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SO VERY ENCOURAGING! Chuck Norris critiques Oprah Winfrey

Dear Friends:

I am in court all day today and don't have a secretary today either to answer phones at the office. I will be there, God willing, later this afternoon. My friend, Dorothy Margraf, will be covering my radio program for me. Leanna will be her guest. When I get done, I may look in on the chatroom and even call in to ask them a question or two. Since she has been researching the New Age Movement and related developments with me since 1983, she is a rich source of information.

I AM SO VERY, VERY HAPPY to read Chuck Norris' delightful answer to Oprah Winfrey's endorsement of Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart Tolle has spoken at Findhorn. Not only is his theology clearly erroneous, he eis just plain boring to watch. I have the DVD of his Findhorn presentation. I would have to be in an 'altered state to find it even remotely interesting. About the most practical use I can find for him is a cure for insomniacs!

Watching Eckhart Tolle, I was waiting for some little kid in the audience to jump up and exclaim, "BUT HE ISN'T WEARING ANYTHING!"

I am so very much encouraged by Chuck Norris' work. He will influence many for the right! I think you will like it too. I thank "Old man of the ski" for calling it to my online attention!

Leana, a regular contributor to this blog will be on the show with me. Topic: What's going on in the schools. I can talk about what I encountered many years ago, and she will brighten up the conversation by sharing with us what she has learned these days as her children are much younger. I really look forward to sharing information and getting questions from anyone in the chat room or listening in.

Anyone reading here knows Leana is a solid analyzer of information, plus she's darn likeable.


EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana, holding talks in Israel, urged the Palestinians to resume peace talks despite the bloodshed.

"We have a process that cannot be stopped, that must be recuperated," Solana told CNN. He said Abbas "has to be the one that returns to the table of negotiations".
Thanks Dorothy for the nice compliments, I look forward to the show today. I hope many of you will be able to join us in the chat room. Please pray that the boys cooperate and stay quiet in the background...lol.

Very much looking forward to the program today. I'll be praying for you and Dorothy. The topic is so important and I'm sure of even MORE relevance today than when my children were in school in the eighties and nineties. -Rudi
God bless Chuck Norris.
I don't know about his writing,
though. It reads like he's
from the Department of
Redundancy Department

Dorothy, Leana & Dawn, I enjoyed the show today. Great topic and well done!
Thanks Bev.
Rudi, you have to break the ice and go on one of these days. We need to hear your voice.

Thanks bev, I appreciate it.

also thank you to Dawn for rescuing me when the baby started crying...

I really enjoyed your insight Dorothy, you had lots to share.

and good luck Constance with your hectic schedule. I hope we rose to your standard!!

I concur, Rudi, time to take the plunge. the water's fine!

For those who might wonder what the topic on the radio show had to do with New Age, I referred to the International Baccalaureate Curriculum being used in public schools in the US and internationally. The best critique I found was at

"...Undermining Christianity
IBO also attacks Christianity. "Christianity" is defined by the author in the usual sense as those organizations or persons who adhere to the Ecumenical Creeds of the Christian Church and who believe Christianity is true in the universal sense (not in a postmodern sense of being only true for Christians or Westerners). This definition is necessary because IBO lumps Christianity as defined above into the category of what it calls "fundamentalism" -- along with the Taliban and various terrorist groups, saying that these "fundamentalist" groups are all "dangerous." It would be difficult to imagine a more clear, and repugnant, attack on Christianity.

The Religion of IBO
While IBO undermines Christianity, it also advocates its own religion. IBO promotes the worldview of New Age-Pantheism guru William Butler Yeats (see the link just above). Another New Age leader, Joseph Campbell, is often required reading for IBO students. Like Yeats, Campbell aggressively promotes "inclusive" New Age-Pantheistic doctrines while undermining Christianity.

Campbell argues that New Age religion provides the universal doctrines of the unifying world religion. He argues that no religion which claims exclusive truth should be followed -- the position of IBO as noted above. Truth, says Campbell, can only be found in the common themes of all religions -- which gives us a common world religion --exactly what IBO desires..."

See what you miss when you don't listen to the Cumbey Microeffect radio show!

On English Royal TV special last night, Queen and Blair still working closely together and are friends, nothings changed.

On Charlie Rose (www.charlierose.com) Wm. F. Buckley tribute last week, Bill said Ronald Regean while greeting people shaking hands at Bohemium Grove didn't recognize Bush and it was very funny. Bill is also Skull & Bones.

Obama new age, you'll have to copy and paste.


k - this came from your email and so it's not accessible to us. Maybe you can give some key words from the article and we can do a Google search for this article which sounds intriguing.

#1 - 'Zeitgeist' Movie with worldwide Z-Day screenings in universities, halls and private venues on March 15th.

#2 - 'The Moses Code' Movie (book release March - Hay House) with worldwide movie opening April 5th and prayer vigil April 6th.

?? #3 - The Shift Movie - slick trailer seeking donations to make/finish movie! Big names! Is this type of donation seeking legal? theshiftmovie.com or watch on YouTube.

What a lot of internet 'movies' in a short space of time - the market's starting to feel a bit flooded!!!!

I would also like to comment that there is a huge movement to indoctrinate children with new age philosophies.
PBS kids sprout channel has yoga introduction during one of the breaks.

UN has curriculum advice

and the AoC movement to target youth is just the beginning.
the teaching of religion in schools is going to be a huge movement, which sounds good on the surface, but what they teach about each religion will be up to the teacher, the school and the district. I don't expect that any religion will be truthfully represented except the new "something for everyone" religion.

We could all use some discernment here.

I'm 'across the pond' so our state schools nationwide have pretty much always taught 'religion' as long as I can remember. Please don't be discouraged but do be ready to pray! :)

A few years back a group of Buddhist Monks were invited to our local senior school for one of the 'religious' days. The tiny local church of believers prayed about this and I was informed by my child who attended the events that the day was a total nonsense ... "No one, not EVEN the teachers could understand what they were saying, it was all mumbo jumbo!"

I live in a VERY remote rural location ... the number of students on the school role is very small and the number called to prayer was miniscule. As we all know though our Heavenly Father is Faithful. :)

Dorothy, Leana and Dawn-
You all did an outstanding job today. I appreciate the votes of confidence. I might be a disappointment though, as I have an easier time getting my thoughts on paper than I do getting them out of my mouth. I apologize ahead of time for the length of the following. I condensed this information as much as I could before posting, but it was important to keep together.
Thanks Oldmanoftheski for the link that opened the door. Three cheers for Chuck Norris. His "A New Earth"
Easter connection is clearly more evidence supporting that there is an actual “blueprint for transformation”
being followed to a “T”. The timing of humanity “Awakening” or “The Externalisation of the Hierarchy” requires that there be a “nurturing” of the emerging “seedlings” to assure their continued growth toward maturity. The “Seeds of Change” have been planted. Spring heralds a time of new growth. There are “roots of conflict” which must be weeded out.

Five Phases of Harvesting:

1.Preparing the field
2.Planning the harvest
3.Picking the fruits: Recording
Creating a collective memory
4.Preparing and processing the fruits:Creating collective meaning and value
5.Planning the next harvest: Feeding forward



To a Christian this may sound like a mirror image of Jesus’ “Parable of the Sower” from Matthew 13. According to Alice Bailey, from a Lucis Trust "Reappearance of the Christ booklet" As the “awakening” of the consciousness of humanity progresses, there is the,
“'great paralleling' truth of God Immanent--divinely "pervading" all forms, conditioning from within all kingdoms in nature, expressing innate divinity through human beings and--two thousand years ago--portraying the nature of that divine Immanence in the Person of the Christ. Today, as an outcome of this unfolding divine Presence, there is entering into the minds of men everywhere a new concept: that of "Christ in us, the hope of glory." (Col: 1.27.) There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us, as He was in the Master Jesus, and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life.”


What Alice refers to as a “great paralleling” God calls changing the TRUTH into a LIE .
“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”
Romans 1:22 & 25
In previous comments Mac had said, (referencing James Twyman the “author” of the material in the book “The Moses Code”)
“PS Twyman from the Moses Code is a huckster from way back.”
I caution anyone against making the false assumption that the release of this book and movie play an insignificant role in the “rapid fire” emergence of “esoteric” spiritual practices. In my view there is a thoroughly cultivated field of human hearts and minds ready to recieve the information, unaware of the origin of the
'ancient wisdom' teachings. A quick review of very recent history can give a more focused
picture of the “transformation process” being implemented.

**“The Secret” Worldwide book and movie release March 26, 2006 (I only list this first as its the first since I began keeping track)
**“Live Earth SOS Save Ourselves” July 7, 2007 with it's on going “environmental” and “climate change” initiatives, mandates and conferences/Global Marshall Plan
**“Living Luminaries” related book and movie 2007 release (Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith et al.)
**All in January 2008: **Schuller “Rethink Conference”, **AOC Madrid Conference,
** Great Re-Thinking sponsored
“World Spirit Forum {X}change consciousness” Conference,
** World Economic Forum Devos ,
** “Course in Miracles” begins Marianne Williamson/Oprah & Friends XM Radio
**Far too many Spring events to list, but for starters, as “farmer” just wrote of about several days ago,
**Gorbachev’s WPF has at the end of March, “FROM GLOBAL WARNING TO GLOBAL POLICY”
**Eckhart Tolle/Oprah have begun “A New Earth” Awaken! Class ,
** April offers the release of “The Moses Code” book and movie to further assist in tending the planetary garden.
Events seem coordinated to correspond with the three ”Major Spiritual Festivals” acknowledged by a majority who embrace the “New Spirituality”. Further information on this can be found Lucis Trust website.
*Easter Festival
(Aries full moon - March 21, 2008)
*Wesak Festival
(Taurus full moon - April 20, 2008)
*The Christ's Festival / World Invocation Day
(Gemini full moon - June 18, 2008)


FINIALLY, I have found a helpful starting place to begin when looking for some of the original “seed planters” is the lists of “Directors and Officers” and “Academy Fellows” at the “World Business Academy” (Paul Temple is on the Board of Directors) website. Most names found on these lists are directly responsible for the formation of dozens of interlaced "new age" organizations. Each "name" gives access to additional information. Leana has spoken of “rabbit trails”. I can tell you, once you start following this trail, you will begin to see how the “five phases of harvesting” functions. Even the seemingly insignificant personalities, organizations, conferences, authors, and movies, are all directly connected to much larger “fish”. And I have no doubt we are seeing only the tip of the iceberg.. - Rudi


The Berkana Institute: (co-founder Margaret Wheatly)


James Twyman “The Moses Code”

Monday March 3: Solana's Line-up

Meeting with Ehud Barak, Minister of Defence

Meeting with Tzipi Livni, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs

Meeting with Shimon Peres, President

Meeting with Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister
The only "hot" thing about global warming is all the subsidies that the "complying" scientists get to give arguments to politicians to tax air (CO2). Global warming is the sneakiest and most devious plot ever to introduce global taxation.
This just in from Drudge:
According to a professor from
the Hebrew University in Israel,
Moses was high on hallucinogenic
drugs when he spoke to God
on the mountain and when he
saw the burning bush.
Her figured this out because
he had done such drugs
earlier in his life and "that's
what it's like"...
Thank you Doctor.
I think that doing hallucinogenic
drugs also helps a person rip a few
verses out of context, make
wild claims about them, ignore
everything else in the story, and
gain international attention thereby.
This is what passes for erudition
With professors like this, who needs
a witchdoctor ?

_and Anon. 7:48,


I guess Chuck's been writing for over a year. I went and checked out his archives and was amazed of the content and reasonsing ability. Awesome! You can check out his others articles at http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/archives.asp?AUTHOR_ID=274
Rudi, et al.

Amazing synopsis of upcoming events! Whew! Is there any doubt we are closing in on harvest time?

The wheat and tares grow up together until both reach maturity. That's a frustrating fact of life. But at the harvest, the Lord will see to it that the tares are bundled first and thrown into the fire. Only then will the wheat be gathered into His barn.
That was an EXCELLENT post!! O knew I was following all of this for a reason. In the past week:
3 aunts and 2 uncles have revealed their "transformed" selves, my chripractor, a "baby" Christian has been given The Secret by her friends and family who swear it has changed their lives, my "Christian" mother refuses to discuss her practice of yoga, my Christian sister refuses to discuss the possibility of pagan/New Age beliefs being taught to her daughter in public schools and there are labyrinths going into the local Methodist church. I agree, the push is on. I'm surrounded by it. Meanwhile, many of my Christian friends say "Go back to sleep. It's always been this weird." Thanks again for wrapping it up neatly.

Rudi, let me add some insight based on being at this for years. While you are right, there is a pattern, you have based it on a very thin reed. The organization you start with is only one of many organizational efforts that work to manipulate the minds of others. Salesmen at every level go through such programs to learn techniques of handling the "mark" and closing the deal.

Now let's say there is a plan to manipulate minds on a large scale, and I think there is. you need to go further back to sources, but you won't find one through the manipulations of Lucis Trust unless you do some work with World Goodwill materials. NGWS information is offline now.

The Obama phenomena is a very good model of how ready people are for a messiah figure and how undiscerning the public has become. Obama links to corrupt figures, media unexposed connections, and yet openly there is no link to the occult. How would you say people have been conditioned to accept Obama as a leader? Or even look at the Ron Paul phenomena as another example of an aroused crowd without occult connections.

In the background there is the link between New Age politics and "spirituality."

Then we have a conflict between what Christians see as end times and end times for Christianity as seen by the New Age leaders. How many years will it take before you know which end times scenario it is? What will you do doing during those years? Because it will be what you and others are doing now. Will you and others be just observers or will you be doing something to block the action?

Will you just think that everything is out of your hands so you can't do anything?

Everyone has to answer that question for themselves. This is not the first time in history it has been asked.


Sent article about Obama being New Age to Connie regular email at same time.


Sent article about Obama being New Age to Connie regular email at same time.

There is something about Paul that really bothers me. I only saw him briefly, but watched him on TV.

We know he is a liar as he said 9-11 was what the government said among other things. I & you know it's not all true.

He didn't confront voting problems.

Where is the money going to be spent left over from his campaign?

There are other red flags.

I think he was to bring the hard core who's who out into public view as all donations are public and the donars list can be copied by anyone.

There is something about him (like Laura Bush) that just doesn't sit right.

I noticed another K so I shall sign kck as I'm Kay in Kansas City google: woman attacked on scooter, KC,MO

Yoga has been taught in WA public schools since late 80's so new age has been in since then at least.


Weather Wars info

Rudi, I just reread my comment. I didn't mean you personally. It was the plural you I was addressing. I apologize if I hurt your feelings in any way though you haven't said anything.

Also, I guess I need to make something clearer. Just as New Agers speak of Christ and mean one thing while Christians mean another, so I think it is with "end times." With so much infiltration, it's hard to know who is speaking about "end times" with regard to upcoming events and what is meant.

Agreed Dorothy - strict discernment is required.

Re the prof from the Hebrew UNI about Moses taking drugs. Kinda reminds me of the guy who suggested that Christ walked on the water because there happened to be a sheet of ice there at the time. And pigs can fly! Some people are educated far beyond their intelligence.
New Age video site.

Conscious media network


Hi Dorothy- Thank you for your input and insight. You didn’t hurt my feelings at all. I think I understand what you were pointing out, but I will clarify what my position is. I agree with you that neither Lucis Trust nor the World Business Academy
hold the position of all encompassing “bookends” where, within whose boundaries
we will find the completed puzzle including the blueprint. The World Business Academy should provide sufficient names, global corporations, and global organizations to motivate deeper research. My perspective, DOES originate from my belief
in Jesus as Messiah and the events He said will precede His Return to earth. The source of my beliefs is the Bible, Old and New Testaments. The panoramic “end-time scenario” in the Bible has been a part of my Christian frame of reference for more than
thirty years. Constance’s outstanding, cutting edge research, has continuously, provided previously unknown, documented, verifiable, specific details exposing a global movement which, according to Constance in her opening statements in “The Hidden Dangers Of The Rainbow”, “It is the contention of this writer that for the first time in history there is a viable movement-The New Age Movement-that truly meets all the scriptural requirements for the antichrist and the political movement that will bring him on the world scene…” additionally, on page 18 in her preface, “It appears to culminate in a scheme both fulfilling the prophetic requirements for the antichrist as set forth in the Bible, and also matching Nazism down to use of swastikas….”
There may be a variety of variations in some of the details, but most Christians, who
are watching global events (at least those Christians who read this, Rich’s, Farmer’s,
Johnny’s blogs and FP) are doing so because Jesus told us to watch. Most of us share the understanding from scripture, of the prophetic scenario, spoken by Jesus, written in Matthew 24. Somewhat of an “outline” of events, if you will. There is a view some Christians accept, which I don’t regarding the rapture. But, for the most part we are all watching the same events unfold. Other than the timing of “the gathering of the elect” and certain very specific details (which no one will know until they happen) we are on the same page.
In summary, I didn’t intend for my “pattern” to come across as based on “a very thin reed”, I was attempting to further expose a “segment” (as was Nazism) of a MUCH larger vine whose roots are, ( whether understood as “occultic” or not) deeply, darkly spiritual. Maybe our different understanding of the “roots” which provide the support of the emerging global system could be how we each define several descriptive terms I use in my comments. Here are my definitions for some of the words I’ve used:

Occult/Esoteric Knowledge: Dependent on and embracing of invisible, “forces” which are "hidden" beyond the five senses to effect one’s personal or environmental state. (in other words, use of the SUPERnatural rather than the natural) My definition includes all areas
beyond the physical, into paranormal, mystical, “spiritual”, invisible realms. I realize my using such a wide brush-stroke
may cover many “scientific” areas, and not knowing the mind
of God, I’m not prepared nor able to define where mankind may historically have stepped over the line. Simply because we haven’t been stopped from entering or kept from harnessing certain energies (electricity etc.)or struck dead by lightening when successful, doesn’t mean all of the medical, aeronautic, and high tech breakthroughs didn’t open the door to where we find ourselves today. I’m not defining or confining occult or esoteric practices to broomstick riding, cauldron stirring, crystal ball gazing, “talk to the dead” practitioners. There is an invisible realm which God has forbidden humans from exploring.
From what I have heard with my own ears, and seen with my own eyes, the spiritual realm is being explored and experimented with, in an unprecedented way. It is because I believe the "occultic realm" is real and forbidden by God for a reason, that, inevitably I can’t see this leading towards anything but BIG trouble.

I absolutely respect your research and appreciate your input. Most likely, it will never be
possible on this earth for any of us to see the completed puzzle. Just sections, one at
a time. It’s just too big. Like I said, the tip of the iceberg. - Rudi

Another excellent post. I see so many friends and family members attracted to the supernatural or occult - but almost each through a different means. I can almost put them on a continuum with blatant occultic on one end (Wicca & Mystery religions, Quezecoatl etc.) and Christian mysticism (breath prayers and meditation) on the other. In my mind it all has its origins in a planned deception by Satan himself. The difference appears to be a matter of subtelty, with very little on one end and a great deal on the other end. It has been easy for me to pick up on the blatant occultism of my Aunt who believes Quetzlcoatl prophecies about the end of the earth. It's another thing when our evangelical church began promoting forms of eastern mysticism under the name of Jesus Christ. In the end, both are still deceptions with the goal to separate man from God. Thanks for your hard work.

threat to the internet
Rudi, you've expressed yourself very well. It's very clear that almost everyone reading here would say the same if they could be as eloguent.

It's always very comfortable to believe one has all of the correct answers. Look at it this way. Everyone who first learns about the New Age movement with all of its branches and changes has to face the fact that they didn't know all everything about the world around them, and their predictions about the future couldn't have been correct. Those who deny this shut themselves off from protection of themselves.

If you only look at the new information as a way to validate what you already believe, you may not be prepared for alternative scenarios. The Europeans in the '20s and '30s were in the same situation. People throughout history have been sure they were in end times. I probably have more than five books documenting this.

Considering that there are other possible future scenarios shouldn't change your Christian beliefs which shouldn't depend on whether we are are on the way to Christian end times. Take time to consider other scenarios and what you can do about them for your own protection and for the protection of the family and community around you.

I just had a discussion with a family member who talking about 2012 and said that getting right with God is the only thing that could be done. I tried to point out that he shouldn't confuse the two scenarios and that if getting right with God is the only thing that could be done, then he didn't need any more information about New Age as getting right with God is something that should be done no matter the time or place. At that point information about New Age is just higher level entertainment. He was angry with me because he didn't want to open up to changing himself and what he could do with the information.

Maybe others here have ideas what can be done with the information provided by all of those who research here.
Hi Deannie- Thank you for your positive feedback. I'm glad you found the information I've posted helpful and interesting.
You are so very right about the
subtlety of the enemy. Your comment brought to mind a verse from a Bob Dylan song called "Precious Angel"

..."Now there's spiritual warfare and flesh and blood breaking down
Ya either got faith or ya got unbelief and there ain't neutral ground
The enemy is subtle, how be it we are so deceived
When the truth's in our hearts and we still don't believe ?"

Also, your words broght to mind some words 2 Corinthians 11:
"For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works." -Rudi
This is just interesting. Since much speculation is done about Solana and his relationship to the Jewish people...

you judge for yourself.


I think Dorothy has a great question, one that I have myself been asking. What is the point of this research above and beyond entertainment. I don't think that we are all in it to write the next great book or magazine article. There is some motivation that is driving us to spend so much time and energy uncovering this web. And once we have uncovered the information, what are we going to do with it and why?

I absolutely agree that getting right with God is the first step, or else the rest of it is moot. In fact, if that is all that you can handle, then it should be the first and only step. For some, then, God will call them to task as watchmen, not only to watch, but to call out. Many are asleep or not paying attention, and someone needs to be guarding them to sound the alarm before it is too late.

My primary focus is gathering enough information to make factual and accurate claims so when I feel led to sound the alarm, I will be armed with the truth. I will be documenting as much as possible, and condensing it to a readable form, even if it is just links to websites, to hand out to friends, or whoever, to shed light on what is going on in the world.

I have been saying all along, that this MAY not be the end, it MAY just be another very difficult point in history. I do see that persecution is coming and we had better be ready for it. My original intent was to PREPARE. I didn't know for what, and that is what drove me to research.

Sorry this is so long, I was trying to address many of the posts today.

Hi again Dorothy-
Your comments always get me thinking and therefore keep me on my toes. From the first time I wrote comments on Constances' blog You have been someone who has had a motivating effect on me. I check and re-check my facts and make a sincere effort to present information clearly. And as Leana reminded us, supply, if possible, reliable documentation to support our findings. I always appreciate your insight and thought provoking commentary. Rudi
Leana, there is no relationship with "the Jewish people." There are Jews who spit on him and others who shake his hand. What good is a speech given to one of dozens of Jewish organizations when so much support is given to the Arab community by the EU. There are Israeli and American Jews who would be happy to see Israel as a completely secular state and so go along with the EU and others who think it should be based on the religion. Others think they can make money by going along with the EU. Others who are willing to pay big money to go to a dinner where they can meet power people like Solana. There are about two or three of these kinds of dinners every month in the Chicago area.

Jews, in reality, are less organized than Catholics internationally as there is no single Jewish structure. The meetings he had in the Middle East that were posted here is where the action is at.

Hi Leana-
You asked the question:"What is the point of this research above and beyond entertainment?"

Speaking only for myself, quite a number of years ago, I became a believer in Jesus when I heard for the first time that, not only had he given His life for me and risen from the dead but He had promised to Return. In turn, as I read the Bible and in particular was drawn to every word I could find in it's pages about His Return, I viewed events and society from a completely different perspective. When Constance wrote her books it helped me by confirming, that what I had been observing was real, it was part of a larger well organized movement and it fit very snuggly with what I had read in the Bible.
I'm probably too nosy for my own good when it comes to wanting to know everything I can about this worldwide movement. But once I know, I am accountable for sharing the information with others.
My children are grown, and I'm fortunate in not having to work outside my home at this time in my life. I have a computer, time, and I believe a calling on my life to do this work for the Lord.
I sure hope no-one is reading here for the entertainment value. There are video games to fill that void.
I am motivated by a desire to see eyes be opened to the Truth. Jesus is Coming, ready or not. -Rudi

I hope I didn't imply that there was a relationship between Solana and the Jewish people per se, just because of one speech I discovered. What I found interesting was his comments concerning the history of the Jews, their tragedies, etc. He seems ultimately sympathetic, while still crying out for the furtherance of a Palestinian state.

Other than the action in the middle east that is happening currently, I have rarely seen a connection tying Solana to Jewish issues, or religious issues at all for that matter. I seriously doubted if he understood them at all. I find it interesting in light of so much of what we read here. Especially when he is addressing the issues again of peace and security.

I found in relevant to see how he draws conclusions about Christianity, Judiasm and Islam and reverts it back to secular beliefs. It seems to me another attempt by the EU to court Jews and those sympathetic with Israel while continuing in policies that will ultimately destroy it.

What to do with the information?

Dorothy, I assume you mean how do we get more of this information out there, in public, to the mainstream...to the masses. Well, I don't know. I'd like to think I'm doing what I can, but I know I could do more. I've written articles, posted blogs in several places, and tried to inform my friends, family, church members, etc. Sometimes it all seems to be in vain, but then I realize, I'm not here to win a battle.

Mr. Norris's article was a real treat for me this week. Even the mainstream media took note when this man endorsed Huckabee, so he does have a fairly wide audience and impact. Being well grounded in his faith and perhaps having some well informed friends, made it possible for him to clearly discern this particular "danger of the rainbow". He made good use of his time and talent. He used the means he had at his disposal to communicate. He put his ideas, beliefs and concerns out there in public, opening himself up to ridicule. He communicated clearly and firmly, but with a gentleness that surprised a lot of people who are more familiar with his tough guy movie persona and just can't picture this man as a follower of Jesus who knows anything about anything.

Maybe Mr. Norris has a couple of new agey friends left over from his Hollywood days. Or maybe he has a close family member ready to drop over any number of dangerous cliffs. Maybe he's frustrated like some of us, that he can't fix everything and make the bad guys go away. Or maybe he knows that standing firm for the duration of the war, even if it means imprisonment or death, is much more important than winning a fight.

As I posted earlier, there is no stopping the tares from growing up along with the wheat. We can and should identify as many tares as we can, certainly not for our own entertainment, (c'mon who the hell really wants to research Freemasonry for crying out loud!)
We do so in the hope of sparing someone else from being entangled and choked off. Every blogger here has helped me be better armed.

There are countless strands of the web, maybe you are tired of counting. I know I am. None of us are capable of seeing the entirety of it. Some of it is being spun at this very moment, away from our prying eyes. Like you said, Dorothy, we should be prepared for new information that will certainly challenge what we are currently willing to accept, perhaps even change what we think we already know.

I consider myself "saved" by the grace of the Lord and am looking forward to His kingdom come. But in the mean time, I don't consider myself "safe", not now, not ever, certainly not in this world. That would be pure folly.

Thanks Leana!!!

No, I did not know about the Javier Solana Transatlantic Speech.

Fantastic find!!!!!

I'm shocked no one else has seen or commented on this.

Maybe everybody is still having there morning cup of coffee since 12 FEBRUARY 2004.

Great observations and keen eye Leana.

This doesn't have anything to do with New Age, but it has a lot to do with the corrupt political background from which Obama comes. Chicago and Illinois politicians, including Republicans, kiss the Democrat Daley ring and have done so for decades. In practice there is no Republican party Chicago and suburbs and several years ago the Democrats openly took over Springfield. Only recently have the Feds stepped in to start exposing the corruption.

It is in this atmosphere that Obama was put in a coaster wagon and pushed into the national spotlight. If you read the books showing the corruption in Clinton's Arkansas, know "you aint seen nuttin yet" if Obama gets in.

The press in Chicago kept quiet and played the political game, even as the trials were going on. Clinton must be putting on some heat to get the press asking Obama some questions and even allowing a column criticizing Chicago politics.

http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/chi-kass06mar06,0,4336987.column or http://tinyurl.com/3csajf

Washington Post article showing reporters becoming alert.

Then again New Age New World Order will be One World Politics.

http://ill-annoying.blogspot.com/2008/01/obama-articulate-but-not-squeeky-clean.html or

For those who want more details.

Throw in the international Soros connection to both McCain and Obama and watch the circus wagons go by with the cymbals clanged by the clowns to entertain us.

My oh my it never stops. I was kicked off Carrie Tomko's blogspot because I was pointing out where her posts were inaccurate attacks on Jews and Judaism. She didn't like the heat.

Today she picked up the smear off NWV without ever contacting me for the details, although she has my email address. I guess birds of a feather, NWV and Tomko, stick together.

It's funny how some want to report on the New Age movement while ignoring the part antisemitism plays in the New Age movement. The communists perfected the technique of using 75 truth and 25 lies, but it doesn't mean others can't use the technique.

I'm only responding to this here because Tomko is linked to this blog and others may go there for information.



Thanks for the Obama links. Did you watch the video about Obama being a movement? Most people I know think he is squeaky clean, untainted by politics. I grew up near Chicago and always tell people you can't rise in Chicago and Illinois politics without playing the game very well. He is as "polical" as them come. I think he's a very cunning con man to be able to portray himself as being outside the system. I think that's one thing that makes him even more dangerous, people TRUST him.
I am not so sure I would be too quick to praise Chuck.

Sorry but we have to call a spade a spade when we see one.

Norris is "Christian" in a sense but has a lot of guts to be making accusations regaring the new age movement aimed at anyone else.

Point of fact is that Chuck is involved with the 'name it claim it' groups himself and wrote a very interesting book titled, "“The Secret Power Within: Zen Solutions to Real Problems”, printed by Little Brown Publishing and gives as a point on his resume that he has in the past been a "Motivational speaker for many Christian ministries, including the T.D. Jakes Ministry, Trinity Broadcasting, and Bill Glass crusade."

You can find this information easily for yourself at:

A topic on Tuesday's radio show was home schooling.

has a story today on the threat to home schoolers in California.

Pope sets Catholic-Muslim conclave for November
By Agence France Presse (AFP)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Daily Star: Lebanon


Didn't know if you had heard about this.

Dorothy et al,

Here is a link to an article I received today from HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) about the California case.



Hi his kid-
Do you have any links to support your concerns regarding Chuck Norris? The link you gave is a karate site that uses Chuck Norris and his pictures as a promotional gimmick.
The "Zen" book was published in 1996. His newest book "Against All Odds" was released in 2004.
I haven't read either. I've read his more recent views and he's got it right. _Rudi
Karate ?
Is that a Martial Art ?
His Kid 12:58

Re Chuck,

I do not know much about the man's past, other than he was a lousy actor with a great roundhouse. I would expect there are many things Mr. Norris has said, written, or done, which I would not so heartily agree with. If he is involved in deception or is deceiving others, expose it. But I see no good purpose in tearing someone down who has published such a clear headed accurate and timely viewpoint.

In my book Mr. Norris has rightly discerned the specific current event he is commenting on.

Good job Chuck! Way to go!
Herb and I both spoke and wrote about the Translatlantic speech a few years ago. Exceptionally busy and understaffed this week. Thanks for understanding my relative absence. Solana received an award this week from German reform Jews -- I started to write about it an then events piled sufficiently upon me to prevent my finishing.

This is good news site.

They also send emails.

Around 1990 when I was working against OBE I learned that children who were home schooled would be considered child abuse cases it was only a matter of time.

Looks like now is the time, do not expect any help as the government has had it planned for years.

The home schoolers attorneys aren't going to be much if any help. When I tried to share I was not taken seriously. It couldn't happen in the USA, really?


Q. Do students of the Martial (war)
Arts bring gifts and bow low in
obeisance to their "Master"
the teacher, as do students
of Transcendental Meditation ?

Just wondering.


You're right. I'm a homeschool mother of 4 in CA. We homeschool through a public charter school. I got this letter from our Credentialed Teacher (CT) yesterday:

As you may have heard there was a ruling by an applete court today with
regards to homeschooling. I emailed my administrator and although she
unsure of the exact wording of the ruling, she gave me some good
information. I'm sure they will all be discussing it at length in

My administrator says that this ruling will affect parents who go out
their own, with no supervision at all. She says it will also affect
schools where there is a credentialed teacher on staff, but not
supervising the teaching. She feels that we are probably not going to
affected because all students are directly supervised by me, a
credentialed teacher. She says this ruling was probably a long time
coming, and that if it had any bearing on us she would have known about
before now.

It's really just a way to bring the homeschoolers back under govt. control.

To Dorothy- Tomko's jibe at you reaks of her total vindictiveness. The old rant that the Jews are only a religious affiliation with no entitlement to their own soil is as anti-Semetic as such rants can be. The Nazis used the Jews lack of a homeland to justify the Holocaust. Hitler viewed the "motherland" as the source of German power via a Gaia-Germanic supernatural interchangeof energy. A people without a homeland were viewed as incapable of deriving this energy and thus sub-human. The old pagan New Age beliefs justified the extermination of the Jews. No doubt you are aware of all of this.
Anonymous 11:09,
Thanks for putting the information so succinctly. I couldn't have done as well.

Where Carrie is concerned I feel sad more than anything else. She does a lot of hard work in an attempt to warn others of the problems of the changing culture.
Her weakness is that she doesn't want to allow a civil dialogue to show where she is correct, but rather is frustrated when her views are challenged.

There is a supernatural war taking place and as Constance has said, the enemy has worked to pit the monotheists against each other to destroy so the NA occultists can step in to pick up what's left. We shouldn't let that happen now that we know that's the game plan of the New Age leadership.

Focus on the Family, todays show Dobson in CA, you must be teacher to home school.

World Affairs Councils of America

More NWO info & our kids.


ELE 482 Biomedical Engineering Seminar III, search the above it is very interesting.

Implants, hypnosis, HAARP, it's about mind control in order to control you. If implanted pumps can be used to help, but they can also be used to drug someone for other purposes, dark yes? New Age is all about mind control.

Well lets hear it for Der
Governator. First he
saw to it that homosexuality
is sanctioned and taught
in the schools and now
it's capped off with this
clamp down on home
"Why do the heathen rage and
the people imagine a vain
thing ?"
It's because they hate God.
It's God that The State of
California hates.
Not Christians, not the
fundamentals of the Christian
religion, but God himself
that they despise.


Great news.

Global Security .org

France - Russia make new agreement.

"Tony Blair is to teach students at Yale University in the US when he leads a seminar on faith and globalisation."


Have you logged in to Deprogram Program yet?
He said: "As the world continues to become increasingly inter-dependent, it is essential that we explore how religious values can be channelled toward reconciliation rather than polarisation.

Sounds good K. What can be wrong with reconciliation? hhhhmmmmm..
Alright Christians come out
with your hands up, er, down,
and no praying either !


_and if you do go to this
link, read everything there
since it's all worth more than
silver and gold.

God bless Jacob Prasch !

Please see "A Call for Discernment" by going to http://www.justinpeters.org. Justin is an evangelist and in addition to expository preaching, also holds seminars on the "Word of Faith" movement. He has cerebral palsy and concurs with the apostle Paul, "My grace is sufficient for thee."

You can watch his brief overview on this movement given at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary at: http://www.justinpeters.org/demo.htm

Justin also comes highly recommended by my pastor, Dr. John MacArthur.

To God be the glory!

Caron Strong

Los Angeles, CA
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