Saturday, March 15, 2008

Condolences to our Atlanta readers for their tornado damages

Dear Friends:

If I am going to have any hope whatsoever of ever catching up, I will have to spend today, Saturday, at my office. I usually religiously try to avoid it on Saturdays. That is the day I usually try to forget I have ever been a lawyer and concentrate on home matters. Today, I will have to remember I am one and concentrate on client affairs.

So very much has happened in the past 24 hours. The Bear-Stearns Wall Street disaster which has led to panic in financial market took many off guard. Then last night with large crowds in town for a basketball tournament, tornado disaster struck. I have been a guest in Atlanta's Omni Hotel several times over the years, both in conjunction my respective careers as a lawyer and an author. It has been more than 20 years since I was last there, but I have fond memories of that region. My condolences to area residents and prayers for prompt, speedy, and inexpensive repairs.

As the USA is digging out of one its coldest winters in many years, Javier Solana is continuing to sound "global warming" sirens, hinting that his European armies may be needed to control same.

Much is happening. Stay tuned, both here and at the excellent blogspots I have referenced, including but not limited to "Farmer," "Rich of Medford," "51 Reasons to say No to Global Governance," and/or Carrie Tomko.


I just did a quick run down on CO2 and how it naturally occurs in nature.
Does the EU plan on corking up volcanos,stopping our breathing (now there's a thought), our driving cars?
In this Wikipedia search the sections stood out to me.

Due to human activities such as the combustion of fossil fuels and deforestation, the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide has increased by about 35% since the beginning of the age of industrialization.
Who is doing the deforestation and why?
I wouldn't doubt you know who is behind this.
Well whoever is behind it is one of the most "anti-green" culprits alive today and they should be found out. This has got to be the biggest of the many other blame shifts in history.

And the EU is blaming the US? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through this.

Lyndon LaRouche has had a
lot to say about global warming,
or is it now "climate change"?

Read all about it !

The following story is interesting not because it tells us anything new, but because it is on the front page of CNN.

This is the first MSM coverage I have seen about the global rise of anti-semitism:

Since the State Department report was issued on Thursday, I guess we should brace ourselves for the onslaught of "pro-Arab", propaganda that will no doubt appear in the next couple of weeks.

I find it very intresting that all of the Javier's solutions to the "climate change problem" do nothing but benefit Solana and the expansion of the EU.

I have also recently posted on this subject. Check it out.

Dear Constance,

I have a great deal of respect for you and your work exposing the NWO; however, your guest host, Dorothy Margraf , has been cited on News with Views (where I first read one of your pieces)as an "Internet Troll", accusing them of being anti-Semitic. Perhaps this is a misunderstanding, but I thought you would like to know so you could look into it and perhaps rectify any misunderstanding. The piece addressing this is located at the bottom of the NWV webpage. I know you support News with Views and would not knowingly associate with someone who wrongfully attacks that worthwhile site.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dear Anon 1:20

Dorothy Margraf's offense against NWV is asking them to remove an anti-semitic link from their web site. NWV has chosen to take offense and convey a how dare you tell me what to do attitude. Dorothy has acknowledged that, as a whole, NWV is good. I personally believe they are wrong on this one. The proper thing for NWV to do is suck it up, apologize and move forward. I once posted a link that had bad content which was brought to my attention. It was an honest mistake on my part--I clarified where I stood on the issue and apologized to my readers. I am sad to see NWV has chosen to dig in and defend out of pride what they ought to abandon.

Thanks Rich. I've tried to keep quiet about this for the good of all involved, but some things aren't easy.

Small correction Rich. I never asked Paul Walter to take down the very big bold link. After attempting to share my concern by phone with Walter and being hung up on, what I did was to advise the columnists at News With Views that the link existed and they should explore what was going on. What they chose to do with the information was up to them. I acknowledged in my note to them that I had never seen any antisemitic content at NWV in general or in their columns up to that point. (If I had, I wouldn't have contacted them as it would have been a clear indication of the direction of the website.) I advised them of the connection because such a link could be used to discredit conservative information in the future and by extension their columns. I did this not only because antisemitic material is used against the Jewish community and is part of the New Age agenda, but because it is usually emotionally manipulative and exploitive of people who are not capable of being intellectually rigorous in their search for new information.

Walter chose to make the information public through two columns at NWV slandering me.

Because NWV has a readership of over 200,000 hits a month I was told, I knew this would not be information some writers wanted to hear as there are few other places that they could use to get their message out. That's why at the beginning I determined it would be a one shot effort to call it to their attention. I've made no effort to determine who chose to make what decision or why as my attempt was only to notify.

I would suggest the best thing that anyone could do would be to do a websearch on my name, Dorothy Margraf, and also a websearch on the name of Paul Walter who runs News With Views.

The slandering columns have been picked up at a number of websites so I expect neither Walter nor I've heard the end of this yet.

To Anonymous 1:20

Dorothy Margraf is a 26 year friend and ally. Paul Walter is also a friend. I don't always agree with either of these friends. Right now my two friends are having a disagreement. I do not presently plan to discard either as a friend because they have a dispute with the other. Dorothy is rightfully concerned about the anti-Semitism with Republic Broadcast Network. Paul Walter has legitimate concerns about his advertising rates and how increased hits from RBN will increase advertising value of NWV. I would very much like to stay on speaking terms with both of these two people who have meant much to my work. Dorothy Margraf is not a troll and I don't believe Paul Walter is anti-Semitic either. I am praying their differences can be honorably resolved.

Paul at 12.02 PM asks, with reference to Lyndon LaRouche, is it now "Climate Change" or still "Global Warming"?
I think they may be using the phrases alternately or interchangeably so as to confuse the masses. Either way, if they say the poles are melting and the glaciers are melting and we're in for rising sea water levels then it has to be Global Warming don't it?! But that also qualifies for Climate Change too. Anyway, I've seen a recent report that says the ice is back to its former thickness. Hasn't anyone told Javier?
So Javier is now suggesting it is most likely that he will need to mobilize his EU forces to control mass migrations of those seeking greener pastures due to the effects of Global Warming (aka Climate Change). Didn't Charlie Chaplin make a movie about that?

Yes, but "those seeking greener
pastures" would be the Russians
and the pastures would be oil

Dateline 2010…

As the ice sheets thicken and temperatures continue taking a nose dive across North America, President Clinton called on Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon to halt construction on a 2500 mile border fence designed to stop the masses of sun starved Americans from flooding south across the border. Citing unfair competition for jobs and rapidly rising real estate prices along the newly forming coastal resort areas, Calderon told Clinton the border fence was a matter of national security. “Besides,” Felipe said, “The drug lords are in charge of collecting transit fees at the border, so there's nothing I can do about it.”
Buyer beware:

Consumer survey heads up.
I received one of these in the mail and was suspicious of the unusual and personal questions.
It is amazing what they do with your personal information every time you use a credit card, grocery reward cards.

As for the global warming (global governance) "agenda".
It really is a bunch of hot air. They are introducing this upon us to promote new green technologies, to boost big bank investment strategies. It seems to be a multi tasked
*Scare the people, put money in their pockets
*Get them to believe their is a real problem, put money in their pockets
*Reinvent a Gov. solution, put money in their pockets
* Unite the people in this cause to save the earth, put money in their pockets
* Buy green, put money in their pockets

While all the while, big bankers are the big polluters.
Big industry, big oil, big deforestation, big chemical, big pharmaceuticals, big lobbyist.
Chemtrails messing up the blue sky. EPA turning a blind eye.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through all of this.

I remember Jesus said,

Hot air indeed.
Out by the Pacific they have a
name for a huge mass of
hot air. They call it ElNino.
In the world of New Age politics
there's one called AlGoro,
which is the hottest of all
and full of much sulfur and

As for the anti-semitic link posted by NWV, much of what I've learned regarding what's really going on in our country and the world has come from its contributors. I have a great deal of respect for all of them. It was the way I began being a Ron Paul supporter until after getting involved and running into bigoted remarks from local supporters, and subsequently, some questionable info regarding quotes and ties involving RP when I did more digging as to racial issues. Although still wanting to give RP the benefit of the doubt, ended up voting for Alan Keyes in the primary. I had noticed a few anti-semitic remarks by a very few contributors to NWV before hearing about RP, which was within the last two years. Personally, I believe that the vast majority of articles there do not reflect racial bigotry, however, haven't subscribed to their daily newsletters for the last couple of months or so. Praying for the situation.
S and Paul,

Thanks for those comments/observations.
I have an article which states that AlGoro is financially involved in the Chicago Climate Exchange scheme for CO2 emissions.
See EIR March 30, 2007 "Carbon Trade Swindle Behind Gore Hoax".

Thanks for that bit of info on Al Goro I knew that there wa$ $omething more to it, I ju$t couldn't put my finger on it.
Phil do you have any links to pass on to us concerning this info?

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