it not rather vulgar, that people gather by the millions to get a peek at the pope. Or to get a chance to bow to him and kiss his ring? A man living in a palacial setting. Dressed in the finest vestments? When our Savior was born in a manger, had no certain dwelling place, wore peasant garments, was spit upon, mocked, scorged, beaten, crucified. You can keep your pope, I have all I need.

Anonymous said...

I wrote the 6:43 post.

I do think the Savior sees the hearts of those humble catholics who fear God. He knows those who are His and love Him.

Anonymous said...

"Most of the Protestants that speak out here are too worried about offending Constance or Susanna to voice what they think is the truth. "

I posted the video link. I am not afraid, I told her Francis was the UN Pope day one. However,Paul would not be amused by all this bickering. I am a protestant, yes, but only because the Catholic Church is so heavily infected since the Waldesians, ok that's a long time. I was not raised Catholic but am a registered one, it was natural to be called to the Catholic Church for one important reason. The fact is Jesus was an exorcist. Because the Catholics called any protestant "possessed" they dropped the ball, afraid of name calling. At least the Catholics have keep some form of exorcism alive, more than I can say for any Protestant church. I dare you to find a perfect church, you might find a few, in another state, in a country far, far away. We are the church, a peculiar bunch just like we should be, all over the place.

Oh and the 1999 changes to exorcism in the Catholic church BAD, very bad. Too many Catholics are being turned away. Bob Larson says his largest group of customers are Catholics. BETTER get ready to help because the demonetization is accelerating. Common Core is set to do just that.

Anonymous said...

yes, correct..bla

Constance Cumbey said...

The long standing New Age strategy is to seed the target groups with various mysticisms and then pit the remaining orthodox off against each other. This happened when the world was being prepared for Krishnamurti and the New Agers of that day were riding high while using Temperance as a vehicle to pit Christians off against each other under rubrics of "rum, Romanism & ruin." The "Fundamentalists" and Pope Pius X were saying the same thing, but nobody was listening because of the strife set up between the groups. THe same dynamics are going on today and apparently even right here on this forum! It was because of this that for a long time nobody noticed the New Age heresies coming in the door and taking over the churches -- Protestant and Catholic alike. That was what I wrote about in my very first chapter of HIDDEN DANGERS.'

I haven't seen Catholics on this forum advance the NBC doctrine, but unfortunately, there is a lot of advancing of the ABC one here.

If you can't see the obvious role of the Dalai Lama, Deep Pit Cobra (ooops, Depak Chopra) in the New World religion formation working along side the Matthew Foxes, Basil Pennington's, Richard Rohr's, and Thomas Berry's of this world, obviously you don't see much.

Termites from within, wrecking balls from without, and pit the remaining traditional adherents to their religions off against each other and you've got a recipe already well defined by AAB well in progress.


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