Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just In - Looks Like Javier Solana is planning on sticking around through 2013

Dear Readers:

This just in my google "Solana watch" box. It is from a Malta newspaper's website which you can read by clicking the following link:

"Joe Borg, the Maltese former politician who is the EU’s Commissioner for Fisheries, was said last week to have expressed his intention to resume his political career in Malta, following last week’s general election.

"The website Euractiv was quoting Commission officials.

"Mr Borg would not be the only commissioner to leave: Commission Vice President in charge of Justice, Freedom and Security Franco Frattini has announced that he will take a month’s leave from Brussels to run for a seat in Italy’s forthcoming general election, potentially taking a ministerial position if Silvio Berlusconi is elected.

"Frattini’s announcement came just a week after Cypriot Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou decided to relinquish his mandate with the EU executive to become foreign minister at home, after Cyprus elected a new president.

"Commission President José Manuel Barroso has already accepted Cypriot MP Androula Vassiliou as Kyprianou’s successor but she still requires the approval of the European Parliament.

"Moreover, Spanish Economics and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Joaquin Almunia might be forced to leave in 2009, when the Lisbon Treaty is due to come into force after being ratified in all 27 member states.

"The new treaty provides for the High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, currently the Spaniard Javier Solana, to also become Vice-President of the Commission in charge of external relations. If Solana is to stay in office, Almunia will have to leave, since each member state is only entitled to one commissioner.
[emphasis added]

Well, it looks like the man whose job was created by Section 666 and requested expanded powers in 2000 with WEU (Western European Union) bill "Recommendation 666" isn't planning on leaving soon.

Stay tuned! Have a good Palm Sunday!

Several threads back you asked if I had logged into DeProgram Program yet. I had twice before and I did again this morning. You were right about the website. In a world full of babble, it is so comforting to find places where logical thinking prevails. Thanks again for the lead.

Poland has delayed its ratification of the Lisbon Treaty:
Do you have a link to the original biography of Javier Solana before they removed all the prophetic significance?
I remember Jews for Morality had a full length bio a few years ago, I will also check that out again.

God Bless You,
Someone jumped on the name Jews for Morality when it wasn't cared for after the webmaster died. The Solana bio is no longer there.

Does anyone have a link or copy of original bio of Jav. Solana?

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