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Is Javier Solana helping to create his grandfather's dream?


UPDATE: Speaking of myths and symbols: Javier Solana has been a major, if not the primary mover on the Alliance of Civilizations and related initiatives.    As the foregoing quotation from an article in the UNESCO Courier February 1995 reprinting a Salvador de Madariaga speech shows, the ideas are not new in Solana's family. If Solana's grandfather's (Salvador de Madariaga) sentiments are any clue to Solana's present inclinations, there may be a determined effort to reshape our beliefs afoot.  

THE SIDE PICTURES:  The side pictures are of the European Space Agency's newest initiative:  GAIA, expected to pentetrate the universe in 2011.  This agency is directly under Javier Solana's authority.  He alone has power to shut it down.  The "earth goddess" symbolism "GAIA) used is very clear.

"We must think of culture as an organized whole. For instance, a family must have a family culture; a state must have a state culture, and the organized humanity we are painfully trying to build must have an organized human culture.
     "Can this group culture be transmitted to the masses by intellectual means? I do not think so, and I believe that modern states have sorely neglected this aspect of the transmission of culture -- an aspect which was never neglected during the periods of richness and unity of culture, for instance during the great periods of the Church. The Church managed to propagate Catholic culture, group culture, by the only means that are effective in reaching the masses, i.e. through mythology and symbolism. Now in my opinion, however bad mythology and bad symbolism are misused nowadays -- or rather, however, mythology and symbolism are misused nowadays in order to propagate a bad culture (for there can be bad culture) -- we must learn to formulate, or rather to create, myths and symbols in such a way as to propagate this group culture among our peoples.
     "So far as I am concerned, I am convinced that if the League of Nations has so far failed (as it obviously has) to create an international atmosphere of peace and cooperation, it is because the efforts made in this direction have been directed towards intelligence, because the realm of symbols and myths has been abandoned."

Well, wonder what the myths and symbols are to be this time around? I suspect "global warming" is one. What do you think?


I wonder what the Large Hadron Collider will teach us about gravity in four weeks time.

If we don't know yet why an apple falls to the ground, how can we understand vastly more complex issues like climate change or the creation of the world?
just heard it today:
EU "M.I.T." for climate change

"EU tech institute still has no home

BRUSSELS, Belgium - European Union ministers have failed to agree on the seat of the EU's flagship technology institute, a venture designed to improve the bloc's research and innovation standards.

Hungary's capital, Budapest, EMERGED as a clear front-runner during marathon talks that stretched into the early hours of Friday, but Poland - which had its own city, Wroclaw, in the running - blocked its bid, diplomats said.

A decision on the seat of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology must be made in June because the governing board will be picked by the end of the month.

The institute is designed to rival ventures such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is expected to cost at least $3.7 billion to set up.

It will consist of a small, central governing body in charge of finances and research strategy and a number of so-called "knowledge communities" - research and education centers located around the EU. The governing board will be in charge of signing contracts with the centers and financing them.

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has said the institute should begin work on themes such as CLIMATE CHANGE, renewable energy and the next generation of information technology by the end of next year."
Constance, global warming is a true symbol of the New Age “culture.” I believe aliens, evolution, and Joseph Campbell are the others that come to my mind; oh let us not forget the sacrament of abortion.
Those statememts came from the pen of the ever so virulently anti-clerical Salvador de Madariaga who would not permit his two daughters Nieves (Solana's mother) and Isabella to be baptized. Instead, he and his wife Constance Archibald deMadariaga exposed the children to Sufis, Krishnamurti, and beyond. No wonder poor Nieves deMadariaga Solana Mathews became a Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh/Osho Sanyasin! The sciriptures spoke of the time that men would no longer endure sound doctrine but would turn to myths. This is so very serious because they want to embody a set of myths which will undoubtedly enthrone the real patron of the New Age -- Lucifer -- as their reigning deity. That was what Krishnamurti was about. That is what Benjamin Creme and David Spangler are about. That is what the antichrist will ultimately be about!

You can add to the list gay marriage and euthanasia. There were headlines about this in Britain with gay clergy marrying and of course California. Washington state is looking at euthanasia. According to Romans 1, this fits right in with "worshipping the creation, instead of the creator".

Rom. 1:19-24 because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them. For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse. For even though they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man and of birds and four-footed animals and crawling creatures. Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.

While sexually perverse relationships are not the only sin that exists they are one that is spoken about in both Torah and the Newer Covenant:

Isn't this the crux of the issue?
Rom. 1:25 For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.

Rom 1:26-27 For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error.

God will give people over, if they refuse to acknowledge Him. Europe is neo-pagan and while the US has a strong presence of Bible-believers, that is degrading quickly. The rise in gaia worship can be linked to the rise in perverse sexuality. It is all a form of neo-paganism. We call it sexual preference, but it's hatred of God and His design for man and woman in marriage. The God of the gay clergy, is not the God of the Bible.

A couple of articles. I'm sure Constance has a lot more info on this subject:

There is a spiritual vacuum in EU where Islam and neo-paganism can flourish. When we remove or undermine the Word of God, it's very easy for vain human wisdom to take over.

After centuries of persecuting true Bible believers, and in our day the open door to Islam where 10%+ of their populations are Muslims, who are not shy about their beliefs, Europe is truly neo-pagan.

By the way, it's not only Solana who has has taken up the Global warming agenda. There are those from the churches now who are doing the same under the guise of stewardship, which I am not against. Where are these people when the pollution of gay marriage is infecting the society?

...and the scientific voices who are saying it's not carbon emissions are being drowned out.

Listen to Deepak Chopra talk about all the organizations involved in "conciousness" get together and "network"

There are probably some other interesting talks on the link.

Not to stir the pot, but:

It seems George Bush may be considering converting to Catholicism.

UPDATE: GAIA EXPERTS are an official consultant to the European Union


I just read that OPRAH gave a 29 minute speech to Standford Graduates. She also gave every graduate two books. A NEW EARTH by Eric Tolle and A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future by Daniel Pink
Well, GWB converting to Catholicism might be FAR SAFER than remaining under the influence of the Moonies which the Vatican clearly opposes . . . I've heard worse news!

Please pray for Janet Folger. She is a very brave girl doing work that very much reminds me of my own start in this in 1981. She is catching much flak from groups such as "People for the American Way" -- a clearly New Age group which I documented in THE HIDDEN DANGERS OF THE RAINBOW. She is personally being accused of "hate speech" for telling us all the truth. She is a very brave girl and deserves our prayers and support!

Constance E. Cumbey
As I sometimes frequently update my story page, you should refresh your browser frequently. I have added new material since the original post this morning.

Also, Janet Folger has vital material in her book about things happening in the European Union in general and Sweden in particular.

Thank you!

I agree with you about Janet Folger.
Her article about the importance of the definition of marriage and the implications of gay marriage was a great piece of work. You should repost the link.
Also it's refreshing to hear the word "girl" being used again. I'd get tarred and feathered if I used it though.

Barosso's vision -- the EU as "The world's next empire"
Doodling around the internet chasing leads down I came across Eastern Regional Watch Ministries and their New Age/Occultism page.

Constance, what a huge number of Christian businesses you brought into existence with your groundbreaking research based on their list of articles. And yet, the only link given to you in that huge list of articles was one to a Newswithviews article.

There was quite a lengthy thesis on New Age done by Jobe Martin in 1985 that doesn't mention you at all. How that guy could have have done his research without ever getting to the root of the matter is beyond me. Probably some of the writers of the articles did give you credit and didn't just pretend they did the research themselves from scratch. Others might have needed to research the implications of the commandment on stealing before they did the research on New Age.

You said that you didn't care if you got the credit as long as you got the message out. I decided to post this so others could see the uphill battle you've faced to get accurate information out to the general public.

Get an autobiography written.
Oh what the's a link to the web page...
Jobe Martin and I are friends. He was familiar with my work. He told me had received threats from the Dallas Seminary which awarded him the degree he sought (he was already a dentist)only if he left citations to my work out of his. That story was told to me by many others in many seminaries!

New Age symbols to help encompass thier thoughts and message to the masses?
How about the Georgia Guidestones - DouginmI
Oh that's even worse...these are the people who are teaching others how to be good Christians?
Hello, all--

Here's a site regarding the NA author's views of current strengthening of earth's so-called harmonic convergences, and the steamroller effect of all the "ascended consciousnesses" aligning right now! Note, especially, how she says she routinely has gone into an ascended physical/spiritual realm. I wonder how much clout she has in the NA world?
The EU just upgraded Israel's status over the objections of the Arabs.......Headline in Today's Jerusalem Post.hmmm

or this headline:
"EU to strengthen ties with Israel"


A Rhode Island School District will begin to microchip students this fall.
What might be some of the symbols and myths?

The biggest is the myth that voting is the most important thing a person can do to determine how their government is run.

There is the myth that there are no secrets, that political leaders are all truthful and care for those who elected them.

There is the myth that the elite class is open to all who study hard.

If all are to be equal, the government can make sure no one has more than anyone else. That is except for the elites who need the perks to make like better for the rest of us.

There is the myth that happiness is achieved by sacrificing oneself for others.

There is the myth that there are no differences between cultures, religions, communities, or nations and all have the same needs and goals. The perceived differences are only mistakes made in trying to meet needs and reach goals as determined by the intellectual class who will tell us how to overcome the mistakes made over hundreds of years.

The environment crosses borders, so anything having to do with nature is used as reason for restrictive new laws.

Physical fitness and body perfection is what is to be emulated, and everyone, no matter what the background or intellectual ability is to be judged on what they have personally accomplished. After all, everyone is to do this for the good of the community.

Animals are different formed human life.

Current religious organizations are great community centers but aren't psychologically aware enough to determine what morality is, so they must be made aware of their shortcomings.

The old time religion is really occult paganism which can be a unifying factor between the divisions that have developed in the last few thousand years.

The more one agrees with the above, the more spiritually developed they are.

Anyone who disagrees with the above is a conspiracy nut.

I wonder if the vacancy which is being filled in the add Constance posted wants to help with the Chemtrails there in the Cote d'Azur?

The EU Space Agency has a "cosmic vision"

Read the site carefully. It talks about the origins of the universe and the supposed "big bang"

All of their projects are named after Greek mythology, like "Xeus" or Plato.

They also talk about Darwin and "searching for the origins of life". Of course Europeans just assume that evolution is true.

France has also released its archives about UFOs this year. Wonder if any of this is connect?

correction...I meant connection.
Here is the French site which talks about UFOs and crop circles. Keep in mind, this was put out by their government:

They have no translation to my knowledge.
The design for the "earth flag" looks strangely similar to the eye of Horus:

Here's a new satellite system using GPS to manage traffic.

The "control road traffic" but what else will they control as people have the RFID technology in their cars and are tracked?

This satellite is named Artemis after the goddess Diana. You remember from the book of Acts, when it talks about the the local goddess in Ephesus. Some things never change:

“Not only is there danger that this trade of ours fall into disrepute, but also that the temple of the great goddess Artemis be regarded as worthless and that she whom all of Asia and the world worship will even be dethroned from her magnificence.” When they heard this and were filled with rage, they began crying out, saying, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” Acts 19:27-28

Is the EU space agency involved in manipulating the environment to combat global warming or for some other diabolic agenda? Here's a short video from Discovery Channel for those who are curious. There are things like Aluminum oxide and barium found in the trails. That would reduce the overpopulated planet quickly.

There's lots of strange weather all over lately. Could be coincidental....?

EU Authorities say in effect that Irish can go to theological place of eternal perdition -- RATIFICATION MUST CONFINUE!

I posted on the Artemis satellite a few days ago- see my post on the "war of the saints" post. It was on the second page of the comments section- around post 202 or something.

God Bless,
Too bad, Dorothy, that you are right on the money with your last post.
Live in area of the U.S. that typically enjoys cooler weather. Recently, when unseasonably high temperatures were forecasted for a certain day (which could cause mountain snow melt, rising rivers and local flooding) noticed on the morning of same a "chemtrail" grid pattern overhead, which rarely, if ever see. The chemtrail appears to have been a benevolent attempt to avert flooding by possibly lowering temperatures with reflective material in the sky.
Where's Rudi ?
Rudi is on holiday...supposed to back soon...maybe she will be with us in the chat today...Björn
I see in the article about the Irish, that the Czechs might not ratify. It appears that Vaclav Klaus does not want to sign it. He barely won reelection in February when he was challenged by the Green Party because he does not believe in Global Warming. (The election is not by the people but by Parliament.) He is an interesting character.

Joyce 9:16,

I think you mistook the ESA’s Envisat Satellite logo for the Earth Flag. The ENVISAT logo is an obvious Eye of Horus symbol as you noted. At least they are being consistent with their symbols (i.e. AOC, etc). And if you haven't done so yet, view EU Parliament buildings from space using Google Earth.

According to that ESA website, the “Earth Flag” will be selected from among 15 entries on Sunday June 17. (Never mind that June 17 is a Tuesday. These folks think they can change dates and times and seasons at will.)

The Envisat Earthnet (Eye of Horus) logo specifically stands for:

“Envisat (Environmental Satellite) is an Earth-observing satellite built by the European Space Agency. It was launched on the 1st March 2002 aboard an Ariane 5 into a Sun synchronous polar orbit at a height of 790 km (±10 km). It orbits the Earth in about 101 minutes with a repeat cycle of 35 days. It is the largest European satellite to date (late 2006), with total mass 8211 kg.”
It is all a part of EARTHNET.

I just wonder if they will use the “I AM” marketing firm for the newly chosen flag design like the "original earth flag" website.

See also


Czech article about how the Lisbon Treaty is "Finished"


Though I think they're wrong. These things never die, just morph.
That's very interesting post. I remember glancing at it but didn't read it carefully and didn't register it.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Very interesting connection to Rev 8:11.
Old man of the ski,
That takes an incredible amount of brass to name your company "I AM" and to have the letters floating in the sky like that. I read a few posts by him and he is a real UN groupie. It's probably great for business.
Totally off the subject, but a friend in UK mentioned to me that Todd Bentley is being associated with Kundalini spirit, so I will send an article about this. He is evidently becoming a huge sensation there...Quite amazing what people will listen to these days:

Isn't it truly amazing that with all the outer space efforts that have been in effect for so long and all the speculation about extraterrestrials, and all the information that keeps getting repeated over and over to everyone in schools about how big the universe is and how small we are, and with all the money that Russia and The US and China and others have spent over the last fifty years, with all the supercomputers and gigantic telescopes and telescopes in space and radio telescopes ( in space) , isn't it strange that today. in 2008, there hasn't been one planet found with life on it ? I've been hearing all my life how it's just a matter of time.
I've keep hearing about how many tens of millions of calculations modern computers can do per second. We have entire arrays of radio telescopes "listening" to the cosmos. We've had countless movies and TV shows all assuming that eventually we will "make contact". The combination of the supercomputers and telescopes in space has allowed us to scan billions of stars and their environs.
At the very least the planet earth is unique among celestial bodies that we can see.
It has liquid water.
It's teeming with life all over it.
It has thousands and thousands of species and many many more varieties of of those species.
Everything else which we can see is barren and dead.
Space science is good business for scientists and pseudo scientists and government agencies and politicians and fiction writers and dreamers, but where is the planet with even liquid water, much less life?

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Furthermore, there has never been a crossing of two different species that produced fertile offspring.
Not one.
What evolution ?

My mom passed this link on to me, you might be interested.

I read another interesting old New York Times archived article about Solana Grandpa Salvador de Madariaga. Most interesting in terms of the Irish election. It seems that Salvador de Madariaga disapproves of "universal suffrage," i.e. the right of all to vote. He believe in decision making at the national level being limited to the educated elite. This was contained in a March 14, 1937 "IN SEARCH OF A WAY OUT FOR DEMOCRACY: Madariaga for Disciplined Economics, Liberal Politics." He did not think the common man should be allowed to vote for president, for mayor, etc., calling such "universal and direct suffrage" "A FARCE."

If these notions of his mentoring grandfather took root in Solana's mindset, as I suspect they did, the Irish might be in for a wild ride!


Oh, if only we had a mole with rocket scientist abilities to apply for that job! Come to think of it aren't some physics expressions about "moles" as units of measurement?
Wow, Leana, that is an EXCELLENT link! I'm on a forum right now where one member is waffling on the Bentley thing--he listens to all the warnings, but then he watches the videos and thinks it's so wonderful. Gosh, I just want to jump through the computer and shake some sense into him, LOL! Maybe your link will help...although if he's so determined to follow Todd into the land of the occult, there's not a whole lot I or any other forum members can do to stop it. Of course it has also occurred to me that he's a Bentley apologist. I've seen this before on other blogs, people sneaking in and pretending to be 'with' everyone but very subtly getting falsehood worked in. If that link doesn't make him see some sense, I'm done talking about it.
A MOST INTERESTING news story about Javier Solana"

A country that welcomed him's president said EU troops sided with rebels -- Solana insists his EU troops are COMPLETELY NEUTRAL!

Regarding the myth of global warming….

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

And regarding the EU’s smoldering contempt for the Irish “majority”…

"For there is one thing we must never forget, the majority can never replace the man.”

“There must be no majority decisions, but only responsible persons, and the word 'council' must be restored to its original meaning. Surely every man will have advisers by his side, but the decision(s) will be made by one man."

The above quotes are credited to Adolf Hitler.
Anonymous 12:47 Thanks for noticing what I posted. It's interesting to note the similarities between the myths of the Nazi movement and those of the New Age movement. Constance has always said the NA movement is a resurgence of the Nazi movement. Get a few George Mosse books out of the library to see the parallels.

That said, I am one who believes reading from many sources allows a person to get a clearer perspective on understanding what is happening. It helps to keep the commandment not to bear false witness.

In an attempt to provide a brake on uncritical, rampant conspiracy beliefs it is useful to look at some anti-conspiracy material. Chip Berlet is a leftist who demonizes too easily, but can write intelligently. Here's a website of interest: or

A book I recently purchased has a more balanced approach. Although printed by Intervarsity Press which treated Constance's information in a dismissive way, I've not found any critique by her of this book.

Secrets, Plots & Hidden Agendas by Paul T. Coughlin is an easy read showing how the same conspiracy themes are carried by groups that are supposed enemies.
Blacks, feminists, leftist, those on the right, Christians, Jews, militia people, etc. all attack other groups using variations on the same themes. Since the book has been written we can add Europeans, Muslims, Palestinians, etc. to the mix.

The author makes some very telling points, for instance showing that a conglomeration of details do not mean information is being gained. He shows how leaps are made from incomplete information to conclusions. He shows how the same themes are carried and predicted to happen over many years before they do not come to pass.

Very few people see the same conspiracy material from many different sources. New Age is only mentioned in passing and Constance is not named in any way in this book.
My understanding of the dangers of the NA movement are based on many years of serious research. No one should be jumping to major conclusions based on the idea that only they and a few others have become privy to secret information and are wise enough to understand what is going on. This only makes anyone vulnerable to the next supposed sharer of "secret information."

A point I should have made more clearly is that there is a difference between almost all posting here and Constance's work. Before Constance presents a conclusion, she has very, very carefully researched the surrounding material. Although she weaves in biblical themes, it is clear that this part of her work is speculative as opposed to her detailed analysis of ongoing history.

Without surrounding documentation speculative conclusions about details are just that. They may or may not add to a truthful picture and shouldn't be assumed to be conclusive. The WOW factor isn't equivalent to a footnoted reference.


So good to see you back.

Those interested in the Janet Folger article should try this -

Sorcha (unreliable? use your discernment) is saying the flooding in USA and China (India affected also) is caused by HAARP type weapons activated in both countries. If so, will the actions escalate soon?
Will 2008 then fulfill 1Thes 4:17? Some are saying so. See here -

Just pondering.

Also, Prince William received the Order of the Garter two days ago.

Interesting article Leanna, thanks.
This isn't the first year this has happened but it's sad to see that the homosexuals feel the need to march in Jerusalem:

Within the text of the article you'll see the link about the gay Jewish couple who got married under the huppah. In Jewish thought the huppah represents the enveloping presence of the cloud when God appeared to the children of Israel at Mt Sinai, and He gave them the Torah and they agreed to follow and do all that is written in it.

Homosexual marriage is definitely one of the things that Torah opposes and it's a great concern to see that as Yeshua said, it would be like the days of Lot.

Lev. 18:22 ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.

It is probably stating the obvious to say, that all of the legal and religious symbols do not make this act acceptable before God and one day very soon we will not be able to express this without being considered criminals. All I can say is God help our countries, because the day is arriving now.

Wow a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.
Next they'll be saying "peace and safety."
Dear Constance 9:36,
Isn't that basically the definition of a Fascist ?
Dear Paul 3:08

It is . . . .!


Ingrid at Slice of Laodicea has a link to this site:

There is an interesting entry on Todd Bentley and the healings that weren't. There is also a link to a video made by Justin Peters. You have probably already seen it, but I thought I would post it in case you've missed it.


Canadian court overrules father in choice of discipline for 12YO daughter.

This is where the US is headed if we ratify the UNCRC (Convention on the Rights of the Child).


Democrats call for nationalization of oil refineries so that supply can be managed by the govt. That's comforting.

Could we nationalize all Democrats in order to manage them, ya think?
Berit Kjos’ article worth the read and filled with reason and warning.
"...the new evangelicals began to ... speak of themselves simply as evangelicals, and the old-style believers as fundamentalists.... All that remained was to give the term fundamentalist an objectionable, negative image, and the new evangelicals would then appear to be mainstream."[7]
Thanks for the B. Kjos article.

It's plausible that neither of these two candidates will even be there in November.
Just as Salvador de Madariaga supported the early 20th-century Masonic regime of Mexican dictator Plutarco Elias Calles, and his persecution of the Roman Catholic "Cristeros" - and eventually all who professed Christianity - so, also, do Javier Solana and the EU likewise appear to support Latin American dictators by their actions.

Case in point; the Thursday, June 19, 2008 EU agreement to lift sanctions from Cuba in spite of U.S. criticisms to the effect that "there were no significant signs the communist island was easing a dictatorship."

Gee. Maybe the EU elite thinks that obtaining a lease from Cuba to drill for oil off shore might also be a "neat idea."
P.S. Here is something a little more explicit from CNN about the lifting of the sanctions from Cuba:

"BRUSSELS, Belgium (CNN) -- Members of the European Union decided Thursday to formally lift sanctions on Cuba, a spokeswoman for EU Secretary-General Javier Solana said.

At least one EU nation, Sweden, had wanted to see more evidence of progress before taking the step but agreed to go along with the move.

The United States' trade blockade on Cuba, imposed almost 50 years ago, is not affected by the decision, but National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe expressed disappointment over the move.

Christina Gallach said the decision, made over dinner during the first day of a planned two-day summit in Brussels, Belgium, will be formally confirmed Monday during an EU council meeting.

The diplomatic sanctions, which limited visits to the Communist island by senior EU personnel, were imposed in 2003 after concerns were raised about human rights in Cuba. The sanctions were suspended in 2005, so lifting them now could be considered a symbolic move.

Plans call for the human rights situation to be reviewed next year.

The move was seen as an attempt to encourage Cuban President Raúl Castro, who recently took the reins of power from his ailing brother, Fidel, to make progress on civil rights, officials said.

"We think the Castros need to take a number of steps to improve the human rights conditions for ordinary Cubans before any sanctions are lifted," he said..... more......

See also...
Is Ireland the last Democracy on earth ?
I have been deathly afraid to post anything on this blog and in addition the computers in my home have been hacked into repeatedly over the last week. I am sick of it. I no longer care what they do to me. I was able to log onto this site tonight and I no longer care whether I am in danger or not. Go to my blog and you'll read what I have written. You judge whether or not it is the truth or not. I believe that Obama is the antichrist. The number 666 is the number of his name. Take the letters of the alphabet and assign them numbers-both forwards and backwards starting with A as 1 and then A as 26. Then do it vertically assigning numbers to the alphabet using the prime numbers 1 to 9 and setting the alphabet up in 3 rows under the numbers. Do it starting with A and then do it starting with Z. Add them up both ways and then add the numbers you got when you did it horizontally and it comes to 666. I have tried to say something on this blog and I have been ignored. I've only read a couple of the latest comments tonight and now it looks as though people are finally looking for the real answers. Read my blog and you may find them. I need help. Please pray for me.
Click the picture here to get to my blog and PLease read it from the beginning to end.
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