Saturday, December 22, 2007

Javier Solana still heads WEU as its Secretary General

I have received posts today from sources that I believe are sincere that believe that Javier Solana is no longer the Secretary General for the Western European Union. I suspect that there is confusion over the structure of the WEU which has a "Secretariat General" and a "Secretary General," to wit, our "very good friend," Javier Solana." If you click on the picture you will see a blowup of the WEU official brochure which very well explains the relationship. The headline link will take you to the WEU website page for its leader, Dr. Solana.

Stay tuned!

Spot on, Constance. See link.
Secretary-General of Western European Union

3. Secretary-General

4. Secretariat-General

Two separate roles.
I just did a search of one Dwayne Andreas,
the owner of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM ),
on a hunch. It was at first difficult to find anything
considering that he's extremely rich and influencial and owns the "Supermarket to the World" and is known to be a politically active
Then I put his name next to Javier Solana and
Talk about your very good friends...
You try it.

Thanks Paul!
Writer Paulo Coelho is also on the board of the perez center for peace (first link that showed up for me after your recommended search, Paul). I write about him and his AoC connection on my latest blog-article.

An email correspondent just sent me a link to this extremely frightening story about what our own USA government is up to:

Read it and weep!
I wonder if this Thomas Plantard St Clair
character might be he elusive Matraiya
who pops up every once in a while. I saw
a picture of him as a boy which was taken
in the eighties, I think. He'd be the right age.

It just boggles my mind how people can
fall for all this hocum: Freemasonry, Priory
of Sion, Paganism, witchcraft, etc etc and really everything that Constance has so carefully exposed.
I mean it's all so ridiculous, and all so
weak minded, essentially. I could see how
some people would fall for it, but this
"movement" is huge! How do people sustain
the faith ? Who do they believe in ? What do they believe in ? There's nothing there !
I recently went to an old friends' house. I always had a great respect for his brain power and his
creativity. I used to look up to him. Then I noticed
his most recent reading there on the table; "A
Course In Miracles." I wanted to cry.

Q.) WHY DO THE HEATHEN RAGE and the people imagine a vain thing?

Fill your lamps with oil, friends. And fill your jars as well. It's getting really dark.

That MSNBC article is interesting isn't it?
Funny - if no one has noticed, the US government has been the leader in beats technology since its inception.
I do have an article (i need to find it) that they are employing the iris scans in Iraq - giving instant info on whether to kill to not to kill.
heres the link :

It seems that the war has given them (like we never knew it would be used for this) a testing and proving ground for the systems.

Blair converted to the Catholic faith woman on the beast, and Sarkosy is NOT going to pull out of Afganistan other contenders with Solana

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