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The New Age Worldwide Revolution obviously in progress

This is a propaganda video for the "United for Global Change."  It carries the very "WE ARE ALL ONE" message the Alice Bailey books said the world would have to believe to accept the "Masters of Wisdom ['externalized hierarchy' and "The Reappearance of the Christ" ['Maitreya/Betraya, that is, definitely NOT JESUS].  The Occupy Wall Street was a component of "United for Global Change."

Note carefully the "spiritual" components of this "leaderless movement."

News is breaking now so very rapidly.  The "Arab Spring" with its "liberation" of Egypt clearly resulted in more persecution for Christians.  Some Moslems denounced the violence, accurately pointing to the "divide and conquer" policy of the military establishment.  Never forget that the strategy of the New Age Movement is to pit target groups off against each other so that they can be the "Phoenix to arise fromt he ashes" and build their hoped for 'golden age.'

Stay tuned!

Hi Constance,

I noticed when critiquing recent issues of Benjamin Creme's magazine over the past few months that the article with Creme's "master" would mention how protests similar to the kind seen in the Arab Spring would soon spread globally. Thinking back to that, I wouldn't be surprise if this stuff was planned well in advance behind the scenes.
if you recall bejamin cream said mytraiya message is, "without justic there will be no peace" over and over again you can find this on his web sight. on sunday i put the tv on and peter doocy was interviewing a guy at o.w.s the guy said "without justic there will be no peace". it was on fox and for the life of me i can not find the clip anywhere. i was gobsmacked
Yes, Constance…well organized…

Excerpt from Barbara Marx Hubbard’s blog (bold and italics emphasis in the original)

When we see our situation with evolutionary eyes we discover that the pattern of 13.7 billion years of evolution is a deep design of creation within ourselves, guided by a Cosmic Prime Directive: Create More Intelligent Life.

We discover recurring patterns in the process: Problems are evolutionary drivers. Crises preceed transformation. Nature takes jumps through greater synergy between parts. Those patterns are evident right now. It is time for collective transformation. It is time for greater synergy between each of us and the greater whole.

In this moment, we are embodying our multi-billion year birth narrative pattern toward higher consciousness, greater freedom and more complex order. We are learning from nature’s pattern of selecting for what cooperates best.

In this moment, we are embodying our multi-billion year birth narrative pattern toward higher consciousness, greater freedom and more complex order. We are learning from nature’s pattern of selecting for what cooperates best.

… Then let us therefore dedicate this July 4th 2011 to learning from and following nature’s fabulous design. This is the evolutionary way to "cross the gap" from Here – with breakdowns that can destroy life to There – breakthroughs that can evolve life.

As founders in the United States created the Declaration of Independence in 1776, let us, as peoples of Earth, now envision and commit to creating a global Declaration of Interdependence.

Let us envision celebrating such a Declaration on Dec. 22, 2012 as part of a planetary Birth Day – a day inaugurating a new era in human evolution. I invite you to join me in activating this vision for a global multi-media event featuring heads of state and citizens from every country, broadcasting in as many languages and cultures as possible. They will all unify in signing this Declaration to mark a new era.

Let us also at that time dedicate the first Planetary Peace Room to be as sophisticated as our war rooms: to scan for, map, connect, and communicate what is working in the world. Let every people and community have their own Peace Room locally, to connect globally….

I noted “Problems are evolutionary drivers. Crises preceed transformation”, and that heads of state will unify to sign this Declaration of Interdependence?!!? YIKES!!!

Not surprising, Constance, that Hubbard also promotes Michael Dowd
Those Muslims who denounced the anti-Christian violence were simply using TAQIYYA (dissembling), as Muhammad commanded, in order to fool the world media.

In the koran, Allah denies the divinity and death on the cross (and consequently the Resurrection) of Christ. A loving father does not deny his own son; so Allah is not Jehovah. Allah's claim to have created the world, identifying him with Jehovah, is therefore a lie.

New Age is a menace, but so is Islam.
Speaking of the New Age, Ervin Laszlo has moved to television:

This is part of the old World Commission for Global Consciousness that appeared to be stagnant for several years. It is part of the UN's Spiritual Caucus:

This programming is seen on link tv with some interesting funders like George Soros Open Society, and Bill and Melinda Gates:

and partners:

Link tv has other interesting programming:

Global spirit tv is connected to Hermes Foundation and a forgiveness project.

They want to start Gardens of Forgiveness around the world, but this is forgiveness apart from the atoning work of Jesus. They want to use New Age techniques like yoga to help people to forgive.

Hermes foundation supports the UN's Alliance of Civilizations:

I don't think anyone needs to ask what "global spirit" is driving these tv programs. It is certainly not the Holy Spirit.
One more link from Global Spirit:

This is promoting the labyrinth, which has sadly been used by many churches as a means to drawing closer to God.

Saturday, November 5th is "Bank Transfer Day" when God-only-knows how many people are planning on withdrawing their money from the larger banks and moving it to either a credit union or a smaller bank.

Is it possible that this run on the banks would cause enough repercussions that could bring on a financial collapse?
Nov 5th bank runs...

I don't think it would have much impact. The big banks are given as much money as they want if there were to be crisis -- we've been creating money out of nothing for a long time.

But I do believe the Wall Street-related protests, bank withdrawals, etc. are just the 'seed' of what will come. Remember there is a plan in place at the highest levels to take America down.

It's incredible that Wall Street bankers are funding a lot of this because, as we know, our chaos comes order. This is not out of control behavior -- it is fully planned.

Dave in CA
Only time will tell, but could the message of Matt. 24:30 soon be coming upon us?

"And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming
upon the clouds of heaven with power and great glory."


Again, only time will tell.

Fellow Catholics keep saying your Divine Mercy Chaplets and meditating on the life of Jesus Christ when you pray the daily Rosary. We are possibly witnessing the events foretold at Fatima and Garabandal coming alive, not to mention
Sacred Scripture (the Holy Bible).

Viva Cristos Rey!

Viva Cristos Rey --

Gracias, Amen!

This was the brave chant of the Mexican martyrs during a similar period of time when the Theosophists were promoting Krishnamurti as the "new Christ". Hundreds of thousands of Mexican Catholic Christians were martyred for refusing to deny Jesus Christ between 1926 and 1935 when Mexico attempted to stamp out Christianity when the Theosophists, free-thinkers, Freemasons, Communists, and other anti-God, occult elements teamed up.

These are the same elements at play now!

Oops! I almost forgot. I was referring to the Oct. 17th post at
under the "Latest messages."

On the link for globalspirit, first thing I noticed was that Brother David Steindl-Rast was featured. He should have received the same fate as Matthew Fox. He is a VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF DAVID SPANGLER AND WILLIAM IRWIN THOMPSON. He truly is a New Ager's New Ager.

Thought you'd like to know that you are being quoted in a Cutting Edge article by David Bay:

Don't you believe it. The forces of the Illuminati hold a huge and unassailable power advantage over all Islamic forces. This enormous power will ensure that the part of the global plan concerning the planned end of all monotheistic forces will be carried out.

What is the Illuminati Plan for Muslims - and Jews and Christians -- all who practice a One God religion?

The Plan is to annihilate them. Quietly, almost invisibly.


"The Illuminati foresees the need for the complete eradication of all Arabs, because they are so strongly Monotheistic they could never accept the claims of the Antichrist". [Constance Cumbey, Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow ]

Cumbey then predicted that Islam would be the first target because they are so numerous - 1.4 billion and counting.
On the link for globalspirit, first thing I noticed was that Brother David Steindl-Rast was featured. He should have received the same fate as Matthew Fox. He is a VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF DAVID SPANGLER AND WILLIAM IRWIN THOMPSON. He truly is a New Ager's New Ager.

The quotes from me are not accurate as set forth by David Bay. There is no such language in HIDDEN DANGERS which I just computer searched for myself. However, I would agree that all monotheists are clearly targets of the New Age Movement and its planners.

An interesting link, for those wanting to see live chat and pick up some intel about where to do more research into the "global revolution"....

The stream really isn't live, at least, not when I was watching it. But the chat is. Interesting things can be gathered there.
Maitreya New Anti-Christ Commercial On History Channel 2011

Having a hard copy of "Hidden Dangers" I will attest that no such quote exists. Nor is there a statement made about eradication of all Arabs, or that Islam would be the first target.
Anon 7:06,

That commercial is not new. I have personally seen the same on the History Channel and CNN numerous times over the past couple years. It is worth noting if the commercial is still being aired, as I have not seen it in over six months. Thanks for bringing such to attention.
On subject, yet a very complex matter which I will attempt to simplify at the best of my abilities. Many have heard about derivatives markets since the beginning of the economic downturn. For those not familiar I will provide a piece of reading which can be investigated independently at the readers leisure, but in simplest of terms a derivative is essentially a wager on a investment. These come in many varieties such as Credit Default Swaps and Put Options. The large banks figured out how to make money coming and going with these.

Now this is where things get interesting, as the "too big to fail" mentality is now coming back to bite the governments in the posterior. You see, the large banks such as Bank of America and JP Morgan are back dooring their derivatives onto the Fed and FDIC since they don't have the money to cover them due to the massive losses in the markets.

A lot of derivatives that these banks hold have been kept off the books, so a total number on the debt being pushed onto the taxpayer can not even be estimated. However, just by what is known, the totals from JP Morgan and BOA come to more than $154 trillion. That is more than GLOBAL GDP!!! I don't expect it to get paid, but if one wants to consider how the people's respective buttons are being pushed toward revolution, look no further.
JD 11:27 PM, sure there was an older commercial back in 2009 on the history channel, but I think this is an updated one for 2011. I may be wrong. Thanks for your thank you at the end.

Glad to hear from you.

Thanks for the 'peek behind the curtain' about the financial schemes most are not aware of. It's one big house of cards - which will collapse at the right time when the right card is removed. This is why the Bank of International Settlements (the central banks' central bank) only deals, I believe, in gold.

Dave in CA
Occupy Wall Street--worldwide edition is the perfect opportunity for Share International to reinforce their Maitreya claims. Go to Share right now to see what is being said and how it all fits. By the way, is it really any big surprise that American politics and big money go together? Nothing new under the sun.
As to who is "pushing the buttons" of the people toward revolution, there are several schools of thought.

1. Communists / Russia.

This is the culprit that I give the most credence to. When you read the lyrics to "The Internationale" (the Soviet Union's national anthem), you can see in those dreadful phrases the same anger, and the same desire to tear down the existing world and rebuild a new world as you see in the "Occupy" movements growing everywhere in the West.

Link to the words to "The Internationale":

Please, please read the lyrics to this horrific song. It will explain a lot of history.

2. New Agers

This is the culprit favored by most here, and I believe they have much to do with it. However, I believe #1 is the more immediate threat. There is some synchronicity between the two, but there is also some divergence. The Communist threat is "old school" as far as New Agers are concerned, especially in regards to the Communist plans through military means to defeat the West. The New World, from the New Age perspective, will be one without war, and war is looked upon with disdain by most in the New Age Movement.

However, they will make war against those who oppose them, as all Utopian planners make war against those who oppose Utopian ideals of any kind.

The "soul" of the "Occupy Wall Street" movements out there are very much in tune with New Age goals - moreso than the Communist goals of Russia et al. It's just a question of which enemy will co-opt that soul for its own nefarious purposes. My guess is that first comes the Communist attempt to take over the West militarily, and when that fails, from the ashes will rise the New Age push for their New Age of Enlightenment and Peace and Understanding.

3. The 300 or so people (The Powers That Be) that "run the world". Otherwise known as Illuminati, Rockefellers/Rothschilds, NWO, etc, etc. These are always the first people to be blamed from certain segments of the population, Christians and conservatives especially so. I'm not going to say these people and groups do not exist, but they are not the main enemy, and to make them look like the main enemy has been the goal of group #1 for a long time. Communist infiltration of far-right, patriot, anti-government, anti-NWO groups is a known fact (Alex Jones, for one). What better way to weaken the US and get it ready for invasion than to sow seeds of mistrust among the people and make them think the real enemy (Russia/KGB) is dead and focus on a fictitious enemy? That is Sun Tzu ("The Art of War") tactics 101.
FEMA plans first-ever nationwide emergency alert system test on November 9th at 2:00 PM (Eastern).

(Is it just a coincidence that this will happen 4 days after "Bank Transfer Day' on September 5th?)
FEMA plans first-ever nationwide emergency alert system test on November 9th at 2:00 PM (Eastern).

(Is it just a coincidence that this will happen 4 days after "Bank Transfer Day' on September 5th?)
Correction . . .

FEMA plans first-ever nationwide emergency alert system test on November 9th at 2:00 PM (Eastern).

(Is it just a coincidence that this will happen 4 days after "Bank Transfer Day' on November 5th?)
Q: What do you get when you cross two Word-of-Faith “preachers,” one of whom denied Jesus Christ’s deity because He slept on a boat “and God never sleeps nor slumbers” while the other claims Adam breathed life into the animals (not God), a fiery Zionist, and mix ‘em with a well-known Mormon?

A: You get John Hagee’s Cornerstone Church’s “Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot Celebration” to be held the weekend after this coming weekend:

I went to the site - sad but clueless. None of the three have anything to say that I would want to hear in church.

What's the motivation? None of the three have anything theologically sound to say so it must be something else... promotion and crowds.

Dave in CA
These criticisms of Occupy Wall St. have merit.. However, as JD puts it, the people there are protesting legitimate economic malfeasance. So how do you separate protest of legitimate malfeasance from the protests inspired by "communists", New agers,
and others (anti-zionists, etc.)

In my family, many were trade unionists, and my grandfather went to prison for working for railway workers' union rights. He was killed in a railway accident and left a widow with six children and no insurance or health care. But his ideas lived on in the union movement, which many here would call "communism", "socialism", etc. Probably they would not call grandpa a New Ager. The Bible was the only "spiritual" book he
is known to have read in prison. (I don't know if anything can be found on line about him, but he went to jail with Eugene Debs and his name was Martin Elliott. My son has a picture of them in jail on his mantle).

So in my family, protesting economic malfeasance has not been considered a bad thing to do.

And I believe most people here, probably all, think economic malfeasance has occurred and is supported by many plotters.

So where is the problem? The protesters are not
Christian? They don't bathe (so we read).

This is hard to reconcile. I agree with most of your ideas that New Age could be in this protest,
but it a protest against malfeasance which has not been addressed through more dignified protest to the government.

PS My grandfather Martin and his family were Irish Catholics. All the church did for them was send out a priest to collect the tithe. They investigated other churches, found them unhelpful, and became atheists. This is tragic. I grew up in this atheist environment and always looked for God, just as my little grandson is now looking for God in his own atheist environment repeat. It seems it is VERY hard to come to Jesus, and few will make it.

I pray for my ancestors that God will forgive and raise them up. I think I agree with the Catholics here that these folks are probably in purgatory,
maybe "out" by now, as I pray for them a lot.

I sympathize with those who struggle against injustice, but the answer that is always held forth to "right the wrong" by people like Eugene Debs, labor unions, communists, etc, is an "earthly" answer instead of an eternal one.

One can suffer injustices of the most grievous kind, and still rejoice in the joy of the Lord, if the one suffering does not look to the things of this earth for happiness and fulfillment. This is not our home, and if we belong to the Lord we will be hated by this world and will suffer injustice - at least, injustice as defined by the wisdom of the world.

Jesus came not to bring justice nor an end to malfeasance, but to seek and save that which was lost. People who clamor and rant about their "rights" forget that Christ demands us to give up our rights to anything in this life, so that we may have eternity with Him in the next. So yes, as you say, it is hard to come to Him! We must give up all of our rights. That is not easy!

That said, we are told to defend the defenseless. It's just that there's a right way to do that, and a wrong way. It takes discernment and wisdom to figure out what those are.
Marko, and because I agree with what you have said, that in this world we cannot expect the justice of the Kingdom of God, I am able to be a
Christian even in my radically atheist family.

But you say we have to try to right injustice, and yes, of course, that's part of "standing till He comes." Trying, even against odds. It seems, however, that the usual paths people take to that end have been largely blocked. People have been misled and trusted the gov't in things like mortgages which failed, and which were forced on banks by new regulations under the Clinton administration. Now there seems no way to right that wrong. People need Christian education in the things you have talked about, and it isn't there very often. It's there for us who have computers and a will to look, but some people have been dissuaded from looking by our current culture. And some are lost on Wall Street, on both sides of the building walls.

Some of those protesters are probably bitter because they took out big student loans and then failed to find work. As Christians, if they are Christians, they should try to make do with working at McDonald's until times change, but those student loan payments just keep coming, and one cannot declare bankruptcy on student loans as one can on a house. Some of these people are just betrayed. We can say they should not have been naive, but everything in our culture, including education and advertising, told them that to get an education was the right thing to do. Look at the ads on TV for college degrees to raise one's self up--those things are usually acquired with student loans, so what if no job appears to pay the loan? I really don't know what happens to those who don't pay...obviously they have no credit. Do they go to jail? Even my doctor's husband, who is also a doctor, had to quit the practice because he needed to make more money in a related field so that he could pay his student loan! And both of them may move to another locale to make more money to pay the student loans they both have! This is a true story. These are not laggards, these young doctors with two little kids.

And these are the "lucky" ones who have jobs.
What of those who really have no job? Herman Cain says its their fault they have no job. I don't know. I worked for many years at substandard teaching jobs to get the good job I finally got at age 35...but I was at least always paid enough to get by. I did not work at Walmart or McDonalds.
I cannot help but think that tuition was jacked up as high as it was to help incite what is happening. Our generation was educated relatively cheaply. I have always wondered why the kids were rioting over football games rather than the obscene tuition.

And the mortgage crisis is highly suspect as well. All at once $20,000 homes became $100,000 plus ones, maybe $1 million plus ones in California. It was never real money that could sustain itself.


One can agree with the protestors over what they are protesting *against* without taking their line over what to replace it with.

Similarly, I have no problem in joining with Muslims to protest against immoral secular sex education lessons in British schools (where I live) even though Muslims deny Christ's divinity and crucifixion and I affirm it. I would never enter a mosque, but on such a committee they don't ask you to.

Strategic partnerships for limited shared objectives are advocated by Jesus at Mark 9:40. And if you want to preach to the Occupy Wall St people, start with James 5:1-6. They'll love it.
Constance you are right about jacked up tuition.
I went to Stanford on $250 a quarter tuition and $250 a quarter room and board, paid by my father, so I might be off a few dollars in my remembrance, but it was dirt cheap.

When my son went to Caltech 30 years ago the tuition was $40,000 a year. I could not qualify for aid for my son, because "I made too much money," so my father again had to pay for tuition, for his grandson. That was nearly 30 years ago. What do you suppose it is now?

I am sorry we paid so much for education for my son at secular humanist universities. I wish he had gone to UW (state university, still expensive) and become a Boeing Engineer like his father, not a PhD in 'science" which is questionable.

I was a community college teacher and the students said we did a better job at less money than the university, in many fields. I now realize that I did a really good job, paid little.

Caltech tuition, room and board today:




Additional Meal Allowance (est.)

Books and Supplies (est.)

Personal Expenses (est.)

Total Estimated Cost of Attendance4

My old law school which is now part of Michigan State University tuition today:

1 Since current entering students must graduate with 88 credit hours, the average charge per semester is $17,820.00 for full-time students.

WOW! We would have rioted over that for sure. And there aren't jobs for most of them when they emerge from this financial holocaust. When I graduated from law school (class of 1975), the tuition was $400 per semester!

Quite honestly, most of us would have been tempted to toss a Molotov cocktail or two over tuition of $34,000 per year or $17,000 per semester (rounding low). I was happy I graduated when I did because the tuition was being increased to $500 per semester the following fall. I scored extremely high on the multi-state admission test (I was told I was #2 in the state that year), so evidently our "cheap" tuition did not buy us an inferior education. Frankly, I think the kids work hard enough just going to school and they shouldn't have to come out with debt so high that they can't buy a car, buy a home, get married, start a family, etc., etc.

Thanks for updates on tuition and other expenses at Caltech and a state university today. You can see that a middle class person could not go to one of these institutions without either "aid" or using family savings at a rapid rate. If more than one student goes from a family, not possible. But my son could have had a scholarship if we were poorer. I was a teacher and his father an engineer, so we were not poor, but not rich enough to pay for this without big time help. I do not think this was a good bargain, however eminent some of the teachers there were. My son did get total support from Cornell when he went to graduate school there, so that took the load off.

I paid $96 a unit at USC the last year of my doctoral program. I believe it's moving toward, maybe past?, $1000 a unit.

In addition, at many institutions you aren't receiving the same level of quality received at those lower rates.

It's all 'funny money' until you get your degree - the money is very easy to get (and the colleges raise the rates accordingly) - it's just hard to repay!

Dave in CA
Really useful information, thanks for the post.
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