Monday, January 18, 2010

Mediterranean Union - Barcelona Process to have Barcelona meeting today

UPDATES: Pay attention through all of this to the mid-term review process for the European Neighbourhood Initiative Process due to take place in 2010 for remain years through 2013 of ENP process.

The Barcelona Process was officially launched in Barcelona, Spain on November 27-28, 1995 by Javier Solana. Fifteen EU nations and twelve North African and Middle East nations (Libya excluded) participated. Javier Solana was given sole credit for the diplomatic accomplishment. The USA was denied participant status at that meeting and was given "observer status only." The goals were to:

1. Battle religious fundamentalism, world-wide.
2. Favorable trading terms for the participants leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by 2010.
3. Get the USA out of the Mediterranean and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

Behind the scenes, Javier Solana and friends have been intensely busy with various hidden manifestations and d/b/a's (doing business as) of the Barcelona Process entity. It has been variously known as:

  • European Neighbourhood Policy
  • Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)
  • MFTZ (Mediterranean Free Trade Zone)
  • Euro-Mediterranean Free Trade Zone
  • EU-MEFTA (European Union - Mediterranean Free Trade Association)

My educated guess is that Javier Solana is still a major, if not the primary player in this scheme. A very young man, 39 year old Ahmad Massadeh, a Jordanian ambassador has been named the first Secretary General. Javier Solana's "business school" appointment is conveniently in Barcelona, the castled headquarter of the Mediterranean Union.

The New Agers were hot on their hopeful "emergence" back in 1981 when I discovered the New Age Movement and would have been so since 1975. Somebody who was only 4 in 1975 obviously would not have been the object of their then messianic expections. Somebody who was 33 might well have been.

Stay tuned!


Given the fact that the European Neighborhood Policy involves Israel and Palestine, I found the following article interesting:

January 15, 2010


By Caroline B. Glick

Oh the shame of it all.

Last month 1,300 pro-Palestinian activists from the US and Europe came to the region in the name of peace and social justice to demonstrate their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza.

Led by the self-declared feminist, antiwar group Code Pink, the demonstrators' plan was to enter Gaza from the Egyptian border at Rafah and deliver "humanitarian aid" to the Hamas terrorist organization.

But it was not to be. Led by Code Pink founder and California Democratic fundraiser Jodie Evans, the demonstrators were not welcome by Egyptian authorities. Many were surrounded by riot police and barbed wire as they demonstrated outside the US and French embassies and the UN Development Program's headquarters. Others were barred from leaving their hotels. Those who managed to escape their hotels and the bullpens outside the foreign embassies were barred from staging night protests in solidarity with Hamas on the Nile.

In the end, as the militant Israeli pro-Palestinian activist Amira Hass chronicled in Ha'aretz last week, all but one hundred of them were barred from travelling to Gaza.

The lucky few allowed into Gaza included neither Evans nor her friends, former Weather Underground terror leaders Bernardine Dohrn and William Ayres. But they bore no grudge against Egypt. The Egyptians were mere puppets of the real culprit: Israel.

As Evans said, "It's obvious that the only reason for [Egypt's treatment of the demonstrators] is to make Israel happy. Israel is behind the refusal [to allow the demonstrators into Gaza] - what other excuse could there be?"

Dohrn, the woman has called for a "revolutionary war" to destroy the US, felt that the Egyptian authorities' behavior was nothing but an unfortunate diversion from their mission. As she wrote in a blog post from Cairo, "We find ourselves unwillingly in Cairo, drawn into clashes with authorities and one another on side issues, when what we most want is to keep our eyes on the Palestinian people."


Unfortunately for the lucky 100 who were permitted to enter Hamastan, the diversions didn't end at the Egyptians border. Hamas immediately placed them under siege. The Palestinian champions had planned to enjoy home hospitality from friends in Gaza. But once there they were prohibited from leaving the Hamas-owned Commodore Hotel and from having any contact with local Gazans without a Hamas escort.

Rather than being permitted to judge the situation in Gaza for themselves, they were carted onto Hamas buses and taken on "devastation tours" of what their Hamas tour guides claimed was damage caused by the IDF during Operation Cast Lead.

And then these international protesters were forced to participate in a Hamas-organized march to Erez Crossing. As Hass tells it, in "a slap to many feminist organizers and participants," no Palestinian women were allowed to participate in the march which, "turned into nothing more than a ritual, an opportunity for Hamas cabinet ministers to get decent media coverage in the company of Western demonstrators."

But they didn't really mind. Reacting to her effective imprisonment in the Hamas-owned hotel, one of the demonstrators, and American woman named Poya Pakzad cooed on her blog that the Commodore Hotel was "the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at, in my life." Pakzad did complain however about what she acknowledged was the "farce" devastation tour she was taken on. She claimed that her Hamas guides were ignorant. In her studied view, they understated the number of Palestinians rendered homeless by the IDF counter-terror offensive last year by some 60 percent.

Pakzad is something of a Hass groupie. She wrote that on the bus to Gaza, still smarting from the rough treatment the group received from the Egyptian authorities, Hass "made me realize why I came in the first place: to break the siege!"


Hass's participation in the pro-Hamas propaganda trip is a bit surprising. In November 2008 Hass was forced to flee from Gaza to Israel after Hamas threatened to kill her. At the time, Hass appealed to the Israeli military — which she has spent the better part of her career bashing - and asked to be allowed to enter Israel from Gaza after sailing illegally to Gaza from Cyprus on a ferry boat chartered by the pro-Hamas Free Gaza outfit.

Hass's behavior is actually more revealing than surprising. The truth is that Hass, like her fellow demonstrators were willing to be used as media props by Hamas precisely because it isn't the Palestinians' welfare that concerns them. If they cared about the Palestinians they would be demonstrating against Hamas, which prohibited local women from participating in their march to the Israeli border, and which barred non-Hamas members from speaking with them. It would offend their sensitivities that Hamas goons beat women for not covering themselves from head to toe in Islamic potato sacks. It would bother them that Hamas executes its political opponents by among other things throwing them off the roofs of apartment buildings.

The demonstrators did not come to Gaza to demonstrate their support for the Palestinians but their hatred for Israel and for their own Western governments which refuse to join Hamas in its war against Israel. As one of the organizers told Hass as she sat corralled by Egyptian riot police outside the UNDP offices in Cairo, "In our presence here, we are saying that we are not casting the blame on Egypt. The responsibility for the shameless and obscene Israeli siege on Gaza rests squarely with our own countries."


By happily collaborating with Hamas in its propaganda extravaganza, these demonstrators demonstrated that the rights of Palestinians are not their concern. Their concern is waging war against their own societies and against Israel. They are more than happy to have their pictures taken with the likes of Hamas terror master Ismail Haniyeh. And while they will never acknowledge that his organization's terror war against Israel is illegal and immoral, or care that Hamas's founding charter explicitly calls for the genocide of Jewry, they will demonstrate from today 'til doomsday against their governments' recognition of Israel.

In this, the Free Gaza movement members are but a chip off the old psychopathic block of nearly a century of far-left Western activists whose hatred for their own countries motivated them to hide the crimes of mass murderers from Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong to Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Minh to Daniel Ortega and Saddam Hussein. As Jamie Glazov chronicles in his recently published book, United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror, their attraction to mass murderers - from Stalin to Osama bin Laden, and their concomitant hatred of their own societies "is a secular religion."


....At home in the US, as documented by websites like Big Government and Atlas Shrugs, Code Pink's members have launched psychological warfare operations against US soldiers outside of military bases with the aim of persuading them to desert. They have taunted and frightened children of US servicemen. They have harassed Bush administration officials, their family members and Republican Party leaders.

In Israel, counterparts to Code Pink like Uri Avineri's Gush Shalom acted as human shields to protect Yassir Arafat and his fellow terrorists from IDF forces during Operation Defensive Shield in 2002. Anarchists Against the Fence stage violent riots against IDF forces every week. Four Mothers successfully compelled the Barak government to surrender south Lebanon to Hizbullah.

Traditionally, the far left's ability to shape national policy in Israel and the US alike has owed largely to the sympathetic coverage they have garnered from fellow-travelling media outlets. In the US the anti-war movement probably would have failed in its mission of transferring South Vietnam to Communist control if the New York Times and CBS News hadn't supported their efforts. So too, the Barak government would likely not have withdrawn the IDF from south Lebanon if Four Mothers hadn't been ardently supported by state-owned Israel Radio.

While both the Israeli and American media continue to promote the agendas of far left groups, by among other things, not reporting their open ties to terrorist organizations, today some of these groups have direct access to the halls of power.

Code Pink for instance is welcome at the Obama White House. Its leader Evans was an official fundraiser for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Evans visited the White House after travelling to Gaza last June. While there she met with Hamas leaders who gave her a letter for Obama. Evans met Obama himself at a donor dinner in San Francisco last October where while standing in front of cameras, she gave Obama documents she received in Afghanistan where she met with Taliban officials.

Then too, among the board members of the Free Gaza movement is former US senator James Abourezk. Abourezk is reputedly close to Obama and according to knowledgeable sources has been a key figure in shaping Obama's policy towards Israel.

Then too, like Evans, Dohrn and her husband Ayres are also friendly with the President of the United States. Dohrn and Ayres have been Obama's political patrons since he launched his first campaign for the Illinois state Senate in 1996. In White House visitors' logs, Ayres is listed as having twice visited the building since Obama's inauguration....
read entire article...
To Susanna:

Sure does look like the 2nd Coming of 1968! A very determined radi-chic network that does not give up!

Thanks! I just googled Codepink and find it nearly overwhelming.

A Detroit area coordinator for Codepink is Joellen Gilchrist who is also with SMART "Southeastern Michigan Animal Rights Team."

Hopefully, she doesn't want to 'liberate' my two happy dogs and one contented cat.

Please refresh your browser to see picture of article which you can view full page by clicking on it. Israel is said to be cause of delay in naming Secretary General because of its Gaza operation last year.

I have sent you this in email. Please review this if you have time and give us your legal opinion.

From: Dr Carley Updates

Sent: Sat, January 16, 2010 10:37

Dear List,

As any of you who listen to "What's Ailing America?" every Saturday
at 3 PM EST on know, I have been covering
some facts that are hard to deal with the last few months, especially
corruption within religions, and last week, the global pedophile ring
that is responsible for at least 800,000 children going missing just
in the US every year. These truths must be faced by people of
conscience if we are to turn things around; for unless you know what
is happening, you cannot act to stop it. In general, Patrick Jordan
and myself have received very positive responses from people grateful
to learn the truth about these issues; only a few people chose to
attack the messenger, or put their heads back into the sand.

Much to my surprise, it is the issue we raised last week re: the
truth behind the founding fathers and their secret destiny for America
(i.e., to bring in the New World Order as is happening now before our
eyes), as well as the fact that "we the people" are not parties to the
Constitution which has caused a ruffling of feathers, especially among
some veterans who took an oath to defend this document and its
principles, and then risked their lives to do so. In fact, one loyal
listener who is a veteran called me to let me know that because of
this info, he knows people who are now saying they will no longer
recommend my show to others.

I do not want to cause anyone psychological trauma; however, I know
that the only way to turn things around is to open the eyes of a
critical mass of people to the reality of how we got to where we now
stand; in an "opposite day" world, where pure evil is rewarded and
protected, and people of conscience are tortured, persecuted and
murdered. I do not want others to experience what I and many others
have experienced for speaking the truth, as I know that not many
people could endure it.

It is for this reason I continue to alert you to what I have learned..
Do not be afraid to know these things, as knowledge is power! And the
antidote to fear is ACTION...the action of saying NO the evildoers
destroying our world.

I would like to thank the listener who sent me the following
citations from various court cases which takes the mask off the myth
of the Constitution. To all of you who doubt this information, I
encourage you to look up these cases yourself. Prove me wrong...for I
do not want this to be true.
And if you have not yet seen Ralph Epperson's video on this subject,
please go to PROVE
HIM WRONG in regards to what he says the founding fathers did re:
America's secret destiny.

Here are some citations which show where "we the people" actually
stand in America:

1. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the

(Diversified metal Products v. IRS etal. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I.,
1:38pm Jan 18, 2010 continued

Court Cases You Need To Know About

Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization

No. 26, Public Law 102-391.) (And to learn how all "agencies" are
under the ADMINISTRATIVE STATE which is the shadow government, please
listen to the show I did with Ralph Winterrowd which can be accessed
at n) and how it is being used to steal your children for
non-vaccination, etc.:

2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN.(Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed.
Pg 816)

3. The U.S. has not had a Treasury since 1921 (41 Stat. Ch. 214 pg.

4. There are no judicial courts in America and there has not been
since 1789.

Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators

Statutes and codes (FRC. V. GE 281 US 464, Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1


5. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have

been Administrators.(FRC v. GE 281 US 464, Keller v PE 261 US 428


6. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United

Rudolph Giuliani stated on C-Span that “New York City was the
capitol of the

world” and he was correct.(20 CFR chapter 111, subpart B 422.103

(2)(also check out Rev. 14 in reference to what happened on 9/11)

7. You own no property, slaves can’t own property. Read the Deed to

property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant.(Senate

43, 73rd Congress 1 st. Session)

8. You cannot use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are
not a

party to it.(Padelford Fay & Co. v. The mayor and Alderman of the
City of

Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)

9. The King of England financially backed both sides of the

war.(Treaty at Versailles July 15, 1782, Treat of Peace 8 Stat 80)

10. America is a British Colony.(THE UNITED STATES IS A



LEAVE UNTIL 1796). Republican v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of

Commerce 8 Stat 116, The society for Propagating the Gospel & c. v.
Continued from 1:41pm Jan 18,2010

Court Cases You Need To Be Aware Of

LEAVE UNTIL 1796). Republican v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of

Commerce 8 Stat 116, The society for Propagating the Gospel & c. v.

Haven 8 Wheat 464, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209,

Untitled 24 2006 3 12 21 47 9:47 PM

of Association October 20, 1774.

11. Britain is owed by the Vatican.(Treaty of 1213).

12. The Pope can abolish any law in the United States (elements of

Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1 53-54)

13. We are slaves and own absolutely, nothing not even what we think
are our

children (Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154

146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1 Session, Wynehammer v.

People 13 N.R.. REP 378, 481)

14.“The People” does not include you and me.(Barron v. Mayor &

Council of Baltimore. 32 U.S. 243)

15. It is not the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to
protect the

Corporation and arrest code breakers. Sappv. Tallahasse, 348 So. 2nd

Reiff v. City of Philadelphia, 477 F. Supp. 1262, Lynch v. N.C. Dept.

Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247.

16. Everything in the “United States” is for sale: roads,
bridges, schools,

hospitals, water, prisons, airports, etc. I wonder who bought Klamath

Did anyone take the time to check?(?Executive Order 12803)

17. We are Human capital (Executive Order 13037)

18. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were

a part of the United States government. Even though the “US

held shares of stock in the various Agencies.(U.S. v. Strang, 254 US

Lewis v. U.S. 680 F. 2d, 1239)

19. A 1040 form is for tribute paid to Britain.(IRS Publication 6209

decoding manual)

20. We are enemies of the State (Trading with the Enemy Act 1933 Act

1917 & 1933) Trading with the Enemy Act 1933 Act of 1917 & 1933

declared the Enemy) Oct. 6, 1917, under the Trading with the Enemy

Section 2 subdivision ( c ) Chapter 106 – Enemy defined “other
than citizens

of the United States…” March 9, 1933, Chapter 106, Section 5,

(b) of the Trading with the Enemy Act of Oct. 6, 1917 (40 Stat. L.

amended as follows:“…any person within the United States.” See
H.R. 1491

Public No. 1.

Please share this with others who are ready to face reality...

8. You cannot use the Constitution to defend yourself because you are
not a

party to it.(Padelford Fay & Co. v. The mayor and Alderman of the
City of

Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)
If I'm not a party to it then I am also not required to adhere to the govt. that claims to be under it. Therefore I am a free man. I should not have to pay their illegal taxes and follow their arbitrary laws. Funny how that works.

I guess I should ask a LAWYER about that. I wonder, when Constance was studying to be a lawyer...was she trained in COMMUNITARIAN LAW? I wonder...since Amitai Etzioni is a COMMUNITARIAN and is an ISRAELI is there a connection there?
Trust me, you don't want IRS advice from me. However, I think it is clearly disputable that the IRS is not a USA agency.


There are many other cases listed here with different legal ramifications.

According to Share International:

Maitreya steps forward
The way prepared by His Herald the ‘star’, Maitreya, the World Teacher, has given His first interview on American television. Millions have heard Him speak both on TV and the internet.
His open mission has begun.

He was introduced not as Maitreya, the World Teacher and Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, but simply as a man, one of us. In this way He “ensures that men follow and support Him for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His status”.

He spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the world’s resources.

This is the first of many such interviews which will be given in the USA, Japan, Europe and elsewhere, bringing His message of hope to the world.

Benjamin Creme

14 January 2010

Could this be the guy? Or just some nut:

"ANKARA, Turkey – The Turkish man who shot Pope John Paul II nearly 29 years ago emerged from prison Monday, declared himself a messenger from God, then spent his first night of freedom in a luxury hotel room. Mehmet Ali Agca, 52, said he would talk to the media in the next few days...

Upon his arrival later at the five-star Sheraton hotel, he addressed reporters in English. He had traded the blue sweat shirt he wore when he left jail for a dark blue suit and tie.

'I will meet you in the next three days,' Agca said. 'In the name of God Almighty, I proclaim the end of the world in this century. All the world will be destroyed, every human being will die. I am not God, I am not son of God, I am Christ eternal.'

Agca, who has previously claimed to be the Messiah, said the Gospel was full of mistakes and he would write the perfect one. He delivered a similar message in a long, rambling statement distributed by Abosoglu outside the prison in Sincan on the outskirts of Ankara, the Turkish capital."

Read more at:


Personally, I think he's a nut case. I know, "nut case" isn't PC, but I think it fits.
Dave in Battle Creek

Nutcase, but a shrewd nutcase. He's hoping to receive $3M for an interview and a book deal.
(Source - quick Google search under his name/letter to the Pope)


Regarding Code Pink's latest certainly does look like the 2nd coming of 1968!

Starhawk is one of the co-founders of Code Pink and has been involved in their so-called "Gaza Freedom Marches."

The reason I thought the article was relevant is because Code Pink members have their counterparts overseas and together they are likely trying to exploit the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in order to influence the Barcelona Process. As the article suggests, the Code Pinkers and their foreign counterparts couldn't care less about Palestine!
Is it just my computer or are the links and archives no longer on your site? They are not available
tonight, Monday 01/18/10 at 8:34pm.

Well, if this Mehmet Ali Agca is Creme's Maitreya, I can see why he was delayed all these years. He was serving a prison sentence for an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. Anyone who's willing to pay him $3 million for a book deal is even crazier.
I think it would be hard for a cosmic christ to have attempted to kill the pope. He'd have a large portion of the world's population mad at him from the start.



Mary Jean
Walt, I'll go and check IMMEDIATELY.
Thanks for alerting me.

Hi Walt,

I just went and checked. Both links and "Presentations for Downloading" appeared functional. I don't know now if it may have been your computer or if things were down. Sometimes memory overload will choke the system. There is a free program (they welcome well deserved contributions) called CCleaner available for download from that will efficiently analyze and clear the clutter from the computer. A tech support guy at Staples turned me on to it 3 years ago. You might try that.

I'm shocked they let Ali Mehmet out of prison. He sounds extremely delusional and his willingness to pull triggers is universally known.

From the Houston Chronicle 01/18/10


A Texas search and rescue team and other similar units mobilized to help earthquake victims in Haiti have been told they are not needed.
Members of Texas Task Force 1 have been on standby in Houston since Thursday to head to the devastated island nation.

But the United Nations mission in the country has declared the search and rescue teams already in the nation are sufficient to handle to the task and the Texas team and others prepared to deploy would not be needed.

The Texas unit, which has been on standby at Ellington Field in southeast Houston, was made up of 80 members including doctors and engineers. Four dogs were also part of the team.
Anon 10:49 - I started getting teary eyed. His site is how I found Constance's site. Anyway, I hope and pray for the return of Christ soon. Most people think I am crazy and it makes me sad. So few who call themselves Christians (they may or may not be) are watching for our Lord! That makes my heart hurt.

I have sent more updated info on the project Susanna and I have been working on to your gmail account.
Anxiously awaiting the results of the JD/Susanna/Constance project... :^)

Two questions:

In regards to the current post, what do most here think of the possibility of the Antichrist being of non-European descent (IE, not from the revived Roman Empire)? I've heard cases presented for three different scenarios:

1. The Antichrist will be Jewish, because only then would Israel sign a treaty with him;

2. The Antichrist will be from old Roman Empire (ie, Europe);

3. The Antichrist will be from the East (or Muslim).

Last question:

Is anyone here familiar with Swarna Jha's blog, "Tents of Issachar" (also "A Fair Mitre", which I think is a continuation of the Tents of Issachar one)? I've not been able to go there for the past few weeks. I'm a bit concerned, since neither one is accessible. She's a wonderful servant of the Lord.

Thank-you for the response and the clean-up website. I visited News with Views,Fulfilled Prophecy,
etc.,all were unchanged and working. I returned to this site,
searched thoroughly and found missing links and archives at bottom after your Thursday, October
29, 2009 commentary. I'm grateful
to still have access to them on your site and will inquire of our computer literate son about moving
them back to top under orange "LINKS" heading.


I hope when we get finished the level of work lives up to your expectations. lol In all seriousness though, we are working to compile enough for some form of presentability. I haven't meant my posts to Constance to be teasers, simply trying to get her attention and let her know there is new email for her, as I know it is easy to miss things when someone gets busy as she has been.

I have sent you an email re: relating recent events in Haiti to the Global Marshall Plan.

The subject line is Crisis and Opportunity.

Do you mind sending what you have found to me?
This comment has been removed by the author.

Much of the main stream press, including on-air comments by NBC's Brian Williams, Reuters, and world leaders, (i.e. Nicholas Sarkozy, Hillary Clinton) seem to agree Haiti is under a "curse".

Clinton even said, referring to the level of destruction, "It's Biblical".

Yet only Robertson gets maligned for his cause and effect comments.


Quake test of world's promise to break Haiti's 'curse'

History of frustrated attempts at development

Patrick Markey, Reuters Published: Friday, January 15, 2010


"From this catastrophe, which follows so many others, we should make sure that it is a chance to get Haiti once and for all out of the curse it seems to have been stuck with for such a long time," [Nicholas Sarkozy]

“We have no hope.” [Haiti quake victim Andres Rosario]


Entire article:

"Well, you is Biblical, the tragedy that continues to daunt Haiti and the
Haitian people. It is so tragic. They had the four hurricanes last year. We had a good plan. We were just feeling positive about how we could implement that plan. It was US, UN, international. We had donors lined up. We had private businesses beginning to make investments. There was so much hope about Haiti's future, hope that had not been present for years. And along comes Mother Nature and just flattens it." [Hillary Clinton]

CBN responds to Robertson's "curse" comment: – VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., January 13, 2010 -- On today’s The 700 Club, during a segment about the devastation, suffering and humanitarian effort that is needed in Haiti, Dr. Robertson also spoke about Haiti’s history. His comments were based on the widely-discussed 1791 slave rebellion led by Boukman Dutty at Bois Caiman, where the slaves allegedly made a famous pact with the devil in exchange for victory over the French. This history, combined with the horrible state of the country, has led countless scholars and religious figures over the centuries to believe the country is cursed. Dr. Robertson never stated that the earthquake was God’s wrath. If you watch the entire video segment, Dr. Robertson’s compassion for the people of Haiti is clear. He called for prayer for them. His humanitarian arm has been working to help thousands of people in Haiti over the last year, and they are currently launching a major relief and recovery effort to help the victims of this disaster. They have sent a shipment of millions of dollars worth of medications that is now in Haiti, and their disaster team leaders are expected to arrive tomorrow and begin operations to ease the suffering.

Chris Roslan
Spokesman for CBN


My info is purely speculative, but may point to some possible promotion of the GMP in evangelical circles. I will be happy to share it with you.

It is also a request to Constance for more information relating to what I wrote. In fact, I was considering asking you and Dorothy for input. So...since you asked...

Please email me at
A caller on Rush's show today related how idiotic some of the "aid" from USAID has been.

She was telling how a certain group of doctors/nurses had gone to USAID for some basic equipment. They were given hundreds of boxes of what they were told were blood-pressure cuffs.

Upon arriving back at their makeshift "hospital", they opened one box and found the cuff alright, minus the bulb that you squeeze to make it operate. ALL the boxes that contained BP cuffs were this way. Totally useless.

Another bunch of boxes in what they were given were opened and inside those were "heart surgery kits"! Again, totally useless items.

It's surreal. It's almost as if USAID wants these people to die.

At the very least, people will die because of the incompetence of USAID.
Wish I could feel more sympathy for Pat Robertson on this one, but given my past experiences with him, I don't. I suspect he may well be acting out his very special role "in the Armageddon Script" to help marginalize the Christian community. No body fought me harder on getting out the word on the New Age Movement than he. He also loudly proclaimed that when the Bible said, "every eye shall behold him" it meant on television -- a dead match with Benjamin Creme and Alice Bailey -- not the Bible.


Check your email.
Is Pat Robertson still involved with diamond digging? I couldn't find anything current on the subject (years ago he used his Operation Blessing planes for mining operations). There's a bit of info in Wikipedia and related articles on his global business interests but they only say he hasn't reaped huge profits recently.


Mrs. Cumbey,
Could you expound a bit more on your statement concerning Mr. Solana's age in 1975? The scriptures reveal that to be a significant age; I am interested in your thoughts.
Thank you. Hope you are doing well.
Bro. Jeff
For what it is worth, this whole judgement from God on Haiti thing is beginning to irk me. God is storing up wrath for the day of wrath. We, as the Church are the salt of the earth. Salt in the ancient world was used, among other things, as a preservative. Decay in the bible typifies judgement. As the church we stay off the judgement of God on this earth. This, of course, is another nail in the coffin of the pre-trib rapture concept. God's children are not subject to wrath, which is why He does not pour out judgement at this time. There is, however the matter of sowing and reaping. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. So. it may be that Haiti, with it's Voodoo culture and degvil worship, has reaped and is reaping what they have sown. The earthquake is a sign of the times, the disasterous result of death ans lack of food and clean water is the reaping of bad seed sown.


URL to article:
Stumbled across a site called
Lookupfellowship. The blog owner has interesting information on Maitreya - NA. Although I don't agree with everything he has on his site, there is a lot of information he has collected - (searching the archives, on Creme, Maitreya, Blatvasky, Bailey, Atlantis and the NA - he even references you Constance - Have you heard of him/his website?). He seems determined to discover who it was that was interviewed on TV.


I checked out lookupfellowship. The blogger shares the same curiousity I have. However, I only referenced Agca lightheartedly. I doubt he is this Maitreya guy. I think he is delusional and potentially dangerous.

Personaly, if Creme hasn't started grasping at straws, I believe the interview he is refering to had to eminate from Haiti.
My Pat Robertson /
Harry Reid moment:
About this human race thing:
There are Christians in Haiti.
Some people probably just became
Christian, don't you suppose ?
There will be more Christians in Haiti
as more and more of them repent and
give their lives to Jesus, to whom
all power is given by God.
In Haiti lots of people mix devil worship
with, what they call christian worship
But Haiti is a microcosm of the whole
_ at least they know that they're poor.
They aren't thinking I'm rich and
increased with goods, and I don't
need anything.
I want to say that only The Lord
can make an earthquake, but The
Lord actually gave mankind power
over the animals and even over "nature"
to some degree, and who knows
what they can do now with the proper
harps, y'know? I'm sure I don't
know. I know a little bit about
resonance and how it can make a
giant suspension bridge start
swinging wildly, and how resonance
can shatter glass with sound, but
I'm no physicist.
But I know this:
Many who are last now will be
first later,and many who are first
now will be last.
The bottom line to me is that
ALL of Gods' judgements are perfect
and true, even when they happen
to me.
God can judge Haiti alright.
But He's just getting started judging
the world.
And look at all the people that He
has brought through this in Haiti.
It's all about the Lord.
It's all about Jesus.
Jesus is the only one and the
only image that one should bow
down to, to worship. And that image
should be in one's mind and soul,
not on a wall or on a pedestal or
on a makeshift altar. or in one of
those little pocket sized carvings.

His name is Lord of Hosts
King of kings.
He can be found in the books
of The Bible. He will reveal
himself to anyone who opens the
door to him, to learn about him.
Faith comes by hearing this
word preached. The Holy Spirit
can overcome anything when
a person gives their heart and
soul to God. Lives get changed.
Messhiac Yehashua ben David,
Lion of the tribe of Judah.
Son of David yet Lord of David.
Lord of Lords. Son of God.
Stem of Jesse, ( the names
Jesus, Jesse, and Joshua are all
the same name, really.)
High Priest of the Order of
_all the way back to Arfaxad, of
Shem, of Noah and his wife,
and their three sons
and their three wives.
Who began what is now
the whole world of humanity
in 2010,
from the mountains around
modern day Turkey / Armenia
/ Kurdistan, as I've heard it.
And forget about the movies
you've seen.
Shem was Whiteish, Ham was
Blackish and Japheth was kinda
far Eastern looking, okey?
Think that's too simplistic ?
Remember that you only need to
buy three types of toner for that
color printer right there to your left.
Okey, four; three colors and one black.
That plus your white paper makes
three-plus billion shades of color
in that computer/printer of yours.
I ain't lyin' I'm just sayin'...
Get rid of the idols and charms
and amulets and dolls and man-made
good luck trinkets and those
magic books and witchcraft books.
Repent and pray to God and get
a Bible, and read it, and go listen
to a real, not phoney, preacher
who preaches the Word of God
and listen, and pray again.
Get real with the Lord before it's
too late.
He is the Lamb of God
who takes away the sins of the
whole world.

It's not only the earthquake in Haiti that we need to be focused on and concerned about . . .

With Republican Scott Brown's historic upset - Senate seat win last night - it's the 'earthquake heard around the world' that has shaken the liberal-politics-as usual-political machine in Massachusetts to its very core!!!

LOL . . .
Scott Brown deserved to win. Susan Coakley's campaign was dreadful. She really shot herself in the foot when she accused, who was it, of being a Yankees fan. She should have just said, "Don't vote for me. I never know what I'm talking about." C-Span2 might be interesting to watch.

It could've been someone involving Haiti. Maybe it's Simon Cowell. Didn't he give some interview recently. If it's Agca, then their Matreya is quite laughable.

If Haiti was truly cursed, then too bad for everyone on Earth. God has reasons for all nations to be concerned. Especially here in the U.S.

I am going to post these stories and let you guys draw your own conclusions. The only thing I want any one to remember is the stories I posted about the US agreeing to implement the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

U.S. charges 22 with bribery involving arms sales

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An executive for Smith & Wesson Holding Corp and 21 others have been charged with violating federal bribery laws involving the sale of weapons and protective gear, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday.

The indictments accused the individuals, including Smith & Wesson Vice President for Sales Amaro Goncalves, with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, or FCPA, and conspiracy to commit money laundering involving the sale of items including guns and body armor.

The FCPA prohibits the payment of bribes to foreign officials in order to secure business contracts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation set up sting operations that ensnared the 22 individuals on charges that they tried to bribe a purported African defense minister to win contracts.

Twenty-one of the men were arrested in Las Vegas, where they were attending the SHOT Show, a large shooting-sports and hunting convention. The 22nd defendant was arrested in Miami.

"This is one case where what happens in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas," Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said at a news conference.

The indictments, returned on December 11, were unsealed by a U.S. judge on Tuesday in U.S. district court in Washington.

Among those charged was the chief executive of Protective Products of America Inc, R. Patrick Caldwell, who previously worked for the U.S. Secret Service for 27 years and was in charge of the division for the vice president's protection.


As part of the FBI sting operation, an unidentified business associate who was a former executive for an arms manufacturer arranged a meeting between the arms sales representatives and undercover FBI agents who posed as representatives of an African country's minister of defense.

The agents told the sales representatives that in order to win a contract, they had to add a 20 percent "commission" to price quotes, half of which would go to the purported minister of defense and the rest would be split between the others.

He said the Justice Department currently has 140 open FCPA investigations. Kevin Perkins, assistant director of the FBI's criminal investigative division, said 20 agents were working on FCPA cases full time.

With 140 cases pending in the Justice Dept, it kind of makes you feel as if the firearm executives felt like it was business as usual. As a bonus here is a profile of one of the accused.


R. Patrick Caldwell Named CEO of Protective Products of America

Protective Products of America, Inc. (PPA:TSX), a leading manufacturer and distributor of advanced products in ballistics protection, today announced that R. Patrick (Pat) Caldwell has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, effective July 18, 2009. The Company also announced that Neil Schwartzman has been promoted from the position of Chief Administrative Officer to Chief Operating Officer, effective immediately.

“Pat’s vast expertise in federal law enforcement and the military are a natural fit for PPA and we are delighted that he has agreed to step into this important leadership position,” said General Hugh Shelton (ret.), Chairman of the Board. “We continue to work diligently to secure previously delayed and new military contracts as well as bolster our soft armor business where we see significant opportunity in diversifying our revenue stream.”

Brian L. Stafford, interim CEO, will remain on the Board of Directors as Vice Chairman. Mr. Stafford said “Prior to PPA, Pat and I served together in the Secret Service for many years and we welcome Pat in this new role. I trust implicitly that his strategic vision will prove instrumental in propelling PPA forward as we work to achieve our corporate goals and increase shareholder value.”

Mr. Caldwell said, “After working with PPA since January, I am delighted to move into the CEO and director positions. I view this as an important time in the Company’s corporate development and welcome the opportunity to further impact PPA’s future long-term growth and momentum.”

Mr. Caldwell joined PPA in January 2009 as the Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing where he was responsible for all aspects of the Corporation’s sales and marketing efforts including government sales. Formerly, Mr. Caldwell served as Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Protective Operations, U.S. Secret Service. Mr. Caldwell spent 27 years in the U.S. Secret Service in a number of key positions, including Special Agent in charge of the Vice Presidential Protective Division. Mr. Caldwell served in the U.S. Marine Corps and received the Silver Star for valor and the Purple Heart for service in Viet Nam. Mr. Caldwell has a Bachelor of Art degree from Clemson University and he continued his education at the Center for Creative Leadership in the Senior Executive Service Development Program in 2002.

Mr. Schwartzman joined PPA in April 2007 as the Corporation’s Chief Administrative Officer where he was responsible for Information Systems, Customer Relations, Purchasing, Quality Control, Facility Management and Human Resources. Prior to joining the Corporation in April 2007, Mr. Schwartzman served for five years as Vice President of Information Technology for The GEO Group Inc., a world leader in privatized correctional and detention management facilities. His additional 22 years of experience include positions at The Sports Authority, Sunglass Hut International, Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores and ICH Corporation. Mr. Schwartzman received a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science in 1981 from the University of Florida.

In other news, PPA reported that it has executed the previously announced amendment to its Forbearance Agreement with Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). The amendment, among other considerations, extends the Company’s forbearance period through October 31, 2009.

In light of the UN Arms Trade Treaty, the impact this will have on the firearms companies, and those involved, any thoughts?
Some replies were sent in reponse to Andrew Strom's Kundalini warning. They follow:


5 replies/ comments are below:

"D" writes:
I went to Lakeland 3 times. I was so drawn to go there. I really
thought it was of God... I had so many supernatural experiences -
to seeing a mystical Jesus with a third eye, angels talking to me,
visions, being transported. I had one experience with my daughter
being in the room and her experiencing it too. I was roaring like a
lion, had gold dust and many other experiences. The worst thing
that happened to me is that it got sexual. This false Jesus was
approaching me sexually and I fell into it. I still to this day do
not understand how I could have been so decieved. I have been
a Christian since the age of 16. I am 49 now... I fell right in... hook,
line and sinker. When I came home that last viist I became aware
it was demonic, and I was surrounded and covered with demons
literally, it was so horrible, all that I went through, you cannot
imagine... I was seeing demons and being touched sexually and
tormentingly constantly.. it has been 1 1/2 years and I am still
battling these demonic spirits. I cry out to the Lord everyday for
total deliverance. It has been horrible. I have renounced and
repented, but still fighting. How do we get free of this?

SHERIE writes:
I can testify that I was infested with this foul eastern spirit, the
kundalini. I was in a movement from 1992 - 2000 which had close
links with the Toronto movement. From 2000 - 2006 I joined a
church with links to Bill Johnson.
I was desperate for God to move in my life and change situations
and heal hurts and was very open to ministry - I had many in this
movement touch my forehead and experienced the manifestations
you describe - drunkenness, laughing and crying, shaking. I got
dreams and visions and just before I left the structure (church) I
had a vivid dream of a huge python that came through the back
door and attached itself to my car, and also to rooms in my home.
I was very disturbed and sought the Lord for an answer.

It took about 6 months before I was delivered, but God brought a
couple over my path who God had trained and had victory over
spiritual entities. Every time I was in their presence, I would get
very anxious, and they would calmly pray for me and I could feel
darkness leaving and my sanity restored. It was only after 6 months
of these episodes, I was again in their presence and sensed a fight
ensue in the Spirit. I was very anxious and fearful and could feel
a huge snake in my spine - I was rigid and very uncomfortable - It
felt as if this thing wanted to throttle me and rob me of my life. I
called out to God and they quietly prayed - then I asked the Lady
to pull this serpent out of my head - it felt as if it could exit near
the top of my crown. She continued to pray and I got the word
"kundalini " in my spirit and just commanded this thing by its
name to go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I pled the blood
as it was very frightening, and it left. I felt like a washed out rag,
but I was free!

That was the last lime I had deliverance and my spiritual eyes have
since opened and God has done a mighty work in me outside of
the structure... Afterwards they were amazed and asked me what
strange term I had used and where it came from - I had no idea
except that it was God who gave me knowledge in that situation.
Thank you for the info that has made everything clear to me!I Now
have confirmation from where I was infected! May many of your
readers heed the call of God to "come out and sever yourselves"
from Babylon and its lies and deception and foul spirits, while
there is time...


LUCY writes:
David Wilkerson also mentioned the kundalini spirit, and I
researched it in late October, after having attended the Fredericks-
burg (Virginia) Prayer Furnace at which Che Ahn ministered.
There, I saw many of the manifestations you mention: hopping
and jumping during "worship", falling backward at Che Ahn's touch,
extreme jerkiness in several cases. Very uncomfortable with this,
I came home and watched (my first time ever) videos of Todd
Bentley. Needless to say, I was appalled...

SARAH writes:
I'm just about in tears over all of this...
May and I watched the very first nights of the recent "outpouring
of the Holy Spirit" on the IHOP webstream and boy, did that turn
sour fast. Aside from the singing on the first night, everything was
just messed up. AHH! It's breaking my heart! How many people
do we know and love in KC?!
I've watched my beloved siblings laugh uncontrollably, jerk as
though sick, stumble and speak as though drunk, and "sing in
tongues" in complete chaos and without interpretation. I've raised
the issue among friends of being "drunk in the Spirit" and even
though I prove over and over that God is for self-control, which they
agree with, they continue to act like drunken fools! (See Titus 1:8
and 2:2; 1 Thessalonians 5:6-7 which compared in the NKJV and
NIV relates self-control with being sober, pointing to the fact that
the Holy Spirit is not one who takes delight in being drunk at all,
but in being sober-minded - fruit of the Spirit, what? Drunkenness
is the complete opposite of being filled with the Holy Spirit! For
sober-mindedness is a filling of Him!; 1 Peter 1:13, 4:7, and 5:8 ...

BRENDA writes:
A very dear friend of mine who has been my prayer partner for
years were lured into the enemy's web of deception about many
of the ministries and manifestations that you spoke about. After
reading and listening to your web broadcasts we had a powerful
prayer session repenting, renouncing, and commanding any spirit
that we had picked up from these false prophets/doctrines of
demons, etc. to go from us in Jesus' name. We broke all kinds
of things off of us. Most of it was deep repentance and renouncing -
thank you for exposing the enemy and his tactics and all the
deception that the church body has fallen deeply into...

ANDREW STROM: Yes - if you have had "hands laid" or done
"soaking prayer" under any of these kinds of ministries, it is very
important to RENOUNCE (from the very depths of your being in
Jesus' name) and also COMMAND OUT these 'kundalini' spirits
or any other "anointing" that you have received. Remember, you
must VIOLENTLY EXPEL these things in the name of JESUS.
Be FREE in His mighty name!

I truly wonder what God is going to do to those ministries who
have been spreading this alien spirit right through the Body of
Christ. Truly, Judgment must begin "at the house of God."

Blessings to all,

Andrew Strom.

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or other groups, boards, etc - unless there is something
different written in the Copyright notice above.

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See WEU press release, dated 1/20/10, entitled "CFSP: The EU is more helpful than powerful."

Javier Solana was born July 14, 1942. In mid July 1975 he would have been 33 years old. At this point an interesting fact, perhaps a coincidence, but for one assigning himself the number 666 with such frequency, another bizarre one!

As previously reported, the very good doctor has been tasked by the Spanish government with drawing up a "security document:"

Please note that "the resulting document should be 'comprehensive and contemplate the need to work in a coordinated way outside the boundaries of the EU'".

It would appear that he is still very much "on the scene."
To anonymous 1:52

Thank you for the intelligence. Perhaps an excellent reason to invite Javier Solana back - ASAP??

Who ever converges on this post will have support from the constituent countries to equalize themselves collectively as a great world power.

Very interesting new article up about Japan, the Middle East and "the very good doctor" friend of ours.


Thanks for the items regarding the Prophets movement, Kundalini Warning, etc. I concur with much of what you posted and, like you, am deeply concerned.

In reviewing these issues we need to be deeply in God's Word and look to him for guidance and truth. There are so many variations of the "prophets movement" etc., that you can't throw out one and adhere to another because the first was so terrible -- like jumping from the pan into the fire.

I went to Strom's website and am concerned that while he seems to have more discernment than the groups he writes about, is he offering another a "movement" of his own when he says, "we have to go right back to the original calling and mandate over this city, and build on that. We cannot build on the movement that came after. The 21 days of prayer and fasting, the comet that came (what??? is he talking about?), and the comission (by whom??) to preach Repentance to the Lukewarm church - these were all foundational elements. So too were the four standards of "Holiness of heart, Unwavering faith, Day and Night prayer, and Extravagant Giving to the Poor" (no mention of being in God's Word!). "The original Prophetic move here seemed to be relatively (only relatively??) pure for only a few years - and then quickly became a quagmire. So we have to stick to only the original foundations - and build on that. Our Sunday night meetings in Kansas City will certainly continue."

The only foundation we can build on is God's Word not another person's vision. Be ware of people who start their own movements with no oversight by known men and women of God, a Godly board, etc.

Dave in CA
To Paul @ 11:14 AM:

Beautiful post and beautiful perspective!!!

Thank you.
Dave in CA:

Your point is taken regarding Strom's website. I know he used to be in this prophetic/apostolic movement but he got out. Apparently, he didn't make a clean break.

I've been on his email list (don't remember how I got on it) for a while and the large majority of what he sends is just fine.

Apparently, with what you quoted from his site he is speaking of Kansas City, MO where the International House of Prayer (IHOP) is based. Strom seems to be under the notion that there was some kind of prophecy regarding the city that went awry with IHOP. Unless he is speaking of something else entirely, from what I've read the whole foundation of IHOP is faulty. Most of the "prophecies" came from Bob Jones who is quite obviously so far off theologically that I firmly believe him to be demonized.

The paragraph you quote is bizarre indeed!
FYI - Findhorn & Lorian (David Spangler)


"With Dorothy Maclean’s return to residence at Findhorn this last summer, Findhorn education and the Lorian Association are exploring more active collaboration."

"Introducing a three-month collaborative learning programme with the Findhorn Foundation, Lorian Association and David Spangler."


1 hour and 15 minute talk was presented by David Spangler to the Findhorn Community via live Skype video broadcast January 12, 2010 from Everett, Washington.


Apologies if this has already been posted. I thought it might be useful background info.

Thanks Craig:

The information you've provided is very helpful, important, and timely.

I've had three friends over the last two years, who should know better, engage with IHOP and the Prophets movement. Consequently they are emersing themselves into this mystical spirituality and believe that they are growing closer to the Lord. I pray for them and talk with them when ever I can but the delusion is so strong that they don't see the contradictions of what they are doing when compared to Scripture.

This super spirituality (IHOP, Prophets, etc.) and the Emergent / Contemplative movements are making huge inroads into the Evangelical Church as well as other religious groups. We have to pray, study the Word, and discern.

This blog is an excellent source of insight and encouragement in that direction.

Dave in CA
read an interesting article: VATICAN: iSRAEL OCCUPATION FOMENTS MIDEAST CONFLICTS.,7340,L-3837018,00.html
Now there's a video of Benjamin Creme announcing the emergence of Maitreya:

Watched the video - what do you suppose he meant by "the star has done it's work"? Also, he said he was interviewed on an American program (apparently not the news) and that he appeared as himself under an alias. The drama continues.
It's actually quite sad to watch Creme. So sincere, so lost.

re: "the star has done its work"

In apocalyptic language as used in the Book of Revelation, "stars" are angels -- God's angels like Michael as well Satan's fallen angels. Perhaps that's what was meant?
for those wanting more info about
the young Jordanian Ambassador
His father is a lawyer, so is his mother a lawyer and she went to Univ. in Canada.
Washington Times (01/10/10)


SACRAMENTO, Calif.(AP) It was just five years ago that fishing guide Bob Sparre had all the salmon he could handle. He brought beaming clients back to shore loaded with prized Chinook salmon after a morning trolling the rivers and channels of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta in Northern California.

On a recent day, heading out on the Sacramento River amid a chilly, midwinter fog, the guide of 20 years couldn't catch even a single fish for his lone client.

It was the kind of unproductive and unhappy trip that he and other guides say has become all too common in recent years as the populations of salmon and other fish in the delta have plummeted. The number of fall-run Chinook salmon returning to the Central Valley to spawn has declined from more than 750,000 in 2002 to 66,000 in 2008.

"The numbers are getting scary," Mr. Sparre said. "At this rate, it doesn't look like we will have a fishery if it continues the way it's going."

The perilously low populations of salmon and native fish are symptoms, according to numerous scientists, of a crashing ecosystem in the West Coast's largest estuary. Numerous theories abound for the decline, from too much water being pumped from the delta for drinking and irrigation to the use of agricultural chemicals.
The date of that previous article should have read 01/20/10.
Keep in mind the Washington Times is owned by Rev Moon.

A man is skyrocketing up in German politics. He has as his grandfather Karl Theodor Zu Guttenburg. His great-great uncle is Karl Ludwig Freiherr Von Und Zu Guttengurg. His other grandfather was Count Johann Jakob Eltz. His wife is Countess Stephanie Von Bismark-Schonhausen, now Guttenburg, great-great daughter of Otto Von Bismark.
His mentor is the fear inspiring Edmund Stroiber. The one who started assigning him power is chancellor Angela Merkel. He is, thru family, connected to the House of Habsburg. These viciously aspire to raise again the German Empire.
Actually he has eight first names. In here somewhere: Dr. Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Franz Philipp Joseph Sylvester Freiherr Von Und Zu Guttenburg.
His title is Reichsfreiherr. The English translation is Baron Of The Holy Roman Empire.
He lives in Burg (castile) Guttenburg (spelling is correct), near Franken, which has been the family headquarters since 1482.

The WASHINGTON TIMES is OWNED and CONTROLLED by Rev. Moon and their official people (Joseph Tully) admitted to me in December 1983 that they were collaborating with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center

I consider it utterly and totally unreliable as a source.

Ah, "He appeared as himself as an alias."
So in otherwords, the demon "maitreya" spoke through somebody who was interviewed on American TV perhaps.
Anon 12:32,

Thanks for the heads up on Karl Guttenberg, the guy with all the names and titles skyrocketing to prominence in Germany. A maverick indeed.

"In Germany, where the car lobby almost controls the government, his (Guttenberg's) "no" amounted to near treason. But it was welcomed by a public alarmed at the extent to which the Merkel government appeared to rush to the aid of the big companies during a recession, but take little notice of smaller firms."

"Guttenberg is seen as an independent figure. He stands up for small business," is how Manfred Güllner, head of Germany's Forsa public opinion research group, explains his popularity.

Certainly a people's champion.

A friend brought this interesting little tid bit to my attention. I am not saying it means anything, just presenting a fact. Most of us have heard the term Illuminati, in many places, and in many stories. Now here is something interesting, do you know where you end up if you type Illuminati backwards in a web address?

The other day I was doing a "Where's Waldo?" book with my son. That's what it's almost like with this Maitreya. I'm trying to resist the temptation to look for Maitreya, though. Funny that Creme never even mentioned Haiti. I guess we'll have to wait for the "day of declaration."

Maybe he means that there won't be any more "star" sightings. I don't know, he seemed to be rambling on and on in that video. It's almost like an Obama speech. Not much substance.
My oh my.
Thanks for the heads up.

That is too too creepy!
Whoa!!! Thank you providing that information. Makes one wonder what else is out there "backwards in plain sight" to be found yet.

DavidinBattle Creek
I agree on the Waldo analogy - just going to keep my eyes open.

'Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist'

Hamas has accepted Israel's right to exist and would be prepared to nullify its charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel, Aziz Dwaik, Hamas's most senior representative in the West Bank, said on Wednesday.

Dwaik's remarks are seen in the context of Hamas's attempts to win recognition from the international community.

Dwaik is the elected speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council. He was released a few months ago after spending nearly three years in an Israeli prison.

Dwaik was among dozens of Hamas officials and members who were rounded up by Israel following the abduction of IDF soldier St.-Sgt. Gilad Schalit near the Gaza Strip in June 2006.

His latest remarks were made during a meeting he held in Hebron with British millionaire David Martin Abrahams, who maintains close ties with senior Israeli and British government officials.

Abrahams is scheduled to brief British Foreign Secretary David Milliband this weekend on the outcome of his meeting with Dwaik and other top Hamas officials in the West Bank.

The flood in Gaza paints Israel as monsters via public opinion, now Hamas makes nice. Hmm It seems Israel is being painted as the only opposition to achieving piece in the region.
OOpps I meant peace not 'piece'
Revisted the Creme video - he says through this interview process Maitreya will present ideas "he believes" are necessary, shouldn't his self-proclaimed forerunner then at least be saying his master "KNOWS" what is necessary for humanity?

From CBN (01/21/10):


PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- As a teen, 83-year-old Anne Marie Polestier made the decision to become a voodoo mambo or priestess.

"It was back in 1941, a long time ago," she recalled.

But the recent earthquake in Haiti has turned her away from the witchcraft she once believed in.

Polestier moved to a neighborhood in central Port-au-Prince and gained quite the reputation. When Pastor Camille decided to open a church in the area, he got an earful from her.

"She told me that we had one year to get out of the neighborhood or else she'd kill all the members of my church," Camille said. "She really dominated this community."

Then came the earthquake.

"I was in the living room with my daughter when it happened," Polestier said. "I managed to get out, but my daughter died. This is what's left of our home."

A few yards away, Camille experienced similar loss. His church and home were also destroyed. Polestier and Camille are now homeless. And in the process, both have now become friends. And Polestier is happy to lean on him as they walk the streets of their neighborhood.

"No matter what I need, he helps me. When I almost died in the earthquake, he was there to help me," she said. "His church took me in. I now live here in this camp with other Christians who have also lost their home."

The Christians in the camp hold nightly praise and worship and to the surprise of many, Polestier regularly attends.

The Haitian government officially recognized voodoo as a religion in 2003. More than half of the country's 9 million people are believed to practice voodoo.

But for Polestier, the earthquake brought serious doubts about her religious practices.

"I'm going to leave it. I'm going to leave Voodoo," Polestier vowed. "It has brought me nothing but anguish."

It's a sentiment Camille has heard repeatedly over the last few days as Haitians struggle to understand their hardships.

"So many people are accepting Christ," he said. "Almost everyday, right after the meetings some walk forward to proclaim their new faith."

Haiti's problems aren't just physical. Across Port-Au-Prince, many churches have been destroyed, others severely damaged. And several prominent Christian leaders have lost their lives in the quake.

Some point to a crisis of spirituality. Yet, others like Camille are trusting the hand of God.

"This is a time of revival and God's going to restore our country and more people will deepen their faith in Christ," he said.
Amen to that.
From Associated Press (01/21/10):


WASHINGTON – Democrats' last-ditch approach to saving President Barack Obama's sweeping health care overhaul — prodding House members to pass a Senate version vastly unpopular with them — isn't working.

So lawmakers are talking about more modest health legislation that could have bipartisan appeal, though even that may prove more complicated than many suggest.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to move the Senate's bill through the House and to Obama's desk. Under a plan backed by the White House, the new law would be followed by a separate measure making changes sought by House members, such as easing the Senate's tax on higher-cost health plans.

Pelosi, D-Calif., spoke to reporters after House Democrats held a closed-door meeting at which participants vented frustration with the Senate legislation.

Many rank-and-file Democrats said the stunning defeat in this week's Massachusetts special election — in which Republicans captured the Senate seat held for decades by the late Edward M. Kennedy — meant it was time to seek more modest health legislation.

It would be "problematic" to persuade House members to approve the Senate bill and then amend it, Pelosi said, though Democrats haven't completely ruled out trying to do so.

Many of them say the Senate bill does too little to help people afford health coverage.
"In its present form without any changes I don't think it's possible to pass the Senate bill in the House," Pelosi said, adding, "I don't see the votes for it at this time."

Any effort to reshape the health legislation could well be a lengthy process — despite Democrats' desire for a quick election-year pivot to address jobs and the economy, which polls show are the public's top concern. They would have to decide which initiatives to pursue and how to pay for them — at a time when lawmakers have already been working on the issue for a year.

"We're not in a big rush" on health care, Pelosi said. "Pause, reflect."

Several Democrats said they should refocus the legislation onto popular proposals like barring insurance companies from denying coverage to sick people.

"The mega bills are dead," said Rep. Michael Arcuri, D-N.Y. "If we didn't see what happened Tuesday night, we have blinders on."

From Associated Press (01/21/10)

George H.W. Bush To Endorse Hutchison

AUSTIN, Texas -- Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is getting some presidential support in her bid to be the next Texas governor.

Former President George H.W. Bush is expected to endorse her Friday in Houston. Her campaign has scheduled a morning press event with Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush in Houston.

It'll be Hutchison's second big-name endorsement this week, after former U.S. Secretary of State James Baker announced his support for Hutchison on Tuesday.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney also has endorsed Hutchison.

Hutchison is challenging Gov. Rick Perry in the March 2 Republican primary.

Re: itanimulli. Click on above link.
Anon 10:27

Thanks for the clarification.

JD wrote: "Hamas has accepted Israel's right to exist and would be prepared to nullify its charter, which calls for the destruction of Israel, Aziz Dwaik, Hamas's most senior representative in the West Bank, said on Wednesday. "

Arafat also made noises like this but it never happened. The game isn't over till it is over.

The Arab paradigm is to talk one way to the West and the opposite way among themselves.


Ms. Cumbey wrote: "The WASHINGTON TIMES is OWNED and CONTROLLED by Rev. Moon and their official people (Joseph Tully) admitted to me in December 1983 that they were collaborating with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center. I consider it utterly and totally unreliable as a source."

Murdoch's News Corp., which owns The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and the NY Post among others, is 5 % owned by Saudi Prince alWaleed who, you may recall, offered then NY Mayor Giuliani $10 million for post-9/11 disaster relief; a sum the mayor refused. I do not see any impact of this on WSJ editorial and news policy though this link reports something else:

Just watched the above mentioned
Saudi Prince being
interviewed by one of his employees
named Charlie Rose. I thought
Charlie was going to kiss his hand
at the end of the interview
but I guess he (they) decided
restraint was in order.
Charlie seems to truly love his boss.
That's nice.

"The Arab paradigm is to talk one way to the West and the opposite way among themselves."

Unfortunately this paradigm as you call it seems to include a lot of nations these days and not just the arab ones. The US has spent years telling Israel one thing, and if Mitchell's comments of late are to be believed, that is all out the window. The EU has spent the entire time the ENP has been in effect talking equality and peace, so long as they don't enforce those standards in a way that might benefit Israel. The game may not be over, but one team is certainly cheating and the refs are helping them do it.
Pretrib Rapture Trivia

Who's the "Protector of the Principality of Pretribulatia"?
Edward Irving? John Darby? C. I. Scofield? Tim LaHaye? Someone else?
Media figure Joe Ortiz knows the answer. It's in his "End Times Passover" blog. The one dated Dec. 29, 2009.
If you're Calvinist, you're predestined to see his blog. If you're Arminian, you can choose to see it.
If you find out you already knew the answer before seeing Joe's blog, you have a chance to win the grand prize which includes:
Sixty pounds of plaster for each family member.
An umbrella stand made from a stuffed python.
And 3000 yards of used dental floss.
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