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New Age Campaigns of 1928 -- Same themes in 2012

From my library:  THE STAR "JAN,-APR-1928"
I thought my readers would find this excerpt fom my library of New Age Movement materials fascinating.  It is page 63 of the January 1928 ORDER OF THE STAR journal "THE STAR."  The Order of the Star was a Theosophical Society operation dedicated to the "Reappearance of the Christ" in the form of one Jiddhu Krishnamurti.  They were busily preparing the world to receive both Krishnamurti and a "New World religion."  As you can see the themes of "Tolerance" and hatred of fundamentalism were at play then as well as now.  It is amusing that they were exhorted to blend religions and cease discussing reasons for the reason that "war clouds were hanging over Europe."

The "Order of the Star in the East" was organized in 1912.  It was put together by Theosophists acting under Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbetter who identified Jiddhu Krishnamurti as the "new Christ."  He was a child seen bathing by the River Adyar in Madras, India by the former Anglical priest C. W. Leadbetter.  Leadbetter claimed he had seen the "christ aura" around Krishnamurti.  The Theosophical Society took guardianship of the child.  The child's father, an Indian magistrate whose wife recently died came to repent of his decision and tried through the Indian courts to regain custody.  When he prevailed in the highest Indian courts, Annie Besant fled to England with his two sons, Krishnamurti and Nityananda.  The English courts reversed the Indian courts on a technicality:  no guardian ad litem had been appointed to advise the Indian courts on the "best welfare of the children."  Krishnamurti's father was justifiably anxious.  Leadbetter was a reputed pedophile.

As Krishnamurti aged, the expectations were that a "day of declaration would come" in which he would assume leadership over a "New World Order."  Internationally, frantic preparations were made by true Theosophical believers and fellow occult travelers to hasten that day.  The material you see above is from one of the elaborate magazines edited by his followers.  Krishnamurti himself was a frequent writer for the magazine.

Krishnamurti died in Ojai, California in 1986.  For the record, Jesus lives!

Now that I have the capacity to scan single pages onto my system,  I plan to show you others from time to time.   The themes are virtually identical to what we are hearing today.  The goals are certainly the same although the "candidates" are different.

Stay tuned!

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Ashton getting criticism and called to step down. see link:
Article is dated 3/10/12:

"With his friendly grand-dad's face, Romano Prodi, the technician par excellence, a centre-Left figure and former Italian prime minister, is a member of the BP oil company's international committee, where he sits next to Javier Solana and George W. Bush's former principal private secretary. Koffi Annan, the former UNO general secretary, has just joined JPMorgan Chase's international Committee, which is chaired by Tony Blair, after marrying besides a Wallensberg, heiress to one of Sweden's greatest business dynasties.


Article is dated 3/16/12:

"Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate for the French presidency, is ahead of Nicolas Sarkozy in the polls."


* * *

2005 article:

"French voters' clear 'No' to the EU constitution has left European leaders struggling to define the way forward...The leader of opposition Socialist party Francois Hollande, from the 'Yes' campaign, voiced 'regret' over the result (cont'd)"


* * *

Article is dated 10/22/09.

"Thus says Javier Solana:

'(skip) This is to forget too quickly that, if international law was applied, Israel would not exist.'"

(Google translation.)


* * *

With reference to above mention of Sweden.

* * *

Sweden Going Cashless: Pros and Cons of Paper Money

-By Jacey Fortin:
March 19, 2012 11:10 PM EDT

In Sweden, monetary transactions made with physical cash are down to three percent of the national economy.

'In most Swedish cities, public buses don't accept cash; tickets are prepaid or purchased with a cell phone text message,' reports AP. 'A small but growing number of businesses only take cards, and some bank offices --which make money on electronic transactions -- have stopped handling cash altogether.' This looks like the beginning of a global trend; people everywhere are noticing that physical cash is becoming less and less common."


* * *

Farmer has an interesting post aout the AoC today.
It has occurred to me that the ever popular "meet up Groups" to discuss the issues of concern on my blogspot might be a possibility for some of us. If anybody has proximity to SE Michigan and would be interested in an informal "meetup group", maybe one could start, beginning with me and then perhaps with others elsewhere. If there is interest let me know. There are several good places we could meet here near my location where I could be available. I have a portable computer, a projector, and resources for sharing. Others of you may well have too.

Let me know.


Despite the preparations for the event, Krishnamurti rejected the M energy when it attempted to overshadow him. After this Krishnamurti and the Star/Theosophy organizations drifted apart, and he began his separate New Age career as a speaker and writer.
Anonymous 5:34

I once accepted this, except that I then found issues of THE STAR dating from the 1930's. The Theosophical Society's Quest Bookstores carried his books as well as books about him. The Theosophical Society IS the clear"mother ship" of the entire New Age Movement!

Constance's me again.

Please change that picture of you to a more up to date photo. I know that you are in love with that picture, but give it up!

Just keep it real girl. No need to live in the past. How can anyone take you seriously, if you continue to post a 30 year old picture of yourself?

Give it two snaps of your fingers, and a twist of your me, at your age it will be all over. I'll even be willing to call the paramedics for ya.

Time to move on girl...with truth. Please no more deception, start today, and please start with that antiquated picture!
To Anonymous at 4:21PM
About the picture...picky, picky, picky! Constance Cumbey, along with much prayer from my family, is the reason that I was delivered out of my New Age beliefs and that I came back to Jesus Christ! That's what's important here!
Wow, really we are worried about her posting a picture of herself from 1982, Ever think she is giving the history and her pic. just happens to be attached rto some of that history?! I read your book Constance, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, I am 30 years old..I was born Jan. of 1982..I thank you for your dedication to the truthand for your love of our Father Yahweh and our Lord Jesus Christ! Keep your faith and your labor here will not go in vain, your reward will lay in Heaven...May God bless you and yor family!!! Thank you from your sister in Christ, Julie
Wow..really did you ever think she is posting history..and along with that history happens to be her picture attached?! Constance , I read your book Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow..I thank you for your dedication to the truth and the love of our Father in Heaven Yahweh and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Your labor will not go in vain, your reward will be laid up in Heaven. I am 30 years old, I was born in Jan. of 1982..and I just thank you so much, as I know so many others thank you also for shedding the light on this subject..the Luciferian Agenda..I just recently checked the Arcane School website and they are planning a Christ Festival on the day of invocation..on June 4, in London..wish I could go..I would love to be there and be the light in the darkness!!! I pray God will continue to bless you and your family! Your sister in Christ, Julie
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