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Should harm be given equal respect with warnings against the harm?

The two pictures below are from the program immediately preceding my Friday broadcast on They are Nancy Lieder's sites. I cannot and will not dignify this by treating either of these blatantly New Age themes as "truth" although I will defend her right to say it -- I cannot treat it as "truth." It is not!

Those of you listening to MY PERSPECTIVE on THEMICROEFFECT.COM Friday probably could discern that I was extremely tired (coming down with an obvious cold combined with an extremely long day that started very early in the morning). They could also undoubtedly tell (not with the unhappy “whispers” sent me offline by Joe) by the ensuing pauses and two hour added show conversation that Joe and I had differences of opinion. Joe believes that equal time and respect should be given to UFO and New Age viewpoints. While I would fight for anybody’s right to express any opinion they wish as a principle of free speech in a free society, I do not believe that the opinions are entitled to equal respect, just as the New Agers obviously do not give Judeo/Christian beliefs respect.

Joe McNeil, who has done an awesome work of Herculean proportions in putting out there has several beautiful children. I respectfully pose this question to Joe: Would you want somebody to offer your children poison by labeling it as “candy” and have a caring protector’s views diminished by giving equal validity to the lie that the harmful substance was harmless?

I suspect not. Charlotte Iserbyt is my Tuesday guest and I am busy preparing for that important interview. Stay tuned!

Well, Joe did say he was playing 'devil's advocate'!
I listened to the radio show and though didn't mean to, he appeared he was trying to put Constance on the defensive.

Joe, who runs Microeffect, the station that carries Constance's show, through his monologue, strikes me as a newbie to the world of disinformation. Newbies tend to look at all possibilities with wide-eyed wonder, trying to figure out what has been kept from them by the establishment all of these years.

Constance was at somewhat of a disadvantage because she was staying polite and Joe was speaking in generalities about keeping his mind open to new ideas etc. A good dialogue requires both people to be speaking at the same level of knowledge.

Constance was on for three hours, a tiring effort. The first hour she shared new information. The next two hours, at Joe's request, had her attempting to counter and expand on his thoughts. I think I would have preferred learning from Joe how one sets up and runs a radio network.

I am sure you all won't want to miss Al Gore on sixty minutes tonight. I saw a clip of him on yahoo.

The interviewer asked him about those who still don't believe that Global warming is man made.

He goes on to equate those who don't believe it is man made similar to those who believe the moon landing was fake or that the earth was still flat.

Then he said, "That may demean them a little bit but it is not far off."

I hope this link will get you to the clip.

It is under the "video" section.
I am going to tivo the interview and watch it later.

Or go to and put in "Fitna Mfafarouq". Quotes from the Bible are put on a background of predatory animals.

This is one Muslim's response to Fitna. I wonder if it will be condemned as the short documentary Fitna is being condemned.

To see the utter depths of Karen Armstrong's apostasy and radical departure from the Christian faith, check this:
"Blatantly New Age themes" is putting it kindly Constance. I knew
not all the programs featured on The Micro Effect would be coming from the same perspective as yours and many of ours, but had I known to what extent some (you've pointed out one example) are directly opposed to my Christian beliefs and working to advance the very movement we are trying to expose and stop, my husband and I would not have contributed to the extent
we did to help Joe. The bright side is our support will help keep your program on the air. The blessing is that your program follows hers, so there is an opportunity to refute and present the truth. Praying for you. -Rudi
Please don't stop supporting Joe!
Unless, that is, he kicks me off and keeps her on . . . not very likely, in my present opinion!
"Equal time" always sounds so
reasonable but it seldom is.
It's the same mantra as the
"Diversity" epidemic which
gives us cab drivers who don't
speak English and newspaper
columnists who just started writing
a month ago and Muslims on the
school board and the homo erotic
pamphlets for children in grade
Diversity is the benign sounding
wedge that's being driven into
the nuclear family and the Christian
I'm not xenophobic and I don't have
an ax to grind with any other culture
but why must Portland Maine look
and sound and be more like Sudan,
or Afghanistan ? The only thing that it
becomes is Not Maine, USA.
Only a dumbed-down society would
think that it should be this way, and
that's my pitch to listen to Mrs Iserbyt
with Constance tomorrow.


I didn't get to hear last Friday's show and will have to pick it up on the archives after it's posted.

I would be very interested in hearing a show specifically about organizations like the Spiritual Counterfits Project and some of the other so-called Christians who are allegedly "exposing" the New Age. I would like to know more about how you actually found out that "some of 'us' are 'them.'"

I've looked at the SCP website and it's very slick--some of the writing appears very credible (classic disinformation tactic). What is the real story with these folks? What is their agenda? How does one go about clearing through the undergrowth of disinformation from so-called Christian sources?



i was wondering if you still had any copies left of you powerpoint presentation?

i know i asked before and ive looked to find it online but cant.

do you know where or how to get a copy?


Al Gore's global warming debunked by Berit Kjos

Didn't hear show, BUT it sounds to me he was wasting Connie's time on air and it was neagative.

I found when people just 'argue' for the sake of arguing that it is to throw the other person off, as in "bulling" the other person to see if they can get a rise or hit a button. When you see it "exit stage left."

Don't buy devils advicate unless friends are trying to figure out best course of action to take on a project. I don't even like the words. Frankly it sounded very junior.

Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman PPS
Have your kids been watching?
Today they learned Yoga and self hypnosis; how “cool” is that?
There is a way which people think is right and appropriate, even . . . thinking they are doing the will of Gaia, or who knows, (Doctor who) the god in the Sun.
Who knows if “Jericho” isn’t next in the real world, Chuck Baldwin thinks that’s a real possibility. So when your liberty is gone and you can’t get high or drunk you can mediate. May be you think I’ve been drinking, but unlike some “Christians” I have talked to, I’m not voting for Obama.
But the end thereof is DEATH.
PS, if you like all of this, you can send your donations to PBS; who knows, Joseph Campbell may turn over in his grave.
Is anyone else getting a unease about what is going on in the world?

Seems to me we are going straight to the NWO rather than North American Union then NWO.

Watching TV is like visiting Disneyland and trying to figure out what's real and what isn't.

From what I'm reading about world money woes, food and water problems it sounds like the perfect storm is right around the corner and we have a drunk at the wheel of the ship.

They are doing everything wrong!

KCK, I’m with you: "exit stage left." Usually ends in a tango of words. “Thy Word is truth.” That is my reality. “The words of the LORD are pure . . . thou shall keep them. . .” They are forever and will not pass away.
Paul, for once I have to disagree with you: “I don't have
an ax to grind with any other culture.” I do. May be you‘re thinking in a different way, but when a culture condones beating women and burying them up to their necks and stoning them to death, that I have a problem with. Where is NOW, and how come I never hear a word of complaint from them? I know it is politics and I know you don’t condone that stuff; I say they are cowards. Our culture of death makes me sick and sad. We have become a people “without natural affections . . . without faith, hope and love.” ICor. 13

In an unprecedented move an Englishman has been elected for the second time running as Grand Master of the Knights of Malta, the Roman Catholic order which traces its origins to the Crusades nearly a thousand years ago.

Fra Matthew Festing OBE, 58, an art expert and former army officer who leads the order in Britain as Grand Prior and is regarded as a forward looking reformer, was chosen today [March 11, 2008]. The secret ballot took place today at a papal-style conclave in the Knights' secluded headquarters on the Aventine Hill in Rome.

Amen to that as well.
I wasn't thinking so much of
religious cults as I was thinking of
races of people. I've said it here
before: Islam is a cult. It may be
bigger than Catholicism (todays
news) but it's a cult and a culture of
death. Mhmmit was a warrior and
he lived at a time when Christianity
was spreading like wildfire all over
the world. His words, which were
forbidden on pain of death to be
translated out of Arabic for centuries
were and are a reaction to the meteoric
rise of Gods Word, the Bible. Reading the
Qran is, to those of us who believe
in Jesus, nothing like the Bible. The
"spirit" of M'ms words is one of animosity
and hatred. The tone of his language is
a feeble attempt at capuring the tone
and the authority of the Bible.
There is nothing on earth even close to
the beauty and power of the Holy
Jesus quoted his father when he said;
"My house shall be called a house of
prayer for ALL PEOPLE"
There is nothing like that in the Kuron
or the Kbboluh or the Talmid; not
even close. (Typos intentional)

The Holy Bible was established
and completed by the time Mummit
came along in 650'ish AD.

A story about a suicide machine.
New American Standard Bible (©1995)
"I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.

Ponder on why choosing life is the thing to choose in spite of the technology available.

outdated but informative

Constance. Are you familiar with Leo Zagami, former Illuminati member. See the comments from Project Camelot. Notice when he talks about ETs actually being demonic entities how Kerry tries to side step that. No doubt because of her New Age Ideologies. In a nut shell ETs and UFO are claimed by Leo to be disinfo for Black Magic practices. He claims powers that be are artificially trying to bring about an End Times senario. See part 1 of 3 here:
Sorry the URL did not come out correctly - try Google video topic "Project Camelot interviews Leo Zagami - Part 1 of 3", Project Camelot interviews Leo Zagami - Part 2 of 3; and Project Camelot interviews Leo Zagami - Part 3 of 3.
Hi anonymous 10:53 AM-

No doubt demonic entities WILL play a major roll in the prophesied events foretold in the Bible. That said, I get a “uh-oh feeling” about Leo Zagami AND Project Camelot. Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy who manage
Project Camelot, are each responsible for the founding and operation of at least two other (Project Serpo and Wingmakers) websites. Each site purports
To “facilitate the gradual release of confidential documents” and “top secret”
information." I can respect the motivation to not suppress information, no matter how bizarre it may sound. We who read, must do further research and not
automatically believe and accept everything we hear or read as credible. So, on the “positive” side I can appreciate the access we have to an astounding amount of information. However, when I read further on their sites that, much of the information presented is coming from a worldview which accepts ALL “spiritual beings” as possible sources of information, and the material for the “Wingmakers” is transmitted by “beings who, incarnate as humans from time-to-time in order to bring its teachings directly to humanity” , ALL the information becomes suspect.
Some time ago I had opened up a discussion here about a book by Richard Hoagland. I only wish I had known then, what I do now as to Hoagland’s direct involvement with the “World Spirit Forum” etc. I would not recommend him or his research to anyone seeking absolute truth. –Rudi
rudi - me very happy you found out why I was always very reluctant to talk when the topic came on Hoagland...even the New Age author's book 'stargate conspiracy' is very critical about him. thanks for your great input here!! farmer
"coming from a worldview which accepts ALL “spiritual beings” as possible sources of information"

Don't get me wrong at all. I am sure you are correct. I think this New Age UFO, Illuminati stuff is all to evoke the antichrist. Any people who claim lucifer is an angle of light sets off red flags to me. I have seen some pretty bazar entities manefest before me (3 UFO exepreinces - no doubt to confuse and deceive me) - one recently which was the form of a shadow of a dragon with huge wings on my wall my body was siezed (I was totally siezed up - muscular contractions) and cried out for Jesus Christ and an agelic shadow of an Angle overcame the dragon shadow and my body was released - I was preparing a Bible study on the warnings of deception for my Bible group the previous day). I am absolutly conviced now the UFO sightings were demonic to deceive me away from my faith. My sister has had also a message given to her, from beyond grave actually, as well regarding an event on 2012 she needed to prepare her self and loved ones for (she does not even know the signifiance people hold to that date until I told her after she told me about it - I don't even know what to think of this). I am not lying and we are both Christians and do not follow any of this alternative new age stuff. I am convinced there is a battle going on in the Spirit realm right now. This is all confisusing for us and we are alone just trying to make sense out of what has happend to us in the last couple of months! If anyone has some insight I would love some.

I know exactly what you're saying. Some time ago, I provided a link to a video regarding the pyramids of Egypt. The video included amazing architectural and engineering statistics about the pyramids. That was my only fascination. This is paricularly true since I was studying ancient history. Assuming a young earth Biblical timeline,their construction was just hundreds of years after the Tower of Babel. This means that "primitive" man was anything but primitive. An alternative to consider is that the ancient mystery religions (like the occult today), through their rituals, actually provided humans with a direct link to the demonic realm and possibly its technological assistance. However, the conclusion of the video was that the pyramids were built by aliens. I should have made it clear that I think the alien connection is nonsense. Hoagland was quoted in the video. I assumed that all the readers here would automatically discern that all NA sources are suspect and much of that video is nonsense. I approach all sources with the idea that they may have a kernal of truth wrapped in a lot of disinformation or out right lunacy. And some, I think,are all lunacy. It seems the trick it to discern which is which. I think that is what Rose was asking Constance in her earlier post. How does one sift through the information and find the kernals of truth and evaluate sources to discern if they are genuine or practicing disinformation for "them." Like Rose, I would be interested to hear from Constance and Dorothy on lessons they have learned about discernment regarding sources and finding these kernals of truth. That would be an interesting and valuable show.


Hi Deannie-
You've made excellent points and very insightful obsevations! Thank you. -Rudi
Two or three years ago I heard Art Bell postulate that Demons were an alternative to aliens from outer space. Anyone, not subject to the sliding of the subject, who has read COMMUNION would have to agree.
Deannie, there is so much solid information out there from good researchers and academics that I don't bother trying to separate the kernel of truth that may be found in sleezy sources. I don't want to take the time to verify each and every bit of information coming from what I know is a sleezy source. If I pass on information from a sleezy source, I am directing innocent people who probably aren't very discerning to questionable information, so I don't do it.

There are exceptions. Today I learned John Coleman's book had been translated into Russian, so I sent the story and another link along with a very long explanation of how people are taken in by disinformation conspiracy sources to some of the people on my email list.

Rose, I will get back to you -- forgive me -- very hard month sans secretary!

Has anyone got an uneasy feeling about the Dalai Lama and a possible global conspiracy to disrupt the Olympics? A few years back, I found a link to the New Age and the DL. I'm sure that's not news here, but I also found he had met with David Korten of the Club of Rome. Korten has ties to the Global Uprising Movement. As riot after violent riot erupts in Tibet, other western Chinese provinces, Nepal, and now along the routes of the Olympic torch, it seems something very big is being fomented. A lot of people are dead already. If you are up for investigating something, I think this has some potential. Sarkozy is already talking boycott, and I really do not want to think what could come of all this. I fear the meetings in Seattle with the DL April 11-15th.
Interesting thought Anon 4:00

I was shocked listening to some of the ads about the upcoming Dalai Lama visit here. (I am near Seattle)

Most recently, though, I'm disgusted by the overt 'Don't let those with religious beliefs overshadow your right to death with dignity' ad for the new initiative in WA by former governor Booth Gardner.

I guess we'll see as time unfolds if the DL has that much impact here or not

TO OVI: I do have copies left of my powerpoint presentation. Email me an address to where you would like it sent.

Hey OV I seen your so called cartoon called Guess Who. Your cartoon says to me "It's cool big daddy and you know it."

Kayak river
I am not as a rule a big fan of Michael Brown (who runs the website Spirit Daily) but his site is a good source of information. He has a good column today on Saint Oprah:
From Ingrid Schlueter on
"A Slice of Laodicea"

“The Great Work”: The Gnostics Strike Again (read her comments at her site)

These historically hidden, or occultic teachings are no longer being kept a secret. The Ancient Wisdom teachings are obviously being promoted to the general population. OF COURSE the promotion of "The Secret", "A Course in Miracles", "The Shift", "A New Earth" and "The Moses Code" has involved the use of VERY SLICK, colorful marketing tools such as videos, books, and popular personalities to draw in the gullible. The "gullible" though, seem to be the remnant, the stragglers, if you will, who have not as yet gotten on board the New Age Express.
It's been the intelligentsia, the Ph.D.'s, the scholars, and the international leaders of the world who have been leading the way for the simple-minded masses. The ALREADY Awakened leading the children still rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

This world is in big trouble. The deception is blinding.

"The light of the righteous rejoiceth: but the lamp of the wicked shall be put out." Proverbs 13:9

"Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!" Isaiah 5:20

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." John 14:6
I have read constance's 1st book and have the second one on order right now. I am very confused as to what is really happening right now. I find this site good relevant information but there is so much out there mixed with a lot of disinformation that it is making my head spin. I cannot rely on news media for anything.

In an earlier post on here I wrote about two really supernatural experiences my sister and I had recently that are relavent to a lot of the chatter going on about deception, end times, etc. I am trying to make sense of this confising time. Am I right to assume the deception we are warned about in the Bible is happening as we speak and we are on the verge of the End of Days? I could easily dismiss a lot of all this bazar stuff as disinfo if it was not for what happened with my sister and I.

Please I am really confused by what happened to us. There is no one to ask this about without someone wanting to lock us up in a padded room.
Dear Rich,

At the FP website, there are members who have experienced and discussed experiences similar to yours from a Biblical viewpoint.

You might want to visit:

Hope it's helpful.
P.S. Click on the "Discussion" link. If you post in the "Whatever" forum, would venture to guess you will receive many helpful and empathetic responses.
Dear Rich,

I have had a similar experience of a demonic being appearing to me but only with a menacing look...I also prayed and the thing disappeared. It was very strange, but, at the same time I felt an inner peace. It made me think that the warfare is far more than we can imagine right now, and that the time is very near to the end. I have also been wondering if others have had similar experiences but, have been afraid to tell anyone because of what they might think...which is what I did...but, your pleas finally brought it out.
THANKS! will do...


thats one of my friends. it was done as a joke. i guess you have to be in the circle to really "get it".

MLB, Rich, I have had similar experiences.
Setterman or

INDIA WATCH: Massive Attacks Reported Against Christians Across India


Great post! Ingrid is doing great work and should be read daily.
I watched a news report this evening in the UK about 'Brain Gym' which has been creeping into UK primary schools. The report concluded that some 'experts' are describing this as a 'pseudo science' that has allegedly crossed the pond from California.

From what I saw in the report it seems a bit weird and NA - has anyone any additional info on it beyond what is reported in the link below, please?


Many Thanks for any insights.

Thank you for your input. It really is validating to have your input because I have been lurking here for about a year and I know you are to be respected. Maybe you could respond to Rich with some insight regarding his experiences. For me, I know that the demon was trying to discourage/scare me off from becoming involved with a ministry at church. Now I am getting involved in warning others about the NA and frankly, the demonic thing was mild compared to the responses from humans!!! HA! What a crazy world.
I also have read Constance's first book and would like to purchase the other one. Can we purchase directly from her?

Thank you all for what you do!
Thank you for your input. It really is validating to have your input because I have been lurking here for about a year and I know you are to be respected. Maybe you could respond to Rich with some insight regarding his experiences. For me, I know that the demon was trying to discourage/scare me off from becoming involved with a ministry at church. Now I am getting involved in warning others about the NA and frankly, the demonic thing was mild compared to the responses from humans!!! HA! What a crazy world.
I also have read Constance's first book and would like to purchase the other one. Can we purchase directly from her?

Thank you all for what you do!
MLB, anyone may e-mail me at Please headline e-mail with something that will let me know that it is from this blog, since I often delete unknown spam.
Yours in Christ:
MLB - welcomme to the battle - and in my opinion and I am sure many others here - the endtimes also -PLEASE - you absolutely must be sure to wear your full armor that only the Lord God Jesus Christ can provide - do not - do not come unarmed - remember what the Lord said when tempted in the desrt by satan - many here can attest to attacks by the enemy in numerous ways - remember also - "those lead by the Spirit of God - are sons of God" - stay in His will and what He would have you do.

Spiritual warfare in it's full scope is the heaviest of topics. I've researched it, and speak about it, only on a need to know basis. There is helpful information out there but it's not that easy to find.

Much of the information I have is from a Catholic perspective--this isn't of much interest to many of the folks here, however, the most powerful weapon is one all Christians can use if running into this problem:

"In the name of Jesus Christ, the only son of God, I command you to leave this place, go back to where you came from, and never return.

"In the name of God the Father, I command you to leave this place, go back to where you came from, and never return.

"In the name of the Holy Spirit I command you to leave this place, go back to where you came from, and never return."

Thanks to all who responed the my plea. I posted regarding my experience on the Filfilled Prophecy board here:

I got some good replies that helped. We are indeed in a Spritual War right now and the battle is over souls. This is all new to me but thanks for the leads. Forever yours in Jesus Christ.

Setterman thank you for the address. I know it will be helpful to have your help/opinion at times.
DouginMI your advise spoke directly to my spirit.

Rose I appreciate gleaning from your research. thank youso much.

Has anyone read 'The Bondage Breaker' by Neil T. Anderson? I thought it was a good book but then I read some criticism on line and now I don't know what to think.

Rich-Thank you for indirectly bringing much support for myself and others.

"The time has come for us to kneel and fight–and to wrestle in prayer. It is written: For though we live in the world, we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have Divine power — [the King James Version reads] — they are mighty through God — to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).
“My help comes from the LORD which made heaven and earth. . . The LORD is GOOD, His mercies are everlasting. . . He has loved us with an everlasting love. . . He will not leave you or forsake you. . . A broken and contrite heart, oh LORD, you will not despise.”
I have always reminded my family and friends that Jesus sails in the same boat as us, and that we need to trust him as a diver trusts the water below.
Find a devoted friend who loves Jesus more than life itself, who you can trust and go two by two down “pilgrims” road. Often books outside of the Bible are not helpful. The Hidden dangers of the Rainbow was a wake-up call that was and still is helpful. As problematic as commentaries can be, a good one, like Vernon McGee’s, can be helpful also.
That’s my offering to you and whoever else in this troubled time. Oh, don’t forget to “SING AND MAKE MELODY IN YOUR HEART UNTO THE LORD.”

DouginMI, good advise!
Setterman, my friend and brother in Christ Jesus -
I can not wait until we get to speak in heaven with those who we gleen info from together -
Re: spiritual threats from "the dark side" . . .

About 15 years ago a close friend told me a story of another friend of hers who got deeply involved in the New Age Movement. When she practiced meditation, she started hearing voices from "spirits." She must have actually crossed over into this "paradigm shift" because she found herself actually "levitating." She cried out loud to God to please help her. Her terrified boyfriend was also in the room with her and was desperately trying to pull her back down. Somehow, she managed to "come back" and, ultimately, everything did turn out OK. But, she said that she had NEVER been so scared in her entire life!!!
WILL THE STATUE OF ABOMINATION BE THE 13 SCHULLSPLACED ON JEWISH SIOL,FOR THEY ARE GODS CHURCH AND TEMPLE,OR WILL IT BE THE FLAG OF THE SCHULLS AoC flag at that ,are these schulls the gate way for the anti christ ?????????????parpcofriends says: If the new age christain are prepare the way for the beast ,and the dragon is to be defeated and kicked out of heaven.Could these 12 plus 1 scull be a type of gate way that is to allow the antichrist ,which is the beast out of the bootom less pit.And is it possiabile for Judas to be to be the antichrist .For the bible says the beast was,and was not ,and shall be again.Judas was,and then he was not(when he went to his own special place)and willbe when he ascends out of the bottom less pitt,and slays the two wittness of Jesus that walk the earth during the tribulation period.That would then make the rapture then take place soon ,for i think the 2 wittnesses walk the earth for 4 years then they are killed ,but rise after 3 days ,after they have lain in the streets dismembered ,could this aso be the time that dragon satin sends a flood of his armies after the church ,who are the decendants of abraham,who will take refuge in the tenple of old king Solomon,in the mountains who will flee through the parted mountains ,that were parted by the earth quake,they will survive there for 3 and a half years by God feeding them.And could these 13 sculls be a gate way that will releaes the 2000000 horse men ,who will be satans army that will battle in heaven,the are the Anunniki(fallen angels that bread withe the women of earth and made the Nephiliums ,whom the bible talks of as were ledgens come from.These Anunniki are angels that did not depart with satan when he was kicked out and dissrobed of his bells and musical garmand ,they are the ancient Anunniki that felt heaven before satan .Could they have been responibile for the alians which are the greys (human like blond),the riptilians(snake like human ,grey-green scaly skin with yellow snake like eyes)the Hybrides(child like with white -grey skin and huge egge like eyes)and ?decendants of nephiliums bread with alians and could possibily be the luuminarty controling all world goverments that are preparing the way for the dragon.And when the bible refferrs in genisus to other beings and poeple when cain was afraid to go out into the wilderness and again rev:14.3 the four liveing beings are they alians????
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