Sunday, October 12, 2008


Here is a partial excerpt from the Bloomberg news story. You can read the rest by clicking here:

European Leaders Seek `One Voice' to Counter Crisis (Update2)
By Simon Kennedy and Sandrine Rastello
Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- European leaders met to forge a new set of measures to combat the credit freeze after their failure to act a week ago contributed to the worst sell-off in the region's stocks in two decades.
``I want Europe to speak with one voice for Europe and for the world because this is a global crisis,'' French President
Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters as he greeted European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Sarkozy said he's seeking ``an ambitious, coordinated plan.''
If readers understand what the first "Bretton Woods" agreement (established the US Dollar as world currency with related secret plans for its use) was all about and understand what the "Bank of International Settlements" is all about (this is THE World Central Bank that the Central Banks, e.g., Federal Reserve bank at and they only deal in GOLD -- no fiat currencies) then the following statement will be extremely insightful.

"The rules for the "new Bretton Woods," according to the G-7's latest communique -- a document that manages to wed brevity and opacity in such a way as to communicate nearly nothing of value, a remarkable bureaucratic accomplishment -- will be based on the recommendations of the Financial Stabilization Forum (FSF), an obscure group whose secretariat has its headquarters at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland.The chief author of the guidelines is an all-but-unknown Italian banker by the name of Mario Draghi, Chairman of the FSF." -William N. Grigg

If anyone still thinks that this financial crisis isn't planned (out of chaos comes order -- new world order) then the above should settle the issue.

I've learned a new word: quadrillion which is a 100 trillion. This is the size of the leveraged funds / credit swaps ready to drop.

Dave in CA
sorry... quadrillion is a 1000 trillion.

Dave in CA

Oil will collapse in price to $20/bbl. Unfortunately nobody will have any money to buy gasoline, or a car, so it won't matter. As in The Depression millions of automobiles will be scrapped after being abandoned by their owners for lack of insurance and registration fee money. Cheap scooters will become the dominant form of transportation for those with jobs, as they will be all most people can afford.

As credit collapses distribution of food and other essentials will break down. Unable to access credit, trucking companies will be unable to get goods to market. The current distribution system for food requires travel of over 500 miles from production to consumption; this is untenable in a market where stable credit is unavailable. Food distribution will be severely impacted and in some areas may break down below critical levels.

Unemployment will reach 25% within two years. Median income will fall by 30% nationally. Foreclosures will reach 20 million homes. The government will step in with HOLC-style remediation but it won't matter - the unemployed won't be able to pay irrespective of the price.

House prices will fall to well under $100,000 nationally on a median basis but with lending all but non-existent you'll need 50% down. A few people will make out like bandits near the bottom, being able to buy up homes for $10,000 each in blocks of 10 at a time - for cash. 60% of America will be renters; nearly half of all homeowners will ultimately lose their homes to foreclosure.

Civil unrest will break out in major cities when incomes fall but the cost of food and essential services fail to come down materially, leaving millions of Americans hungry, broke and homeless. Unlike in the 1930s America will not quietly stand in soup lines - instead they will riot, loot and burn. The National Guard will be called up but will find it impossible to exert meaningful control without shutting down all commerce in the affected areas. The decision will be made to cordon off the cities and deny entry to anyone who does not live in that specific neighborhood, essentially shutting down commercial activity. GDP will fall by 30%.

The S&P 500 will fall to 150 and flatline, a 90% loss. CNBC and Bloomberg will cease broadcasting. Volume will fall to 10% of former levels.

Bleak outlook?


Quite possible?


Can it be stopped?

Yes, but not for much longer.

The markets are perilously close to a tipping point where they will collapse, after which all of the above will come to pass, and Congressional action (or inaction) will be irrelevant.

Congress will then have to face the people, as will President Bush and his Cabinet, and may God have mercy on our Republican form of government, because history shows that when government mismanages things to this degree and refuses to respond to the will of the people, a "messiah" generally appears with a "solution" - but there will be "compromises."
Dave in Ca.

Thanks for that information.

When I first read The Creature of Jeckyll Island- how the Federal Reserve System was secretly planned, I could hardly believe it. It's quite a shame that this info has been out there for years and the people of the US trusted the gov't and never questioned the FED and its fiat currency.

To my knowledge Ron Paul was the only one to try to raise warning bells about it in recent years.

Re: Obama

Sean Hannity claims to be doing a show tonight that all of the other news journalists have refused to touch. It's at 9 on Fox.

His show last Sunday was very good , by the way, about Obama's radical connections.

"Switzerland's Green Power Revolution: Ethicists Ponder Plants' Rights - Figuring Out What Wheat Would Want"

"In an insane world, a sane man will appear to be insane" ~ Mr. Spock (Star Trek)

Thanks for that link. I sent it to all the people that think that I'M THE ONE WHOSE NUTS!

However, for anyone who read "The Celestine Prophecy" a while back, it's pretty obvious that this is just more New Age garbage packaged into the scientific community.

Replace capitalism with Islamic financial system: cleric

via drudge
Radical measures proposed by the PM will be adopted throughout Europe

Solana buddy R.Z.:
"World Bank president Robert Zoellick said the financial crisis, the worst since the 1929 market crash, underscored the need for coordinated action to "modernize multilateralism for a new global economy."

Zoellick announced that the International Finance Corp, the private-sector lending arm of the World Bank, was exploring the possibility of a fund to help recapitalize banks in the developing world."
the EU negotiating table:
six(6) in front of six(6) flanked by threeandthree (6)
I didn't want to change the topic here.
Attention Rich in Medford - Pastor Chuck Baldwin is to hold a rally there on Oct 22.

Money, where did it go? Fox News and the Associated Press want you to know it disappeared into cerebral ether.,2933,436435,00.html
"John Foster Dulles, who later became Secretary of State in the Eisenhower administration, chaired the conference. As head of the Federal Council's inter-Church “Commission to Study the Bases of a Just and Durable Peace,” Dulles submitted the conference report. It recommended:
• a world government of delegated powers
• immediate limitations on national sovereignty
• international control of all armies and navies
• a universal system of money
• worldwide freedom of immigration
• a democratically controlled international bank
• even distribution of the world’s natural wealth. [15]"

Almost completely fulfilled, and the cap stone could be under this new administration; what will be left to do is to control the US population, as there will be mayhem.
"Leading Minds Must Devise New Rules for Globalized World"
Following Farmer's link -

"Köhler: We need effective regulation of the financial markets, a return to ethical values among the main players, and an early warning system that makes warnings intelligible not just to experts, but to all of us, including of course the responsible political institutions, both national and international...."

I guess Ron Paul was just making lucky guesses...

"Köhler: The current crisis also presents an opportunity."

Uh-oh, NA-speak...
Spanish FM Moratinos During Visit to Syria, Lebanon: "The Unipolar World [Order] Has Come to an End"; "Syria Should Be Included in E.U. Framework"; "I See [Syria] as My Home"

Is the rally by Pastor Chuck Baldwin to be in Medford Wisconsin or Medford, Oregon?
The rally is in Medford, Oregon.
Re: Setterman 8:38

Thanks for the very informative link to Berit Kjos article "Conforming the Church to the New Millennium", in which she writes that one of the objectives is to:

She sites a 1958 book by Edgar C. Bundy in which he wrote,
“Something new has come into the subject of insanity, however, within the past several years. People who are normal in every sense of the word but who hold unpopular political ideas, such as opposition to world government and to the United Nations, Federal aid to education, and socialism, are now being branded by their political opponents as 'lunatics,' 'nuts' and 'idiots.' "

Amazing that he wrote this in 1958!
Klos goes on to say, " Right now, a far more sophisticated system for measuring and monitoring “the mental health of the population” is being implemented through WHO-federal-and-state partnerships that work in local communities to accomplish what Congress would never permit, the mainstream media may never tell, and the public may not realize until the system is in place. "

Interesting that the real nuts are in Switzerland,heading the WHO, and declaring that plants must be treated with dignity. In the very funny but scary article in the Wall Street Journal that Sara provided us with yesterday we learn the following:
Last month, Switzerland granted new rights to all "social animals." Prospective dog owners must take a four-hour course on pet care before they can buy a canine companion, while anglers must learn to catch fish humanely. Fish can't be kept in aquariums that are transparent on all sides. The fish need some shelter. Nor can goldfish be flushed down a toilet to an inglorious end; they must first be anesthetized with special chemicals, and then killed.

See whole article here:

So the World Health Organization out of Geneva will dictate to everyone on the planet who is mentally healthy and who isn't? This is comforting in light of the fact that their Swiss scientists are suddenly concerned about chopping and grating carrots, since said carrots may have feelings? Must I now prepare a proper burial for every bunch of flowers rotting in a vase?

I went to the WHO's official website, in the hopes of finding someone normal representing the US on mental health issues. All I could find listed under the Executive Board and representing the United States was a Dr. J Garcia, assistant Secretary for Health, Dept. of Health and Human Services, Wash. D.C.

In trying to find info about this person's credentials I came up with no information whatsoever about him/her anywhere. There is a Dr. J Garcia in Mexico however, who is evidently responsible for the production of avian flu vaccine.

Why am I feeling more and more uneasy by the second?
Yes, thanks setterman, for the link...

Young Grasshoper,

I agree...sometimes, as fascinating as it is to watch this happen, and to keep try to make this known to as many as possible, I feel like I'm waiting for a shoe to drop, but it will be a soft fluffy slipper that I won't hear. I will find that the net has been drawn closed so subtly, I won't have time to respond...

"A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished." Proverbs 22:3 nkjv
Have any of you seen the Hal Turner video which claims that our U.S. government is preparing to de-monetize the U. S. dollar?

Here are some of his shocking claims:

--The U.S. dollar is going to tank and become worthless.

--800 billion Amero coins have been shipped to China in preparation for this.

--These Amero coins were minted in Denver, Colorado in 2007.

--The Amero will replace the U.S. dollar, Canadian's currency and the Mexican peso by February, 2009 (just 4 months away).

--That we would be forced to accept the Amero coin, which will be worth just 2 cents on the American dollar. (e.g.: a $20 Amero coin would be worth about 40 cents to our "worthless" U.S. $20 dollar bill.)

--That this would cause America's middle class to become destitute.

--That this would create civil unrest by U.S. citizens (rioting).

-- That our government is prepared for this by bringing a cerrtain number of soldiers home from Iraq to handle it.

(My thoughts: Is this where all of those KBR "holding centers" come in to play?)

--That one option is to transfer our U.S. dollars into foreign bank accounts (e.g. Swiss) and convert them now, but NOT into Euro dollars.

--Another option is to buy gold and silver now.


Have you seen this video on the history of banking? It's a 5 hour history primer in which they say wealth doesn't disappear it just gets redistributed or consolidated in other hands.

or go to Google video and type in "Money Masters". You can also check out the website for Money Masters here:

Once you understand the process, you can see why Britain's push for greater "coordination" of central banks at the G-7 meeting is the final push to global financial control.

Happy viewing,

From JD's submission from a previous thread...

EU's internet of the future

I know many here check the fulfilledprophecy website, but I saw a new post there regarding what the EU has called the internet of the future. Thought I would post it for those that don't check the site. It seems they want everything to be interactive and from the language used there will be no more anonimoty. Interestingly enough they want it all to be interactive with RFID technology and want it globally governed! This should come as little to no surprise to those following Solana and his puppets, but here it is with the full on push from Sarkozy.


I follow the tech developments a bit, and adding the above with these observations (below) from these sites, the ramifications are quite profound...


"What Sprint has launched in Baltimore is the first U.S. deployment of Mobile WiMAX, based on the 802.16e protocol. This version of WiMAX can be used for stationary modems, but it can also provide roaming Internet access across large areas and at highway driving speeds. So if you have Xohm WiMAX as your Internet service in Baltimore, your connection is good not only in your office or your house but anywhere you go in the city and throughout most of the metro area. It’s like combining your Cable Internet account with a 3G broadband account".

Seems to me, this would also be a good likelihood for the embedded RFID chips, in any object, whether it be animate or inanimate.

There is more that can be suggested, but the groundwork is being laid, right under our feet.

Check out this video of Senator Obama very articulately esposuing his socialist worldview to a plumber who is questioning the tax increase he will suffer under an Obama Admnistration.

Mark of the beast? It's already here.


WiMax boosts extra speed and an increased amount of broadband (info) that can be transmitted and you're absolutely right on- with a WiMax card in your computer laptop you can access the internet while driving across the country. (my husband has one.)

Here's what most people don't realize- the age of 666 is already here, whether we take the chip under our skin or not, it will hardly matter since these RFID's are in everything that we consider essential any more- our credit cards, driver's licenses, passports, (my passport got zapped back in July on a domestic flight, forget the old-fashioned hand stamp now),cell phones, computers and with the phasing out of Analog technology they'll be in all the TV's, too.

The Telcom industry was required by gov't about a year ago to upgrade the 911 technology to E911 technology or enhanced 911. This is key to understanding the ramifications. Cell towers have all been required to have enhanced 911 RF technology installed in every single cell tower. They receive the signals from the RFID's and also send out transmissions between towers and equipment. The towers send out signals that overlap other towers. What this creates is a triangulation. With the new E911 technology an RFID chip in your phone can record your location to an accuracy of within 50 feet! So all the people who think they can escape from Big Brother when the going gets rough are probably deluding themselves.

The anti-static bags can help you keep your credit cards and passport and phone from transmitting signals if you have to hit the road, but I have had a feeling that these chips are probably in all the cars and new license plates as well now,too.

I can see why people don't want to vote for McCain because of all the damage to our freedoms and liberties that Bush has created through his War on Terror. But truthfully, all of this tracking technology has been in place for much longer than people realize and more and more every day it's becoming obvious that any dissent against Obama is rapidly transitioning into a hate crime. Just think when he gets elected! You will not have the luxury of poking fun at Obama the way people have ridiculed Bush mercilessly. And if you do, you'd best have your credit cards, license, cell phone and passport in a non-static aluminum bag and be ready to head for the desert.

I agree with Constance that Solana is an incredibly evil man and Europe has been way ahead of the curve in all this tracking technology. However, I also think BO is much more dangerous than most people can imagine and Dorothy has done an amazing job of trying to alert people to those dangers.

The acceleration of this tracking technology, the economic global crash and the American election have been orchestrated simultaneously.

Whether you like McCain/Palin or not, I think a non-vote for McCain is a definite vote for the NWO.
Young Grasshopper!

Thanks for the discussion! I definitely agree, whole-heartedly!

I follow the techs somewhat lightly (I'm a Christian/artist/geek/ham radio-op/horse-breeder/crack-shot/homeschooling mom/etc.) but also realize that my savvy-ness pales compared to those who really are driving the stakes, and the technology. I think the thing that really sinks in for me is just how fast it is changing/being developed, and how much has already been implemented, and sadly, just how much we DON'T know! I thank you, you seem to be aware of much more than I, so I will trust your insight.

It is an invisible, pervasive influence/control that is quickly becoming the dynamic within everyone's lives. My husband and I were discussing the "good old days" when one's car ran on a carburetor, not a computer chip, and if it broke down somewhere, you knew you could repair it yourself (well, he could :^P ).

I agree with you, the odds are that, when they "flip the switch", we will already have been seamlessly transitioned into the 21st century, and become a global citizen. If we'll even notice.

As for Constance, and Dorothy, and you, I really value finding this site, and the information everyone here shares. I know I am very new here, but hope that some of what I post can be found of value also, if not just presenting another facet to the dangers we are facing. It's good to know one isn't alone while in this world. Our Lord Jesus never leaves us, but it's nice to know there are others out there also.

I am gravely concerned about how the election will go. Obama as President? - "When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules, people groan." Proverbs 29:2 I believe we will be looking at a large amount of groaning, but those groaning will be the "hateful" ones, the "mentally ill" ones...

Discussing how this is coming about with our kids last night, our daughter expressed the opinion that she couldn't see how humans could be that smart as to develop and control such long-range plans with so many contingencies and manipulations required. She just doesn't see people as being that smart. I had to agree, but if we place the inspiration in the lap of of the one who creates "the doctrines of demons" (the devil), then she readily understood that. The spirit of the anti-christ has long been in the world, and the utter audacity of the plan being orchestrated is astounding. It sounds almost unbelievable, but then, feeling sorry for wheat when a combine passes through a field is pretty unbelievable also.

I have much more to learn and come up to speed on...

Thank you ~


Thanks for the update on Sprint's WiMax. I expected to see similar implementations here in the states and this does have some of the earmarks of what I would expect to see. I suspect the idea is to keep the technology constantly evolving, so as to make it more difficult for us to be able to evade it.


While I agree in part with your assesment on the technology of the beast already being at the forefront, I see it as having most of the populace completely intwinned in the snare so to speak. In other words, implement the system piece by piece so as not to have it appear so suspicious. This way when it comes time to start tagging people with chips, the system is already up and fully operational. Then those who refuse it can easily be cross refrenced through the pre-existing technologies thus making it more difficult for their opposition to evade their grasp. The same could be done simply by monitoring forclosures and eviction records, ie watch court filed documents on forclosure and eviction cross refrence with names within the system, then when you find a name that has not been tagged with a chip come across court documents simply go pick up said person. All of which could be done via computer programs making it an efficient system.
It seems at least to me that those who wish to entrap us have learned lessons from the issues they faced using the internet. They now realize that we can use their technologies against them, so if they can stay one step ahead we won't be able to keep up as they have access to newer technologies before the general populace ever knows it exists.
Just one more reason to keep looking up as it is only through Him that we will achieve final victory!

Dear Sarah:

Welcome aboard! Your well thought out posts are GREATLY APPRECIATED.

I agree with you too, as the entire populace is involved in the deception. No disagreement here.

Sarah, thanks for all your contributions. Believe me, I'm not smart at all- just have a relative that's been in the telecom industry for many, many years.

While I know it's troubling to have children in these troubling times, you are blessed in that you can influence them positively while they are still young. I was way too liberal with my own kids, and that's regrettable.
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