Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Russians admit Javier Solana's army ("Peacekeepers") into Georgia

According to an article appearing in today's NEW YORK TIMES, Russian gatekeepers have allowed approximately 200 EU "peacekeepers" ("civilian observers") into Georgia. This is the latest in many deployments of military forces under Javier Solana's WEU/EU watch. As I have reported in past articles, Canada and Argentina have contributed manpower to the EU forces.

Stay tuned!


P.S. Big EU job opportunity. Your "chain of command" will be to report to the SG/HR, better known to us as the Herr Javier Solana. Sure hope this is for the GREAT LAKES of Africa and NOT the USA's Great Lakes which is where I live!   Sorry, one needs a sense of humor to survive all of this and this I could not resist.  Saw it on the same story blaming USA for global financial ills.


Hope you are feeling better.

Off topic but regarding the "Children of the Fourth Reich" video (couldn't think of a better term)-it is now on AOL news, which surprised me. I sent it on to my liberal friends this morning after they sent me the Sam Harris Newsweek article on Sarah Palin. I asked them that since they are so worried about religious fanatism which did they think was more scary- the Harris story or the Let us Pray video.

Since many of my friends on the list are also Jewish, I asked them to also look closely at the symbol on the drum in the middle of the video.

Does anyone other than me think it looks like the symbol of the Thule society, that launched the Nazi party for Hitler?

Here's the link to the AOL article titled Let us Pray to Obama:

and here's a link to the Thule Society symbol:
If you go to the last post, I posted the words, you can also see them at the original youtube video .

I am sorry, when was this whole thing practiced? You don't think that a teacher was involved and when and how did she get these children involved--perhaps through her job as their music teacher?
btw- when I said "you" I meant it generally not specifically.
If Obama has his way, manpower won't be the only thing being contributed to EU forces.

If you like the Global Poverty Act, you'll LOVE the "Jubilee Act."
(S. 2166)

Are we beginning to see the Cloward - Piven Strategy being enacted on a global scale???_________________________________


AIM Column|By Cliff Kincaid| September 28, 2008

S.2166 (a.k.a. JUBILEE ACT)

Title: A bill to provide for greater responsibility in lending and expanded cancellation of debts owed to the United States and the international financial institutions by low-income countries, and for other purposes.

Sponsor: Sen Casey, Robert P., Jr. [PA] (introduced 10/16/2007)

Cosponsors (26)

Related Bills: H.R.2634

Latest Major Action: 8/1/2008
Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 934.

Senate Reports: 110-438
COSPONSORS(26), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date) onto link to see cosponsors........

Meanwhile, back in Congress, the Washington Times reports:


$99,000 for rent, utilities, accounting fees

Jennifer Haberkorn (Contact)
Wednesday, October 1, 2008


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has directed nearly $100,000 from her political action committee to her husband's real estate and investment firm over the past decade, a practice of paying a spouse with political donations that she supported banning last more....

I am aware that the Washington Times is Moonie-owned, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they never tell the truth.
Putin is playing the EU for complete chumps.

Here's the strategy:

1. NATO tries to encircle Russia.

1a. Russia keeps NATO busy by cynically arming Iran and mujahadeen in Afghanistan, which keeps America busy and prevents an effective encirclement.

2. Georgia starts pointless war with tacit American backing, NATO hopes it will be able to win another dependent client state.

3. Russia, having long foreseen this, reacts with overwhelming counter-attack that discredits NATO, and now controls the Caspian Oil pipeline .

4. EU steps in to extend it's subtle and soft bureaucratic power, the EU believes it will be able to succeed where NATO has failed.

5. Putin, however, now controls the oil pipeline and pretty much has all of the EU member states bent over an oil and natural gas barrel which he will now exploit to maximum effect.

It's amazing really. I never thought Russian Bear was so cunning.

Putin, we must understand, is a practitioner of Judo; he's used the power of NATO and the EU against them in a Judo fashion.

Don't worry about Solana, his army is completely toothless.
AP reports 300 peacekeepers.
here the link with nice picture
Dear constance,

I have been reading your blog for some time,and have read your books as well. I appreciate all you have done to open our eyes to the New Age movement and the events of our day. I along with you am stunned as I watch events unfold around us- even though we have seen it coming- it is truly amazing to see things actually happen before our very eyes. Have you any news about Maitreya and what benjamon Creme is up to lately. I have not been able to find much except for the Share International site. And have you heard of the Blossom Goodchild channeled message concerning the October 14th appearance of a large Alien ship? I guess other channelers are jumping on the bandwagon now.

Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

On another note

Do you see a tie in with the economic crisis and the rise of the beast?

I hear some murmurings of an affinity for Islamic banking in light of our crisis. France called for an overhaul of the entire economic system at the UN meetings last week. And in Share international archives- Maitreya, through Creme stated that he would appear after a severe economic recession, and that a new world wide-social democracy of "sharing" will unfold as a result of the crisis.

Just wondering what your thoughts are?


I just did a google search on this and the Governor has indeed vetoed it! Praise God for small victories!
here is the Governor's letter to the senate:
US must take responsibility for global crisis, Brussels says
AoC and Council of Europe join hands
Is anyone concerned both Obama and McCain are supportive of the SPP? Has anyone considered how the SPP could play into the circumstances we are facing in this financial crisis? I am now wondering if the NWO has hedged its bets. Thoughts?
In OK watching....

Money has been created out of thin air. No product was made or energy was expended to gain a profit. To use an old cliche, people were taking in each other's washing to make money and the price just kept getting higher.
to read how the bailout bill is being sweetened to get votes for it. Thanks J.



"U.S. Textbooks: ‘Jesus was Palestinian’

by Ze'ev Ben-Yechiel

( ‘"Christianity was started by a young Palestinian named Jesus." This is one of hundreds of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies found about Judaism and Jewish history by a comprehensive study of the 28 most widely used Social Studies textbooks in the United States. In a landmark book called “The Trouble with Textbooks,” Dr. Gary A. Tobin and Dennis R. Ybarra show how millions of American schoolchildren are taught anti-Semitic versions of Jewish history and faith, particularly in relation to Christianity and Islam, in passages that often amount to sheer libel."
(more at link)

Why should this be of interest at a blog which almost all who post are Christians? The entire title of the book is:
The Trouble with Textbooks: Distorting History and Religion

This distortion has been going on for quite some time. Many years ago a friend and I challenged a small book called Religions by James Haskins (1973) meant as a library reference book for children in the third grade on up. It was filled with errors, but the librarians refused to remove it from school shelves.

Parents must read their children's textbooks if they are in a public school.



"All quiet on the [eastern] front".
ATTN: Dorothy

Hi Dorothy, I came across this news story and wondered if it might be of interest to you.

Alleged Holocaust denier held at Heathrow
• Teacher detained under German arrest warrant
• Court to consider extradition request

Gerald Frederick Töben, 64. Töben is already awaiting the outcome of a court case in southern Australia where his privately funded Adelaide Institute is accused of publishing antisemitic material and opposing the historical truth about the Holocaust.

Dorothy 4:16,

Thanks for the audio of Financial Sense. It's excellent!!


Concerned about the SPP?
No - why would I be - this was signed by Bush years ago - it is a done deal, its just time for regional currency to be established.
People will gladly except it - wait and see - it will not take much longer.
I hear an aweful lot of howling for the gold and silver being thrown in the streets.

Well thanks to the Senate's vote today I now know how I will vote.

I'm going to write in Vladimir Putin for president, because it is appearent we are going to have a communist/Stalinist for president so I want one who has the most experience.

All congressional votes will be anti incumbant.

Then I'm going to spit on my ballot, then wipe it on the bottom of my shoe, [I will be walking through the barn before I go to vote] and put it in the ballot box.

This will positively the LAST time I vote.

Yes Dorothy I hear the howling. Just surprised that McCain was in line with the SPP, I expected Obama to be. We stayed tuned, look like Herb's timeline was accurate.
In OK watching.
Dear Homophobic Horse:

Never, never forget that Javier Solana was a dedicated Marxist who was on the USA's subversive list for years -- that is until 1999 when we handed him NATO. I rather suspect Solana will come out ahead on this one, but then who knows? Your guess could be as good as mine, but I'm placing my money on Javier Solana (if I had any money, that is!).

Dear Gert,

Funny you should mention that . . . Benjamin Creme and his SHARE INTERNATIONAL have been predicting to the "T", exactly what is presently happening . . . collapse of the USA stock market, concomitant disturbances in other world markets, the UN calling for relief and "Maitreya"/Betraya the "Christ" [NOT] stepping forward with his solution.

More than curiously, if you will go to ASK.COM and do a search on "Javier Solana" with quotes around it, you will come up as the third item (unless they suddenly hide it again as they have so often in the past), a story about SHARE INTERNATIONAL and "THE REAPPEARANCE OF THE CHRIST". You may also see my name off to the side as a "related name."

This suggests to me that messages and/or hints may be sent to the true believers as to Maitreya/Betraya's true identity!

Time and events will tell.

Welcome aboard!

Be sure to do a page refresh on your browser. I have a new and colorful addition! Thanks to Farmer and others for calling the Brussels Blame USA story to my attention.

Dear HK-91: You make a lot of sense, but then Solana is a Marxist cum "Socialist". Joe Biden said he wished he could vote for Javier Solana for President!

Tough times are here!

yesterday at Europe-tv they said: European banks propably going to be the leading banks now, and among them the Spanish banks!
K - When my nephew, Catholic, traveled through Germany several years ago, he saw the Nazi youth intimidating people on the street and on public transportation. I can understand why Germany and perhaps other countries take the stand that they do. For them the Nazi movement is alive, well and a threat to the government.

Members of the Jewish community are alert to what is happening in other counries regarding antisemitism, so they also take a harsher stand.

I wish there could be open freedom of speech everywhere, but we see what has happened here in the US with the growth of the left where there is freedom of speech.

Those with no standards or morals con the gullible and the rest hope someone is taking care of the problem for them.

Thanks Deannie for the thumbs up.

Anonymous 11:45 - Doug was the one with the howling reference. The noise coming from DC is scary enough for me.

The CNN and others hooting at Sarah Palin and ridiculing her religious and moral beliefs remind me of immature junior high school and high school ill mannered young men making a girl walk a gauntlet of low class sneers.

Pray for Sarah Palin. She should remind her viewers that "there is no religious test for public office . ." and then, she should say, "I trust, Gentlemen, that applies also to me!"

Hi, Constance!

Would you give me the source of the Joe Biden statement re: he wishes he could vote for Javier Solana?

I would love to use that resource.


If Solana is the anti-christ, he's far from the Zenith of his power yet.
"And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken."

Luke 21:25-26

Driving yesterday morning listening to the news stations decrying the current economic condition, a doctor was the guest, and said "with the increased stress levels and concerns of the market and credit woes, we expect to see an increase in hearts failing as the stress takes its toll". Although he said they currently haven't seen an increase, he said they are expecting it.

Agree with Gert, watching the events unfold and the absolute literalness of the Word is an incredible experience!

How close our Lord is...!


Unfortunately, Governor Schwarzenegger signed "Terminal Patients' Right to Know End of Life Options Act," or AB 2747.

He vetoed a bill that would create a paid holiday honoring Harvey Milk (first openly gay assemblyman who was murdered). The bill would require its celebration in all public schools. He signed other legislation to benefit the LGBT community.

You can read about a run down on some of these here:
anon 12:33 I just saw that same story on WND. That is terrible. I hadn't heard anything on it before today.
I think "Great Lakes" also refers to the great freshwater seas such as the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. I think there's another one, maybe more. I'll have to review the exact geography. Although, maybe in Solana's eyes, he'll have control over all "Great Lake" regions of the world. Wouldn't it be something to control the world's largest fresh water supply.
Solana's Enemies and Co-Conspiritors--


Came across evidence of lingering hatred towards JS from the webpage of expat Kosovars living in Hungary. Seems that some disgruntled teenagers (that's who the authorities are blaming) put up fake obituary posters for Dr. Solana.

English page:

Hungarian page:
No, I don't read or speak Hungarian--I just liked the layout of the page :)

Just like the Irish, with their "no" vote, earlier, Solana is racking up enemies along the way!


"Piggybacking" on Constance's comment regarding JS's name coming up in conjunction with Share, Int'l., here's a link about BC's workshop on "Transmission Meditation," to be held in London on November 23rd.

November 23rd is a Plutonian ingress day, as noted on the pagan calendar--
Here's some info regarding things that have happened (not, of course, from a Christian perspective) when Pluto is approaching Capricorn. Take note of the paragraph beginning "As Pluto nears Capricorn" to the end of the article. How topical! Seems that when this happens, people become confused and in turmoil; and are looking for a "way out."

The Share site also lists transmission meditation sites around the world, so I clicked on the Spanish one, as Dr. S. is Spanish.

Here's the Spanish site:
and, here's the site "somewhat" translated into English by Babelfish:

What a tangled web we weave...
How different from our Lord's noting that he did not teach anything in "secret"!

Remember, friends, that God is light and there is no darkness in him.

.....President Dmitri Medvedev said Thursday that the U.S. crisis showed that "the times when one economy and one country dominated are gone for good." Speaking of the United States, Medvedev said the world no longer needed a "megaregulator."

Russia has argued that the freewheeling Anglo-American style of capitalism is to blame for the crisis, a position echoed by Germany and other Continental European nations. Medvedev even called it financial "egoism."

A drumbeat of similar pronouncements has been heard in Russia in recent days. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin made a major speech Wednesday on U.S. financial "irresponsibility," blaming the plunge of more than 50 percent in the Russian stock market on the global economic slowdown and U.S. financial turmoil, rather than on any troubles endemic to Russia.

"The saddest thing is that we can see an inability to take appropriate decisions," Putin said in his speech after the U.S. House of Representatives rejected the Bush administration's bailout plan. In contrast, the Russian bailout was decided by decree.

"This is not the irresponsibility of some people but the irresponsibility of the system, which, as it is known, claimed to be the leader," Putin said.

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