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UPDATE -- To all: I posted this to one of our commenters own blogspot and then thought that the information concerning Unification Church's disturbing role in this should be shared with all, so here it is as well:

I guess we are on the same page. I have been thinking this for some time. Tuesday, a client's wife mentioned worldwide food shortages with concern to me. Today THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE I purchased had a cover story, "THE SILENT TSUNAMI: The food crisis and how to solve it." Ominously, the article referred to Josette Sheeran. She is a Moonie (follower of Rev. Moon and his 'Unification Church'). She now claims to have left Unification Church and became an Episcopalian, but the smart money believes Ms. Sheeran is still deeply committed to Rev. Moon and his world dominating agenda. Certainly Unification Church appears to still love her -- something strange for somebody they would otherwise consider an apostate worthy of shunning! Josette Sheeran is the Bush Administration nominee named to head the United Nations World Food Program. Rev. Moon claims to be the "Lord of the Second Advent." He has long worked with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center. Disgustingly, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Falwell as well as too many others have made common cause with Moon too (in the interest of sharing his money - but that's no excuse). The recommendation of THE ECONOMIST was to immediately give much more in the way of funding (another $750 million) to Ms. Sheeran-Shiner's UN Agency. (Josette Sheeran Shiner was the name under which this person was a high level official in Rev. Moon's organization. She was nominated by the Bush administration -- undoubtedly, as I see it, as a payback to Rev. Moon for his generosity to the Bush family. The thought of Rev. Moon and company controlling our world food reserves is almost more than I can bear!

Also to note: Nieves Hayat deMariaga Mathews, Javier Solana's mother worked for the same agency in Rome for 20 years-- the UN's FAO, as it was called then. It is now known as the WPA -- World Food Programme. Josette Sheeran (her Moonie married name was Josette Sheeran Shiner) now has her office in Rome. Isn't that convenient!

I have long suspected we might be in the very seals of Revelation themselves and have been for some time. Today, I wondered if we didn't see "the Rider on the Black Horse" actively presenting. NBC opened its Today Show once again marveling at how fast the prices of food and oil were rising.

And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and
see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of
balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny;
and [see] thou hurt not the oil and the wine. Rev. 6:5-6

This morning, I can't help suspect that we see this "Rider on the Black Horse" actively riding. Speaking of oil, maybe it's time we all stocked up on same -- the oil for the lamps that the five sleeping but wise virgins had and the five foolish virgins lacked.

Stay tuned!
Here at my house we have wondered the same thing.

I suppose everyone has seen where sam's club is limiting how much rice you can buy?
"Speaking of oil, maybe it's time we all stocked up on same -- the oil for the lamps that the five sleeping but wise virgins had and the five foolish virgins lacked."

Wise counsel.
I have wondered exactly the same thing too, in fact I think you might be right here. Just because wheat is not a days wage in the US, it it is places like Egypt, Pakistan and other places too.

I really felt like the horses must ride in sequence, though, so I took some time and looked up the Greek words for the horseman seals and their definations.

The insight I can say here (for sake of time), is the rider on the red horse, who proceeds the black. It is given to him to take peace from the earth. The word for peace is also the word for prosperity.

Thanks for pointing this out.
If this is the final 7, this is exactly what we would expect to see.

Thank you, Constance.

As usual, you are right on top of things.

If this is the presenting of the black horse, any thoughts as to what the presenting of the red and white horses were / are?
RIDER ON THE WHITE HORSE = Antichrist beginning his career going forth conquering and to conquer

RIDER ON THE RED HORSE = Peace being taken from the earth and fighting anad killing breaking out all over the earth

Surely we have seen nothing of these? Oh have we -- I suspect we have!
If we were in the Tribulation we would have the antichrist.

This a warning sign I think for the unsaved, although men's hearts will grow cold and violence and lawlessness will increase.

I don't believe we have seen anything yet as the food gangs and gangs in general are not roving the streets. We will have Marshall Law.

The food shortage is in God's plan, but it is also in the elites and I'm sure they see it as they are in control not God. Talk has been of a world population being 500,000 million people.

The virgins are the saved and unsaved. Those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior and those who just go to church and warm the seats.

Jesus said to know the signs of the times and it looks like the rapture, which I believe in is about to happen, hopefully!

I read an article close to a year ago that Wal-Mart was starting to store food for the federal government. At the time is was a bell ringer. The gov. will use them as distribution points. Why do you think old Warren is invested? Duh you say.

...and while the bridegroom
tarried, they ALL slumbered and slept."

Thanks for pointing that out Constance.

Dawn, is that true about Sams club?

I was just reading that in Revelation this morning before I checked my computer.
Yesterday Jack Van Impe took the 6x table and applied it to the alphabet and found many words equivalent to 666. Example:
Although I don't like to watch tele-evangelist my mom called me in to watch this and I found it interesting.
Click on watch TV program, then April 23

The oil in the lamps I believe is in context to the Holy Spirit and yes we do need to be walking and filled more than ever. Maybe both Spiritual and physical could be the rule here.
I posted almost the same on my blog 2 weeks ago. Looks like we are on the same thought Constance.

Anonymous 3:19 PM
It's not healthy to apply different calculations like that to names. I'm sure there is a calculation for every one of our names if you look hard enough.

Although saying that, there is a short good youtube video I found recently But haven't studied to see if it's true yet. It calculates the word maitreya.
Anyone want to calculate
"high representative"??

Just kidding of course

anon 3:19, here is a CNN article about both Sam's and Cosco limiting bulk rice purchases.

Today I was at Wal-mart and there was not much rice there. I counted about three 5 lb bags of rice and around 15 or so smaller bags of rice. The rest of the rice products were either instant or rice a roni type things.
Funny you should say that Leana.
I have been considering this very thing for the last couple of weeks.
Funny, it appears many others have been also.

Good post Constance.

Last week the Lord placed on my heart to order lots of heirloom seeds. My computer crashed several times in the process, which only lead me to believe I was listening correctly. We need to be prepared to grow our own food as well if possible .
Maurice Strong spends 80% of his time in China.

March 2008 article on sustainable developement.

To kck:

Your interpretation is interesting. Do you remember the massive Eastern USA power outage of, as I recall it, 2003? The scenes of people walking, riding, stranded helplessly looked most apocalyptic.

Jesus said, "in such an hour as ye think not . . ."

He also said, "people were eating, and drinking, and giving in marriage and knew not until the flood came and took them away . . .

I suspect that just as some never realized there was a Great Depression when millions were in the throes of it, so there will be those today and in times to come who will not accurately discern their time and climate.

I guess the important thing is BE READY and no matter how it comes down, TRUST GOD! He's got THE BIG PICTURE, we've got the little one!

I guess we are on the same page. I have been thinking this for some tmie. Tuesday, a client's wife mentioned worldwide food shortages with me to concern. Today THE ECONOMIST MAGAZINE I purchased had a cover story, "THE SILENT ECONOMIST: The food crisis and how to solve it."
Ominously, the article referred to Josette Sheeran. She is a Moonie (follower of Rev. Moon and his 'Unification Church'). He claims to be the "Lord of the Second Advent." He has long time worked with Benjamin Creme and Tara Center. Disgustingly, Tim LaHaye and Jerry Falwell as well as too many others have made common cause with him too (in the interest of sharing his money - but that's no excuse). The recommendation of THE ECONOMIST was to immediately give much more in the way of funding to Ms. Shiner's UN Agency. She was nominated by the Bush administration -- undoubtedly, as I see it, as a payback to Rev. Moon for his generosity to the Bush family. The thought of Rev. Moon and company controlling our world food reserves is almost more than I can bear!

Constance E. Cumbey
Must have been really tired

Sorry for the typo --
the word should have been T I M E!

I just got this email. Da ya tink it is for real? Did he EU decid I was to get 1/2 million bucks?
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It's a gud ting I know abot the EU and UN stuf bein not all that legit.

hey, looks like you, me, and wickus are all on the same page on this. my personal take is that the black horse is being set up to ride right after the red horse, and we may already be seeing the red horse with the escalating conflict world-wide, but my gut tells me there should be some here in the states, which is the third most populous nation in the world. maybe the increase in domestic violence/shootings ect counts, but I still feel like there would be more if it was the red horse.

thank you for posting this, constance.
oh and for anyone wondering what the first seal may have been, it's already been said, but is partially documented here:

"if this was the tribulation, the antichrist would be here"

many of us believe he may very well be, but 2 Thess. 2:3-4 places his revealing at the abomination of desolation, in the middle of the 70th week, commonly referred to as the tribulation
link above:
Constance, You are in my prayers daily. Here in Florida, they are implanting micro-chips in alzhymer patients. Who is next?
Thanks Constance and others for this important information.
I hear that several rice-producing Asian countries and Brazil have banned exports of rice presumably so that they have enough for their own citizens. It certainly looks like it is leading up to the black horse.
As far as the red horse goes we had the North Korean nuclear confrontation a while back which is being revisited with added gusto. The US is accusing the N.Koreans of helping Iran with their nuclear goals. Looks like they are reading off a script.
Regarding China I saw a report saying they only have 12 days stock of coal.
Everything seems to be building up to something big.
We shall just have to wait and see.
In the mean time stay close to God and trust in Him.
As I was leaving my office and driving home, after 3 a.m., I heard radio news that Syria had built a nuclear reactor with North Korea's help. I wonder "What Herb Thinks" would have said about that? I'm going to hop over to and see if Holly and Adam have anything up about it yet.

Hi David,

Don't have my Bible beforeI me, but I know 2nd Thessalonians fairly wel and here goes from my paraphrased recollection:

"Now as regards the coming of our Lord and our gathering together to him, let no man DECEIVE you by any means, for that day shall not come unless the falling away (in Greek APOSTASIA) come first and the man of perdition be revealed."

One of the teachings that I feel could deceive people is this belief that they will never know who the antichrist is -- they will be in heaven 3 1/2 years before he is revealed. The Thessalonians passage,, plainly read, says just the opposite.

Thanks for looking in, Dave. I very much appreciate your work and your own very fine blogspot!

Hi Dorothy,

I'm practically rolling on the floor laughing reading your last comment! "It's a gud thing I know about the EU"

I wonder how many gullible people bite on those phony pitches? But your presentation of it is PRICELESS!

Matthew 6:33
But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things [meat, drink, and raiment] shall be added unto you.

In light of Mrs. Cumbey's, Wickus', and Mr. Butterfield's comments, I challenge us (myself included) to study Matthew, chapter 6. It seems to have more significance as the Day approaches.

The Lord directs that the giving of alms, prayer, and fasting are to be the three means by which we are to seek the kingdom of God. Are we doing these three things, Church? Am I doing these three things?

According to God's Word, there are only two things that will last forever: the Word of God and the souls of men. So, are we preaching publicly? It's still legal to do so (in the USA). Are we going house to house? It's still legal to do so.

The power to save is the Gospel of Christ. It saved me when I first believed! Is the Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:3-4) going out on our mail? It doesn't take much to put it on the back of our bills. I know we all have mailing labels. Is it on our email (personal account, not corporate, unless, of course, you're self employed)? Are you leaving tracts at the gas pumps? (They need something holy to read while they're being violated.) Are you leaving them in bathrooms at restaurants? Better yet, with your waitress? Street preaching, door to door witnessing and tracting have saved souls, brethren. Remember, the power to save is in the preaching of His Word.

"[S]eek ye first the kingdom of God." The Kingdom consists of saved souls. It is present in the soul eternally saved by God's grace. It's in the consecration of ourselves to the Holy Bible! Are we ready to give our lives for our Saviour and His Truth?

On the day we fell to our knees and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from hell, to cleanse us from our sins, and in my personal testimony, to save me from myself, did we not understand that we were going to the cross for Him? The new birth came with a price...and it will cost many of us our heads (Rev6:11, Rev20:4). Except a seed fall to the ground and die, it can not be fruitful. The Church has grown because of the blood of the saints. The martyrs gave their lives for Christ's Truth. Need I remind us of Bro. Stephen;

Acts 7:55-56
"But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up stedfastly into heaven, and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God, And said, Behold, I see the heavens opened, and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God."

That account makes my eyes well up every time I read it. Did Stephen know they would kill him when he offered up his rebuke? I trust he did. But he did so anyway! Notice too, the Lord wasn't sitting when He received our brother. He stood UP...for His faithful saint, He STOOD at the right hand of God! Glory be to God!

The physical elements of this universe will be melting with fervent heat in approximately 1,000 years. Are we seeking first the kingdom of God? That's what the Lord saved us to do. That's why we're still here. We've still got time to labour in the fields, saints.

Thank you, watchmen, for your dedication to the Lord in providing this crucial, current information about the judgment that is coming. When I pray for revival in the U.S., I'm always reminded of how it took trying times to bring the remnant of Israel back to favor with God. I'm praying it not be so with us, that it not take a famine to wake us up.

Watch and pray! The Lord Jesus Christ said, "Behold, I make all things new."

Bro. Jeff
It was said of information in the former Soviet Union that so much information was available that people didn't know what was missing.

Almost daily I have this same reaction to the posts here. There is so much information on religion available that readers will never know what is missing about information on the New Age movement.

I'm not just picking on this blog. Articles on on conservative websites dealing with current topics and the comments that follow, youtube videos and the comments that follow, talk shows and call-ins, books by the dozens....all manner of information but almost nothing dealing with hard research on the New Age movement, the life-changing movement of our time.

Everybody wants to express themselves and share their religious beliefs and the latest find that supports their beliefs. Thoughts flit like butterflies from new bits of information to new bits of information.

The New Age movement, like Nazism Marxism and similar totalitarian movements, is not going to be blown away by hoping everyone joins a particular religious belief system.

Maybe Constance is too busy to carry the load for everyone who doesn't want to take the time to do research on New Age. I've tried to introduce as much solid information as I can about the changes taking place, as a few others have. If there was another ACTIVE discussion website on the New Age movement I would be over there in a heatbeat.

It's a sign of the times that with all of the possibilites that the internet offers, there is no place to go where large numbers of people understand the dangers of the New Age movement and are willing to work together to expose it.

Thank you, Dorothy. I apologize.

I appreciated your post as a valuable reminder (as I'm sure others did also) and I don't think Dorothy was directing her comments at you personally -- I think she meant it as a general wake up call to re-focus people on the bigger picture and main focus of this website.

The advice you offered was extremely important and practical for Christians, and relevant to what is being discussed here.

Rose is right. My comment was not directed against any individual. This is an open blog, so anyone can post here whatever their thoughts. I was trying to encourage more posts on the New Age movement, as useless as that may be.

Looking at the effects of this on a very practical level, this is what I see:

At the tail end of the "feel good nineties," if someone had said within a decade there would be headlines in the mainstream media about:

1. worldwide famine
2. the second great depression
3. a global oil crisis
4. UFO sightings
5. global economic meltdown with a tanking dollar and the world financial system run amok
6. fingerprint/facial scanning at airports
7. martial law-like policing in the NYC subways
8. "democracy" crushed in Russia under the Putin regime
9. impending perhaps irreversible climate change disaster
10. America a laughing stock all over the world with its moral authority nearly wiped out instead of admired and feared as the lone military and economic superpower

--they would have been looked at like they were from the lunatic fringe. September 11, however, was the dramatic Hollywood Movie cataylyst to condition people to accept the changes described above without even really noticing that they are happening.

People will accept nearly anything--any form of government--and give up any freedom in order to stay employed and fed and with a roof over their head. I think this is why you sometimes hear the phrase, "This is 1939."

What do you see around you? Many folks I know are worried about their jobs. Those that are "financially secure" are obsessed with professional sports, television shows, bragging about their kids' academic or career achievements, and making more money in "this market." They may not be actively studying "A Course in Miracles" or Eckhart Tolle or Rick Warren or whoever, but they have nonetheless entirely assimilated the values therein into their lives The notion of a transcendent moral order to whom we are all accountable (as revealed by the God of Israel) is nowhere on the agenda.

This is what I see -- I try to educate people when I can, and sometimes take a stand. As Jeff talked about above, I try to live my faith in terms of how I treat others.

Most of the ordinarily folks I come across day to day have no desire to discuss any of this. I don't think they actually believe in God at all although they wouldn't describe themsevles as atheists or probably even agnostic. If they are still making lots of money, their kids are healthy, their 2008 flash car is running well, they will talk to you about holidays, sports, and restaurants--but they do not want to talk about the world around them and the shape its in, and certainly not the Gospel.

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Front page of today's New York Times -- Protestants being persectued in Putin's Russia (Video link):

Sorry, better Link

I am not sure if this is what the article is saying. Is it a goal of the New Age movement to control the food supply? Also, with Rev Moon involved, does that connect it back with the UN?
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I have a great radio guest today: Patty Hunter of North Carolina, formerly of Toronto, Canada. Patty is a former New Ager, one who I had the personal privilege of talking to while she was still a New Ager. That was 21 years ago. Patty then married a wonderful Christian man and both are doing the Lord's work. Please let your friends know to tune in -- about 25 minutes from now!

I am convinced that:

1. Josette Sheeran is still an extremely powerful follower of Rev. Moon and very much under his mind control. She will execute Moon's agenda, in my opinion.

2. She was given the appointment as a payback to Rev. Moon from the Bush administration for generous speaking engagements and other supports given the Bush family.

She was with Rev. Moon, even causing a scandal for her own father when he tried to deprogram her from that hideous cult!

The Moonies are actively working with the Lucis Trust and Tara Center interests. As they are not all agreed on who that "new Christ is" -- there is power jockeying in the New Age Movement. You'd think with all the biblical penalties that nobody would want the job, but Rev. Moon and others are competing for it!

One cannot discuss the New Age movement or it’s multitude of deceptions without discussing fundamental religious beliefs. The two are inseparably linked, and to discuss one, without discussing the other, would be pointless.

The new age is, after all, old lies repackaged in such a way that even the “elect” could be fooled, if that were possible.

Constance does a good job of presenting the facts and also of presenting her faith from time to time without bludgeoning others. So while care must be taken not to allow this blog to degenerate into a forum for theological argumentation, we have to realize that our faith gives meaning to the facts.

Of course we could always merge our petty individual faiths into one grand worldview in order to eliminate dissension in the ranks. (Now there’s an idea!)

That said, I’ve been rambling through “Riddles in Stone Volune 2”, by Christian Pinto & David Bay. Many of you are probably already familiar with this documentary describing the creation of the United States and the movement towards global democracy as having the same heavy occult/masonic influence.

“Volume II zeroes in on the Masonic & Rosicrucian influence so prevalent amongst our Founding Fathers as they planned, and began to implement, the layout of America's Capitol. For years, extreme controversy has abounded as to the exact meaning of the occult symbols found within the street layout, the buildings, and the monuments of Washington, D.C…..”

“Riddles” is available for free viewing on You Tube, (sorry Dorothy). The film is broken up into 21 parts, each about 6 minutes long. Somewhat ponderous and repetitious, it’s tolerable if you sit down and only view a couple of segments at a time. There are more than a few statements that don’t seem to have much factual support, but such flaws are common to the genre. There’s enough solid historical information presented to convince even the most ardent skeptic that we haven’t been told the whole story behind the establishment of this democratic nation of ours.

Regardless of the film’s shortcomings, or your opinion of the film’s makers, from what I have seen so far (up to part 14), it does a pretty good job showing the flip side of America’s Judeo/Christian heritage. After viewing the information presented in the film it’s easy to believe that America’s destiny is to fulfill the role of the great harlot, Babylon. (That’s all the theology I’m going to include here.) In any case, the film ties in nicely with the 9th World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges coming up in DC in just a couple of weeks. The actual statements of the Conference host supports much of the facts presented in the documentary, minus all the sinister aspects of course.
hey constance, yes, that is the text of 2. thess. 2:1-3, but when you include verse 4, it gives some added perspective:

2Th 2:3 ¶ Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
4 Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

The semicolon indicates a continued thought. He won't be the obvious "antichrist" people are looking for(or maybe not looking for) until that moment(the AOD), and I believe that is synonymous with his revealing.

And yes, that is the big deception for Christians, not watching for what Jesus told us to watch for in Matthew 24. It's all spelled out in Daniel, and it's there for a reason!!!
Dear Bro Jeff,

A good and sobering post -- thanks for the reminder!

Dear Bro Jeff,

A good and sobering post -- thanks for the reminder!


Your 1:17 was spot on, superb.

Glenn Beck has on his show right now Joel Rosenberg (Christian) who has written a series of political books that are cconsidered prophetic by some. They are talking about end time prophecies that tie in with what is happening now. His new book is Dead Heat and it is the last in the series.
Glenn Beck is respectful of his views. You might catch it on rerun.

Does anyone have a theory as to what is behind the stepped-up increase in the theft of copper from homes and business all over the country?

Thieves seem to be getting bolder and bolder - hitting one man's place 3 times - until he was forced to change out his copper wiring with aluminum wiring.

Is it simply due to a copper shortage and how much money they can get at the salvage yard, or black market? Or, is it something more?

The 88 year old Rev. Moon today handed over control of the church to his son: Here's the latest off the presses:

Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification church known globally as the Moonies, has handed over control of the movement to his Harvard-educated youngest son in what is being seen as an attempt to broaden the controversial religious organisation's appeal.

In a ceremony near Seoul last week, 28-year-old Hyung Jin Moon was anointed chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, the name the church has used since the late 1990s. "I hope everyone helps him so that he may fulfil his duty as the successor of the True Parents," Moon, 88, said, in a characteristically immodest reference to himself and his wife.

Moon the younger, who was born in the state of New York, promised to "develop the church and to connect as many people as possible" to his parents. "I will do my best to bring the love of the True Parents and God to every corner of the world."

Experts say Hyung Jin, the youngest of seven sons, who has five children of his own, is being groomed to secure his ageing father's legacy more than 50 years after he founded the Unification church in South Korea, declaring himself the new messiah with the aim of establishing a single world government under his leadership.

The new leader, a philosophy and theology graduate, practised Zen Buddhism and lived in a Catholic monastery, and has been described as the "most spiritual" of Moon's children. In his book, A Bald Head and a Strawberry, he writes: "I was the youngest boy of the family and probably the most nutty."

"[Moon] has been grooming his three sons for a bigger role for three years," Timothy Read, a spokesman for the church in London, told the Guardian. "The Unification church is not just a church these days, but an international organisation with many interests. Religion is just one aspect of that. The reverend decided a while ago that it would encounter difficulties if it was simply known as a church and decided to broaden its activities."

Under Moon's leadership, the church has built a worldwide membership estimated at 250,000 - although the church claims more than 10 times as many followers - often using questionable methods to recruit followers and secure their loyalty to an movement that critics denounce as little more than a personality cult.

Its presence is particularly strong in the US, South Korea and Japan where, former followers say, members have used recruitment methods such as palm-reading, and routinely take out loans to meet fundraising targets.

Despite last week's apparent transfer of power few expect Moon Sr, who was convicted in the US of tax evasion in 1982, to loosen his grip on power. "He may have appointed his son, but Moon is constantly giving orders, and people do as they tell him," a former member told the Guardian. "He is unlikely to transfer any actual power to his sons."

Experts say Moon's eldest son, Hyo Jin, might have been a more obvious choice as successor but was overlooked after scandals over drugs and extramarital sex. He died of a heart attack last month, at 45.

The former disciple, who left several years ago in protest at Moon's increasingly narcissistic behaviour, said he expected the church to step up its fundraising activities under Hyung Jin and to forge alliances that go well beyond its pseudo-Christian origins.

The church rose to notoriety in the 60s with the first of what would be many "blessings", mass weddings often held in stadiums. When it launched in the UK and other countries in the 70s it was criticised for its alleged brainwashing techniques - so-called "heavenly deception".

Politically, Moon was most at ease with conservatives from the US Christian right, with his anti-communism and preaching on the sanctity of marriage. Moon bought properties in South Korea, Japan, the US and elsewhere, with the profits funnelled into a business portfolio that includes the Washington Times newspaper, a golf course in California and a small-arms manufacturer in New York run by one of his sons.

Though the movement's finances are a mystery to all but Moon's closely knit family, one estimate put the leader's personal wealth at about $990m. Maintaining the steady donations from devout followers will now fall to Hyung Jin.

Life and times
January 1920 Sun Myung Moon born in what is now North Korea

November 1934 Marries Sun Kil Choi, with whom he has son. Divorced 1953. By some accounts, marries second wife, Myung Hee Kim, while married to first

April 1935 Claims to have had vision of Christ while praying atop a mountain

May 1954 Founds Unification church

April 1960 Marries Hak Ja Han, third wife, who had 14 children

1971 Moves to US

1982 Founds Washington Times

1982 Convicted of tax evasion, spends 18 months in federal prison

April 1990 Visits Soviet Union

April 2008 Hands control to son
Constance certainly is too busy to carry the whole load on the New Age Movement which certainly is THE real and present danger -- Rev. Moon, Josette Sheeran, Javier Solana and his now deceased mother, the Rajneesh follower, etc. are pieces of that religious-political network that calls itself "a new mind."

It is the same old mind that infested Europe in the 1930s except this time they have bigger and better communication devices.

Fortunately, for right now, so do we.

There is no way discussion of this world food crisis, assuming it is a real crisis and not a manufactured "Armageddon Script" one is irrelevant.

Anyway, yes, Dorothy is right -- I can't carry the whole load myself and neither can anybody else alone, so let's all get busy, but I know that most of you already are and doing wonderful work at that: Dorothy, Rudi, Leana, Dawn, Farmer, Rich of Medford, Butterfield, Terry etc etc.

Gud ting you told us -- Dorothy!
Sig heil and all dat! Ze's on de money!
As to the question from RL about Copper.

My husband works in the electrical industry, and his employer has been hard hit as have we by thefts. I wondered why someone was stealing some very specific, unusual types of equipment, things that can not really be sold by the Meth addicts that we were told usually are blamed for this.

Needless to say, someone is arming themselves with lots of heavy duty high voltage electrical equipment that really has no street value. Perhaps it was a smash and grab, or perhaps it was more. However, to sell copper around my area anymore takes all kinds of ID, check instead of cash payment, and LOTS of papertrails.
This comment has been removed by the author.
The World According to Monsanto, 109min video was at google is now 'missing' but do search and find it. (The makers of Roundup) A very well made, newly released video documentary from France on this global food controlling company that is has 'bought' the FDA and genetically altered all the seed, contain the patents, etc...frighteningly ominous, but a clear picture of what the scriptures tell us to watch for in the last of the last days...
Josette Sheeran kindof sounds like Jane Fonda, who also claimed to be a born again Christian.
Expelled No Intelligence Allowed, is a very well done documentary which casts a shadow of doubt on the establishments of science as religion and of our “respected” education system; it is a small step, albeit non-Christian at its roots, toward a cultural awakening. This should be right up some of your alley.
Two quotes I heard this week: “A people rapped up in themselves are undressed.” I complain a lot, Oh Lord, please don’t listen.”
I don’t mean to be trite, but God is in control. Jesus said to Peter: “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, When thou wast young, thou girdedst thyself, and walkedst whither thou wouldest: but when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and carry thee whither thou wouldest not.” “Follow me. . . He that saves his life shall loose it.” I believe that the NA has its footing because we lost ours; may be we’ll find it again.
Jane Fonda and Josette Sheeran are not to be compared. In my opinion, Jane Fonda's conversion was real and she was shamefully hounded by people with a spirit of self-righteousness before she had a chance to become fully rooted and grounded in her courageous faith. Josette Sheeran on the other hand, is practicing the game Rev. Moon has so artfully played over the years of a pretend coming out of the Moonie cult when she is actually still there. She was an extremely high ranking Moonie leader. The Washington Times where she worked after supposedly "coming out" is owned, controlled and operated by Rev. Moon. It is NOT "conservative" newspaper. It is deceptively New Age in every sense of the word. The Bush family has received literally millions in speaker fees from Rev. Moon. In my opinion, what obviously happened with her appointment was a political payback to Rev. Moon to put one of his major operatives in a position to control world food supplies. This may be the most terrifying New Age Movement success to date!

Answer for RL,

I am in the construction industry and at least in our area you can sell copper by the pound to scrap yards.

Copper is an expensive commodity and the scap yards pay cash for it. We have had several jobsites where the copper has been stolen out of recently wired apartments and homes along with the copper being removed from our extension cords that provide temporary power to the jobsite.

We have been told by local authorites that most of this is being done by meth attics in need of cash.

Isaiah 2 through Isaiah 5
ouch !
I can't help but see The USA
as the "peoples" and the
"many people" in these verses.
It is definitely about the last days
( Isaiah 2:2 ).
and it is definitely bad for
the "proud" the" lofty" and
the "lifted up". ( Isaiah 2:12 )

To "Anonymous" (12:37 AM) &
To "Curt" (1;49 PM) . . .

Thank you both for the information regarding copper. The thefts have reached epidemic proportions all over the country - and I was just very curious.

Pathogens being sprayed? This is a VERY interesting video for any of you who think or know about eugenics and population elimination.
Setterman 6:53

I took my family to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed this evening.

You said, "it is a small step, albeit non-Christian at its roots, toward a cultural awakening."

If there is a cultural awakening, I suppose it will have to start with the 11 people jamming into the theater. My take on the film is the same I have for most of the commentary posted here. It is way too little, way too late. It does not herald an "awakening" but will serve to warn some of the coming darkness. Ben Stein is a watchman, like most of the commentators here.

Al Gore is correct. The debate really is over. The public has been cowed. The darwinists, the greens, and the pagan new age nazi's have won. Those who argue for Intelligent Design are being cast out, expelled, persecuted along with anyone who has the gumption to deny man caused global warming or dares to stand against the imposition of the coming global order.

I was moved to tears at several points in the movie. But I especially appreciated Richard Dawkins admitting the probability that aliens could have seeded our species while denying the possibility that some fictional "hebrew god" could have done it. His description of this "hebrew god", read by himself right out of his own book, reminded my of a scene in the Exorcist movie. I would not have been surprised to see Richard's head spin around and green slime spewed all over Ben's Stein's sneakers.
To oldmanofthesky,
I have been doing alot of searching into our founding fathers and I like what Chris Pinto had to say in his "Atlantis Connection" video in radio liberty.
I did a wikipedia search and came up with an interesting "List_Of_Freemasons" check it out.
Also, what was your conclusion on the,"Book of Enoch"? I have yet to read it or about it. The book of Enoch was brought up this past Wed. in our study of Jude, now I am curious.

I am seeing a huge connection with Freemasonry, its philosophy, its people, its goals and agenda and the powers that be and how they are all very like minded in there cause... the fulfillment of an ancient hope.

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BRUSSELS (EJP)---The European Union will deepen the political dialogue with Israel and involve the country "more closely in some EU policies like financial services or technological cooperation," External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner announced.
(more at link)

One can buy a lot of control with money.

Interfaith CBS Special on April 27
highlights the 'objects of religion'
New York, April 9, 2008 – Symbols & Sanctity: the Objects of Religion, a CBS interfaith religion special produced with the cooperation of the National Council of Churches (NCC), The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, a consortium of Jewish organizations and The Islamic Society of North America, will be broadcast Sunday, April 27, on the CBS Television Network. Check your local station for exact time.
FYI --

CNN is reporting that Reno, Nevada residents are being warned to prepare for an earthquake. More than 100 aftershocks were recorded on the western edge of the city after a magnitude 4.7 quake hit Friday night (the strongest one since a 5.2 hit the area in 1953).

Oldmanoftheski, I’m sure you know that my sentiments are in line with the scripture that says that wickedness will be on the increase, and with your ostensible cultural pessimism; not wording things as well as I might, I should have mentioned that the seven who were in the theater with me were encouraged by Expelled, not for the revolution it might cause, but for the sheer truth being available to whosoever will. We all clapped at the conclusion. I think our being there was a VERY small step in an effort to do something; even watching a documentary, adds a weight to the truth of a social bias that so much of the NA depends. I’m glad you went and hope others will also. I get no funds for saying that.
Setterman 8:51


In the theater I was in, people sat there silently after the movie ended, nobody rushed for the exits. I think we were all trying to decide if the appropriate response was to clap, cheer, or cry.
The Tribulation and time of great testing and sifting is definitely upon us. We may not be in the final 7 years yet,...but all the warning signs are clearly there:

WAKE UP ! ... and get ready.
Likely, The LORD will take the church of Philadelphia out of the earth before the full tribulation kicks in. ... but regardless: HE WILL PROTECT AND SHELTER HIS own *in and thru* the tribulation period. (!)
Setterman - I was looking at the movie trailer for "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" on-line yesterday. I will have to check it out.

"The new economics of hunger"
Amid brutal convergence of events to hit global market, poor suffer most:
..."The convergence of events has thrown world food supply and demand out of whack and snowballed into civil turmoil. After hungry mobs and violent riots beset Port-au-Prince, Haitian Prime Minister Jacques-Édouard Alexis was forced to step down this month. At least 14 countries have been racked by food-related violence. In Malaysia, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is struggling for political survival after a March rebuke from voters furious over food prices. In Bangladesh, more than 20,000 factory workers protesting food prices rampaged through the streets two weeks ago, injuring at least 50 people.
To quell unrest, countries including Indonesia are digging deep to boost food subsidies. The U.N. World Food Program has warned of an alarming surge in hunger in areas as far-flung as North Korea and West Africa. The crisis, it fears, will plunge more than 100 million of the world's poorest people deeper into poverty, forced to spend more and more of their income on skyrocketing food bills.
"This crisis could result in a cascade of others . . . and become a multidimensional problem affecting economic growth, social progress and even political security around the world," U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
said." ...

None of us, that I'm aware of, understands completely, the way in which the current world food crisis, sustainability of the world's resources, global governance and implementation of the Millenium Development Goals by 2015 are all interconnected. The fact is they are. I don't, by any stretch of the imagination, have any more than a basic outline of how this is all coming together and will play out.
Here on several more links which will add to all of our learning.
The first link below is the home page of “Coalition for the Global Commons. Available is the Berlin, March 5, 2008 Consultation Process first meeting. This is an
Interactive page with a timeline of the meeting. Very well camouflaged white arrows and
blue “buttons” will provide access to video of the speeches and visual of all documentation presented on the screen at the front of the room. Whether or not the self-appointed “global elite” masterminding this conference have the political clout to actually carry out their plan will be determined in the future. It would be worth your while to take the time to become educated about this massive scheme. To ignore it will be to your own peril. -Rudi

“For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” Matthew 24: 38 & 39
I've sent you an e-mail relating to my comments above. -Rudi
just remember, the tribulation period begins with the treaty or agreement between the antichrist and Israel (see Daniel) appears, from Rev. 13, that the power base of the antichrist will be Iraq, Iran, Syria, and the EU (the animal parts in Rev.13 was defined for us in the book of Daniel)....I don't think we're in the tribulation as of yet, but could be very close...your friend, Gerry
I wrote of my experience when seeing The Moses Code earlier this month and posted it over at in the Tackling Anti-Semitism: A Report On Nazism in the New Age Moveme... thread. It was too long to post in the comments section over here.

I forgot where I heard it, but is anyone aware of UN moving its headquarters to Iraq and the making of a cultural center there out of Sadam Husseins old palaces?

Also has anyone heard of the book of Enoch? Have you read it or have links?


As for the UN headquarters thing. Not sure where that story originated. I tried following up on it and only found a few months back a Washington Post commentary from two journalist commentators that discussed it, but showed no proof or evidence of it.

I will try and look up the link tomorrow. I believe they stated that the idea originated out of the Middle East quartet, so they would have a closer, more central meeting place. I thought that was too awfully convenient.

My two cents is it was just a made up rumor.

It's a theme in the Joel Rosenberg book Deep Heat.

It looks like it was a Washington Post story in February.

Thanks Leana,
I hope you find something. I will look too. : )

Anyone for North American alliance. It looks like Bush wants to mimic our EU friends. When I think of Nebucchadnezzars (how ever you spell his name) dream and the final ten toes as in Daniel 2, they were two separate feet but the same less precious medal of iron and clay. Maybe we will end up being one of the feet in the US and the other EU. Just a thought.

NAFTA: really worth the checking out.

I have to post this about Tony Blair.

Top US official to head Blair's Jerusalem mission

In an effort to upgrade US involvement in the work of the Quartet's Mideast envoy Tony Blair, Washington has sent senior State Department official Robert Danin to work for the former British prime minister in Jerusalem
A spokesman for Blair said Sunday that Danin - who is US deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East Affairs - would head Blair's Jerusalem mission.

"Rob Danin brings great experience and understanding to the job and Tony Blair is delighted he has agreed to come on board at this critical time in helping the Palestinians to prepare for statehood as part of the international community's effort to secure peace," the spokesman said.

US President George W. Bush's decision to send Danin to Jerusalem is seen as a gesture of support to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who visited Washington last week.

It is also part of intensified efforts by Washington to revitalize the shattered Palestinian economy.

Danin "will lead the Blair mission's effort on the ground to support the Palestinian Authority in improving the livelihood of its people in the West Bank and Gaza," according to a memo from Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, the top US diplomat for the Middle East. Portions of the memo were read to The Associated Press last week by an official who received it.

Danin met late last Monday with Blair, who was in Washington to accept an award, officials said.

Blair is leading an international effort to develop the Palestinian economy.

Danin succeeds Donald Bandler, a low-key, retired US diplomat who held the job on an interim basis for less than a year.
My prayers have been answered in
the form of someone known as "J'

Dorothy, your comment that I would
be at odds with him only points out
that you've had me wrong all the way.
His reasoning is scriptural and his
attitude is compassionate.
I hope you don't resort to slandering
him as you did me.

Why do we have to bring Jesus into
the discussion ?
Because he is the only hope!
Fighting this tide of New Age is
futile without Jesus.
One might as well shoot at a
battleship with a BB gun.

Thanks Dorothy, that's the one I was talking about.

Oh rapturous joy...Paul will now start loving things connected with Judaism, bringing peace and happiness to the comments section. Well they do say opposities attract.


I reread your post (from the previous thread) a few times. Thanks for noticing the bias that is shown.

I am sure that because we have different backgrounds, we might not all recognize the ways in which each other are being marginalized. This forum would be a great place to document that, as I am sure the ones doing the marginalizing are all the same, and going after us all equally.

I may not recognize anti- Catholic bias as easily, because I don't know true Catholicism to tell the difference.

I agree, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the like represent all Christianity about as much as Karen Armstrong represents Catholics.

If you want to see a respected Christian Evangelical on the news and media, you only have to look to Joel Rosenberg. While I don't agree with everything he says, I do appreciate his humbleness and the fact that he is a "regular guy". His credibility is impeccable.

Tim Lahay and Jerry Jenkins seem to make it onto mainstream shows too, because of the success of their Left Behind series. Their philosophies aside, they haven't damaged Christianity's image too badly.

I would say the only Rabbi I see consistantly speaking for Jews is David Wolpe, but I know little about him.

I think though we need to be careful not to persecute the Messianic believer either. His beliefs may differ from how we
understand scripture, tradition, and faith, but if scripture is meant in part for correction, and through the ages, our understanding of it has been distorted or misrepresented then we should examine the teachings. If he is incorrect, his teaching will be self evident. If he is being used of God to correct our beliefs, then it will have been a blessing.

I'll be off line most of today. Have a great one!

I am finding a link between the New Age Movement and evolution. Evolutions theory is that all things evolve to higher forms and that mans next step in evolution is godhood called the quantum leap.
It is part of satans lie all the way back to the garden of Eden.

As we know through scripture that since sin and death entered the world, we have been degenerating ever since.

Satans main tactic is disguise, he is the father of lies and the deceiver and presents the ungodly alternative. He puts up a front but underneath he is wicked.
What I am getting at with this is... his followers are very much at work in our society, but they are working at a very sophisticated level with the power of the spirit of the world. They are the elite, the intellectual, the powerful and pseudo spiritual.
They are spiritual alright and the more they open themselves up to that realm, they will prosper.
The time is very ripe, it won't be (physical) nation against nation but it will be (Spiritual) Kingdom against kingdom.
An interesting BBC documentary was aired tonight;

Panorama; Mission Impossible
Duration: 30 minutes

The UN polices conflicts around the world, but can it police itself? Raphael Rowe reveals how the organisation is struggling to eradicate the rot at its core.

Available to view for 6 more days -

Javier Solana has his own YouTube page now
or anyone, what is a messianic believer?
Anonymous 2:24 AM

Here is what people at wikipedia say:

The new age have their version plain to see here:
RE: The new age have their version plain to see here:

"Messianic Consciousness meaning Christ Consciousness - or the consciousness of Jesus Christ"
here's another type of Messianic believers:

Slightly different take. The movement is no more united in doctrine than the churches or Judaism is.
Thanks Anon 2:10 for the Solana You Tube link. Is this part of an emergence?

After watching several of the available videos, one theme stands out in particular. Regardless of the subject matter, i.e. Serbia joining the EU "family", NATO taking on a new role, relations with Egypt, the Middle East Peace Process…(where Solana mentions Egypt, Gaza, Hamas and the Palestinians several times but never once utters the word "Israel"), his theme is consistent. There are goals to be obtained and the processes being used to accomplish those goals need to be accelerated.

"Positive" movement on many fronts simultaneously is an imperative. Perhaps he knows his time is short.
Dorothy 12:23

Thank You Dorothy for that follow up on the UN being moved to Iraq (Babylon). That would be quite prophetic pertaining to mystery Babylon.

I'm sorry if I sound redundant about Freemasonry, but this religion is the pagan parallel to the bible and begins way back to the tower of babel and it could culminate to the new world order which I believe will be the rule of the tribulation. Their is nothing more ecumenical than Freemasonry. Once you look through the lens of this philosophy it all makes satanic sense.

All of these are evidence of Freemasonry in Israel.
These are worth checking out.

We need to see the evil link, ask the LORD to reveal it to you, to reveal all the truth about the foundations of the new world order that are being laid down and prepared. You see, satanism has taken on a sophisticated role, a diplomatic role, a "spiritual" role that is very powerful and will catch us off guard as long as we don't see it coming. We could be deceived by its many disguises. Ephesians 6:10-20

God Bless And Keep You For Such A Time As This
Anonymous 2:24 AM

I only have a little bit of information about Messianic believers (from a neighbor of mine who is familiar with the group).

Some substitute "-" (a dash) for the "o" in the word, "God."

When referring to certain eras on the calendar, rather than "BC" ("Before Christ") and "AD" ("After Christ"), Messianic believers call it C.E. (for "Common Era") and B.C.E. (for "Before Common Era").

Many do not believe in all of the 10 commandments. Those they do accept are only viewed as "a guide to individual and social morality."

Hope this helps a little in your research.
Oh sure, Masons are everywhere. Every small town in the US has a lodge building. DC is supposedly built on a Masonic plan. It doesn't mean everything in the US is run by the Masons.

There is nothing hidden about Masonry in Israel. Here's the website.

Here's a website that I came across today. It's rather clear how Masonry ties in with New Age. That's not new information. Foster Bailey wrote about the tie many years ago. I also have other Masonic information showing its ties with NA. Yes, I know that a Masonic publication is titled New Age.

Israel is being sold to the highest bidder, the EU. Its leadership seems to have no respect for Judaism. Israelis have as much control over their government as Americans have over theirs.

I know about the long history of the occult. I have the James Webb books. Earlier in the comments section I documented the similarity between occult writings of the Renaissance and the EU. I know more about the history of the Illuminati through the book Fire in the Minds of Men. I've documented the existance of a huge academic occult library. I believe Wurmbrand's book Marx and Satan is accurate.

Knowing all of thse things changes nothing as not enough people care enough to take the time to seriously document what is happening.


"Knowing all of thse things changes nothing as not enough people care enough to take the time to seriously document what is happening."

Could this possibly be a reference to to the masses being intoxicated with prosperity, and dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, pursuing worship of the superficial?


Spend a couple of weeks reading the above Eurosceptic blogspot as well as others.

No offense meant, but it appears pretty obvious you know about as much the EU and people over here know about the American government.

The above website doesn't deal with the New Age movement or Solana, but the writers are quite informed about the changes that have been brought about under the EU umbrella.

Could this possibly be a reference to to the masses being intoxicated with prosperity, and dominated by the tyranny of the urgent, pursuing worship of the superficial?


I think that's part of it -- but based on the post I just read from you and Setterman on the previous thread, where you are encouraging J with her appalling behavior, I'd say that the absence of charity
and total absence of critical thought and discernment amongst self-identified believers is higher on the list.

Satan doesn't need to resort to materialism in order to destroy the Lord's faithful from within. Their own giddy pride and obvious glee at seeing Catholicism and Judaism kicked about and abused by an arrogant and mean spirited individual such as J will do the trick fine all by itself, thank you very much.

I don't know whether you exhibit these traits to people at your church, or your families and friends, but if you spoke to me or in front of me in person with the ideas you have put forth in writing, I would run a mile from you AND from your claims to be a believing Christian. Same thing with you Setterman.

If your recent behavior is indicative of how most Evangelicals behave toward Catholics and Jews, that branch of Christianity (Evangelicalism) will be clamoring to be one of the first in line to join in with the ridicule, imprison, torture, and murder Catholics and Jews who hold to the "wrong" version of monothetistic religions.

I suspect Protestants like Constance (and there are many out there still -- Thank God) who don't go along with your shenanigans, will be the next in line.

You should both be ashamed of yourselves.

Today I came across this comment about the connection between New Age and the Masons.

"The concept of the Masters, Masters of Wisdom, the Unknown Chiefs, the Secret Chiefs, Brothers and all other such synonyms can be traced back approximately to 1750 and the Spanish-French occultist the Martine's de Pasqually (1715? - 1779). The term Secret Chiefs was introduced by Baron Hund (1722 - 1776) for his Strikt Observanz Masonic system."

Those researchers who have never gone to this website might find it of importance. Prof. Herrmann analyzes the NA movement as one would expect of a former teacher of math at the US Naval Academy.

Let me add in case it wasn't clear -- your support of J's behavior has been imputed to you through your encouragement given to her.

As the great Anglo-Irish (Protestant) statesman Edmund Burke famously said, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing --

I haven't forgotten about you Paul, but you are so blinded with fury about some of Dorothy's previous statements to you that it distorts nearly everything you say.


You are still not answering my questions, that I left on the last post. It's all well and good to chastise me, but I presented you with some Bible verses and information.

If I offend you with the Word of God, I'm very sorry. I've explained to you a million times, I am not against Catholics. They are people. I don't like the Catholic Church. Stop twisting my words, slandering and insulting me. Go back to my post and try to answer the questions. Anyone can just hurl insults. That doesn't take a rocket scientist, but it's not very useful to be honest with you.

Do you have the courage to open a Bible and see if what I'm saying is true? That's the question. If the gospel offends you then all I can say is so be it. Be offended, but that's not my intention.

I'm not against Jews either. Don't forget I AM one. Again, please respond to the comments and don't just get emotional and try to appeal to others emotions. I've been accused of manipulation, being a plant for the New Age and every other riduculous thing in creation even though all I am doing is proclaiming the name of Yeshua and His Word, which a New Ager would never point people to. It really defies the imagination.

I AM NOT insulting Catholics or Jews for that matter. Most of my friends, most of my life were Catholics and Jews and I still love them and have good relationships with them, but do from time to time share what I believe with them. That is love, in my humble opinion.

Try to be more precise when you make comments&
Please understand that when you attack me, you are attacking someone that Yeshua shed His blood for.
Shalom and love in Yeshua,
Maybe if and when you ever read the
Bible for yourself instead of letting
your "priest" interpret it for you,
you'll understand what we're
You're so busy defending the very
malicious Dorothy, that you have left
off defending the Gospel of Christ.

What's so hard to understand? "J"
believes in the One whom God sent:
Yashua his only begotten son.
He is also known as the High
Priest of the Order of Melchisadec,
which makes priesthood of men
unnecessary. ( Hebrews 7 )
FYI: By the way Constance Cumby is
a Catholic. You've referred to her
as a Protestant twice now.

Yours truly
Paul (7:01),

I am not convinced that you are the same Paul that posts as a regular here (musician from Portland, Maine).

Please see my post to Dorothy at the the thread immediately above this one regarding the content of your 7:01 post.


It's the same Paul.
That's me, the musician by
avocation and Arborist by vocation,
Since you're gathering info about me...

Again I'll quote Bob Dylan
( Robt. Zimmerman ) from
after he came to Jesus Christ, in
the song "When He Returns":

"Can I cast it aside,
All this loyalty and this pride
Will I ever learn ?
That there'll be no peace
That the war won't cease
Until He returns."

The thing about the Dorothy's
of the world is that they think
they represent the ONLY type
of Judaism, and they don't.
Jesus came to save the Jews FIRST.
We Gentiles are only invited
because of the obstinate refusal
of so many of the Jews to accept
See the parable of the Kings'
marriage feast for his son in
Matthew chapter 22

It's the same Paul.
That's me, the musician by
avocation and Arborist by vocation,
Since you're gathering info about me...


Actually it's not called "gathering information." It's called showing an interest in other people by noticing that they are unique individuals with lives of their own and are equally precious in the eyes of God. In order to do this though, you have to be able to take the focus off yourself for a few moments and focus on other people.

My memory isn't always great in this area especially in the "virtual world" -- I am far better at it, and work harder at it, in person.

Here are some things about the people on this blog that you may not have bothered to notice:

Constance has a young grandchild, and at home she has a husband who suffered a horriffic accident which left him disabled with both legs removed below the knees around the time she started writing her first book. The change that occurred in her life as a result of this sudden disability forced her into a whole new world of learning and responbilites in addition to the discoveries she was making about the New Age. She also has dogs.

Dorothy -- I know a lot less about Dorothy because I missed the radio shows where she and Constance talked about their 25+ year collaboration, but I do know she has a son who is a musician and that she is a religious Jew. I also suspect she is a native South Sider because I recognize her accent -- it is the same accent I heard growing up. I also know that she was at this work herself before she even crossed paths with Constance. Like me, she has spent a lot of time over the years in various capacities as a community volunteer/activist.

Rudi is the mother of grown daughters and lives in Washington State.

Leana, also in Washington, is a home-schooling mom of 3 (or 4?) little boys.

Deannie has a strong academic background and, as is evident in her writing, some serious intellectual chops. I believe her specialty is the social and political history of the Balkan region (perhaps she did an M.A. in this area, I cannot remember exactly). I think she also has a young family.

Olmanoftheski -- I think he is a father as well -- he has a wealth of knowledge about Native American cultures, and is a former New Ager.

Bjorn -- he is employed in academia, and his wife is a doctor. They presently live in Hungary. At some point in his adult life he had a profound religious conversion experience.

Setterman, Dawn, RL, and others I have forgotten to mention that I have little or no details about, (although I think Dawn also has small children). I look forward forward to learning more about them over time as people with real lives, not just as anonymous disembodied words on a board that I evaluate according to whether or not they agree with all my theological views.

Thanks for your uplifting blog. It has been very sad lately reading the attacks on each other instead of the New Age.

Thanks for the kind words of support -- they are very encouraging and much appreciated.

Do make an effort, if possible, to try and join in the discussion here from time to time. If more sincere folks do this, it will help to counterract some of the problems you have seen lately. Like Leanna said a while back, it makes my heart heavy.

I'm a card carrying introvert who sits on the sidelines in most situations--if you are similar to me in this way, try for a change to push yourself to join in even if is difficult at first.

I'm sure you would have something unique and valuble to contribute for us all.


I appreciate you bringing a bit of history and a personal touch to this blog, but I have to say I don’t think of myself as a "former new ager". Perhaps "former environmentalist" or "radical green" would be more accurate. I was educated in the field of Natural Resource Management and worked several years for the US Forest Service.

Granted, "green" is certainly a part of the NA rainbow, but to me, being a "New Ager" implies a spiritual connection. I never had that, in spite of living for nearly a year with a Chippewa Shaman (Vincent La Duke, aka “Sun Bear”) and his New Age groupies. Asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior a few months BEFORE I went to live with these people kept my eyes open and my soul safe.

Prior to that, while totally agnostic, I helped craft and support many anti-human environmental strategies and policies via the Wilderness Society, the Sierra Club, and the National Park Service.

I am not in any sense of the imagination an authority on native traditions. I have researched the history and world views of several cultures, hung out with the Hopi, wandered countless archaeological sites, and occasionally talk with a traditional Lakota friend. I'm a deacon at my small church and support the native oriented Christian outreach of Wiconi Ministries, (Richard Twiss) and Gospel for Asia, (KP Yohanan).

I will share my opinions at the drop of a hat. Like a few others around here, I’m capable of stirring up a hornet’s nest occasionally. I don't mean to insult people, but I do believe it's okay to keep the fire burning.

Nobody get’s into heaven being ignorant, or luke warm.
I had a dream on 1/11/2009 in the early morning hours. I seen the rider on the huge powerfull black horse holding something in his hand, Then I begin to tell every one to repent. I had so much compassion on the for the people. Then there were creatures sent from the rider on the black horse. They were skelatons with no flesh and were going to every person and I again could since the compassion I had for the people and started to say outloud , I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER AND OVER AGAIN , hoping someone would hear and learn, and not all did. I seen them being approached by the creatures. Then I was approached while I had my head bowed and still repeating I plead the blood of jesus over and over again. One of the creatures approached me and lifted up my head and I looked at the creature eye to eye and kept on repeating , I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS, Then the creature struck at me, only was not able to hurt or harm me in any way. I turned to see if there were other christains there and a few was and they were ok as well. The others were not. I believe the Children of GOD are the olive oil-( purified by GOD) As olive oil is pure. And the wine as be filled with the Holy Spirit. Remember new wine in old wine skins will burst. GLORY BE TO GOD ,
terima kasih
Cara Mengobati Benjolan di leher

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