Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Spanish EU Presidency to set Precedents" -- No Doubt!

I read Friday that Cristina Gallach is to be the spokesperson for the Spanish presidency of the EU/WEU. Read about it by clicking here. This is fascinating as she is Javier Solana's long time spokesperson. I believe she still is! This reads to me as though Javier Solana will have a major role and that he has decided it would be temporarily advantageous to lower profile things for awhile.

Personally, I believe Cristina Gallach should have applied for Javier Solana's vacated Foreign Minister/"High Representative" position. She appears to be far more qualified than the appointment they made of the British parliamentarian with little or no diplomatic or military experience.

Stay tuned!


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this is a bit off the current subject-but,- one thing i do like about solana, is that he looks like mickey mouse wiff them ears of his/ what a cutie!/ now imagine if this dude is the ac and i'm saying this kind of thing about him?! i mean i would of never thought that i would of thouhgt that about old boy satans' select pick. could it be that maybe solana is in fact just too adorable with those ears of his, to actually be the ac?? hey look for yourself on hollys'F.P. current post/ hey maybe queanon is right...the seat is being kept warm until the REAL STAR appears..???Keep that flame in your heart alive people and persevere/love to you all from ole vermont boy
what holly thinks?????


who the hell is holly?????

she is a biblically illiterate person for one ...
her reading comprehension is so bad was she in l.d. classes? (l.d. is learning disabled)

and she is using the same bible charlie manson used when he was in the process church ...

im telling this to you real christians who sometimes drop by to take the temperature of the diabolical "truth move them into new aged worship movement"
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and plz not another conventions of english attack ... lolz

you know nothing of the traditions of the internet... you ppl are the biggest bunch of misinformed noobs i have ever met ... ahahahahahah...

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Anon 10:59,
You wouldn't know an intellectual circle
if it was drawn around your nose.
Your inability to spell anything correctly
is only a testiment to you having
been severly dumbed down and your
complete self assurance that cute little
abbreviations and texting shorthand
is legitimate communication.
It isn't.
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