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Dear Mac:

I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of the ENP [European Neighbourhood Policy]. The only way to understand it [and the Alliance of Civilizations as well] is to understand its underlying "Barcelona Process." An Association Agreement with Israel was signed between Javier Solana and Shimon Peres in Brussels, Belgium on November 20, 1995, in the near wake of the Itzhak Rabin assassination on November 5, 1995. Two days later, November 22, 1995, Israel experienced the strongest earthquake ever in its history, 7.2 mw, epicentered at Eilat in the Gulf of Aqaba region. Heads rolled from Egyptian royal mummies undisturbed for thousands of years as a direct result of that quake. It is the only earthquake I have ever heard of that has been subjected to (unsuccessful) historical revision downwards.

I believe the reason that earthquake news was in part suppressed was because it came to a region of the world important to three major world religions, only two days after Israel entered into a pact with the European Union.

All three religions: Jews, Christians and Moslems would have read something of significance of that quake coming immediately after that treaty signing. To be sure, they would have read DIFFERENT THINGS into it, but ALL would have read SOMETHING into it.

Reuters news stories the morning of the quake (11-22-95) stated that the quake had come in the wake of a political earthquake in the form of the Barcelona Conference which would be chaired exclusively by Javier Solana acting under a full power of attorney from the then 15 nation European Union and THE TEN NATION WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION (this is what IMHO was overlooked by biblical scholars) "a military federation."

The [Barcelona Conference/Process] goals were three-fold:

2. Favorable trading terms for region participants leading to a Mediterranean Free Trade Zone by 2010; and
3. Get the USA OUT OF THE MEDITERRANEAN and/or greatly reduce its presence there.

The USA, per those 11-22-1995 press accounts requested "participant status" but were granted (by Dr. Solana) "observer status only."Thanks to knowing how to use the internet proficiently, I too had 'observer status," albeit the poor man's way. [I calmly went on line and pulled down working documents, pres releases issued as the event was in progress, and media coverage.]

Both Israel and the Palestinian Union [literally and figuratively] slobbered all over [Javier] Solana. Ehud Barak said to all gathered that "at long last, Israel has joined the European Club". . . "these are the benefits of belonging to the European Club." Yasser Arafat came very close to calling Solana the Prince of Peace, using language very, very similar."

Within a week after that earthquake, they tried to say it was only 6.2 mw, 1/100th of the magnitude of a 7.2 m.w. quake. I later (1999) pulled a reluctant admission from the director of an Israeli based earthquake study (set up as part of the "peace process" to study Jordan Valley rift phenonemon) that indeed the quake had been 7.2 mw and that "the various observers have measured it between 7.1 mw and 7.3 mw. The 7.3 mw observation came from the Ontario Earthquake Research Center.

For those with my CD you have a copy of their [Ontario] chart as well as the joint University of Michigan/Ohio State University joint earthquake research center charts.

Solana achieved his treaty. He was given sole credit for the "diplomatic accomplishment." I sent emails to my entire distribution list on November 28, 1995 saying "watch out for this guy." Two days later, he was unanimously, dark horse candidate, to the utter amazement of the Spanish press who knew of his Marxist, anti-NATO stance for many years, named the NEW HEAD OF NATO.

There is so much more, but Mac, I urge you, do not go back to sleep on this one. Real thing or power hungry wannabe, the results can be equally deadly. As Lord Acton once said, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely."It appears that we have come very close as a global society to granting Javier Solana absolute power. This could potentially corrupt a Mother Theresa or St. Francis of Assisi, or maybe even you or I, given such unbridled powers. Either that, or assuming we (or Solana) were completely altruistic, would inspire others who knew what to do with such powers away from us and in the hands of others more ruthless.

It is time we all woke up and smelled the coffee. I have composed this as a response, but think now that I just might post it as well as a new blogspot article.

Mac, you are an excellent bible student, and I appreciate your hard work and thoughtful participation.


12:00 PM
Constance, I feel like I've achieved some sort of notoriety! What do they say? It doesn't matter what they say as long as they're tlking about you. If this keeps up will my google hits go up?

Please understand that I'm not trying to disparage you or your work but I feel that some assessments are entirely premature. I left a comment in the previous post.
Regarding the big Mac Controversy (big Mac- haha, get it?), I, too, wondered about when the two witnesses would show up. I think Herb once said that they could show up somewhere in the first half of the seventh week, and continue through to some time in the second half, and it would equal three and a half years time. As they say, stay tuned! Anyway, I think JS, if not the AC, certainly could be a preview, showing us how one man can accumulate so much power. And without really fighting on the front lines for it. Maybe that makes one a little horn, instead of a regular or mighty horn... Also, I don't think it was proper for the one poster to suggest Mac is more or less slapping Herb and Constance in the face because he questions the way the ENP is viewed.
On a different subject, I had on a show tonight called "Beyond Theology". Sheesh, talk about a program pushing NA and pantheism... It explained how we are all in the big ocean of energy that is God, and so are we, or along those lines. I was doing some other stuff so didn't pay as much attention to it as I wanted.
Oh, and another thing. The calculations I always saw for the first 69 weeks used years that were not 365 days, but a little shorter. If that's the case, even if the ENP is seven of our years, in reality, the middle of the seventh week might be much sooner, because if each year is only 360 days, according to some calculations (I don't remember the exact days for each year in the calculations), then 3 and a half years in that figuring, to be consistent with the figuring for the other 69 years, would be shorter than 3 and a half years our time.
Nevertheless, I am still watching and expecting trouble from this guy in Europe. I still think Herb and Constance might be right. It's amazing so many of the things that were expected to happen a few years ago now are happening. So, for my part, I am very open-minded to this ENP being the seventieth week.
ENP started when?
Well. it is an intersting nd very informative conversation for us all - isn't it?
Praise God we can do this with love, mercy and His grace.
ENP started January 1, 2007. It is up for mid term review in 2010, the same year as the EU 2010 Headline goals when all battlegroups and military mergers for the so-called "Petersberg tasks" are to be in place. It ends on December 31, 2013.
I think that all Doctor Javier Solana needs is a
type of John the Baptist to begin
to announce his majesty to the world. Of
course I'm referring to the one that the Bible
calls the False Prophet.
I believe it will be that Maitraiya clown that
all these New Agers are so enthused about.

Also, it may be worth remembering
that the original Temple was a TENT.
It was portable, and, the Temple that
Soloman built was ordained by God
but the second temple that was built
on the ruins of the first one was never
really ordained by God and was at
least in part built to the glory of
KIng Herod.

For what it's worth,
I believe that the exact spot of the
Holy of Holies, where the ark rested
is significant and that it's the same
spot where Jabob wrestled with the
angel, which is the spot that David
purchased from Aran the Jebusite
(2 Sam 24 )

I noticed, and continue to admire your work.

I was wondering how you think the maitraya fits into this. Do you see the maitraya as fitting a roll such as the false prophet? It seems the new agers view him as more of what we would call the antichrist roll. From reading your books I've learned alot about the new age movement and I'm seeing the emergent church as the trojan horse into the churches. They seem to have done just what they said they would do and the churches fell asleep. Thanks for your hard work. Any thoughts?
I did a google search on the Israel earthquake in 1995. I found an article that I could read entirely if I subscribed to some service that said something to the effect that Libya had accused Israel of conducting a nuclear test in the Dead Sea. According to Libya it wasn't a true earthquake, but a nuclear blast.

David in B.C.
Anonymous 10:08 thanks for the lead regarding Beyond Theology. A Google search turned up several sources of information including: or

The link to the list of episodes is quite informative regarding how religion is being approached in a culture changing way. New Age leaders are prominent.

Now to find out if the PBS station in the area is carrying the series.

Here's a link to a video on the series Beyond Theology:

Thanks for the link Dorothy.
Imagine the hubris that's
behind the title "Beyond
It reminds me of Neitzche's
"Beyond Good and Evil".
How foolish to claim to
go beyond something that
one never understood in
the first place.

Yours truly
In response to the question of the two witnesses. I read from Rev. 11:3, 6 that the two witnesses will come at a point just about the middle of the tribulation period (Jun 2010) and yes, I will even be foolish enough to project a time, based on 1 Jan 07 being the beginning of the tribulation. And the period of 1260 days there is no rain, which corresponds to the same 1260 days of the two witnesses ministry.
What if Doctor Solana IS Maitreya? Anybody ever think of that?
Remember, "Maitreya" is supposed to be "the Great World Teacher" -- Solana was a professor!
Paul, if you check out the video you'll find transcripts of each of the ten episodes.

One of the episodes is described:
"A Spirituality of Co-Creation"
The prevailing monotheistic religions have been dominated by a top-down approach based upon a paternalistic model. This model is being called into question by some who assert that human beings must step forward to accept greater responsibility for our actions while becoming more attuned to transpersonal creative energies.

Co-creation is the term used to describe what they are hoping to bring about, ala Barbara Hubbard. In the New Age of Aquarius, leaving the Age of Pisces (Christianity) behind, we are to recognize since God is the sum total of everything and we are part of everything, we are co-creators with everything, helping to design and change the world by recognizing the power we are. It's easier to evaluate the techniques being used to change the perception of what religion is if we know what their goals are.

There was a line which described information in the former FSU. It went "So much information was available that people didn't know what was missing." There is so much information in this series that watchers may not realize what is missing is the role of religion in determining what the morality of individuals and the community should be.

Dorothy and all,

I am ashamed to say what I found when I did a google search of "Beyond Theology". That the "official website" as link through other PBS stations and the American Public Television is actually to KTWU in Topeka Ks. It is actually a production of that station. KTWU is through Washburn University where I went to school.

It is not on locally anytime soon (I am now in another location).

I will have my head up the next "fund drive"

As of the current schedule, it only looks like they have some for the digital station there locally.

PS Topeka's zip code does happen to begin with "666". I couldn't help myself I had to share that one.
I've heard of a psychological
technique called "jamming"
which is what a lot of adver-
tising is based on.
It sounds to me like that's
what they're up to.

I hope I'm not jamming
this forum today with all
my input.

Hmmm, looks like there's problems with the U.N. & the EU & Afghanistan:

David in B.C.
looks like originally, there was a single program: Beyond Theology: WWJD.

Perhaps that was so successful they now have a series? Looks like there are 10 episodes. I found it starting tonight at 1:20 am in Iowa and airing every friday night until the series concludes. In Kentucky, the first episode aired last night and will be every Thursday night. It has already aired in Colorado.

Just as an item of interest here are some of the other things that received grants from the same foundation.
Paul, your comment about "jamming" sounded interesting, and so I looked it up. One site that was descriptive on how the homosexual community used the technique might be of interest to others.

Do you have something that might summarize the technique and more information on it? Could you relate the technique to the series so we can see how manipulation is down to a science?

Dawn, thanks for the additional information. I saw on one of the sites that it was being carried by 50 stations. If some of those reading here would call the series to the attention of their religious leaders and state their objections to the series, it would be helpful to the cause.

If anyone finds an analysis of the series, please post a link here so others can use it. Someone might be able to analyze it from a Christian point of view based on the transcripts at the website.

On an earlier comment I posted a link to The Veracity Project in connection with jamming. The project shows how people are being turned to accept homosexuality. They see this as a positive. It is straight emotional manipulation that bypasses any solid discussion on the homosexual culture. Here's a paragraph from the Veracity Project:

"Please don't confuse Conversion with political Subversion. The word 'subversion' has a nasty ring, of which the American people are inordinately afraid--and on their guard against. Yet, ironically, by Conversion we actually mean something far more profoundly threatening to the American Way of Life, without which no truly sweeping social change can occur. We mean conversion of the average American's emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the nation via the media. We mean 'subverting' the mechanism of prejudice to our own ends--using the very processes that made America hate us to turn their hatred into warm regard--whether they like it or not.

"Put briefly, if Desensitization lets the watch run down, and Jamming throws sand in the works, Conversion reverses the spring so that the hands run backward."

Thanks so much for asking
but I'm no expert on "psy-
ops" as I've heard them called.
My sense of the word is that
it is fairly self-explanatory.
One becomes jammed with
information which is incom-
patable with what they feel.
Another buzzword going
around these days is
"cognitive dissonance".
Over time the subject is
simply worn down.
It's my feeling that Hollywood
has been jamming us for
decades. Christians are
continually portrayed as
morons and bigots; hillbillies
with no higher learning and
no depth of feeling, etc.
The homosexual lobby
is everywhere and uses
jamming continually on
TV. I mean, what is the
point of "Queer Eye For
The Straight Guy" or all
the makeover shows which
are usually centered around
some sodomite and his or
her higher sense of good
taste in everything, as
well as their sweet, sensitive
highly refined maturity
with which they so calmly
dismiss the idiot redneck
like a parent talking to a
little child.
And how many times will I be
told during the Patriots game
tomorrow that since I'm
around fifty I might as well
expect that my prostate
is going to start giving me all
kinds of trouble any day now.
How can doctors and pharma
giants be so callous?
They know better than anyone
about the power of suggestion
and that there's no good reason
to tell me the same thing
twenty times in one hour,
unless it's just to jam me.

Yours truly,
A professor is a teacher, in most of their egoistic minds, "a GREAT TEACHER" . . .

Go to this Share International (Maitreya) website and guess who you might see:


gomer piled- you can go to
to translate the page. It looks like it is from 2003.

here is a link to the translated page:

I find this the most interesting piece of the article:
He (Solana) advocated that in order to defeat terrorism in the long term what we need to do is go to the root of the problem: "There will be many differences remain between rich and poor in the world. Thinking only in the military is to give an asymmetrical response. We must fight against poverty and fundamentalism ".
I went to Dawns link at the bottom for the Maitreya website. Besides the quote she highlights, I noticed to the left, a link for signs and wonders
to translate the page. It looks like it is from 2003.
Anonymous said...
ENP started when?
5:47 AM
Constance Cumbey said...
ENP started January 1, 2007. It is up for mid term review in 2010, the same year as the EU 2010 Headline goals when all battlegroups and military mergers for the so-called "Petersberg tasks" are to be in place. It ends on December 31, 2013.
7:35 AM
Are we looking for a June 1, 2010 revelation of the two witnesses? Rev: 11-
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"Regarding the big Mac Controversy (big Mac- haha, get it?)"

I get it. Thought I’d drop in for old time’s sake and see how the theory is progressing ;-)
This site truly has all the information and facts I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask

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