Friday, December 07, 2007


Friends, as you know, I have researched Javier Solana since November 22, 1995. In that time I saw his internet publicity at practically zero and soar at peak since my watching to nearly 8 million hits. Most days he has close to 2 million hits. There was BIG NEWS with Dr. Solana in the past few days with the adoption of the December 3, 2007 treaty provisions that gave him pretty much all of what Dr. Solana sought with the French/Dutch defeated EU constitution. The biggest news for me was the "Permanent Structured Cooperation" which definitely means the remilitarization of Europe, including but not limited to formerly dreaded German military machines.
Javier Solana loves media attention, but only when it does not interfere with his obviously larger global governance agenda.
Why has his "Javier Solana" hits so suddenly decreased so that they have far fewer ones than much more insignificant sites such as Why, suddenly, does he have fewer hits on than on
My educated guess is that Google has either had a terrible disaster and part of its data base has been wiped out, or MORE LIKELY, Google is managing news and public perception and helping Dr. Javier Solana hide until he is ready for full "emergence."
Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...


Please add your radio show and link to the top of your page with CST so we can go to your page and just click to listen. Make an ad.

$20 a month is a bit steep to go to the archives.

Kay Fox

Constance Cumbey said...

Hi Kay,
Hate to sound dumb, but what is "CST" and how to I use it?


Anonymous said...

By the way, if somebody has the archives, they are free to make UNLIMITED COPIES of whatever they obtain them for their own private distribution! Go forth and multiply!

Anonymous said...

Am not Kay, but believe she means Central Standard Time, Constance.

Thank you for the interesting show today with Holly.

Have a pleasant evening.

A fellow watchwoman

Terry Melanson said...

Google has gone through a significant overhaul/restructuring in just the last month. You'll find that the results for any search are comparatively less than other search engines.

I'm not sure what this means, but other things have happened as well. The PageRank for many sites have simultaneously went down (even by 2 or three points); while at the same time Google now seems to be paying more attention to its "Beta" products than its traditional index of the internet.

On another note: In the screenshot, why is that your toolbar is duplicated on your IE browser? Weird.

Constance Cumbey said...

Dear Terry,

Thanks for the insight! I don't know how the got up there once, let alone twice, except that sometimes when something is located or downloaded, an offer to place it and I accidentally type yes rather than "no" or "cancel"

IT IS FASCINATING that within a very few minutes after I put this story up that Solana's hits went back up to over 1.5 million!

Wonder if they are watching ??? hmmm?


Terry Melanson said...

Hi Constance,

I'm probably not the first to suggest it, but you really should consider Firefox for your regular browser (if not, even Opera will suffice).

IE 7 is more secure than IE 6, sure, but the main problem is still there: it is an extension of the operating system itself. Pardon the grim, even gross analogy, but IE is akin to an internal organ leaving the body and poking around at the outside world. Thus is is quite vulnerable and easy to infect; and, if compromised, spreads rapidly to the heart of the system.

I've been using Firefox now since 2004! ... maybe even 2003. I had a hard time at first to adjust, but the benefits far outweigh any initial learning curve. The features (add-ons and skins) are top notch as well. Its a win-win situation all around.

My initial impetus to take the plunge stems from the fact that I'm a web developer/designer. For years and years, us "makers of the web" have been on IE's case to get with the CSS and HTML standards - to no avail. It took them 7 years just to update to IE 7!!! The rest of the browser manufacturers have kept up with the state of the art in web development, and have implemented the W3C standards to exactitude. This makes our jobs easier. The fact that we have had to code to the shortcomings of IE, has meant that an inordinate amount of time and money has been devoted to an inferior product just because it has hegemony over the majority of the surfing public.

Dawn said...

OT: please pray for me and my family. My dad died this evening. Because of this I won't be in the chat on Friday. I will be traveling on Thursday morning.

Anonymous said...

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