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I am from India, born and raised in a mission field called Rajasthan, where my parents have been missionaries among the tribal people, called Adivasis, for the last 30 years. I did my BA in Sociology from Indira Gandhi University and Bachelor of Theology from New Theological College, Dehradun, Uttaranchal. Thereafter I served among the college students with an organization called Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship (ICPF) for one year, and then completed my Master of Divinity degree from Asian Biblical Seminary in Kerala. I worked for six months with Gospel of Asia in New Delhi among the youth. Then I joined Global University, India, as the Office Manager and Director of Academics till July 2005. In July 2005, I married Lasha and moved to Pensacola, FL, to teach at Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, where my wife was a student. I taught there for two semesters before, due to unforeseen circumstances, the school closed down – but technically moved to Alexandria, LA. I moved with the school and taught at God Chasers International Ministry School with Tommy Tenney for one semester. In March 2007, God opened a door for us to move to Springfield, MO, with a desire to pursue my D.Min. program at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (AGTS). God willing I will be starting the program in 2008.In June 2006, my wife and I, along with my parents, decided to adopt children of our Native Missionaries and other tribal believers, who are extremely poor and unable to support their children’s education. Last year we took in 24 children – from ages 7 to 12. We brought them to the town where my parents live, gave them housing, food and educational opportunities. We were pleasantly surprised at how fast these kids learn. They had never heard a word in English language before we brought them in, and now they are among the top students in their English medium school. In India, we have Hindi medium (local) and English medium (private) schools. English medium schools are a luxury only people with money could afford. My parents, my wife and I get on our knees every month to support them. God is faithful! Presently they are living in a rented building with basic facilities – only one bathroom and toilet for 24 kids – but we believe God will make a way for us to have a Children’s Home building before the next academic year i.e., July 2008. He is able!My wife and I are currently working at Global University in Springfield, MO. We preach in different churches around the country as opportunities arise. God has lain upon my heart to preach the end time message of the greatest revival and His coming. Maranatha! Thank you for this blessed opportunity, Ms. Cumbey!

Found your blog while Blogger-surfing...stop by Crossword Bebop sometime...

Praying for the peace of Jerusalem...
Thanks for looking in on us, Douglas. Come back often! We too pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
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Hello all,
Has anyone listened to the speech by a man
from Israel named Amir Tsarfati?
It might be entitled "A message from a Messianic Jew" or something like that.
He points out that Isaiah 17 states that Damascus will be a "ruined heap" and that in all of history
Damascus has never been destroyed by God or
man's war. He says that this event will closely
precede the events of Ezekiel 38 and 39. He also
points out that Israel very recently warned Syria
that if any bio weapons are launched at Israel that
Israel will "destroy Damascus".
He believes this to be the next big event in Gods'
timeline, and that it will put in motion the Ezekiel prophesy almost immediately.

Thanks Constance,

Yours truly,
Dear Paul,

Most interesting, and thanks!

Dear Dawn,

Thanks for getting the gang you did over to paltalk!

Hi Constance,

We spoke on the phone a while back. I started the Thread on the New Age over at Israel Forum. Dorothy keeps you guys posted this. I am the only one taking on the New Age on that forum and could use some help. I am currently being asked about how popular Bailey's books are since the don not have high sales on Amazon. Could you help me with this

Constance, the connection between Lucis & the UN has just been pointed out by someone on Joel Rosenberg's blog. I mentioned your site and hopefully people will avail themselves to your materials. Thanks for your (and everyone else's) tenacity in chasing these people down. A perfunctory look at Lucis reveals that they're attempting some sort of whitewashing of their beliefs - however, I didn't have to dig too far to see that they're basically saying the same things only adopting double talk. More power to you all!
I am looking into the Lucis Trust - Amazon issue. I have gauged them by their influence among New Age leaders such as Corrine McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson, the author of the corporate Valdez principles. Do you think somebody will relent and let Dorothy back on Israel Forum? Thanks for your own good work!
Savvy is doing a great job at Israel Forum. I would encourage anyone reading here to check out her comments about the basic New Age movement. She now uses Constance's information and has posted a link to one of the stories over there.

Watch carefully the fight about Michael Savage. Today they are having a protest against his show with people bussed in. They are trying to get him kicked off the air and apparently some sponsors have chickened out. He is taking a stand and sueing CAIR.

I don't know where it's going, but it stinks of the kind of noise made by the Nazis, shouting, yelling, demanding one's way outside of civilized behavior. The left has been using these tactics for some time and now we have Hispanics and Muslims joining the tactics. This could lead to a response from the organized right. The middle will always do nothing, not wanting to be disturbed and hoping everything just goes away.

As in the past, all of this is orchestrated although we don't know who is leading the very, very loud orchestra.

MS. Clinton was at Rick Warren’s summit, and she got a warm welcome; I just wonder what kind of welcome the unborn will get from her when she is elected? “Let those who have ears, hear. . .”

I agree Dorothy. This move to silence Michael Savage, initiated by C.A.I.R. (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has, in my view, very sinister motives. C.A.I.R. which operates under the guise of being a civil rights organization, is in the forefront, along with many similar organizations, working tirelessly to intimidate major corporations into withdrawing support from radio stations who refuse to “drop” Savages’ program. This isn't the first time they have used their (now widely and unfortunately rarely contested ) influence of being a civil rights organization, to manipulate the judicial system to conform to a false interpretation of US laws. As of today,
"The following companies which had advertisements running on the Savage Nation have dropped their ads and many have reiterated that they have policies NOT to air ads on Savage’s show":
Citrix Systems, Inc.
Trusted I.D.
Office Max

Omar Ahmad, the co-founder of Cair, was reported to have stated, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” (C.A.I.R. sued, demanding a retraction, denying the statement was made. The reporter stands by her report)

Whether it be the many “leaders of the Christian community” who last week humbly
“ask forgiveness of the All-Merciful One and of the Muslim community around the world”,
or International corporations succumbing to blackmail in order to appease an organization
like CAIR, Americans need to wake up and recognize a very real threat to their own God given freedoms before it’s too late.

The choice of words Savage uses to express his frustration and anger over the methodical loss of our freedom in American, may not be the same words you or I would
Choose to use. But perhaps it takes a voice as loud, and angry as that of Michael Savage, to get the attention of a Passive, “dialoged into a state of indifference” pubic. -Rudi

"The Real CAIR" Joseph Farah


"Judeo-Christian-Islamic Values?"

I've listened to Michael Savage quite a bit.
I've found myself agreeing with a lot of
his comments and points of view.
But can't we find someone else to stick up
Michael Savage is vicious. He's audibly
foaming at the mouth half the time. We're
talking real hate speech here.
If it was zeal for the Lord it would be one
thing but it's just malice and anger and
anything but the Lords' spirit.
It's not worth our defending him.
Sadly he's often correct in his assessment
of the modern world.
But Don Imus, and Jerry Springer, and
Howard Stern and Michael Savage, etc, etc
all get their power from The Prince of the
Power of the Air.

Yours truly,
Paul: So you've heard Michael Savage many times, and agree with him alot, but because he doesn't sound like a perfect vessel, you would deny your support. If you do listen to Savage, which I doubt, you would have heard him reading from the Old Testament many times, and defending the things of God, as well as our God-given freedoms; and to put Savage in the same category with Imus, Springer, and Stern, indicates clearly that you haven't learned much from Savage- or the Bible. The next time Radical Islam triggers another catastrophe, just hide under your bed, and hope there's a more worthy spokesperson who will defend your point-of-view.
As those who read here know, I'm Jewish. So often I read comments asking why so much emphasis is put on the European Holocaust when so many bad things have happened in the world that are not given such attention.

Though horrible things have happened in history they are not reported on in such detail. The Jewish community, though not intentioned in that direction it seems, have made people aware of how evil can take control of a normal community, a community of people who have no evil intentions of their own.

Michael Savage may not be the voice of moderation that one would hope could make compromises happen. The world is not a rational place where things are decided on the basis of facts.

Those watching need to understand that emotions are part of the business of manipulation. The Savage style is deliberately used to counter the emotional manipulations of the CAIR side.

Michael Savage has never and never will change
anything. He only lowers the discourse to the level
that the radical Islamics are on. Gutteral, nasty,
hate filled talk that only inflames the listener. Jesusnever talked that way. Not even about the Scribes and Pharassees who he knew were looking for the first opportunity to murder him. I have a book of all of Hitlers major speeches. He also qouted the Bible to make his point.
So if the Islamic radicals attack US again, ,or
the U.S. Government attacks us again with another
false flag opperation to incite more war, I won't
be hiding under my bed and I surely wont be looking for the answer from Michael Savage.
The Lord is my shield and my buckler. He is my help in time of trouble. He is my strong tower.
In him will I put my trust.

Yours truly,
Am not necessarily condoning either Michael Savage's style or content, but Jesus/Yeshua certainly did not "pussyfoot," so to speak, around the Pharisees of his day, calling them vipers, sons of hell, blind fools, hypocrites, white-washed tombs, snakes, etc. (Matt. 23:13-33). He was, no doubt, very politically incorrect.

Have a nice day.

A fellow watchwoman
Rudi, I sent this article to a number of friends that would never find it; thanks for all that you have been doing here.
I wonder what effect there will be on free speech and a free press by the purchase of American business, i.e. CITI by Abu Dhabi.

Bless you Setterman- Thanks for the kind words. -Rudi
Thanks Constance and Dorothy for your help. I will get Djiin or a moderator to put Dorothy back on Israel Forum. The more I look around me the more I realise that the New Age is gaining ground. If , there was every a time to speak up it is NOW.

Has anyone seen this advertisement? Barbara Marx Hubbard has a new movie. I clicked on the movie trailer etc. The taped gushing reactions to the movie was interesting.
Barbara's New Movie
I just checked more data and see that the movie isn't new at all. The gushing reactions brought back old memories of my own sojourns in the NA. Robert Muller looked older than I had imagined.
Mac said "Robert Muller looked older than I had imagined."

I've read astral projecting will age you quickly.
"I've read astral projecting will age you quickly."

Well, there you go! Mind you it's gotta be easier on the environment. Al Gore should give it a go. Instead of using aeroplanes; use astral planes. Ha!
I just posted the first piece of several in a series on my blogspot. It pertains to the Alliance of Civilizations and the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

I've noticed that Farmer and Rudi have been observing many of the same things I've noticed. I am certain this is no coincidence. The dividing process has started and I believe that we have one final chance to warn people.

Thanks for the link to the movie Mac. Checking out some of the information posted by Hubbard is waking up some of the memory cells I keep up on top. In particular:
Barbara's Recommended Reading List
Evolutionary Colleagues and Resources

I saw Hubbard once in person. I had gone to downtown Chicago one Saturday morning with my husband as he had some work to pick up. I picked up a copy of the Chicago New Age publication, the Monthly Aspectarian. Lo and behold it said she was speaking at a Unity Church in a northwest suburb that very morning. I talked my husband into driving up there. While she was giving a small talk, she smiled and smiled and smiled. It seemed she couldn't stop smiling while she wanted to give an impression of warmth and kindness. Afterwards I went up and asked her how she could appear with people who were there selling the Lucis Trust Alice Bailey books as she was Jewish and the books showed a hatred of Judaism.
Her look was pure ice as she said she didn't know anything about them. She gave new meaning to the old fashioned term "two faced." I have a file on her and one of her books. In the '80s on one of the tickets she was a candidate for VP of the US. Here's additional information on her:

Yes, Muller and her are getting up in years. Isn't it nice that Constance set back the movement several years by their own words!

As Robert Burns wrote:
"But Mouse, you are not alone,
In proving foresight may be vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leaves us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!"

reminding them they are humans like everyone else and not the godlike creatures they presume themselves to be.

Rudi, a wonderful job of compiling information. I want to tell all of you, Rich, Bjorn, Rudi, Dawn, Leana, Mac, Johnny, Setterman, Savvy and all who contribute how much it pleases me to see you posting the information you've found.

While you, on your own, may not have put your information into the larger context of information available, know that your research here surpasses anything done by the media, academics or politicians. Those who really want to get to the heart of what is going on can't better information elsewhere.

"Al Gore should give it a go. Instead of using aeroplanes; use astral planes. Ha!"

Banish the thought! He's doing enough damage on this plane(t) as is.
I was checking out some Bailey information and came across these pages. Occult people see Lucifer in terms not at all like monotheists.
The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer or
and or
Well, I'm glad they cleared things up.

Perhaps Lucifer's decent to earth was so unpleasant he requested God give him a smoother landing next time, hence the bottomless pit.
Dorothy, Thank you for such kind words of encouragement to all of us.
I also very much appreciate all the research and information you contribute here on this blog and elsewhere. Special thanks again to Constance for all the time and insurmountable research you allow us all to share. I am so grateful
to everyone who has taken the time to share thoughts and comments here.
(Dawn, Shalom, setterman, Mac, Paul, Leana, a fellow watchwoman…too many to name)
Yahoo for Rich, farmer, Johnny, and Butterfield for getting blogs going with so much important information. This is starting to sound like the Academy Awards so I’ll zip it. I’ve just found out about another excellent blog. Some of you here have known about it for a while, but do try to check it out.
SHOFAR MINISTRIES at: if you haven’t seen it.
He links to Constances’ blog from his. -Rudi

Was recently introduced to your message by Rick Brancadora of WIBG in NJ.

I've been an eschatological watchman for the last 35 years. I have found the information you've developed to be critical in understanding "the BIG picture" of ends times warfare being waged against us. Your itemizing of the New Age phenomenon is the key to tying it all together - New Age is the physical manifestation of the direct spiritual warfare being waged against humanity, and the tip of the satanic spear driing to the establishment of the antichrist kingdom. "The people of the prince who will come" as Daniel foretold - the WEU and Javier Solana - BINGO!

I'll be a regular visitor and listener. I'll do what I can to propagate the data your have developed thus far. It has critical importance for the near-term and immediate future.

Anonymous -

With respect to Amir Tsarfati and Isaiah 17. Concur 100%. Isaiah 17 is very probably a precursor event to Ezekiel 38/39. I have believed the literal fulfillment of Isaiah 17 to be an imminent potential since the Hezbollah war of 2006.

I'm also keen right now in the eschatological interconnect between Isaiah 29, Romans 11 and Revelation 7.

In case some of you haven’t kept up with Farmer’s blog site I wanted to give you a taste of why Israel is getting into the indefensible situation they are in, and the same one we as Christians will be there soon: “To curb fundamentalism and fight terrorism, "Religion must be kept out of politics," warns Shlomo Ben-Ami, former Israeli foreign minister.
Ben-Ami, an Oxford-trained historian, has been a key contributor in many Arab-Israeli peace conferences -- most notably the Camp David Summit in 2000. He had a distinguished career at the University of Tel Aviv before he was appointed Israel’s ambassador to Spain in 1987.
He later became a member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, and was minister of public security before becoming foreign minister. Ben-Ami currently serves as vice president of the Toledo International Centre for Peace, a centre for Muslim culture and peaceful Christian-Muslim- Jewish relations in Spain. "Fundamentalism is not a monopoly of Islam," Ben-Ami said in an interview with IPS correspondent Sabina Zaccaro. "You find fundamentalism in Judaism, you find it in Christianity and in Islam also," he said.”
I just read the three scripture references that you
listed. Very interesting. It means a lot to me as my
wife is Jewish and does not believe as I believe, in
Jesus. You might call it my own personal cross to bear. But thank God he's given me in his word the
peace of mind to bear it. I know that one day the veil will be lifted from her eyes, and I know better
than to let my sinful nature have the last word. I
love her and I will continue to pray for her.
Sean did you ever notice that the tribe of Dan is
missing from the list of the 144,000 in Rev. 7? Manassah has taken their place. Some people say that the Danites are the people who conquered the
British Isles, and that they are the Illuminati Jews.

Yours truly,
Regarding the Danites:
See also Gen. 49:16-17

Yours, Paul
Hi Constance,

I am not sure if you saw the movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age. On the surface it's supposed to be a historical battle between Catholics and Protestants, but the New Age themes are striking.

Elizabeth is a subdued sexually repressed Protestant, who likes to consult astrologers. She's denounced as being pagan and goldless by the Catholic Church.

The Spanish Armada is defeated by a wind called the "Holy Spirit" and Elizabeth overcomes her material self as symbolised by the Catholic Church and becomes divine.

The movie maker Shekar Kapur is a New-Ager. He runs a blog called Intent, along with New Age Guru Deepak Chopra.

IntentBlog was started in 2005 by Mallika Chopra, Gotham Chopra, Deepak Chopra and Shekhar Kapur. We seek to reach critical mass with a message of personal, social, environmental and spiritual wellness.

IntentBlog serves the global community by providing a platform for dialogue, debate and action around topics such as the environment, economy, conflict resolution, human rights, business and technology, spirituality, health and healing.

We use media (blogs, articles, video, audio clips, etc.) contributed by international influencers across different fields to engage a community that is respectful, active and committed to implementing change on a personal and social level. Our voices are diverse, intelligent, provocative, fresh, and timely.

The movie employs New Age tatics piting Catholics and Protestants against each other the same way they pit Jews and Christians against each other. They want to prevent co-operation between these groups targeted for elimination.

Excellent post Savvy! Thanks.
Anonymous 10:21 PM- Thanks for the Lucis Trust links. I've explored the site quite a bit and can't believe I had missed the information. A couple things stood out to me besides the obvious evil. In the "Descent and Sacrifice" article in the section titled, "Evil of Separatism" it reads,
"Yet sin and evil do exist on Earth. We are told by the Tibetan that the only true evil is the sin of separatism" This is the same premise which is the foundation of what The Alliance of Civilizations sees as the root cause of the worlds problems. Anyone who claims to have "absolute truth" within the context of their faith is placed in the separatism catagory.
See Rich's blog at

Another line which caught my attention was,
"The secret of the "fallen angels" is essentially the mystery which lies behind the very Plan of evolution..."
Most likely, the majority of those who accept evolution as truth, and reject the Biblical account of creation, would be repulsed by the idea that their belief system has remarkable parallels to that of Luciferianism. I'd say they should re-examine their belief system.
The final point I'll make referencing the article is that the
author makes clear another
luciferic belief.
"...through persistent repeated incarnations in form until animal man became thinking man and, finally, began to awaken to his true spiritual heritage: human/divine man." In other words,
at the end of the evolutionary road
one discovers, one is divine.
Lucifer's deceit begins with a very simple phrase:
"Yea, hath God said..." which inevitably leads to "Ye shall be as God" -Rudi

Jesus saith unto him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

John 14:6
Great input Savy!
(didn't watch it,
but had my concerns in this direction, you confirm it now!)

on Elisabeth:

this is a gnostic journal which published also
writings of Solana's mother Nieves Madariaga Mathews, see here

Stevan Dedjier' article from above is also mentioned in her "necrologio"

not to forget the "New Atlantis"-book of Bacon.

I thought this 'Accuracy in Media' column by Cliff Kincaid
Titled “Islamists Target Michael Savage” dated Dec 3, 2007
Might be of interest to some of you. Mr. Kincaid was a guest on Constance’s “My Perspective” radio program June 9, 2007.

“We had better wake up fast. “They’re applying Sharia law here,” says Bill Warner of the Center for the Study of Political Islam. “In the United States we’re getting Sharia law by the inch. Islam cannot be criticized. It is a sin against Allah. What Savage has done is a grievous sin against Allah, Mohammed and Islam. They are not making this up. CAIR has no choice here. As a real Muslim, they must condemn anyone who criticizes Islam.”
...“The modus operandi is as straightforward as it is frightening―pressure companies to stop advertising on the show, and “The Savage Nation” will go off the air. Hence, a prominent critic of political Islam will be silenced. “
... “What we are witnessing is a direct attack on the First Amendment disguised as a campaign against “hate speech” that comes from special interest groups, not government."
...“What about the right to free speech? Notice how the First Amendment has taken a back seat to whether the speech meets with CAIR’s approval.”

Mr. Kincaid concludes with a thought we should ponder:

“Will Sharia law or the First Amendment prevail in the U.S.? The fate of Michael Savage will provide the answer.”

Those who appreciate the freedoms we’ve been blessed to be recipients of in America, would be wise to think about it. -Rudi

To show they are sincere, tolerant people, they're starting to play a game with absolute truth vs. exclusive truth. By their newly clarified definitions:

Absolute truth is an absolute shared by all faiths such as "thou shalt not kill."

Exclusive truth would be such as as "I am the Lord, there is none other."

They are further refining their line to incllude anyone who believes in creationism. I'll be covering this in the war on terror series of posts.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
I would add that like the pigs in Goorge Orwell's Animal Farm, they believe the rules do not apply to them and that "thou shalt not kill" does not apply to them provided they can justify it.
The day rapid islam takes over in this country. I'm not anti-semetic or anything. I'm a born again Christian and I do love the Jewish people. I'd turn Jewish first before I'd ever turn islamic. I'd want to keep my Christian Idenity as a born again Christian. Christian Idenity I didn't mean that as cultish or White supermist either.

In Missouri
True, but why look to the fiction
of G. Orwell when you can look
right in the Talmud or the Q'ran
for the licence to kill ?

Yours truly,
Farmer and Dawn, thanks for the support on Elizabeth. Another highlight of the movie was this: The English are white (Aryan), nobility at war with a mixed race Spanish or semitic looking population.

Rich of Medford, I will continue to post your views on the AOC's war on terrorism over at Israel Forum.

Thanks Savvy. Hopefully it is getting some attention.

Paul, George Orwell is an interesting character. Although his works are marked as fiction, they really are not. Orwell painted a picture of H.G. Wells Open Conspiracy in his book 1984. Wells was furious at Orwell for doing so. Animal Farm is a critique of the communist system. Both are excellent books.
That's interesting. I didn't know that
about him.
My point was...well I guess I already made my point.
But I will say that
as per Sean Osborne's blog I'm
currently all fired up about Dec. 16th.
Also how many letters am I allowed
per line in these posts ?
My posts always come out looking
like ee cummings.
I'm sorry, I meant to say
not SeanOsborne, although I do like him very much as well, but regarding the December 16th date, check out the above URL

Thanks again,
This comment has been removed by the author.
I'm sorry Guys and Gals, I know we're about SERIOUS business here, but I think we're also long overdue for a good laugh. This was just posted over on FP tonight by "prewrathpatty". I dare you to keep a straight face as you watch this...
Lee Strobel is coming to a local bookstore. Do you think I should go and ask him about being in the rethink conference? Or why he didn't say more about the influence of the New Age in Christian churches?
Does Will Smith Have “The Secret”?

I just got through watching some clips of a Will Smith interview on Yahoo (You can view the whole interview shown here: The outtakes are located here: ).

As far as Smith’s religious background, he was raised Baptist. I had thought that he was very heavy into Scientology. He and his wife are very good friends of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The Smiths were at the Cruise & Homes wedding as well as one of the firsts to see their daughter. Up until recently, I had seen several reports that he was Scientologist all but in name only. This is due to his grandmother, who has had influence in his life. He said in one interview, “My grandmother would jump out of her casket if I became a Scientologist.”

When doing research for this article there a US Magazine article that came out Monday December 3rd. That article can be found here: so he is a student of all world religions and according to this Extra interview ( his religion is Love. Oh doesn’t that make you feel good.
He accepts all religions as valid, sound like The Secret to me.

Back to the 60 minutes interview clips. I was watching them. Then on one my ears perked up when I heard him say, “That was the great thing about Ali. You have to start out by telling yourself ‘you are the greatest’ even if you are not...then you can work hard to become that. “

In another clip, Will Smith quotes Confucius, “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are usually right.”

The starting point is that you have to tell yourself something and then can become that? That sounds a little bit like The Secret to me.

The one clip that really got my interest was when he talked about Nelson Mandela (by the way this clip didn’t make what was aired on Sunday). Mr. Smith had visited Mandela and felt very unworthy. So Mr. Smith asked him what he could do. Mandela told Smith, “You are doing exactly what he is suppose to do”
Mandela went on to say that the impact of his films is beyond what a politician could hope to command and that Smith’s approval rating was beyond anything a politician will ever have.

That is what makes these quotes even more powerful, first from US Magazine, "I don’t believe that the Muslims have all the answers and all the beliefs. I don’t believe the Christians have all the answers and beliefs, or that the Jews have all the answers."

Then from “Our twin towers came down because of ignorant religious fundamentalism.”

The interviewer says that Smith is planning his next move and it is going to be big, but he doesn’t know what it is yet. My guess is that he is helping move along the New Age movement. I for one will be paying a little more attention to what his next films are about.
Thanks Dawn,

I use to like Will Smith.

Loved him in Independence Day and Enemy of the State.

But I guess its not a surprise.

What a big bummer.
Here's a very interesting New Age website. The question is, how many New Age buzzwords can be found in this one paper.

PDF] PRIESTHOOD IN THE NEW AGEFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
The efforts of the Black Lodge, which is an astral federation of humanity’s ..... Today the professional clergy of Christian, Zionist Jewish, and ... - Similar pages

"He accepts all religions as valid..."

This is a no-brainer. I like Will Smith too but he should really engage his intellect. When two religions diametrically contradict each other – how can they both be considered valid? I am beginning to suspect that a prerequisite to becoming an actor requires disengaging one’s brain.
Mac- He is very intelligent. I have seen conflicting reports on whether or not he was accepted to MIT. On the "Actor Studio" he said he was. On another interview he said his mother knew someone on the admission board and they needed black kids (his words not mine) so he could have gotten in.

Also addendum "he accepts all religions as valid" is my own conclusion after reading several articles on him.
This morning I heard on Fox news on the radio about United Airlines, rather than using a paper ticket or boarding pass (I thought the airlines gave those up anyway a few years back), they were going to send the barcode to your cell phone and use that. And even though some people still don't have a cell, a week ago I read somewhere some college, in Pennsylvania, I think, is making it mandatory for each student to get a cell. The price is figured into the tuition bill. Sorry that I don't have the specifics.
Hi Dawn,
Interesting information about Will Smith. Last winter when he was out promoting "The Pursuit of Happyness" I heard him make similar statements describing his "universal faith" worldview. His latest movie will be in theaters next week. It's called "I Am Legend" He plays the last human survivor in NYC following some kind of infectious plague. Here is the official website for the movie. -Rudi
I know Will is smart and have heard him being interviewed too. I suspect he's entangled in the pseudo-religious New Age just like Oprah. As a reformed N Ager I can sometimes be self-righteous and point the finger. But I know how seductive it is. An honest examination of its dogmas reveals contradictions, yet intelligent people caught up in it suspend their critical judgment.
Will Smith should be no surprise. I do want to point 1 thing out about some of his movies.
Enemy of the State - when the person playing his wife is watching TV toawrd the beginning, the senator on the TV says "when they start flying planes into buildings around here then some one will start paying attention" - that was made pre 9-11, that is just 1 "for instance" in that movie.
In this movie, there is an outbreak - that kills all around him, the government puts its pandemic outbreak plan into place - destroying a bridge (in the trailer) amongst other things. It will be interesting to see what else is being highlighted to the general public in this movie. If you see it - keep your eyes and ears open - view carefully.

Wow Doug, I remember that line.

Will stay tuned on "I Am Legend".

Has anyone seen THE MAN FROM EARTH?

Constance wrote on my blog that it has "similar psychological preparation themes" like some of the current new age content movies that are coming out.

The trailer looks intriguing. Planning on checking it out.

Speaking of movies but staying on current news I just correlated the movie "Lord of War" with Nicholas Cage to a series of news articles that cites German manufacturing companies that are under customs investigation for supplying Iran's nuclear reactor.

If anyone remembers that movie you might find my latest entry interesting. The articles are kinda long. Curious to hear what farmer thinks about them.
Thanks for your interest Johnny and congrats to your article! Just posted a comment at your blog.
To Dorothy: our thoughts are with you these days and weeks!
Doug, good insight: "when they start flying planes into buildings around here then some one will start paying attention" - that was made pre 9-11, that is just 1 "for instance." With evolution as king, the high priests are first scientist, followed by the sci-fi writers, followed by the actors which bring to “life” the fantasy surrounding them. Try watching BBC’s torchwood and be tortured. Jack a ‘Christ”-like figure says death is nothing, just nothing, comes back from the dead often, kisses other men and in general acts out all kinds of new age neo-paganism.
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