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Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Co–ChairDr. Robert Muller, Co–ChairDr. Karan Singh, Co–Chair

Ms. Audrey Kitagawa, Co–ConvenorDr. Ewert Cousins, Co–ConvenorDr. Ashok Gangadean, Co–ConvenorMr. Theo Cosmora, Executive Director, Global Councils
His Holiness The Dalai Lama
Former President Abdurrahman Wahid (Indonesia)
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Seyyed H. Nasr (Distinguished Professor of Islamic thought and culture)
Tu Weiming (Harvard Professor and eminent voice for Chinese culture)
Hazel Henderson (Eminent Author, Futurist, Ecology of Global Economics)
Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize Laureat, Moral Leader, Head of Green Belt Movement, Nairobi)
Robert Thurman (Buddhist Tibetan Scholar, Columbia University, Advisor to The Dalai Lama)
Sir Sigmund Sternberg (Winner of the Templeton Prize, Inter–religious relations)
Rodrigo Carazo (Elder Statesman, Leader, The University for Peace)
His Royal Highness El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan (President, Club of Rome)
Barbara Marx Hubbard (Futurist, President–Foundation for Conscious Evolution)
The Very Rev. James Morton Parks (President, Interfaith Centre of New York)
Professor Cornel West (Princeton U. Professor, Leading African–American voice)
Elizabet Sahtouris (Evolution Biologist, Ecology, Voice for Indigenous People)
Dr. Riane Eisler (Distinguished author, visionary leader for Partnership Education)
Mary Evelyn Tucker (Distinguished Scholar, leading voice for Religion & Ecology)
Jane Goodall (Distinguished Primatologist, Voice for Wildlife Conservation)
Jim Kenney (Exec. Director of Common Ground; Exec. Director, Inter–religious Engagement Project)
Jonathan Granoff (President, Global Security Institute)
Angaangaq Lybert (Eskimo Inuk Elder & Healer, Greenland)
Betty Williams (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Pres. – World Centres of Compassion for Children International)

The usual cast of characters present and accounted for on this list and the commissions. You gotta love their complete lack of anything new. Dennis Kookiness and Al Bore, aka almost Presidential hopeful, and the Club of Rome pushing for one big global mind game. There is a lot of geriatrics in the list. But no one need be reminded only the good die young.
..."and for this cause God will
send them strong delusion
that they might believe a lie"

Once again thanks to Constance
for sniffing out their well laid
plans, in this case even before
they finish the website.

Yours truly
Also I was reading an old
book called The Coming Prince
by Sir Robert Anderson in which
he points out that in Nehemiahs
time when they rebuilt the city
wall in Jerusalem, that they
actually built an altar and began
making sacrifices before they
had even begun to rebuild the

Yours truly,
Looks like they rounded up every "religion" except Christianity - that must mean we aren't relevant? Christians should feel honored they arent included with these nutbags.
Now the only question is when Joel Osteen will sign on with this group?
Wow! It sounds identical to some of the new age organizations in the 1980's, just with a new name. Nothing new under the sun. Is this a remake of the Group of Wise People (was that it's name?), Planetary initiative, Unity in diversity? Lucis Trust? That global warming thing has been the best rallying cry for the new age. Well I'm off to shovel my driveway again. Perhaps Al Gore could help with this. I didn't think I'd have to shovel snow anymore.

David in B.C.
Have you seen this?
Kent -

Good note... however I also think that it should be noted that there is in no way any affiliation with the orthodox Jewish community. It seems that it is not Christianity that is not welcome. Some of these characters are "friends" with Christianity. It is the group that believes in the Torah that G-d gave his people that are the ones that are not welome in this "new world order". A term that used to be very often used by leaders of the United States several years ago.


Is the mission, as described on their website, the operational statement for the AoC? The only way, it seems, to achieve this alliance is to build unity through ((mystical experience)). We know who they believe the ((logos)) is.

Since their mission definition was developed in 2003, I would suspect that's it's well on the way to implementation.

Dave in CA
I came across an article regarding Russia's dealings with Iran. It turns out Russia is supplying them with anti-aircraft missles. Read it here:

Then go back and reread Ezekiel 38 and 39.

David in B.C.

You know, this blog is making me think of a Dr. Seuss story called "Too Many Daves."
Here's another article about Russia helping Libya develop civilian nuclear technology:

Hey, isn't Libya part of the Ezekiel prophecy, partaking in the alliance and attack on Israel?

David in B.C.
Whereas access to global consciousness comes only if and when we are able to stand back and gain critical distance from our particular localized perspectives and enter the more expansive space of a global perspective in the awakening of the global mind.

Yes, no absolutes are the order of the day instead of our narrow minded, localized perspective! We need to venture out more, be more worldly! Yuck.
We might also consider Isaiah 17
in which Damascus is destroyed to
a heap of rubble, and consider the
fact that Damascus has never yet
been destroyed in history, unlike
most cities in that part of the world.
Some people believe ( Amir Tsarfati )
that this act will be next on the Big
Israel very recently gave Syria a dire
warning that if Syria tries to hit Israel
with any kind of bio or chemical
weapon, that it will be destroyed.
Google Tsarfati's name and listen
to his recent speech.

Yours truly,
We might also consider Isaiah 17
in which Damascus is destroyed to
a heap of rubble, and consider the
fact that Damascus has never yet
been destroyed in history, unlike
most cities in that part of the world.
Some people believe ( Amir Tsarfati )
that this act will be next on the Big
Israel very recently gave Syria a dire
warning that if Syria tries to hit Israel
with any kind of bio or chemical
weapon, that it will be destroyed.
Google Tsarfati's name and listen
to his recent speech.

Yours truly,
Whoops, sorry
Shouldn't have double clicked.
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To All: This is the type of thing I have been looking at since first discovering it in 1981. This is what EMNR, SCP, Walter Martin, John Warwick Montgomery, et al leaned over backwards to falsely assure all that the New Agers were not consciously organized. They were then and even more now. For a few years they had to subdue their activities, but now they are emboldened with their "global warming" excuse for "global governance." As the videos that Rudi so brilliantly pointed us to show, the Theosophical lady types in their midst were assuring all, "first you have to do THE INNER WORK."

They call it "awakened mind." I call it what it is A POSSESSED MIND."

We are looking at a determined political/spiritual movement of great magnitude.

We can be encouraged by the same message given Elijah by God: Seven thousand men have I reserved to myself in Israel, all of which have not bowed their knee to Baal and every mouth which hath not kissed him."

May the Lord help us all and may the Lord bring to repentance those engaged in this for their finer motives who really do not understand the underlying anti-God / pro-Lucifer agenda!

Here is some software you may find useful.

Someone posted this on CC's website awhile back- Who or when I don't recall, but I do recall adding it to favorites because I found it an interesting read, so I put it up again. It's HGWells' "Open Conspiracy". I think it merits another posting for those who didn't yet see it.
Paul,and all the Dave's & Anons
The “World Commission” website has existed “as is” for at least the past eight months or so. I’ve kept waiting for them to “finish” it with additional information, the “Calendar of Events” section in particular. Seeing as there is NO WAY there has been nothing going on, I figure the information on up-coming “events” MUST BE located on another website somewhere. That’s the way I start looking for stuff. The names within the websites that they DO “drop” is the way I found the information in the previous comments about the World Spirit Forum ect. From the recognizable faces in the videos, and within the World Spirit Forum there is no lack of resources where the same people are active.
For example, The ”Awakening Mind “ link someone gave above. At the site on it’s main page is
“World Commission” When you click on ‘affiliates’ in the left hand column, a list comes up with every organization from the “Club of Budapest”, to “Jayne Goodall Institute” and everything in between. The Club of Budapest site will allow you to view a membership list which includes everyone from H.E. Mikhail GORBACHEV to former astronaut Edgar Mitchell. My point is the organizations and people involved, from the prominent political figures like Al Gore, to the promoters of 'The Secret' all have in a general
sense, the same spiritual world-view. We will never be able to confine or combine
the totality of this movement towards global governance and "new spirituality" into one bow-topped package and identify it completely for what it is. THAT is the PLAN. It's intended to be unidentifiable under any one organization or any single individual.

Jim, The "Christianity friends“ and connections apparent between the "new spirituality“, new age, global governance crowd are similiar to the "friends“ and connections with-in the Jewish community. Among the videos I gave links to are quite a number by Anthony Kosinec.
One in particular caught my attention, titled,
“Why Is The Middle East In Crisis?”
Granted, this guy is well known as a teacher and lecturer of the Kabbalah. In doing a google on him I found out about a regular series he does for Shalom TV.

Also, for an overview of Shalom TV: .

The deception is out there, the enemy has infiltrated at every level and it will be those who resist- The Faithful-Jew OR Gentile who will find themselves equally endangered when the time comes. Rudi
I'm glad you're on our side.
God bless you !

Yours Paul
I am reminded of the old Hopi prophecy that says that "the end of this age will come when the Spider completes her web".

Back at about the time Constance wrote her first book, I was living with a new age shaministic cult, whose leader, Sun Bear, travelled the world promoting the networking of all the like minded peoples of the earth, linking groups and individuals by philosophy, and preparing all those who are "spiritually" ready to move into the next world. Of course, we were told then that all so-called "fundamentalists"
would be left behind, (destroyed),since they were the ones responsible for destroying the earth. We were told that only those who are spiritually ready (of like mind) would be allowed to enter this new age, inherit this new kingdom.

Just as Constance has been informing/warning for nearly three decades, all these "diverse" groups have been busy "networking" behind the scenes, constructing a web of entrapment and deceit designed to be so all pervasive and convincing when it is finally revealed that nearly all(even the elect if it were possible) will go along with its "agenda".

A spider's web has a vast array of nodes and links. We can identify a whole lot of personalities and organizations along the strands of this web, but we can only see a portion from any one perspective. Rudi, Constance, what you and a few others are doing is getting pretty darn close to revealing that inner ring, that core of decievers, that group of demonic protectors, that surrounds the very center of all we call evil. Take care! May the Lord protect you and may the rest of us not fall asleep but keep you in our prayers as you continue this work!

Remember, the web is a trap. The Beast travels along its silky paths to any point on earth, strengthening the bonds that entangle. The Spider has to be destroyed in order to put an end to this business . But that is not our role, it is why our Lord Jesus Christ came to the earth, not just to save us from our sins, but to put that "Beast" in her place. Our business is to persevere, to keep our faith, to awaken as many of our brethern as possible, speak out in our churches, write books, lecture, pray for guidance, prepare our families, help others see and avoid the trap laid by our adversary.

Remember the battle is already won, our victory has been assured, "See, I tell you even beforehand".
For ALL OF US--OUR BEST WEAPON! --THE ROSARY! I promise and so does OUR BLESSED MOTHER! She can and will give us the ammunition we need to defeat this and hopefully the casualities will be lower because of our actions. HE'S called us up...we maybe small in number but-boy ARE WE rich IN HIS TRUTH AND WISDOM!
Also...a reminder to ALL- PLEASE cover YOURSELF DAILY in HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD for protection of yourself, loved ones, friends, possessions, etc. - say a prayer of total coverage and of course keep holy sacramentals (stocked) - Crucifixes, Holy Water, Blessed Salt, St. Benedict and Miraculous Medals, and wear a scapular! Our faith will sustain, enliven, and enrich us! This is 'WAR' and it behooves all of us to fitted/armed appropriately. I can't stress this enough. Most importantly stay in a state of grace-receive the sacraments- Confession and THE MOST HOLY EUCHARIST! We've gotta do this while we are exploring this territory and revealing this info. It's such a tangled web that has been woven. But again to quote Padre Pio--"Pray, Hope, and DON'T WORRY!"
For those unfamiliar with the Rosary go here:
One more thing...pass this information on to those that you know have been 'enlightened' with such 'heavy' information. This 'stuff' can and is overwhelming. Do your best to stay focused always ON HIM and don't get distracted by this filth.
WE CAN AND WILL assist HIM in all that HE NEEDS! Remember we're in sales and HE IS MANAGEMENT- OUR LEADER!
To oldmanoftheski,
I just saw your comments here a few minutes ago. I found your words to be very profound, made me stop, think, and go back to read them several more times. Thanks be to God who giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! The web of evil which you
have spoken of, its innocent appearance to those who are unfamiliar with its creator, and the response towards those whose actions would be interpreted as interferring with the purpose of the web will not be taken lightly.
Your prayers are essential. I read through Isaiah 59 tonight. In particular, vs 19-20 spoke to my heart:
"So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the LORD." Rudi
Thanks, Rudi, for sharing that incredible scripture! What an awesome God we have! Has He not shown us the end from the beginning?

But first....

The great "falling away" must come... a topic I have been praying and thinking about for some time. I wonder how I will fare as I watch many of my friends, neighbors, relatives, even church family, realize a bit too late, (or perhaps never realize at all) that they have let themselves be trapped, having been unable and/or UNWILLING to do what is necessary to escape the snare.

Will I be trapped as well? Just like some helpless moth, entangled by the cares of this world, and in the end, and perhaps out of desparation, willing to believe, or at least pretending to believe, a lie?

We have been told to live by faith, not by sight. Yet I know I am weak and disobedient. I have lived mostly by sight. That needs to change.

Tonight I sit at my step dad's bedside while his life in this world is ebbing away. As he moves in and out of consciousness I tell him about Jesus ...yet will he let go of my hand and grasp the hand that saves? I don't know.

As those words from Isaiah so boldly proclaim, there is only One who can set us free.

He is the Good Shepherd.

We need to keep our eyes on Jesus even when the rest of the world looks for salvation in Satan himself.
there is something new...
((Logosphere)) and /egosphere/

but "Mission" forgot to add that get to /egosphere/ to ((Logosphere)) one must use \The Great Invocation\ at \5 AM\ \daily\ ideally in the \Mediation Room\

I think I may need some help.
I can't find any of the following
words/concepts in my Bible:
Pope, Vatican, Rosary, Blessed
Mother, Madonna, Mother of God,
the use of statues in a place of
worship, Blessed salt, miraculous
medals, Rome as anything other
than a pagan city, or the first day
( Sunday ) as the sabbath.
The last one is driving me nuts!

so... the problem is that they want peace?
Yes, "Peace and Safety", aka "the great lie", peaceful as a souless prison, safe as slaves before their master, protected and fed
as lambs before being led to the slaughter. Do your homework.

As far as the "Web" theme discussed previously...timely news piece on World Net Daily this morning, "UN to Use Spiderman to Sensitize Youth"

Here's an excerpt:

"Sciora, who earlier released a series of short documentaries about former U.N. leaders Kofi Annan, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Javier Perez de Cuellar and Kurt Waldheim, has been honored by the U.N. for his work in "informing the public, and particularly the world's young people, about the United Nations…"

"The U.N. said the comic books will be distributed through "thousands of schools in the U.S. Kiyo Akasaka, a U.N. communications and public information executive, told U.N. Radio that the work will make the U.N. "more accessible" to young people."

"The comic book will showcase Spider-Man lending a helping hand to the United Nations," he said. "It will be distributed in thousands of schools with accompanying games and documents to explain the role of the United Nations. This comic book will undoubtedly contribute to helping young people gain a better understand of our world."
Some good stuff on this topic at...
Hello Everyone,
As I have sat here at my computer and studied and studied more.I realize, it is such a blessing and privilege to be living in a land of freedom, and to be able to research and discuss such things among ourselves.
Being a Christian, being aware of the times we are living in... our antennas are up so to speak. We see that America could be next and our freedoms will take on a new dynamic if our leaders join the "global" cause, if they haven't already. I think George Bushes resistance has bought us some time. But I do think MHO our next President will be the one who will become full member of EU.

So as long as we are here serving the Lord and being keenly aware and awaken out of our sleep, how then ought we to behave and live in light of all this information that is unfolding? We are watching prophecy unfold before us like birth pains, more frequent and intense with a short period of time.

1st) We should *not* be fearful or discouraged by what is coming, because we do have tremendous scriptural insight and we know through scripture how this will all culminate. But we should be encouraged and built up in our faith as we watch Gods word through prophecy being fulfilled, as He said it would happen. We know the end, and I will tell you, I am looking so forward to that time when we see Jesus face to face, in His glorious Kingdom of all Kingdoms. I think many of us are apprehensive to a certain degree because we also know what the unbelievers are heading for and how they are being seduced into this global community ideal.

2nd) We should be prayerful, staying focused on our Heavenly Father, pressing in, drawing near to Him and wait for His will and plan for us in such a time as this (I think of Esther). Drawing strength from His word (I have been finding the Psalms to be of great comfort, courage and faith building) and staying in fellowship with like minded Christians. I would highly encourage to form prayer groups. If ever their was a time of needing Gods strength and power is now. We need to throw off those things that hinder, repent of sins that distract and bog down your walk and instead be slaves to righteousness and full of good works.

3rd) We should be active in ways that honor God and glorify God. We should be a people seeking every opportunity to do good, going out of our way to help others as God strengthens us, building a loving and helpful reputation in the name of Jesus. Many more need to know and this could be our last opportunity.

4th) We should get our lives in order Spiritually Luke 21:8-36 and not be like the 5 foolish virgins in Matthew 25: 1-13. They (the 10) were all invited to the wedding and had their garments ready, and they themselves were ready to go, but they lacked one thing, and it disqualified them from entering in. They did not have oil in their lamps. This tells me of the Holy Spirit and that we need to ask to be filled if we haven't already, and I'm sure many of you agree and have done this.

5th) Trust in the Lord Prov.3:5-6 and Psalm 37:3-5
To keep our lives in check 2 Chronicles7:12-14

12 Then the LORD appeared to Solomon by night, and said to him: “I have heard your prayer, and have chosen this place for Myself as a house of sacrifice. 13 When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people,
14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

May this encourage you and strengthen you as we continue to see events of biblical proportions unfold before us and make the most of this opportunity set before us. Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Keep up the good work.

Holy shit..from most of the posts I read, you all are a bunch of redneck glad that fear has kept you in your little bags if sadness and disbelief....always a few bad apples in the realms of consciousness... I can show you the door, but I cannot force you to walk through it.
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