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Continued New Math and Solana disappearance

I decided to check on the "Javier Solana" http://www.google.com/ hits today. I first checked for hits in all languages. This should yield the most hits as it is supposed to be the sum of the total of all parts. He was up somewhat over the 215,000 he was yielding last week. In fact, per the google search, he had gained close to a million hits. Ok, so it was still a lot less than it had been, but then it was so much more relatively more than it had been. But were the counts showing the true picture? No!

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,840,000 English and French and German and Portuguese and Spanish pages for "Javier Solana". (0.11 seconds)

And for all languages?

Results 1 - 10 of about 1,140,000 for "Javier Solana". (0.15 seconds)

Obviously, although the mathematical difference is now somewhat less than when I wrote my column last week, it is obvious that the total here is obviously much less than the sum of its parts. Had I totaled all languages , it would have probably added another 400,000 to this total.

Why the undercount for Javier Solana on http://www.google.com/?

Interestingly, after I pointed out these google discrepancies, things started to "disappear" for me as well -- my Yahoo! Email. Perhaps that was a coincidence, perhaps not? The timing sure was interesting. Even more fascinating: it appears that somebody changed my wikipedia password. I discovered this when I went in to correct and edit the current article on Nieves Mathews. "Squeakbox," as editor, removed the references to her being the mother of Luis Solana and Javier Solana.

Javier Solana claims he knows how to "be invisible" when necessary. He is facing a controversial next few months preparatory to the full powers he hopes to assume when his hoped for Treaty of Lisbon takes full effect (assuming ratification) in 2009. Ireland is getting a referendum. The British Telegraph is campaigning for one; however, right now English Prime Minister Gordon Brown, doesn't seem willing to give them one.

Now, it appears that Solana may be making more than just himself invisible. He has been extremely closed mouth, at least publicly, about his parentage. When I first started following him, all November 1995 press said his GRANDFATHER, not his "Uncle" nor his "great uncle" was a famous Spanish writer and diplomat. I certainly did not pull "Salvador de Madariaga" out of a vacuum. In November and early December, 1995, the grandfatherly relationship between Solana and Salvador de Madariaga, a former Spanish ambassador to the USA, were widely and proudly reported.

Interestingly, I found Salvador de Madariaga in the appendix to my second book, A PLANNED DECEPTION: THE STAGING OF A NEW AGE MESSIAH. He was on the list of endorsers of PLANETARY CITIZENS. PLANETARY CITIZENS was organized by Donald Keys. Keys was, inter alia, a close friend of former Saturday Review editor Norman Cousins. Even more interesting, was Keys' former employment as an administrator of Lucis (Lucifer) Trust. According to a mid 1980's Magical Blend Magazine interview, Keys proudly claimed working closely with Alice and Foster Bailey there. His book claims "Djwhal Khul" (Alice Bailey's alleged Tibetan telepathic medium) as one of his personal mentors. When Mexico persecuted its Christians, starting with the Catholics, and then extending to all forms of Christianity, from 1926 to 1935, there were those who sought to keep her out of the League of Nations. It was Salvador de Madariaga's proclaimed advocacy for an understanding of those actions that resulted in Mexico being admitted to the League at the height of that carnage.

I initially learned of Nieves Mathews from Spanish correspondents who sent me pictures of Solana's wife and children as well as of his mother, Nieves Mathews. I then did my own google.com searches on her and ordered her book from http://www.amazon.com/. It was from the acknowledgements of her book that I learned that her "teacher" was Osho, better known to American audiences as "Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh."

Now, that was a potential embarrassment for Javier Solana, a very big one. Rajneesh/Osho was deported from the United States. He had lots of trouble finding a place he could go. He was very angry, per his "Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic" at his evident double-cross:

ON MARCH 14, Osho And his party are promised visas to Spain, but three days later they are refused on the basis of dossiers supplied by the American and German governments,,, On March 18, Osho's jet lands in Madrid and is surrounded by Guardia Civil while the Uruguayan consul stamps Uruguayan visas in the passports of Osho and his attendants . . ."

A few months ago, there were intense European debates about alleged secret extralegal Eastern European located camps within the geographical confines of the European Union. CIA agents allegedly secretly held Al Qaida and other terrorist suspects in those camps, illegal by European parliamentary standards and rules on transparency. A controversial report was released within the European Union parliament that alleged that Javier Solana was in the know about this practice. One of the serious allegations made was that visas were falsely stamped with countries other than the ones where they were actually confined.

Nieves de Madariaga Mathews (presumably a later life married name -- her father had literary associates with the same last name) was relatively early in her adult life the mother of two sons. If you read Italian, you may read that for yourself by clicking here. The Italian words "due figli" mean "two sons." Her sister, Salvador de Madariaga's only other daughter, Dr. Isabel de Madariaga, to the best of my present knowledge, was a full time academic professional, a Professor of Slavonic Studies, and although divorced, was childless. It is highly unlikely that Salvador de Madariaga would dote on a mere grandnephew, such as Javier, when he had two grandsons of his very own.

Why the secrecy on family ties? If it is to protect the security of one's loved ones, I can understand that. However, Javier Solana's son is very much in the public eye as a growingly respected Spanish intellectual properties lawyer; his daughter, likewise. We know about his wife and two children. The European Voice has reported since 1995 that the couple "called it quits" in early 1995 and that his wife would not be joining him in Brussels.

I notice that the new historical revisionism on Wikipedia came from Squeakbox. "Squeakbox," claims his great contributions to the world were (1) proving former Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie was God; and (2) proving Javier Solana was not the devil. Squeakbox has leaned over backwards with the help of an alleged Australian Christian collaborator, "One Salient Oversight" to delete anything from Solana's internet encyclopedic entries that would cause anybody to read anything of prophetic fulfillment in them, e.g. The Barcelona Process; the 10 Nation Western European Union; Recommendation 666; Section 666, etc.

I suspect that the same spirit which has led Squeakbox to proclaim "Haile Selassie" "God" has led him to his historical revisionism in the name of Javier Solana. I wonder what Javier Solana thinks.

I will have much more to say about his later, both here and in my comments section. What do you think? Stay tuned!

As far as revisionist Wikipedia is concerned - I wonder how they'll fare with Googlepedia joining the foray? Sqeakbox may soon have some revisionist competition.
Constance, I think you are correct from your previous ponderings, something large is in the works - with what is being pushed in the middle east right now - and the new EU ratification - we may be close to witnessing fulfillment of prophecy.

Maranatha -

Thank you Constance.
I wonder what his real name is; specifically,
what his middle name is, not the deMadieriaga
moniker. Could it be a six letter word to go with
his first and last names ?

I did a little research on Mr. Sallassie a few
years ago when a Rastafarian started telling me about how he was Jesus.
H. Sallassie went to church every week and he
worshipped Jesus Christ. All that nonsense was invented later in the late fifties by Pan-African
Marcus Garvey-ites, and even Marcus Garvey was a Christian, so the "Sallassie is Christ" thing is a stretch of a stretch. Incidently, Haillie Sallassie has
still not risen from the dead.

As far as I know, Javier Solana's full name is, using Spanish naming conventions: Javier Solana de Madariaga.

I have seen sites that say "Francisco" -- however, I believe this is them or using a Spanish expression that is something like "Mister" or "Gentleman" or "Sir" and is not legally part of his name.
Last night I mentioned the events and implications of the Lisbon treaty to some family members. When I mentioned the name "Javier Solana" they said, "Who is he? I never heard of him." Yet I have told them numerous times about Mr. Solana and even told them that they would forget his name and that I ever mentioned it. One member wrote it down and put it on his refrigerator. I have done this with friends also - only one person I know has remembered his name after one week - and he only vaguely remembered it (and mispronounced it) - AFTER HE HAD WRITTEN IT DOWN ON a note on his desk! This blinding is too strong and consistent to be natural ignornace/apathy.
Spanish naming conventions are

1) Normal use: First name and father's last name

2) Formal use thereafter mother's family name

I am constantly amazed at people who have heard the name from me for years say JAVIER SOLANO -- -- IT IS JAVIER SOLANA!

It does almost appear to be a possible supernatural blinding!
Many, many peoople here in Mexico use their middle names. I don't know what the convention is in Spain, but I would suspect that using a middle name is normal.

I've never heard of Francisco used as "mister". In Mexico, it's just another name. The nickname for Francisco is "Pancho". Perhaps Javier Solana didn't want people to call him that.

It would be interesting to find out for sure if the Spanish people use the name Francisco so much differently than they do in Latin American countries.
Re. remembering Dr. Solana's name, it may be helpful to suggest employing association, a proven memory technique:

"Javier" is a Spanish derivation of the Arabic name "Xavier," which means "bright, shining, splendid one" (phonetically almost identical to "saviour," as "x" sounds like "z").

"Solana" refers to "sun"(sol). ("ana" appears to have different meanings, including "gracious" and "gift").

Hope it's helpful.

A fellow watchwoman
P.S. For those interested, Holly Peters Pivec will be interviewed live today, Wednesday, the 19th of Dec., @ 6 p.m. PST.



For the record, Marcus Garvey was a confessed Theosophist. The last few years of his life he took a group of people for a month at a time to Toronto and using a hotel room, instructed them in the tenets of Theosophy. Most of the "Pan African" bookstores, e.g., Shrine of the Black Madonna, here in Detroit area, are frankly full of Theosophical literature that if examined carefully, would prove to be racist in the extreme!
To the very best of my knowlege "Francisco" is no part of Javier Solana's name. I only saw it used on extreme anti-Catholic boards that erroneously claimed that anti-clerical, atheist Javier Solana was a "devout Catholic."
To the very best of my present knowledge, Javier Solana has not a religious bone in his body!
Dear Constance,
Regarding Marcus Garvey's Theosophist
leanings, I had no idea. That's what you get for
taking Wikipedia's word for it.

Here are two sites that show all his names



Bill Clinton's site

Solana may be like Vicente Fox and not use all four names. Most of the Spanish and Latin American people use all their names, as you probably have noted in news reports and articles.

When introducing themselves in Mexico, almost everyone rattles off all 4 names, which I find confusing. Later I ask their first name and father's last name just so I know who they are!
I compared the top thirty search results for "Javier Solana" using two different search engines, Ixquick and Google. I was not interested in comparing the difference in the number of total hits each engine provided, but rather wanted to see if there was a difference in the type or content of the top ranked sites.

Both search engines list Wikipedia number one, no big surprise there. But Ixquick listed more political sites than Google did, with only 4 out of the top 30 sites having anything to do with religion, end times prophecy or anything linking Solana to the revived Roman Empire or anti-christ. To my surprise, Google listed nine sites out of the top 30 linking Solana to end times or "prophetic content"sites, almost double what Ixquick brought up. I was also amazed that Google's suggested further search terms listed at the bottom of the page were 100% linked to end times prophecy: javier solana 666 javier solana prophecy javier solana antichrist javier solana is the beast

Look's like the folks at Google have customized my search preferences based on what they think I want to find. Perhaps they've been reading my email too.
junkerjer: My experience exactly- it's incredible! The cloud of deception is so all-pervading ("the cares of this world"). People are more concerned about what to put on their sandwich for lunch!
I suspect those are actual google categories, not customized to the reader. For what everybody else is reading, sign out of google, if you are signed in. I have done checks with people across the country - sometimes even abroad - and they got the same reen esults that I received on google and other engines. What I suspect Google has been doing is either sloppy-ing up their results or playing with the numbers.
Here's some notes I cut and pasted from this mornings headlines, and a couple of chapter titles and short excerpts from that 187-page study on Google from Graz University, Austria


FTC Clears Google's $3.1 Billion Purchase of DoubleClick; Deal Faces Scrutiny in Europe

"Privacy advocates also strongly opposed the deal because the combined company would hold an unprecedented amount of data on individual Web surfing habits. The FTC said it lacked the legal authority to block the deal on any grounds except on antitrust matters."


Section 1: Data Knowledge in the Google Galaxy- and Empirical Evidence of the Google-Wikipedia Connection

Section 7: Dangers posed by Google, other search engines and developments of Web 2.0

Section 9: Feeble European attempts to fight Google while Google's strength is growing

Appendix 5: Data Mining is becoming Extremely Powerful, but Dangerous

"By analyzing search history over a period of time, search engines have access to a great deal of insights into lives of presumably `anonymous' searchers. A search query can indicate the intent of a user to acquire particular information to accomplish a task at hand. Search engines can thus track
patterns and drifts in global user intentions, moods, and thoughts."

Appendix 6: Emerging Data Mining Applications: Advantages and Threats:

"Search history data represents an extremely personal flow of thought patterns of users
that reflects ones quest for knowledge, curiosity, desires, aspirations, as well as social inclinations and tendencies. Such logs can reveal a large amount of psychographic data such as user's attitudes towards topics, interests, lifestyles, intents and beliefs."

"A valid concern would be that the slightest leak could be disastrous. The extent of possible discoveries has been clearly illustrated by the incidence where AOL released personal data of 658,000 subscribers"

I suggest folks read the entire report for themselves.
I learned of scroogle.com as an alternative to Google in an article I read by Devvy Kidd, if one is concerned about their privacy.
Correction and warning: Go to www.scroogle.org instead of .com as .com is a porn site as I inadvertently discovered.
Thanks Eric,

Scroogle.org, (NOT .com), was developed by David Brandt and the same group of people who run Google Watch. I've been researching their links and info all month. It is interesting to note that scroogle.org is a banned term and will NOT transmit via Microsoft's MSN messenger service...see this article:

Also, how long do you think it will be before Google puts a legal end to Scroogle's infringement? I/ve been using Ixquick for most my browsing but will try scroogle's "scraper" now too.
(from above)

"Privacy advocates also strongly opposed the deal because the combined company would hold an unprecedented amount of data on individual Web surfing habits. The FTC said it lacked the legal authority to block the deal on any grounds except on antitrust matters."


Pardon my ignorance, but what better reason to block the deal than anti-trust matters?

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
I made some important editorial corrections to the article I would suggest that it be reread because honestly, it makes much more sense now. Sorry!
Well, there's good and bad things about google, but all things being considered, I'm still grateful to them for:

1) Developing the search engine that helped me keep up as efficiently as I have over the years;
2) Providing the beautiful blogspot and email accounts to us for relatively little expense, making it possible to get word out without a huge bankroll.

I've always said that there were two guys I was very grateful to despite anything bad they may otherwise have done;
1. Bill Gates; 2. The guy who invented "google" whoever he was . . .

Yes, there are bad things in the works and it was prophetic, but I do believe God intended for us to use the internet in these days to communicate and until I am forced with taking the forbidden mark which I shall never do, I will freely, as Javier Solana disgustedly puts it about 'fundamentalists,' "they use the global village to complete advantage . . ."

Too bad, so sad . . .!!
We haven't heard from Dorothy for a while.
I'm with you Constance, I will use thier tools to shine the light of truth on what I can - while I can, with the Lord Jesus Christ's help.
No have not heard from Dorothy in a bit - I sincerely hope she is well.

In regards to Dorothy. I got an email from her on the 5th. She said she would be away from the computer for several weeks. She was having a surgery she needed.
Dr. Solana is no longer Secretary-General of the WEU. However, his power and influence appear to grow, regardless:




Have a pleasant evening.

A fellow watchwoman
Sorry I didn't get much time to read this (I have to leave shortly), but it looks like a speech about bringing the AoC down to the local, city level. (I have to read it when I get more time.)

Here's another one of those long documents with an interesting idea called "Abraham's Path Initiative".
Please disregard previous post re. S-G of the WEU as it appears the documents refer to the WEU Assembly.


A fellow watchwoman
the plot thickens...
The plot is indeed thick, but it's nothing new, it's the same old plot with which the serpent lured Eve...

Jimmy Wales, the man behind Wikipedia:

"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet
is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge.
That's what we're doing." — Jimmy Wales, July 2004

Of course all that knowledge can be "shaped", edited, skewed, and changed into lies.

No worries, be happy.

I was just Skype-ing with someone in the Ukraine, who was there for the Orange Revolution that resulted in their joining the EU, and even they didn't know who Javier Solana is! It's not just the USA, as I thought. It is telling hat even people in his own jurisdiction don't know who he is...
oldmanoftheski, I agree completely. It is just interesting to see this develop...
Where did anybody ever think Javier Solana was no longer secretary general of the WEU? To the very best of my knowledge, he still is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Javier Solana Madariaga
Secretary-General of Western European Union

Born in Madrid on 14 July 1942
Married to Concepción Giménez - two children
Doctorate in physics - Fulbright scholar at several American universities
Professor of solid-state physics at Madrid Complutense University
author of over thirty publications in the field
Member of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome
Joined the Spanish Socialist Party in 1964
Member of Parliament since 1977
Spanish Cabinet Minister from 1982 to 1995 without interruption:
December 1982 - July 1988: Minister for Culture; simultaneously, acted as Government Spokesman from July 1985 to July 1988
July 1988 - July 1992: Minister for Education and Science
July 1992 - December 1995: Minister for Foreign Affairs
December 1995 - October 1999: Secretary General of NATO
Since 18 October 1999: Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union / High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy
Since 25 November 1999, Secretary-General of Western European Union (WEU)
Since 12 July 2004, Head of the European Defence Agency (EDA)

You may have confused the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION with the SECRETARIAT GENERAL OF THE WESTERN EUROPEAN UNION -- or, more likely still, they gave you such tags to confuse you!
Hey, all, I'll bet we are part of that select group known as "Javier's Preferred Persons " -- sort of a counterweight to his "20 eiminent personalities" --


Merry Christmas to all
Dear Constance
Did I hear that he was once on the
U.S. list of subversives.
I didn't see it on his resume.

I checked out Nassiri web site. It sounds like the AoC has a theme song.

David in Battle Creek
Constance is right - Javier seems to still have his job.

Click Here

Click Here
It appears that Squeakbox and a group of Solana sycophants, called CIDOB, have conspired to try and invent new lineage for Javier Solana. The best way to check this out is to use the Spanish only pages for Google and then "google" the so-called "Obdulia de Madariaga" or even "Obdulia" AND "Javier Solana" or even "Luis Solana." Comes up only on the CIDOB and WIKIPEDIA pages as edited by SQUEAKBOX presumably with the help of ONE SALIENT OVERSIGHT.


Well, we must have hit some sensitive nails on the head, otherwise his family historical revisionists would never bother with us!

My educated guess until Javier Solana himself cares to issue a clarifying statement is that indeed Nieves Mathews is his mother and her two sons are Luis and Javier. I further guess that he probably was left with other relatives for raising and that Grandpa Salvador de Madariaga did pay a great deal of attention to him. Mom appears to have been very much a free spirit and war time years that her "due figli" were born were tumultous ones.
Yes, Javier Solana was on the USA's subversive list for many years. He was president of the Foreign Students Association and active in anti Vietnam War demonstrations, and per press accounts when he took over the NATO headship in December, 1995, nobody had been more astounded than the Spanish press that he had the NATO job. They wrote: "If anybody in Madrid had predicted even 5 years ago that Javier Solana would one day be the head of NATO, they would have been locked up as a lunatic." Javier Solana was the country's leading opponent of NATO. He was best known for haranguing crowds, chanting "We are RADICALLY opposed to Spain's entry into NATO." He wrote a pamphlet, "FIFTY WAYS TO SAY NO TO NATO".
I have been reviewing the information on this site for 2 years and have learned a great deal. I am a single parent who has recently gone back to school to obtain a degree. This sight has spurred an interest in politics and end time events. I appreciate your openness to answer questions and your patience to receive newcomers despite their limited knowledge. Please continue to embrace those of us who are learning and thank you for responding to our questions. God bless you!
Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on your educational venture. I was once in the position of a single parent who went back to school -- it was a scary venture, but I ended up with my law degree. Tuition was much cheaper then -- as it should be now -- and I have the utmost in respect for anybody braving the process now.
Really the only thing we need to know about Solana is that he is leading a European Union that "officially" gave $815 million to support those who are actively pursuing the destruction of the state of Israel. Total European Union sourced contributions to Abbas and his Palestinian gangs were estimated at $2.5 billion in 2007 alone.

The United States, with a supposedly "pro-Israel" administration, and while claiming to be Israel's closest "friend", contributed $77 million to these same jihadist thugs. Last October, just prior to the Annapolis so-called "Peace" conference, President Bush asked Congress for an additional $410 million in supplemental "aid", bringing our total "giving" to $487
million. And now our latest support for the Palestinian "Authority" comes in the form of a massive incentive program for public/private financing.


Seems to me Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides, not the least of which are the American taxpayers.

Observant Torah believing Jews are looking and longing for their messiah. Unfortunately, most of them still want to spell the word with a small "m".
Re: theoldmanofthesky post at 11:21, it astonishes me how the U.S. continually tries to buy its lovers (allies), like as described in Ezekiel 16:33. Incredibly, the U.S. does this when it is essentially broke!
Right Eric, broke we are. Without the recent surge by Arab investors our economy would be faltering much faster than it is. However, the Bush administration as well as the EU, are not really buying friends, but finding creative ways of paying "tribute", which is an age old game among Muslims. We lavish them with "gifts" of loot, they buy our banks. Makes sense to a crazy person.
Maybe he was hatched on a rock somewhere under a very red full moon . . .
David here in Australia they don't know him at all. Not much hope for us im afraid But in time they will.
It is not ony the Arabs countries buying up ithe US - it is also China - in a huge way.
It is possible that we are curently being black msiled by the Chinese, they did threaten to crash our economy if we did not back off on product saftey and also Tiawan.
The borrower has become the slave.
Volcanic eruptions also cause a red moon -
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