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Happy Easter and God bless you, Constance. May the Lord use you powerfully throughout the rest of 2008.
He is risen. Hallelujah!!!

Wishing all of you a very blessed Easter!!!
Oh death where is thy sting ?
Oh grave where is thy victory ?

First-fruits of incorruptible man

Jesus, Son of God

Lamb of God

Ram of Consecration


Author and finisher of our faith

Bread of life

Mighty One of Jacob

High Priest of the order of Melchisadec

Holy One of Israel

Eternal one of Jacob





King of Kings, Lord of Lords


Sacred Metatrone

He is risen
"...Because He lives, I can face tomorrow,
Because He lives, all fear is gone;
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living,
Just because He lives!"
Thank you & Happy Easter to all. (But according to my orthodox friends Orthodox Easter is April 27th.)
Oops, sorry, I always thought they were a week apart. My mistake!

"How the date of Easter was set.

"In 1582, Gregory XIII (Pope of the Roman Catholic Church) revised the calendar for use by people all across Christendom, resulting in a new set of dates for Easter. Universal adoption of the Gregorian calendar occurred slowly. By the 1700's, though, most of western Europe had adopted what came to be known as the Gregorian Calendar.

"The rules for determining the date of Easter are:

"Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox; the vernal equinox is fixed as March 21. There are some highly technical rules for determining the actual date of the full moon, but when you take all this into account the result is that Easter can never occur before March 22 or later than April 25.

"(Eastern Orthodox churches use a variant of these rules that result in those churches celebrating Easter on a different Sunday.)"

Quoting from
Like so many times and seasons
the RCC took it upon itself to
change the date.
The very word Easter is pagan in
origin. The resurrection took place
during Passover. He is the Passover
lamb. His blood should be on the
doorposts of our hearts. He is also
the Unleavened Bread. He is also
the First Fruits of God.
For that matter the Sabbath is
now and always was on the seventh
day, Saturday. Of course the word
"Saturday" is a pagan word as are
all the days of the week and all the
months of the year. It was Constantine
a Roman Emperor who changed the
day of worship to the first day, the
"venerable day of the sun".
My point is definitely NOT to denigrate
the RCC but just to point out how
hard the devil has been at work
doing everything he could to mess
up the Christian faith. He's won a
number of battles but the war is
won by the conquering King Jesus.

He is risen !

Hallelujah! One of my favorite songs Rudi, thanks.
I had a dream last week that when I woke up I remembered singing that song throughout. I wondered at the time if I was being attacked spiritually while sleeping and the Holy Spirit was protecting me with song. Whatever the reason, what a wonderful way to wake up, with a song in your heart!
Thank you, Constance for the explanation of how the Easter date is set. (I have a friend who was very confused by how early Easter arrived this year.)
Yes, thanks. Our kids noticed that Easter comes BEFORE Passover this year. They noticed that Passover is April 19th and asked how the date was set since Jesus celebrated the Passover at the last supper. I always assumed it was set based upon the Jewish feast calendar. Shows how much I know.


Do you know about these people?

EU to be cashless by 2010.

I think we will go directly to Phoenix or cashless and by pass the Amero which I heard has been printing for a year.

Would not be surprised if it's Hillary, or such a fight McCain as default. Doesn't matter.

http://www.ecb. eu/press/ key/date/ 200...080318. en.html

Do not believe in and barely participate in Easter or Christmas. Always being cordial of course.

They are not Biblical but pagan in origin and are certainly commercial.

Who really cares? I prefer to keep my money in my purse rather than giving it to the "merchants."
Saw a video that seems to tie everything together at this link:
It is a lecture entitled "Hidden Agenda" by Professor Walter J. Veith.
Correction: "Hidden Agendas".
This year, April 27th is also listed as the "Julian Calendar Easter."
This is twice now I've been
attacked by Dorothy.
I have no "little scheme".
My questions have been honest
and my intentions are, I think,
the same as everyone else in here.
The website I ASKED about seems
plausable to me. If it's a pack
of lies tell me that it is. Instead
you've called me a liar for the
second time.

You obviously didn't, couldn't,
or just wouldn't read it. In
fact you yourself describe it
as "questionable". That would
have been fine but you had to
go on to call me a liar.

I have no "scheme" and my
question was a simple question.

Dorothy, I'm a Christian.
My last name is Farrar.
I live in Maine.
I'm a musician who plays
Gospel music.
I love to read the Bible
because it''s God's word.
I'm not perfect and I have
sins that continue to beset me.
I'm not easily insulted, but
you've managed to do just

If you want something to consider and the title of this blog entry is illustrative. Consider this: Do dates and times really matter to God? Should followers of the Christ of the Holy Bible observe Easter? Jesus said that an adulterous generation sought a sign that He was the Messiah. Yet, Jesus gave us the sign of Jonah, i.e., that His body would be three days and three nights in the grave, this sign attesting that He is the Messiah. However, the Jesus that so-called orthodox Christianity acknowledges was not in the grave three days and three nights from so-called Good Friday until the following so-called Easter Sunday morning. And so-called orthodox Christianity dismisses the only sign that the Jesus of the Holy Bible gave as the sign that He is the Messiah, saying that it can be explained as a Hebrew idiom. The only problem with this explanation is that it makes our Messiah into a liar. And if a liar, then He cannot be our Messiah. Easter involves worshiping toward the sun in the east and that the Holy Bible condemns. See Ezekiel 8:16. Again, I recommend the video on Google entitled "Hidden Agendas" by Professor Walter J. Veith, for it seems to be useful in indicating how the whole deception fits together and its historical context.
Paul, post what you want. I feel no responsibility to counter every post that you make that only the gullible would find of value. We went through that with your wide eyed posting of the concentration camp rumor used by the networks who want to cower anyone who speaks out.

Anyone else who wants to know more about Paul, check out his comment at 8:31 pm following Constance's 2/18/08 essay.

My mother had a saying which was "He think's he's smart to the extent he thinks we're stupid."
Not saying this applies to you of course. It's just a bit of folk wisdom.

Hi Eric- I understand clearly the point you are making about the sign of Jonah and the discrepancy between what Jesus says of Himself, (three days, and three nights)
and the “tradition” of a Friday crucifixion, which isn't supported with scripture.
This is one of those things I had not really thought about until very recently.
I have not done any in-depth studies on the Jewish festivals and the specific dates tied to each, but others who have, concur that at the moment in history
that Jesus was crucified, the ‘Day of Preparation’ before Passover fell on Thursday of that week. Jesus died 3 hours before the Passover meal – at the exact time
they slaughtered the lambs. This is supported in Scripture in that Joseph of Arimathaea and Nicodemus requested the body of Jesus from Pilate so it could be anointed and buried before the High Holy Sabbath-Feast, which began in a few
hours. What I know for sure is that on the third days He rose!! My Redeemer Lives!!

The dating of the our celebrating of our Lord’s
Resurrection, “Easter”,
(by WHOM-EVER), is based on the lunar calendar to identify it with Passover. “Easter”
is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the “Spring Equinox”. Unfortunately,
‘The Festival of Aries”, the “Spring Equinox” and “Easter” also mark the start of
a New Year for Bahai, Astrology, and the Persians. More than likely, the view of
most who acknowledge the holiday, have more in common with the ancient pagan beliefs and practices – ( fertility symbols like rabbits, and eggs and the “new spirituality”)
than the Resurrection of Jesus our Messiah. Those of the “spiritual mindset” of
the 'Aquarian Age' EMBRACE the celebration of “The Easter Festival” as one of
Three Major Spiritual Festivals
(one of twelve, “Easter” being Aries) as they anticipate
The “Reappearance of the Christ”. You can read the “Easter Festival Talk” organized by the Lucis Trust given March 20, 2008 in New York City. -Rudi

"Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man. Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven. For that is how their fathers treated the prophets."


Luke 6: 22-23
Rudi and Eric,

How it was explained to me was that in ancient Jewish time, time was reckoned that any part of a day was considered a day, so if Jesus died on Friday he was dead Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and he rose Sunday. Friday and Sunday were part days, but considered full days.

I like Paul's sense of humor!

I like Dorothy's sense of rigor in research!

Thank you both for enriching my day!


The success of Google’s web tracking ability, which allows them to customize ads according to user internet browsing habits, has pushed COMCAST, Microsoft, TIVO, and a host of other companies, to get into the act by developing their own versions of living room awareness technology. Big Brother will soon be watching you through your cable box. Everybody wave.
VereFlu Chip

Yes, it's here.

Cats can get bird flu. ARGH. Do not pet your car :(

Think this through.

Sounds like quarentine to me when the pandemic occures, you?

Where is the great snatching away?


You can pet your CAR just don't pet your cat. ;)

I'm dyslexic and don't catch mistakes some times.

I stand by everything I said at 8:31
on February 18 and every other time
I written something here.
I also noticed that I've said "God bless
you" to you , and I've said I'm sorry a
couple of times, and I've thanked you
as well.
I've also referred to myself as a
"class clown" in here, and identified
you and others as real researchers
which I think you are.
But you quote your mom about
"some people" and then say with
duplicity that it doesn't refer to me.

You've called me "wide eyed",and
basically stupid, twice now but nary
a word to show me why.

WHAT did I do to you ?

You are a mean spirited person.

Paul Farrar
Heard/typed from radio that Israel will have 'open borders' "no walls" and will be rolled into the Med. Union or EU.

It will be a truck stop.

3 mil will flood into Israel taking over in the future, will Israel soldiers fire?

Planned for Israels 60 birthday. (I thought they had it already)

Oslo was to be no borders for Israel.

(Dr. Montief (sp) show who's pretty good. Guest will be on next week, has lived in Israel for 60 years? not sure long time anyway.)

Is Israel causing false flags to justify response? I've heard this before from supporters of Israel. (thank God we're not there)

Apparently the last attack/war when Israel lost was to create a mind set like what is here, so we/they are more ameanable to accepting whatever is dished out. People are down in spirit.

"When Israel goes to war and it will be very, very soon, the society is in tatters and divided, how can they win and the army can't function."

Without borders it's the New World Order taking over, probably this spring.

Best I could do.

Yesterday, while doing research on anticipated technological breakthroughs by the year 2010, I came across another disturbing development. The ISTAG (Information Society Technologies Advisory Group) was set up to advise the European Commission. In a 2001 report titled “Scenarios For Ambient Intelligence in 2010” you can read through what is termed a “scenario planning exercise launched during 2000”. The report starts with four scenarios that illustrate how Ambient Intelligence might be experienced in daily life and work around 2010. The concept of Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is based on the assumption that the world is going to witness an ever increasing incorporation of extremely complex technology into every area of society. “Ambient” refers to the need to ensure the acceptance
and user-friendliness of that technology by the world’s people. In the second scenario
“Scenario 2: ‘Dimitrios’ and the Digital Me’ (D-Me)”,

“Dimitrios is wearing, embedded in his clothes (OR IN HIS OWN BODY), a voice activated
‘gateway’ or digital avatar of himself, familiarly known as ‘D-Me’ or ‘Digital Me’” (my emphasis) page 5 or 7/58.

The report offers a ‘Executive Summary’ with the first section titled, “Critical Social-Political Factors” which is a list of , “A series of necessary characteristics that will permit the eventual societal acceptance of AmI:” (page 8 or 10/58)

- AmI should facilitate human contact.
- AmI should be orientated towards community and cultural enhancement.
- AmI should help to build knowledge and skills for work, better quality of work, citizenship
and consumer choice.
- AmI should inspire trust and confidence.
- AmI should be consistent with long term sustainability – personal, societal and environmental
- and with life-long learning. In essence, the challenge is to create an AmI landscape made up
of ‘convivial technologies’ that are easy to live with.

- AmI should be controllable by ordinary people – i.e. the ‘off-switch’ should be within reach:
these technologies could very easily acquire an aspect of ‘them controlling us’. The experts
involved in constructing the scenarios therefore underlined the essential need that people are
given the lead in way that systems, services and interfaces are implemented."

My take on this-the bottom line-is,
Although this information is about the EU, you can bet the US has a mirror image of research on-going at it’s own intelligence research facilities. I’ll work on finding some North American information this week. Do some “googles” on Ambient Intelligence etc. There is much more current info. Anyone have any insight on something called “HP 2010” (Healthy People 2010)?? I just started reading about it and it looks BIG but haven’t had time to really investigate. –Rudi


IST Advisory Group (ISTAG).
a key role of ISTAG is to reflect and advise on the definition and implementation of a coherent research policy in Europe

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
Paul, I read the article that seems to have caused some disturbance between you and Dorothy; I find this whole thing rather interesting and probably not too healthy for Constance’s blog spot. Having said that, I still have thoughts about what I have read. My best friend and the most Christ-like person I know used to tell me, warn me about BLACK helicopters, that with all the conspiratorial connotations that go with it. I did not know what to make of it. I sometimes thought he was just paranoid. Then some years ago a Boston television station had film and a report on “The Night Lowell Ma. Was invaded,” and that was with, you guessed it, BLACK Helicopters from Fort Bragg. I read your article and had the same ambivalence. “Love edifies.” I believe that you are a Christian of high order, and that you will understand that some of us study in a rarified atmosphere. We all like to say things like: “not all is as it appears.” My unsolicited counsel is to ignore.
PS, if you get upset with me, I’ll have to take my own advise.
Thank you Setterman
You're right, you're right
and you're right, ( well
maybe not the "Christian of the
highest order" part ).

I've had occasion to make a
number of cyber friends here
and I love the free exchange
of info and the general subject

There are other sites that have
a very similar thrust, but they
aren't necessarily Christian, and
there are Christian sites that
"don't want to go there", so
here I am.
I'm grateful to Constance for
providing this one and I know
it's not about me nor do I want it
to be. I've been too flippant on
a number of occasions, for which
I've said I'm sorry. The end of the
world as we know it is no joke.

Yours truly,

Sure you know this, but Ami means friend in French. Your digital me is your friend. He'll vote like you do.


also google

industrial design embedded technology

I have some experience in this part of the technological revolution. Some of this was theoretically thrown around around 1998-99 while I was in college studying for my product design degree (Industrial Design)

This sparked some thought on my part of what we were trying to develop back then. My senior project started out with some user-interactive products that could become embedded in the skin. I discarded it for an easier solution, but the research I had done back then indicated that it was possible, and already in development for devices that would be surgically implanted into the skin for interfacing with computers/web.

I am sure that it was in it's infancy when I looked into it, but when I searched, "user interface ami design" it took me to the wiki article on ambient intelligence.

I will see if I kept my research in my portfolio about the embedded systems I found back then.

Very interesting, Rudi, Thanks for the prompt.

Rudi/Leana, As you probably both know, Jesus said in Matthew 15:6,9, "So for the sake of your tradition, you have made void the word of God. . . .
"... in vain do they worship me, teaching as doctrines the precepts of men." It seems to me that the Easter tradition is an example of what Jesus is referring to here. And I am not talking about the fact of Jesus' resurrection, but the only sign He gave that He is the Messiah, that is essentially negated by the Easter tradition. Another word for this that Constance uses at the heading of this blog is syncretism. And frankly, what passes for Christianity is full of syncretism. It appears to me that it is as if the three great religions of the world have dismissed the Jesus of Scripture as either a fraud/liar or a lunatic. For some possibly useful research on the day the Jesus of Scripture died, go to:
I am also going to check out a book entitled "The Day Jesus the Christ Died" by Fred S. Coulter.
Thanks so much for the link. Very, very interesting and insightful.

Thank you for the additional information. Nope, knowing only about 10 French words, and "friend"
not being one of them, I had no idea it translates Ami. I'll do the google on "industrial design embedded technology" in the morning. Gracias!! Spanish I know a bit more of! -Rudi
The French "ami" comes from the Latin "amicus" where Spanish and Portuguese get "amigo" and Italian gets "amico" and Romanian gets "amic". You know the NWO uses Latin in much of symbolism.



(Easter is a pagan religion).

wow, i posted my last comment before even reading any of the others posts on easter. guess people here are well informed on the subject. great!

by the wasy PASSOVER happens EXACTLY the same time every year.

passover happens on the 15th day (14th day at sundown) after the SPRING equinox.

that means when day and night are exactly the same length, THATS the beginning of the new year. so 15 days after that IS passover. the modern day jewish calendar is wrong as well. you must go back to the old and know that God locked the dates in by the sun.

Dear Constance,
We, the Orthodox Christians,
celebrate the Feast Day
of the Glorious Resurrection of
our Lord Jesus Christ every year
on the first Sunday which
is after the first full moon
which is after March 20
according to the Julian Calendar
(currently, that is April 2
according to the
Gregorian Calendar). We prefer
to use the word Pascha, which
comes from the Hebrew word
for Passover. The Day of Pascha
must not precede or coincide
with the Jewish Passover, to
avoid simultaneous celebration
with the Jews, who have
not accepted Christ.

An Orthodox Christian
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