Sunday, December 20, 2009

As year nears end, 70th week Jerusalem prophecies look ominously plausible

As the year ends, the tensions between Israel and the European Union are clearly increasing. Catherine Ashton is off to an extremely shaky start on her "diplomacy" with Israel. I am personally wondering where Javier Solana is on this -- is he coaching from the sidelines, or will he again "emerge" with heightened powers"? Is there somebody even more ominous and charismatic lurking whom we have missed. The 70th week prophecies from Daniel are looking frighteningly plausible. Read about it by clicking here, here and here.

Stay tuned!



or by

clicking "Herb Peters" link at right of my blogspot. She thinks it possible that Javier Solana will be chosen to head the PSC committee -- one that he ran all along for the past 10 years,


URL to article:
Fr. Enrique Rueda, a long time traditional priest and the author of The Homosexual Network, died last Monday, December 14th at 3:00 PM in Miami, Florida. Fr. Rueda had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last January. He received the last rites from Fr. Timothy Hopkins from St. Philomena Shrine in Miami.
Just to re-cap...
Or may be...

Alex Jones? Is he related to Jimmy Jones? Folks sure went running headlong, without heeding sound warning, after him too.


The WEU now lists Mr. A. Jacomet as Secretary-General of the WEU.
Mr. A. Jacomet is listed as having a second role also, that of Administrator.
There is no SECRETARY GENERAL showing for the Western European Union -- only the Secretariat General which was always a SEPARATE CATEGORY. Mr. Jacomet shows as SECRETARY GENERAL of the WEU SECRETARIAT GENERAL, not as THE SECRETARY GENERAL of it.

Thanks Constance.

Makes sense, hadn't gotten that first.

Javier Solana is still listed as EU High Representative for CFSP & as Secretary General of the Council of the EU on the "Security and Defence Agenda" SDA site. Not updated it - or something more sinister?
You have a most interesting blog
God bless you and your family
I guess only time will tell whether the Copenhagen Accord has established a global government framework (no matter who the source is).
read this and find Milband quoted.
Antichrists of different statures will precede the one prophesied 2000 years or so ago. He will be hailed as the long-awaited messiah by a majority of Jews. He will succeed where everyone else has failed for the last 30 years : having both Israelis and Palestinians agree to a 7-year peace accord. Can you begin to imagine what kind of authority, prestige and so on that tour de force will grant him? His imminent appearance will likely mimic that of Solana: from someone no-one knows to a man who is entrusted with a lot of power in virtually no time. I believe he'll even have good words for/about Jesus, except he will deny his deity, which lots of people do nowadays, even so-called christians. What we're witnessing is the stage being set for him. His whole being will be so different from what we've seen from powerful, charismatic leaders, we'll know right away who he is. People will either think he's God in the flesh or the closest Satan can get to being incarnate." Recommendation 666? Is the seat being kept warm for him? In all likelyhood, I think it is.
queuanon: well said, frameworks are being laid for what is yet to come.
An interesting article on Ashton's real power.
Sorry to hear about Fr. Rueda. He did brave work against the Homosexual Network.

Solana is history.
He is nearly 70!
Look elsewhere.
i for one can not ask God to bless conny ...

if you wish Godspeed to any whom are doing evil, then you be a partaker in their evil works...

and as conny has stated about the satanic religion islam, she believes its not a bad religion, she believes they interpreted the koran wrong...

well conny you are a liar

next you will try to tell us they were reading it with the book upside down... lulz

you know what religion embraces islam? roman catholocism, they both share goddess worship

to all the jews on this board, you need to get Jesus

and to the fake or deluded christians who have not discovered the diabolical truth about the truth movement....

either you will discover the truth, or the truth be not in you, and if you find one flaw in the logic of a truther, you have uncovered a hypocrite, and if they attack you for pointing this out, you have hit the nail on the head ...
Article today on about China's increasing shpere of influence in the Middle East. Remember the prophecy concerning the "kings from the East"? Fits in perfectly along with the timing of all else that is going on.
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