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Global 2000 and Before - New Age Population Planners with USA governmental blessings

To my friends and readers:  I have been "holed up" lately with renewed research.  I am now seriously working on another book.  I have also had some time consuming legal work for clients which has "kept me off the streets."  I have been wading through some of the earlier works in my library and exploring roots and political implementation of some of the more disturbing aspects of the New Age planning, including but not limited to "population control" issues.
Global 2000 Report to the President - 1980 Pergamon Books version of 1977 President Carter commissioned report.

Excerpted page from New Age Journal - Earth Day 1990 issue where former President Carter writes for magazine and discusses his creation of the Global 2000 report mandate.

Earth Day 1990 NEW AGE JOURNAL cover.

Those who don't wade through lengthy governmental tomes sometimes miss important segments of the New Age playbook.  My dusty old copy of The Global 2000 Report to the President contains a treasure trove of incriminating New Age Movement goals.  The report was released during the Carter Administration.{1}  However, it contained much of interest as to his predecessors Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard M. Nixon.  The anti-people goals were being put firmly in place.

Important action for the global / population reduction planners took place during the Nixon administration.  The Global 2000 Report was chartered and commissioned in 1977.{2}   However, preliminary developments had taken place starting with pressures being placed on the Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon presidencies.  Major New Age idological players included Willis  Harman and Atlantic Richfield Company (ARCO) chairman Robert O. Anderson.  It was then that President Nixon cooperated with those bringing pressures to immediately address "population issues."  Nixon in 1969 sent Congress a "blue-ribbon" message on population control.  He and his predecessors (Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson) had long been pressured to do so by members of the Rockefeller family:

In July 1969 President Nixon sent to Congress historic first population message, recommending the establishment by legislation of a blue-ribbon commission to examine the growth of the nation'population and the impact it will have on the American future. John D. Rockefeller Ill, who had started the Population Council, had been urging since the early days of the Eisenhower Administration that such a commission be established.    Lyndon Johnson had refused to see Rockefeller in 1964, but by 1968, he was ready to yield to pressure and established the President's Committee on Population and Family Planning, co-chaired by Rockefeller and HEW Secretary Wilbur Cohen.

President Lyndon Johnson satisfied the demands with partial action.  He authorized the formation of a Committee.  That group near the end of his administration entitled "

The Committee established by President Johnson
was not a full-blown commission . Its report,
sent to the President at the end of 1968, "Population
and Family Planning: The Transition from
Concern to Action, " suggested the establishment
of a presidential commission to give the problem
further study. It recommended that family planning
services be extended to every American
woman unable to afford them. It also recommended
an increase in the budgets of HEW and
the Office of Economic Opportunity for the purpose
of population research. The report was
released without publicity in January 1969 . . ."

There were certainly "items of interest" along with this person of interest (Willis Harman) who played such an important role in this relatively early stage of New Age planning for the last quarter of the 20th century.  He called for the possibility of "radical societal change."  Big money and big players including Robert O. Anderson the president of ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) were involved.  Robert O. Anderson's name was later to become familiar to me in the context of Planetary Citizens and Planetary Initiative organizations founded by Lucis Trust activist Donald Keys.

The population planners moved on aided and abetted by Nixon Presidential advisor Moynihan.  That was a man who truly "got around."  According to the Wikipedia article:

Moynihan [Daniel Patrick]
(March 16, 1927 – March 26, 2003) was an American politician and sociologist. A member of the Democratic Party, he was first elected to the United States Senate for New York in 1976, and was re-elected three times (in 1982, 1988, and 1994). He declined to run for re-election in 2000. Prior to his years in the Senate, Moynihan was the United States' Ambassador to the United Nations and to India, and was a member of four successive presidential administrations, beginning with the administration of John F. Kennedy, and continuing through that of Gerald Ford.

The family planners still mourn their setbacks in promoting a drastically reduced population.  Three years before Roe vs. Wade they were legislatively mandating promotion of the following:


The Commission recommends that both public and private forces join together to assure that adequate child-care services, including health, nutritional, and educational components, are available to families who wish to make use of them.

Because child-care programs represent a major innovation in child-rearing in this country, we recommend that continuing research and evaluation be undertaken to determine the benefits and costs to children, parents, and the public of alternative child-care arrangements.


The Commission recommends that: (1) states eliminate existing legal inhibitions and restrictions on access to contraceptive information, procedures, and supplies; and (2) states develop statutes affirming the desirability that all persons have ready and practicable access to contraceptive information, procedures, and supplies.


The Commission recommends that states adopt affirmative legislation which will permit minors to receive contraceptive and prophylactic information and services in appropriate settings sensitive to their needs and concerns.  

To implement this policy, the commission urges that organizations, such as the Council on State governments, the American Law Institute, and the American Bar Association, formulate appropriate model statutes.


In order to permit freedom of choice, the Commission recommends that all administration restrictions on access to voluntary contraceptive sterilization be eliminated so that the decision be made solely by physician and patient.

To implement this policy, we recommend that national hospital and medical associations, and their state chapters, promote the removal of existing restrictions.


With the admonition that abortion not be considered a primary means of fertility control, the Commission recommends that present state laws restricting abortion be liberalized along the lines of the New York statute, such abortion to be performed on request by duly licensed physicians under conditions of medical safety. In carrying out this policy, the Commission recommends:

That federal, state, and local governments make funds available to support abortion services in states with liberalized statutes.  That abortion be specifically included in comprehensive health insurance benefits, both public and private. 


 The Commission recommends that this nation give the highest priority to research on reproductive biology and to the search for improved methods by which individuals can control their own fertility.  

In order to carry out this research, the Commission recommends that the full $93 million authorized for this purpose in fiscal year 1973 be appropriated and allocated; that federal expenditures for these purposes rise to a minimum of $150 million by 1975; and that private organizations continue and expand their work in this field.


The Commission recommends a national policy and voluntary program to reduce unwanted fertility, to improve the outcome of pregnancy, and to improve the health of children.  

In order to carry out such a program, public and private health financing mechanisms should begin paying the full cost of all health services related to fertility, including contraceptive, prenatal, delivery, and postpartum services; pediatric care for the first year of life; voluntary sterilization; safe termination of unwanted pregnancy; and medical treatment of infertility.



Recognizing that our population cannot grow indefinitely, and appreciating the advantages of moving now toward the stabilization of population, the Commission recommends that the nation welcome and plan for a stabilized population.

The Nixon era hearings were held.  President Nixon named John D. Rockefeller III chairman of the 24-member group.  They held hearings in many cities and they released volumes of materials.  Their not-surprising, people-hating conclusions?

POPULATION STABILIZATION -Recognizing that our population cannot grow indefinitely, and appreciating the advantages of moving now toward the stabilization of population, the Commission recommends that the nation welcome and plan for a stabilized population.

The Commission's conclusion was that no substantial benefits would result from continued growth of the nation ' s population:  The population problem, and the growth ethic with which it is intimately connected, reflect deeper external conditions and more fundamental political, economicand philosophical values.  Consequently, to improve the quality of our existence while slowing growth, will require nothing less than basic recasting of American values.

The anti-people component of what would later be called "The New Age Movement" was on its way back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  It had clear Presidential blessings at that.   They would continue to ride high through early 1982, confident in their expectation that they had "no backlash."  Those "deeper external conditions" and "philosophical values" to be targeted for change clearly included our religious outlooks favoring "choose life that ye may live."

Stay tuned and to be continued


{1} Interestingly, there is an article by Former President Jimmy Carter in a 1990 New Age Journal (April 1990, page 54,  In it he proudly acknowledges his role in commissioning the Global 2000 Report.  I do not know if he is a self-conscious New Ager; however, I have received credible information that his sister, Ruth Carter Stapleton may have been.  She was a speaker for one of Leland Stewart's Unity and Diversity Council Congresses, according to information given me by Rev. Gary Randall in Portland, Oregon in 1982.  He had the information, he said, first hand for her.  She departed from speaking at his church to go to that conference.  Once he learned what the New Age Movement was really about, he made great efforts to get the word out on its "Hidden Dangers."

 {2}The 1977 Global Report to the President [Jimmy Carter] included extensive references to Willis Harman (Future president of Institute for Noetic Sciences, author of "An Incomplete Guide to the Future.", World Watch Institute, E. F. Schumacher (Small is Beautiful Author)

Given the subject matter of the current post, I thought I'd resubmit the following comment from the last thread:

Hyper-charismatics are getting more brazen in their New Age doctrines. Chuck Pierce of "Glory of Zion" is hosting a conference this weekend with one of the topics titled, Grow Up and Mature into One New Man! which sounds eerily similar to the homo universalis concept. Featured speakers to include Bill Hamon who wrote on the perfected manifested sons of God and a Joel’s Army which will have power and authority to execute judgment apparently akin to Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “pale horse”.

“Prophet” Bob Jones, after coming out of a trance, proclaims God is raising up a “Joel’s Army” against the “religious spirit” using Joel 2:1-11 as proof-text (thus reprising Paul Cain's "Joel's Army" from the late '80s).
Important material, Craig. I'm glad you are keeping a close watch on the very dangerous Manifest Son of God movement. It first came to my attention in 1983. Thanks!


Two things... (Sorry if these have been posted before. Didn't see them in my quick scanning of the past few days' comments.)

U.N. chief says anti-Islam filmmaker abused freedom of expression

"'Freedoms of expression should be and must be guaranteed and protected, when they are used for common justice, common purpose,' Ban told a news conference."

So who gets to define, especially on a global scale, what expression is acceptable for common justice/purpose?


UN Secretary General Defies UN Member States on LGBT Rights and Reproductive Rights

"UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon courted controversy last week when he told nations on the Human Rights Council to place lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual rights and reproductive rights at the forefront of the United Nations human rights agenda....Pressure on countries that view homosexual behavior and other sexual practices as deviant is mounting."

A case in point to the first article, I think.

History Maker,

Very important and disturbing news. Thanks for updating us on these UN LGBT developments!

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. “ Plato – The Republic (427-347 B.C.) · Plato – Timaeus (427-347 B.C.) ...

Why is truth easier to take when it comes from someone in a minority community?
Interesting subject matter, found you in a round about way some months ago while researching some Christian curriculum for my Church. Some of your early work was familiar to me, because I remember when some of these things were happening back in the 1960's. At the time,had no idea where all this was leading. Even now most people have no idea what has happened and is happening.

keep up the good work and I will look for your new book
Thanks, Diane!

Keep checking in here. I am live on internet radio on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 7 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time (4 to 5 p.m. Pacific time) on

Craig thanks. I didn't realize how spooky these people were. From your link the following.

These ‘glorified elites’ will possess powers exceeding those of the REAL 1st century Apostles with an even greater authority. These manifested sons of God (MSoG) will have the ‘divine’ authority to execute judgment and exact punishment upon those in opposition as explained by “Bishop” Bill Hamon (the “R-T” in the following means Resurrection-Translation):

…The positive purpose of the R-T is to enable the army of the Lord [Joel’s Army, or MSoG militant] to finalize the war against all evil. The army of the Lord will progress on in the war until they have accomplished all they can in their limited mortal bodies. The R-T is for the purpose of immortalizing their bodies. This will remove all the earthly limitations, thereby enabling the saints unlimited abilities. They will be able to travel in all space realms of the heavenlies the same as Jesus and the angels do now. They can move in and out of all dimensions of the natural and spiritual realms as Jesus did in His resurrected flesh-and-bone body.1
Some interesting commentary on where New Age/Theosophy leadership is taking people by the nose.

I haven't read it all, but it's the middle of the night and my brain isn't functioning all that well after waking up by chance.
closingstages link excellent!

Interesting also how Lectio Divina has moved from a focus on knowing God through Scripture to a subjectivist thing. While reading Scripture if something jumps out at you this needs attention, but combine this with recognition of the existence of demonic deception (Russian prelest which incl. all kinds of deception incl. just fleshly, I think), and you are cautious. Narrow the Scripture reading to a mere phrase and run with it and you have a recipe for disaster.

Lectio Divina would seem to be the origin of the Bible study concept of how does this apply to me? but it is clearly subject to abuse.

Scripture read out of context or with wrong presuppositions can be dangerous, look at all the mishandling of the Word of God that the MSoG and charismaniacs do.

problems we see in liberal protestantism, often New Age connected, examined by an ex protestant become Orthodox, who complains of this occurring somewhat in Orthodoxy also.
Regarding Ruth Carter Stapleton: According to John Todd- a high-level new age operative who was dramatically converted to Christianity out of a centuries-old witchcraft family- R.C. Stapleton was the most powerful witch he had ever seen. The "Todd Tapes" are still accessible. Amazing stuff from late 70's.
Thanks for last comment; however, my opinion about John Todd was somewhat like my opinion about Alberto Rivera They were both playing "Watch the Fundamentalists Run" games for fun and profit. I once had an anguished letter from John Todd's father-in-law worried about the fate of his daughter. This I received, as I recall sometime in 1982-1983. It is probably archived with the papers the University of Michigan Bentley Library has of mine. I don't know about Ruth Carter Stapleton being a powerful witch per se, but she certainly as the President's sister had more than a fair amount of clout with the New Agers and probably picked up some healthy honorariums from them as well.

German Catholics lose church rights for unpaid tax

'Germany's Roman Catholics are to be denied the right to Holy Communion or religious burial if they stop paying a special church tax.'

'A German bishops' decree which has just come into force says anyone failing to pay the tax - an extra 8% of their income tax bill - will no longer be considered a Catholic.'

Nothing new, 1046am, read Ladurie's Montaillou to see that a common complaint of people in the early 14th century was that they were excommunicated if they were late with their tithes.
I didn't know that Germany had an established church. or did this mean that whatever their tax bill was, they should send 8% of that to the church?

I lived in Germany for a few months in the 1990s while working at one of the Max Planck scientific research centres. A certain proportion of the tax you pay went to a church of your choice unless you stated that you were not a Christian - in which case you got your money back.

This system might have been set up postwar for good reasons, but it is not a good system, because it allows the State to define which Christian denominations 'count' and it makes those denominations dependent for their funding on the State.


So they don't get funds directly from the parishioners, no contribution drives or pass the plate? only the tax?
I don't know Christine, that was in the 1990s and there were just two English-language congregations in the city I was living in. There might be further freewill offerings, there might be 'nonconformist' congregations (comprising presumably people who have to pay twice since Christians are not allowed to deny their faith), and the system might have changed since. I also don't know if this scheme is administered at national or more local level. Google may help. The 'big two' denominations in receipt of money through the government were of course the Roman Catholics and the Lutherans.


In following up while doing a search on how the state funds churches in many countries, I found this fascinating academic type website. It explains the relationship between church and state then, early years, and now. Here the focus is on Germany.

The churches in Germany are, and have been, subsidized by the state. Even now 90% of the social service work done by the churches is paid for by the taxpayer, leading the taxpayer to support other church activity. This in turn pushes the churches to support the state and forces employees to toe the church line.

This larger picture of things leads me to greater worry about how the New Age culture can manipulate churches, particularly where the church side is in the hands of the groups Craig has written about in this thread.
However, the German State is not the one threatening excommunication, denying communiom and the right to a religious burial. No! The post above shows it is 'A German bishops' decree! These German Bishops receive their orders from where? From Rome! And the vatican, dripping with Gold and fat on the profits of its 'Ambrosia' Bank is not exactly desperate for those German pfennigs or Euro-cents, or is it?
If you believe this, you'll believe Obama is a great president. Then again instead of meeting with world leaders he is meeting with UFO representatives behind the scenes.

UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco Dated 9/17

By the way, the site is one in the Jew hating network. If it is sold as a conspiracy, some believe it has to be true. Gullible people are also voters.
I didn't much like Obama, until this past Memorial Day,
when he blew off the whole thing and went golfing or whatever, now I really don't like him. He's the first president to ever do that.
I like to see a list of Obama "firsts" for a President.
First in raunchy comedians in the White House.
First in showing entertainers the Situation Room.
First in total golf rounds played, by far.
First to admit that he smoked weed, prolifically,
earlier in his life.
First to have a Communist mentor as a college kid.
First in bowing to a Muslim leader.
First President to apologize to the world for America.
First to use drones to assassinate whomever he wanted to.
...but I'm sure there are dozens of firsts.

Commander In Thief.

"First to admit that he smoked weed, prolifically, earlier in his life."

No - first not to deny that he inhaled...

Maurice Strong is a major supporter of Agenda 21, and such want great population reduction worldwide, reduction of US to third world conditions and prevention of improvement in the third world.

do you have a sustainable community or smart development or sustainable development plan or agency in your town or county? you got Agenda 21 and its dictatorial plans.
Okay Paul, the thing is that Obama either really didn't do the things you accuse him of (I know, if it's on Fox, it must be true) or the things he actually did is being totally taken out of context. He never apologized for the U.S. It is a myth and urban legend. On Memorial Day I had a cook-out and went swimming. Many go camping. Does that make us unpatriotic? Yes, Memorial Day should be a more somber day. Obama playing golf is not a sign that he hates America. This is why Obama will win again. Because of the constant slew of unfounded, and often down right ridiculous, accusations with very little facts. (Just because Rush Limbaugh says something is true, doesn't make it true.) It's just an ugly smear campaign. It's why they lost last time.

Conservatives would win if they stopped this smearing nonsense and focused on giving Americans some assurance that their way is the better course. It's been done before, to much success. However, conservatives have become a bigger mess than the liberals. How can this be? They can't be just angry old guys yelling at chairs.

aire bra
Dear admin i am too much satisfied from your post. I hope you will countinue your good work,
i have no words which i say you, May God bless you and you will keep continue it.....
Do you really want to know how conservative opposition is so controlled? Ask yourself why all of those conservative talking heads never take you past themselves to websites that give out solid information about what is happening? Even here unless someone posts a link to another website in the comments section the advance of information drops with the lead article.

Get out there, find out what is going on and share it with as many people as you can, even though the going is hard. Use any lead to talk with strangers, friends, co-workers. Drop it if there is no interest at the time rather than irritate others. At the very least you will have given someone new information they can't ignore.

A friend gave me this lead which came from a Christian source, Brannon Howse's show

"Immigrant and South Dakota State Director, Kitty Werthmann, shares trends and truth. Kitty recognizes where America is headed because she lived under a regime that experienced a similar period in history..."

Everything we are going through was gone through at the time of the Nazis. Please share this link with as many people as you can. It may wake up a few people about this repeat of the New Age movement goals. Obama is just the "likeable" puppet for a much larger movement. Think how much Hitler was adored by the masses.

Good write-up. I definitely love this site. Keep it up

Sound Chips
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