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Sarkozy or no Sarkozy, its still Solana's BARCELONA PROCESS

NEW TO ME BUT UP THERE SINCE 2004 -- A "GRAND STRATEGY" ! AND EVEN MORE BLATANTLY AGAINST BELIEVING MONOTHEISTS IS THIS REPORT FROM CSIS. Another "grand strategy" -- headline is Moslems, but they clearly deal with endtime Christians within! Dealing with "root causes" means they have to shut down all "true believers" . . . except true believers in their own syncretistic nonsense!

Re Picture: . . . AND ON THE MILITARY FRONT, WITH CREDITS TO HOLLY AND ADAM OF FULFILLEDPROPHECY.COM FOR POINTING THIS OUT. THIS TRANSATLANTIC STRATEGY IS AN OLD ONE. Javier Solana is clearly in this picture. He was handed control of the Transatlantic Alliance back in 1995, immediately after he, an ex-Marxist, long on the USA's subversive list took over NATO!

From the March 15th, European Jewish Press regarding Sarkozy's MEDITERRANEAN UNION:

"The new organization will be called "Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean,” according to a EU presidency statement.

"The statement said that the EU leaders asked the European Commission to present it the necessary proposals for defining the modalities of the new union with a view to a launch summit to take place in Paris on July 13.

"Sarkozy’s original ambitious plan, nicknamed “Club Med,” was conceived a year ago during his presidential campaign as an exclusive club involving only the EU's Mediterranean countries and its neighbours but not the EU as a whole.

"The new plan is to replace the so-called “Barcelona process” launched 13 years ago in order to strengthen the EU’s relations with its southern neighbors but which many critics say has so far failed to deliver, mainly because of the lack of Israeli-Palestinian peace but also because of the Mediterranean governments' poor record in using the EU funds on offer. . ."

What's in a name? Maybe we should ask Sarkozy -- and Javier Solana!

Stay tuned!
Looks like poor Sarkozy is having problems at home in France, he'll have to start thinking and acting on LOCALLY aqain before embarking on his fresh global aspirations!
Sorry, I forgot the link:
Here's a tinyurl for same:
it's planned to launch it officially at the EU summit July 13/14. Who's birthday was it at July 14?
America's Neocons encouraging the remilitarization of Europe.

National Review has a 5 part series on Europe where: "Professor Bruce Thornton of Cal State Fresno describes a European civilization that after twenty-five centuries is drawing to an end."

Out with the old, in with the new.

Says Thornton, “We need to say to Europe: You guys are rich. You wanna be a big, important player? Spend the money on the military and then we’ll deal with you.”
Happy birthday, Javier ! What a nice present you will be getting this coming one, July 14th!

Do you have a link for the neo-cons story -- very interesting, hardly surprising but still disturbing!


National Review Online
Uncommon Knowledge
Five part video series called “The Rise and Fall of Europe”
Hosted by Peter Robinson (Hoover Institute)

Robinson opens part 5 by asking Professor Bruce Thornton if America’s “official policy” (adopted by every administration since Eisenhower), of encouraging the political union of Europe is a “terrible mistake.”

I have not found written transcripts of the interviews, but this link will get you to the video series.
Hey everyone I have have a birthday song for Javier and here it goes!!!

Javier, javier you and your gobalization are worse than a grizzly bear.
Great post Constance.

Rich of Medford has a new article up.

"Ghost of Nazi Past, Ghost of Nazi Present"

"Throughout my lifetime, I’ve heard people argue that what happened in Nazi Germany could never happen again. My father advised me that when people truly start to believe that, that’s when it will happen."
Twenty-six years ago Constance told me that the New Age movement was a resurgence of Nazism. Being Jewish, that sure caught my attention. She was right and her information checked out, and not only because of the occult connection to the two movements.

It's easy to forget this basic fact when dealing with the myriad of things involved in the New Age movement.

Rich has taken us back to basics in his posting for March 16.
Ghost of Nazi Past, Ghost of Nazi Present
Part I – Cultural, Parliamentary, Media, and Judicial Manipulations

Rich has read the boring, to us, stuff of which a bureaucracy is made. It's hard reading and most of us don't have the patience to wade through the planning which is being done on such a huge scale. (I'm sure Solana and friends don't amuse themselves by contemplating what's happening at low level occult or peace organizations.) He has taken sections from those papers and compared them to how changes took place under the Nazi bureaucracy based on excerpts from the book that examines these things.

Some reading here might be able to concentrate and easily absorb what he wrote. There are others, like me, who have to turn the television off and focus. It's worth the effort.

Just now I went over to World Net Daily where I found they will be carrying a Ron Paul column. or

Am I alone in seeing a growth push for a messiah figure who will save us? In the last year we have seen a push for Obama and Paul by different groups of individuals. The concept grows even though no individual stands the test. World Net Daily is one of the last places I would have seen jumping on a thought bandwagon. Interestingly NewsWithViews slander of me has been carried by Paul websites.

Oh well, maybe it means nothing.

Connie, I think they just had the Brussels Forum, might want to check the media, Challeges in the wider middle east was interesting.

The annual meeting of the Brussels Forum is always so educational.

Thanks for the posting about WND running a Ron Paul column. I'm a Messianic Jew who, for several months, was naive enough to trust the praise given Dr. Paul by several NWV contributors without digging deeper on my own. Ran into enough anti-semitic remarks by his local supporters to do more research. Perhaps Dr. Paul is not a racist, but it looks as if more than should be expected of his supporters are. I know he hails from the South, but I also know that much of the South has changed regarding such issues, so red flags are now raised in my mind. God bless!
Clarification on U.S. Congressman, Ron Paul:

He was born and raised in a town outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but has made his home in Lake Jackson, Texas (just outside of Houston) for well over 30 years.

Most Texans don't consider their state part of the "deep South," but rather more like "a whole other country." (LOL)

Also, the Houston area is a "melting pot" with a diverse population made up of many races, religions and cultures.

Ron Paul may have his share of extreme far right wing supporters, but that doesn't necessarily make HIM one.

E.G. - George W. Bush professes to be a "Christian" (with Christian supporters who elected him), but he certainly doesn't behave or lead this country like one -- with nearly 4,000 soldiers dead (+ an untold number of dead civilians) and our nation with a debt of over one trillion dollars and now on the brink of total economic collapse!!!
Our concerns with the EU or the NAU can only be explained with our culture of corruption being its foundation. The following is a perfect example:
Out with the old, in with the new!
“In the course of several interviews in the past few days (New York Governor) Paterson said he maintained a relationship for two or three years with "a woman other than my wife," beginning in 1999.”
The pervasive nature of moral decay in our society is the result of “God is dead” mentality. New Hampshire declared safest State; with the horrible crime we now have here, I wonder what it is like in El Paso, L.A., Detroit, Houston. Some time ago I sent this posting to Constance’s blog spot: “The global advance could not have made such headway without the effort of a carnal education system; one which ceased to find God in science, but rather used such aspects of science, evolution, psychology, economics, and humanism to buttress a godless agenda. The grass roots of globalism can be reduced to a local violent crime rate in my State of N.H.: why so many rapes, murders, and robberies? We have a proliferation of "Watch groups" with no relief in sight; we have pundits, more police, but yet a tide of crime; the prisons are over flowing. Zechariah 14:13 says: "they shall lay hold every one on the hand of his neighbor.”
The NOW could not be happening with out a foundation of sadly lost and groping souls, and Obama would not be where he is without a Jesus Christless society. Kick as we will, and we will, even as a new born baby flails away, the prophecy of a world falling into corruption cannot be broken.
Amen, Setterman

Also I believe that the decay
in the education system which
you mentioned is the result of
sustained effort by powers that
have looked forward to this day
for at least two generations. The
Rockefeller Foundation has had
a lot to do with it: The Pill, "Third
Wave" Feminism, The Gay Agenda,
condoms for kids in middle
school, and the sunami of violence
in children's TV and games can
all be found to have roots in the
godless Rockefeller Foundation.

The Rockefellers on this side of the
pond and the Rothschilds over
on that side learned a lot from
their Tavistock Institute as far as
how to brainwash and manipulate
the masses of people and they've
applied their techniques very very
It's all about control.


the new world order is coming faster than anyone knows! i have patients that are in masonry who have said things that raise the hair on my neck (and they don't know i know). they acknowledge it is new age stuff.
Dorothy wrote: Am I alone in seeing a growth push for a messiah figure who will save us?

Kathleen Keating posted on this issue last week--it sounds like her next radio show will also deal with it.

Anon 3:14 am wrote: George W. Bush professes to be a "Christian" (with Christian supporters who elected him), but he certainly doesn't behave or lead this country like one

Many of Bush's actions while in office are at glaring odds with his claim to be a Christian. I've concluded the whole "I'm a born again Christian" was used to manipulate the American electorate.

Some time last year I read a Bush quote--I can't remember where--that said it all. He was asked what his plans were after leaving office. He cited the enormous amount of money Tony Blair (another self-identified "Christian" -- in this instance, Catholic) has earned as a speaker since stepping down--apparently Bush would like to do the same.

How much more money do "Christians" like the Blairs and Bushes actually need?

Hi Constance,

Thought you might find my newest article interesting.

"The Priestess, Regeneration And Interfaith Power & Light"


Here is a blog with a lot of interesting information:

Constance mentioned a few weeks ago on her radio show about the New Age deceivers (small in number) and the deceived (large number)--I think was in the context of Marianne Williamson--I have always sensed Williamson, wealthy as she is, is nonetheless deceived (although who knows for sure?).

I get the feeling that both Oprah Winfrey and Mrs. Obama are also deceived.

With regard to Mr. Obama himself--I can't put my finger on it exactly, but the more I see of this master of manipulation, the more nervous I get.


I read down to your comments on Ron Paul the Pied Pipper and couldn't help but stop and confirm your thoughts.

Alex Jones is another one!

Why do grown people need "fathers" to lead them, why can't they act on their own in their home districts where the power used to start and some still is?

I sit back in wonderment when I hear about Paul et al.

Where was Paul years ago before things got out of control? I firmly believe he is a complaining insider go along to get along person.

Follow his campaign money where is it going? It's his.

His son Rand has the fire in the belly and I submit to you that he is one of the reasons Paul forges on.

Paul knows the nation is gone so why is he out beating the campaign drums?

I could go on...kck
Just because you have fame and fortune doesn't mean you have common sense or can continue learning.

Oprah seems a little tired, lonely, and unfulfilled why else would she attache to everything coming down the road thinking the next idea is the answer and happiness. Problem is the treadmill just goes faster and faster until the person falls off.

Would you believe I used to pray for her? Somewhere I stopped.

I thought we could all use a little humor today...I wrote this this morning.

I need to rant for a minute


First they said, buy these super expensive lightbulbs, they will last longer, they are better for the environment and they will save you money on your power bill.

Then they decided to outlaw regular lighbulbs, so shortly we won't even be able to buy the regular ones, and they are forcing us all to use this inferior product.

Here's why,

Even though they have discount coupons at the hardware store these lightbulbs are still far more expensive. I bought them on sale for $.99 each where I could have bought a whole package of 4 lightbulbs for the same price. However, if they are supposed to last longer, then it might pay off I thought.

BUT, that doesn't take into account my house's crappy wiring. Bulbs burn out at a terrible rate here. Regular ones or compact flouresecent. If the power goes out, I have to wait for the fridge to start running to know when the power is back on, because it usually blows out 2-3 bulbs each time. It doesn't discriminate between cheap bulbs or fancy ones. The power goes out here in rural Washington a lot.

I was told these are supposed to last 6-7 years. I have lived in my house not even 3 years yet, and I have a bag of used flourescent bulbs, and here is why. You can't throw them away. They have made it illegal to dispose of the bulbs in the trash because they are so un-environmentally friendly, they have mercury in them. So I have to collect these toxic bulbs in my home, with my 3 kids around hoping we don't smash one by accident.

And where can I dispose of them? Well I can drive 20 miles out of my way to a proper hazmat disposal site to drop them off, so in my car I just spent $7.00 in gas and in traffic 2 hours to go dispose of these so called "green" bulbs.

I may use my whole tax refund check that the government is supposed to send us and buy up as many regular bulbs as I can while I can. However, my power bill might just go up a few more pennies.


Here is another interesting note about the lightbulbs. The ones that were around prior to the push to switch last a lot longer.

The newer ones we bought (after the big push) do not last near as long.

We did have ones that lasted 6 years. By the way they use to be guaranteed and you had to save your receipt and original packaging to get a rebate.

I didn't know that you had to dispose of them special. I know that my husband has warned me to make sure one never breaks.

Dorothy- I guess it doesn't surprise me that Paul websites pick ed up on the NWV rant. They had come out some time ago in endorsing him as a candidate.

And you are correct of a push for a Messiah to save us. I noticed it with Obama, but you are correct with regards to Paul as well.
The old bulbs were the symbol
of the bright idea. The new bulbs
are symbolic of the anti idea; a
good idea gone bad for more
By the way it's mercury vapor,
so don't even breath around
one that's broken.
Also you can't use any of your
old lampshades if they're the
wire type.
And where can you go where
they just let you drop them off ?
Around here there would be
a fee.

not that Paul
Leana, almost all the new light bulbs you hate are made in China.




I feel vindicated. I've been
telling people about the many
techniques used to brainwash
the masses of this country for
the last forty years. I grew up
in a tiny town in Maine which
has hosted the National Training
Labs ( NTL ) for the last 42 years
and I've watched these people
come into town from all over the
country and get brainwashed
in a two week seminar called
"sensitivity training". They leave
on a mission to change the world
_for the worse.

PLEASE listen to this woman.

Yours truly
or regarding the above post you
can use tiny URL

Thanks Dawn, Paul and anon. 6:04

I was just trying to be humorous, I do have a serious problem with them burning out after about 6 months. I still have the bag of used bulbs hanging in the garage, I still have not taken them in, too much trouble. A friend told me to throw them out anyway, but I figure they have RFID tags to track them back to my house and I don't need Al Gore knocking on my front door giving me a citation for anti-greenishness.

My biggest point was that it will cost me more in gas to dispose of these toxic bulbs then it is saving me in power bills. Seems oxy-moronic to me.

Sarkozy can't maintain his home bse, let alone rule the Mediterranean. He is, in my opinion, a mere stalking horse for the furtherance of Javier Solana's ambitions, who still is trying to keep a lowered profile.
The selling out of a nation.

Here’s a few disturbing facts lifted from the web pages of the companies involved, that when put together, paint a rather disturbing picture of the recent US Dept. of Defense/Airbus contract.

Fact #1: Airbus is owned by EADS, the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company

Fact #2: “EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defense and related services. In 2007, EADS generated revenues of €39.1 billion and employed a workforce of more than 116, 000.”

Fact #3: “Astrium, a wholly owned subsidiary of EADS, is dedicated to providing civil and defense space systems and services. In 2007, Astrium had a turnover of €3.6 billion and 12,000 employees in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Netherlands. Its three main areas of activity are Astrium Space Transportation for launchers and orbital infrastructure, and Astrium Satellites for spacecraft and ground segment, and its wholly owned subsidiary Astrium Services for the development and delivery of satellite services.”

Fact #4: “The Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) has selected a team of Khrunichev Space Center and Astrium to build the Express AM4 communications satellite.”

Fact #5: “Included in the Airbus network of U.S. suppliers are some of the most respected names in aerospace, including: Alcoa, Eaton, Goodrich, GE, Honeywell, Northrop Grumman, Rockwell Collins, United Technologies and Vought Aircraft. In addition, Airbus has partnerships with many small and medium-sized U.S. companies like Faber, Electroimpact and GKN Aerospace.”

The suppliers, vendors, and customers of EADS extend across the globe

My conclusion: By awarding Airbus the tanker contract, the United States Department of Defense, a wholly owned subsidiary of the “Military Industrial Complex”, has proven itself to be a truly global entity with no perceived allegiance to the American people. This deal makes it easier for EADS to get it’s hands on numerous technologies developed by the above mentioned “American” companies. Those technologies will be easily transferred directly to the Russians (and anyone else) who buys any of the incredible assortment of advanced military weapons systems, including space based systems, available from either EADS or one of it’s plethora of high tech Military Industrial subsidiaries. The Department of Defense is not ignorant of these facts. War is their business.

Sorry, I used the word "disturbing" twice in the opening sentence of my last post. I guess I'm just greatly disturbed by the implications of this information. The weak public protest mounted by my own Sen. Patty Murray leads me to think the worst.
Keep in mind that Japan makes our computer parts for our warheads, heck they could shut us down in a nano second.

The military has ELF, HAARP, etc. making the refuelers obsolete anyway. It's just more of our fiat money being sucked up by the elite.

Not to worry.

The big boys having fun on Wall Street is far more interesting and important, it's our money their using to bail each other out. ROF LOL

To bad the little people (us) don't have a private island with "friends" to go to when the going gets tough. Where do you think the rich spent WWII? In London?

God help us, we need it. kck
I'm beginning to think Sarkozy is a little to flip to be the leader of the NWO and Solana worn out.

Looking for new blood ;)


P.S. I could be wrong.
Key Solana aide, Robert Cooper, who was also a former key Tony Blair advisor, was present obviously representing Javier Solana at the Grand Strategy event!

See tinyurl:

No prophecy in the Bible whatsoever that says the dude will be young That's an assumption based on Jesus' age at starting his career,not on scripture!

Dear Johnny,

I so very much appreciate your work and I must go right now so I can go read your new blogspot article. Thanks for looking in!

Everyone should take the time to listen to some of the video or audio files during the lastest Brussels Forum...
You must not always assume this prince will be Jewish. Sarkozy isn't half the elitist, globalist, that Javier is. This thing is bigger than one man's ambitions of world worship. He will have to be able to lead in solving many key Global issues, which are created by these very same type of people and mindset. Take Kissinger for example. He hasn't been in office for a long time now, but yet his influence may be greater now, more than ever. Influence seeds power. Whom in this world has more influence than Solana? We have to remember the middle east was a magor aspect of the Roman Empire.
I cant see Sarkozy gaining influence in the Middle East, Asia, South America, North America, World Wide as Solana has. This influence isn't given, it is gained over time. What is quite remarkable is how fast Javier has done it compared to others before him. Its is as if it were planned, by higher authorities if you get my drift.

Anonymous 1:51 AM said...
Everyone should take the time to listen to some of the video or audio files during the lastest Brussels Forum...
Thanks, I agree there is a lot of important info to be found at the site. Under the heading "Press Information" transcripts are available to read. Scrolling down to Sunday, March 16 is the 'discussion' between
The Hon. Dr. Javier Solana and
Moderator: Mr. David Ignatius, Associate Editor and Columnist, The Washington Post, titled,


In the name of keeping in a kindred spirit of humour, I would suggest that if you keep collecting those dud light bulbs in your garage, you may end up possessing a thousand points of light. Or not light, as the case may be. Watt?

Paul -
thank you so much for the lead. She has her own website. Actually two.


On the first there is another interview which has very important information as well. She also has a pdf form of her book.

Perhaps Constance could haver her on sometime. That would be a great interview.
So let me get this straight;
In the absence of any racist
comments by Ron Paul, the
conclusion must be that he's
an anti-semite. And since he's
the the only candidate who has
stood up to Ben Bernanke, et al,
he must be a phony messiah
That's pretty grim. It would
seem that any hint of anti
semitism coming from any
source including "unknown"
must be proof enough that
he's an anti semite. This from
a stalwart proponent of "do
the research and verify every
Well then why not float a rumor
that JS is an anti-semite? It
would surely ruin him.
The anti semite label is the
quickest way to get rid of
anyone whether they deserve
it or not.

Paul F.
Paul, among antisemites being an antisemite is a badge of honor isn't it. In fact people post anononymously or with false names because they are afraid of the antisemites as they can be a pretty violent, immoral group.

I posted factual information on Ron Paul and some of his followers in an earlier thread that can be accessed by doing a search.

Having watched Ron Paul heap praise on the Pope that was so thick you needed hip waders on the House floor, I felt it was grossly out of place and quit listening before he finished. What purpose did it serve?

What are his religious beliefs?

It was on YouTube at one time.

Paul didn't protest voting problems in any state which says to me he
1. doesn't care
2. knows he can't win so why bother
3. money sent for the campaign by the little people doesn't matter, their paying for a win and you can't win if you don't keep everyone honest.
4. he denies there is anything amiss with 9-11 (he knows better)
5. his son Rand has the fire in the belly and wants to carry on.
6. the march on D.C. is out right stupid and shows a lack of political savy which we know isn't true.
7. the march will waste little peoples money.
8. Paul's campaign wants to start an on going group, new party?
9. Paul knows the economy is in the dumper so why all of the above?
10. the guy just doesn't sit right with me based on his past history.
11. he is not who we need, if he won't stand up to phony elections then why should I believe he will stand up for other issues that count?
12. he's going to the convention to do what? rof lol
13. the campaign money is his to spend anyway he wants, so who is going to get 'paid'? follow the money and wait until things cool off.

To me he is simply the Piped Pipper who is bringing the mice out of the walls to be counted, anyone else?

Getting the "truth" out via Paul is a little late don't you think, the horse is out of the barn and we're sunk. "It's the economy stupid!"

His views and he knows it are/were not going to be the winning ticket as the general public is full of navel lint pickers who think life is going to go on like it always has and anyone who shakes that belief is to be ignored at best.

90% of the populace is immature leaving us, the 10% to fight it out 10 to 1 not good odds. Perhaps that answers the question of why people are looking for a father or someone to take care of them.

A person cannot mature past the emotional age of the most immature parent, and will not grow up out side of a miracle which probably includes God.

I should say I'm not anti-Paul, getting some truth out is glorious, but let's keep it in perspective.

Pray for me as I am praying for you.
I am not a fan of Jones, but his site has a lot of information.
You're welcome

kck and Dorothy,
You're probably right.
But your answer made me
ask myself "Is there any
difference between anti semites
and anti negroes ? I mean don't
you suppose that anyone who
hates Jews probably hates Blacks
as well ?
I seem to remember both those
groups as being on the hate list
of some White Supremacist web
site that I unfortunately stumbled
onto one day. I didn't bother
bookmarking it and I'm glad.
It was essentially a KKK site.
Come to think of it I read some
of Hitlers most famous speeches
and he pretty much hated both
those groups, and Jehovahs
Witnesses and Gypsies too.

Robert Cooper, huh ?
What's his deal ?


Oneness Movement

Blessing each other.

Lighthouse Trails Research Project Newsletter has article.

CSIS was founded in 1962 in America.

Is there a connection?
Is the USA a full paid member of the EU and we just don't know about it? It seems that we are working very closely with them and conforming to their standards.
This is probably not the right form for this, but many of you are computer geeks. In Dec. I bought a Dell computer and the day I bought it I had trouble, and Dell has given me the run around since. I can’t get them to fix it or take it back: any suggestions?
Hi Setterman
Not sure what you should do about the situation But if you get stuck with the computer there are a few websites you can go on for help fixing it. I think this is the one I used to go to which were really helpful, knowledgeable and free

Hope you sort the problem.
Take care
I'm getting unsolicited mail from the Constitution party. Do you have any background on that group? Google must be getting a lot of requests for information because when I put "Constitution Party" in the search window, for the first time ever a subject list appeared along with the number of links. This hasn't happened with any other search I've done.

Anyway, I've read the facts, but if you have any thoughts I'd like to hear them. I'm not attracted to the group; just following politics, wondering how many votes they'll take from McCain.

To think that, by the year 2012, a law will be actually be in effect banning the sale and manufacture of all incandescent light bulbs!!!

It makes me want to run out and buy one of those new anti-Big Brother-themed bumper stickers that read:
"I'm Pro-Choice -- on Light Bulbs."

I recently saw a "funny" (?) cartoon which showed a SWAT Team (with guns drawn) descending on some poor elderly man hunched over his kitchen table (with the old type of light bulb over head). The caption reads:

Setterman, try your luck here.

You may have to register to ask a question. I found this place very helpful when I was researching what laptop to buy. Good luck!
The people who hate the Jews usually equally despise people of African descent as well. Liberty Lobby was an excellent case in point. I have been fond of saying that the New Age Movement might be an excellent place for one, provided they were a blonde, blue eyed pagan.

I have reams of New Age literature from the late 70's, early 1980s saying that if one were black, if one were American Indian, if one were oriental, if they were Jewish, etc., they were welcome to join them, but they should be practicing celibacy as their races were destined to die out anyway . . .

Sam Nunn is a fascinating link between Javier Solana and the prayer breakfast network, Doug Coe's Fellowship Foundation in Washington, D.C. There are others . . . So he now heads CSIS . . .!
Dorothy and anonymous,

I voted Constitution Party in the last two general elections. Did run across some info after the fact that Howard Phillips, who ran 8 years ago, had been funneling $ to two Neo-Nazi groups when he held a position for several years in D.C. quite a while back. It could have been misinformation, though. Have seen enough support from racist groups for CP to not want to vote for them anymore, although most of what the party proposes is what the country needs. By the way, I wouldn't vote for a party which had lots of supporters that despised Anglo-Saxons, either. I don't think, between election rigging with the various electronic systems and no paper trail, and the obvious disdain of the MSM, that CP will really take many, if any votes away from any major(MSM-created, of course) candidate. In my opinion, we have been led to believe that our votes count, but it is simply another distraction from the deeper issues, one of which I think very much includes that we are indeed part and parcel with what is taking place in Europe and the elites who are in power there and in the world. A couple? of the 20 most wealthy families who really run this old world are based in Europe for over 100 years and more. They run the international banks, arrange the wars in the world years in advance, destroy whole nations' economies through "loans", etc., and Solana is probably in like Flynn with many of them. They will do whatever it takes to keep and expand their power, and are not opposed to using any political system other than anarchy. The votes are probably also to tally just who is voting and why, to keep tabs on how many folks might see what's going on, want to take drastic measures, etc., but the Lord reigns anyway, and He is returning! I've been witnessing so much more in the last couple of years since I've found some of this stuff out. The "Everlasting Gospel" and the constancy of God's Love, what a Comforter He is!
Thanks Adam and Mac for your help. If you want a hint of how difficult and uncaring the NWO will be just try dealing with Dell or CITI or many other companies that have little to no interest in the small-guy customer. Frankly they have me worn out.
“25 And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”
This is a frightful scripture, not of my petty problems, but of SAINTS under the most diabolical attack.
How easily we will be used when we can no longer buy or sell without the mark. We’re so programmed to do anything to get things, what when we need food or heat? Some of us think we can hide, that will not work for long. I continue to recommend “THE HIDING PLACE, because Betsy so much expresses how I would want to behave.
NOBODY is more ambitious than Solana!
Dawn and Paul,

I am personally acquainted with Charlotte Iserbyt. We do have areas of disagreement, but yes, I am going to try and track her down for a program.


Thought you might find this interesting.

"Shadow Of A Doubt - The Triangular Institution Of Family, Part 1"


jus something I heard this morning on the radio. I am in CO and gov. ritter said he wanted to "overhaul" the educational system in CO to go from K-12 and higher to have kids smoothly transition into the workforce via vocational studies.

it's happening!
Sorry, correction to last post. I heard that a couple or perhaps 3 of the 20 wealthiest families in the world are based here in the U.S.A., the rest are in Europe. The poorest of them make Donald Trump and Bill Gates look like paupers. Have heard also that technically, the queen of England owns approximately one sixth of the land in the world if you include the countries which are in the Commonwealth.

Only knew insides of Republican party, others were a lost cause at the time so I didn't/haven't botherd to look into them.

Now know Republican party is also worthless.

The "Committee of 300" is supposed to be leading world families.

Another is there are "13" families who rule and meet once a month.

It is hard to wrap my mind around and believe the economy is going belly up, and those in power would do it to us, but "It's the economy stupid."

People are now coming out of the woodwork saying they knew the financial meltdown was going to happen, really? Where were you when it could have been at least slowed, stopped or avoided.

All that to say please have gold (going to $2,000 +), or silver ($100 +), and keep coins on hand for food and barter, plant a garden or know a truck farmer and dry food which can be stored under the bed.

Buy the best (Berkey?) water filter that will purify creek water.

The crash could come any time within the next two years, it depends. The "Plundge Protection Team" and the elite bankers can pull the plug whenever they please. (as you know)

Adieu (Old French, I commend you to God.)
Anonymous 11:13-
You said within your comments,
"I heard that a couple or perhaps 3 of the 20 wealthiest families in the world are based here in the U.S.A., the rest are in Europe."

You and everyone here should go and read Johnny's latest blog.
His analysis of the 2007 Brookings Report and the report itself supports your comment. "We The People" ARE NOT running the show. Part of the Report covers our political process in America.
“OPPORTUNITY 08: The Countdown Begins" You can read more about this effort here:


Johnny's blog:"51 Reasons To Say No To Global Governance"
The people who hate the Jews usually equally despise people of African descent as well. Liberty Lobby was an excellent case in point.

An interesting exception to this rule is the late William F. Buckley, Jr. I'm no expert on Buckley, but I believe he had a long and strong track record of standing up to antisemitism (Dorothy, correct me if I'm wrong here), helping to ensure it would have no credible place in serious conservative discourse. The great Jewish historian Will Herberg, a former Marxist, was religion editor at Buckley's magazine, National Review.

By contrast, Buckley's views on race, particularly during the Civil Rights movement, were disgraceful.

A few months ago, Constance made reference to the Jamestown Foundation -- a group founded by the late Bill Geimer, a native Chicagoan and former staff lawyer for both the Nixon and Ford administrations. Geimer was a staunch anti-communist in the Buckley mode.

For anyone interested in the intellectual roots and social history of the American conservative movement, the New York Times'obituary of Buckley had one of the most fascinating comment threads I've ever come across--his views on race are squarely challenged there.

Actually, it's a tribute to Buckley at the NYT not the actual obituary -- the comment thread is still there and is a great read:

I don't know if you saw the
excerpts of all the interviews
WF Buckley did with Charlie
Rose over the years, but in
one of those interviews he
mentions being at Bohemian
Grove where all the elite Skull &
Bones / Freemasons etc., meet
once a year to burn a giant
Owl of Horus and, some say,
make a human sacrifice. Others
have said that it's an orgy in the
classic Baal worship style.
We know for sure that
the press is not allowed.
The man was a very intelligent
Luciferian fool, in my book.

EU/Solana determined to take control in Kosovo, per European Voice:

Vol. 14 No. 11 : 19 March 2008

print friendly

EU determined to take control in Kosovo
Andrew Gardner

The EU remains determined to assume oversight responsibilities in Kosovo from the UN as planned, Javier Solana, the EU’s foreign policy chief, said after 48 UN police officers and 20 members of Kfor, the international peacekeeping force in Kosovo, were injured in clashes with local Serbs on 17 March.

Jerusalem next?
My personal beef with Howard Philips, who I have met personally was that he wanted to allow people untrained in the law to be judges -- a sure way to bring even more chaos to the legal system than already is there.


Dr. Monteith graciously gave me Charlotte's number. I just hung up from a lengthy and informative conversation with her. She will be my radio guest on Tuesday, April 1, 2008, at 5 p.m. Let all your friends know . . .

I can't wait to listen. I have a few questions for her.

My first is that I would be interested to know about the homeschooling aspect of all this. How can we avoid some of these pitfalls (i.e. is there certain curriculum or publishers to avoid?)

The second would be I would love for her to elaborate on her comment about the problems with faith based initiatives and how that relates to the things she has been talking about.
German Jews accuse pope of stoking anti-Semitism
Just a word of warning. This morning I let my kids watch a show that was called "Auto-B-Good". I don't know what the real title of this show was. However if I had to pick one I would say, The Secret for kids.

I was sitting here listening to what they were saying. First they were talking about being respectful and nice to other people. Then all of a sudden they were talking about the importance of positive thinking.
I am trying to remember exactly what they said. But as soon as I heard, "positive thinking" I started talking to my kids and told them to block their ears.

I am looking on the website and it say that their videos are about 39 different character values. What parent wouldn't want to get one of those!
Constance, 6:47

I understand your point regarding Howard Phillips appointing "untrained" judges. Although we don't want fools sitting on the bench making a mockery of our judicial system, I'd rather HP appointed a few judges over the alternative. Obama will appoint the most brilliant highly trained luciferian nut cases he can find. Hill and Bill are trained in the law also- qualified to be judges in your book? (Well, maybe not Bill so much anymore.)

New Age

I'm glad I turned that dude
off. How long does he go on ?

I don't want to know.

Paul and kck-
Yeah, as soon as I saw Michael Tsarion's dragon t-shirt and his eyes I knew he wouldn't be approaching his topic from a Christian perspective. Tsarion, is un-abashedly not only a researcher of, but a practitioner in the occult. His research is reminiscient to that of Manley P. Hall. The information he presents regarding occult symbolism and it's roots may be accurate, but his motivation and the spirit driving him is the same dark spirit behind all that we're watching. -Rudi
Speaking of occult symbolism, I see the Queen is upset with the Freemasons newest lodge....
Amen Paul. He's very creepy. The other videos that are linked close by are more of the same with 2012, nephilim, etc. nonsense too.

If anyone here subscribes to the Microeffect and can access the archives, don't miss the second hour Constance did today. The information was historical and valuable, based on her experiences with people in the New Age movement. Sometimes the shows are based on research, but you can't research this kind of information. You have to live it.

I just looked up the TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING. one of the older New World Religion groups and saw that Paul & Diane Temple were on its Council of Trustees. They are also prominent with the allegedly Christian Fellowship Foundation / "The Family" in Washington, D.C. (Doug Coe/Colson/the Prayer Breakfast network) and were co-founders of the unabashedly New Age Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Here's a link where you can PROMPTLY ARCHIVE IT FOR YOURSELF: Hurry, hurry, hurry ! It might disappear as fast as the other one did that I subsequently reproduced from my archived copy and placed up for reading on my blogspot!

The sad fact is, oldmanoftheski (and I do very much appreciate you) is that if we don't have those who met minimal licensing requirements for the law, we will have political hacks, period.

Under the present system, we have already too much of that. Think what it would be if NO legal training were required!


Branson and his friends plan to save the planet
A while ago someone had an interest in the color blue; if that is still interesting to you look at this:
(BLUE) TURQUOISE Holistic MEME—starting 30 years ago
Basic theme: Experience the wholeness of existence through mind and spirit
 The world is a single, dynamic organism with its own collective mind
 Self is both distinct and a blended part of a larger, compassionate whole
 Everything connects to everything else in ecological alignments
 Energy and information permeate the Earth's total environment
 Holistic, intuitive thinking and cooperative actions are to be expected

Romans 1:22, 23
Biblical Spiral Dynamics
“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
And changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four footed beasts, and creeping things.”

Yours in Christ:
Amen Setterman
And let's not forget that the
lower degrees of Freemasonry
are collectively known as the
Blue Degrees.
It's the general name for the
great majority of masons who
have no idea what their
leadership is doing.
These are the ones who were
lured in by recruiters who told
them that one of the pre
conditions to being a Mason is
that you believe in a higher
being or a sort of "God". That
is the hook that so many have
bitten because they were
actually looking for the true
God and thought that
Freemasonry would bring them
closer to him, so they joined.
Much later , years later, after
they've payed their dues and they
want to move up and they've
filled up their mind with all
this HOCUM they learn the big
secret: that Lucifer is the real God
and was all along...
Most of them would have rejected
the stupid lie outright if they
had heard it at first, but they were
carefully brainwashed to prevent
that common sense reaction.
By the time they find out they've
payed all kinds of money and
taken a blood oath to the lodge.

Exactly right Paul. And I am both thrilled and humbled to report that my brother in law has decided not to pursue his entrance into masonry. There is a purpose to all the information being researched and shared here. Like Dorothy and others have said, it's not just for our own amusement.
Anon (Setterman) 6:54

Thanks for the link to “The Never-Ending Upward Quest”. Paints the whole rainbow for us doesn’t it? I mean, think about it. What could be worse than a “never ending upward quest”? Always looking up from the pit of hell, never attaining salvation, never having fellowship with a loving Creator.
Hallelujah !
Jesus is still in the saving business.

Good news Oldmanoftheski- praise worthy!
An extremely important article at WND.

This is what Constance has been saying when she says that in the future you can believe what you want to believe, but you can't practice it.

"They said if we were just preaching our own Gospel, and weren't criticizing anybody else, we could continue," she said. 'If you're going to defend the Gospel, you've got to criticize sometimes.'"

I don't have documentation, but I was told by a rabbi that yeshivas in Montreal are being told how they must teach Judaism.

I heard an interview with Clinton supporter Jehmu Greene on O'Reilly last night. It was interesting that she and other Clinton supporters are being threatened by Obama supporters. She mentioned how troubling it is that those who subscribe to a vision of "hope and change", when feeling that vision threatened, would turn to threatening others. I'll be watching for the transcript to quote her but here is her latest blog post speaking of the threats.
Thanks so much for that important link Dorothy. I haven’t yet had the time to fully explore Lorri and Keith MacGregore’s MM Outreach Ministries, but for any who would like to take a look for themselves to see what all the fuss is about
here is the link:

Also, Constance brought to our attention Paul and Diane Temple and their link to the Temple of Understanding. I have been reading today at the website of
the "International Interfaith Center." This organization was “inaugurated” in Oxford, UK on December 6, 1993. Among those organizations listed as
members of the ‘International Interfaith Organisations Network’ are:
**The Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions
**United Religions Initiative
**Temple of Understanding
**Millennium Peace Summit (World Council of Religious Leaders)
**North American Interfaith Network (working hard, urging the
United States Congress to pass comprehensive hate crimes legislation)
**International Council of Christians and Jews
**World Bank's Development Dialogue on Values and Ethics
**Unitarian Universalist Association
**World Council of Churches

This past November representatives from ten Interfaith Centre organizations met near Oxford for a three day gathering. Among the topics for discussion are interfaith work at the UN , the next Parliament of the World's Religions. ( Coming up 2009 to be held in Melbourne, Australia)

IIC link page:
old but interesting

Rich has posted a very interesting update at his blog. -Rudi
In light of Rich's new blog and the
stream of lies that G.Bush has
continually told since he took
office, do you think this article
is possibly accurate ?
I know it's almost too much to
believe, but I don't think it should
be. Personally I think it explains
a whole lot.

I addressed this to you because you
are quick to identify a phony when you
see it.

or this may be better

This comment section is lengthy, but this just in this morning seems relevant to the article theme:

"The exact details of the plan, which will endeavor to improve energy supply and strengthen civil security cooperation, will be officially announced on July 13, after France assumes the EU presidency on July 1.

"President Nicolas Sarkozy, the leading figurehead behind the concept of the "Mediterranean Union," made it one of his key foreign policy planks in his 2007 election campaign. However, fears that the plan would be seen as a rival scheme to the EU and that it would supplant the long-standing Barcelona Process, established in 1995 with similar policy goals, led to some resistance, with opponents to the policy accusing Sarkozy of trying to defend French economic and political interests in North Africa. In the face of stiff opposition from other EU members, primarily Germany, Sarkozy was thus forced to make compromises.

"The very name of the adopted plan "The Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean" highlights it as an extension of existing agreements rather than the bold new scheme Sarkozy had fervently promoted.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, whose country currently holds the EU presidency, said, "It is not a question of burying [the Barcelona Process], to start from scratch. It's just about bringing it up to date ... times have changed, we have to adapt."

Instead of featuring EU countries on the Mediterranean shore only, as initially intended, the new scheme will include all 27 EU member states and 12 countries in north Africa and Asia Minor. The project will not receive any additional EU funds to those allocated under the Barcelona Process, . . ."
Paul, please do not involve me in your little scheme to bring questionable material to this blog.

Thanks Dorothy,
My question was an honest one.
You seem to think I'm dishonest.

People on this site have had verbal and probably spiritual attacks hurled upon them. However, there are those of us who are learning and have questions which do not mean harm against anyone. We have questions because we simply do not know as much as others on this site. I apologize for past, present, and future ignorance that may come across in ways which is not intended. It is tough to know who to genuinely trust because of the content this site exposes.

Paul - do not take it personally when you are rebuked but understand the possible reasons behind it. The material you asked about is controversial. This should answer your question. Keep reading, posting, and learning.

And for everyone else - thanks for your hard work and diligent studies. God bless you.
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