Sunday, December 16, 2007


Dear friends and readers:

My yahoo email address has been hijacked. Twice in the last week, even though password was changed to a new, extremely difficult one, my box has been emptied. I just received bulk (spam) mail from an email address purporting to be my own.

For now, please communicate with me at




Constance Cumbey said...

To all:

Some have suggested they mail or email me documents rather than transmit same on line. It is good to have "snail mail" backup; however, please do not stop sending documents online, if necessary, send to both boxes. If there is anything the enemies would like, it is to slow me down, and defeat me by denying me the convenience of email and online storage.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is getting nervous about your info., Constance.

The Lord be with you.

A fellow watchwoman

Anonymous said...

P.S. Have a relative who owns a printing co. if it would be any help in getting your book on "you know who" published.

Alf Cengia said...

Constance, you need to report this to the authorities. This has become a serious personal attack regardless of who perpetrated it.

Anonymous said...

I noticed DishTV carries a channel called LINKTV, television without borders. I browsed the website- but I didn't see much of its actual tv fare. It is endorsed by people like Harry Belafonte on its website, but I can't make any judgment on it at this time.

Anonymous said...

PS- At Chris Perver's site he has an article about the 10 "wisemen" who are to help guide the EU's future directions.

Anonymous said...

I am not suggesting anyone stop using email, go back to snail mail, adopt a bunker mentality, go underground, or anything of the sort. I agree with others who have reminded us to let our light shine before all men. But I am suggesting that as a "clearning house" and/or collection point for a lot of information concerning some of the darkest forces in the world (universe?), that you need to take prudent measures to secure your online privacy so that you may continue to be effective and that the rest of us may continue to have unencumbered communication with you.

Here's why gmail is not such a good idea:

First, gmail is stored on Google's servers indefinetly.

Second, "Google uses the term "governmental request" three times on their terms-of-use page and once on their privacy page. Google's language means that all Gmail account holders have consented to allow Google to show any and all email in their Gmail accounts to any official from any government whatsoever, even when the request is informal or extralegal, at Google's sole discretion."

AND, third,

"After 180 days in the U.S., email messages lose their status as a protected communication under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and become just another database record. This means that a subpoena instead of a warrant is all that's needed to force Google to produce a copy. Other countries may even lack this basic protection, and Google's databases are distributed all over the world."


Rich Peterson - Medford said...


I would report this to the police. By the way, I wish they'd send some of the global warming our way.


Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago I went downtown to check my email at a computer store (in a Mexican town) and the whole town was disconnected from the internet. People were standing in the doorways of the computer stores, all around town, not knowing what to do. It's like they had lost their rudders. It was comical, but sad.

Technology is man's way of communication. We all use it as a convenience, but of course we know that the ultimate communication is thru the Spirit of God, the completely invincible power of our God.

Even when technology fails, either thru acts of nature (power outage) or thru theft/big-brother, we as Christians know that God is the one who unites us. Some day we may all find ourselves trying to talk to each other WITHOUT the internet. It is only God who can connect us all together.

Anonymous said...

Susan, your point is well taken. But today we are dealing with the rise of the Anti-christ, in fact there are so many anti-christ's arising that we can't count them all.

My fear is that too many Christians are ignoring the Lord's admonition to be "wise as serpents", to remain vigilant, to be effective watch men and women. Is it just me, or does it seem that our ability to communicate and warn others would be a vital first point of attack?

Google's publicly stated goal is "to know all there is to know." Is that not what Satan promised Eve? Google is now poised to deliver on that promise. They have succeeded in linking/uniting the human brain (their so-called "living search editors") with the most advanced computers and data mining techniques on earth. They boast about having "infinite" storage capacity. Hmm, what purpose will all this accumulated knowledge serve do you suppose?

You wrote about a computer shut down that you experienced...
"People were standing in the doorways of the computer stores, all around town, not knowing what to do. It's like they had lost their rudders."

That was a very astute observation, thank you for sharing that experience.

Needless to say, rudderless ships can go astray, just as wandering sheep are easy prey. That is what the "great falling away" is all about.

Anonymous said...

We definitely should preach the Gospel and warn Christians of the current events thru the internet while we can. I absolutely agree with that.

IMHO, I don't think we'll always have such easy access to communicate this way. It's very possible that more people will experience what Constance has.

I have a Christian friend who freaks out if she can't get on the internet or buy the latest gadget. If she lost thousands of emails, she might have a nervous breakdown. Constance, btw, has handled the situation quite well.

Sometimes it may not seem that people are listening to the warnings of things to come. Noah knew that first-hand, but he was commended for his faithfulness and obedience to God.

björn said...

to anonymous "Chris Pervers 10 wise men reference"

the group is reported to present their results in
JUNE 2010

see also
second part at:


Constance Cumbey said...


Yahoo has assigned a case number to it and does appear to be investigating. It may have been technical troubles on their end.


Anonymous said...

"Technical troubles"? Gotta love that! It's a security loophole you could drive a truck through!

I just did a search on hacking Yahoo, how to obtain passwords, etc. and came up with multiple sites where someone like me with little technical experience, can pay someone like them, with oodles of technical experience, to hack specific Yahoo, Myspace, or other selected passwords. All that is needed is an email address and a few bucks. A lot of these "hackers" even take the time to explain how this is done, using encrypted spyware software that fools your anti-virus and spam filters, installing keystroke loggers and trojans, and in extreme cases, even installing hardware (outside of your computer) that is absolutely undetectable.

There's lots of good advice out there about how to make your passwords harder to crack, but data mining can actually sidestep all that password mumbo jumbo stuff and "phish the flow" intercepting targeted information "packets" en route. Think about this: Google has no need to install spyware or steal something as meaningless as a password because they control and can monitor the entire flow of information anywhere and everywhere in the world..

Welcome to Nimrod's Throne.

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