Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Javier Solana's interim position? What happened to the WEU?

This just in. I'm not sure what to make of it. I rather suspect he has NOT disappeared from the world stage, but who knows?

Stay tuned!


It is interesting that Solana has chosen academics to go into. I say this because it would seem that it is not a very committed position. Its not like he is going for tenure. Michael
Well Maitreya is a world teacher in the broadest sense of the word!
Google's New Phone that is reported to be launched in January 2010 - It went to the FCC on December 14, 2009

"Passion", it's "nickname" (it was originally to be called the HTC Passion).
"Dragon" is for the Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm (fastest smartphone chip)

Is it me, or does this phone have a strange ring to it???

MAITREYA/BETRAYA was to be "a great world teacher in the truest sense of the word . . ."
I have had well publicized differences with Bjorn Freiberg over his other blogspot which was decidedly New Age and beyond. HOWEVER, with that being said, he does have some information garnered at his blogspot worth reading. Of course, I now read him with more discernment than before. He does have access to more European information than me, so I recommend you hop over there and look at it. I removed the link last July 4th from my blogspot; however, if you google "Bjorn Freiberg" it will take you right there.

Catherine Ashton is being given an apparent very hard time or as described in what I am about to append in picture form, "a shaky start" with the ENP (European Neighbourhood Process). Spain is about to take over the EU Presidency -- it will be interesting to see how they will try to right the shaky ship!

Dear Constance,

Regarding Bjorn Frieberg:

Having worked many years ago as a researcher for a major local newspaper, I can tell you that one of the big lessons I learned was to never blow off a source of information, no matter how "outside of the mainstream" said source might appear on the surface.

This is why - IMHO - you are to be commended for your attitude concerning Bjorn Frieberg.
ESADE’s Barcelona campus is only a five minute walk from the Royal Palace of Pedralbes, (WEU HQ). How convenient for Solana.

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