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I've found myself extraordinarily depressed over the death of one of my very favorite on line blogging allies -- Carrie Tomko. She had a literal goldmine of research and resources. I've spent every spare minute the last few days archiving all of her site I could catch. It took 30 Adobe pdf file pages of approximately 200 pages each and that was after I eliminated unnecessary pages.

God took Herb Peters home two years ago and now he has taken Carrie Tomko. I confess I miss them both so very much and my prayers are with both their families. If I didn't have so much to do at the office I would to get to her Cleveland area funeral on April 14th. Law, as they accurately say, "is a jealous mistress" and I am unable to see my way clear to get away. I also need to find time to get to my home town of Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as see family in western Michigan.

Pray for me. I am going to seek Carrie's family's permission to post her archives in my on line repository -- the same place you may download my two books and other relevant material and presentations. It is to the right as "Presentations for downloading" link or you may click here. Lee Penn has given me the great news that I might very soon be able to make his entire extremely important book, FALSE DAWN, similarly available for downloading. Of course, it is good to have the hard copy as well which you can obtain from Lee's own websites or from

Pray for me. Pray for Carrie's family!

Constance, I did not know Carrie, but I can see that she was very precious to many people. I went to a funeral last week and reminded the family that (of course we cry and are sad) but we don't weep as those who have no hope. Whether by the grave or the catching away, we will be reunited and in this truth we comfort one another.

I'll pray for you and the family.
Praying for you as well, Constance...

We do not say, 'Goodbye', only 'See you later...'

May God hold you and Carrie's family in His tender hand.

The History Channel ran the Maitreya promo twice this weekend, both around 4:30pm. In the previous thread the question was asked re: the star, if it was the space station. Perhaps...there is a video on Youtube titled "Maitreya's "Star in the Day" Miracle - Does the NWO have the technology to pull it off?" which provides some other information about the Star Guide Laser System. For those who have watched the latest SI videos, they are now asking people to "invite" Maitreya (or requesting an "invocation" of an entity).
A NA publication, where Creme describes his Maitreya as a shapeshifter. Other notable names in the NA movement contribute articles, similar to the Vision Project.
Please don't be sad, Constance.

We all need to feel only JOY that both Carrie and Herb are enjoying their eternal reward with Our Heavenly Father. They would not want you to be depressed. Their words will live on and will always remain with us.
Constance - I'm so sorry for your loss, as well as send my condolences to Ms. Tomko's family. Even though we as Christians have the hope of the Resurrection and know that our loved ones are already in the presence of Christ, we are not spared the grief, sadness and depression that comes from no longer having them with us in the body. As a Christian who has recently lost their husband, it can be distressing to hear things such as "Oh death where is thy sting?", and "don't be sad, they are in Heaven" quoted when we are in the throes of the deepest agony we have ever known and others want us to be less sad as quickly as possible. Our society as a whole, even well-meaning Christians, are quick to talk away the awful reality and permanance of death. There is a good reason it is called our greatest enemy - because it wounds us to the core. It is alright to grieve someone you have loved and cherished. A quote that has helped me is "Grief is the pain that comes from having loved someone more than you loved yourself". Please give yourself permission to grieve without apology - she was your friend.
The post by Anonymous at 4:34 PM hit home with me. My husband died 3 months ago and there is NO way to bear the grief. I am close to losing my faith, but of course that isn't really possible--the Lord keeps me close to Him by His hand, not by mine. I am his sheep, so He seeks for me in the ravine of dispair. I do pray for the rapture, even though your dear friend Herb, Constance, did not beleve in it. Herb could be right about other things and not right about the rapture.

One thing I have learned in my life is that ALL of us err in some way.
Only God has ALL the answers.

I pray God to comfort you, Constance, and give you respite from your endless work.

Hi Constance,

I am heartbroken over Carrie's death as well.

She was my friend and apart from my participation on her blog, we e-mailed each other almost every day when we weren't busy with our other family responsibilities.

Carrie was a true believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This is why I think it is significant that Carrie was called home during Holy Week....the week in which we commemorate the Work of our Redemption wrought by Christ through His Passion, Death and Resurrection.

I felt privileged to have been able to "fight the good fight" shoulder to shoulder with this "soldier of Christ."

May she rest in peace.
Thank you for the kind words. I can tell all definitely that Herb Peters definitely believed in the rapture. He (and I) did/do not believe it precedes the revelation of the man of perdition (antichrist) because of the plain wording of 2nd Thessalonians, Chapter 2. "Now as regards the coming of our Lord and our gathering together unto him, let no one deceive you by any means for that day will not come until the falling away (apostasia) come first AND the man of perdition be revealed . . ."

Herb (and I) am afraid that if Christians are not prepared for possible persecution, they may lose their faith, betray one another and fall away as Jesus warned in Matthew 24.

Of course, both of us were literally rooting for the pre-trib interpretation to be right. I leaned towards mid-trib or post trib, but most definitely the Bible does prophesy a meeting the Lord IN THE AIR which does presuppose a rapture. It is important to note IN THE AIR and NOT 'on the air' as Pat Robertson and others have suggested that the prophecy meant that every eye could behold him -- by television. That interpretation does not match Scripture, but it does match Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme's teachings.

What is the scripture that refers to Green in the last days?

Thanks for your help!

How privileged you were to know Carrie as well as you did and vice versa for Carrie to you.

I am still chuckling over her Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookie recipe from December 19th, 2006. Carrie could be a real stitch! "Cherry Mistmas" and all.

Please deliver my personal condolences to her loved ones. I truly wish I could be there tomorrow, but it's not possible.

Dear Mariel:

I appreciate your presence on this blogspot forum so very, very much. It is faith in God's wisdom and divine providence - not to mention MERCY that keeps us going, doesn't it?

I found Carrie through your blog years ago and I will never be able to say thank you enough for sharing such an incredible gift with me. I will miss Carrie's reflections on life and faith which I enjoyed reading every day she was able.

I am excited and relieved to know you have been working on saving all Carrie's works. Thank you for making sure her treasures remain available to us all.

Because of the fact that Carrie lived in Ohio and I live in Massachusetts, ours was, of necessity, an online friendship.

She and I worked on several articles together and you are right. She could be a "real stitch."

I have yet to try one of those "chocolate martinis" she used to love to occasionally indulge in at luncheons and various outings with her fellow Red-Hatters.

Rest assured I have contacted her husband and daughter and have delivered your personal condolances.

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