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Catherine Ashton vs. Israel

Israel is VERY UNHAPPY at Catherine Ashton's handling of her new HR/CFSP position. Click here to read all about it in Haaretz. For her opening speech to the European Parliamke andent whose support she needs for ultimate confirmation of her appointment, she opened with strong denunciations of Israel. She had some positive reaction to this from like minded parliamentarians who called for immediate suspension of the EU's TREATY OF ASSOCIATION with Israel. This was the same treaty originally negotiated by Javier Solana and signed between the European Union and Spain on November 20, 1995. It takes a lot to make Javier Solana look dynamic and a friend of Israel, and I don't know what his present aspirations are to take his old job in its new incarnation and make of it the powerful force he designed it to be, but I suspect that if he wanted to return, he would have strong

support. After Catherine Ashton's remarks, the Israelis would probably be happy to see him back as well. Here's what reportedly happened after Catherine Ashton's European Parliament speech:

Following her comments, a number of MEPs from the liberal side of the house called for punitive measures against Israel, including the suspension of the EU's Association Agreement with Israel. Irish center-left member Proinsias De Rossa, who visited the West Bank last week, called Israel's treatment of Palestinians a form of "apartheid."

This was the Israel's press observation of the general EU climate toward world Jewry and Israel:

This time it was neither the Swedish president who pushed the EU toward an anti-Israel resolution, nor a judge in Britain who issued an arrest warrant against an Israeli foreign minister. Criticism of Israel has become the language of choice in European discourse.

Having held appointive political office in the past, I know Catherine Ashton can't be enjoying herself very much right now. Those positions look like a lot of fun when one is down shooting, but when one is up there being shot at, it's not all that much fun.

Catherine Ashton is most likely taking plenty of heat now -- from all sides. I don't envy her a bit. I can't help but wondering if her appointment and that of EU President Rompuy -- by appointment, not by popular EU election in that bloc's acknowledged "democratic deficit," is an updated version of the Weimar Republic of Germany that preceded Hitler's total takeover.

Better hold on to your seatbelts. 2010 looks like an upcoming rollercoaster year!

Stay tuned!


followers of yah huh ...

i follow Jesus the only begotten son of God, i speak english and this is why i call Him Jesus, any other language is unacceptable as i don't speak them and anything else is obfuscation....

there are these "holy name" denominations (and as these ppl understand me here i believe denominations are daughter harlots from rome the harlot)

i suggest you go back to the likes of sherry shriner and make orgasmic energy collectors (orgone)and keep praying to the pagan god yah... cause orgone is all about sex magic (yes read wilhelm reich an occultist)

and yes virginia there is a pagan god named yah...

this reminds me of sweet radar o rilley from m*a*s*h*, wow he was a cute as a button and he was to lead us to blaspheme Jesus name...
he would sound all sweet and innocent and say "gee whiz"
which of course is swearing by Jesus's whiskers, and we are to swear by no name, and not to use the Lord our God's name in vain, and yes it is vain to use Jesus name as a hamburger helper to conversation, or as an exclamation point...

radar is a great example of how something might look right at first and lead us to sin...
Anon at 7:32 AM,

never knew that. Found the site, checked out what you said, you're right. Thank you.
I would advise people to use moderation when talking about the Catholic Church. Please quit Catholic bashing. I wonder how a person will be judged who called Rome a "harlot", or the real presence"cannibalism"? Could it be Satan is stirring up hate for the one true Church? You never see so much disrespect and hate really for,say,The Methodist Church. I have to remind myself that the wolves in sheep's clothing in the Church (pedophiles, liberals, heretics, apostates, sexually active homosexuals, Satanists, Freemasons) do not constitute the Church but are just that (i.e. demons dressed in angels, metaphorically speaking). I believe an imminent schism will separate the wheat from the tare.
This could be a lot of fun for all of us. Can we join your game? What other fields have you added to your resume besides Judaism? Do you consider yourself qualified in physics, chemistry, psychology, music, art, and the culinary arts? I'm overweight but I want to tell everyone that I'm a gymnastics genius, a specialist on Christian terminology as I have some new and exciting theories about Jesus' twin, and maybe an architect as I was good with Lincoln logs. I'm sure you are all just waiting to hear what I can teach you about how atomic reactors work.

Just in case anyone is interested in what Jews say about the origin of Yah, here's something from the Jewish encyclopedia.

"...If the explanation of the form above given be the true one, the original pronunciation must have been Yahweh () or Yahaweh (). From this the contracted form Jah or Yah () is most readily explained, and also the forms Jeho or Yeho ( = ), and Jo or Yo (, contracted from ), which the word assumes in combination in the first part of compound proper names, and Yahu or Yah () in the second part of such names. The fact may also be mentioned that in Samaritan poetry rimes with words similar in ending to Yahweh, and Theodoret ("Quæst. 15 in Exodum") states that the Samaritans pronounced the name 'Iαβέ. Epiphanius ascribes the same pronunciation to an early Christian sect. Clement of Alexandria, still more exactly, pronounces 'Iαουέ or 'Iαουαί, and Origen, 'Iα. Aquila wrote the name in archaic Hebrew letters. In the Jewish-Egyptian magic-papyri it appears as Ιαωουηε. At least as early as the third century B.C. the name seems to have been regarded by the Jews as a "nomen ineffabile," on the basis of a somewhat extreme interpretation of Ex. xx. 7 and Lev. xxiv. 11 (see Philo, "De Vita Mosis," iii. 519, 529). Written only in consonants, the true pronunciation was forgotten by them. The Septuagint, and after it the New Testament, invariably render δκύριος ("the Lord").

"Various conjectures have been made in recent times respecting a possible foreign origin of this name. Some derive it from the Kenites, with whom Moses sojourned, Sinai, the ancient dwelling-place of Yhwh, having been, according to the oldest tradition, in the Kenite country. A Canaanite, and, again, a Babylonian, origin have been proposed, but upon grounds which are still uncertain. Various explanations of the meaning of the name, differing from that given above, have been proposed: e.g., (1) that it is derived from ("to fall"), and originally designated some sacred object, such as a stone, possibly an acrolite, which was believed to have fallen from heaven; (2) or from ("to blow"), a name for the god of wind and storm; (3) or from the "hif'il" form of ("to be"), meaning, "He who causes to be," "the Creator"; (4) or from the same root, with the meaning "to fall," "He who causes to fall" the rain and the thunderbolt—"the storm-god." The first explanation, following Ex. iii. 14, is, on the whole, to be preferred...."

You seem zealous for the Lord.
I wish I were more zealous for the Lord.
I agree with most of the things you've said,
but the fact that you're afraid to
post your name kind of negates
your testimony.
We are not called to be snipers or
secretive like the Jesuits.

Why the fear ?
Fear is the opposite of faith.
Anon at 8:14 AM, Who is the writer of the site you mentioned? Are they a credible and reliable source of information? In other words are they trustworthy?

Just because they have a site on the internet doesn't necessarily mean what they write is factually correct.


Constance has the influence on
this blog and has put up a tenacious fight against the nam and I'm very grateful for her hard work.

Catholicism is also very dangerous and heretical but will never be challenged on this blog.

I will continue to come here for the updates, however, for the average person to post any challenge to catholicism is useless and a waste of time.

The end is near, we will all give an account very soon.

To all, may you love truth, may your loyalty be to God's Word. The stakes are high!
Psalm 68:4 Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.

To Anonymous spammer:

In previous threads you have said, "My work is done here. PEACE" It is not worth my time or anyone else's here to go back and count the number of times you have stated this or similar.

Obviously, your word cannot be trusted because you continue to return. If your work is finished here, then "Good bye!"

You say, "Peace", but continue to instigate. Proverbs 6 describes the things that God hates. These include "a proud look"--your arrogance is repulsive
"a lying tongue"--you keep returning after you say that you're "done"
"feet that are swift to run to mischief" you seem to delight in the alleged apostasy of others
"heart that devises wicked imaginations"--your 7:32 post is disgusting
"hands that shed innocent blood"--in spirit, at least, your accusations seem bent on assassinating godly people's character
"he that sows discord among the brethren"--You say "Peace", but all the time you are instigating divisiveness

Constance is fond of saying, "Everyone deserves one warning." You have stated your so-called "warning" to us. Thank you. We have heard.

We know that a strategy of the NAM is to pit one against another to distract. You have done just this. Your darts have been effective in distraction.

I suggest to the rest in this blog, please do not reply to this "Anonymous" any more. To do so just legitimizes his/her attacks.

Thank you to all the faithful bloggers here. I appreciate all your posts. I am not the deep researchers that some of you are. But I greatly appreciate your input.

May you all be blessed.

Yes, I agree about Catholicism and the reason some of us continue to post about it is to warn those may come and read this blog, that they might know the truth and be set free.

Some people are new to the blog. The ones who have hardened their hearts will not change. They only become more determined.

May God in His great mercy open their eyes that they may be freed from their slavery.

Salvation is by Grace through Faith in Christ, not a Church.

Just to clarify, that I am not the anonymous poster that the above post is refering to.

Please be aware that anonymous does not mean that the same person is posting all the anonymous comments.

This is where I agree that people who want to be taken seriously should add their name at the end.

I don't recall seeing this mentioned recently, so forgive the repetition if such is the case.

Seems like things are really coalescing around the world, and all at the same time, around a time of "crisis".

Much of this crisis is manufactured of course, but is it creates an atmosphere necessary to bring about the changes desired by Satan as he gets one last at-bat to try and score against the home team - the winning team! :^)

While Copenhagen wraps up, this appears from a story posted over at FP:

But while some faith leaders are attending the climate conference in Copenhagen, another group of religious leaders are participating in an interfaith meeting in Melbourne, Australia, that is occurring at the same time. The Parliament of the World Religions conference, Dec. 3-9, addresses the topic of caring for the environment as well as reconciliation, poverty, and female empowerment.

Among the leaders at the World Religions conference are Dr. Joel Hunter, senior pastor of Northland Church in Orlando and a member of the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships; former U.S. president Jimmy Carter; and the Dalai Lama.

If someone has the time, can you try to find a list of prominent "church" leaders that are attending this year's Parliament of World Religions?

This has been a large building block of the coming deception for a long time now (first time I heard of it was from Constance about 25 years ago).

I'm at work on break and don't have the time to spare right now.

I hate anonymous posters because you can't tell them from the real deal. But then again, who gives a f.....farthing.
Caodaism, is this the new age one world religion they are planning for us? I am a regular reader of your blog, but have never posted here before. Saw a video on you tube about a new religion in Vietnam, disturbing. From Lucy
I sure am glad that we're all discussing Constance's blog post instead of arguing over silly issues that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

I'm also glad that so many of you have chosen to distinguish yourself by constantly selecting Anonymous as opposed to coming up with even a simple handle like the one I'm using. It makes it so much easier to follow the conversation when everyone selects "Anonymous".

- penfold
What we really need is a full-fledged discussion board, with different threads and where the discussions can be moderated (and trolls, etc, can be banned if the need arises).

I'm assuming that neither Constance nor anyone else here has the time to put into that.

I'm also assuming that the decision to keep the anonymous postings available was made for a variety of reasons, which I would consider good ones:

1. Due to the nature of the topics discussed, some people may not want their identity revealed.

2. Some people might not want to go to the trouble of creating an account at Google or somewhere else, but they might have important and timely information to share with the rest here. That would not be possible if anonymous posting was turned off.

3. It's just a little easier/quicker for those who DO have accounts to click anonymous and add their name at the end.

This isn't a discussion board, it's one person's blog, a person who has graciously allowed the comments section to be used like a discussion board (and who knows how many times she's been tempted to toss in the towel), and to expect it to be as easy to follow as a discussion board is unrealistic.

If you want a discussion board, then volunteer your time by contacting Constance and maybe she could come up with a solution. But I doubt it, because she's stated that she's really busy right now with various projects.

Anyway, that's my way-more-than-2-cents worth.

Today's self-appointed blog cop,

Or is this more to your liking? :^)
I like how you put 2010 is going to be a roller coaster year.
wee, wee, let everybody hang on. Get it.

Eagle eyes

Did someone die over at Google and make you Internet guru?

According to you, we should all be disciplined enough to stay on subject and refrain from posting comments that might illicit a reaction or cause someone else to post a contrary opinon. That would be bad form for a blog page. We need to stay on topic, identify the trolls and ban them, right? That's the beauty of discussion boards, right?

Ahh, now I see.

Yes, in the name of keeping things organized and civil, we should register all users, that way we can sort the wheat from the chaff and get rid of the creeps. How very thoughtful of you.

A blog/comment page invites a rather unseemly and disorganized discussion, some would call it an open democracy format. Sure, it can degenerate into a long drawn out off topic argument. There's simply no way to prevent that from happening in a free format like this.

When an argument develops, those who feel they have made their case and see no point in arguing any longer, let go and move on. Real sociopaths are easily bored, tire quickly, and they move on also. Blog addicts persist a lot longer, but those with thin skins, quickly leave because the old pit bulls drive them away. A cagey old troll like me comes and goes.

Please tell me how a moderated discussion board, where each person is not just identified by Google and it's CIA overseers, like all users of this blog page are, (including the anons), but are also identified by some board administrator who has at his/her disposal more advanced tools to restrict users, edit information, and shape the debate, is preferable to the freer and more open, yet admittedly imperfect, blog and comment format used here?

Constance already has the tools to delete comments. She has shown an extremely high level of tolerance and discretion when using the delete button. Sometimes I too think she allows too much chaff into the mix, but that's just my opinion. She obviously has a lot more patience and a higher pain threshold than I do.

It's almost as easy to click Name/URL as Anonymous.

But even if it was so much more difficult, seriously, how hard is it to write your name (real or invented) at the bottom of your anonymous post?

But whatever.

- penfold
Yes, how about comments on what I posted????? And I am smelling HOUSE OF YAHWEH stuff here, a truly despicable cult!

Anon 7:32,

If you speak English as you claim, do you also write in English. Capitalization is required at the beginning of a sentence or for a proper noun. When you write about speaking English and slaughter the language, it's hard to take you seriously. Seriously, I thought English was a second language for you. Plus, it'll make everyone understand you better.
This is off-topic, but relates to the previous one on global warming. Here's an interesting fact concerning Al Gore's own house:

Apparently, George W. Bush is more environmentally sound than Al Gore.
Here's even more interesting facts from one of our local chief meteorolgists in West Michigan:

If Al Gore is so afraid of heat, maybe he should repent, seek forgiveness, and follow Jesus.
I think it would be a matter of funds as far as a message board goes. I believe that there could be several long term residence of this blog (like myself and a few others) who would be willing to help moderate.
Has anyone ever heard of Project Blue Beam?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jesus Christ would not apporve of this, I'm sure!


Middle East & Israel Breaking News » Israel » Article

Dec 17, 2009 23:52 | Updated Dec 18, 2009 2:36

Yesh Din: Ofra uses dogs to keep Palestinians off their own farmland

Settlers in Ofra are using attack dogs to keep Palestinians from cultivating land they own near the settlement, the human rights organization Yesh Din charged in a petition filed in the High Court of Justice earlier this week.

An assault dog in Ofra.
Photo: Dan Izenberg

SLIDESHOW: Israel & Region | World Yesh Din attorneys Michael Sfard, Shlomi Zachary and Avisar Lev filed the petition on behalf of the head of the Silwad village council, Nael Hamad, and three village residents.

According to the petitioners, the entire settlement of Ofra is built illegally on land belonging to Silwad and the nearby Palestinian village of Ein Yabrud, but the petition applies only to land allegedly seized by the settlers outside the built-up area of the settlement.

According to the petition, "ring roads surrounding and fencing in hundreds of dunams of privately owned land were built around the settlement and the outposts surrounding it, and other physical obstacles, including earth embankments and fences" have also been erected.

Along parts of the fence, the settlers have posted assault dogs to help keep the legitimate landowners out, the petitioners charged.

Altogether, Ofra has closed off access to 3,100 dunams belonging to farmers in Silwad and Ein Yabrud, according to Yesh Din. In the past, the farmers had grown olives, figs and seasonal crops on the land.

"Now it has become fallow, abandoned land which, apparently, as past experience has shown, constitutes additional land reserves for the illegal expansion of the illegal settlement," the organization charged.

The Jerusalem Post sought a response from Ofra secretary Meir Nahliel, but he was not available to reply.
Anon at 9:54 PM, please do not use such disgusting language. It is degrading to all here including yourself.

Thank you

URL to article:
Obama set to push through global tax?

How do we spell T - R - E - A - S - O - N ????

Don't know about everybody else's but my heart is starting to fail from fear of the things coming upon the earth!

Constance, remember fear not. Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world. The shifting sands of the political maneuvers and growing confluence of the satanic webs are but a time. What is to fear? The things that will come to pass, will come and then soon the return of the King of Kings.
Things are coming down fast - I have a feeling that the next couple of years will be extremely eventful - but many folk are going forward with their eyes closed - Thats why this blog is so very important - and thats why I put up with the Catholic bashing and anti-semitism that surfaces here from time to time - I am Catholic and my great grandparents were Jewish -LOL - many thanks to Dorothy and Susan and Constance and others who take the time to post their detailed research - I take what I learn here and pass it on...
God Bles you all
wilhelm reich was a sick man who believed in the power of orgasm, and ppl who follow him make these talismans called orgone busters and they tell ppl its to disperse chem trails, this is crowleian sex magic and needs to be exposed and ppl need to know that sherry shriner worships "yah" which is a pagan god and sells and teaches ppl to make these things...

the fact that you deleted that post proves that you are in the "truth movement" which true believers in Christ have found was created by you lucifer worshipers...

you are in the network,i bet you party with alex jones and Greg Anthony szymanski at bohemian grove... lol

and why are ppl upset i wont capitalize ... its because i only do that for God, Jesus and such... this really shows your colors, you are angry i wont revere anyone but God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit ... lulz

the real fact is im not here to post for you but to debunk you, all of you, i have seen true blue christians show up and then promptly leave, im here at times when you are not, the message is for any who stumble upon this blog and are the true flock and accidentally think this is a place for edifying the ppl
I guess it takes all kinds. The guy who wants to take over and police this blog makes me nervous. We who post anon. are well-aware that Big Brother knows who we are and what and where we are posting. Nothing we can do about that but get off the web. It's all coming down regardless. We just hope to keep people aware as it's coming down and maybe get a few more people to open their eyes. I would hope most of us can sort through the crazies and ignore them. I know I do.
Sounds like we have a troll trying to get attention. The best way to deal with a pest is to ignore it.

Constance-- I am surprised that you posted that from Alex Jones site. Do you think it is a creditable site and or information? I thought he had been debunked here a long time ago?
Dear Constance,

Re:I can't help but wondering if her (Catherine Ashton's) appointment and that of EU President Rompuy -- by appointment, not by popular EU election in that bloc's acknowledged "democratic deficit," is an updated version of the Weimar Republic of Germany that preceded Hitler's total takeover.

If the reports are true about Catherine Ashton's alleged past ties to the former Soviet Union, then her attitude may simply be a reflection of the attitude of her former Soviet "masters."

You will recall that Ashton once served as a paid organizer for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the late 1970's and served as treasurer from 1980-1982.

The CND is suspected of having covertly received Soviet funding.

Against that hypothetical background, the lack of fuss about the real life Catherine Ashton’s involvement with the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the 1980s looks puzzling. Ms Ashton (as she was then) was a paid organiser for CND in the late 1970s and its treasurer from 1980-82.

It is worth remembering that CND was (and is) a legal organisation. It encompassed a wide range of views. Some supporters simply wanted Britain to get rid of its outdated and expensive “independent” nuclear deterrent. Others thought that the Reagan administration’s decision to put medium-range cruise and Pershing nuclear missiles in Europe was mistaken. Some idealists believed that a strong peace movement in Western Europe would inspire those behind the Iron Curtain to demand disarmament from their rulers too. Some were outright pacifists; others argued that nuclear weapons were so dangerous that “better red than dead” was the only rational approach.

Yet the fact remains that the Kremlin found CND and other “peace movements” useful ways of undermining the unity of NATO, weakening the West’s defence posture and stoking anti-Americanism.

The ex-dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, an expert in Soviet penetration of the West, says: “the worldwide disarmament campaign in the early 1980s was covertly orchestrated from Moscow. To a substantial extent it was also funded by the Soviet bloc”.

As CND’s treasurer, Ms Ashton argued publicly for the organisation to produce audited accounts, to counter allegations of covert Soviet support. That does not convince Mr Bukovsky. CND funding, and who knew what when, may merit further investigation.

The real scandal, though, is the West’s continuing amnesia about the cold war. Given the Soviet Union’s history of mass murder, subversion, and deceit, it is astonishing that even tangential association with Soviet-backed causes in the past does not arouse the moral outrage now that is still so readily evoked by connections with the (undisputedly revolting) regime in South Africa. Most CND veterans see their peacenik days, at worst, as romantic youthful idealism. Warm-hearted but soft-headed, maybe: but better than being cold-hearted and hard-headed...
read more....


The Soviet Union also played a significant role in the Arab-Israeli conflict which was a major part of the Cold War.

After severing diplomatic relations with Israel immediately following the June 1967 War involving the Soviet Union's Arab allies, the Soviet Union did not renew contacts with Israel until August 1986 - just about three years after Ashton reportedly left CND.

Add to that the fact that Israel has been - and still is - a major ally of the United States and has been one of the most pro-American countries in the world, it isn't difficult to understand why Israel would have had a hard time winning friends and influencing people in her dealings with the former Soviet Union.

U.S. Interest:
While Israel needs American security guarantees to survive what it perceives as a hostile region, the United States has relied on Israel to counter communism in the region during the cold war, support a market economy approach in the region, and as a reliable ally in its various Middle East policy projects. Both sides routinely coordinate regional strategies exemplified by allegations of cooperation in Israeli attacks on Lebanon in 2006. The United States also benefits from close cooperation between its intelligence communities and those of Israel.
1956 War:
The 1956 Suez Crisis saw the combined forces of Britain, France, and Israel attack Egypt. Egypt had nationalized the Suez Canal after the US and Britain refused to fund the Aswan Dam, President Nasser's flagship developmental project. In all of the major Arab-Israeli wars, this conflict was the only one where American demands ran contrary to Israeli policy. In the end, the United States effectively demanded an end to the aggression and rallied for a U.N. mandated solution to the conflict.
Arab Nationalism:
Though the United States might have stopped Britain, France and Israel from removing President Nasser from power in 1956, America and Israel increasingly became united in their desire to end Nasser's reign. Nasser had mobilized a large base of followers across all Arab countries with his call for Arab Nationalism, which combined with anti-Israel/pro-Palestine rhetoric made Israel keen on removing Nasser. At the same time, Nasser's rhetoric was also anti-American as he moved closer to the Soviet camp during the height of the Cold War, putting him at odds with American policy.
1967 War:
This environment resulted in more support of Israel during President Lyndon Johnson's administration. In June of 1967 Israel launched what it called a preemptive strike against Egypt after various acts of brinkmanship from Egypt's Nasser. Although the United States did not provide combat support to Israel during its most successful war, material and political support flowed freely. For the United States, not only did Israel's victory humiliate Nasser who was a stumbling block for U.S. plans in the region, but the war also took on a symbolic glow, where an American proxy beat the combined forces of Soviet proxies....
read more....

It is possible that Catherine Ashton and Van Rompuy are serving as "proxies" for the ringleaders of something that used to be called "glasnost."
When I posted my suggestion that perhaps the things discussed here would be better discussed in a discussion board format, please realize it was only a suggestion. My "self-appointed blog cop" signature was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

Sorry if I got anyone upset.

Discussion boards are better for what goes on here in many ways, organization being the main one. "Someone said something about where was that?" etc

I've helped moderate a discussion board, so when coming over here I bring that experience with me. It's an adjustment....I'll get over it.

For the curious (Dawn?), the cost of running the board I help with is around $200 a year which was mostly donated from regular members, and we have 5 people who share the load in helping to moderate it. It brings a new set of headaches, to be sure, because then the moderators have to talk among each other regarding various tasks, etc.

I know all about how easy it is to find out who posted. There are certain "elements" though, who might get upset about something posted here, who do not have easy access to that information.

I apologize if my recent postings about this topic have upset anyone, or caused them concern - that was not my intent.

I guess I was just blowing off steam because of how frustrating this format can be compared to what I'm used to. I just don't like scrolling up and through 100 posts to find one piece of information that I wanted to share with someone else to tell them "See? This is what I'm talking about...."

I value the input here - there are things posted here that can be found nowhere else! Thanks to everyone who puts their time into this place, and in the search for Truth, which ultimately should point to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

"Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!"


El Shaddai - Danny Berrios

How Great Thou Art by Alan Jackson
New video about the Norway star:
Regarding fear:

This is something I have struggled with - as do many - all my life. But God has given me a peace about the things coming. He also gave me something that I posted in a blog soon after Obama's election. It was based on a letter my uncle sent out to his family, and God placed on my heart some things to write to supplement it. He gets all the glory on this one folks, and I pray that you might find some encouragement in it:



From the article below, you will notice that Russia is part of what is called "THE QUARTET" (a.k.a. The Quartet on the Middle East, sometimes called the Diplomatic Quartet or Madrid Quartet).

....The British stateswoman,(Ashton) who has also served as the Commissioner for Trade in the European Commission, said that in the EU's view, "East Jerusalem is occupied territory, together with the West Bank."

Ashton demanded that Israel immediately lift its blockade on the Gaza Strip, and reiterated that the union opposes the existence of the West Bank separation fence, as it opposes evictions of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem.

The stateswoman, whose full title is Baroness Ashton of Upholland, also only defined Israel's partial freeze of West Bank settlement construction as a "first step," as opposed to the warmer description of the move by EU foreign ministers, who last week took "positive note" of it.

In her address to MEPs in Strasbourg, Ashton, who was only recently appointed to the new position, said she had spoken with Israelis, Palestinians and the U.S. Secretary of State about the role the Quartet of international mediators, and that of its special envoy to the region, Tony Blair.

Ashton said she had told Blair personally that, "The Quartet [a special group set up by the U.S., EU, UN and Russia] must demonstrate that it is worth the money, that it is capable of being reinvigorated."

Following her comments, a number of MEPs from the Liberal side of the house called for punitive measures against Israel, including the suspension of the EU's Association Agreement. Irish centre-left member Proinsias De Rossa, who visited the West Bank last week, called Israel's treatment of Palestinians a form of "apartheid."

This time it was neither the "infamous" Swedish president who pulled the EU toward an anti-Israel resolution, nor a "daydreaming judge" in Britain who issued an arrest warrant against an Israeli foreign minister. Criticism of Israel has become the language of choice in European discourse more....



Office of the Spokesman
Washington, DC

September 24, 2009



.....In April 2004, president George W. Bush sent a letter to prime minister Ariel Sharon stating that it was unrealistic to expect that Israel would withdraw from its large "population centers" in the West Bank. This acknowledgement of the settlement blocs granted a portion of the settlements a degree of legitimacy that Obama's formal remarks denied.

It also led Bush to accept the fact that Israel was not going to withdraw to the 1967 lines and was entitled to "defensible borders." The Bush letter, moreover, received massive support from both houses of the US Congress in June 2004, providing it with bipartisan backing (including Rep. Rahm Emanuel and Sen. Hillary Clinton). Given the language Obama used at the UN - and the Quartet now backed - it is not surprising that his administration has not openly committed itself to the 2004 letter.

The Quartet statement also goes out of its way to back the Palestinian Authority's new plan for building the institutions of a Palestinian state over the next 24 months - which was drafted by Palestinian Prime Minister Salaam Fayad. On the one hand, the Fayad Plan appears to address Israel's call for bottom-up peacemaking by tackling head-on the lack of sufficient self-governing bodies on the Palestinian side. On the other hand, it is a program that leads the Palestinian Authority seven-eighths of the way to an independent Palestinian state, leaving ambiguous how the Palestinians get to the finish line. What it leaves open is the possibility of a unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinians or by someone else.

For example, during July the EU's Javier Solana lectured in London and said that if the peace process was going nowhere, the international community should consider recognizing a Palestinian state under a UN resolution even without Israel's consent. He called for a fixed deadline for future negotiations. The Fayad Plan could prepare the groundwork for such international action by providing the Palestinians with the main legal preconditions for recognition: the exercise of effective governmental control, the capacity to engage in foreign relations, and a defined territory.

The last criteria for statehood is the most problematic. According to Solana, after the UN Security Council proclaims the adoption of a two-state solution, it will also adopt further follow-up resolutions regarding the highly contentious issues of refugees, Jerusalem and borders. In short, the Solana plan is an imposed solution, using the UN Security Council as its main instrument, which will decide the issue of Israel's future borders and those of the Palestinian state.

There is an Israeli belief that the Solana plan would not have been floated without consulting high-level US officials. It is difficult to substantiate this argument on the basis of the public record alone. Yet, given the changing language on borders used by the Obama administration, as well as the Quartet's policy statement, this line of argument cannot be dismissed. With the principle of reciprocity jettisoned, there will be a straight path to Palestinian statehood in two years, regardless of whether the Palestinians are fulfilling their obligations under the road map or the Oslo Agreements from the 1990s.

Israeli diplomacy is heading for unchartered waters, having to balance between negotiations with the Palestinians and the possibility of a new muscular multilateralism at the UN, led by the Quartet. What is clear is that if the Palestinians understand that they will receive a Palestinian state on a silver platter in two years time - that will additionally be based on the 1967 lines - then why should Mahmoud Abbas bother to negotiate or make a single concession?... entire article...
Old Rugged Cross
"followers of yah"? Sounds suspiciously like "Yisrael Ben Hawkins" or House of Yahweh, a SUPER BAD CULT!!

I'll be honest, I don't particularly like the MODERATED bulletin boards -- too many obstacles to posting anything. I avoid posting to them. The "collapse comments" section can work for us to a reasonable extent.

To Constance,

Well, I was wrong to have posted it, and am not in favor of it per se. Just wanted folks to consider a couple of videos on there relating to endtimes and not pushing anything to do with any cultish beliefs they may or may not have gotten themselves involved with.

Moreover, there is a big difference between regretting having HAD to rebuke you so strongly, which I do and which fills my heart with great sorrow, and regretting having rebuked you so strongly, which I do not. This is because you sowed doubt about the honor of a Christian brother, Francis Chan, implying what he was teaching was cult-like or of a cult. This is damaging to any on this blog that may have gained something from that sound teaching knowing the influence you have.

If I hurt you with my remarks, I am sorry, but I am not sorry for having made them.

(From blog page: "A CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY?" 4:50/5:03/5:41 PM)
To Constance,

Well, I was wrong to have posted, at 7:13 AM here, shown by my post here at 8:14 AM, and am not in favor of it per se. Just wanted folks to consider a couple of videos on there relating to endtimes and not pushing anything to do with any cultish beliefs they may or may not have gotten themselves involved with.

Moreover, there is a big difference between regretting having HAD to rebuke you so strongly, which I do and which fills my heart with great sorrow, and regretting having rebuked you so strongly, which I do not. This is because you sowed doubt about the honor of a Christian brother, Francis Chan, implying what he was teaching was cult-like or of a cult. This is damaging to any on this blog that may have gained something from that sound teaching knowing the influence you have.

If I hurt you with my remarks, I am sorry, but I am not sorry for having made them.

(From blog page: "A CHILD ABUSE INDUSTRY?" 4:50/5:03/5:41 PM)

10:52 AM
It is possible that Catherine Ashton and Van Rompuy are serving as "proxies" for the ringleaders of something that used to be called "glasnost."

This is one of my concerns about Ashton -- her ties to Soviet influence, via the CND, which is still going on, although under different names than "Soviet".

It is my belief that the effort to subvert Europe and integrate it into a new "Soviet Europe" is still underway.

Glasnost and perestroika provided tools to deceive the West into thinking that they had won the Cold War. The purpose of that deception was to allow Soviet/KGB influence and expansion to continue, only without Western opposition. Why oppose something that has supposedly been defeated?

Another purpose was to break apart the NATO alliance, and this is where Ashton's roots need to be examined more closely, as she was a part of one of the "progressive movements" mentioned here:

In order to gain technology and money from the West, Moscow also planned to launch an unprecedented peace offensive, which would involve the liquidation of the communist bloc. About this plan, Sejna wrote: “The erosion of NATO begun in Phase Two [of the Plan] would be completed by the withdrawal of the United States from its commitment to the defense of Europe, and by European hostility to military expenditure, generated by economic recession and fanned by the efforts of the ‘progressive’ movements. To this end we envisaged that it might be necessary to dissolve the Warsaw Pact, in which event we had already prepared a web of bilateral defense arrangements, to be supervised by secret committees of Comecon.”

(Quote is from this article - a must-read for those here interested in the Soviet/Russian threat:

Perhaps her role in CND was one of "warm-hearted but soft-headed", but if more sinister than that, then her history of supporting Soviet causes in the early 80s makes her someone to watch. If not the Soviet Empire anymore, then her allegiances still may lie with a controlling power that would subjugate the "common people" to a higher controlling power established upon an ideology of creating a new world of peace and harmony through coercion.


Re:This is one of my concerns about Ashton -- her ties to Soviet influence, via the CND, which is still going on, although under different names than "Soviet".


Gorbachev talks about a so-called "Third Way," which from his lifestyle appears to be "Communism for the people, Capitalism for himself.

Interestingly, Catherine Ashton left the CND only about three years before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Was she being covertly groomed for a new role?

Another article I previously posted indicates that those NATO -related entities that were compromised by "red" CND influence are compromised still.....since one of the main objectives of the CND was to weaken NATO.

Here are a couple more interesting Articles:


One of the comments for the above linked Daily Mail article shows that we are not alone in our concerns over what the former Soviet Union has morphed into:

Well why should all this be at all surprising about the top hierachy of the EU Commission. I have always called them "Commie Commizzars aux Bruxxelles et Strasbourg", as a joke. But the old saying - "Many a True Word is Spoken in Jest" might just be correct.

How many old time Communists, Ex-KGB agents, Comsomol and old time Stazi fellow travellers are there in the EU Commission, and just what are their agendas?




And this "must-read" article from the Brussels Journal:


On Tuesday the Lisbon Treaty comes into force and the European Union (EU) takes on the status of a genuine state with its own President and Foreign Minister. The Russian newspaper Pravda (Nov. 4) recently wrote that the EU is beginning to look like a “reincarnation of the USSR.” The appointment of Cathy Ashton as the first EU Foreign Minister (full title” “High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy”) would seem to confirm this.

In the 1980s, Ashton was the treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), a British organization, infiltrated by Marxists, which advocated the disarmament of the West in the face of the Soviet Union’s arsenal of SS-20 nuclear missiles. It is almost certain that CND received Soviet funding for its efforts to thwart the policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher which would lead to the collapse of the Soviet empire and the liberation of Eastern Europe.

Exactly 20 years after this liberation, at last month’s secret meeting of the governments of the 27 EU member states, Ashton, now a Baroness, was appointed Europe’s Foreign Minister. It came as an insult to the brave men and women who fought and died for Eastern Europe’s liberty in the four decades between 1945 and 1989. Last Wednesday, Nov. 25, Nigel Farage, a British member of the European Parliament (MEP), brought up Ashton’s CND past in a speech in the Parliament. He was shouted down and reprimanded by the Speaker. Farage was told that, if he continued to show “disrespect” for the EU leadership, he would face “disciplinary action.”..
A snow storm in Copenhagen and a snow storm in Washington, D.C. Is God telling us something? On a day that seems as if health care reform is a happening thing.

I have a couple of questions. Why these compromised bills? Why didn't Obama fully push the liberal agenda of a government-run system? Why a compromised climate change agreement? Is the health care bill really about health care? What's really in that bill that's so important? Is the climate change deal really about helping the environment? Is it more about the NWO?
David in BC,
I notice that state sponsored abortiion
is tucked away in the bill and that some
states, such as Nebraska, have agreed
to look the other way IF they can get
some of those huge piles of money
for their own pet projects.
Talk about your ulterior motives.
It's the kind of thing that
could bring down the judgement
of God almighty on this formerly
Christian nation.
This comment has been removed by the author.

I just tried calling you at the office. I'll try you later this evening after I'm back from running errands.

Regarding the Weimar Republic, I think you've hit that nail on the head. This is what I e-mailed one of my regular correspondents about Solana:

1) The position of High Representative was given to an inexperienced individual who is finding the position to be over her head.

2) The European Security and Defense Politcy (10 nation military organization) has been changed to the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP).

3) Under the Lisbon Treaty, the CSDP and its related preparatory bodies are to be chaired as follows: "The CSDP-related preparatory bodies shall be chaired by a representative of the High Representative".

Does this look like sleight of hand or what?
David in BC @ 2:23
Paul @ 3:16

At the same time these were happening, DC's City Council also passed legislation recognizing same-sex marriage from other localities (DC's not a state). There are two male homosexual members on the Council, one of whom was the force behind this.

Supporters think that homosexual marriages may begin in DC in March. Congress still has to weigh in, however. But, with a liberal Democrat Congress and supportive President, I expect that there will be no dissent.
Sodom and Egypt...
Paul and anonymous:

I believe within all these bills lie the overall establishment of a global government system. How many pages is this health care bill? Thousands? Even if this bill is posted on-line for "transparency" purposes, it is virtually inaccessible due to the length of it. Let's face it, the U.S. is going to lose its soveignty; perhaps it has already done this in some way.

It's okay, though. God is in control. In the end God wins. For me it really puts Christmas in perspective.
Amen David,
God wins. And the reason for a lot of these things
are for the very purpose, IMHO, of making people
look to God. It's about Him.
"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it
be afraid"
"When ye see these things come to pass, look up
for your redemption draweth near"
"...but I say unto you, watch..."

Give God the glory.
David in Battle Creek,

Yes, God has a way of communicating, take the tornado in Mlps. Snow both in DC and Coppenhagen when come to a climate agreement.
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