Monday, December 24, 2007



A very nice Christmas present for yours truly is discovering how many people out there are doing wonderful work of informing the rest of and helping us keep up with what often is an information overload. I just found a blogspot and am embarrassed to say I had not noticed it earlier. It is by "Johnny" who has been an active participant on my own blogspot. I am adding a link to it as well as the superb work I have already linked to by "Farmer," "Rich of Medford" and "Butterfield."

I am also reflecting deeply on Javier Solana's pronouncement that the New World Order cum "Global Governance" will be "a system of continents." "A System of Continents" is integral to both Buddhist and Theosophical belief systems and fits right into those proclaiming a belief in "Maitreya the Christ," a Lucis (Lucifer) Trust/Theosophical Society core belief. Click here to see another Theosophist summarize these beliefs.

All links in the last paragraph are extremely important as evidence.

And they have enough nerve to make fun of the fundamentals of our belief systems!!!

Stay tuned, and go visit

Merry Christmas, 2007, to all!



Constance Cumbey said...

My Yahoo! box was not at its limits, I pay quite a bit extra for the larger size and Google gives us a five gigabyte box for FREE! Furthermore, Yahoo said they had abolished all size limits on their boxes. All email was back this morning and again has disappeared into the deep bowels of Yahoo!

Send your email to me to the box, please! Thanks

Rudi said...

Merry Christmas to you Constance
and to the many wonderful participants who contribute to this outstanding blog spot.-Rudi

björn said...

Wow! Solana and the theosophists,
the apple is not very far away from the mothertree.
The last link (explaining theosophie)
must be:

just having written of "Internal Access",their mainpage on religion they have a word from A.Bailey showing the life of "Master Jesus" as a row of "initiations".

So good that our Jesus did and does not need such obscure rites.

Merry Christmas to all!

Alf Cengia said...

A merry Christmas to all.

You too, Javier ;-)

Anonymous said...

Celebrating the Lord Jesus' birthday with many new friends is a great joy. Thanks for the wisdom of the Lord for the Body of Christ.
Yours in Christ:

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Constance. I used to listen when you were on WMUZ. I now listen on Micro Effect & read your blog. May the Lord Jesus fill you with His Peace & all rhe gifts of the Holy Spirit that you need. You are in my prayers daily.
Sarah's mom in Florida

johnny said...

Thank you Constance for the add!

As Setterman said, "Celebrating the Lord Jesus' birthday with many new friends is a great joy. Thanks for the wisdom of the Lord for the Body of Christ".

Did anyone see last nights "In God's Name" on CBS?

Talk about AoC propaganda!

Commonalities, feelings and relations on the Global Spiritual grid dialogued the masses in a BIG way last night.

Also noteworthy is Mars, The Earth and The Sun are aligned.
It looked like a full moon last night, not sure though.
Astrological occulitic coincidence?

The timing of the broadcast was no accident.

Dawn said...

I didn't see it but looked at your link. I must say I am surprised that Rick Warren was not one of the 12 interviewed.

Rich Peterson - Medford said...

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Constance, give me a call if you're on your computer today. Need to direct you to something.


Rudi said...

I haven't watched the program yet but have it recorded to view later today. Rudi

Rudi said...

I found some additional information this morning which will compliment Constances Monday December 24, 2007 "My Perspective"

"ESDP and EU mission update
Number 36, December 2007"

“Terminologically, The High Representative for CFSP and Secretary General of the Council, Javier Solana, will become the ‘High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy’ rather than ‘Minister’, as well as Vice-President of the Commission (HR/VP)- this adjustment from the Constitutional suggestion of ‘Minister” is to dispel disquiet of certain Member States vis-a’-vis the supersession of the role of their Foreign Ministers. Mainly driven by the UK, this title adjustment as well as the text outlining that the role of the HR/VP “does not affect the responsibilities of member states”, will give no new powers to the Commission or the European Parliament. (Article 30 and 31). See “The Treaty of Lisbon: Implementing the Institutional Innovations”…

…”In another structural change, there will now be a position of permanent President of the European Council. Elected for two and a half years, this person will liaise closely with the HR/VP and, in effect, replace the role previously played by the six-month Council Presidency. Although designed to improve coherence and representation at the top, there is a danger that this tier of decision making becomes rather too ‘crowded’. It will also be important to ensure that the right personalities are chosen.”

“In this respect, the approval of the new Civilian Headline Goal (CHG 2010), to be launched in January 2008, is aimed at rectifying lack of civilian capabilities to manage crises. CHG 2010 should allow better access to suitable
personnel for civilian and civil-military operations.”


"Revising the European Security Strategy:
Building a secure Europe in a better world"
Number 35 October 2007

"CHG 2010" (Civilian Headline Goals 2010) see:


Anonymous said...

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