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A revolting Danish editorial 'Obama greater than Jesus'

I once read somewhere I can't currently recall that when Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, was met by crowds worshipping him as God (something our nemesis "Squeakbox" still does) he cried and asked them to cease and desist -- he was NOT God! Barack Obama has told the world he is a Christian. It will be a good test of his sincerity to see how fast and emphastically he denounces this blasphemous abomination. My thanks to blog forum participant Deb for bringing this to our attention in the comments section.

Stay tuned!


Jesus still has a better health care plan!
Many of you may have seen this...or maybe not. It's less than four minutes long and very sobering. What Washer has to say should be listened to carefully in order to fully understand the message.

Yes, Steve, that was an important video clip. Thanks!


I have a project I would like some help with if you are willing. The project involves Positive ID (formerly verichip), the health care bill, some data that I have a hard time believing is coincidence,and a hunch. Normally I wouldn't ask based on so little but I don't want to get into details here. If you are interested please email me at the address provided in my profile.
Obama Orders US Government To Begin Preparing For Biological Attack

The US Post Office could play a key role in distributing medical aid in the event of a biological attack, according to an executive order released by the White House.

The order signed by President Barack Obama directs government agencies, local law enforcement and the US Post Office to work on a model for distribution of medical countermeasures in the wake of a biological attack.

“This policy would seek to: (1) mitigate illness and prevent death; (2) sustain critical infrastructure; and (3) complement and supplement State, local, territorial, and tribal government medical countermeasure distribution capacity,” the order said.

“The US Postal Service has the capacity for rapid residential delivery of medical countermeasures for self administration across all communities in the United States,” the order added.

The US Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano were instructed to work with the post office to develop a “dispensing model for US cities to respond to a large-scale biological attack, with anthrax as the primary threat consideration.”

The order calls for the model to be drawn up within 180 days, but gives no details as to whether the idea of using the US postal system to assist Americans in the wake of a biological attack is a new one.

The United States has sought to bolster its capacity to respond to biological attacks since 2001, when anthrax-laced letters mailed to people across the United States led to five deaths.

The order came amid heightened security concerns here following an attempt to bring down a US-bound jetliner on Christmas Day. A 23-year-old Nigerian has been charged in the case.
Jordan asks Canada to seize Dead Sea scrolls

Jordan has asked Canada to seize the 2,000-year-old Dead Sea scrolls, on display until Sunday at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, invoking international law in a bid to keep the artifacts out of the hands of Israel until their disputed ownership is settled.

Even if Canada ignores the request, it will make other countries think twice before accepting the controversial exhibit.

Summoning the Canadian chargé d'affaires in Amman two weeks ago, Jordan cited the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, to which both Jordan and Canada are signatories, in asking Canada to take custody of the scrolls.

Jordan claims Israel acted illegally in 1967 when it took the scrolls from a museum in east Jerusalem, which Israel seized from Jordan during the Six-Day War and subsequently occupied. The Hague Convention, which is concerned with safeguarding cultural property during wartime, requires each signatory “to take into its custody cultural property imported into its territory either directly or indirectly from any occupied territory. This shall either be effected automatically upon the importation of the property or, failing this, at the request of the authorities of that territory.”

This means Canada must act, says Jordan. “The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan would be grateful if the Government of Canada would confirm … whether it is prepared to assume its international legal responsibility, and the means by which it intends to do so,” it wrote.

While confirming that Canada has received a message from Jordan, a spokesperson for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said yesterday that “differences regarding ownership of the Dead Sea scrolls should be addressed by Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority. It would not be appropriate for Canada to intervene as a third party.”
North Korea calls for end to hostile relations with US

North Korea called for an end to hostile relations with the US in a new year message today and said it was committed to making the Korean peninsula nuclear-free through negotiations.

North Korea has long demanded an end to Washington's hostility and said it developed nuclear weapons to deter a US attack. Washington has repeatedly said it has no intention of invading the country.

The new year statement brightened prospects of North Korea rejoining stalled international talks on ending its nuclear weapons programmes in exchange for aid and other concessions. Washington has sought to coax it to return to the six-country talks, which include South Korea, China, Russia and Japan.

North Korea has often said it wants to replace a ceasefire that ended the 1950-53 Korean war with a peace treaty and forge diplomatic relations with the US as a way to win security guarantees. Washington says this should be linked to North Korea's verifiable denuclearisation.

"The fundamental task for ensuring peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the rest of Asia is to put an end to the hostile relationship" between North Korea and the US, Pyongyang said in the statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency, state radio and television.

It said it was committed to establishing "a lasting peace system" on the Korean peninsula and to making it nuclear-free "through dialogue and negotiations".
Very disturbing...
It is my sincere and profound hope that Susanna, Constance, and everyone here is equally enriched in love, faith, and peace for 2010 and beyond; inevitably, I hope this is found by all in the Love of our Lord and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

God bless,

Rob in London.
Very Important:,,4952263,00.html



Obama calls for a middle east peace in two years.

Netanyahu says "unrealistic".
thanks Steve for the video from Paul Washer, Paul has another video on idolizing people that is applicable for us here who follows this blog daily:
FYI- Brit HUme suggested Tiger woods turn from Bhuddism to Christianity on Fox News this morning. The Blogosphere is lighting up with scorn, anger, mocking and cries of intolerance.

Please check your e-mail.

I contacted you under the heading "Greetings from Susanna.

Hope it didn't inadvertantly go into your spam folder. :-)
JD--Here is an interesting thing. I was reading your post about Positive ID while hearing radio hosts pushing that we should target people and not objects. How we should have a database of some sort that all agencies have access to.

I got your email and replied with as brief of an over view of what I am looking at. Look forward to your reply.


I too am begining to hear more of this from local radio personalities. Since the event on Christmas day, it seems to be the hot talking point. I have a sickening feeling this will be the next cure all that the public clamors for.

I have checked very thoroughly - including my spam - and have not received an e-mail message from you.

Can you recheck my e-mail address and resend?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

JD, my e-mail address is case-sensitive so you need to reply to it exactly the way you received it.

I have resent the email, it will come up as a fwd:re:. I moved you into my contacts right from the email you sent me so I know I didn't make a mistake on your address. It wouldn't be the first time I had an email disappear into the abyss.

As panelists on the January 3, 2010 program, "Fox News Sunday" were discussing predictions for the coming year, talk turned to Tiger Woods, Brit Hume weighed in with some serious preaching:

"Tiger Woods will recover as a golfer. Whether he can recover as a person, I think, is a very open question. And it's a tragic situation. But the Tiger Woods that emerges, once the news value dies out of this scandal, the extent to which he can recover, seems to me to depend on his faith. He's said to be a Buddhist. I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So my message to Tiger would be, 'Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.'"
I've been wanting to put together a "primer" on the New Age Movement for teens, and would like to get ideas from you all about where to start.

I work with teens at church, and I think most of them are clueless about the things that they will be experiencing in the not-too-distant future.

Whatever I come up with needs to grab their attention up front and not let go. (Lectures won't cut it with teens, no matter how interesting the subject matter....)

Any ideas?

In a perfect world, we'd all have enough money to write and produce an alternative version of the Left Behind series of movies. We could call it the "What In The World....I'm Still Here!" series or something like that. :^)

Look @ this doc.-pdf a hurry to show you all....again...
Nope, your links don't work, 8:35
Not sure what I was to see at the PES site, but I found plenty of evidence of the participation of somebody I have long tracked: Javier Solana. Here's a July 2, 2007 speech he made to them about the Middle East that is extremely interesting:

To Marko (@ 8:11 PM):

To get the teenagers' attention at church, you will first need to begin with THEIR frame of reference . . . like modern music, movies, books.

For example, you can start by linking New Age ideas to:

1) John Lennon's song, "Imagine"

2) the movie, "Avatar"

3) the "Harry Potter" series of books

You can then broaden the discussion by explaining the 'roots' of the New Age Movement (Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the serpent/devil's big lie of "Ye shall not die; ye shall be as gods").

Take them from the book of Genesis to Revelation with a discussion about the coming Anti-Christ.

Then, link the religious aspect to the political . . . all the way from Nazism to the New World Order.

At this point, I'm sure they will have tons of questions to ask you, not to mention more teens who will probably want to join your discussion group.

They may even become so enthusiastic, they may want to help you put together a 'primer' for themselves, as well as other teens.
Here is a significant EurActiv article on Spain setting up a Council of Wise Men to advise it for its joint presidency. It is chaired by Felipe Gonzalez. The structure is very Solana-esque in my opinion, not to mention old Donald Keys "World Council of Wise Men" proposals:

Do your own EurActiv researching on this -- too late for me to post it and get adequate sleep for a full day of depositions tomorrow, but SPAIN intends to RESHAPE the Lisbon Treaty and Agenda during its presidency!

Hey Marko,

While Constance's book is still considered one of the best primers on the NA available, I'm well aware that the printed word and dry lectures don't generally grab and hold the attention of teens during a youth night at church. We need to use something a little more lively to capture the attention of this generation of stimulation addicts.

I am assuming many of the teens you may be working with have already seen the movie Avatar, which, as you know, contains a plethora of overt and covert NA messages which were likely missed by most adults, not just younger viewers.

Although I would not advise taking a group of teens to see such a gross movie, I can't think of a better teaching tool since most will likely see it on their own anyway. (I'm contemplating wasting the money myself, just to confirm the reviews of course!)

But uncovering the design of the thing, i.e. learning about all the evil manipulations and false "gods" inherent in the NA, does no one any good unless they learn about how it relates to the original deception, the original fall of man, and ultimate judgment.

Sounds like you're committed to teach these teens about the true state of the world. Knowing God's plan of redemption is where they will get the discernment they need. Once they know that truth, the devil's lies become easier to see.

The truth not only sets us free, it keeps us free. That's the message we need to be teaching our kids.

Your brother in Christ,


I received your e-mail message and have replied to it. Thanks for resending it.

Occasionally some of my e-mails get lost in the "abyss" as well.
That is why I contacted you here.
Marko, what a wonderful ministering opportunity to reach teens!

People want to be involved, and todays teens especially so. Have them do the work. Have a contest, give them some general guidelines, some sources and categories to research in. Like find the best example of / information in entertainment, church doctrines, politics, leaders, government, education, etc. Allow them the choice of how to present their findings like slide show, poster, dvd, audio, booklet, speech. Have the kids vote on the most interesting, most shocking, most surprising , most informative... See if you can have your teens present the info to the adult members of your church too. I bet they'd learn allot from them, I know many adult church goers that are as clueless as the teenagers.

Remind them of the hope and faith we have in The Messiah, they are young and young people don't like to think they will not have the same bright future that their parents looked forward to in their day. It's hard enough trying to convince adults that their world is about to drastically change for the worse, and young people will not want to see it either.

Have them include the Scriptural tie-in for their information. They can either start with prophetic Scripture and find an example of that happening in the world or vice versa.

Marko Cont...(teen class)

I forgot to say that having them include the Scriptural references is the most important point. If they can see that these events are prophetic, The Bible is true, and we have a way to understand what is happening, it will reinforce their faith in The Bible and show them where their foundation of truth, true wisdom and hope comes from.

Above all I would hope they would get that prophetic Scripture is interpreted differently and not everyone agrees on the rapture or its timing, better to prepare them for the long haul.


You've got mail.
The Watchman returns to the airwaves this Saturday night at 9pm EST. The topic will be The New World Order: The Crisis and the Challenge.
Lily, those were wonderful ideas! Coming from a 21 year old, that sounds like a good way to get teens involved. Especially because there is so much information, having different groups tackle different areas of focus would be a good way to educate the entire group.

My only suggestion with that is to stress the importance and seriousness of the subject matter from the start. Otherwise they might not see it as an important study; they could end up just looking at it as a school-like research project that they can lazily do because it's not for a "real grade."

Imagine Alice Bailey
It's easy if you try
Donald Keys her pupil
This Erving Lazlo guy...
Imagine all light workers
Chanting Invoca-a-a-ations

Imagine the Great Meitraya
It isn't hard to do
He hangs out in the Himalayas
_The Wisdom Council too

Imagine all these people
Making this stuff u---up

You might say I'm a sceptic
But I'm not the only one
There's still a few who recognize
A major crapload when they see one

Nice parody! I needed a good laugh.
Thanks JD,
Whew ! That took almost 5 minutes.
I'm drained but I've already got inspiration for
my next big effort, which will be major,
the melody is by the Beachboys, but this
one's called: "My Little N.G.O."


Volunteers have reported that ‘a large number’ of elderly customers are snapping up hardbacks as cheap fuel for their fires and stoves.

Temperatures this week are forecast to plummet as low as -13ºC in the Scottish Highlands, with the mercury falling to -6ºC in London, -5ºC in Birmingham and -7ºC in Manchester as one of the coldest winters in years continues to bite.

Workers at one charity shop in Swansea, in south Wales, described how the most vulnerable shoppers were seeking out thick books such as encyclopedias for a few pence because they were cheaper than coal.

One assistant said: ‘Book burning seems terribly wrong but we have to get rid of unsold stock for pennies and some of the pensioners say the books make ideal slow-burning fuel for fires and stoves.

A lot of them buy up large hardback volumes so they can stick them in the fire to last all night.’

A 500g book can sell for as little as 5p, while a 20kg bag of coal costs £5.

Since January 2008, gas bills have risen 40 per cent and electricity prices 20 per cent, although people over 60 are entitled to a winter fuel allowance of between £125 and £400.

Jonathan Stearn, energy expert for Consumer Focus, said: ‘If pensioners are taking such desperate measures to heat their homes it is shocking. With low wholesale prices and increasing profit margins, there is clearly room for energy companies to make price cuts immediately.’

Ruth Davison, of the National Housing Federation, said: ‘The spiraling cost of energy means heating homes has become a luxury rather than a necessity for many people – particularly the elderly, low paid and unemployed.’
To Paul (5:43 PM):

Many religions today expect the coming of AVATAR or SAVIOR. The second coming of the Christ, as the world Teacher for the Age of Aquarius, is presented in this book as an imminent event, logical and practical in the continuity of divine revelation throughout the ages. The Christ belongs to all mankind; he can be known and understood as ‘the same great Identity in all the world religions.’”

(From: Lucis Trust – The Reappearance of the Christ – By Alice Bailey)
I Googled the book "The First Global Revolution" got Internet Archive and selected "read on line",
I then flipped to back of book to
examine the index and discovered pages are missing. Working to front
from index in back sometimes there is notification that page is missing sometimes not. If I had a printed copy I would want to check
it to see what was on missing pages
in the read on line copy.
Download of book is also available
but I don't know how to perform one
or where it would go in my wife's computer. The download may have all the pages but I think you did well by purchasing your copy.
Happy New Year to you and hope you received book and luncheon gift
sent to your office.

Seriously though_
This is worth knowing about.
It wasn't that long ago. It was
just about the time my father
was born.
Why don't we hear about these
things in school ?
Why didn't we hear about the
Mexican genocide which
Constance has so abley
reminded us of ?

It seems genocide of Christians
doesn't get remembered.
As in southern Sudan right now,
or as in parts of Indonesia
Thanks to all for your thoughts and suggestions so far on how to get teens interested and involved in the times we live in.

One "side effect" of them realizing just how close these things are is a renewed sense of urgency for their lost friends.

I truly believe God wants to get a hold of their generation and do great things with them and through them! That's been on my heart now for about 4 or 5 years or so, but the feeling has grown more intense in the past year or year and a half.

There are so many in that generation who are bound by one thing or another, and God wants to set them free, and I see Him raising an army from among them to go out and set them free by the power of God. I get excited just talking about it! :^)



Thanks. God gave us our sense of humor, in my opinion, as a safety valve!

To Anonymous UK, 7:20 p.m.

Tell the good folks in the UK to hold on and save their books. The global governance folk PLEDGE to end GLOBAL COOLING as fast and efficiently as they ended global warming.

Seriously, its a sad situation. That's why the subtitle of my book was "The New Age Movement and our coming age of Barbarism."

Hi Walt,

MANY THANKS (heat's out in my office temporarily -- they're working on fixing it or a formal thank you note would have gone by now) for the book and my favorite deli gift card!

Here is a tinyurl link to download the .pdf version of the book:
To Marko (9:47 PM)

The fact that you "truly believe God wants to get a hold of their generation and do great things with them and through them" . . . and that this has been on your heart now "for about 4 or 5 years" . . . God obviously wants you, Marko to begin working with teenagers and educating them about the dangers of the New Age.

I'm sure you will find a very enthusiastic audience with the young people at your church.
Thanks to BeTheMoon over at FP for this link. I don't recall seeing this before now.

Lo 2:59 pm

I agree, they should understand the seriousness of it from the start, good point.

Paul, loved the song!

Go to Google
Put in "Christianity is" and see the suggested sites. You will be shocked.

Then go to

for the full story showing what happened when other religions are profiled with ""

Only Islam received no negative suggestions.

Went to tinurl site you gave me for book download and viewed site. Same problem exists. There are 19 missing pages that begin in Part II -The Resolutique, Chap. 7, The Three Immediacies. 3 of the 19 pages are not identified as missing. Missing pages are: 89, 90, 92, 98, 113, 118, 120, 123, 126,128, 135, 139, 143, 147, 151, 159, 163, 172, and 173. The 3 missing pgs not identified as missing are: 135, 172, and 173.

Hope you can find something of interest in your purchased copy of book that should have these missing pages.


Well, Walt, have to scan in missing pages and add them to what's there.

My book is paperback. It's at home today. Didn't think I needed to carry it with the on-line edition. Guess I will now.

I can combine pdf files with Adobe Acrobat.

Please do not go to the trouble of
replacing the missing pages for me,
I do not have your familiarity with
this subject matter and may not have the "eyes" to see why it is not included or what the meaning of missing pages information is and how it fits or alters the whole.
I went to the index to look for "Solona" and that section of the index (pages 172-173) is missing. You and Dorthy have impressed upon me the importance of
looking out for "sneaky" treatment
of history and facts if only by making them disappear.
When I found things possibly not on the up and up I wanted to bring
it to your attention.

this is an unbelievably idiotic title to an editorial, followed by an unbelievably idiotic article.

Ruadhán, in Dublin

I asked Susanna for help looking into a hunch I had concerning Verichip and the health care bill. What has been uncovered thus far is mind boogling, including a discovery by Susanna linking a member of the Biden family with Verichip. I am going to be forwarding some of our communications to your gmail, as I am certain you will find it of interest.

I have sent the afore mentioned info. Please be sure to read through them as one email contains communications from both myself and Susanna, and in some cases both contain links.
Dear Friends,
Hope that all of you had a lovely and enjoyable Holiday season!
My workload is finally easing up, thankfully!
I'm just starting to get caught up (a bit) with the last several threads... really amazing information!

Dear Dorothy,
I loved your "...whackadoodle in the noodle" comment! You are such a valuable warrior for truth! I adore your spunk! I followed up on your arcticcompass link and viewed the video too. Incredible info. I found myself taking down notes because the info covers so much detail! I hope you had a blessed Chanukkah!

Dear Susanna,
Your information on Kabala was incredibly informative. I'm a speed reader, but I will go back and read slowly through all of the details of your posts regarding this subject. Your index of info never ceases to amaze me!
One of these days, I want to discuss further the 'sola Scriptura' issue (that occasionally keeps popping up in threads) with you, but I want to ponder it a bit more before I do.

Dear Paul,
Your "I've got your carbon credits right here..." comment: priceless!
Seriously, ROFL!

Dear JD,
Great job with the posting!! I need to take a bit more time, yet in order to get to every one of them, but I appreciate your diligence!

Dear Constance,
I so miss your site when I'm ridiculously swamped with work and responsibilities at home, but as always going back through with a fine tooth comb is worth every minute that I spend doing so! I'm truly grateful for your precious time and research!

Blessed New Year to you all!!

By His Grace,

Good to hear from you, glad to see all is well for you. Look forward to chatting more once you get caught back up!
edPhantom zip codes also found in Virginia

As much as $9.5 million in federal stimulus dollars went to 14 zip codes in Virginia that don’t exist or are in other states, Old Dominion Watchdog ( reports. The fake zip codes were listed on, the federal Web site that is supposed to track how the stimulus money is being used.

The phony zip codes are a new wrinkle in’s increasingly tattered credibility. In November, Ed Pound, director of communications for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, said a rash of phantom congressional districts found on the website were the result of confusion by fund recipients, who apparently didn’t know who their congressman was.

So tell me again, how are we supposed to know these funds are being spent properly?
Pay back £2.3billion or we'll derail EU bid, Gordon Brown warns Iceland

Gordon Brown last night declared diplomatic war on Iceland if it goes back on a pledge to pay the £2.3billion it owes Britain following the banking crisis.
The money was handed out by the Treasury to more than 200,000 savers who invested in the collapsed Icelandic online bank Icesave.
But the country’s president Olafur Ragnar Grimsson yesterday blocked plans – ratified by the country’s parliament only days ago – to repay the money.
Instead, the plan will be put to a referendum, and is expected to be overwhelmingly rejected by Iceland’s voters.
The development could dent Iceland’s chances of being given a fast-track entry into the European Union.
Yesterday, a Downing Street spokesman said the Government expected Iceland to fulfil its legal responsibilities and pay up.
Sources said it could threaten the country’s aspirations to join the European Union if the money does not find its way into Treasury coffers
European Parliament to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal

The Council of Europe member states will launch an inquiry in January 2010 on the influence of the pharmaceutical companies on the global swine flu campaign, focusing especially on extent of the pharma‘s industry’s influence on WHO. The Health Committee of the EU Parliament has unanimously passed a resolution calling for the inquiry. The step is a long-overdue move to public transparency of a “Golden Triangle” of drug corruption between WHO, the pharma industry and academic scientists that has permanently damaged the lives of millions and even caused death.

The parliament motion was introduced by Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former SPD Member of the German Bundestag and now chairman of the Health Committee of PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe). Wodarg is a medical doctor and epidemiologist, a specialist in lung disease and environmental medicine, who considers the current “pandemic” Swine Flu campaign of the WHO to be “one of the greatest medicine scandals of the Century.”[1]

The text of the resolution just passed by a sufficient number in the Council of Europe Parliament says among other things, “In order to promote their patented drugs and vaccines against flu, pharmaceutical companies influenced scientists and official agencies, responsible for public health standards to alarm governments worldwide and make them squander tight health resources for inefficient vaccine strategies and needlessly expose millions of healthy people to the risk of an unknown amount of side-effects of insufficiently tested vaccines. The "bird-flu"-campaign (2005/06) combined with the "swine-flu"-campaign seem to have caused a great deal of damage not only to some vaccinated patients and to public health-budgets, but to the credibility and accountability of important international health-agencies.”[2]

The Parliamentary inquiry will look into the issue of „falsified pandemic“ that was declared by WHO in June 2009 on the advice of its group of academic experts, SAGE, many of whose members have been documented to have intense financial ties to the same pharmaceutical giants such as GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Novartis, who benefit from the production of drugs and untested H1N1 vaccines. They will investigate the influence of the pharma industry in creation of a worldwide campaign against the so-called H5N1 “Avian Flu” and H1N1 Swine Flu. The inquiry will be given “urgent” priority in the general assembly of the parliament.

I have a better idea, why don't we just ask WHO to investigate itself? It would probably yield the same results, none, and wouldn't cost the europeans anything!
KABUL — Al-Qaeda said the suicide bombing of a CIA base in Afghanistan that killed seven agents last week was "revenge" for the deaths of top militants in US drone strikes in Pakistan, the US monitoring group SITE said on Thursday.

Copyright © 2010 AFP.
yes, it is wonderful to see you back SV.

Does anyone know if DouginMi is okay?
More "prep work" to get the American public to accept draconian controls on their lives all for some measure of safety:

National security adviser: Airline bomber report to 'shock'

WASHINGTON — White House national security adviser James Jones says Americans will feel "a certain shock" when they read an account being released Thursday of the missed clues that could have prevented the alleged Christmas Day bomber from ever boarding the plane.


Senate Intelligence Chairman Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., said a "very comprehensive no-fly list" would be "the greatest protection our country has." In an interview, she said the definition of who can be included should be expanded to include anyone about whom there is "a reasonable suspicion."

Story here:

How long before "fundamentalist Christians" are considered in that group?

I don't like when news stories tell us in advance that we are supposed to be shocked about something about to be announced. Blatant propaganda is what that is. Sadly, many will react in the way that they have been "prepped" for by how the story reads.

This was too good to not share with you all.

Do you really think Obama or his handlers will even acknowledge that some media nutcase made such a comparison? The mainstream media isn't picking up the story, so why say anything?

Great to have you back!

Thank you for your kind words.

I just want to make sure that everybody understands that the "kabbala" I was discussing is not what Orthodox Jews regard as "authentic Kabbala."

What Orthodox Jews regard as authentic Kabbala cannot contradict Tora/Mishna.

The "Kabbala" I was referring to is a bogus pantheistic paganized counterfeit "kabbala" which involves magic and the occult and DOES go contrary to Torah/Mishna.

Gunmen kill 7 at Egypt church after Christmas Mass

Next Three Years of the First Post-American President

Money quote:
Barack Obama's blueprint for the United States spells trouble for American autonomy, self-governance, and defense, all key elements of national sovereignty. His undisguised indifference to repeated diminutions of that sovereignty is entirely consistent with the views of his European admirers, who, at their level, would like to see their nation-states dissolve into the European Union. In the end, however, the United States is exceptional and will not melt into any larger or global union; it will simply become less able to protect itself and its constitutional decision-making system. That is clearly where our first post-American president's policies will take us.
Dear Susanna,
Thanks for the clarification re: kabbala.
I love that you always dot your i's and cross your t's, so to speak. :^)

By His Grace,

Susanna wrote: "What Orthodox Jews regard as authentic Kabbala cannot contradict Tora/Mishna."

What is at least equally important is that valid Kabbala must not compromise the Jewish belief in monotheism and in God's indivisibility/noncorporeality.

To Kabbalists there are four worlds of which the physical world in which we live is merely one. The other three are spiritual although they interact with our physical one in that they can be considered counterparts.

Our world is the lowest in the sense of causality, and is called the world of action. The other three, from the highest down, are, the worlds of emanation, creation and formation. Angels "reside" in the world of formation. The nature of an angel is that of a messenger between our world and the higher ones. This, and the material on the worlds, which follows, is abstracted from "The Thirteen Petalled Rose" by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz (a Basic Books paperback).

The world of creation is a world of pure mind, and is considered by mystics to be the "world of the throne." This is based on Ezekiel's vision of the divine "throne of glory," and the "chariot." This world is the medium through which God's will is transmitted to the angels and other spiritual beings within the world of formation. It is also the focal point at which things from the lower and higher worlds interact. It contains higher angels, known as seraphs. The lower angels are of pure emotion while the seraphs are of pure intelligence.

The two middle worlds act as filters between the Godhead, the world of emanation, and us. As we proceed down from this world God becomes more and more hidden, but in the world of emanation, in itself the Godhead, there is no concealment at all.

Kabbalists have created a model of God's interaction with humanity. While the model is an anthropomorphic one, it is not intended to imply any relationship to God's appearance.

Instead, it presents a model of God's interaction with humanity in terms that humans can understand. God essence is considered as indescribable and indivisible, being neither matter or spirit, and does not exist in any dimension that a human can understand. Analogous to the worlds, God's power and manifestations are described in analogue form by ten Sefirot, fundamental forces or channels of divine flow between those worlds. These Sefirot, means of divine revelation, are related to the primary divine light as a body is related to the soul. The Sefirot are generally illustrated in the form of a human body but not, Heaven forbid, God's "body." A diagram is accessible here:

The conceptual difference between subsistencies and Worlds is that we firmly consider God as an inseparable Oneness; levels of Divine inspiration are therefore counterparts of one another in different referents, or orders, of our known world, each of which projects itself on its neighboring world, above or below. The relationship is not physical but spiritual, and is a ladder of causality.



In the words of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, “To call a world higher signifies that it is more primary, more basic in terms of being close to a primal source of influence; while a lower world would be a secondary world -- in a sense, a copy. Yet the copy is not just an imitation but rather a whole system, with a more or less independent life of its own, its own variety of experience, characteristics and properties.

"The world in which we ordinarily live is the world of action (which has spiritual as well as physical dimensions). All the higher worlds are purely spiritual. (“The Thirteen Petalled Rose,” Basic Books, 1980, Ch. 1)

Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan refers to the various worlds as filters; “a descending order of revelation that culminates in the near total concealment of God’s light in the physical universe. It is this concealment that allows for the possibility of a finite continuum of distinct and separate worlds to exist. In this sense, all the [worlds] were created as vehicles through which we may draw close to God. They act as filters, allowing us to draw near and still not be obliterated by His infinite light. (Inner Space, Moznaim Publishing Co., Brooklyn, NY, 1990, Ch. 3)

“Similarly, the [worlds] are said to act as 'garments' for God’s light. ‘you have dressed Yourself in majesty and splendor; You have covered Yourself with light like a garment (Ps. 104:3-4).' A garment serves two purposes, to conceal and reveal... The Zohar thus explains that the supernal worlds not only resemble a kind of ladder... the higher [worlds] also enter into and are ‘clothed” within the lower [worlds]....

"Above all, God’s essence is absolutely transcendent and 'surrounds all worlds.' At the same time it permeates the innermost essence of all reality and is 'clothed' within it. (ibid)”

By postulating channels of spiritual flow the Jewish kabbalistic concept of worlds avoids splitting up the Godhead or detailing God's indescribable essence.

Seems as if Obama may not be as big the TV premier of Lost and Neison Rating juggernaut, American Idol.

Apparently, Obama is considering Jan 26 or Feb 2nd for the State of the Union address.

The January date would prempt American Idol and the Feb would conflict with the premier of ABC's show Lost.

Looks like there is campaigns from fans of both shows to not air the State of the Union but instead of the shows in question.
Well, if Simon Cowell leaves American Idol, then maybe Obama would pull better ratings.
Dear Len,
This small quote from the Zohar regarding its fourteen precepts in and of itself is a complete contradiction of God's plan of salvation.

"The fifth precept. It is written: "Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creatures that have life" (Gen. i. 20). In these words are included three commands, having reference to the study of the secret doctrine, the multiplication of the human species and circumcision on the eighth day after the birth of a male child. He who addicts and gives himself up to the study and acquisition of esoteric science becomes eventually united to his higher self and equal to angels.12b-13a Thus it is said: "Oh ye his angels, bless ye the Lord" (Ps. cxi. 20), signifying students of the secret doctrine who are called his angels upon earth as intimated in: the words, "and fowl that may fly above the earth" (Gen. i. 20), (also in Is. xl. 31): "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles" and so he able to go throughout the world as teachers and exponents of the truth that saves and purifies the souls and enlightens the minds of men. Thus the words, "fowl that may fly above the earth" refer to students of esoteric teaching called in scripture "waters." They are able to mount up to the great fountain of divine truth and partake of its living waters. That it might be so with him, David prayed: "Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me" (Ps. li. 10), that is, incline and open my heart for the study of the mysteries and occult meanings of thy word, and renew me with a right spirit, or, in other words, let my higher and lower nature become purified and unified."

Proverbs 9:10 "The fear (yir'ah) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."

Job 28:28 "And to man He said, 'Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding."

Isaiah 50:10 "Who among you fears the Lord? Who obeys the voice of His servant? Who walks in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the Name of the Lord and rely upon his God."

Proverbs 8:13 "The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate."

Indeed, David speaks of his iniquity in Ps 51:5 "Behold, I was brought forth in iniquity, and in sin my mother conceived me", and he continues his point in verse 9 when he says, "Hide Your face from my sins, and blot out all my iniquities. Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me...restore to me the joy of Your SALVATION, and uphold me by Your generous Spirit. Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, and sinners shall be converted to You."-Psalms 51:9-10, and 12-13.
David is clearly teaching regarding the way of salvation through a broken and contrite heart (vs.17).

By His Grace,
To Paul:

Don't know if you were listening, but I treated my internet radio audience tonight to your parodied version of IMAGINE.


SV wrote: "This small quote from the Zohar regarding its fourteen precepts in and of itself is a complete contradiction of God's plan of salvation."

I don't get your point. Please elaborate.
Dear Len,
My point being, the reference: 'valid kabbalah' seems to be a contradiction of terms.
Even the examination of a small excerpt from the Zohar, completely contradicts the Word of God.

XBOX Natal Milo (video 1/7/09)

A new XBOX game with an AI/boy named Milo who has interactive capabilities that can read the emotions of the human playing the game. Last video that left me feeling this creeped out was the RE Acciona one.


SV wrote: "My point being, the reference: 'valid kabbalah' seems to be a contradiction of terms.
Even the examination of a small excerpt from the Zohar, completely contradicts the Word of God."

You said this the first time. Please state the contradiction. Before you do, please know first that the Zohar is a very difficult work and it should not be read by the average person without commentary.

I do not own a Zohar, and have never studied it in detail, but I know that some purported translations are inaccurate. I cannot vouch for the one you used.

Now what is the contradiction?

Peace and blessing,
I'm sorry to say I missed last night's show.
But really, as my mother would say,
"Don't encourage him."
I only chose that John Lennnon song
because they are using it at their NA
conferences and rallies.
It's become a theme song with them.
Naturally they love and admire the
guy who once said, regarding the
Beatles, "we're bigger than Jesus."
I do believe it was John Lennon himself who uttered the blasphemous "We're bigger than Jesus" (or something to that effect) back when he was still a Beatle -- or rather, when the band was still together.
I see similarities between all the New Age mumbo-jumbo and the Kabbala mumbo-jumbo. In both cases it's secret knowledge that only the initiated may know. I guess the slow-witted will just never get with the program.
does anyone have any info on dr. greg mortensen author of three cups of tea? we have the opportunity to hear him speak but not sure where he's coming from. calls himself a missionary promoting peace. any input would be appreciated. on the surface i can't find anything.

Anon 2:02 pm wrote: "I see similarities between all the New Age mumbo-jumbo and the Kabbala mumbo-jumbo. In both cases it's secret knowledge that only the initiated may know. I guess the slow-witted will just never get with the program."

Far from being NA, Kabbala is a 3000+ year-old tradition that imbues many normative Jewish customs. It is not for every Jew and certainly not for ANY gentile. If you, Jew or not, wish to reject it no one will lose any sleep.

Have a nice weekend,

I have forwarded more info from Susanna and myself showing a very odd web, connecting Obama, Biden, Verichip, and a snake oil sales man named Terren Peizer to your gmail.
"Far from being NA, Kabbala is a 3000+ year-old tradition that imbues many normative Jewish customs. It is not for every Jew and certainly not for ANY gentile. If you, Jew or not, wish to reject it no one will lose any sleep."
And the New Age is also very old, truth be told. Not for any gentile, eh? Well, aren't you just so special and exclusive.
U.S. Embassy in Baghdad has plans to double in size

The U.S. Embassy in Baghdad is planning to double its ranks as it takes over a host of missions for the military there, according to America's No. 2 diplomat in Iraq.

"If Congress gives us the money we are asking for, this embassy is going to be twice the size it is now. It's not going down, it's getting bigger," said Robert Ford, the deputy chief of mission in Baghdad, in an exclusive interview with The Cable.

As the military continues to drawdown in Iraq, the U.S. Embassy there is taking over many of the "critical missions" that the military has been heavily involved in for years, and fundamental changes in the American role in Iraq are coming. Moreover, the State Department has a very different approach to various issues than many in the military who have served there -- leading to some concerns about the handoff among senior military leaders.

One of the chief missions being handed over is the training of the Iraqi police. The Obama administration has prepared a budget request for that program that would vastly increase the number of people working on police training. That request, if granted, could increase the overall U.S. diplomatic presence in Baghdad from around 1,400 to more than 3,000 total personnel, including contractors, said Ford.
Spring food crisis may trigger economic collapse

You have maybe two months to stock up on the necessities of life before food prices rise dramatically, potentially prompting a food panic, widespread famine, and quite possibly the long-expected collapse of the U.S. economy.

Farmers across America and in many other parts of the world are calling 2009 the worst harvest they’ve ever seen in their lives, owing largely to extended bouts of bad weather. At the same time the U.S. Department of Agriculture is officially forecasting bumper crops, while close to three-fourths of the country’s farmland is in areas declared eligible for federal disaster assistance due to failed crops.

A popular farmers’ Web site is chock full of stories of entire crops of soybeans rejected for moisture damage, long delays in harvesting corn only to find out the corn is moldy, damaged or too light to be used as animal feed or even ethanol, and farmers unsure if they’ll even have a farm for another year due to the losses they’ve taken.

Most agricultural products are purchased in futures, which are promises to deliver a quantity of a commodity at a future date. Futures carry many risks, prominent among them the possibility that the commodity simply won’t be available at the promised delivery date. While futures prices are set by the market, some of the information used to set the prices comes from the USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates reports. The unrealistic 2009 bumper crop predictions in its recent reports, which may have seemed reasonable months ago before 2009’s long string of bad weather but which USDA has failed to revise, drove futures prices artificially low.

But grain futures prices have already risen well above the USDA’s latest projections as the corn harvest threatens to drag on into March in some areas of the country, thanks to an unusually wet 2009 and unprecedented fall flooding in the Midwest.

much more at link

This story needs to have great attention paid to it. This analysis is full of links with tons of supporting evidence.
Willem Buiter warns of massive dollar collapse

Americans must prepare themselves for a massive collapse in the dollar as investors around the world dump their US assets, a former Bank of England policymaker has warned.
The long-held assumption that US assets - particularly government bonds - are a safe haven will soon be overturned as investors lose their patience with the world's biggest economy, according to Willem Buiter.

Professor Buiter, a former Monetary Policy Committee member who is now at the London School of Economics, said this increasing disenchantment would result in an exodus of foreign cash from the US.

The warning comes despite the dollar having strengthened significantly against other major currencies, including sterling and the euro, after hitting historic lows last year. It will reignite fears about the currency's prospects, as well as sparking fears about the sustainability of President-Elect Barack Obama's mooted plans for a Keynesian-style increase in public spending to pull the US out of recession.

Writing on his blog , Prof Buiter said: "There will, before long (my best guess is between two and five years from now) be a global dumping of US dollar assets, including US government assets. Old habits die hard. The US dollar and US Treasury bills and bonds are still viewed as a safe haven by many. But learning takes place."

He said that the dollar had been kept elevated in recent years by what some called "dark matter" or "American alpha" - an assumption that the US could earn more on its overseas investments than foreign investors could make on their American assets. However, this notion had been gradually dismantled in recent years, before being dealt a fatal blow by the current financial crisis, he said.
Defense minister 'missing' for 2 days

In an echo of the fevered speculation that surrounded Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's initially secret visit to Russia in September, rumors are flying about a purported mystery trip Defense Minister Ehud Barak may have made during an otherwise unaccounted-for two days on Sunday and Monday.

Some are linking Barak's ostensible disappearance to reports that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas held secret talks in Jordan on Sunday with an unidentified senior Israeli figure before flying on to meet with Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

Diplomatic officials revealed earlier in the week that Barak had spoken to Abbas this week, but they gave the impression that the two spoke by phone. Barak's spokesman said on Sunday that he would be "on vacation" for those two days.

When reporters in the Knesset cafeteria asked him where he was on those days, Barak declined to answer and merely muttered something about his soup. Later in the conversation, he expressed confidence that the Netanyahu government would succeed in moving the peace process forward.

Asked about Barak's whereabouts, the Defense Ministry issued a flat "no comment," while security officials raised the possibility of Jordan or that he went with National Security Adviser Uzi Arad to India.

An associate of Abbas said he was with him on Sunday in Jordan and accompanied him to the airport on Monday and Barak did not meet with him.
Egypt's plan: Jerusalem Palestinian capital before talks

Al-Gomhuria newspaper reveals main principles of Egyptian initiative for permanent agreement negotiations, which will start off with Israeli recognition of 1967 borders, east Jerusalem as Palestine's capital. Palestinians, in return, to agree to thousands of new housing units in settlements

An Egyptian initiative aimed at resuming Israeli-Palestinian peace talks on a permanent agreement includes an Israeli recognition of the 1967 borders and east Jerusalem as the Palestinian state's capital even before the negotiations are launched, Egyptian newspaper al-Gomhuria reported Wednesday.

The plan also includes a possible exchange of territories and a Palestinian agreement to construction of 8,000 new housing units in Jewish settlements. According to the report, the initiative was formed during talks held by Egyptian Intelligence Minister Omar Suleiman and Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit. The newspaper said the plan's details have already been relayed to the two sides in separate talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and to Saudi representatives.

Suleiman and Aboul Gheit are expected to visit Washington in two days and brief American administration officials on the initiative.

The newspaper also noted that Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal traveled to Damascus after visiting Cairo on Tuesday, and that Jordan's King Abdullah also visited Cairo and was briefed on the initiative.

The paper added that during recent Israeli-Egyptian talks, Prime Minister Netanyahu presented a series of suggestions, "which may serve as a good foundations for a dialogue with the Palestinians, in order to prevent the peace process from reaching a deadlock again."
Dear Len,
I want to assure you that I have no agenda whatsoever in speaking to the contrary regarding the texts of kabbalah.
I have always been honest and forthcoming about my opinions and I certainly will always continue to be so.
I know from your posts that you are quite learned regarding both the Scriptures and kabbalah. I am confident that you have studied the texts of kabbalah at length or you wouldn't bother to post information regarding them.
My true objection to your commentary of these teachings is that I do not hear you placing emphasis on the very important fact that these teachings are
non-falsifiable in nature thereby completely subjective to the interpreter. They are extra-Biblical teachings. They are not cannonized Scripture.
I feel strongly that it's very important to place emphasis on these points for the sake of defending true binah and chokmah from the Holy Word of God.

The question you ask in regards to my strong conviction that there are many contradictions found within the teachings of kabbalah as compared to the teachings found in the Bible is a question that would take many, many hours of discussion to answer. You know your texts and Scriptures well as do I. I doubt that either of us would convince the other in the long run, therefore I will leave it rest as such for now.

Please know that I mean you no disrespect by stating my firm convictions on this subject. I always appreciate your input and commentary here.

I pray that we will be at peace with one another.

By His Grace,

I am not a fan of John Lennon, but that quote was taken out of context and twisted. It was not blasphemous. He was actually making an observatoin about the rapid decline of religious sentiment in the culture during the sixties -- "The BEATLES are more popular than Jesus"-- in other words, pop musicians are idolized these days, not Jesus Christ.

I don't think he was lamenting this, just pointing it out as a fact. He was never saying the Beatles were greater, just more popular. Heck, I think professional athletes are more popular than Jesus. Saying so is not blasphemous.

There are plenty of things to criticize Lennon about, but this is not one of them.
Things are getting creepier by the hour. If this can be used to single out terrorists, imagine who else it can single out. The travel industry has become a playground for indentifying and controlling populations.
On March, 4, 1966, John Lennon was interviewed for the London's Evening Standard by Maureen Cleave.

The full quote: "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick [meaning stupid] and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me. I don't know which will go first - rock and roll, or Christianity."

Lennon had been reading The Passover Plot (whose author suggested that Jesus had faked his own death on the cross, to be "resurrected" later), which he naively expected to sound a kind of death knell for Christianity, in the wake of declining church attendance and interest in religion among young people.

The comment came and went in Britain, with no fanfare; months later, an American teen magazine printed the quote out of context, and it turned into "The Beatles are bigger than Jesus Christ!" (which wasn't even what he said, or suggested), as the Beatles were on what turned out to be their last concert tour.

Christians in the US did not appreciate the quote very much, and organized public record burnings. Even the Vatican issued a statement: "Some subjects must not be dealt with lightly, even in the world of beatniks." Under pressure from his bandmates and manager Brian Epstein, Lennon made a public apology at a press conference in Chicago, during the summer of 1966.

Lennon: "I suppose if I had said television was more popular than Jesus, I would have gotten away with it, but I just happened to be talking to a friend and I used the words "Beatles" as a remote thing, not as what I think - as Beatles, as those other Beatles like other people see us. I just said "they" are having more influence on kids and things than anything else, including Jesus. But I said it in that way which is the wrong way."

Reporter: "Some teenagers have repeated your statements - "I like the Beatles more than Jesus Christ." What do you think about that?"

Lennon: "Well, originally I pointed out that fact in reference to England. That we meant more to kids than Jesus did, or religion at that time. I wasn't knocking it or putting it down. I was just saying it as a fact and it's true more for England than here. I'm not saying that we're better or greater, or comparing us with Jesus Christ as a person or God as a thing or whatever it is. I just said what I said and it was wrong. Or it was taken wrong. And now it's all this."

Reporter: "But are you prepared to apologize?"

Lennon: "I wasn't saying whatever they're saying I was saying. I'm sorry I said it really. I never meant it to be a lousy anti-religious thing. I apologize if that will make you happy. I still don't know quite what I've done. I've tried to tell you what I did do but if you want me to apologize, if that will make you happy, then OK, I'm sorry."

Lennon remembered the experience years later as the "Jesus Christ Tour", and wrote in a memoir "I always remember to thank Jesus for the end of my touring days."
"It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools." —

Ecclesiastes 7:5

Lennon and The Beatles wrote the song, 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club in sick honour of Aleister Crowley, who died in December 1947. They recorded in February, 1967, and released the album in June 1967.

On the cover of Sgt. Pepper, we find Aleister crowley in the crowd. The grave in front is supposed to be Crowleys.

This link is a taster of the stuff exposing The Beatles and their often foul music.
Appreciate Rob of London's input on this:

1. What are Daleks?

2. What is the PES?

3. What is the significance of Catherine Ashton having a full size Dalek in her office?

I have a theory that the Beatles was
the first big taste of mass brainwashing
that we have ever been exposed to.
The people who founded and ran the
Tavistock Institute are the same people
who, through The NTL, among others,
proceeeded to systematically dumb
down an entire generation of Americans
to the point that we are now unable
to recognize evil when it's running
for President and when it's teaching
our children, when it's killing us
through Pharmacopia, and when it's
redefining what the word "love" means.
The Beatles music was and still is
infused with inaudible suggestions.
John Lennon knew all about it. He
was at the vanguard of sbliminal
suggestions in pop music, and his
life was a real mess at the time of his
See the book Nowhere Man by
Robert Rosen.
John Lennon, like Marvin Gaye, was
very talented but his latter life was
a state of confusion and paranoia,
and ended in keeping with that
We reap what we sow.
I believe we are all to some extent
victims of mass brainwashing and
that the Beatles was the first
major example of it by the big
Briti$h popularity machine.
How else can you account for the
brand new wave of Beatlemania
going on now, thirty years after
the fact ? They weren't THAT good.
To anyone who feels the need to
defend John Lennon, check out
the lyrics to "Serve Youself" , which
was a reaction to Bob Dylan's
"Serve Somebody".
John Lennon was a devout atheist
and an angry one at that.
More on Lennon....heavilt into the occult, apparently....
link for lennon article above:
Apologies, this is the lennon article i meant to post:

john lennon's pact with satan

Constance says:

1. What are Daleks?

These are the classic villains of the British television phenomenon "Dr. Who".
The following article contains a long, but a must see and hear video on the dangers of the long term use of Aspertame...causing many of today's major health problems from Lupus to MS to cancer to brain tumors.

URL to article:
Dr. Who is a British TV show, long filled with science fiction, new age themes. The daleks are a species and villians that look to kill everyone and have eliminated emotion. There key tag line is "Exterminate, exterminate." There is a lot of analysis that could go on related to Dr. Who information. PES from a quick glance if Party of European Socialists. The Daleks are the most popular of the assorted "Dr. Who" villians. Not sure what the significance would be of keeping a Dalek model.
Online book: Glory of the Daleks
Hello Constance,

well, Dr. Who is the longest running sci-fi series in the World.

I remember watching the program as a young boy.

The darleks were a particularly nasty group of aliens, a bit like the borgs in Star Trek in that they were totally programmed without individuality. The most notable of such was Davros. These aliens look like deformed and ugly green faced old men. Usually, the darleks bodies themselves remained unseen as they rode around in their armoured machines that look a bit like R2D2 from Star Wars, with a bazooka-type Zapper that rotated like a tank gun attached to them.

History of the Darleks:

The possible desired effects and affectations upon the maleable minds of the young caused by such indoctrinative devices employed in the Sci-fi Space Genre such as Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who, is obviously a long discussion. Suffice it to say that the influence of such programmes could rightly be construed as a direct assault upon the attitudes and beliefs of the young, especially in terms of their spiritual welfare through what they may consequently accept and reject as being viable and true.

There is even a Dr. Who fan-club or two, and a few fan fora/forums. Sad but true.

and many more.

God bless,

Rob in London.
To "My Store"

Please take 'your business' elsewhere!!!
FRESNO, Calif (Jan. 9) - A 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Northern California Saturday afternoon, shaking buildings south of the Oregon border and knocking out power in several coastal communities.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake hit at about 4:27 p.m. about 27 miles from Eureka, a city of about 26,000.

The state's warning center had received no reports of injuries or major damage, California Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman Lori Newquist said.

Sandra Hall, owner of Antiques and Goodies in Eureka, said furniture fell over, nearly all her lamps broke and the handful of customers in her store got a big scare. She said it was the most dramatic quake in the 30 years the store has been open.

"It was shaking for a very long time," Hall said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said there was no threat of the quake generating a tsunami. In November 2006, an 8.3-magnitude temblor in Japan sent waves that hit the region for eight hours, causing $9 million damage.

The quake was felt as far south as Capitola in central California, and as far north as Roseburg in central Oregon, USGS geophysicist Richard Buckmaster said.

The earthquake knocked out the power in Arcata, a small town that's home to Humboldt State University, and one resident said many people had objects knocked off walls and televisions tumble.

"It was huge - one of the biggest earthquakes we've had up here in 20 years," said Judd Starks, the kitchen manager at a bar and restaurant known as The Alibi. "The whole town is kind of freaked out right now. All the power is out, people are out walking around.
Anonymous 9;40 Thanks!

My husband has had so many games going today, it's been like a news blackout here.

Quite a sobering shaker for California

# posted by
Rob in London:

Some of the British press seemed to think there was some significance in Catherine Ashton having a full size Dalek in her office. That combined with her alleged Stalinist leaning Socialism is making me think that she is a VERY TIGHT member of the European Socialist networks indeed. She is an activist in PES as is Javier Solana and from of what I saw of those networks here in Michigan:

a. They usually don't think for themselves, but follow party lines.

b. They have little sense of humor.

c. They follow a sophisticated sense of group-grope.

d. They are anti-clerical to an extreme.

My guess is that Catherine Ashton might be an atheist who also intensely believes in a socialist ideology which has become her replacement religion as was obviously the case with Javier Solana. If so, she is undoubtedly taking orders from somewhere.
This piece which is excerpted below pre-dates Catherine Ashton's being named to Javier Solana's former position:

"The Fabian Society, top noted socialist organization,  will celebrate the first-year of Obama’s election as a blueprint to usher in socialist government worldwide on November 7.
From the Fabian Society’s homepage: “As we approach the one year anniversary of Obama’s electoral victory, the Fabians plan to use this moment to hold a major half-day conference to discuss how we can create a progressive movement for change in Europe.”
Speakers for the The Global Change We Need Conference include Foreign Secretary David Millbrand MP, former Clinton White House Deputy Press Secretary Jennifer Palmieri; outgoing European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Joaquin Aluminia; European Commissioner for Trade Baroness Catherine Ashton and former Prime Minister on Denmark and current PES President Poul Nyrup Rasmussen.”

OR tinyurl

Anon 4:39 wrote: "And the New Age is also very old, truth be told."

Constance is the authority and she wrote, in the frontspiece of "The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow," "It is [my] contention that for the first time in history there is a viable movement -- the New Age Movement -- that truly meets all the scriptural requirements fot the antichrist --"

On page 44 she wrote: "--- the New Age Moveement received its modern start in 1875---"

After demeaning Kabbala Anon then wrote: "Not for any gentile, eh? Well, aren't you just so special and exclusive."

If it is so bad, why are you insulted? You remind me of the restaurant patron who complained: "The food is terrible and the portions are too small."


SV wrote: "My true objection to your commentary of these teachings is that I do not hear you placing emphasis on the very important fact that these teachings are
non-falsifiable in nature thereby completely subjective to the interpreter.

Dear SV,

I presume that you mean that Kabbala is about supernaturalism and cannot be either proven or disproven. That Kabbala is a human-created theosphical model is true. But neither is God non-falsifiable in nature. That is why we call belief "faith."

Reputable kabbalists, and I emphasize "reputable," do not assert anything that conflicts with Torah. True; they are extrabiblical. They have lower sanctity than the Talmud and, as I indicated, my own rabbi is not a follower although he has a certain amount of respect for aspects such as Gematria, the numerical values of Hebrew words and the message they convey.

>>I feel strongly that it's very important to place emphasis on these points for the sake of defending true binah and chokmah from the Holy Word of God.

I don't follow. Binah is not a body of knowledge but rather a talent for making fine distinctions. Why would this and chokhma, worldly knowledge, be defended FROM God?

>>The question you ask in regards to my strong conviction that there are many contradictions found within the teachings of kabbalah as compared to the teachings found in the Bible is a question that would take many, many hours of discussion to answer.

I just asked you to explain the single example you gave that I failed to understand. Surely you can do that without spending hours and hours.

Peace and blessing,

Here is an interesting little snippet of information regarding Dr. Who.

Henry Lincoln, who co-wrote the pseudohistorical book HOLY BLOOD HOLY GRAIL, which became the inspiration for Dan Brown's bestselling novel, THE DA VINCI CODE, is the best-known pseudonym of Henry Soskin.

Henry Soskin is an English writer and actor who also co-wrote three DR. WHO multi-part serials in the 1960s, and —starting in the 1970s— authored a series of books and inspired documentaries for the British television channel BBC2, on the alleged "mysteries" surrounding the French village of Rennes-le-Château.

See also....

And let the games begin....


Jan 8 03:00 PM US/Eastern
Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - A federal judge has tossed out most of the government's evidence against a tarrorism (sic) detainee on grounds his confessions were coerced, allegedly by U.S. forces, before he became a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.
In a ruling this week, U.S. District Judge Thomas Hogan also said the government failed to establish that 23 statements the detainee made to interrogators at Guantanamo Bay were untainted by the earlier coerced statements made while he was held under harsh conditions in Afghanistan.

However, the judge said statements he made during two military administrative hearings at the U.S. detention center in Cuba, where he was assisted by a personal representative, were reliable and sufficient to justify holding the detainee.

Musa'ab Omar Al Madhwani allegedly engaged in a 2 1/2-hour firefight with Pakistani authorities before his capture in a Karachi apartment in 2002.

The detainee says that after five days in a Pakistani prison, he was handed over to U.S. forces and flown to a pitch-black prison he believes was in Afghanistan. He says he was suspended in his cell by his left hand and that guards blasted his cell with music 24 hours a day.

He said that he confessed to whatever allegations his interrogators made and that harassment and threats continued after he was moved to a different prison in Afghanistan.

Al Madhwani said that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay on multiple occasions threatened him when he tried to retract what he now claims was a false confession.

The judge said he was particularly concerned that interrogators at Guantanamo Bay relied on or had access to the coerced confessions from Afghanistan made by Al Madhwani......

Don't your hearts just bleed canal water for the little creep???
I too watched the early series of Dr Who TV shows in England and noticed a serious shortcoming in regard to the Daleks - they could only move around on perfectly flat surfaces! No rough ground and no stairs. Most unconvincing!
Interestingly the three English gematria values for Dalek = 198, 33 and 60.
198 = 99+99 or 33x6.
Bethlehem has a gematria of 99.
198 = gematria of "The King in his beauty" (Isaiah 33:17) Jesus not only comes as a baby at Bethlehem, but he also comes at his second advent as the great King in all his beauty.
99 and its multiples stand for Salvation.
My thanks to Bonnie Gaunt for the info on 99.
Anon 11:57:

Thanks for the original Lennon quote:

The full quote: "Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and I will be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now. Jesus was all right, but his disciples were thick [meaning stupid] and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me. I don't know which will go first - rock and roll, or Christianity."

It doesn't matter to me if he had originally substituted "TV" for "Beatles." His quote, "Jesus was alright" is not atypical of the antichristian viewpoint that "God is love" -- neglecting the other side of the coin namely "God is just" and will amply reward/punish. I still see this as blasphemous AND denigrating to the Christian which is obviously how Lennon meant it.

The Beatles also did their own 'death and resurrection' thing in the whole "Paul is dead" publicity stunt -- one of the 'clues' being Paul barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road, etc.
JD 5:o5 pm

Thanks for being a voice in the wilderness. There are Biblical scholars who have studied and found that this coming year(s) will be a time of pestilence.

Good post on the coming food shortages and possible collapse of the U.S. dollar..

As the article suggests, it looks as if some of these bad harvests - or in some cases no harvests and spoiled crops - have been covered up by government agencies fudging the numbers and peddling their 2009 "bumper crop" predictions.

Thanks for sharing that report with us.

Fox airs American Dad episode with beastiality scene.

However, there is a misconception about the cartoon being aimed at children. It is not a children's program. Unfortunately it's a popular show and many parents probably allow their children to watch it.

I didn't watch the scene, or the show, but read the transcript. It's undeniably a scene of beastiality. Don't read it or watch it if you don't have to. I'm nauseated every time I think of it.


This thing on beastality is a sign of what's wrong with our culture. We are not allowed to judge, because there is no right or wrong. You are not allowed to impose your religious values on another person.

Realist ethics are not distinctively religious, but can be found in the writings of Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Cicero , the Fathers of Western Philosophy.

They were of the opinion that sex is one of the areas, that distinguishes man from animals.

"Aristotle's view, on the other hand, is that relationships based solely on sexual pleasure are not truly love; nor does love have its origin or basis in sexual desire, or any desire that is selfish and acquisitive. On the contrary, the mainspring of love is the benevolent impulse of goodwill toward another person. Only if they are somehow associated with a love that is independent of them, can sexual desires participate in the nature of love."

If he came back today, they would be deemed a "right-wing extremist."

About the beastiality section of American Dads, don't just post your view, contact the FCC. It's so easy to do by email as shown on the link.

If you can recall, in 2008 there was a period where gas prices climbed past $4.00 a gallon. At the same time food prices were also very high. Severe food shortages and even riots occurred in such third world locations such as Haiti and various places in Africa.

When the stock market started crashing in October and what seemed to be the worst of the recession gas and food prices came down some. Most of 2009 had much lower prices on food and gas.

However, there had been a steady increase in food prices since, I don't know, some time at the end of last year. Maybe in October or November. So, what JD posted certainly has a "grain" of truth to it. I also found similar information on other web sites. I will eventually post them.

Also, here in Michigan, last summer was a horrible summer in terms of weather. It was more like autumn. My four-year-old had tee-ball in the summer and I was out in that awful weather. I'm guessing Michigan wasn't the only place that experienced wretched weather.

Now, there is a deep freeze all the way to Miami, I understand. Just think what that will do to citrus prices. This cannot be good.
Here is a YouTube video concerning food shortages in 2010:

And here's another article:

How many of you have your own garden? I guess I better get started.

"The purpose of this webpage is to host government white papers and organization's files on controversial issues. All of the these exhibits are public domain, and were found using Google Advanced Search or were hosted by mainline or alternative news outlets."

Under UN you will find three items coming from Lucis Trust.

Lucis Trust: UN Reform: Transformation of the 'Collective' Mind

Lucis Trust: Triangles Bulletin from December 2002: A New Spiritual Science

Lucis Trust: The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer!

I've spent a few minutes looking at the Lucis Trust webpage and I am nauseated to say the least. The quote I found at the bottom of one page refering to "units of service" was exactly what Constance stated she encountered at a meeting that I think was at a Uniterian church - the quote on the web page reads, "It is not so much the active outer service of a group of disciples which is of major importance (though it has necessarily a vital purpose) as the coherent, integrated group thought which is so potent in effecting changes in the human consciousness." Group thought - yeah they're big pushers of invocations - they have ones for Thursday and Sunday that I saw. And I know that "the Christ" to which they keep referring is definitely not the Lord Jesus Christ. I praise God my eyes are open.
Anon 8:44

I'm not sure that mine would equate to a voice in the wilderness, but I am glad you found what I posted usefull and informative. We know that these things shall come to pass as scripture states so. I simply wish to be the best watchman my abilities allow.


We have communicated privately regarding this, but still wish to convey my thanks. Not just for your kind comments to me regarding this particular article, but with all of the help you have given of late with the subject we have been investigating.

If you are not familiar with Lucis Trust, I would suggest looking into the groups history as well as looking at what they are currently involved in. For starters the group started as Lucifer Publishing Co, and was a huge source of occult, and theosophy materials in the early 20th century
Thanks JD for the heads up on Lucis Trust - I know some of what you mention because I have been reading the board for awhile now and I have read Constance's book. But there is still so much more I'm not sure I want to find out.
Bitter cold and snow in Europe, record snow in China and South Korea, freezing in Florida and earthquakes in California, and flooding in Italy. Sounds like prophecy to me.

This site tracks major nature events around the globe. Great for prophecy watching!

You probably already discussed this, but can it really be true that Obama and followers are chanting thank you Satan when they say yes we can?

I followed a link from the RichinMedford Alliance of Civilazations on Constance's blog and saw this on Youtube.

Because I know that my son has a Bob-the-Builder doll and videos that say "can we build it" and Bob shouts "yes we can" - I wouldn't doubt if that was someone's idea of a way to introduce children to that phraseology so they'll be vulnerable when they get older. But I'm hoping that it is just a coincidence of words.
Bobbi and others, I copied the Lucis Trust links from the Patriot Portal website to show that Lucis Trust is considered important by someone who puts together a website of what he calls white papers. I just assumed that anyone who has been following this blog knows that Lucis Trust is a key player in the New Age movement.

Dear Lilly,

Sounds like a great link. About the freezing weather everywhere:


Want to see the scope of Lucis Trust?

Lily 9:34

Bitter cold and snow in Europe, record snow in China and South Korea, freezing in Florida and earthquakes in California, and flooding in Italy. Sounds like prophecy to me.

Hey you left out Australia we are having a heat wave here in Adelaide, SA and other parts of Australia have been getting temps at 42-43c we are on catastrophic alert.

Israel's temperature on the weekend was warn which is not normal.

Praise God in all things.

Israel's temperature on the weekend was warn which is not normal.

I meant
Israel's temperature on the weekend was warm which is not normal.
Re: AMERICAN DAD. Nothing new there. A related adult cartoon also on FOX is FAMILY GUY. The writers created characters such as an old man who is a pedophile and tries to seduce boys, a neighbor who constantly engages in illicit sex, and the FAMILY that "stars" in the program own a dog that lusts after the GUY'S wife . Sometimes the dog engages "romantically" with the wife. So beastiality is already going on there. The youngest child, an infant, is purely evil and the daughter is abused regularly. THE SIMPSONS just celebrated their 20th year and that writers of that program have done yeoman's work introducing America's youth to all sorts of ungodly behavior including acceptance of homosexuality.

If you are interested in learning more regarding the history of Lucis Trust I would suggest taking a look through Constance's presentations for downloading. Or you can take a peek at Keith Thompson's site,

here you will find a ton of written info, as well as a link to his youtube account which has video presentations of a ton of material. Most of these present the written information in video format along with pertinent quotes and where they can be found.
Anon 6:05 am

Now I know why I don't watch much prime time tv. I knew those shows were distasteful but I didn't know just how bad.

Aussie Girl @(*O*)@ 4:57am
Thanks for the heads up on Austrailia. May Yah provide you His covering shade.

Sure looks like cooling here today!


The rain came this morning and quiet cool PTL. God is Good no matter what state the world is in weather wise. We all have to whether it out.
**I posted this on the preceding thread, but wanted to post it here as well in case it isn't read before the other thread is deleted.**

Dear Len and Dorothy,
I've never seen anything like this attack before.
The objections I shared on the previous thread were simple and specifically meant to request that Len identify that the teachings of kabbalah are not cannonized Scripture.
I personally disagree with the teachings that I've come into contact with, and I made the choice to voice my objection in a respectful manner.
I STRONGLY DISAGREE with ANYTHING that has been posted in this thread regarding kabbalah or God's people!
This blatant slander against the people of Israel needs to be removed immediately.
Please know that I, and many others here, have true affection for the both of you, and would NEVER slander you or cause you pain.
My heart is grieving right now that there are those who are willing to do such a thing as this.

With all my heart and sincere affection,
Aussie Girl @(*O*)@

Praise Him! Glad to hear He brought you rain and some relief.

And thank you for letting us know! It's uplifting!

How do I download the articles from your "Downloadable's" link? I'm unable to do that
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