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To My readers:

UPDATE: March 2, 2008, this just in from London Financial Times: Guess who just got in on the "climate change" act. Three guesses and first two don't count: JAVIER SOLANA! And with his "European Security Strategy," this could well provide him with a rationale, particularly come 2010 and the achievement of the "European Headline Goals" of combined European militarization with a dandy excuse to march elsewhere with his EU army on the planet! Stay tuned!

Earlier to the above paragraph, I added the following for the comments section, but think it deserves to be with my main story. Consider it a misplaced appendix: l. Al Gore won three (3) BIG prizes last year (2007):
1. The Oscar
2. The Emmy
3. The Nobel Peace Prize

I will concede he richly deserved the first prizes.Very well ACTED, Al Gore! Er, was it "a convenient lie" or are present icy conditions for you, "An inconvenient truth"?


Driving to my office the other day on still another late February “winter survival day” in the midst of what has been a long, harsh winter I heard the news. The snow pack on North America was greater at any time than it had been since 1966. All the Arctic ice we had heard dire reports of its melting with New York City about to be subsequently flooded had refrozen – thicker than ever.

I heard much neighborhood mumbling: “We liked it so much better back when we were having global warming.” Others were heard to say, “listening to Al Gore, here I thought I’d never have to shovel snow again . . .” (Expletives deleted!)

When I arrived at my office, I found this purported news clipping to waiting on my fax machine. I can’t presently testify to its veracity, but it looked authentic. I’ll let you read it for yourself. I don’t know if it's real or from a spoof organization calling itself “Tongue in Cheek Productions, LLC.” Here goes:

“Friday, February 29, 2008
New York.

“Speaking for a consortium of climate scientists working on behalf of the UN, EU, NGO’s, Greenpeace, Earth First, Sierra, Club, Club of Rome, and others, a UN Spokesperson read the following statement:

‘Global climate control planners met today at the UN to examine their assumptions. Acknowledging a slight error in some of the data underlying the global warming projection model, they said:

‘We have discovered a slight error in our underlying model and have recalculated. It now appears that instead of a period of ‘global warming,’ we are, instead, in for what appears to be global cooling.

‘However, the same corrective global governance measures designed to end global warming suffice equally well against global cooling.

‘We pledge to end global cooling as fast and as efficiently as we ended global warming,” the UN spokesman ended.

“All further questions from press representatives were declined.”

Well, don’t know if it is true or not, but the snow cover starting to resemble permafrost here on our southern Michigan landscape leads me to somehow suspect it is! I certainly wish these well intentioned climate planners the same early success in ending global cooling as they have obviously enjoyed with ending global warming.

I walked downstairs in my personal library and re-examined my early New Age research items. I have so many late 1970s and early 1980s books from the Club of Rome and Friends of the Earth types saying if we didn’t do exactly as they said, we were in for a “New Ice Age.” A few mild winters later, if we didn’t do exactly as they said, it was instead “global warming.” I found items from Al Gore explaining cold winters early in his global warming alarmist career blaming volcano explosions. That 1991 one, as I recall, was Mt. Pinatubo.

I suspect there will always be climate fluctuations. I suspect there will always be volcanoes erupting one place or another.

I suspect there will always be people seeking to control other people. There will also be those willing to exploit fears of people. And they will use the weather as one excuse, or is it “central organizing principle” as has been the case with global warming propagandists.and their “scientific” amen choruses.

Frankly, I too liked it much better back when we were having “global warming.” If that makes me an eco-heretic, so be it!

Constance and friends,

"It's either global warming or global cooling" seems to be a new game -- I guess they have to cover all contingencies.

They systemic problems in the American economy that have been papered over for the last decade are finally starting to find their way into the mainstream media.

From the NYT:

What is the saying? "It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job, but a depression when you lose yours." The coming economic collapse is, I am afraid, will be the crucial weapon used in taking this country down.

Thank you Bill Clinton, George Bush, Robert Rauch, Alan Greenspan et al for selling out the American people to the highest global bidders. May you get what you deserve.

Should Al Gore give back his
Nobel ?

What a joke. The sun is probably the much more important factor in global warming or cooling. The UN can't control that and neither can Al Gore.

I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; Rev 6:12

One day very soon, the Almighty will judge these arrogant folks who will not acknowledge Him.
Al Gore won three (3) BIG prizes last year:

1. The Oscar
2. The Emmy
3. The Nobel Peace Prize

I will concede he richly deserved the first prizes.

Very well ACTED, Al Gore! Er, was it "a convenient lie" or are present icy conditions for you, "An inconvenient truth"?
Very timely post. I was going to pass on the following articles that my husband had found.

Knowing that the use of the global warming was needed by those who seek control to gain the ability to tax globally and chnage laws to their liking - I do not think it will go away.
The whole use of carbon credits ahs now been formulated and laws governing them. They are too far down that road to give them up.

Just a side note. I was talking with a Christian lady who lives part-time in the US and part-time in England because the business they have is over there. I asked her several questions.

The government out of the EU has decreed that everyone is entitled to 24 vacation days as soon as they atart a job, plus 8 paid holidays. This is soon to increase. No one can be fired. She says this makes it difficult to run a profitable business.

She lives 250 miles nw of London. Didn't know who Javier Solana was as his name doesn't come up in the news. Didn't know about the fervor of other religious groups, but said the Church of England was a pure formality. Said the Queen goes in and out of the chapel once a year and that's about it. While she didn't know anything about the New Age movement, she said she believed in reincarnation and was a Pisces. She did say that antisemitism and anti-Christian comments seem to be growing.

She said that here and there friends didn't talk about politics. They just talked business and everyday matters.

She said that while in the US people are happy about the success of their neighbors, over there people resent any happiness that comes to others. It seems to be that antagonism against those who are successful can be capitalized on by the culture changers.

"UN and ARC launch programme with faiths on climate change" (December 7, 2007)

"The United Nations has just launched an ambitious and innovative three and a half year programme to work with the world’s major faiths to tackle climate change.

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and ARC will manage the programme which involves major traditions in eleven of the world’s faiths drawing up seven-year plans of action to be launched in early 2009 at Windsor Castle, and to run through to

The 2008 International Conference on Climate Change, March 2-4

"International Conference Will Challenge Global Warming 'Consensus'"

Fire & Ice report - This report illustrates how the "Climate Crisis" has been a "hot" and then "cold" issue.

No kidding, what an answer to prayer. I had been asking the Lord to cool things down so the Global Warming agenda would back fire. Lets keep praying for rain and cooling, and yes Al Gore should give back his reward Paul, he never should have got it in the first place.

Remember... what the devil means for evil, God can turn it around for good. AMEN

I knew it all along, they were trying to use Global Warming as a platform for Global Governance, to bring us all together and save the planet and the human race from extinction.

Come Quickly Lord Jesus
He didn't really mean that
the planet was literally warming
up. It was just an AlleGorey.


A Pun My Honor !! That last was just too funny and so very pun-ishing!


The punultimate ?
And now Solana is in on act. See what I just added to the story and be sure to click on the picture to read the whole article.

A very funny You-Tube spoof on the global warming issue:

A MUST WATCH. Warning, do not watch if you are allergic tolaughing fits!

from the Solana-Ferrerowaldner-paper:

"The EU fears that "climate change continue to heat up the conflict over declining resources, particularly where access to them is politicized," says the document. This influences stability in a "strategically important region for Europe."

The Arctic could lead to another territorial dispute, it says. Moreover, these were new shipping and trade routes, as the ice at the North Pole melt. Floods and natural disasters, it says further, led to immense pressure on the resources from donor countries, including the capacity for emergency relief operations. " As particularly vulnerable are seen the coastal strips of China and India, where Europe has strong economic interests.

Also do Ferrero-Waldner and Solana warn of a wave of migration from countries where climate change has deteoriated the living conditions. "Europe must expect with significantly increase migration pressures," they write.

and now it comes:

"RADICALIZATION could put weak and fragile states under pressure and therefore "destabilize entire regions". Possible COUNTERMEASURES are the necessary financial resources for response and preventive measures identified in the budget of the EU. In the EU and its member states should CIVILIAN and MILITARY planning and CAPACITY be STRENGTHENED to RESPOND to the new security threats to react."
Be aware, though, that the Global Warming spiel has given way to Global Climate change. So any unduly chilly temps will be found to have a human cause. The alarmists are not letting this die. They are even trying to attribute recent earthquake activity as being partly caused by man's presence. There's a professor giving legitimacy to the warming argument here in Australia and getting widespread coverage. What the media don't tell you is that he's a prof of economics. Gets his weather forecast from TV just like everyone else!

PS Twyman from the Moses Code is a huckster from way back. If I correctly recall, he wrote a book claiming to have met Mary the mother of God.
In CA only the uneducated call it global warming. They've been calling it cliate change for some time - I guess in anticipation of this artic change of events. That way, they attribute any unpleasant, or even pleasant, climate activity as a potential world wide catastrophe. The CITY of San Francisco has recently hired a Director of Climate Change or some such title. He will be paid $170K. It's just a big scam to pick our pockets.
I recently read this in the West Australian:

"Couples who have more than two children should be charged a lifelong tax to offset their extra offspring’s carbon dioxide emissions, a Perth obstetrician says.

A new report published in an Australian medical journal has called for parents to be charged $5000 a head for every child after their second, and an annual tax of up to $800 every year thereafter."

read the entire article:

Gone are the days when OB/GYNs celebrated the birth of children.

Have any of you seen this obscenity? I have an uncle who has forwarded this perversion to all on his list without comment. How can counter this except through prayer?

Please pray for unbelievers. The deceptions are multiplying at a dizzying pace.

If you want to see who these weak states are, check out this from Brookings Institute:

They absolutely tie these weak states to national security. One of the speakers is Adam Smith (D-Wash) who is Chairman of the House Committee on Terrorism and another is Dr. Susan Rice, a foreign policy advisor to Senator Obama.

New site for the Brookings weak states data:
I have long believed that Solana's mission to the Congo was a way to position the EU into the African Great Lakes region. Water wars? I may have believed correctly.
So they are claiming that Sun
Brilliant ! _if you're a second
grader. Gee, and "Mary" sounds
like "marry" so she must symbolize
For all you second graders:
The Bible was written in Hebrew.
In Hebrew the word "sun" is
"shemesh", and the word "son"
is "ben". Sound alike to you?
And no, the Hebrews did not
make beer for a living.

I wonder who Havi's handlers are
his most personal advisor(s).
I'll bet Constance knows but
she's saving it for the book.
It's a conspiracy .
You blog is really good....I have also a blog on global warming which give information about global warming effects, what is global warming, global warming causes, prevent global warming, global warming hoax, global warming articles, fight global warming, global warming news, stop global warming.

Back a few columns ago there was discussion about home grown terrorists. Today at World Net Daily there is a column on their latest efforts. The government needs to be aware of the plans of these organized individuals.

TODAY'S HEADLINES are they true?

INTERNET TROLLER ATTEMPTS TO SILENCE NEWSWITHVIEWS (involving Dorothy M. listed on Constance Cumbey's Perspective)

What???? Is this true??? I was mortified as a regular reader of Constance's site to be connected to activity such as this. How can you be involved with this when we as Christians want to retain our freedoms and rights yet you chose to pick fights with others who want that same freedoms of speech?
It doesn't mesh - we are, as Christians to be ready to give reason for our hope, in season and out of season, not to go out into the world and pick fights! what gives??? You wouldn't want someone to start a fight with Farmer and shut Constance down, would you???

Please, tell me it was a big mistake and you wouldn't do such a thing.

It has been mentioned on the radio today in Seattle that the recent (this morning) eco-terrorism act of burning down several "Mcmansions" is a result of the environmental movement hailing the cause of socialism. They are resentful that others have what they do not. However, the irony is that they just distributed massive amounts of toxins into the air via the burning while protesting the building of structures that cause environmental harm. Why do I suspect that environmental care is not really their strongest concern???

Urgent prayer request -
a brother in Christ Tay and hid wife Trayce had to take their son the the hospital.
His name is Spencer - I know this is not the usual place for this - but please - if at all possible - please keep him in your prayers.
Long story and I could do a column on it. Constance is well aware of the details. If I was the kind of person described, we would not have been friends for 26 years. If you go over to Newswithviews you'll see that the rolling banner that linked to the column calling me a troll disappeared several days ago and Walters even took down the link to the piece that appeared at the column writer's spot. The first attacking column remains.

Since I kept almost everyone reading here out of my concerns about Newswithviews, I will let Constance determine how much of the story I should share here. I chose not to make my concerns public out of concern for the columnists there.

Montana, at the very least take it as a lesson not to believe everything you read until you can verify it yourself with documentation. I can guarantee that you cannot document the allegations you chose to pass on.
Remember Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor. It's a very important commandment.

There are many ways being used to shut people up, and more will occur in the future. We live in dangerous times, and know that when you read this blog you should not be reading it just for entertainment.

No, I didn't see all those things you mention that site previously said about you, and no I didn't know what was known to you and Constance, or how long you've been friends, or any other personal details, but I did read the headlines this morning and asked on this site "what's the story with that - please tell me it's a mistake". That's not bearing false witness. It's asking for the truth and if there are wolves among the sheep, but I guess that's not okay. Entertaining, not in the least!
Montana, where did you see the story listed today under "Headlines." I did a search and couldn't find it using the words.
Perhaps you can help out here.

I clicked on NewswithViews this morning - top listed headline and please don't take the wolf comment personal or in the wrong way - it's a figure of speech, nothing more (where someone's coming from).

Please understand too, that with all of the things you hear and read its often difficult to determine what the truth is unless you look - and a variety of websites gives a better picture of our world than just one or two. I was just very surprised to see your name there and no mention of anything here. I hope you can understand that from a newbie.

PS: Correction - I Googled
Montana, could you be more specific what came up when you did the search. There is a section at NWV which gives headlines from other news sources. It would not have appeared there. I'm not concerned about your background or your wording. I'm looking for accuracy as to what led you to post your comment here. So far your leads have not checked out. You appear to have gotten very excited and I want to see why you became so excited, what you read and where. Help me here.


There is more to the story than meets the eye, so please don't be quick to jump to conclusions. I am sure time will reveal all the details. I am not sure this forum is the appropriate place to address it, so I will wait until I am asked for an opinion.

Dorothy, shortly after Montana posted the notice, I went to newswithviews, and found it under the headlines section. So the timing was that it was still there as of "2:43 pm" if that is eastern? not sure.

Please all, lets remember good research etiquette, and have good reliable sources and lots of them. I am not critiquing you Montana, I think you have a valid point in addressing the article, since they have decided to point a finger towards Constance's perspective. However, lets take this situation slowly, so that no one inadvertantly gets hurt in the process.

I should add, and it's still there now, so apparently it was not removed.

Leana, Thanks for stepping in.

Sorry Montana. I now found it, as you said, under Headlines at the bottom of the page. Walters took it off the scrolling banner and it was taken off the list of Kouri's articles, but it was put in the Headlines section which generally is reserved for headlines from other media.

For everyone: Bluntly put, I never said or wrote any of the things about Walters or the columnists attributed to me. I said the opposite and wanted to keep the matter private, limited to the information given to the columnists and a few other individuals. Walters has thrown the matter into the public eye, so I now feel free to respond.

If Constance requests that I not spread the details here, a very careful reading of the NWV website will give anyone all of the information they need. As far as I'm concerned, my project is over with. It was very informative.

Fighting back.

"A New Earth" Paradigm Shift takes a kick to the groin from Chuck Norris.

It's pretty clear to me from reading the articles by Kouri and Stouter that your actions have been sensationalized. It reflects poorly on the judgment of both columnists that they chose this road instead of addressing the issues you raised in a substantive and measured way.

They have undermined their own credibility by dismissing the "Middle C" principle that yes, where a website links does reflect on the website and those who write for it--whether good or bad (I am not in a position to do this myself having not seen your original mail--but these folks are).

I commend you for speaking up and look forward to hearing the complete story.

I to remember the coming ice age and seeing an expert on the Johnny Carson Tonight show.

The founder of The Weather Channel is publicly attacking dear old Al.

On a Barabra Walters special on the Royals last night, the Queen and Blair are still working together on going & great friends. Little wonder he's still a major player.

Charlie Rose tribute to William Buckley, Bill said on the show that Ronald Regean while shaking hands welcoming people to Bohemium Grove, Ronnie didn't recognize Bush. He thought it was funny and was there. Mr. Buckley was also a member of Skull and Bones.

You can watch it on

Keep in mind always that James Dobson of Focus on the Family goes to meetings with the Queen and Prince Charles every year and it is not published.

I heard it twice by "accident" on his show. Still amazed as I never listen.
Thanks Rose.

Dorothy will be guest hosting my radio program tonight.

I saw the Buckley interviews with
C.Rose. I also heard the Bohemian
Grove reference. I noticed
They didn't spend much time
on that subject.

Global warming is a convenient way to create a common issue for the planet to combat....much like terrorism...

Global warming sprookers ought to look at the oil reserves....CO2 in the atmosphere will be kept in check by this next great is coming and it will be bad! particularly for all you folk in the Northern Hemisphere!
What in the heck is a sprooker
Sprooker? Wish I knew!
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